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Enjoy the Bavaria


If you're coming up with on visiting Bavaria, metropolis flying field transportation is maybe the simplest and quickest thanks to get there. This may sound a trifle odd – planning to Austria to induce to Deutschland - however there's a decent reason to try to to it this fashion. metropolis is incredibly near the German border of Bavaria - indeed, it's nearer than any German airports, creating it the plain alternative.History of BavariaSalzburg was actually part of Bavaria until it got its independence in the 14th century and became an independent principality within the then German Empire. With the changing tides of history, it became a part of Austria in the 19th century, but the cultural ties with Bavaria remain very strong to this day. Today, many people commute between the two countries for work and share many features such as literature, accent and cuisine.Bavaria part of GermanyBavaria was also an independent state and only became part of the German Empire in 1871. It was a rural area until after the Second World War, when parts became highly industrialised, and it is now a vibrant economic centre. There are still many beautiful and wild places to visit, like the Bavarian Alps, where you'll find oasis where you can relax and enjoy the wonderful scenery and wildlife.Alpine SplendourBerchtesgaden, in Bavaria, is easy to get to using Salzburg airport transportation. In fact, it is just over 30 minutes’ drive. This area was made into a protected national park in 1978 and is one of the oldest protected areas in the Alps. Here you can experience the wonderful flora and fauna, either on guided tours or independently. There are beautiful alpine meadows, and forests adorning the mountainside where you could see, if you are lucky, Golden Eagles. You may also see the Alpine Salamander and Blue Hares to spot when you are hiking in this spectacular region.Spectacular boat tripsOne of the highlights of this trip has got to be Lake Königssee, renowned as Germany’s most beautiful alpine lake. The lake is about five miles long and is surrounded by sheer mountain walls. As there is no path around the lake, if you want to see this incredible place a boat journey is a must. This is one of Germany’s deepest and cleanest lakes and there are boat trips where you can glide over its crystal-clear water and marvel at the stupendous scenery that surrounds this lovely spot. There are two stops: Salet and Sankt Bartholomä.Baroque ChurchAs you slowly cross the lake there appears a wonderful mirage: Sankt Bartholomä, a Baroque church with fantastic red rounded turrets and white walls surrounded by mountains, lakes and trees. It is truly a magical place. It was first built in the 12th century and remodelled in the Baroque style in 1697. As the boat stops here you can get out and explore the small town; there is also a restaurant, where you can sit and have lunch overlooking the lake.Bavaria has so many riches to offer it should be a place to visit at least once in a lifetime. With Salzburg airport transportation so easy to organiseFree Web Content, it makes sense to fly to Austria to visit Bavaria and enjoy the marvels of the Alps.[...]

Poland - a country that has a caring heart in Europe.


Poland - a country that has a caring heart in Europe.Poland is a country with a mix of cultural attractions, and there are many things that Alpine mountain landscapes, wide beaches, crystal clear lakes, forests and historical monuments in the world filled with friendly people.From the north, which has nearly half a million residents of the City (Gdansk), economic, cultural and tourist center located along the Polish coast. Thanks to the original model in the years since. Fri 1343 (of 1886) was a town of Assisi, the new architecture of the original city was successful after World War 2 the center of the city has three sections within the city walls. You will find the streets of Northern Europe's most charming here. What is worthy to be visited is called the Gothic style cathedral church of St. Mary was built in AD 1502 (BE 2045), who came up visits for up to 25,000 people.Warsaw.Capital is surprisingly positive. Whether you come to Warsaw on business objectives. The meeting. Or travel. You will not get bored. Everyone will find something for themselves. Whatever his interests as anything.Warsaw is worth to you to know that back then you will fall in love with this city for sure.'Warsaw' city with a caring heart of Europe is filled with historic buildings, both old and new, modern building that is constructed from a socialist communist. Made of glass and metal.Restoration of the Old City after the war, which has never been seen before in parts of Europe has been highly appreciated by UNESCO in 1980 (2523), all components of the old city center is included in the list.World Heritage List. The cultural landmark.Warsaw's most beautiful building located on the main line with the historic royal palaces, houses, churches and monuments. The government and institutions of higher education.There are many restaurants in Warsaw, Poland, and served very tasty. Also, it has many of the international cuisine.The green area represents 21 percent of the city in a beautiful and very attractive in the garden. The park's royal palaces, such as New Zealand and Vila.The Southern Africa.The city is a blend of architecture. The neo-classical ooze, the Renaissance, Gothic, and Baroque and Bella Ipoh and swallow me with an amazing claim. It's no surprise that How long is the school's first city that was recorded in List of World Heritage cultural importance.The meeting in Krakow's teacher. Marine Connection is a global market here, which is the largest market in Europe. It is surrounded by cafes, pubs and restaurants. And historic buildings. The highlight of the oldest department store in Europe named Kian Soo Nice that you can buy everything the heart desires. As a gift from Poland.The Southern Africa was once the capital of Poland and the Old City's Jewish. Called a C on her. Which is unchanged since World War II.Because it is a very good teacher in the Southern Africa Tourism Management is regarded as the night life of Poland. In addition to international cuisine and a choice.List of places in a World Heritage by UNESCO in the name of Leach, check the basement of the oldest salt mine in the world that continues to operate the mine included.the city of Krakow in Leach's teachers, about 30 km underground route through the maze of rooms and exhibit a large cave carved out of rock salt in the specific effects. The small church of St. King, IA is 101 meters deep at most. Decorated with lamps made from salt crystal rocks. And a carved stone relief, low-salt gray.In addition, underground mining rights in Lichfield and the rehabilitation for the patient. The museum also exhibits equipments. Equipment in the mining of salt. The key documents. Related to the history of salt mining property.Swakopmund's wait.Meeting point of Poland. Swakopmund's wait for the capital of Sierra Dion and the lower part of the meeting in Europe. Filled with cultural diversity and history of this city. As the bridge. The connection between the generations. Different cultures together. The atmosphere of this city is the city's most modern city.A[...]

mostly in the mountains of northern Thailand.


