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True Happiness: Part 1


How cheesy is that? How many articles have you read searching for the secret to true happiness? As if it could be found in a 30 second read online. The secret to true happiness is extremely simple, and devastatingly difficult.I'm sure that you are sick and tired of living a life that is desperately reaching for 'blah' at best. That is why you are here; searching for the secret to true happiness. The truth is there are many facets of happiness. It is a term relative to your situation.Here's the real kicker; the point where I will lose most of you: happiness is a choice. The world will tell you that there is a state of happiness to be reached, I will tell you if you search for happiness, your journey will never end. There is nothing to yearn for, everything you need to be happy is surrounding you at this very moment.Take a second, ponder this thought...The beginning and the end of your journey for happiness starts and ends with but one verse; John 3:16- "For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."However, I realize that one verse will leave you thirsty for more. It's a good thing that God has provided that which can quench the thirst.Let's see what God says, shall we?God knows the struggles we face; He watches us daily. He is there for us to draw near to on a moment-by-moment basis. When we need Him, He is there! That means when you are sad, feeling burdened, you do not have to face your struggles alone. Jesus says "Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest" (Matthew 11:28). He continues on saying "Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden  is light" (Matthew 11:29-30). God knows that life is hard. In fact,  He knows exactly what you are going through at this exact moment. He doesn't want you to go through it alone, He wants you to bring it to Him and leave it at the cross. He will lift your burden, if you would only lift your eyes to Him.If you are seeking true  happiness then I implore you, cry out to Jesus. He is waiting for you. If you would like to know more contact me. I would love to tell you more about the love Jesus has for you. [...]

10k Under my Belt


So yesterday my family and I celebrated my husband's birthday, he's reached the big 3-0. I made him a Brownie Cheesecake covered in cookie dough:He says I could have sold it for at least $20. I found the recipe on The Chunky Chef blog via pinterest, thank you Amanda! It was delicious, though I did run 6.3 miles beforehand to account for the calories. That brings me to my next milestone, I ran a 10k yesterday! It was on my treadmill, but I ran at a 10'53" pace, which I think is pretty awesome considering I haven't ran much for awhile now and my leg is still healing from banging it on a chair while trying to put up my brand new Halloween decoration.Which reminds me, I created my very own, life-size Jack Skellington for Halloween:Please excuse the grill in the background :) I had so much fun creating him that I thought about making a life-size Sally to go with, but my husband says there is no more room for another life-size character. He's pretty freakin awesome though! I got the idea from a life-size plywood version of Jack that I saw on my route, then I started looking on pinterest to figure out how to make my own and found There Goes the Neighborhood's youtube channel. I used her ideas, changed them a little, and made my own Jack. Her's was a little bigger than mine. Anyway... I hope you all are enjoying life, and remembering to keep it simple!!Alaina [...]

IBotta! A New Way to Earn Living Simply!!


Lately I have been thinking that there has to be more ways for me to save money. Life is so expensive, and every single penny counts. I go to work, work my bum off, and then at the end of the week get my paycheck which is nearly spent in a matter of two hours buying groceries. This thought process led me to consider couponing, but I don't have time to sit and clip coupons for 2-3 hours so I went searching for a coupon app that I could install on my phone.   My hope was that I would find an app that would allow me to collect all of my coupons in one place and then have the cashier at the store simply scan my phone. I did not find an app like this (and if you are talented and could create an app like this it would be a life saver!) However I did find Ibotta.   Before downloading any app I always read the reviews. Sure the description of an app will be great because the creators want you to download their app, but does the app really work? That is why I see what others are saying first. The reviews were almost all good, and users were claiming to have actually received rebates for the every day items they purchased so I decided to give it a go.   Grocery day was yesterday as well, and I was able to take the app for a spin. After buying my usual groceries I unloaded everything and then opened Ibotta to see what rebates they were offering. I happened to have needed milk and milk was one of the rebate items. It was a rebate for any brand bought at Walmart (or one of the MANY other stores listed on the app) so I scanned the barcode of the milk I purchased and snapped a picture of my receipt. That's it.... I received a $1.00 rebate for buying my milk which I would have purchased anyway, this $1.00 is just an added bonus and, in all reality brings the cost of my milk down to $2.48 instead of $3.48.   Because I am a new member and I received my first rebate I also received a $1.50 bonus rebate simply for joining and getting a my total so far (day 2) is $2.50 and it took me 2 minutes to complete the scanning process.    What I like about Ibotta is that I can receive rebates on the items I would normally purchase anyway. I don't have to buy special items or special brands, they give rebates for any brands. Another bonus is that they even give rebates for fresh produce like tomatoes, onions, asparagus, cherries, bananas and other items. Therefore I am simply buying my weekly groceries and am able to use Ibotta to save or rather earn some of the money that I spent back. It's helping me keep more in my pocket!! Ibotta even gives rebates for buying beer and wine, I've never seen a rebate program do that!   Because this is Living Simplistically and it is my goal to help you save and earn money I felt that Ibotta was worthy of being included on this blog. I do have to say I haven't "cashed out" yet, but I am confident that Ibotta is going to be my new favorite app for saving money.So if you are hesitant and wondering if it's worth your time, IT IS!! Check it out! Save as much of your hard earned money that you can. You'll thank yourself later!Join my Ibotta team and we can earn together: Ibotta [...]

