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Chances are battle followers around the world realize that Juan Manuel Marquez as well as Manny Pacquiao will certainly battle a prior weekend not too long ago in the MGM Great Backyard Industry within Vegas. It is going to tag your fourth period this particular duet your engagement ring with each other, and when historical past is actually any kind of indication, we have been going the other point is 12-round fight. The actual HBO Pay-Per-View transmit group will certainly manage the actual telecast. John Lampley will certainly contact the actual blow-by-blow activity, along with evaluation through Lewis Vendor as well as Roy Smith Jr .. upon all from the rounds provided to the television viewers. Smith, the several titleholder themself as well as upcoming Corridor associated with Famer, has already been within Vegas as well as thrilled for your round. We talked in order to your pet Thurs regarding Pacquiao-Marquez four.

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Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. defeated Marco Antonio "Veneno" Rubio


SAN ANTONIO - With a surgical Boxing Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., retained for the second time the World Council middleweight title against an opponent boxing too respectful as it was Marco Antonio "Veneno" Rubio at the Alamo Dome in San Antonio, Texas.

Boxing Julio Cesar made a precise and dominated from bell to bell the Council ranked number one, to win the unanimous decision win and have by far the toughest test that has had so far in his career, as well as preserves the undefeated .

The fight started slow, much respected boxers, boxing Chavez was more cerebral, in and out well for legs.

The champion half the combinations worked well masterfully drew you hook to the liver, the hit to the body that worked Chávez was conducted.

Rubio on the other hand showed a boxing quite shy, dynamite, and the momentum was in his previous fights in the locker room was, instead of squeezing and look forward to the title, expected and received what the 'Junior' was throwing.

The fight escalated in round 11 the two entered with fixed bayonets, gave Chavez and Rubio responded, answered the 'Poison' and 'Junior' attack, the public finally screams erupted and went to the monarch.

Before you begin the twelfth assault father Julio Cesar Chavez could not resist and came out to give instructions to his son.

The last round arrived, gloves clashed in the center ring, the 'Poison' tried to pressure, but ran into the wall it bounced Sinaloa each wanted to go, the bell announced the end of the fight and Chavez Jr. raised his hands in triumph.

The judges had a clear victory for Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. 118-10, 116-112 and 115-113, the Mexican retained the title and I keep it undefeated.

At the end of the interview for television legend's son said he would like to face Antonio Margarito, Miguel Cotto or Sergio 'Maravilla' Martinez.(image)

Nonito Donaire Jr. overpowered and conquered Wilfredo Vazquez super bantamweight title WBO


SAN ANTONIO - Nonito Donaire (28-1, 18 KO) became the new world super bantamweight champion of the World Boxing by defeating a tough split decision Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. (21-2-1, 18 KO) who left to die in the ring against an opponent far superior.

Things went as expected, 'The Filipino Flash' was better than 'Daddy' and got the win clearly not without going through some problems during the fight.

Donaire left handled well, his speed was a key part of the Filipino will triumph and rule of Vazquez.

The fight started slowly, boxers did not go into heat until the third episode, when a powerful izquierdazo Nonito release humanity from the Puerto Rican, who are cornered in a corner and held all the shrapnel threw his opponent, finished third miracle roll.

Vazquez gradually settled into the ring, began to release the jab in the face of Donaire, with the right hand managed to move the skeleton of Tagalog, he refused to answer, but it was long.

At the end of the fifth assault the right eye of 'The Filipino Flash' was slightly swollen and purple, while 'Daddy' had a cut on the right side eyebrow.

Vazquez at times tip the balance in his favor, but every time you pressed the accelerator Donaire put in place the Puerto Rican

In the eighth round Nonito squatted, gloves on his knees and made strange movements from side to side, this infuriated the public that immediately began chanting the name Vazquez.

Wilfredo worked well the fight, do not despair despite being passed, all was well until the ninth inning opened over the guard, which took descargarle Nonito for an upper left, Vazquez shook and he finished off with filipino a left hook that sent him to the canvas.

Donaire knew he had the victory in the bag, so that in the last rounds are dedció aslir for boxing and legs, not risking much.

At the end seemed a decision process, but a judge surprised to give the win to Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. for 115-112, the other two judges had it 117-110 for Nonito Donaire.