Today we have a place to tourists, 10 of which are more exposed to the cold. Of course, mostly in the mountains of northern Thailand.1. Doi Inthanon.Doi Inthanon is Thailand's highest mountain (2,599 meters), making it the cold weather all year round. 2. Doi Ang Khang.The Royal Agricultural Station Ang Khang. The research projects within the fruit. Flowers in winter. The demonstration farm. Experimental planting of winter gardens, bonsai are grown for production of winter vegetables. In the Project area. The tourist season, the station offers camping and accommodation services to tourists. Other tourist attractions.3. His neck - Nam Nao National Park, Mon County.What is a famous province of Phetchabun. Named because of his neck. The neck of the woods there is a lot. The climate is cool all year round on his neck. Very cold in winter. And scenery. The city has one of the world's most popular attractions, including on his neck. China, Hong monument. Influence of the Jedi. Relics his neck. International library statistics. Khao Kho Palace. Si Dit waterfall. Zoo on his neck. And its wonders. The compressed air for a scenic village in the village and the village of Dong Luang.3. Nam Nao National Park.Most complex of high mountains. The watersheds of major rivers. Attractions in the park, including pasture and pine plantations, Wang Tham Pha Hong Phu Kum Khao pine plantation home in Pacifica. Sum waterfall, vegetable dish. Kaew Waterfall. Cascade waterfall, sand pit, sand, water, sand, gold, silver mountain I Nongplalai Nong Nam Khun Pha Lom Pha Tat City rangers led the cave.4. Huai Nam Dang National Park.Cool weather all year round. Mountains and hills covered with high complexity Tang District. Chiang Mai and Pai, Mae Hong Son province. Mammoth Mountain is the highest forested watershed. There are many small streams. Cold winter winds.5. Chiang Rai ,Phu Chi FaPhu Chi Fa is the vantage point of one another, fog and sunrise. There is a sharp peak pointing up into the sky. Even when the sun is up during the peak period, the glass looks like a tiger. Height from sea level to about 1,628 meters of the cliff was a long standing to the side of Laos.Doi Pha Tang Doi Pha Mon is on. A point of view both sides of the Mekong - Thailand, Laos, and the mist on the mountain village of Chinese Haw Hmong and Yao by the Chinese Hong, formerly a part of 93 Brigade, which was evacuated. Doi Pha Tang is settled. Currently employed in agriculture. Winter crops such as peach, plum, pear, apple.6. National Kradung.The natural attractions of one of the most popular in Thailand because of the natural ecosystem and Landscape of meadows and pine forest, waterfalls and scenic cliffs. The key feature of the park. This is a sandstone mountain top, cut into large flat blade-like carbon, or a heart. With an area of ​​approximately 60 square miles with a height of 400-1200 meters above sea level. Books, including the impressive Pha Nok Aen Waterfall, Pha Lom Sak Pa Mak absorb the waterfall cave Pen Resort North - South Beach Noble carpet etc.7. Phu Hin Rong Kla.Located on the junction of three provinces of Phitsanulok and Phetchabun to Phu Hin Rong Kla area is 1617 meters high mountain scenery. Covered with evergreen forest and pine forest with two pine and mixed pine and three species of wild flowers and orchids along the rocky ground. Used as the base for the dissemination of communism. The most important of the north. Point to the rocky barren red rock in the water etc.8. Tung Bua Tong Doi Mae U neck - Doi Mae Hong Son Mon flying.Tung Bua Tong Doi Mae U neck with a wide coverage area is approximately one thousand acres of lotus need here at home with the same period. November to December. The glowing yellow veil across the mountain's mountain flying along the highway at Km 84 10-8 district's flying. The site of the Center for Tribal Welfare and Development. Part of the landscapes. With Karen. Is most In November and December of each year, wild lilies or sunflowers will bloom throughout the va[...]

Travel The top 10 safest countries in the world.


The top 10 safest countries in the world.10. Slovenia.  As one of the country. "Safest in the world," Slovenia is located in the south of the Alps. Border with Austria, Italy, Croatia, Hungary and Slovenia in the past used to be one of the six states of Yugoslavia. But after the collapse of communism and Yugoslavia. Slovenia had declared itself an independent nation since 2534 and has participated as a member of the EU since 2547 that Slovenia is a small country. The country has an area of ​​less than 25 times with a beautiful scenery. The famous attractions of skiing in Slovenia is a country that is peaceful. Violent crime statistics are low. There is also a risk of terrorist attack is very little.9. Finland     Finland is the Nordic countries. In the past, been part of Sweden. Later, the Russian Empire until the year 2460 is a Democratic Republic, Finland, is known as one of the most secure in the world. The economic, political, social and military aspects of the city of Finland. A highly sophisticated and advanced terrain. Finland has a large lake and the island is a lot less. It is filled with pine forests. Because the area is located approximately one quarter on Arctic Circle. The upper end of the midnight sun phenomenon in Finland. In summer the sun never sets for 73 days in the winter sun will not go for 51 days, even if past statistics, the incidence of crime in Finland is higher than any other country in the 10th. International rankings of the safest in the world ... but, since Finland is a country that respects human rights and civil liberties and democratic processes is very high. It is known as a country that is safe for most travelers. 8.  Canada.     Canada is a country in North America. The territory to the United States. Canada is located at the top of the world map. It also has the second largest in the world as well. Core values ​​of Canadian society that is deeply rooted in the promotion and respect of human rights and freedoms. This is the most important principles of democratic government. The Government of Canada has a foreign official to be able to settle in their country. It continues to be a way of life based on traditional customs and culture of the Canadian population thus consisted of people from many different nationalities. 7.  Japan.     Japan is an island country in East Asia. The island is less than 3,000 islands on the Pacific Ocean. South Korea and the People's Republic of China by the Japanese Sea. The north side adjacent to Russia. Koch, in a sea of ​​masks, the boundary lines. Although the past. Japan is an extremely traumatized by the war. But it can be recovered quickly. The country has become the largest economy in the world and is one of the leading technologies of today. And since Japan is a country with. History. The dominant culture. There are many interesting attractions. The ancient temples, shrines, places of natural attractions. While the contemporary culture. Cutting-edge technology. Jeep rental. The light in the night. It attracts tourists to visit a large number each year if the global peace index, or API's Japan is a country with a very low violent crime statistics. And regulations regarding the possession of a weapon strong. The statistics for the theft, it is very small compared to other western industrialized countries. This is why Japan is the only country in Asia to be one of the 10 countries that "the safest in the world".6. Sweden.Sweden is a Nordic countries situated on the peninsula of Scandinavia. Border with Norway, Finland, in the strait was his first. Cherokee and Creek cache. Most areas are forests, high mountains and beautiful lakes are numerous. Although Sweden is located in the north, but has a warm climate. Due to the influence of the warm Gulf Stream currents. And as it is to the north of the Arctic Circle. Sweden is another country where the phenomenon of the midnight sun in Sweden i[...]

Heaven on earth ... Pokhara of Nepal.


Pokhara in popular secondary capital Kathmandu in Kathmandu  which is the capital of Nepal  to the west from Kathmandu, Kathmandu, approximately 200 kilometers by Acharya, surrounded by mountains. I covered the trees (Annapurna Valley) and the lake effect that

Pokhara with the city's spectacular beauty of the Himalayas to the nearest (and only 30 km) can be seen in his long lay Macha. (Machhapuchhre) or peak tail of one of the highlights of the eight had not covered the aspects of the travelers to visit.


travel "This church-Benz" is firmly in the grave, "Valentine".


"This church-Benz" is firmly in the grave, "Valentine".

          "From Your Valentine" The last sentence in the letter. "Saint Valentine" a sweetheart "Julia" is out of breath on February 14 was 270 days of happiness that comes from the brain that we do not know, "The History of Valentine's Day. "I come to mourn Travel MThai I think of" Valentine "in the sense of history. I do not love people delightfully. I feel a break with a dash of Rome's "church-Benz's" (Praxedes), the static of the grave, "Valentino Paradise" or "Saint Valentine" are well known.

