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Heat stroke, heat exhaustion

Sun, 09 Oct 2011 20:02:00 +0000

Under normal circumstances, adapt to the natural mechanisms that control and regulate your body temperature very well with the external environment, where the body is cooled in hot weather through the process of sweating, Vtboukr race from the surface of the body contributes to the regulation of heat।But the hard work in hot or humid conditions for long periods may strain the organs of the body and be less able to cool itself effectively, causing an excessive rise in body temperature.May get tired because of the heat suddenly, or may arise after days of exposure to heat.The signs and symptoms include: skin cool and moist with chills (goose bumps) when you are in the heat, and heavy sweating, fainting, dizziness, fatigue, and rapid and weak pulse, muscle cramps, nausea and headache।What is heat strokeHeatstroke (or sun) the problem of life-threatening when you get up body heat to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (40 degrees Celsius or more). It is an aggravation of the problems linked Sahatin two heat: heat cramps and heat exhaustion।With heat stroke, stop sweating, your skin becomes hot and dry and glowing. You may feel overwhelmed or confused।The other signs and symptoms include rapid breathing and a weak, rapid heart palpitations, headaches, muscle cramps or weakness।Prevention of heat-related problems• Avoid being in the outside in the hottest times of the day, from noon to four o'clock pm, usually.Keep the exercises or activities for a period of strong early morning or evening. Exercise in the shade when possible।• Wear a hat and light, or use a broad umbrella and put a generous protector of the sun।• Drink plenty of fluids, especially water and sports drinks. Avoid alcohol and caffeine, which may contribute to loss of fluids।• Wear loose fitting clothes, and light-weight and light colored.• Avoid fatty meals and warm।• Select the pace for yourself. Let your body adapt to the heat when traveling or being in a warm place or country।• At the first sign of heat exhaustion, injury, stay away from the sun, and rest in the shade or air conditioning in the building।• Put cold water on your skin. Bathed with cold water when possible, or soak your body in a cold bath. Do not put alcohol on your skin.Medical assistanceIt remained a free strain of the untreated, may worsen to heat stroke. If you do not feel better within 60 minutes, seek medical help immediately. If you suspect heatstroke, contact emergency or ambulance immediately.[...]

The oil sector - Pollution - United States of America

Sun, 09 Oct 2011 19:52:00 +0000


With the approach of spot oil leaks in the Gulf of Mexico from four U.S. states are Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida, doubled the U.S. administration of its efforts to prevent Carih environmental, and U.S. President to use all the resources available at the time said the border guards that spot leak five times the volume of oil estimated by the .

U.S. citizens:
"This is terrible, I mean the life of the people here will be destroyed and may in the long term, we hope only to change something, and that the leakage does not reach us, or that its effects are not as bad as expected."

"It can break down our business a little, I think the only thing we can do is catch up manning the oil slick and clean, because it is destructive effects।"

The explosion occurred in the offshore drilling rig leased by BP led to the leakage of oil from a well located at a depth of five thousand feet under the sea off the Louisiana and explosion, which took place eleven days before the killing eleven workers।

The company asked the British Ministry of Defense to provide images of military vehicles and working to combat the massive oil spill in the Gulf of मेक्सिको

The U.S. military began the process of mobilizing to contain the oil slick that may occur serious environmental impacts on wildlife and tourism, this company has shown "BBC" the British willingness to compensate those affected by the leakage of the oil slick as the rent this well.

Bad breath why silenced by the (human health, starting from the teeth).

Sun, 09 Oct 2011 11:58:00 +0000

Many complain of people in every country in the world of smells breath Unfortunately most people do not care about what comes out of foul odors from their mouths when approaching another person or speak with himThis topic is very important to you, O man, adjacent to all the time your brother man, either in work or travel or with your spouse or with your friendsVthag just that everyone you SinfrAnd moves away from youAnd make it difficult for most people the advice in such situationsBecause the majority Staand stresses cleaner mouthAnd good smellAnd convey to you from the site of the validity of this section about the health of the mouthOral reasons, includingNeglect in hygienePoor oral health and oral diseases such as tooth decay discarded without treatment, abscesses and dental disease Suppurations nose, pharynx, maxillary sinus and sore tonsils and adenoidsConfined to waste food between the teeth and bad positioning devices, bridges, industrial bad bad manufacture; etc. ..General reasons includeRespiratory diseasesDiseases of the digestive system: satiety, liver diseaseMetabolic diseases: diabetesBlood diseases and nephritisSome of the reasons oral, including:The role of smokingThe effects of smoking on the mucous membrane notice when smokers severely occurs at the beginning mucositis and increased keratinization and mucous glands in the back of the palate to become huge and can be blocked Oguenitha circle and can be caused ulceration and atrophy of the Acaridae on the tongue, this is not the amount of damage the smoke only but such a case of bad breath felt by each of the approaches of the smoker and lead to alienation from it, except for discoloration of the teeth ..Sunni industrial devicesDevices should be cleaned thoroughly after every meal should also be removed during sleep to prevent bad breath and placed the device at night in a small container of water on some of the lye water, oxygen, such as oral ...The results of a sediment KulhahThe neglect of calculus and not remove lead to non-alert and activate the margins gums by food occurs twice gum Vtnfz the bacteria and become infected will become papillae periodontal red fragile soft bleeding caused the bad smell and taste unpleasant in the mouth so you must remove the calculus at the dentist because it is hard not to remove brush normal and then follow the patient's teeth cleaned daily and after each meal so as not to precipitate a new layer calculus Mona and hardened by the day ...Address the evaporationFor reasons of public evaporation must know the reason, whether respiratory or digestive or inflammatory tonsils, etc. ...Address the odor from the mouth causes oral effective and often heals take care of oral hygiene and the dentist can address the pathological tissue and deleted the bad factors that cause collected food waste and directs the patient to the method of cleaning between the teeth. And must resort to the use of oral washes, mouth wash, especially those containing antimicrobial agents to remove the smell of the mouth is disturbing for a period not less than two hours, a temporary reduction of bad breath. And logic required to remedy the situation by removing all the reasons affecting by the dentist and the anti-evaporation are many, and the impact of a chemical or mechanical in modifying chemical reactions resulting from the decay and fermentation of the foreign materials in between the teeth and under the caries and bad areas of inflammatory gum, and these drugs oxidants and absorbents coal, chlorophyll and acid and chlorine-free materials, and materials proven remember:Water oxygenThe aqueous solution of 3% topical affect the bacteria, a weak antiseptic, anti-Yun oxygen quickly Vijrb residues and teeth whitening is used in the anti-evaporation and in oral infections and gum different.It is absorbent, chlorophyll is found in green plants such as lettuce and spinach. Intervene in the chlorophyll oxidation Feinst living cells, which helps to speed t[...]