'The Filipino Flash "became the new world champion WBO bantamweight.(image)

Jose Aldo and Chad Mendes lit the UFC in Rio de Janeiro


Brazilian Jose Aldo, embraced by his followers, hopes to have the local factor to surprise unbeaten against Chad Mendes, who said he does not mind the public against. He held a press conference prior to UFC River from Rio Janeiro, Brazil, in the presence of featherweight champion Jose Aldo UFC, undefeated challenger Chad Mendes, Vitor Belfort well and Anthony Johnson.The Brazilian press was very interested in knowing the pressure felt by fighting Chad Mendes in Brazilian territory: "I feel no pressure. The practice yesterday was one of the best experiences of my life. " Besides the pressure on the public exercises on foreigners in Brazil said: "Apart from the boos, I do not speak Portuguese so I do not understand much of what I cry."Meanwhile Anthony Johnson commented: "I love this country, its people, I want to thank Brazil for letting me come here and fight with someone like Vitor Belfort, I love it." And he emphasized that he had no words to express their feelings about being in Brazil.To Mendes, champion fighting at home is just a circumstance, but is concentrating on his fight. "I still remember the first fight of Aldo at WEC. I remember my colleagues have said, someday I'll be fighting with this guy, and I hope for the championship. Now is the time. " He also said: "I come to my fights thinking that I will win. I'm smarter and better prepared than ever. And I walk around like any other fight, he is the champion, but I'm in line behind, and I'll show the world that I am the best. "While excited and shy Johnson talked about Vitor Belfort's words about the fight they will, "said Vitor see a hungry lion against another hungry lion. I'll do better, give you the best. I'm hungry, I can not wait. "Belfort, the Brazilian star is said to be happy in Brazil: "Come to fight in my house, is a joy, and that the event is broadcast by Globo further. In Brazil suffered a lot before to see this sport, now everyone has the opportunity to see it. Brazil is a major exporter of athletes, the Sabbath is a party. "He was asked to fight in a time of growing the sport in Brazil, would you put more pressure?, To which Belfort said, "I'm focused on cutting weight. I am focused on Anthony Johnson in 5 kilos off for tomorrow, today, in this fight. Today is the last day I have, this is the important moment. All Brazil wants that victory, of course, but we can only control the one hand, and I will fight a great fighter. But most important is fidelity, sport will only grow because there is not a Brazilian.And he spoke also about growing the sport in Brazil: "The respect among athletes is paramount. Many Brazilians like to see some Americans. Many Americans like to see Jose Aldo. People have always been prejudiced, but Dana White and Lorenzo Fertitta have changed that. Many who criticized the sport today before they understand it, sport is the one to teach people, because martial arts are so physically demanding and mentally, is a contact sport, but we respect. "The champion Jose Aldo was clear and very quiet commented on the pressure of fighting at home: "The fans of course will support the Brazilians. I will go with the flag of Brazil, "also said he had no problem in the time of the fight (the main card begins at 1 am local time in Brazil):" I try to concentrate on the fight, train and arrive to the day of the fight well. Whether it is at dawn. Not a problem. "On his rival, who arrived unbeaten in his professional career with an impressive 11-0-0, said: "That is undefeated is not more pressure on me, victories and defeats are something that happens in our sport." And also answered a question about rumors of the possibility of gaining category: "Much has been said and that, but not for me, there is much behind, when the time and think my team can spend, I'm right here ". By Juan Cardenas / Latino UFC Editor[...]

Floyd Mayweather Jr. spoke by telephone with Manny Pacquiao


LAS VEGAS - Floyd Mayweather Jr. spoke by telephone with Manny Pacquiao to discuss the possible fight next May, the two boxers advisers confirmed the news to various media.

Leonard Ellerbe, adviser to Floyd, endorsed the call as promoter Bob Arum, Pacquiao said the same to the Philippine ABS-CBN network.

In what little they could find was commented that the 'Pac Man' would have no problem making the fight as long as the profits are divided in a 50-50, in what would be the richest fight in boxing history.

Mayweather is next scheduled to fight May 5, but Arum wants to realize the fight to the end of May in the new arena being built in Las Vegas, the ticket is calculated as 50 million.

'Floyd wants the fight against Manny Pacquiao on May 5 and so much so I personally sought out Pacquiao, "Ellerbe told AFP.

Mayweather also has talked several times with Michael Koncz, advisor to the Philippines, according to several media reports.

Pacquiao has won his last 15 fights in the past seven years, while Mayweather is undefeated and will play a 90-day sentence which begins June 1 for domestic violence.