To The Food Stamp Receivers:


   Did you know that the annual cost to support the food stamps program is $69,800,000,000? That's $69.8 Billion dollars each year! Therefore, $69.8 Billion dollars worth of tax payer money is used to support those on food stamps.   There are 41,170,732 Americans currently benefiting from the food stamp program. Over 41 million people are receiving some sort of help in paying for their food each year. This number only represents 14% of the population in the US. Therefore it takes 69.8 billion dollars to support this 14% of the population.   In 2014 the average monthly benefit per household was $133.85. However the average merely represents what $69.8 billion spread somewhat evenly between 41+ million people would be. In reality this number looks a great deal different.   There are clearly people who are unable to work who need help providing for themselves, this is undoubtedly true. However there are also many people who could work but have figured out that either they don't have to or that they "make" more money living off of the government than they would if they were to get a job. [This is a sad fact indeed.]   Many others have found a way to work "under the table" and receive benefits. While this is considered fraud, the fact remains that many do not care, will never be caught, and are cheating the system. In cheating the system they are cheating not only those that actually NEED assistance but they are also cheating the hard working tax payers.  A society that is unable to support itself will eventually and undoubtedly crash and burn. Those that are living on government assistance when it is not actually needed are slowly killing the system. Not only is it fraud but it is also thievery. The money the government doles out freely is not there for any person, it is there for the needy.   It is not meant to be a way of life, it is meant to help one get back on their feet and support themselves.    If you are a person receiving assistance ask yourself: Do I truly need it or could I possibly be self sustaining?Am I contributing to society to pay back the assistance I am receiving? Am I using my food stamps wisely?    When people who are not on government assistance go to the grocery store they are forced to budget and buy what is needed. Many people who receive food stamps use them not for nutritional food, but rather to buy candy, soda, and junk food. This is not a wise way to spend the free money you are given. There are also many who spend their food stamps on this junk and then in the same transaction use their cash to buy cigarettes, lottery tickets, and alcohol. If you have the money to buy these things why are you on government assistance? If you are one of these people truly ask yourself if you NEED to be on government assistance or if possibly you could be self sustaining if only you were to give up your bad habits.   Good Examples of People In Need:Single mothers or fathers trying to provide for their children.Elderly retired individuals who do not make quite enough on their retirement.VeteransDisabled individuals**When referring to disabled individuals this means individuals who are ACTUALLY unable to work due to physical limitations or severe mental illness.   In conclusion, the food stamp program is being taken serious advantage of by too many Americans. The money that is used to sustain this program could be put to better use. There could be more rigorous requirements in order to qualify for food stamps, including but not limited to an actual audit of the individual receiving benefits. It could be required that a social worker visit the recipients home and dig a little into their life to find out if they are honestly in need or if they are potentially screwing the system.    Another requirement could be that limitations are put on what can be bought with food stamps. More nutritious limitations [...]

Men Can Be Such Douche Bags


   Oh, you're looking for a date. You're lonely and can't seem to find a woman who is interested in you? Maybe you need to take a long hard look in the mirror and find out what it is that stops those women from giving you a chance.    There are many reasons women turn the other way when it comes to men they will date. It could be looks, but most of the time it is a man's demeanor, his personality. A woman decides quickly whether or not a man is attractive, but attractiveness is not all that plays a role in whether or not that woman will make herself available to said man. The initial opinion of attractiveness can change.   In the past it has been the popular belief that douche bags or rather jerks, a-holes, womanizers, men who think they are God's gift to woman were sought after. Ignore her and she'll go crazy for you. If this ever really was the situation, it is no longer true.  A woman wants a man who will love her and ONLY her. She does not want to play second fiddle in your life. She wants to be front and center, your absolute and your everything. She does not want to be a bleep on the map where you stop to get coffee, instead she wants to be your final destination.   It is man's first nature to think with his penis, this is not a turn on for women. In fact, women are completely turned off by this thinking nature. If you want to sleep with someone, fine but any woman worth keeping will not give it up the first night. If she is seriously interested in you, confident, and ready for a real relationship she will show herself respect by waiting and you should respect her wishes and not try to manipulate or force her into doing something that she doesn't really want to do.  IF YOU ARE MARRIED:   If you are a married man and you are out hitting on other women---> YOU ARE A DOUCHE BAG!   Go home to your wife. Maybe if you paid as much attention to the woman you married as you do the other ladies in your life she would treat you right and you could be HAPPILY married.   If you are no longer happy with your wife at least give her the respect of leaving before cheating... Talk it out, get a divorce, just don't cheat. Cheating leaves lasting scars and they are hard to heal.   It doesn't matter if your flirting is harmless, would you flirt if your wife were standing next to you? If you wouldn't do it under her watch you probably shouldn't disrespect her and do it behind her back.IF THE PERSON YOU ARE HITTING ON IS MARRIED---   If the woman you are so adamantly hitting on is married ---> YOU ARE A DOUCHE BAG!    You are disgracing the sanctity of marriage, you are disrespecting the woman you are hitting on and making her VERY uncomfortable, and you are definitely disrespecting her husband.   As a person of the male persuasion you should respect and set an example, not join in the "douch-i-ness".   Now if you are interested in someone and neither of you are married, approach respectfully. Do not constantly hit on her. Do not constantly and so obviously throw yourself at her. Instead take it slow. Have intelligent conversations. After you have built somewhat of a friendship, invite her to dinner. Follow through with gentlemanly activities and behaviors.ABOVE ALL ELSE GIVE UP YOUR DOUCHIE WAYS AND BE A GENTLEMEN!!People will respect you for it. [...]