Pollution incident in a position to deal with nuclear waste in Belgium

Sun, 09 Oct 2011 11:52:00 +0000

VIENNA (Reuters)   The agency said the International Atomic Energy Agency on Wednesday that the UN inspectors and two others are being screened due to exposure to radiation after the "pollution incident" in the facility to handle nuclear waste. The agency as saying that the Belgian authorities say he did not leak radiation into the environment after the accident, which occurred Tuesday afternoon at a facility in the area of ​​Diesel Balijobrosis North. She said in a statement: "The inspector, accompanied by an inspector from the institution and the employee of the Euratom Balijobrosis conducting a routine inspection at the facility when the accident occurred." The agency, based in Vienna as saying that the three have passed the "de-pollution measures the outside" and underwent medical examinations and are now determining the level of exposure to radiation. "The Belgian authorities reported that the accident area was cordoned off there was no radiation leak to the environment." He is expected to begin soon in the decontamination facility. The public fears for the safety of nuclear power has increased around the world after the incident of the power plant in Fukushima, Japan in March, the worst nuclear disaster in 25 years.[...]

Is climate change responsible for the wars and political instability???

Sun, 09 Oct 2011 11:48:00 +0000

Scientists from the University of Hong Kong, the famines, wars and political instability are the results of climate change.According to German news agency DPA that the scientists had reached the world under the supervision of David Chang to this conclusion after studying the causes of social crises in the era before the Industrial Revolution in the Northern Hemisphere.Scientists believe the results of their study, published today in the journal Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences that the drop in temperature of the climate leads to a decline of agricultural crops and high food prices leads later to famines, wars and other crises.The researchers studied the evolution of climate in the period between 1500 and 1800 and linked the climate of this period, changes in social, economic, demographic and agricultural economy Among the phenomena that have focused in this period, the size of the crop and the outbreak of epidemics, wars and social unrest, as spotted by the presence of two phases warmer climate, one in the period from 1500 to the year 1559 and the other in the period in 1661 until the year 1800 and then phase in the cooler period in 1560 until 1660.The study shows that, in principle, possible to link all the differences observed by their studies and fluctuations in climate in this period where the fluctuation of climate initially to a change in agricultural productivity and what it means from the change of per capita food and then there social changes after a period ranging from 5 to 30 years.The researchers found that the crisis occurred due to the decline in the time of Ithmaar cold periods which led to a decline in crop continues to increase the number of population at the same time and with the increasing demand for food commodities and falling supply.Furthermore, scientists reported that the cold period in Europe the end of the sixteenth century led to the decline in average length of the people there by 2 cm and no longer the first people to their height only after the rise in temperature after the air in 1650 after the increase in per capita food.The study confirmed that the number of wars increased in the colder period by 41 percent as well as the number of injuries and epidemics of plague in the same period.And expanded the researchers period covered by the study and linked data between the temperature in the past thousand years, and between times of prosperity and years lean in Europe, make sure you have a relationship between climate and the social and political crises, where the climate was cold in the period in 1212 even in 1381, for example, is known as a period crises in the late medieval period when temperatures were above average in the late Renaissance of the fourteenth century to the beginning of the sixteenth century or during the Age of Enlightenment in the late seventeenth century and the eighteenth century.[...]