Arum said that next week we will know who will be fighting against the 'Pac Man' from the list are: Miguel Angel Cotto, Lamont Peterson, Tim Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez.(image)

Share the bill Chavez Jr. and Donaire


Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. and Nonito Donaire, two of the brightest stars in boxing today, combat in two separate fights in an edition of HBO's Championship Boxing on 4 February at the Alamodome in San Antonio, the promotion announced Top Rank on Wednesday.Chavez will face fellow Mexican Marco Antonio Rubio in a scheduled 12-round bout at middleweight, although it is unclear whether Chavez will be defending his WBC version of the title.Donaire, one of the best fighters in the world pound for pound in the world, two titles left vacant bantamweight and will be moving up in weight to face former world featherweight champion Wilfredo Vazquez Jr. junior by the now vacant title at 122 Vazquez pounds it had in its possession.It plans a news conference next Tuesday in San Antonio.Chavez won a middleweight title in June by majority decision to Sebastian Zbik and made his first defense on November 19 with a five-round technical knockout over Peter Manfredo Jr."The new year promises to be even bigger for July, but first he will have the difficult task of facing top-ranked challenger Marco Antonio Rubio is," said Top Rank promoter Bob Arum. "This should be a real battle. Also on February 4, Nonito Donaire will continue its march to higher divisions when he faces Wilfredo Vazquez Jr."It is not known if the title is at stake Chavez, because the WBC ordered earlier this month to Chavez defends his title against Sergio Martinez linear champion that Chávez wants to fight at all costs. The order of the CMB opened the possibility that the mandatory fight is delayed if Chavez and Martinez can reach an alternative arrangement. However, Arum has no interest in making a fight in which Chavez will be greatly disadvantaged. Martinez is pushing the WBC to strip Chavez of his title, so the status of the belt is in the air."We know that Chavez fight with Rubio on Feb. 4 in San Antonio, but some things need to be clarified," the vice president of Top Rank, Carl Moretti. "We need more clarity from the CMB in this situation. But it was already known for a long time that Chavez will be fighting on 4 February and Sergio Martinez will fight in March. That anyone thinks or says that it is possible that them to fight each other at a later date than March, is just a dream. What we all understand about this title is simply this. "Chavez (44-0-1, 31 KOs) has a significant fan base in San Antonio and will be fighting at the Alamodome for the third time. In 2007, he fought on a card headed by Manny Pacquiao there, and in June 2010 led a billboard of pay-per-view Top Rank and scored a landslide victory against John Duddy.Rubio (05/01/53, 47 KOs) has won 10 consecutive fights. He has not lost since it was knocked out in the ninth assault on the challenge to then-middleweight champion Kelly Pavlik in February 2009.Donaire (27-1, 18 KOs), known as the "Filipino Flash", is a former flyweight and bantamweight interim champion junior. He took off in his career this year with a landslide victory by knockout in the second assault against former three-division champion Fernando Montiel in February to win a pair of bantamweight titles. Donaire made a defense, a wide decision win against the junior bantamweight champion Omar Narvaez at Madison Square Garden Theater in New York on October 22, before deciding to move up in weight.The Puerto Rican Vazquez (21-1-1, 18 KOs), son of former three-division champion Wilfredo Vazquez Sr., lost his junior featherweight title against Jorge Arce in 12 rounds by knockout in May in the undercard bout between Manny Pacquiao and Shane Mosley. Arce vacated his title at bantamweight down again last month, leaving Donaire Vazquez and free to play this season.[...]

'I'm going to prove to Rubio I'm a true champion': Chavez Jr


Los Angeles, CA - Mexican Julio Cesar Chavez jr., Through the WBC world champion, said he does not afraid of any fighter and is ready to face Argentina's Sergio Martinez after his fight against Marco Rubio.

The son of legendary JC Chavez responded to statements made last week against Sergio "Maravilla" Martinez.

"I fear I have not one, not Sergio or any other fighter, to be in boxing it takes great courage and that is something I have more" Chavez said Carrasco, who will make the second defense of the sash half against Rubio on Feb. 4 in San Antonio, Texas.

The Junior stated that "Sergio and I did no deal, my developers are not interested in a fight against him, for now, but if they want and are very interested in my name, I make a good deal and fight when he wants."

Then he said: "I think Sergio is more interested in my name on my title when I got the opportunity to contest the championship did not matter against whom, and went against Sebastian Zbik, a fighter he refused and he won well ".