Free America


If we allow one part of our constitution to change we can be sure that more of our freedoms will be taken away. Make a smart choice, vote to keep America great. America is not completely perfect, but limiting our rights and freedoms is not the way to make it better. It is freedom that makes our country great. The freedom to choose our religion without persecution, the freedom to use our voice and say what needs to be said, the freedom to protect ourselves and our families from any outside danger, and the freedom to love whomever we shall love. These and the other freedoms we are given are in danger and NEED to be protected.

#UseYourVoice spread the word! Get knowledge out there, don't let this voting season pass you by. Make sure that the people whom surround you are aware of their choices and what each candidate stands for.


The #ColorBlind Challenge-Stop Racism


Racism...Is it truly prevalent in the United States or is it simply a matter of perception?I have heard and read time after time that the reason for so many things is "because he's black" but is that really the reason the man with the gun that shot a police officer was arrested or killed? Was it "because he's black" or was it because he shot a police officer?It's not only from the black community, however, white people do it too... Those that sympathize with the color argument will join in, those that think its' ridiculous will make other racist comments, and still there is one other group that should stand out and shine:the group that says, it doesn't matter what color your skin is, if you did the crime you deserve to do the time...the group that shouts: skin color has nothing to do with how your life is at the moment, the only person that can change your life is you and until YOU do something to change it you are stuck where you are.the same group believes that the United States is a country based on freedom it is a country that has room for all colors shapes and sizes of peoples. The outward attributes matter little, it is what you choose to do with your life that matters greatly.If you are in this group of #ColorBlind people, this group of believers in justice no matter color, than I challenge you to stand up and shout it out (on social media of course, you would look a little silly shouting #ColorBlind from your rooftop.) Use #ColorBlind and let the world know that you make judgments, you hold others accountable, you hold yourself accountable and skin color has absolutely nothing to do with it.If you're not quite sure what to tweet or post you can steal this one:I do not judge based on color of skin, but by character within. #ColorBlindWill you announce to the world that you are #ColorBlind? [...]



Thug... It has been said to be the new "N" word, however thug is not biased to skin color, just as the "N" word is no longer biased to skin color. These words are no longer racist in meaning.    These labels, in all reality, no longer have anything to do with race for most US citizens. No longer are these words used only used to describe some members of the black community, despite popular belief.    There are thugs of all color, shape, and size. The word does not discriminate against skin color, instead it discriminates against the lifestyle you have chosen. Thug: a violent person, especially a criminal   Tupac defined this word (in the 90's) a little differently. His definition was someone who had gone through struggles or is currently going through struggles and continues to live day by day.    After the Baltimore Riots the meaning of "thug" has changed. If you are "hard" or rather, if you choose to steal, kill, and/or cause violence, despite the color of your skin, you will be labeled a "thug."     [...]

Disgracing The American Flag


Stomping on, burning, dancing on, or any other act that is supported via the #EricSheppardChallenge is nothing but ridiculously immature. It is an act that is protected by the freedom of speech, but should it be?    The American Flag represents America and all of its' freedoms. It represents a time when the country was united. A representation of each state of the United States. It stands for liberty and represents the freedoms that were fought, won, and given the citizens of the US. Lives were given to earn the freedoms the flag represents. Wars were won.    You are protected by the very rights this flag represents, yet you disgrace the flag. How does this make any sense. Your message is essentially screw the U.S. and if that is how you feel there are many other countries you are welcome to move to. In fact, if you have such strong feelings of hate for the U.S. and its' flag I urge you to move.    This is a ridiculous act of immaturity and a confusion of loyalty. The flag does not only represent the government, nor does it only represent the principles you feel so strongly against, but it represents the soldiers who fought and died for your freedom. It represents the constitution. It represents the air you breath, the soil on which you live, and the people you surround yourself with, yet you take it upon yourself to disgrace this treasured symbol of the United States.    Every act of disgrace against the flag is an act of disgrace against the very soldiers who fight to keep you free. Each and every flag you throw to the ground is a symbol of throwing Americans to the ground.    What is your outburst going to solve? How is this going to draw supporters to your cause?  You are doing nothing but pissing true Americans off. Anyone who has participated in these acts forfeits their right to call themselves Americans and therefore I believe should also forfeit their constitutional rights, as they do not support the country that affords them these rights.    Are you covered by the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression, yes. Should you be? Absolutely not! Listen to what a patriot has to say about the matter:  width="320" height="266" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> [...]

Free America;Gay Marriage, Religion:What Don't You Understand?