This church-Benz (Praxedes) is located in Rome, Italy this week, according to legend. Julia R. West, it has grown. Posted in pink or almond. Near the grave of "Valentine" or "Valentino Paradise" is a man who loved her. By today. In the West, it has pink represents love eternal and beautiful friendship.


Paradise of the world.


Paradise of the world.  5 in the "paradise of the world from a" miracle of beauty that has been selected as the Land of Desire.    1. Island of Tristan da Cunha in the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most remote regions in the world. Is known as "The Lonely Island" There is no airstrip. Most people use a boat to the island. Activities on the island that we can do is hiking, fishing, golf villas for self-service is £ 20 for a homestay. Facilities include a restaurant is located at 40 pounds.   2. Cotswolds town of ancient history. Rural town in southern central England. Stone. The sense of traditional British classics are back in the main passenger train carriages and a bus will be available a day or one per week. Activities are horseback riding, fishing, biking city.   3. Kiribati, Micronesia island beach paradise Swat treasure of natural beauty. Located southwest of Hawaii, was called Gilbert Island in the Pacific Ocean. Travel airline Air Pacific should be sent to the island because it offers only two flights a week. Activity in the water swimming pool for guest house is about 30 Australian dollars per night.   4. Algonquin Park, Canada's southern Ontario is the art of natural colors. I also experience wildlife close. For eco-tourists as much. Travel by private car to travel around and Value. A canoe to paddle. The camp inside the park. Park admission is 16 Canadian dollars per day camping fee + $ 22 Canadian per day. 5. Fernando de Noronha, Brazil In Brazil, the island has been a guarantee of UNESCO as a world natural heritage of warm, sunny beach, blue sea, waiting for us to touch. I enjoy traveling. Aircraft landing at the airport, Fernando de Noronha (FDN) has access to the island. This island is to rent a car. According to a rent of $ 50-70 per day if the bus is at 2.85 real. [...]

Top 8 most beautiful subway in the world.


Top 8 most beautiful subway in the world. Transport is the main line of every country on earth with the top 10 most beautiful subway in the world!1. Stockholm Tunnelbana (Sweden)  2. Munich U-Bahn (Germany) 3. Shanghai Bund Sightseeing Tunnel (China)4. Moscow’s Komsomolskaya Station (Russia)5. Frankfurt Bockenheimer Warte Station  6. Metro Bilbao (Basque Country) 7. Newyok City Station 8. Chicago’s O’Hare Station (US)  [...]

Travel Rajasthan in india


Rajasthan the wasteland state of India is worldwide well-known tourist destination. it's the foremost most popular tourist destination by thousands of tourist coming back to go to India. it's the land of rocky beauty, colourful festivals, exotic wildlife sanctuaries, rippling sand dunes, stunning landscapes, made and colourful festivals and heap a lot of fascinating beauty. The state has perpetually played its role to draw huge range of foreign tourists from all the corner of the sphere.
Introduction to Rajasthan is unfinished while not mentioning regarding its magnificent monuments like unbelievable forts, elegant palaces, terrific temples, splendid havelis, invincible mansions, alarming citadels, etc. What ever a part of the state you may travel in, you may realize many timeless monuments standing on the desert landscapes telling the saga of their royal and superb past. It you're history buffs or inquisitive about culture and heritage, forts and palaces of the state rightly fulfill your curios.
Popular cities of Rajasthan are Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Ajmer, Pushkar, Bikaner, etc. These all are thought-about as should visit destinations of the state if you actually wish to relish real charm of Rajasthan travel and tourism.
Jaipur is that the capital town of and lovingly described because the pink town of India. it's one amongst the foremost stunning cities of India. There are many attractions of tourist curiosity within the town deserving the attentions of tourists from everywhere the globe. town Palace, Jantar Mantar, Amber Fort, Nahargarh Fort, Jaigarh Fort, Hawa Mahal, Jal Mahal, Albert Hall Museum, Birla Temple, Govind Dev Ji Temple, etc are price visiting attractions of Jaipur town tours. A visit to Jaipur town conjointly provides tourists to require excursion journeys to nearby fascinating places like Ajmer, Pushkar and Samode. So, tourists shouldn't miss to go to Jaipur on their Rajasthan tours.


City Palace


Jantar Mantar


Amber Fort


Nahargarh Fort


Jaigarh Fort


Hawa Mahal


Jal Mahal


Albert Hall Museum

The famous Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava River in Prague


The thirteenth century Charles Bridge is typically full of tourists and Czechs alike, particularly throughout the spring and summer months. Charles Bridge surely ranks because the most vital tourist attractions within the town and may be the primary item on your list of sights to examine. Early morning is that the best time to expertise a less crowded walk, though a romantic evening walk through the impressively lit streets of Prague by night is sweet too. Expect many memento stands additionally as an endless kind of street musicians taking part in their hearts out for you as you stroll across. However, aren't getting too frantic by the pleasures as a result of you may simply have your pockets picked The famous Charles Bridge crosses the Vltava River in Prague. This 'solid-land' association created Prague vital as a trade route between east and west Europe. The bridge was originally referred to as the Stone Bridge or the Prague Bridge however has been the "Charles Bridge" since 1870. King Charles IV's favorite architect and builder Peter Parler, originally engineered the present-day bridge. The initial plan was to create a purposeful construction for jousting tournaments, and for several years the sole decoration on the bridge was a straightforward crucifix, however later the will of the Catholics for ornamentation resulted in thirty statues being engineered (1600 to 1800 AD). Today most of the statues are copies, because of harm caused by varied floods and catastrophes over the centuries. There are currently seventy five statues and maybe the foremost attention-grabbing, and oldest, is that of John Nepomuk (no. eight from the correct as you cross towards the castle). The Bridge, that is 516 meters long, contains sixteen pillars and three bridge towers. one in all the towers, the previous city Bridge Tower, is taken into account to be the foremost lovely bridge tower in Europe because of its wealthy sculptural decoration. Thirty sculptures that beautify the bridge date mainly from the baroque amount - from the eighteenth century. the foremost exceptional was one created by Matyas Braun and E. M. Brokoff.John Nepomuk was a priest in Prague below Wenceslas IV. sadly for John Nepomuk, Wenceslas was a suspicious man. One fateful day, the priest received the confession of the attractive queen. However, Wenceslas was convinced she had told the priest a few suspected love affair, whereupon he demanded rather unsympathetically to understand what the Queen had revealed. The priest, being of pious blood, didn't break his commitment of confidentiality to the wonder in question and consequently was hauled over the bridge to drown within the Vltava. However, all wasn't lost for shortly a golden halo appeared over the spot within the Vltava where he disappeared as proof of his martyrdom, and hence these days there's a hoop of golden stars over his head on the statue. a number of meters in front of the particular statue, there's atiny low crucifix marking the spot where he was thrown from the bridge. bit the crucifix and your want can return true![...]