Risks of air pollution on human health

Sun, 09 Oct 2011 11:44:00 +0000

Dr MajdStatistics show a recent interview, "the World Health Organization," a few days ago that two million people die each year from air pollution as a result of inhaling polluted air, gases and Palmalqat or small particles in indoor and outdoor air resulting from air pollution in many of the pollutants and gases invasive and harmful. It is worth mentioning that the sum of these particles, called "PM10" is a particle with a diameter of 10 micrometers or less, which can access to the lungs and enter the bloodstream, and is able to cause heart disease and lung cancer, asthma and infections of acute respiratory bottom. And have, in some countries, measurements of particles smaller, such as PM2.5, has identified the principles of the World Health Organization air quality guidelines for the annual average which should not be exceeded with respect to those particles which is 20 micrograms per cubic meter, but the data published today shows that the average, in some cities 300 mg / m 3.Definition of air pollutant harmful to human health: Is the air that has a solid, liquid or gaseous extraneous quantities lead to the damage directly or indirectly to human health.Sources of air pollutionSources of air pollution are divided into two main sources:Natural sources:The sources from which no income for a person by a (gas rising from the soil and volcanoes, forest fires and dust storms and wind), and these sources are usually limited and not serious harm.Abnormal sources:Which is caused by or caused to occur in the human is more dangerous than the former concern and interest where the components are many and varied and caused an imbalance in the composition of natural air, as well as in the ecological balance.And has released "World Health Organization" since the days of an unprecedented array of air quality data which show that air pollution was, in many cities, dangerous levels threaten people's health. And that data derived from about 1,100 cities in 91 countries, including the capitals and cities are home to more than 100,000 inhabitants.The following is a brief mention of the key findings in the new data set:• the continuing rise in the levels of pollution and harmful gases, fine particles are common in many urban areas. Which arises from the burning of fuel sources, such as power plants and motor vehicles or an old diesel-powered "diesel." • above-average annual exposure to the vast majority of the population of urban areas for PM10 particles the maximum level recommended in the principles of the World Health Organization guidelines for air quality and the 20 micrograms / m 3. Unfortunately, there is now general, only a few cities that satisfy the values ??contained in the guidelines mentioned. • It is estimated that the number of premature deaths that could be caused by outdoor air pollution was, in 2008, including more than 1.34 million deaths. Been met, even if the principles of the WHO guidelines at the global level it is possible to prevent around 1.09 million deaths in that year.The number of deaths that can be caused by air pollution in cities compared with the estimated increase recorded in 2004 and of 1.15 million deaths. And there is a link between the increase in deaths attributable to air pollution in urban areas between urban and recently recorded increases in the concentrations of air pollution in the urban population.She said, "Dr. Maria Neira," Director of Public Health and Environment World Health Organization: "The air pollution from environmental health issues key and we must make more efforts to reduce the health burden caused. If we monitor and manage the environment properly, we can reduce the number of people suffering from respiratory diseases, heart disease and lung cancer.It is noticeable, all over the world, that urban air is often thick and has a vapor or smoke saturated with toxins and emitted by the transport mechanisms of old or those running on diesel [...]

Five most dangerous foods on human health!!!

Thu, 06 Oct 2011 02:19:00 +0000

French fries: Contain potatoes fried at a high level of calories and fat, which contains 1 gram of fried potatoes, more than 3 calories and more than 51 grams of fat addition, the exposing potatoes to high temperatures in frying leads to the formation of compounds "Aalakouglamed" and which is compounds carcinogenic to animals and most likely for humans as well and when you add salt to the fried potatoes, it also become harmful for those suffering from high blood pressure, and believed that the slice of sweet potato may be more damage from a single cigarette. Soft drinks:The soft drink is a healthy and nutritional value low for many reasons in addition to that it contains high amounts of caffeine they contain a large amount of sugar to one pack of soft drinks, "diet free of Alsek and calories but they contain sweeteners artificial unhealthy, especially if consumed high quantities on the other hand contain soft drinks large amounts of phosphorus, which adversely affects the calcium balance in the body and this increases the probability of infecting a person with osteoporosis has been linked to many studies consumption of soft drinks raise risk of broken bones as well as diabetes type II.. Foods that contain artificial dyes:With the natural colors in vegetables and fruits is a vehicle with anti-cancer properties, but the artificial colorings in the juice stained Sucker clothing, ice cream color is in most cases, chemical compounds have damage to serious health ranging from causing tumors and difficulty in concentration sensitivities of the various defects in the thyroid gland.4. Such as internal organs (liver, spleen, kidney, tongue, Alkrchat)The internal organs of all animals contain very high amounts of Alkolstorl which contributes to hardening of the arteries narrow, and are advised to consume the internal organs in the intervals not exceeding four times a year by persons who either suffer from high cholesterol level advised to be dropped to avoid Aldakhilh member.5 solid fat at room temperature, such as plant and animal obesity, butter and margarine:That these types of solid fats raises the level of LDL cholesterol and this is contributing to the hardening and narrowing of the arteries, it is advisable to refrain from the consumption of fat and avoid foods that contain like most kinds of sweets Eastern and Western the other hand are advised to replace the fat, solid fat, liquid, such as other vegetable oils, especially oil olive, which is the best.With regard to Balmadan and obesity plant although it is free of cholesterol because it is vegetarian but not less harm to the butter and obesity, the municipality, because the installation of fat causes hardening of the arteries in addition to that created many of the studies the relationship between the consumption of solid fats and the prospects for a higher risk of developing diabetes type II.[...]

Drug-resistant TB spreads at risk in Europe

Thu, 06 Oct 2011 02:06:00 +0000

Britain introduced a program to do X-ray examinations of domestic World Health Organization warned of the spread of drug-resistant tuberculosis at an alarming rate throughout Europe.Showed the FAO estimates that there are about 81 thousand TB in Europe each year do not respond to treatment with antibiotics. The organization says that the disease develops which is more acute in Eastern Europe, especially in Russia, Ukraine and Azerbaijan.The British capital of London most affected countries in western Europe, where the record where three thousand and five hundred new cases per year.Experts attribute the increasing incidence of resistance to non-completion of patient-dose therapy in the belief Bashvaúhm of the disease.And d see. Ibrahim Abu-Bakr, an expert in TB control efforts, FAO said although these numbers are few, but reflect a noticeable increase in the last ten years.He also emphasized that no organization can feel satisfied with the efforts to combat the disease.The Abu Bakr that the cost of treatment per case could escalate to reach hundreds of thousands of pounds.He also pointed to the importance of focusing on efforts to prevent transmission of the disease.He urged the doctors and staff in emergency departments more cautious in dealing with cases that are suspected of being infected with TB.Referred to the TB infection is transmitted through the air and causes of death in about 7 percent of the cases, while the mortality rate among patients who made up in their bodies resistant to treatment rises to 50 percent.The organization commended the efforts of Britain, which now offers new services to fight TB, including use of mobile units for the X-ray examination to visit patients at home.Some experts believe that control efforts should not focus only on immigrants, or prison inmates, but will expand to include all those who are most vulnerable to injury[...]

