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Tour At Malaysia. To know Malaysia is to love Malaysia. A bubbling, bustling melting pot of races and religions where Malays, Indians, Chinese and many other ethnic groups live together in peace and harmony. Many Beautiful place on tour at Malaysia such a

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Tour At Malaysia : Pulau Redang

Wed, 08 Aug 2012 18:40:00 +0000

Pulau Redang, situated 45km off the coast of Kuala Terengganu, is the largest of all Terengganu's islands. From the very first glance, Pulau Redang will enchant visitors with its compelling beauty. Its incredibly azure waters fringed by white sand, against the backdrop of verdant jungle-clad hills make picture-postcard views.Pulau Redang archipelago comprises 9 islands, the Lima Island, Paku Besar Island, Paku Kecil Island, Kerengga Besar Island, Kerengga Kecil Island, Ekor Tebu Island, Ling Island, Pinang Island and Redang Island. This archipelago is abounds with marvelous marine fishes, turtles and coral reefs, ensuring a great snorkelling and scuba-diving experience. Redang Island which is approximately 7km in length 6km in width, is the largest of all other islands in the Marine Park.Redand Island boasts two beautiful beaches, the Long Beach or locally known as Pasir Panjang, situated on the east coast and Teluk Dalam Kecil, a sheltered cove tucked away on the northeast of the island. Teluk Dalam Kecil is the location of the Berjaya Redang Beach Resort, a five-star accommodation on the island.Streching over 800m, Pasir Panjang is a dream come true for sun-seekers. Here, underneath the clear blue sky, one can spend hours by basking in the sun, or strolling by the beach and feel the sensation of soft sand sinking under the feet. The beach is lined by a number of resorts overlooking the sea, offering various styles of accommodation.A myriad of surprises await beneath the bewithchingly blue sea. The waters teem with a wealth of marine life and corals, and the good visibility makes it ideal for snorkelling and diving. At the Marine Park Centre friendly wrasses, sergeant majors and breams swarm around snorkellers. Divers can look forward to thrilling encounters with black-tip sharks. Rare giant clams and hawkshill turtles too have been sighted here.Lang Tengah, a 30-minutes boat ride from Redang, is one of the state's best kept secrets. Located midway between the islands Redang and Perhentian, its sparkling white sand and aquamarine waters are simply irresistible. The varieties of hard and soft corals and prolife marine life here make it a perfect destination for divers.Redang Holiday Beach VillaRedang Holiday Beach Villa or widely known as Redang Holiday by the public, we are located on the long beach, cozily at the edge of lagoon. The resort has built overlooking the bay with crystal clear blue seawater, being built on the boulders against backdrop of the hillside and fronting the beach at Redang Island. Inspiring by the beatiful nature, this aesthetic wooden resort is designed and built bending into nature landscape of the island. Mother nature even frequently send her natural guardians, such as monkeys, squirells and birds to visit the island.With the gift of the wonderful location, Redang Holiday is being touted as the little heaven on earth.[...]