"Now I will defend my title against Marco Antonio Rubio, and win, I hope, open the door to face the remainder of 2012. First he fulfill his wish to fight me Rubio Martinez then."(image)

The WBC official does Chavez-Rubio


The World Boxing Council sent a news release says he has not received any formal request for the fight between champion through the body, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr and Marco Antonio "Veneno" Rubio.

Here the full statement he sent the Council:

"Numerous media reports that Champion WBC middleweight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. will fight against Marco Antonio Rubio on February 4, 2012.

The WBC rules and regulations require formal written request to sanction any official WBC fight before being formally announced and start selling tickets. To date, the WBC has not received any promoter had communication with regard to a fight between Chavez and Rubio.

Therefore, the WBC does not endorse and disapprove any public announcement or sale of tickets over a fight sanctioned by the WBC or use the name of the WBC in brands until you meet the rules and regulations "

Today Top Rank announced that it would begin selling tickets for the function 'Welcome to the Future'.(image)

Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto promise a war


CALIFORNIA - Americans "Vicious" Victor Ortiz and Andre Berto gave fans one of the best races of the year, in April 2011, with both fighters visiting the canvas twice before Ortiz emerged victorious and the World Council welterweight title of boxing (WBC), then held by Berto. Now, these great warriors welterweight will meet again on Saturday February 11 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada, in an anticipated 12-round rematch live on Showtime at 10 pm ET / PT (delayed on the west coast). The event is promoted by Golden Boy Promotions, DiBella Entertainment and Showtime. Coming off a tremendous and innovative and successful promotion of Showtime ® PPV Manny Pacquiao. Shane Mosley in May 2011, Showtime will also receive promotional support from the parent company CBS Corporation, whose assets include the CBS television network, television stations and local radio and others. Revenge of Ortiz-Berto II marks the first time that Showtime and CBS join forces in support of a boxing event televised live on the primary network. "I am ready to go back to a war against Berto," he said Victor "Vicious" Ortiz "I'm hoping this fight. It's a match that I want and a battle that demanded people. These are the races that make boxing so great," said Andre Berto. "I'm very excited to get ready and able to make another classic. But the point is ... 'Ortiz' has to go!" Threatened. "After the battle of April between Ortiz and Berto, the first words from the mouths of worldwide were: 'When will you fight again?' "said Oscar De La Hoya, President of Golden Boy Promotions.

"Well, I'm very proud to say that February 11 is the date for the most anticipated rematch we've seen in a while. When you put these two gladiators in the ring, there will be fireworks. I can not wait to see them fight for second time, "predicted. "Berto-Ortiz I was a candidate for 'Fight of the Year' and boxing fans can expect more of the same in this important rematch," said Lou DiBella, president of DiBella Entertainment. "This fight is the perfect way to open what is expected to be a great year of boxing in 2012," he said. "For me the first battle of Berto-Ortiz was the" Fight of the Year 2011, and one of the most memorable past years, "said Stephen Espinoza, executive vice president and general manager of Showtime Sports." Immediately, as the majority of boxing fans, could not give them hope for Showtime.(image)

Overeem and Lesnar ready to contest the shot at the heavyweight rod


Las Vegas - was held a conference call with 141 participants from the former champion UFC heavyweight Brock Lesnar UFC, and Strikeforce heavyweight former champion Alistair Overeem, who will meet on Friday December 30th to determine who will fight against champion Junior Dos Santos.

The two fighters will meet at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in an event which this time will be on a Friday and open from 7 pm PT/10 pm ET.

Overeem was asked about his focus for this fight, and very quiet replied: "I tried to stay focused on the fight, relaxing, although I have now a situation with my mother, but I'm ready." This is because her mother knew she was sick last week so had to attend this family affair.