Americans: We live in America...that is FREE America. We have freedoms given us by the U.S. Constitution. One of those freedoms are the freedom of religion....That is the freedom to choose your religion. This is a freedom that allows the citizens of the United States to disagree, to believe in different religions or if they so choose, to have no religion at all. This basic human right granted to the citizens of the United States is simple to understand, yet there are many who do not get it.There is and has nearly always been an uprising over whether homosexuals should allowed to be legally married.... I realize many won't but I would like you to hear me out on this....What is it hurting you? If Tim and Joe, or Sally and Susan decide to get married what effect does this have on your own personal life?Christians will be the first group to stand against homosexual marriage and they will do so on biblical principles, but I ask again, how does it effect you? How are you showing love to the people of the world while spitting hatred against homosexual individuals?Will you have to answer to God for those individuals who chose to live their life in a way that makes them happy? I am almost certain that the bible says you will answer for YOUR wrongdoing, not the wrongdoing of others.Just because you choose to live your life in a certain way does not mean that the rest of the world must also line up and live accordingly.... Again, we live in America where we have the RIGHT TO PURSUE HAPPINESS....guess what, the lifestyle that homosexuals choose may be different from the lifestyle that straight people choose, but they have the right to do so because we live in a wonderful country that grants us these freedoms.I don't know about you but I love my country and I love the constitution. I am grateful that I am able to live my life in such a way that makes me happy. I am not a homosexual, rather I am a happily (straight) married woman who has realized that the only person I am responsible for in the end is me.The same goes for those who choose to worship and serve a different God than the Christian God; once again we live in America where we are given the freedom of religion. Other religions may be offensive to some people, but if they are causing no harm to others than the personal choices of an individual is really no one's business but that individual.If we like our freedoms, our rights this country allows us, why fight against those rights. If we allow the government to change even one of our rights this action allows it to become easier to change another of our rights, and potentially remove our rights.Personally, I would like the government to stay out of my business. I do not see how having the government decide if my friend Tom can marry the love of his life and the only person that makes him happy, can be helpful to anyone. How can giving the government control over even the basic of decisions (who we will marry) help or solve anything.... and once again, why do you care so much? They are not hurting you or anyone else, but you are hurting them with your judgments and your hateful comments (which you are allowed by the freedom of speech).Please step back, use an open mind, think before you act, and really question whether every battle you are choosing is worth fighting. Shouldn't we focus on bigger issues than gay marriage? Isn't our country facing much more dangerous issues that need to be held in the spotlight?National DebtFeeding the HungryHelping the Homeless get jobsFixing the economyDealing with our overseas troublesKeeping Hillary Clinton out of office...I'm just saying, stop being so closed-minded and really think about what is actually important, what is actually having negative effects on the world. I can guarantee that if Steve and Jim get married the only ones that will be affe[...]

Hypocrisy in Christianity


   God says "Love they neighbor as thyself"-Mark 12:31 (NIV) A call to love the others in the world, not only to love them but to love them as you love yourself. You will notice that there is no discrimination in this bible verse. There is no exception and there is no exclusion, a simple order; to love thy neighbor, yet we see day in and day out many people who claim Christianity as their religion demonizing their neighbors.   This religious group of judgers do nothing but harm the Christian religion. Secular society looks down upon Christians not because they believe in God, but because they do not love, they do not promote peace, they do not treat everyone equally as the bible calls them to. Instead, they turn their backs on those that do not share their beliefs.   Rather than sharing their beliefs with others and embracing those lost souls as a means of bringing them back to God, the lost ones are left lost and out to pasture. I know this personally. My husband and I were whole-heartedly servers of Jesus Christ when we met. We were Christians, we had a wonderful group of Christian friends we met with on a weekly basis, we attended church, essentially we went through the motions which portrayed our belief, but more than that we actually believed. That is, until we decided to move in together before we were married... In our hearts we were already married. In front of and to God we promised ourselves to one another, isn't that what the bible says is needed for two to become wed? The promise before God to be together for the rest of our lives? We did that, before we moved in together, however that was not enough for our friends. Instead of standing beside us and loving us despite what they called a sin, they turned their backs on us and we were shunned. (We are still for the most part shunned from this group of Christians, for making one decision that went against what they believed.) At that time, we agreed that we were making the best decision for us, we didn't realize that our group of Christian friends felt they would be impacted as well.   I have many more examples that have occurred to me personally, attacks from so-called Christians, judgments made against me and my family, etc. but I will spare you that read.   So, Christians are called to love, not to judge, to spread the Gospel, and to reach out to those in need; yet where is this occurring? In my neck of the woods (Iowa) it is a sin to step foot in a bar--not illegal, a sin-- and if caught doing so you will be frowned upon...yet that is where God's love is needed most, right?   When you see someone straying off the path that is called righteousness why not stand beside that person in love, rather than cutting all ties with them? How is shunning going to help that person that is considered lost?  These so-called believers give Christianity a terrible name. Instead of spreading the love of Jesus, they spread gossip, judgments, and hatred. I have known many more people who claim to believe in God, yet do not attend church because they do not believe that attending church is necessary in order to have a relationship with God who show more love to others in the secular world and who help others get on the right track, than I do those that do attend church and religious functions. Something is terribly wrong with this situation!   A light needs to be shed on this epidemic. Church and church-goers should be known as the kind people, the people waiting with open arms, the welcoming people, the people you can call when you need help or you need a shoulder to cry on...they should not be the group that people fear, nor should they be one of the most selective religious groups, they should not be passing judgment; instead they sh[...]