Reach for the disarmament of the AIDS virus?

Thu, 06 Oct 2011 02:03:00 +0000

Scientists find way to disarm the AIDS virusaids-logoLONDON (Reuters)Scientists have found a way to prevent AIDS virus from destroying the immune system and say the discovery may provide a new approach to develop a vaccine for the prevention of the deadly disease.The scientists concluded from the United States and Europe working in the laboratory of HIV that the virus becomes capable of destroying the immune system in the case of the removal of cholesterol from Gchaúh.Adriano said Boisson from Imperial College London, who led the study, "It's like the army has weapons but still has the flags of the army can identify him and another attack."The team plans now to discuss how to use this method to eliminate the virus and may develop a vaccine.Usually when a person becomes infected (virus. No. In) that causes AIDS, the immune response, innate defense of the body immediately. But some researchers believe that the AIDS virus makes the innate immune system over-reaction. This weakens the next line of defense for the immune system known as adaptive immune response.During the study, published in the journal (blood) "Blood" on Monday, a team Boisson to remove cholesterol from the membrane surrounding the virus only to find that this is to prevent the virus from the operation of the innate immune system. This in turn led to stronger adaptive response regulated by the type of immune cells known as T cells.AIDS kills about 1.8 million people annually around the world. And injured as many as 2.6 million people with HIV in 2009 and 33.3 million live with HIV infected person.Try and scientists from companies and nonprofit organizations and governments around the world for many years to produce a vaccine against HIV, but so far not been achieved only limited success.A study in Thailand in 2009 included 16 000 volunteers for the first time that a vaccine can prevent HIV infection in a small number of people, but because the efficiency was about 30 percent, the researchers had to return to the beginning of the road.Kate Kelland[...]

The discovery of water in the desert of the Gulf?

Thu, 06 Oct 2011 01:32:00 +0000

Aeronautics and Space Administration "NASA" explore the desert of the Gulf waters   Announced the world in the U.S. space agency, "NASA" The success of the first experiment in the desert of the Gulf to study the evolution of groundwater in the Middle East. The world said Essam Heggy in a statement on Sunday that a research team from the "NASA" use advanced technology to monitor the depth of ground water in the desert of Kuwait, the same technique used to explore the water beneath the surface of Mars.The pilgrimage to the research team under his leadership that the use of airborne radar technology to map the groundwater in the area.Expected to contribute to scientific research in the accurate mapping of groundwater in the depths of the desert better, as well as understanding of the development of water resources in that region, and assess the impact of climate change on them.Haji said that the experiment took place in the desert of northern Kuwait with the participation of researchers from the Kuwait Institute for Research, led by Amr Fadl al-Mawla, and the team was able to locate underground water in large basins dry, which suggests that the desert has been active in shallow water near the geological past.And use the research team for two weeks a helicopter to carry a radar-imaging flights low (300 meters) above the two zones of groundwater known in Kuwait, was shot water depth ranging from 20 to 65 meters, and succeeded the researchers show that the radar can determine the locations of ground water and determine depth and places with water flowing.The pilgrimage that this effort will help to understand the development of ground water in the ground and distributions of quantities accurately, which are still not yet clear enough."If we were able to map the water, we can determine the climatic conditions that existed thousands of years ago when most of the desert land saturated with water."And carries radar scanning system used in the experiment similar attributes to their campaign two spacecraft, which headed to Mars, the radar his first European spacecraft Mars Express, the second vehicle Vhmmelth sent by NASA.The director of projects testing the air to "NASA" Craig Dobson The results of this study pave the way to draw a map of groundwater by air, in areas of severe desertification, such as desert of the Arabian Peninsula, and can in future be applied to design devices to map the groundwater in all the desert areas in the the world.[...]