For his part Lesnar said he has trained hard and is motivated by his return. "It's a sport that you must always evolve to be on top. I can not wait to return to the Octagon, "and said ready after 14 months of absence after the last time he entered the Octagon:" I'm competitive and there is electricity in the air, I'm happy. " Also on recovery and had to undergo surgery, said: "There is nothing easy about it. But we all want to be healthy, it feels good to be healthy. Looking back of course you think I could have done some things different about the surgery. But you have to live with your decisions. "

This being the debut of Alistair Overeem in the UFC was questioned about the extra pressure that might mean, but said: "The bigger the fight, and more media attention and more people see it, and I have better performance best for me. Sure, there is pressure to be the first fight in the UFC, but normal. "

Overeem was adamant in his statement on the outcome of the fight: "We are aggressive, we want to end a fight, I see that we get beyond the first or second round," what Lesnar agreed: "I feel like this is a heavyweight bout. Both want to end the fight. I do not think we get to the five rounds. "

Lesnar, considered the underdog for this fight said about it: "I do not mind being favorite or not, at the end of the day it was resolved to go in there. It is the beauty of this sport. My intention is to win and secure Alistair also. " While Overeem said: "I am a complete fighter. I have wrestling and Jiu Jitsu, but I prefer a KO on a submission, always prefer to believe that anyone ".(image)

Clash of Styles in the UFC 141


The next December 30 in Las Vegas two giants of mixed martial arts clash in the main event of UFC 141 to decide who the next opponent super heavyweight champion of the UFC, the Brazilian Junior dos Santos.

Brock Lesnar Alistair Overeem and collide inside the Octagon in a battle that has different styles for the stars. When we say giant, not just for its quality, but also because both are huge physically. Lesnar measured 6'3 "and weighs 265 pounds, Overeem, 6'5" and weight 265.

The way to fight the former champion Brock is well known in the U.S., power struggle, great fitness and take his opponent to the mat to finish them to death or submission. Opponents defeated as Frank Mir, Randy Couture and Shane Carwin can give veracity of this.

His 5-2 record and his arrival at UFC not long ago, in 2008, could make one think that Lesnar is inexperienced or lacks the tusk of the veterans in this sport. But there seems to be the case, as this warrior and national collegiate champion in his senior year at the University of Minnesota and his record there was 106-5. In addition, their rivals in the UFC have been first class.

Many have doubted its quality that comes from the WWE to MMA and always comes out the spirit of entertainer , but he managed to do in so little time deserves recognition for all. UFC champ was in his third fight by knocking out Couture, Mir took revenge in a brutal manner Carwin and finished him in two rounds. Want more?

It is true that knocked down with the Mexican Cain Velasquez, but until minutes before losing his UFC Championship Junior dos Santos many said was invincible and that Cain was among the 10 best fighters pound for pound.

His opponent this time is quite the opposite. It has an awesome experience stamped 1/11/35, was champion of Strikeforce and Dream, fought in Pride and even had the title of K-1.

Overeem has fists of steel, its muay Thai kicks are lethal and secure these two will be the main weapons against Brock. To top it off the Dutch fighter has won 33 of his last 35 fights and is in the prime of his career.

Both are facing something new in their careers. Lesnar has never had anyone taller and stronger than him in front, while Overeem has never faced a fighter as his rival, with a force and drive stunning.

Two mixed martial arts schools. The fighting with Lesnar and kickboxing and muay Thai with Overeem.

Predicting a favorite in this battle is very difficult, but I am inclined by the "Viking" of Minnesota, who is healthy, eager to return to the top and you can box better than they looked in his last fight with Velasquez.

The table is set and the risk is great for me to make this forecast, it looks closed the fight and the quality of those involved, but try to predict what will happen, without wishing to be a seer, of course ...

There we see.(image)

The flyweight category has come to UFC


The first UFC event in March will be historical, as the organization enters the category of 125 pounds with two bouts to determine contenders flyweight first UFC. In the two battles, which will be part of the billboard March 3 event, former number one contender bantamweight Demetrious "Mighty Mouse" Johnson Ian McCall fight, and who was long at 135 Joseph Benavidez will also drop to 125 to face the Japanese Yasuhiro Urushitani. Considered by many as the best flyweight in the world today, the California native Ian McCall (11-2-0) finally found a home for the division of 125 pounds after competing with the best bantamweight in the world for years.

After a stint in the WEC, where he won a battle with a shocking KO of "Ox" Wheeler and endured all the rounds at bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, the 27 year old McCall has four wins, a good card to get to the Octagon. The little ball of energy that has destroyed opponents in the WEC bantamweight division and UFC Demetrious Johnson (14-2) became the number one contender in 2011 with wins over "Kid" Yamamoto and Miguel Angel Torres. And although he lost his fight five rounds against the champion Cruz in October, the division allows the fly "Mighty Mouse" to compete on a level closer to their natural weight.