The Tower of London in England


The Tower of London, founded by William the Conqueror in 1066 has Outstanding Universal price for the subsequent cultural qualities:Its landmark siting, for each protection and management of the town of London: because the gateway to the capital, the Tower was in result the gateway to the new Norman kingdom. Sited strategically at a bend within the River Thames, it's been an important demarcation purpose between the facility of the developing town of London, and therefore the power of the monarchy. It had the twin role of providing protection for the town through its defensive structure and therefore the provision of a garrison, and of additionally controlling the voters by constant means that. The Tower literally ‘towered’ over its surroundings till the nineteenth century.As a logo of Norman power: The Tower of London was designed as an illustration of Norman power. The Tower represents quite the other structure the far-reaching significance of the mid 11th-century Norman Conquest of England, for the impact it had on fostering nearer ties with Europe, on English language and culture and in making one among the foremost powerful monarchies in Europe. The Tower has an iconic role as reflecting the last military conquest of England.As an excellent example currently 11th-century innovative Norman military architecture: because the most complete survival of an 11th-century fortress palace remaining in Europe, the White Tower, and its later thirteenth and 14th century additions, belong to a series of edifices that were at the leading edge of military building technology internationally. They represent the apogee of a sort of refined castle style, that originated in Normandy and unfold through Norman lands to England and Wales.As a model example of a Medieval fortress palace that evolved from the eleventh to sixteenth centuries: The additions of Henry III and Edward I, and significantly the highly innovative development of the palace at intervals the fortress, created the Tower into one among the foremost innovative and influential castle sites in Europe within the thirteenth and early 14th centuries, and far of their work survives. Palace buildings were added to the royal advanced right up till the sixteenth century, though few currently stand higher than ground. The survival of palace buildings at the Tower permits a rare glimpse into the lifetime of a medieval monarch at intervals their fortress walls. The Tower of London may be a rare survival of a continuously developing ensemble of royal buildings, evolving from the eleventh to the sixteenth centuries, and as such has nice significance nationally and internationally.For its association with State institutions: the continual use of the Tower by successive monarchs fostered the event of many major State establishments. These incorporated such elementary roles because the nation’s defence, its records, and its coinage. From the late thirteenth century, the Tower was a significant repository for official documents, and precious merchandise owned by the Crown. The presence of the Crown Jewels, kept at the Tower since the seventeenth century, are a reminder of the fortress’s role as a repository for the Royal Wardrobe.As the setting for key historical events in European history: The Tower has been the setting for a few of the foremost momentous events in European and British History. Its role as a stage upon that history is enacted is one among the key parts that have contributed towards the Tower’s standing as an iconic structure. Arguably the foremost vital building of the Norman Conquest, the White Tower symbolised the would possibly and longevity of the new order. The imprisonments within the Tower, of Edward V and his younger brother within the fifteenth century, and then within the sixteenth [...]

Travel The Dead Sea


The Dead ocean, not like the ocean of Galilee to the north, doesn't figure prominently within the biblical narratives. Its most vital role was as a barrier, blocking traffic to Judah from the east. An advancing army of Ammonites and Moabites apparently crossed a shallow a part of the Dead ocean on their thanks to attack King Jehoshaphat (2 Chron 20). Ezekiel has prophesied that sooner or later the Dead ocean are going to be contemporary water and fishermen can unfold their nets along the shore.

The Dead ocean is found within the Syro-African Rift, a 4000-mile fault line within the earth's crust. the bottom purpose of dry land on earth is that the shoreline of the Dead ocean at 1300 feet below ocean level. That the lake is at the bottom purpose means water doesn't drain from this lake. Daily seven million loads of water evaporate however the minerals stay, inflicting the salt content to extend. Figures for the Dead Sea's salinity nowadays vary from 26-35%.

Nearly 10 times as salty because the world's oceans and twice as saline because the nice Salt Lake in Utah, the Dead ocean is made with minerals. The Dead ocean Works company on the southwest aspect of the lake employs 1600 individuals round the clock to reap the precious minerals from the water. Potash is that the most dear of these extracted nowadays and is employed within the manufacture of fertilizer. the most effective article on the minerals within the Dead ocean is within the Encyclopedia Britannica.

The distinctive concentration of the Dead ocean waters has long been known to possess medicinal worth. Aristotle, Queen of Sheba, King Solomon and Cleopatra were all at home with this and trendy doctors similarly usually prescribe patients with skin ailments to soak within the waters of the Dead ocean. due to the dropping level of the Dead ocean, the southern finish is not any longer below water, aside from that that is channeled by aqueducts for the aim of extracting minerals.

(image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image) (image)

The Goeltzschtal Bridge


The Goeltzschtal Bridge (or Goeltzschtalbrucke, to convey it its true name) has been photographed many thousands of times across the decades. This outstanding construction standing within the Vogtland region of Germany is 574 m long, with four tiers of arches stacking to seventy eight m high, creating the Goeltzschtalbrucke the world's largest bridge designed of bricks.A true masterpiece of engineering, the Goeltzschtal Bridge was in-built the mid 1800s, when the age of the railway was at its most pioneering. the simplest route for the new railway link between Leipzig and Nuremberg meant that 2 bridges required to be designed, one in every of that should span the Goltzsch Valley (the different being the Elster Valley).In January 1845 the railway company launched a contest, inviting styles for a bridge to cross the Goeltz Valley. though quite eighty submissions were received, none of them met the required needs. The result was that one in every of the competition's eminent panel of judges, Prof. Johann Schubert, really proposed the successful style.As there have been insufficient native provides of natural materials, like sandstone or granite, it absolutely was set that bricks be used. Bricks were conjointly seen as a more cost-effective various, that was a major issue, only if the bridge's construction concerned twenty six million of them.Professor Schubert's style proposed an impressively tall viaduct comprising four levels, every with individual arches of even proportions. A year once his set up was accepted, the inspiration stone was laid.Difficulties occurred too soon within the bridge's construction. When excavations got underway for the pillar that was to act as a central support, engineers discovered that the soil was unable to require its weight. the development plans thus had to be amended, that means that, rather than having identical arches, the bridge had 2 giant openings, with every arch spanning thirty one metres.Thousands of builders worked on making the Goeltzschtal Bridge and, as was sadly thus usually the case with constructions around this era, accidents were an everyday incidence. Over 1300 men were injured and thirty one lost their lives.The Goeltzschtal Bridge was officially opened on fifteen July 1851 and formally handed over to the railway company who had commissioned its style. The Elstertal Bridge, usually said as its very little sister, is that the second largest of its kind, containing twelve million bricks.More than a hundred and fifty years once its construction, the Goeltzschtal Bridge continues to hold the railway and its eighty one arches are still captured by several an awe-inspired photographer.[...]