Hillary Will Go Once In Front of the House


Hillary Clinton has stated that she will go in front of the House once to testify to her actions regarding Benghazi. The request was for her to go twice in front of the committee, once to discuss Benghazi and once to discuss the email server. She is refusing to discuss the emails, what is she hiding?

How is it possible that she has the privilege of refusing this request? If she were an average citizen and this request was made that citizen would be required to oblige to the request, but not Hillary Clinton, why?


The "Race Card"


   It is a controversial subject among many. Was an injustice performed? Did the action take place because of the color of someones skin? Does race even play a part in the scenario? It is a heated topic, one that I wish to discuss with whomever chooses to dive in.   Firstly, is there injustice in the United States? Of course there is. Is there racism still in existence among the citizens of the U.S.? Without a doubt! However, not every instance has some racial motivator behind the actions that take place.   For example, a white man is found selling illegal drugs and a white police officer is making the arrest. The white man runs from the police officer and the officer in turn chases after him. During the chase the officer catches up to the criminal and throws him to the ground in an effort to make the arrest.--In the case of the criminal will any stand and say "It's because he's white!" --of course not, that would be absurd. In this case the officer was doing his job.   Now let's say that the white man was injured while  being thrown to the ground after having run from the officer and refusing arrest...this most undoubtedly will be labeled "police brutality" but is it really brutality or is the officer simply doing what the officer was trained to do?   If we throw in the fact that the white criminal was also carrying a firearm and had it aimed at the police officer, clearly the officer was in danger, still there will be some who stand up and say it was police brutality...   Let's say instead the officer is a black man and the criminal is white, the same actions occur, there will be few to label this as a "hate crime" or having to do anything with race because the criminal in the scenario was a white man.   If both the police officer and the criminal are black, this is police brutality.   If the officer is white and the criminal is black, no matter what, someone in the world will call this arrest an injustice and the race card will be played.   What sense does this make? The officer was clearly just doing his job by arresting a criminal, as should happen. How, in any of these scenarios is this labeled police brutality?   Is it more likely that there are many who would rather take blame from the criminal and place it on the police officer?  I do realize that this will not be a popular article, I am willing to take the heat that stems from my opinions. I am simply sick of hearing things like "if he was white that wouldn't have happened" or "it's because he/she is black."   If you do not want racism to run rampant in the U.S. here are some logical pointers:   Live a straight life.If you commit a crime take responsibility.Use your voice, violence solves nothing. You have a choice, if you choose to commit an illegal act there are consequences: that's a fact.    In order to see a world where everything is not about race than race has to be taken out of the situation. It cannot be the first card played. Instead evaluate, use critical thinking, and place blame where blame is due. If an individual commits a crime it is common knowledge that said individual will eventually face the consequences.   Now, should that individual being arrested consequentially die due to excessive force by the officer? Absolutely not, unless that criminal was threatening the life of the police officer. The police officer should not use any more force than the criminal uses, in other words if the criminal is not armed the officer should not pull his weapon.    In the end, I would like to see the day come when a criminal is labeled as such and race is left out o[...]

Given the Order to "Stand Down"


   Surely everyone has heard at least something about what has been going on in Baltimore...rioting, brutality, destruction, violence...all in the name of what some are calling justice.  How anyone can look on these acts of violence and destruction that have been committed and call them "good" or "justifiable" or even "in the name of justice" and think that they will accomplish anything is beyond this writer.   I am bewildered by the thinking behind violent protesting. My bewilderment stems from the puzzling question of "Why?" Why would you destroy the city you live in and expect change to happen? Why would you take out your frustrations on those who have committed no injustice towards you? Burning down a pharmacy that belongs to an innocent bystander is not going to solve the injustice you believe is present.   Further, jumping to conclusions before the facts have been brought to light helps no one. In fact in the case of Freddie Gray, the violent acts only hindered the investigation which had the sole purpose of justice. The riots did not bring more attention to Gray's case, rather it took the spotlight off of the main reason everyone said they were rioting and shined the spotlight on the violent and idiotic acts of those that participated.   Throwing trash at innocent bystanders, throwing bricks at police officers, smashing bottles and cans into police cars, screaming obscenities, breaking windows, scaring the general public, causing lock down situations, creating fear in your city, acting like a fool, committing violent crimes, burning down buildings and vehicles....all in the name of justice? Where is the logic? It is my opinion that there is no logic behind such stupidity...merely a large group that found themselves bored, a large group that realized the police would do nothing at the time and took advantage of the situation. The individuals responsible are immature, they are idiotic, and it is my opinion that they had absolutely no idea how to use their minds or their voices so they acted out like little children throwing a huge temper tantrum.   Now, could you imagine how difficult it had to be for those officers that were ordered to stand down (as we see per the report given by Sheriff Mike Lewis of Wicomico County.) Those officers, the ones that were being violently engaged, had to stand by and watch as the people they were hired to protect were harmed. They were ordered to essentially stand and watch as the city they love burned to the ground. Many people question why they would obey such an order, I am one of those questioners. I understand they were simply following orders, but could they not decide that the happenings going on around them were in fact crimes and if the police department did not support their actions to stop the crimes remove your badge and do something about it as a citizen not as an officer.   I do not know personally what it is like to be in such a situation, I am merely using common sense to come up with some alternatives that may be helpful in future situations. However, I would like to think if my job and duty were to protect my city and my boss say "No way, let them destroy" I would, the moment I saw innocent people being harmed and buildings being burned, remove my badge and protect and serve the people as a citizen and not as an officer.   There is a Black Panther protest that is being talked about on the news, predicted to happen today...are there any plans of preemptive action that are taking place? [...]