Tour At Malaysia : Pulau Sipadan

Wed, 08 Aug 2012 18:09:00 +0000

Situated in the middle of the Celebes Sea, the island itself is 40 acres and was once described as looking like a mushroom shooting upwards. Just 30km from mainland Semporna lays this tiny island.Sipadan is the most famous of Semporna's islands. Rated as one of the world's top ten dive destinations, many come here to indulge in the island's opulence. For the true diving enthusiast, the island nees no introduction. Sipadan is unique as the only oceanic island in Malaysia. Its geographical position in the heart of the Indo-Pacific basin, places Sipadan in the centre of the richest marine habitat in the world.More than 3,000 species of fish and hundreds of coral species have been classified in this rich ecosystem. Trigger fish, moray eels and anemone fish mingle copiously. Sipadan was internationally recognized as a native reserved in 1919. In 1933 it was pronounced as a bird sanctuary. Large flights of Imperial pigeons, swallows and sea eagles often crowds the sky in spectacular swirls.This ravishing island is protected by regulations imposed on islanders and visitors alike, in an effort to preserve its natural life. No one is allowed to collect turtle eggs here, even the natives. This island is also renowned for its spectacular large population of the ever graceful green and hawksbill turtle, which gather to mate and nest. Another unique find is the turtle tomb where many skeletal remains of turtles are found.Rising 600 meters from the seabed, this island provides fantastic wall dives and features hundreds of underwater gardens. Unusually large schools of barracuda and big-eye trevally invade the water, placing themselves in whirlpool-like formations. Mantas, eagle-rays and whale sharks are aplenty. The creatures of the sea here incredibly varied.Sipadan's SecretsThe natural treasures of this island are its greatest assets. Here, you can still find wild deer in secluded coves. Dugongs, a cousin of the American manatees were known to swim the tides. Now they are hardly ever seen but are still held as one of Semporna's secrets.Diving Sipadan's reefs, Jacques Cousteau was spellbound. "Go to Sipadan to see the schooling barracuda, to Mabul to see the seahorses and the erodes reefs of Kapalai to marvel at the detrius-like leaf fish" divers were told. Still today you will find turtles nesting under your beach hut on stilts and giant coconut crabs climbing the branches of a coconut palm. It has been said that the number of creatures on these reef surpass that of the tropical rainforest.The coconut palm which grows in abundance here is precious to the people. The flesh and juice of a young fruit quenches the thirst. Sugar is made from the palm nectar and its wood is excellent for construction. Palms are thatched for roofing and leaves are weaved into baskets.The natural glory of Sipadan remains. An arising awareness of the frailty of its natural wonders has rallied the defence of the island.AttaractionSipadan jetty / drop-off: Steep wall with overhangs. If you stay at Sipadan you can jump right off the jetty and there is one of the nicest dive sites right there. You always encounter large schools of fish like mackerels or barracudas or groups of batfish. On one dive here we were lucky to see a large leopard shark.Turtle Cavern: Some meter to the right of the jetty is also the entrance to a large cave. Without a certificate in cave diving (most dive operators offer cave diving courses) you can't go inside. I have seen photos, and there are skeletons of turtles inside the cave, that haven't found their way out anymore and died there. If you make a nightdive, be cautious not to dive down to the level of the cave (18m), you might enter it by mistake like a dive buddy of mine did. She said it was the scariest dive ever, because she didn't realize she was inside the cave until she already was well in the back of it. Luckily she didn't panic and managed to get out again!Sipadan South Point: Steep wall, ledge and then drop-off. Divers liked this site a lot, because they had seen a group of hammerhead sharks th[...]

Tour At Malaysia : Fraser's Hill

Sun, 13 Nov 2011 15:56:00 +0000

(image) One of place tour at Malaysia is Fraser's Hill. Fraser's Hill is a highland resort destination nestled among the mountains of Pahang, about two hours away from Kuala Lumpur. Locally known as Bukit Fraser, this cooling holiday retreat is popular for its nature activities and cooling climate, attracting not just locals escaping the city heat, but visitors from Singapore and other international locations.

It is also one of the last hill stations of Malaysia, an imprint left behind by former British colonial masters. Fraser’s Hill has its roots in the 1890s, when the tin ore trade was bustling. After a failed gold mining venture in Australia, Scottish prospector Louis James Fraser arrived to explore the remote Titiwangsa mountains of Pahang.

What are the best things to do while visiting Fraser's Hill? I recommend you to go for their waterfall. They have man-made swimming pool which collecting water from the waterfall. The water is damn cooling and environment was simply refreshing. But avoid during peak season times because the place tends to be little too crowded. It was used to be very nice up there but i not sure about it now.

Maybe you also can go for bird watching. They have these place where you can climb up a platform on a tree and just sit back and enjoy looking at those wonderful looking creature which if you are lucky. Some of them will come and relax with you!! if you like nature like bird watching, jungle tracking and adventure to explore nature, Fraser's Hill is the place for you.

Fraser's Hill only have a small town that you can tour within few hours. Last time i went there they have no petrol station. weather is very cooling but not much to see.

Accomodation in Fraser's Hill is Fraser Pine Resort, Shahzan Inn and Fraser Silverpark Resort. Fraser Pine Resort and Fraser Silverpark Resort are old timer's favorites. I'm not familiar with Shahzan Inn, so I can't say anything for that. I tried Pine Resort, it a perfect place for friends and family. Alternative is Silverpark Resort. dont think Shahzan Inn is a good place. Fraser's Silverpark Resort would be a better choice. It's an apartment style resort with many facilities provided. Just came back from there few weeks ago, enjoyed it very much. lastly hope you enjoy the tour at Malaysia

Tour At Malaysia : A Famosa

Fri, 14 Oct 2011 13:10:00 +0000

A Famosa is the best place tour at Malaysia. A Famosa, or "The Famous" in Portuguese, is among the oldest surviving European architectural remains in Asia. Once part of a mighty fortress, this tiny gate (called the Porta de Santiago) is all that is left of a once-mighty fortress.

In 1511, a Portuguese fleet arrived under the command of Alfonso de Albequerque. His forces attacked and successfully defeated the armies of the Sultanate. Moving quickly to consolidate his gains, Albequerque had the fortress built around a natural hill near the sea. The fort changed hands in 1641 when the Dutch successfully drove the Portuguese out of Melaka. The Dutch renovated the gate in 1670, which explains the logo "ANNO 1670" inscribed on the gate's arch. Then the fortress changed hands again in the early 19th century when the Dutch handed it over to the British to prevent it from falling into the hands of Napoleon's expansionist>

A Famosa is in melaka which is 2.5 hours drive from KLCC. it is an old historical fort built by the protuguese in 1511. it is a tourist attraction in melaka. if you like history and culture, then spend a day or two in melaka. there are many other tourist spots there. some people just buy a day tour package of melaka from kl. you leave in the morning and come back in the evening.