One of the world's top bantamweight Joseph Benavidez (15 - 2) is now looking to get gold in the 125 lbs. Winner of seven of nine fights for Zuffa (UFC WEC) being his only losses by close decision against bantamweight champion Cruz, Benavidez has defeated strong opponents like Eddie Wineland, Miguel Angel Torres, Rani Yahya, and Jeff Curran. He now has his sights set on dominating the flyweight elite. A Shooto bantamweight champion (123 pounds), Yasuhiro Urushitani (06/04/19) currently carries a streak of five straight wins, being the best he has achieved in its ten-year MMA career. Among his victories are those that had recent face The Ultimate Fighter participants John Dodson, Mamoru Yamaguchi, and Daniel Lima, and the fighter of 35 years has won its last two by way of KO.(image)

Ordered the fight Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. vs. Sergio Martinez


LAS VEGAS - After more than six months of waiting, the Argentine Sergio Martinez was named world champion challenger all, Julio Cesar Chavez Jr.

After a heated discussion, the president of World Boxing Council endorsed the 'Maravilla' Martinez as the rival of Sinaloa in a lawsuit must be held in March. "If not previously agreed to fight with me and sought ways to avoid me, I see why now accept. I think the fight will not happen between us ... can fight with Chavez fighter he wants, provided they vacate the title, " said Argentina's 36 years of age.

The promoters of Marco Antonio Rubio said they were closer to the Argentine team in order to get permission to fight for the title first against Julio Cesar Chavez. "impossible for me to give him an opportunity. That's the case I want and I waited. I could fight with Rubio after winning the Junior, not as they ask," said the Argentine after learning the intentions of the team. Reginaldo Kuchle, promoter of "Poison" Rubio said that there have been approaches by Top Rank and is only a matter of the Durango I beat Matt Vanda to be the next rival Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. in February next year.(image)

Peterson vs. Khan: Amir Khan fight at home


Much has been said about the fight Amir Khan vs Lamont Peterson this Saturday, Dec. 3 fight for the junior welterweight title will be held in Washington, DC, challenging the hometown of Peterson, which seeks to capture the WBA and IBF title 140 pounds and made ​​a major title as a professional.

Peterson says he feels no added pressure fighting in front of family and friends, or representing a DC boxing fight. Khan has said repeatedly that he feels he will have plenty of fans in the building, even outnumbering Peterson fans (that part is unlikely), and says he is now totally comfortable:

"One thing about me is that I do not mind traveling and into the backyards of the people to fight. I've done it a few times before, and recently I've been fighting a lot outside the United Kingdom.

"For me, a boxing ring is a boxing ring, no matter where you are. I'm going to do there what I have to do. If you look I've made my career in the U.S., not the United Kingdom, in a way that helps me to be away from my home country.

"So no matter where I am going to fight in the ring."

Khan (26-1, 18 KO) is now a huge -1200 favorite with the bookmakers to be monitored, which makes this fight much paresca a mismatch than it really is. Peterson (01/01/29, 15 KO) is a legit fighter who has never been an easy out for anyone. Timothy Bradley lost everything, but he was in the fight all the way, and just a year ago overcame early adversity to grind a 10-round draw against Victor Ortiz.

Whether or not Peterson advantage of fighting at home. This is a legitimate fight for Amir Khan, and is not a party joke.(image)

UFC 140: Mark Hominick vs. Jung Chan


In this interesting interview Sung Jung Chang talks about his desire to win, surprisingly to Mark Hominick at the event UFC 140 . Remarkably refers to a knockout or submission, but the interesting thing is that Jung wants to do this because this discussion would enter the fight for the title.

It is discouraging to Chang, but I do not have lost 3 of your last 5 fights put you in regard to a title fight in the UFC , this fight still plan to be very exciting because it marks the return of Mark Hominick in his native Canada after his fight Jose Aldo at UFC 129 .