Catfish Bend Spa: Review


   I just finished having a 50 minute full body massage and I just have to review the Spa. Oh my goodness, it was fantastic!

   For $65 I was rubbed down, and you get complimentary refreshments (tea, water, wine, whatever you wish) plus there is a hot tub, pool, sauna, steam shower there for you to use as well. These are all included into the price of your massage.

   It was absolutely wonderful! One of the best days I've had in a long while, I will be returning. I give it 5 stars!!

   Click here to visit The Spa's web page. (image)

Top 9 Worst Jobs in the World


This is a list of the nine worst jobs in the world. Worst meaning disgusting, too little pay, too manually hard, etc.1. PlumberNot all aspects of this job would be bad, such as replacing pipes or installing new pipes, but cleaning hair balls out of sinks and plunging plugged toilets can't be fun! (Thank you plumbers of the world!! It's a nasty job, but someones gotta do it.)2. Trash ManThis job is nasty! The people who do this job have to smell rotten diapers, rotting food, and deal with maggots and other nasty things. (Thank You Trash Man, You make my world much cleaner :)3. ExterminatorThere is more pests to kill than ants, these guys have to kill possums, mice, cockroaches, and many more disgusting creatures and insects. They do their job and they do it well! (Thank you!)4. JanitorCleaning up after myself sucks, so cleaning up after many people would suck big time. (However thanks to you, oh dear Janitor the people who do not have to clean have more time to focus on what it is they are supposed to focus on! Thanks!)5. Police OfficerSure your job is exciting, and we all know you keep us safe, and of course we thank you for that. The reason this job is on the worst jobs list is because Mr. Police Officer, you do not get paid enough to put your life on the line!6. US SoldierYou get taken away from your family, sent to unknown places, thrown in the middle of some nasty situations, and YOU DON'T GET PAID ENOUGH! (Thank you, though, for keeping us safe. Just knowing your there helps me sleep better at night!)7. TelemarketerI'm sorry that you get hung up on all the time, but it comes with the profession. Maybe you should think of changing jobs and support the movement to STOP ALL TELEMARKETING!8. The Cart BoyYou are pretty much a mailman, pushing those carts in wind, snow, ice, hail, and heat. You just get paid a lot less. (Thank you for returning my cart to the store building by the way!)9. Bathroom HostYou have to listen and smell others going potty all day long, but without you the bathrooms wouldn't be as sparkling clean or smell refreshed. (Thank you for doing your job) [...]

Say No to Feminism


There are many things wrong with today's world, feminism is one of the top problems, right up there with entitlement and selfishness.I am a woman. I am proud to be a woman. I do not however support every feminist movement out there, and in my opinion some of the feminist revolution stuff has corrupted our worldly views and taken away from our morals and values.Should we be allowed to vote, work, drive, etc.? Well of course!Should we be looked down on if we choose to stop working and stay at home with our children? No, we shouldn't, but we are.I am proud that there are women making their way in the career world, however I am also disappointed in the same women because of their views of the women and men who choose to make staying home their career.Did you know that the United States Government now categorizes an average household income to include 2 working adults. Where does that leave the families that only have 1 adult working? The cost of living is estimated based on the average household income, which is now a two adult working income. It is now unacceptable for women to stay home and care for their families, and more than being unacceptable it is nearly impossible. While I understand that there are many who can juggle working, parenting, and life the end there is one group that gets left behind in all of the juggling and that is our children. There are many capable people who can help care for children and make it possible for two parents to work in order to provide for their families however, moms and dads do the best job at raising their children the right way. It is sad that our world has become so money hungry that our children are being left in the dust. It is disheartening that raising our children has become second to earning money. Not only has this very important job become second, but it has also become nearly impossible due to the high cost of living. In fact it is ridiculous how much it costs to simply live; electricity, mortgage, car, water, etc. What's more ridiculous is that we just keep living the way we do, complaining that change needs to happen but never doing anything about it. A friend recently told me that all people are sheep, working, paying bills, shopping, and continuing the cycle like good little Americans. No one questions why our jobs take up 55-75% of our lives. No one wonders if there is a better way to live, a happier way to live. To top it off, many go to jobs they hate, jobs that make them miserable, never changing, never seeking something better. They spend their lives running in circles, counting down the days to retirement age, and being miserable. Why? What is the purpose of spending so much of your youth,  your good days which will one day become "the good ole' days" working at jobs we all hate? Why do we act like sheep and simply fall in line? Why is it nearly impossible to put our children first and make it possible for one parent to stay home and raise their children? So what's your opinion? [...]

