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Campfire Pie Iron Recipes

Campfire pie iron recipes I have created and to share with other people.

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New Campfire Pie Iron Recipes Coming Soon


New campfire pie iron recipes will be tested as soon as the weather improves. New recipes are being written daily. Drawing by WereDragon (image)

Bologna Colby & Monterey Jack Grill Cheese


A new type of grill cheese to try with Bologna, Colby & Monterey Jack cheese. (Photo coming soon!) Ingredients: 1 slice Bologna Garlic butter Colby & Monterey Jack cheese Onions Mustard Mayonnaise Bread Butter each piece of bread. Fold bologna 2 times. Add  Colby & Monterey Jack cheese, onions  mustard, and mayonnaise. Indoor version: Fry bologna. Saute onions in butter. Butter bread (image)

Campfire Hot Dog Grill Cheese Recipe


This is a campfire version of my dad's favorite. Hot dog on Italian bread and cheese. Ingredients: Campfire Pie Iron (round or square) Hot Dog Roasting Fork Pam non-stick spray or butter Bread Hot Dog(s) Favorite cheese Musterd Knife Roast hot dog(s) on roasting fork when done cut hot dog length ways once and cut 2 to 3 pieces each. If you using Pam, spray inside the pie (image)