Bacteria "Listeria" Bachammam cause poisoning in seven people in America

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 01:13:00 +0000

WASHINGTON (AP j)    U.S. authorities announced a few days ago for the registration of a number of cases of poisoning bacteria, "Listeria", which is known Boaradha disturbing, such as high fever, muscle aches, stiff neck, and the abortion of pregnant women and others.According to the network, "CNN's" American he was barely Americans pick their breath from the panic that accompanied the spread of food poisoning, from eating food contaminated with the bacterium "E. coli" or "Salmonella", so the authorities announced the emergence of new infections result from eating food contaminated with the bacterium "Listeria".The officials in the state of Colorado that the health authorities in the state and found a relationship between the nine cases of this type of bacteria, was recently announced, including the deaths of at least one, and intake of fruit melons, but not confirmed officially from a specific source has led to the emergence of these cases.The network pointed out that the injuries were not confined to the state of Colorado alone, but extended to a number of neighboring states, including Texas and Nebraska.The number of cases of infection with the bacterium "Listeria" that are recorded each year in Colorado, about a dozen cases, but the nine cases that have been discovered recently, all of which appeared during the months of August and September.The management of Colorado's health and the environment that these cases have emerged in the provinces of Adams, Arapahoe and Boulder, Denver, Douglas and Jefferson, and Arimir, "and Oeld, in addition to El Paso County, noting that the age of patients ranged between 30 and 90 years, the majority of women.All patients underwent in Colorado for treatment within the state's hospitals, and although the local authorities announced the death of two of them, but they confirmed that only one case is the result of infection with the bacterium "Listeria".Said Dr. Chris Urbina, Chief Medical Officer and Executive Director of the Department of Public Health and Environment Colorado "Although the investigation into the source of the spread of Listeria infection continues, it is best to avoid eating cantaloupe."It is noteworthy that the symptoms of infection with Listeria, the high temperature of the patient, feeling a sharp pain in the muscles, and can include diarrhea, headache, stiff neck, sometimes causing injury and loss of concentration and nerve spasms.The symptoms may be caused by serious disease, "Allisteriocis" as a result of infection with these bacteria, the pregnant women, either premature delivery or abortion, or the death of the fetus inside the uterus.Abu Dhabi Food Control AuthorityEmphasizes free markets, the emirate of melons, "U.S. Kantalub"  Confirmed the Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority today that markets are completely free from the emirate melon (Kantlob) received from the United States of America.Said Mohammad Jalal Al Reyaysa director of communication and service to your community of Abu Dhabi Food Control device that device aware of developments that began on July 31, USA and there is no reason to make any decisions in this regard because the contaminated product was distributed internally there.He added that the device Reyaysa As usual follow all the developments in this regard where the evidence indicates to a decline in the incidence and mortality in the United States and not to expand it to other areas .. Reassuring all consumers in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi that the melon fruit on the market completely intact. WAM[...]

Deployment of renewable energy solutions

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 01:08:00 +0000

Since it had succeeded, the United Arab Emirates to host the "International Agency for Renewable Energy" (Irina) in 2009, and spares no effort in providing the necessary resources all before it, to turn in the dissemination of renewable energy solutions, as the energy of the future, which are indispensable for the countries of the world whole, especially the developing countries that face increasing challenges in the energy influence in her development.In this context, the meeting of the "Irina" recently, and was devoted to discuss the development strategies of the African continent, and to pave their economies to address the constraints that hinder the deployment of renewable energy solutions. The continent of Africa a high priority in the Plan of Action, "Irina," not because they are losing billions of dollars annually due to lack of renewable energy projects, but because it has a lot of capacity large that allows it to meet its energy needs by relying on its abundant resources of renewable energy sources as well, as has solar energy that can ensure the supply of electricity without the need for costly investments to develop infrastructure and distribution networks, which are also available geothermal energy resources to ensure a good supply of electricity.The attention paid "Irina" for the deployment of renewable energy solutions in the countries of the African continent, and help them develop their strategy in this regard, in line with the overall thrust of the UAE and its leadership to help developing countries acquire the capacity to enter the era of renewable and clean energy, through the "Fund Abu Dhabi Development ", which allocates $ 350 million to help accelerate the deployment of clean energy solutions and technologies in these countries. The leadership role played by the UAE in the deployment of renewable energy solutions in the countries of the world, originally based on elements of several major, first, that the UAE adopts a comprehensive and integrated approach for the construction sector, renewable energy and clean knowledge-based, through several initiatives initiative "Masdar City "which will be the first city in the world free of carbon emissions and waste, and establishing the largest wind power plant in the Middle East on the island of" Sir Bani Yas, "and interested in solar energy. At the same time, investment in renewable energy and clean to be high among the areas of investment in the national economy. Second, the considerable support of the UAE's "International Agency for Renewable Energy" (Irina), and provide capabilities and capacities of human and material and technical resources required for success, and to support its strategy, objectives and future plans to become an international center in the field of renewable energy and associated research. This is no doubt that it would give the Organization the effectiveness of the concrete in the development of renewable energy in an advanced position on the map sources of energy in the world. Third, the capacity of the UAE regulatory big in hosting major events on the discussion of the issues of renewable energy, and uses widely, and most prominent of these events, "World Summit on the energy future," hosted by the UAE since its inception in 2008, and discussed through many of the pressing issues in the field of energy such as climate change, and the use of alternative energy sources, and others, and this is undoubtedly of great importance is to provide an opportunity for communication between individuals and institutions working in the field of renewable energy, and promote international partnerships in this vital area.   For all this, the UAE has become a regional hub and an imp[...]

Japan launches a new era of green energy

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 01:05:00 +0000

Launched Masayoshi Son, president of Softbank Corp., telecommunications giant, and the rulers of the provinces of Japan, a committee to promote the use of renewable energy in the wake of the worst nuclear accident witnessed by Japan. Joined 36 out of 47 prefectures of Japan's initiative, which Sun designed to reduce Japan's dependence on nuclear power. The Sun suggested the move after the Fukushima nuclear plant damaged in the aftermath of earthquake and tsunami (tsunami) on 11 March. The leak from the station, which lies 250 km northeast of Tokyo, radioactive materials since then. The Sun had announced last May for a project worth 80 billion yen to about one billion dollars, ten stations to establish a large solar energy in the country, and view with most of the construction costs. Sun said that if Japan was able to build solar panels on 20% of agricultural land is used or abandoned, the country can produce about 50 gigawatts of electricity, equivalent to produce 50 nuclear reactors. Sun also said he hoped to raise the share of renewable energy such as solar and wind power and ground heat for about 20% of electricity production in the country by the year 2020.He called on Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, for a drastic review of energy policy in the country and reduce dependence on nuclear power. At a meeting of provincial governors last government has been criticized for its decisions on the last nuclear power plants. The Japanese government announced last week that it will take action to assess the safety and that they will be stress testing in nuclear power plants. However, this announcement hit the country's confused, especially in provinces where there are nuclear power plants, where he was Minister of Industry Banera Kaida announced in mid-June that all plants are safe.The Prime Minister said in a parliamentary session, the day before yesterday, Tuesday, the government has no choice but to cancel the plan to enhance the contribution of nuclear power plants to generate electricity in the country to 53% by 2030, compared to less than 30% currently. The Union power companies in Japan, the rate of nuclear power plants in the country fell during June to 36.8%, compared to 66.1% last year. It is expected that the operating rate declined more than that, after the stress tests on nuclear reactors, where the government said it could close some reactors based on test results.[...]