Waste Not Want Not


The philosophy that really makes no sense at all, yet I'm going to attempt to make some sense of it. Now where to start.Waste Not Want Not, taking that into perspective it could mean a lot of things. For instance, you buy a carton of milk, we all know milk expires faster than we would like. Most people do not drink a whole gallon of milk before the expiration date because, well milk just really doesn't taste all that good unless  you add some chocolate or strawberry mix to it. People don't possibly eat that much cereal, unless you are a cereal addict. So putting the waste not want not ideal into use buying a smaller quantity of milk would allow you to get your money's worth. It would make it easier to use exactly what you paid for, therefore leaving the conclusion that you did not waste money on something you were not going to use. Let's take a look at the relationship aspect of waste not want not. Let's say that you have been married for two years. At the end of these two years your relationship is starting to fall to pieces. You realize that marriage was not all you imagined it would be, and are thinking about leaving. Now weighing the consequences,  you have invested two years of your life into this marriage plus the amount of time that you were in the pre-marriage stage of your relationship. All together, for example purposes, we will say that pre-marriage stage lasted a year, therefore you have been in this relationship for three years. That is three years of your life. In order for those three years to not be wasted, with the ultimate goal of finding someone to settle down with for the rest of your life, is it not beneficial to work the situation out and make your marriage last. If you give up you will be throwing those years down the drain, and you have to restart the entire process with someone else. There are certain circumstances where a divorce is feasible. If you are in an abusive relationship or an unfaithful relationship, for sure get out, you deserve better. However if your only issue is the fact that he leaves his dirty socks on the floor before climbing into bed, why not just work on that. Looking at the big picture of recycling, because I think that is the area in life when this philosophy comes into play much more beneficially than in any other, we see that things that would have been wasted can now be re-used.  We have learned that land fills are not never-ending holes where we can throw our garbage without repercussions, and that in fact those "holes" do fill up and have a major impact on the earth and on our quality of life. Waste not want not brings into perspective the importance of recycling. When you choose to recycle glass, paper, plastic, and other renewable energies it takes away the fear that one day we will want clean air, yet wouldn't be able to find it. Bringing down your carbon footprint, one step at a time, one person at a time relieves those land fills one piece at a time. If you started saving one penny a day, eventually you would find those pennies add up, the same way recycling one can at a time is adding up. After taking all three scenarios into perspective we see that the waste not want not philosophy does in some ways make sense. It may take us diving a little deeper to make sense of it, but in the end it all works out. So now I ask, is waste not, want not a philosophy you put into practice? [...]

Should Police Have Stood Down?


   It is known that most of those that participated in the Baltimore riots were in fact teenagers ranging from ages 14-16, therefore due to their age the police stood down and watched while the kids destroyed the city. Was this the right thing to do?   My answer is no. I believe that the age of those children participating in the riots gave even more reason as to why the police should have engaged those teenagers. Allowing them to run wild and do whatever they pleased, burning down businesses, throwing things at the officers, destroying the city they live in, and more only emphasized their abilities to do whatever they pleased.   The message these children learned through the happenings of the Baltimore riots was that due to their age they are able to do whatever they please without repercussions from the police. Because of this it is likely that those left unpunished would engage in similar acts in the future.   It was asked on Gibson Radio (Fox News) yesterday if there is reason to be angry with the police for standing down. I say that the citizens have every right to be angry with the police force for standing down while the rioters ruined their city. There is more reason to be angry with whomever delivered the order to stand down. The police officers were following orders, which must have been difficult for them. To watch as their city burned to the ground and innocent bystanders were engaged by rioters, instilling terror into the community, had to be hard for those officers to do. However, is it not the job of the police to protect and serve. Whomever delivered the order to stand down should lose their job. It was this persons duty to protect and serve the community in the best interest of all, not in the best interest of the criminals.What are your thoughts? Send a message, use  your voice, there is power behind your words! Share this, get the conversation going, and dig deep to find the truth behind what actually happened. width="320" height="266" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen> [...]

News Anchor Shares the Truth about Ebola


width="320" height="266" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

As hysteria spreads across the internet and television, one news anchor attempts to share the truth behind this deadly disease. He says it is not something you should be worrying about.(image)

Seven Tips for Nailing a Job Interview


 Finding places to apply is the easy part, getting through the interview successfully is a bit more challenging. Let me show you how I do it, and know that I have never interviewed and not been hired.I recognize that the economy is failing at the moment, and finding a job is challenging. I assume you know how to put in applications, but lets talk about the interviewing process.The actual interview is one of the most, if not the most important factor in snagging a job. The interview is for the most part your chance to make a good first impression on the person who essentially holds your work life in their hands.Personally I learned interview techniques through school as well as personal experience, and I have never had a failed interview. Somehow I've always gotten a call back and gotten hired. There have even been times I've been hired on the spot. That is not to brag, just to point out that the information I am giving really does work.The interview is your chance to make a good first impression. It is what you will be judged on. It can make or break the deal.7 Tips for Successful Interviewing1. Know the place you are interviewing for.-Get to know the feel of the place. You can then decided what to wear for your interview based on the atmosphere of that specific workplace. You want to look like you fit in there. If you are applying for an office job most likely you will dress business dressy, if you are applying for a down to earth coffee shop your best bet is to dress like the people who are already employed there.2. Be On Time.-...or 5 minutes early. Do not ever be late for an interview, not even fashionably. An employer wants employees who take their job seriously and are responsible enough to be on time. Remember you are on their time clock, not your own.3. Be prepared.-Have your resume ready, just in case they want it. Consider some common interview questions and be ready with answers before you are interviewed. This allows no hesitation when something arises. You will appear to know what you are talking about. 4. Eye Contact-I know that this is usually common sense, but it really is important. Making eye contact with your interviewer tells them you have confidence in the things you are saying. It shows you are comfortable with who you are, and you are not intimidated.5. Posture-Show that you have energy and also show respect by sitting up straight. Do not slouch. Slouching just looks bad.6. Ask Questions.-Asking questions shows you are interested in the job, and learning more about the job. Limit the questions to at the most 5 if you can help it. You don't want to be overly inquisitive, just the right amount. Remember if you get hired you will have plenty of time to ask questions during your training period.7. Call Back-If you do not receive a call back for a follow-up interview or with information regarding your status of employment with a company you have interviewed for, call them. Show them you have initiative by calling and asking about the position and where you stand. It also shows them your interest in their company. There are times that employers will wait and see how interested you are by waiting on your call. Show them you want the work.If you do happen to bomb an interview don't be to hard on yourself. Just remember that you will do better next time. There is always a next time! [...]