Travel The Aqueduct of Segovia in Spain


The Aqueduct of Segovia may be a Roman aqueduct and one in all the foremost important and best-preserved ancient monuments left on the Iberian Peninsula. it's the foremost image of Segovia, as evidenced by its presence on the city's coat of arms.As the aqueduct lacks a legible inscription , the date of construction can't be definitively determined. Researchers have placed it between the second 1/2 the first Century AD and therefore the early years of the 2nd Century throughout the reign of either Emperor Vespasian or Nerva. The beginnings of Segovia itself are likewise not definitively known. The individuals known as Vaccaei are known to own populated the world before the Romans conquered town. Roman troops sent to regulate the world, that fell among the jurisdiction of the Roman provincial court located in Clunia, stayed behind to settle there.The aqueduct transports waters from Fuente Fría river, situated within the nearby mountains, some seventeen km from town in an exceedingly region called La Acebeda. It runs another fifteen km before arriving within the town.The water is initial gathered in an exceedingly tank called El Caserón , and is then led through a channel to a second tower called the Casa de Aguas . There it's naturally decanted and sand settles out before the water continues its route. Next the water travels 728 m on a one-percent grade till it's high upon the Postigo, a rocky outcropping on that the previous town center, the Segovia Alcázar, was built. Then, at Plaza de Díaz Sanz , the structure makes an abrupt flip and heads toward Plaza Azoguejo . it's there the monument begins to show its full splendor. At its tallest, the aqueduct reaches a height of twenty eight.5 m , together with nearly half-dozen m of foundation. There are each single and double arches supported by pillars. From the purpose the aqueduct enters town till it reaches Plaza de Díaz Sanz, it boasts seventy five single arches and forty four double arches, followed by four single arches, totalling 167 arches in all.The construction of the aqueduct follows the principles laid out by Vitruvius as he describes in his De Architectura printed within the mid-first century.The first section of the aqueduct contains thirty six semi-circular arches, rebuilt within the fifteenth century to revive a little destroyed by the Moors in 1072. The line of arches is organized in 2 levels, adorned merely, within which predominantly straightforward moulds hold the frame and supply support to the structure. On the higher level, the arches have a complete width of five.1 meters . inbuilt 2 levels, the highest pillars are each shorter and narrower than those on the lower level. the highest of the structure contains the channel through that water travels, through a U-shaped hollow measuring zero.55 by 0.46 meters. The channel continuously adjusts to the bottom height and therefore the topography below. The lower-level arches have an approximate width of four.5 meters Their pillars gradually increase in circumference size. the highest of every pillar features a cross-section measuring one.8 by 2.5 meters , whereas the bottom cross-section measures approximately a pair of.4 by three meters .Principal facade of the Aqueduct of Segovia.The aqueduct is constructed of unmortared, brick-like granite blocks. throughout the Roman era, every of the 3 tallest arches displayed a symptom in bronze letters, indicating the name of its builder beside the date of construction. Today, 2 niches are still visible, one on either side of the aqueduct. one in all them is thought to own held the image of Hercules, who in keeping with legend was founding father of town. the opposite niche currently contains the photographs of the V[...]

Preachers Rock, Pulpit Rock, A view from the top in Norway


If you ever needed to envision what “a read from the top” very means that, this place in Norway is perhaps the simplest place to envision it. Preikestolen, known in English as Preacher’s Pulpit or Pulpit Rock, may be a large cliff, 604 meters tall overlooking Lysefjorden. the highest of the cliff may be a twenty five by twenty five meters sq. and flat surface that drives many tourists yearly to it.

“Nowhere do these terrific forces seem a lot of formidably conjoined than within the shocking strait referred to as the Lyse-Fiord. The Lyse-Fiord is that the most terrible of all the Gut Rocks of the ocean”. Victor Hugo.

It’s actually a dangerous attraction, however no safety ledge has been created so as to preserve its beauty. nobody has accidentally fallen off the cliff, however records indicate that this is often an area suicides happen fairly often. Nonetheless, Pulpit Rock is one amongst the foremost visited attractions in Norway – nearly one hundred,000 take the seven,5m annually to envision the odd rock.

Getting to the rock isn't straightforward, however it actually has the reward of an excellent read. The road to Preikestolen is extremely steep from time to time, taking off at the Preikestolhytta Youth Hostel, at 270 meters and finishing at 604m. Finding the thanks to the highest isn't a retardant, considering the marked path, however you may would like boots, determination and plenty of water to induce you going. The walk isn't that long, a distance of around four kilometers and it takes from one to three hours, looking on the hiker’s expertise.

The rock is reachable from the Stavanger-region. To hike to the Pulpit Rock you'll be able to select theferry to Tau or Oanes and continue by bus/car/taxi to Preikestolhytta. The path to achieve the highest is ready against a scenic landscape and is well marked, the hiking trip lasting on average 3-4 hours in total.

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Travel The Largest Pool in Chile


Have you ever thought of constructing a pool right next to the ocean? Well, amazingly, Chile had designed one and it's been known and recorded within the Guinness World of Record because the world's largest swimming pool. This outsized pool overtook the glory from the world's second largest pool, the large Splash located in Morocco, whose options embody an eight.9 acre of salt water, one hundred fifty yards long, and a one hundred yards wide.Fernando Fischmann, a Chilean Biochemist himself, once said that his company the, Crystal Lagoon Corporation, had met the advanced engineering necessities and added that as long as we've got access to unlimited provide of seawater we are able to build it work and cause no harm to the ocean.The World's largest pool located within the South yank Resort in San Alfonso Del Mar took concerning five years of designing and for it to be completed. The swimming pool is over one,000 yards long, has over a hundred and fifteen foot deep finish, holds concerning sixty six million gallons of salty water, and covers concerning twenty acres. it's virtually as huge as a soccer field.Amazing right? however before any celebration, the Chile government invested huge quantity of cash to develop their "natural" theme park for guests yet as for his or her own Chilean fellowmen to relish and relax with their families and friends. The project was estimated to own price over $1.5 billion to create the breath taking luxury pool. The investment for the project was all worthwhile. Through the created paradise, Chile continues to flourish their economy and tourism attracting variant visitor world wide. The enormity of the pool mirrored the chances of growth for Chile.Resort guests of San Alfonso Del Mar usually use kayaks and little boats simply to maneuver round the pool. guests are taking the foremost of their keep as they witness the $64000 great thing about the pool.The swimming pool encompasses a pc controlled filtration and suction systems the assistance balance the flow of water. Seawater is drawn from the ocean and processed through the system to provide crystal clear water. The salt water is therefore clear that you simply will see the lowest of the swimming pool at the terribly deep finish of it.The sun somewhat helps the water within the pool heat at 26OC that is concerning nine degrees hotter than the ocean adjacent to it. So, how do they maintain the cleanliness of the swimming pool? Through a method referred to as the heartbeat Oxidation, additionally developed by Fischmann's team, the swimming pool maintains its cleanliness. The pool uses a minimum of ten times less chemicals that are employed in commonplace swimming pools that usually consumes thousands of gallons of chlorine. The pool is additionally equipped with one hundred fifty wall sensors. additionally to the system put in, the Chile government allocates a $4 million budget annually to keep up the pool's cleanliness and safety by keeping the ocean water filtered and re-circulated with a temperature of concerning 80OF throughout the summer season.[...]