UAE the world's most attention the renewable energy sector

Wed, 05 Oct 2011 01:02:00 +0000

"News time": UAE the world's most attention the renewable energy sectorAbu Dhabi (WAM) (MEES) confirmed "news time" that the UAE is one of the countries most interested in the renewable energy sector in the world, noting that the State has carried out many projects and initiatives in this regard, it expanded to rely on solar energy as an energy source and implemented a number of projects for the production of biofuels and the development of communities urban sustainable source in the capital city of Abu Dhabi and the project "Sustainable City" to be implemented in Dubai.According to the bulletin issued by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research, that the State intends to direct more attention to this promising sector in the coming years, and it seems clear from the "investment map" launched by the Ministry of Economy has recently aimed to stimulate new investment to take advantage of opportunities for future investment in this sector.Under the title "UAE and renewable energy," said the investment in "renewable energy" is a means of transportation used by the global economy to move from present to future. She explained that the sources of "renewable energy" has a number of features not available to traditional sources of energy upon which the global economy almost entirely in the present, and if the world was able to employ these features will be fully able to overcome the major challenges that stand in the way of the future.The bulletin pointed out that the sources of "renewable energy" are the sources are not subject to depletion at all which makes it like a panacea for the problems are all related to the security of global energy, which is threatened by problems of instability under the adoption of the current traditional energy sources that no matter how long for which they must be doomed to depletion in the end. She added that in addition to that with renewable energy sources as sources of clean and produce no environmental contaminants, which gives it an absolute advantage as a panacea for the problems of environmental pollution and climate change suffered by the world at the present time by the adoption of the almost complete on the traditional energy especially coal and oil. Showed that this means that investment in "renewable energy" is like investing indirectly in the energy security and building a way to move to a more cleaner, in other words, is an investment in building sustainable development.And felt that this fact is what has made the world compete with each other in spending on projects "Renewable Energy", which shows its features in the rapid growth witnessed by this spending from year to year, where the world spends now on these projects, about $ 211 billion per year estimated more than five times what was spent for the same purpose for about five years, according to the United Nations Environment Programme, to complete the same approach, it is expected that this sector receives investments estimated at 1.5 trillion dollars over the remaining years from now to 2020.And confirmed the "breaking news" at the conclusion of an editorial that the goal of understanding "sustainable development" ranks high among the objectives that seek "investment map" UAE to recognition, and it seems clear from the investment opportunities contained in this plan within the sector "renewable energy" which is aimed at attract an estimated $ 100 billion of new investment to this sector of which approximately half of the solar energy projects and waste recycling and about a third in the draft Sustainable Cities and the remainder goes to improve the efficiency of energy use and recycling of water.They e[...]

The fall of the wreckage of the satellite of NASA on the ground?

Tue, 04 Oct 2011 01:25:00 +0000

Reports indicated that it is likely that debris that fell over the Okotocs, a town south of Calgary in western Canada are the remnants of the satellite  Cape Canaveral (Florida) (Reuters)Penetrated the wreckage of a scientific satellite belonging to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), weighing about six tons of the atmosphere over the Pacific and landed on the ground in the early hours of Saturday morning.NASA said the satellite research stratosphere, which stopped working and took a random path plunges through the stratosphere fell to the ground between the time (0323 and 0509 GMT) on Saturday.NASA said the satellite which was launched 20 years ago, "the exact time and place (for fall) did not know yet to be confirmed."According to reports on Twitter that it is likely that debris that fell over the Okotocs, a town south of Calgary in western Canada are the remnants of the satellite.The moon research stratosphere with a length of 10.6 meters and 4.5 meters in diameter among the largest spacecraft that landed arbitrarily.The Mir space station is the last Russian (and weighing 135 tonnes) fell over the Pacific in 2001 but had been down control.NASA now plans to re-entry vehicle with a huge movement and control in the track but did not do so when the moon was designed research stratosphere.And sent by satellite, weighing 5897 kg into orbit by space shuttle crew in 1991 to study the ozone layer and other chemicals in the atmosphere of the earth.The complete satellite mission in 2005 and began to gradually lose its ability to maintain high since then under the influence of the planet's gravity.And burned most of the spacecraft during its fall through the atmosphere, but about 26 pieces weighing a total of 500 kg may be able to non-combustion.[...]

China to invest one trillion yuan in environmentally friendly projects

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BEIJING (Reuters)    Senior Chinese official said in remarks published on Sunday that China would invest two trillion yuan (about 313 billion dollars) to promote projects of economic and environmentally friendly with low carbon emissions in the next five years. The newspaper quoted Chaana Daily Xie Zhenhua, deputy minister with the National Development and Reform Commission as saying that the government will start several projects with low carbon emissions in the current five-year plan that began this year. Xie said at a forum Waco - City of the Second International Chinese city of Tianjin, east of Beijing, said the economic plan, including environmental set up 100 base to display the ways of exploiting resources and launch a low-carbon pilot programs in five provinces and eight cities. The Chinese leaders repeatedly express their commitment to reducing China's energy consumption and developing environmentally-friendly technologies.[...]