Mother Beats Baby for Crying...


This woman is sick and twisted. I wish that there were some way to know exactly who she is, what country she is living in...I do hope that authorities have been notified and this mother has lost her children, however it is likely that we will never know...

width="320" height="266" class="YOUTUBE-iframe-video" data-thumbnail-src="" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>

This video really pissed me off. I do not know how any mother could look at their crying baby and do this to them. Kicking, smacking, hitting in the head with not only the pillow but also other objects. Completely sickening!(image)

Overwhelming Taxes


Have you ever wondered exactly how much taxes you pay per day, week, or year? I am not talking about your paycheck taxes or the taxes you pay at the end of the fiscal year. I am talking about the daily, weekly, and monthly taxes you pay.

It does not make much sense to me how the money that you earn each week (or bi-weekly/monthly) can be taxed immediately and then when you use the money left over after taxes is taken out you also pay more taxes each time you make a purchase or pay a bill.

This troubling thought process occurred to me the other day so I sat down and made a list of the many ways I pay taxes. I compiled it on my other blog -->Simplistic Journey: Overwhelming Taxes.
Check it out and let me know your thoughts.

What could be done differently? Is this something that should be focused on by politicians? Is it fair to pay taxes on every single aspect of life?


Review: it worth your time?


As a contribution to the Proven Ways to Work From Home, which I realize has not been updated in some time, I have recently become a member of I was really excited about this opportunity to work from home in the beginning because it sounded like a legit way to actually earn some money. So I'll start from the beginning.We are currently undergoing home renovation and I have been looking for more ways to contribute to the very expensive renovations we are doing so I did a quick internet search for companies that hire home workers. That is how I found clicking on the site link I was brought to a very basic page with a login bar and a video, the simplicity of this page made me a little skeptical, but I wanted to find out more so I clicked the link to get started and was brought to a "link to paypal" page which is required in order to get paid because the company pays you through paypal. Once my paypal had been verified a waiting period commenced. I was informed that I would receive an email if my application was accepted so I waited and checked my inbox. It took 3 days for me to hear back from the company but my application was accepted so I logged into the site. Upon logging in the first time I was prompted to watch a paid video ($1.00) which took a few minutes to load and was simply a welcome video. After completing that I had to read the instruction on how to listen to the calls and correctly categorize them and once the instructions were read I could begin. I was disappointed to find that in fact this company is not a company that pays it's "employees" well. Instead you are paid on a "per call" basis and each call pays within a 0.7 to 2 cent range. This is not a very high payout for the time it takes to listen to the calls. In addition to the low payout there are many glitches that interfere with the listening process. You are able to listen to a number of calls in a row which you are then rewarded with a "bonus" for doing so, however in between a screen will open that says that the system does not like it when the page is refreshed so many times, even if you have not refreshed the page at all. When it appears you are stuck for awhile and when you are being paid based on the number of calls you are listening to this really interferes with the number of calls you are able to listen to. Another issue that I have found is that you are penalized 3-4 cents if you make a mistake when categorizing a call. This is more than you were paid for the call in the first place. This makes it very difficult to get ahead, especially since the way that you are reviewed is by comparing your answers to two other reviewers answers and if the other two reviewers disagreed with your categorization then you are penalized. When this happens you not only have money taken out of your overall earnings but your accuracy also declines which takes away the higher paying calls. Overall if you are wanting to make very little and you are willing to put in a lot of time for a small payout than might be for you. If you are looking to make a real income, one that can help pay your bills, I do not recommend [...]

Living Simplistically is Now Simplistic Journey


   I have begun a new chapter in my life and therefore a new blog. I have struggled with whether or not to keep Living Simplistically alive or *gasp* delete this blog and I have chosen to keep Living Simplistically alive. I have worked too hard and too long on this blog to say goodbye. However there will be definite changes occurring. I will be linking to my new blog; Simplistic Journey because I update that blog regularly, secondly I will still post on Living Simplistically when I have written something that is relevant to this blog. Otherwise you can continue reading my work by visiting my new blog.   Simplistic Journey is a place where all of my interests collide in a neat and orderly fashion. It is actually like 5 blogs in one. I write about health, crafts, recipes, money savers, and of course my life. So from now on if you are wondering why Living Simplistically isn't being updated regularly that's why. But don't worry, I will continue writing on Living Simplistically when the topic is appropriate.    Until next time :)   [...]