Travel Petra in Jordan



Petra is additionally one in every of seven wonders of the traditional world, Petra is behind dense rocky mountains, this place boasts of distinctive scenes that makes it the foremost magnificent and spectacular ancient web site today. it's a proven fact that nothing in world resembles it. This rose-red rock-carved town of Petra is jam-packed with mystifying charm the spectators here admire the hanging fantastic thing about the place.

Petra is that the most acknowledge and delightful spot in Jordan it's situated around one hundred thirty five km north of Aqaba and 264 km south of Amman. This place came into existence owing to the legacy of the Nabataeans, they were primarily industrious Arab those who came and settled in southern Jordan some 2000 years ago. The place is well-liked due to its distinguished culture, gigantic design and owing to the complicated of water channels and dams. Petra is one in every of the Seven Wonders of the globe and is additionally included within the UNESCO world heritage web site. The place with its hanging options attracts several guests from nook and corner of the world.

This magnificent place includes a kilometer long, gloom and funky chasm; there's an existence of long slim gorge that has steep rising sides that provides the dramatic distinction with the magic. This gorge suddenly opens into one in every of the natural sq. that is dominated the foremost acknowledge monument of Petra, The Treasury (El-Khazneh). The Treasury’s intricately carved facade blazes within the glittering sun.

This ancient town slowly reveal one monument when the opposite until an extended distance for kilometers. solely the scale of town and therefore the strikingly carved facades is astounding and reflects the trade and creativity of the Nabataeans. The Nabataeans created Petra their capital for long-standing.

Visiting to Petra is often superb, and memorable. This place flourished for over four hundred years it had been all throughout the time of Rome and Christ later it had been captured by the Roman legions of Trajan in 106 AD.

There are around 800 individual monuments in Petra basin that carries with it tombs, buildings, baths, temples, funerary halls, arched gateways, and colonnaded streets. These were all carved by the consultants from the kaleidoscopic sandstone. the simplest time to visualize the Petra sights are throughout the first morning and late within the afternoon, when the rays of the sun warms stones. when being lost in sixteenth century Petra was presently discovered within the year 1812.
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Travel The Majesty of Sistine Chapel in Italy


The Sistine Chapel is not just about Michelangelo. It is a collection of art from the minds and hands of other Italian painters. The history of the Sistine Chapel dates back to the 1400s when the Pope at that time, Sixtus IV della Rovere, opted Capella Mana renovated. The results are the different paintings and false drapes that means not only beauty, but also history. Among the most popular painters who worked include Pietro Perugino, Domenico Ghirlandaio, and Sandro Botticelli, and Pier Matteo d'Amelia, who painted the sky full of stars. It was the August 15, 1483, when Michelangelo Buonarroti took the responsibility to modify some of the designs of the Sistine Chapel, on the initiative of Julius II della Rovere, nephew of Sixtus IV.The CeilingThe greatest art piece of the Sistine Chapel would probably be its ceiling. However, if not for the cracks that could have been effects of the excavation, we will not be able to appreciate the most magnificent work of Michelangelo. The tale of the ceiling is quite enthralling. It seems like God planted desire in Michelangelo’s heart. It should have just been a mere visual representation of the 12 Apostles. Feeling dissatisfied, though, Michelangelo, with the full permission of Julius II, decided to change everything. If you will take a good look on the different depictions on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, you’ll know that it is actually composed of the 9 central stories that make up the Genesis, such as the Fall of Man, the story of Noah, and the Story of Creation. The painting usually starts at the entrance wall of the chapel. The Last JudgmentAfter the Sack of Rome and before the start of the Council of Trent, Michelangelo worked on the Last Judgment, a huge mural occupying the entire wall at the back of the Sistine Chapel altar. It was a representation of the coming of Christ and the day of damnation. It showed the various nude souls descending into hell or ascending into heaven after they have faced clear judgment from Christ. Looking at the Last Judgment, you will probably not feel awed of the entire backdrop but of the entire message it hopes to convey. It displayed the great reverence of the people to the ultimate power of God. The painting had been controversial, however, after Cardinal Carafa thought that it was very immoral and obscene, considering that the images were deliberately showing their genitals. He ordered the removal of the fresco, which could have been pushed through if not for the insistence and persistence of Michelangelo. To tame down its effect on the onlookers, the genital as were then later “covered” by Daniele da Volterra.Touring the ChapelThere are many Italian tours that include visitation to the Sistine Chapel. You can even simply choose to tour the Vatican Museums, and definitely, you will land yourself inside the chapel. Normally, the tourists will arrive inside the chapel passing through the back portion of the altar. Then, they will observe the chapel until they can reach the entrance of the church. This will give them better opportunities to study and marvel at the different masterpieces surrounding and within the chapel. Nevertheless, before you can enter the chapel, you need to have tickets or entrance passes, which you can possibly get at the gates. Whiling Away at the Gorgeous Vatican GardensThere’s one garden that will remind you that there will always be a special place you can run to whenever you feel troubled, but it doesn’t take the fact that its overall design is more than enough to make you feel so blessed for the rest of your life. Such can be the simple mess[...]

Travel Xian's Terracotta Warriors in China Tours


Discovered in 1974 by a group of farmers digging a well, Xian Terracotta Warriors (other names: Army of Terracotta, terracotta soldiers) stunned the world with his art and figures. The Terracotta Army was built to protect the tomb of Emperor Qin Shihuang, the founding emperor of the Qin Dynasty, and the emperor who unified China. The site of the Terracotta Warriors became a museum. The Terracotta Warriors Museum has four part name dug wells: Well 1, Pit2, and Pit4 Pit3.What makes the terracotta warriors in Xi'an so amazing is that everyone is unique, life size? Each face is different and the clothes and hairstyles have individual characteristics. Each soldier was armed with a weapon of real bronze. The charioteers were fully functional wooden carts pulled by horses of terra cotta. Archers, lancers, infantry, tank, and the generals have been excavated. When new each soldier was covered with paint and had the appearance of an army of living men. So far over 700 warriors, 100 chariots and 400 horses have been excavated in the four wells.In ancient times, wood roofs held over soldiers collapsed crushing the bottom of the army. Because of this, no soldier has been found intact. The full warriors who see the visitors were reconstructed from hundreds and sometimes thousands of fragments carefully put back together. The excavations are time consuming. Each warrior is covered with bright paint, but as soon as the warrior is dug and the mud starts to dry, the flakes of pain and lost forever. Because of this, the Chinese authorities have stopped the excavations until a means of preserving the paint is discovered.Excavated near the mausoleum of Emperor Qin Shihuang had two miniature bronze chariots. The cars are very large and are accurate in every detail. Are copies of the Emperor's personal cars, and every detail has been reproduced in bronze. Everything from the driver's arms and personal ornaments were reproduced. There is even a small box full of arrows to be fired miniature crossbow. In the building where the bronze chariots chariots are shown in the terracotta warrior were discovered. They were made of wood and bronze. The wooden parts rotted long ago, but the bronze pieces are still around and its workforce is amazing.It's really amazing to think that this incredible site was built long ago by these primitive tools and only to protect a tomb. In 1987, this archaeological treasure has been added to the List of World Cultural Heritage.[...]