A Famosa is also a name of a resort in Melaka (A famosa resort). many people go there during weekends. when you stay there, you can go the water theme park, safari, animal shows and entertainment. it is very suitable for family outting. you can check the room and entrance prices in their website.

But you dont have to go to A Famosa resort to do your family outing. just go to Sunway Lagoon which is only 45 mins from klcc. there are huge wet and dry theme parks that kids and adult would enjoy. a day trip would be enough. Lastly enjoy the tour at Malaysia.

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Tour At Malaysia : Tioman Island

Sat, 08 Oct 2011 06:38:00 +0000

(image) Tioman Island also the best place tour at Malaysia. Tioman is in the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. The Northeast Monsoon is from November to March every year so its a bad time to go there. You really dont want your holiday ruined by heavy rains daily or even worst, the resort may close last minute as ferries cannot operate.

Tourist who is planning to visit Tioman island are advised to travel by air. Ferries or speed boat are not permitted to go out to the sea by the Jetty Authority during the Off-Peak Monsoon periods. If you insist of going by boat, it is at your own risk. There are still some local fisherman who are willing to ferry tourist to Tioman Island at an exorbitant price.

If you would still like to visit a nice island then you may want to look at your options on the West side of Malaysia during that time as the Southwest Monsoon is from late May to September. So you will enjoy the clear skies. Langkawi Island is on the west coast which can be a good option for you.

You too can visits some others as beautiful islands around Tioman, such as Rawa, Sibu, Permanggil, Aur n Tinggi. Unfortunately you can't go to Tioman at this moment as its the year end monsoon season, next year end February or early March would be ok.

There are so many hotels, chalets, resorts available, from 5 stars to budget/backpack, mostly at beach front. As of food, beside those available at the hotel and chalet, there is a food court at Tekek's jetty which served some very good, fresh n cheap sea food ! Shopping? sorry, very little on Tioman.

My favourite is Japamala Resort. it offers beautiful scenery from your chalet, secluded unspoilt beach, really away from it all, romantic tropical atmosphere and surrounding. you really feel you are in paradise. Lastly I hope you enjoy the tour at Malaysia.


Tour At Malaysia : Langkawi Island

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 18:11:00 +0000

The best place of tour at Malaysia is Pulau Langkawi. The most visited tourist attraction in Langkawi is probably the cable car. It offers an excellent view of the whole island and also parts of thailand and the andaman sea.You can also check with local travel agents and go for island hopping trips which show you around different islands near Langkawi. You can go on eagle feeding trips, jungle safari, snorkeling, scuba diving. You can also visit a marine park which is located on a nearby island.Dont visit Gunung Raya mountain because it has nothing except an observatory where public is not allowed. Another place of attraction is the seven waterfalls or Tenaga Tujuh as it is called. But be careful not to go alone there as it is a bit secluded. The beach to visit is Pantai (Malay for beach) Cenang as it is quite popular among tourists. You can find a number of restaurants, hotels and resorts along the beach and also a number of watersports activities. Another beach is Tanjung Rhu but its located in the northern end of langkawi and not many people go there.You can try the local cuisine. A lot of restaurants also offer thai cuisine which is quite okay. A few restaurant are a must try: Bon ton, Debbie's place(excellent irish pub!), Artisans Pizza, Tomato garden & beach cafe, sun bar. Although these restaurants mostly offer european/western cuisine but the atmosphere is wonderful and worth a visit.I guess you should not miss the Gunung Mat Chincang's Cable Car. I just went back from Langkawi SO, i've experienced the Cable Car. From the cable car, you can see a really unexpectated scenery.... you can see the really beautiful island. You should go here, while you are here, you can also go for a diving or snorkeling at Pulau Payar. The coral is reallly beautiful in fact, the water is crystal clear. You can also visit Underwater World, There are many types of marine life...You should try the 'satay' it's bloody delicious. more than that, you can also try other Malaysian local dishes such as char koew teow, laksa and cucur udang.There is several hotel from rate 3 and rate 2 around Kuah town like Region Hotel (rate rm60), Langkasuka Hotel (rates start from rm88) and Eagle Bay Hotel (rates start from rm99). Those hotel are quite close to the Jetty Langkawi and also close to the main Kuah town (you can just walking in both places if you want to)You can surf this website for detail information about hotel located around Kuah town. Enjoy the tour at Malaysia !!!.[...]