The featherweight UFC Mark Hominick has had major changes in his life, from fighting against 55.000 people in a title fight against Jose Aldo at the event UFC 129 and then become a father until the death of her partner and trainer Shawn Tompkins. This is what Hominick commented on the death of his coach:

Mark Hominick : "The death of Shawn was obviously something very surprising. He was the man at my wedding, he was something more than a sports mentor for me, was a mentor of my life. All the equipment we became close friends to fill the void left us. It's our job to carry your legacy, keep training, keep winning and achieving good performance in the cage. "

Mark talks about his upcoming fight at the event UFC 140 (which will be held in Toronto, his hometown) where he faced the Korean Zombie, Chang Sung Jung :

"It will be very similar to the fight against Leonard Garcia. Very similar, very wild. The main thing in this fight is to find a variety of training partners. You have to get someone who is everywhere. "

This will be a great fight for a good event which will be held on December 10 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto.(image)

Dennis Hallman vs John Makdessi at UFC 140 in Canada


Former welterweight Dennis Hallman (50-14-2 MMA, 3-5 UFC) is dropping from categotia to face John Makdessi (9-0 MMA, 2-0 UFC) at UFC 140.

UFC 140 will take place on December 10 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The night's main card will air live on pay-per-view, although Hallman vs. Makdessi will likely be part of the preliminary card.

Hallman just lucky to have another fight in the UFC. Last month at UFC 133, he angered the UFC president Dana White, wearing a tiny sunguinha when he fought against Brian Ebersole and was still defeated by TKO in round 1.

During the fight, thong Hallman left the place and ended up putting the jewels on display fighter for the entire public. White, who was angry with the UFC officials who allowed Hallman entered the cage with that inappropriate dress after the event banned the use of short shorts in fights.

The defeat of Hallman at UFC 133 broke a sequence that the fighter had been accumulating a series of seven wins in eight fights. Of which the most recent were on Karo Parisyan and Ben Saunders.

Makdessi, who will fight in his homeland for the third time in the UFC, wants to keep his perfect record intact. 'The Bull', after dominating the scene of the struggles in Canada, he joined the UFC in 2010, and scored a unanimous decision victory over Pat Audinwood and a knockout of Kyle Watson. Makdessi then was scheduled to fight Paul Taylor at UFC on Versus 5, but was forced to withdraw from the card due to injury.(image)

UFC 140: Tito Ortiz vs. Antonio Rogerio Nogueira in Light Heavyweight Bout


Tito Ortiz was able to revive his MMA career with an upset win for the ages against Ryan Bader last July – and it looked as if Ortiz was finally healthy and back in the mix in the UFC Light Heavyweight division.

A month later, though, he stepped into the Octagon against the No.1 ranked contender Rashad Evans to save a pay-per-view main event, and, despite fighting gallantly, Ortiz showed that he was no longer at the top of the Light Heavyweight heap.

Now only a gatekeeper at best, Ortiz takes on “Little Nog” Antonio Rogerio Nogueira at UFC 140 and will once again need a win to remain relevant within the division. As the underdog, action on Ortiz on theMMA odds at the Bodog Sportsbook has a good chance to pay out if the former UFC Light Heavyweight champ decides to do what he does best and outwrestle his Brazilian opponent for a decision win. Ortiz has stated publicly that he wants to put on exciting fights, so the wrestling scenario may not play out.

Nogueira will step into the Octagon as the odds-on favorite despite losing his last two fights. The Brazilian will look to use his boxing skills to win a decision or to wear down Ortiz enough to use his jiu-jitsu skills to finish the “Huntington Beach Bad Boy”.

This fight has definite upset potential, especially if Ortiz can close the distance and work close enough to Nogueira to negate his boxing skills. Despite being a black belt in jiu-jitsu Nogueira will have a tough time submitting a fighter with the experience of a Tito Ortiz without wearing him down first.(image)

Nik Lentz vs. Mark Bocek at UFC 140 in Toronto



UFC 140 will be held on December 10 Canada Centre in Toronto.

Bocek, who struggles in his homeland, comes from a loss to Ben Henderson at UFC 129 in April. But before that he had been in a sequence of four wins in five fights. The Canadian customer is important for fighters like Henderson, Jim Miller, Mac Danzig and defending champion Frankie Edgar.

Lentz, meanwhile, increasingly want to extend their current winning streak, he is unbeaten in 15 fights. His last loss was to Mark Moreno in March 2007. Since his last fight was a no contest against Charles Oliveira at UFC on Versus 4.

The UFC 140 card is now as follows:

Frank Mir vs. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira
Antonio Rogerio Nogueira vs. Tito Ortiz
Vs. Brian Ebersole. Rory MacDonald
Vs. Mark Bocek. Nik Lentz
Rich vs. Attonito. Claude Patrick
Vs. Dennis Hallman. John Makdessi
Vs. John Cholish. Mitch Clarke(image)

Jon Jones praises Canadian and wants to please his fans


After the success of UFC 129, the city of Toronto in Canada, back to receive a major MMA event, with UFC 140 on December 10. The main fight of the night will be between the light-heavyweight champion, Jon Jones, and Brazilian Lyoto Machida. In first press conference of the event, held on Wednesday, the two fighters tried to rip praise for Canadians in search of support from local fans in the great struggle.