Travel Mount Rushmore,in South Dakota, USA


in the 1920, sculptor Gutzon Borglum unconventional call is carved a Confederate memorial on Stone Mountain in Georgia. Robinson wanted his sculptures to stand at the gateway to the west, where the Black Hills rise from the plains as a prelude to the Rocky Mountain Geographic. Here, outcrops of granite to resist erosion to form the needles, a group of tall, thin peaks reminiscent of the towers of a Gothic cathedral.Robinson thought the needles turned into a parade of indigenous leaders and explorers of America, which forms the border. Robinson own enthusiasm did not translate into public support. Many people were skeptical or hostile frankly."Man makes the statues," he proclaimed local conservationist Cora B. Johnson, "but God made the needles."Undeterred, proponents monument called the master sculptor of Stone Mountain. At a time when many artists scorned traditional patriotism, Gutzon Borglum was released through the celebration of things American. As his style evolved, "American" came to mean "great.""Our time will one day be called the" Age of Colossal '"Borglum complained," There is a monument in this country as big as a box of snuff. "Born in Idaho in 1867, this son of a Danish Mormon studied art in Paris. Back home, he worked in the shadow of his brother artist Solon, even after several moderate Gutzon was famous work. Among them was a remodeled torch for the Statue of Liberty, saints and apostles for the Cathedral of St. John the Divine in New York, the Lincoln sitting in Newark, New Jersey and a large bust of Lincoln for the Capitol USA. In 1915 began the memorial at Stone Mountain, which provided expertise in carving granite large scale - and in the show.LocationBorglum explored a lot better than the brittle needles: 5.725 foot of Mount Rushmore, named in 1885 for the New York lawyer Charles E. Rushmore. His broad wall of exposed granite to the southeast to receive direct sunlight for most of the day.Borglum choice of subjects agreed to raise the memorial of a regional company to a national cause "in commemoration of the foundation, preservation and expansion of the continental United States."Borglum planned four U.S. presidents beside an entablature with the inscription a brief history. On a wall behind the carved figures of the Hall of Records to preserve national documents and artifacts.President Calvin Coolidge dedicated the memorial in 1927, after 14 years of work, only 6 1 / 2 years were spent in actual size. Money was the main problem in the years of the Great Depression. Gutzon Borglum was here that the self-assessment as "a man of war" was obtained. He personally lobbied state officials, congressmen, cabinet members and presidents."The work is purely a national monument," he insisted in a congressional hearing in 1938.Pride in the country - and the fact that public works created jobs and goodwill - funneled $ 836,000 of federal money toward the total cost of nearly $ 1 million.The Washington head was formally dedicated in 1930, followed by Jefferson in 1936, Lincoln in 1937 and Roosevelt in 1939. Borglum died in March 1941, the final dedication was not held until 50 years later. Son, Lincoln Borglum supervised the completion of the heads. Size arrested in October 1941 on the eve of our entry into World War II. Gutzon Borglum could have said that it was time to defend the principles of Mount Rushmore preserved in stone.[...]

Travel The London Eye London is Millennium Wheel



The London Eye is London's Jubilee proud of gardens overlooking the River Thames. It is amazing how on one hand the modern appeal was accepted by the Londoners. Have you ever thought of that? This is how the Millennium Wheel rising began and equally historic sights of London.

The construction and opening of the Wheel

The wheel is 135 meters above the River Thames, is a masterpiece of engineering, architecture and construction. On December 31, 1999, the British Prime Minister Tony Blair, wrapped in the world's fourth tallest structure in London. It was designed for six different architects and weighs 1,800 tonnes. The wheel is located right next to the Palace of Westminster, opposite the clock tower Big Ben. It is owned by Merlin Entertainments is the largest Ferris wheel in Europe.

The wheel has 32 capsules enclosed air-conditioned glass egg-shaped and each capsule can accommodate 25 people. It takes around 30 minutes to complete and visitors can look at the city of up to 40 km in all directions. Is regarded as the highest observation wheel and projecting the outcome of the struggle of 7 years by architects.

Travelling in the eye

The ferris wheel attracts over 3.5 million each year. People call walking of flights, which was sponsored by British Airways. All capsules are comfortable and the wheel runs at a constant speed. It does not stop when travelers passing through or off. The wheel carries 800 passengers, equivalent to travel in 11 double-decker buses in London. Tickets for the tour are based on the type of cartridge you choose for your trip. You can take an ordinary capsule, the privatization of a capsule or choose a capsule of Cupid. Travelers can walk inside the capsule and there is a wooden bench in the center.

When privatizing a capsule, it can also make arrangements for any celebration. You can ask for drinks and all they want to party guests. Celebrate any occasion in the eye is special. Night walks are amazing.

Modern Tourist Spots

The London Eye is currently the most visited tourist attraction in London. Any traveler to the eye can see other attractions of London as the Imperial War Museum,The Globe Theatre, The Oval Cricket Ground, The Tate Gallery, Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The Tower of London, St. Paul's Cathedral, The National Portrait Gallery, Buckingham Palace, The British Museum and The Telecommunications Tower. There are plenty of sites to see throughout the eye.

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Travel Big Ben , A Grand Day Out Visiting London Big Ben


The clock is prominent near the Houses of Parliament in Westminster area of ​​London, England, United Kingdom is often referred to popularly as Big Ben.Big Ben can be found in the gardens of the Abbey, which is next to Westminster Bridge near the south bank of the River Thames.Big Ben rang the opening bell at the way in May 1859.The minutes of clock time is just over four feet long and only about fifty square meters of space to make each and every one.In the background is the clock tower clock has only left a small number of times. For the clock to keep time, did you know that the coins are stacked on the pendulum.Nearby is the Westminster underground station, which is almost certainly the easiest way to get to the attraction of public transport. Across Waterloo Bridge, which has a metro and railway station. Traveling to Big Ben always depends on which line is closest to your accommodation.Buses and nearby buses also pass by the attraction where you sit. I'd better stop and take some pictures of the short distance perhaps across the bridge. You might also be able to hear the bell of the clock as it strikes the hour. The news at ten on British television used the bell as a musical theme, when the program was alittle British television a few days ago.Photo would be an excellent opportunity across Westminster Bridge at night. As the whole face of the tower and adjacent structures are often exquisitely lit at night.Did you know that could possibly climb to the top of the clock tower of the overall system, often known as Big Ben. UK residents can contact local members of parliament to organize a common tour.Tours gone through all seventy-five minutes and there are three hits each day. There is probably no weekend visits.If you have been successful in your application, please arrive about fifteen minutes before your tour. Otherwise, the guide will have to start on time and can not accommodate the newcomers.The tour is free to the public in general. Reservations can only be created in advance and can not be organized on the day.Please trying to organize a tour around twelve weeks before arrival.Every tour for up to sixteen people. Please note that children need to be more than eleven years to be accepted on the tour. Visitors with certain health problems such as heart disease, high blood pressure, angina pectoris, etc. are advised not to take a tour inside steepnest clock steps.Once inside, you will be able to hear all about the bottom of the clock tower and discover what makes the most popular watch brand in the world.[...]