The source of the Abu Dhabi Water and Electricity are implementing a pilot project for solar energy

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WAM Announced the "source" and the Water and Electricity Authority Abu Dhabi today their cooperation in the installation of photovoltaic panels to produce energy on the surfaces / 11 / government building and special in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi.The list of buildings both from the mosque, Sheikh Sultan bin Zayed "55 kW" The Crown Prince's Court "300 kW" and the building of the world "210 kW" and the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, "1 MW" in addition to Abu Dhabi Municipality "100 kW" and the Abu Dhabi Distribution Company "125 kW "The Abu Dhabi National Exhibition" 100 kW "The Armed Forces Officers Club" 100 kW "next to the School Secretary" 50 kW "and Abu Dhabi Aircraft Technology" 300 kW ".The Dr. Sultan Ahmed Al Jaber, chief executive of the "source" was pleased with government agencies to encourage wide spread use of renewable energy solutions in Abu Dhabi and facilitate access of the population .. Noting that participation in the project comes within the framework of the efforts of the "source" and aimed to develop, implement and deploy solutions and renewable energy projects in the emirate, where has the panels electro-optical many advantages that can make a significant contribution in promoting the use of renewable energy in Abu Dhabi.In turn, said HE Abdullah Saif Al Nuaimi, Director General of Electricity and Water Authority of Abu Dhabi that "the Commission is proud to be part of a government initiative in the field of renewable energy and strategy to support and deployment of renewable energy in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi .. pointing out that through cooperation with other bodies will adopt a multi- stages in the selection and application of techniques to encourage and support government targets for renewable energy .. pointing out that the pilot project is an outstanding example of this collaborative approach. "PV panels will be a capacity / 3.2 MW / generation / 520.4 gigawatt hours per year /, which provides the emission / 220.3 ton / of carbon dioxide annually.The aim of the pilot project to support efforts in the field of renewable energy development in the UAE through the study process for the potential and feasibility of integrating the PV on the roofs of buildings to help meet the needs of the Abu Dhabi power. [...]

Japan's parliament approved a plan for renewable energy

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TOKYO (Reuters)The Board approved the highest in the Japanese parliament on Friday on a plan investors hope that the support of solar energy and energy derived from wind and other sources friendly to the environment exceeding the last hurdle in the laws of renewable energy in Japan. Japan is working hard to reform the energy policies after the earthquake of March and the accompanying tsunami triggered by a nuclear disaster shook public confidence in the safety of Japan's atomic industry. And increased imports of oil and gas charged. Parwon said that a national plan to start next year, supporting investors in the field of environmentally friendly energy is part of the solution to keep the country for new nuclear investments. The proposed regulations, companies that buy any amount of electricity generated from solar, wind, biomass and geothermal stations and those that operate with small amounts of hydrogen at rates agreed upon in advance for up to 20 years. The Japanese government announced that it wants to support the plan, the ability of five types of renewable energy, including more than 30 000 MW in ten years[...]

Three scientists have uncovered new secrets of the immune system win the Nobel Prize for Medicine?

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Win Butler and Steinman Hoffman and the Nobel Prize for MedicineStockholm (Reuters) Won three scientists uncovered the secrets of the immune system in the new Nobel Prize for Medicine or Physiology in 2011.He said Sweden's Karolinska Institute, which grants the award on Monday in a statement that the award went to Bruce Butler of the U.S. and Jules Hoffmann was born in Luxembourg and based in France and Ralph Steinman Canadian-born resident of the United States.The institute said in its statement "The latest winners of the Nobel Prize this year, a revolution in our understanding of the immune system through the discovery of the principles are important for its activation."And Butler and Hoffman shared half of the prize and value of ten million Swedish kronor (1.46 million), while Steinman received the other half.The work of three scientists central to the development of improved vaccines against infectious diseases and modern approaches to fight cancer. He also contributed in their research to lay the foundations for the development of a new group of so-called "therapeutic vaccines" that stimulate the immune system attacks the even tumors.It also provided a better understanding of the immune system compound in humans, new keys for the treatment of inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis through which components of the immune system attacking the body's tissues.And the Nobel Prize for medicine is usually the first awards to be announced each year. Began in 1901 Awards on the achievements in science, literature and peace in line with the will of Alfred Nobel, the inventor of dynamite.Came in the reasons for granting the prize to three scientists that they have a long research on the immune system in humans and animals and how they responded to the defense against bacteria and other microorganisms.A statement from the institute, said Butler and Hoffman discovered proteins that can identify the recipients of micro-organisms that attack the body, which is active "natural immunity" is the first step in the reaction of the immune system.The statement added, "Ralph Steinman discovered the branching nerve cells in the immune system and its unique ability to activate the adaptive immune regulation is the next phase reaction of the immune system by which rid the body of micro-organisms."[...]

China is holding more than two thousand people in the campaign for the safety of food?