Travel Cologne Cathedral , German


Cologne Cathedral is a Catholic church in Cologne, Germany. It is the seat of the archbishop of Cologne and is under the administration of the Archdiocese of Cologne. He is recognized as a monument of Christianity, of German Catholicism in particular, of Gothic architecture and the unwavering faith and perseverance of the people of the city where you are. Is dedicated to St. Peter and the Virgin Mary. The cathedral is a World Heritage Site, one of the best-known architectural monuments in Germany, and Cologne's most famous landmark, described by UNESCO as an "exceptional work of human creative genius". It is the most visited monument in Germany, attracting an average of 20,000 people per day. The construction of the Cologne Cathedral was started in 1248 and took, with interruptions, until 1880 to complete. That is 144.5 meters long, 86.5 m wide and its towers are approximately 157 meters from the cathedral tall.The church is one of the world's largest and largest Gothic church in northern Europe. For four years, 1880-1884, was the world's tallest structure until the end of the Washington Monument. It has the second highest church needles, surpassed only by the single spire of Ulm Cathedral, completed 10 years later, in 1890. Due to its two huge towers, but also has the largest church facade in the world. The choir of the Cathedral, measured between the piers, also holds the distinction of having the greatest height to the width of a Medieval church, 3.6:1, exceeding even the Beauvais Cathedral which has a slightly higher vault. Cologne medieval builders had planned a large structure to house the relics of the Magi and adapt to its role as a place of worship for the Holy Roman Emperor. Despite having been left incomplete during the medieval period, the cathedral of Cologne became unified as "a masterpiece of exceptional intrinsic value" and "a powerful testimony to the strength and persistence of Christian belief in medieval Europe and modern[...]

Travel Aachen Cathedral , Have Great Time with Historical Destinations


It's always interesting to explore the historical part of the world, makes the trip worthwhile and meaningful. Aachen Cathedral is the place that reveals many secret stories. This is the dream destination of many lovers of history. It is suitable for everyone lowest to highest. It is home to many valuable jewels. The collection is early medieval period. These gems have a religious significance to historical and architectural importance. Here, you will definitely find Charlemagne's throne, an altar of gold, and gold pulpit. The list also includes the Golden Temple of Charlemagne and the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary. Aachen Cathedral is based, first Holy Roman Emperor Charlemagne in the ninth century. This is one of the oldest churches in the country. This place has many other names like "Kaiserdom" which means the Imperial Cathedral of Aachen, or the octagon for its area only half octagonal. The Palatine Chapel was the site of royal coronations and pilgrimage. Around the world, attracting pilgrims. It is considered the example of Carolingian architecture. This place has many interesting places to visit the eye. For input, you will see a smaller door and modest. Notre Dame Cathedral is officially known as "Our Lady of Paris". This is the gift most beautiful cathedral in Paris. Each year more than 13 million tourists who visit here. It is a great example of French Gothic architecture and sculptures. It presents a good job of stained glass. In 1250, the construction of the cathedral came to an end. To date, this monument of France is very popular. The cathedral of Notre Dame is working as a Catholic church and a place of pilgrimage. This is the principal holder of any national religious event. The high towers of this building are popular bells. These bells are very old bells of the cathedral from 1631. The towers are linked through the Grand Gallery. The collection includes Gothic gargoyles legendary character. Famous King's Gallery, containing the statues of the 28 kings of Judah and Israel. Here you can see three covers Western art pieces are beautiful cathedral. Showing the life of the Virgin Mary through scenes. Apart from this statue, you can see how Peter and Paul. It is interesting to know about the history of the Epiphany. This Christian holiday celebrates the 'shining'. It is the revelation of God to humanity in the person of Jesus Christ. It develops from the Eastern Christian churches. That captures the childhood events of Jesus' baptism. It also shows the birth of Jesus and the visit of the Magi. Originally, this festival was based on the Jewish festival of lights. Places like the story of the Epiphany is the most favorable destinations for lovers of history. Low to high doubt anyone likes to visit this place. If you really want to know more about these places, then search online. Surely you can learn all the details necessary for travel accommodation facilities. Once you visit these places, people automatically are attracted to the beauty of the cathedral.[...]

Travel Sagrada Familia in Barcelona


Barcelona, ​​Catalonia and radiates charm mixed with Spanish passion. A popular destination in the city, Barcelona welcomes many tourists every year eager to try traditional tapas and a little of the ancient heritage of the city. In addition to the modern cultural offerings such as Camp Nou Barcelona for lovers of sport and Sonar and Primavera Sound Festival globetrotting music lovers that the city's historic sites are the undeniable must-see for any visitors more demanding. The city has numerous sites of architectural interest issue if your passion is in art, architecture or music, but no visit to Barcelona would be complete without a visit to the spectacular Sagrada Familia by Gaudi. While the official title Catalan is the expiatory church of the Sagrada Familia, is commonly known as the Cathedral of Gaudi. La Sagrada Familia is the best monument of Gaudí and magnetism that attracts tourists to its incredibly detailed stone, imagining a dream and a design consideration. Aware of the massive cathedral has been a company can not say, and is known under construction 127 years after construction work began. Antoni Gaudi was born in 1852 and became a key author of the Art Nouveau movement in Spain, which saw great popularity in the decorative arts with a distinct aesthetic organic and floral, which culminated in the early 20. Gaudi style gave birth to the creation of many of the most remarkable buildings in Barcelona, ​​at least not Gaudi house itself, but also Vicens Casa Mila, Guell Park and House. Gaudi dedicated his life to the construction of La Sagrada Familia in the name of their Catholic faith. In its integrated design imposing monuments of the iconic figures of their religion dear - the apostles, evangelists, Mary and Jesus. He hoped that would be to Christians around the world as a mecca for the cult. When finished, the cathedral will have three fronts - the Nativity, the glory and passion. The interior is filled with iconic sculptures and busts in connection with the saints and sins, according to the modern interpretation of the designs of Gaudi. By the nature of the evolving artist designs, architects have had difficulty succeeding to grips with Gaudí's master plan. The final plans were realized long ago lost burned by anarchists during the civil unrest in 1938. As such, while the cathedral is scheduled to open for worship in 2010, is not expected to be completed before 2026 the centenary of the artist's death. Gaudí died in 1926, knowing he would not live to see his grand design made. However, such is the organic nature of its design, it seems appropriate that the construction work on his magnum opus should continue to grow long life outwith its designer. In addition, due to the popularity of visitors to Gaudí many times that the point of including his most popular tourist attractions in their itineraries once they reach their flights to Barcelona.[...]