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BEIJING (Reuters) Said state media reported on Monday that China has detained more than two thousand people and seized tons of contaminated products and closed more than five thousands of a company in a five-month campaign to deal with the problems of food safety, but the road is still bumpy.The news agency quoted China's Xinhua from an unnamed official of the Food Safety Commission of the Cabinet "has achieved remarkable success last campaign. But this is just the beginning."The official said "should not be exaggerated in the evaluation of this campaign. We can not lower our guard or sit back and we must be aware of the nature of the problem of food safety complex and long-term and to remain on high alert."He added: "We must continue to pressure and should not give any opportunity for criminal elements."China is struggling to rein in health and safety violations in the food sector, despite the harsh sanctions and repeated commitments to confront the problem.Since July, Chinese courts have sentenced at least 12 people, including one who was sentenced to death suspended for their involvement in the production or sale of pork contaminated with toxic chemicals.In the latest scandal involving food safety authorities have detained 32 people for their role in making and selling tons of cooking oil previously used and re-packaged and offered for sale as new.In 2008, six children were killed and at least satisfactory about 300 thousand children from drinking milk contaminated with melamine, a substance added to milk to give misleading results in tests of high protein.[...]

Air transport step up pressure on EU over carbon tax

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Warned international airlines from the EU risks a trade war is imminent if the European countries move ahead with plans to impose a tax on carbon emissions, those companies with the passage of aircraft through the atmosphere of the continent.According to CNN on its website that it is expected to take effect this tax with effect from the beginning of December next and provides for the purchase of airline permissions for each ton of carbon dioxide resulting from its operations over a specified share.The airline said that it would lead to higher costs and increases the pressures of the global economy staggers.He said the air transport industry that the EU risks threatening the airlines found to be in violation of rules and sanctions range from fines and stop the flights.And denounced the Director of the International Association of Air Transport Tony Taylor, European decision, saying that while he believes the European Union in the draft exchange of greenhouse gas emissions as a policy environment perceived as the rest of the world as a violation of sovereignty.And joined the airline Asian criticism of the EU move, and said Biasfasta Rmanand Prime airline Thai Tai that if you start other governments in the application of the tax Vstndjem total chaos as the EU needs to consider the matter more positively, or stay until the end of life in a war with the aviation industry.Europe responded to the criticism by pointing out that the project Walid lengthy consultations took several years with the air transport sector which has been listening to his objections.Said Mary Veronica Tovsak Beltrski director of the international carbon market of the European Union that Europe heard and been listening since the start of policy design since all legislation in Europe started in consultation with stakeholders and this is applicable to the legislation, noting that the legislation was proposed after the failure of the aviation industry to agree on alternatives to reduce carbon emissions, despite 15 years of talks through the International Organization for Civil Aviation.The European Court of Justice regarding the law that was adopted in 2008 after a legal challenge filed by the American Association of Air Transport and American Airlines, Continental and United, claiming a violation of international law and the Charter of Chicago, which regulates aviation rules in the world.The European Union announced on Monday that the airline will receive a free 85 percent of carbon emissions permits for next year down to 82 percent from 2013 to 2020.The aim of the European plan to address the growing emissions from aviation, amounting to $ 500 billion, constituting about 2 percent of the emissions of greenhouse gases. [...]

Climate change could cost Canada 1% of national income

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The high temperatures may cause the death of forestsAnd flooding in low lying coastal areasCanadaA report contributed to the Canadian government in its support that the negative impact of climate change could cost Canada the equivalent of 1% of their gross national product by 2050 and 2.5% by the year 2075.According to estimates based on carbon emissions and global economy and population growth, the damage can be up to $ 41 billion Canadian dollars (20 billion U.S. dollars).The report says that high temperatures may cause the death of forests, and flooding in low lying coastal areas and the spread of diseases.Denied the committee overseeing the report could benefit from Canada rising temperatures worldwide.The committee said the Canadian National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy (NRTEE) that climate change is a long-term economic burden and growing for Canada. "The report suggested the 162-page fact measures including promoting the protection of forests from fires and control the epidemic and efforts to promote the growth of trees that can adapt to changing climatic conditions.The Committee also recommended the construction work identified in the low-lying coastal areas prone to flooding and the development of technologies to reduce pollution and slow the accumulation of ozone.She adds that the costs of climate in Canada has more than 5 billion Canadian dollars in 2020 to between 21 and 34 billion Canadian dollars by the year 2050.The report shows that these figures depend on the coordination of action to reduce global warming in the world two degrees Celsius by 2050.The findings were used by opposition politicians who believe that the Conservative government should do more to counter the threat of global warming.The report also said that there is much that Canada could gain from an international treaty the Kyoto-style treaty to reduce greenhouse gas emissions after 2012. [...]

Philippines faces two hurricanes in one week?

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Sought by the authorities in the Philippines on Sunday struggled to reach areas in the northern provinces of the island of Luzon, which saw strong hurricanes in less than a week as fears of a third storm off the coast. The National Agency for the disaster that a woman was killed when the storm occurred Nagaa on Saturday despite reports from provincial officials the fall more of the dead.When the hurricane occurred Nagaa the country were not recovered after the storm Nissat, which took place on Tuesday, killing at least 52 people.30 people still missing after Hurricane Nissat agency said disaster that flooded a number of towns and villages.The succession of hurricanes to isolate the parts of several regions because of the closure of roads and power outages and the threat of a tornado a third time later this week means the need to speed delivery of relief supplies.The storm swept through the province of Isabela Nagaa producer of rice and the Cordillera mountain and led to power outages before they leave the west coast and heading towards Vietnam.He continues, officials have another storm formed off the east coast of Luzon was hit later in the week.The agency said that the volume of disaster damage from Hurricane Nissat reached 6.7 billion pesos (155 million dollars). Provided more than 180 thousand people to shelters in dozens of towns to the north of Manila. There is no preliminary estimate of the damage caused by Hurricane Nagaa.[...]