The Machida's last fight was just in Toronto in April at UFC 129. In ociasão, he defeated Randy Couture front of 55,000 fans. The Brazilian said that the reception of the crowd was special and, therefore, expects to make a good fight in front of Canadians.

- I was very well received by fans. I fought a legend, Randy Couture, I have much respect for him. I really enjoyed the public here and want to make a great fight for the fans - said Lyoto.

Not to be outdone, Jon Jones did not hesitate to "ripping silk" to Canadians, saying the country is the "Mecca of MMA."

- I have not had a chance to fight here yet, but I have always train with Georges (St-Pierre). They say that Las Vegas is the mecca of fights, but I think that Canada is the mecca of MMA. The fans are the most enthusiastic of MMA and I look forward to fighting here - Jones said.

UFC president Dana White chimed with Jones.

- I agree. Las Vegas is the mecca of fights, but Toronto is proving to be the Mecca of our sport - Dana completed.

Lyoto around a long time away from the Octagon - has not fought since April. Jon Jones, in turn, comes from a great fight with Rampage Jackson at UFC 135, about three weeks. He won the belt category at UFC 128 in March, after defeating Brazilian Mauricio Shogun.

UFC 140 will also feature the presence of the Nogueira brothers. Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira will face Frank Mir, as Rogério Nogueira faces Tito Ortiz.(image)

Frank Mir vs. II Rodrigo Nogueira at UFC 140 in Canada


Officials announced the UFC heavyweight fight between Frank Mir (15-5 MMA, 13-5 UFC) and Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira (MMA 01.06.33, 4-2UFC) taking place at UFC 140. Antonio Rodrigo "Minotauro" Nogueira and Frank Mir will face again at UFC 140. The two have fought each other, particularly at UFC 92, Frank Mir fight in which he won by TKO. However, after the fight, Nogueira said he had a physical problem that prevented him from being at its best. Therefore, this is a fight that will serve as revenge or to confirm that Mir is better or to prove that Nogueira's defeat was due only to your physical condition at the time.

The news was confirmed by the Minotaur, on his Twitter.

"Confirmed, I will fight Frank Mir at UFC in Montreal, Canada. That's it, guys! I have the support of all. Let's keep that same energy. "Minotaur said on Twitter.

UFC 140 will be held on December 10 at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto. The night's main card airs on pay-per-view.

Mir, 32, and Nogueira, 35, fought for the first time in 2008 at UFC 92 where Mir scored a TKO victory over Nogueira. However, in the weeks after the fight, Nogueira confirmed that he entered the fight with a knee injury and staph infection that plagued him throughout his training campaign.

The victory ensured the Mir an interim title.

Mir now wants to extend its winning streak to three after a knockout victory over Mirko "Cro Cop" Filipovic at UFC 119 and a unanimous decision victory over Roy Nelson at UFC 130. In fact, over the past five years and eight fights, Mir suffered a loss just to Brock Lesnar and Shane Carwin, and both by knockout.

Nogueira, who in turn, has recently been haunted by the possible retirement has setback in his situation and is outside the title due to knockout victory over Brendan Schaub at UFC 134. The fight, which happened here in Brazil, won the Knockout of the Night.(image)

Brock Lesnar is ready to return to the UFC in December


Makes some weeks. There were several rumors that Brock Lesnar at UFC would not return to because of the tensionwhich could lead to the fact of returning to action.

Several reports report that Lesnar UFC return to the main event in five rounds on 30 Decemberand will face former heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem Strikeforce. Remember that Brock Lesnar has been sidelined since losing his belt against UFC heavyweight Cain Velasquez in October, was a disease of the intestine (diverticulosis).

"This is the fight the fans want," said UFC President Dana White. "These two guys are monsters."(image)

UFC confirms fight between Brock Lesnar vs Alistair Overeem


UFC has officially megacombate between Brock Lesnar and Alistair Overeem on 30 December.
Alistair Overeem is now officially a UFC fighter. Brock Lesnar will return to action on Friday 30 December against former heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem Strikeforce in Las Vegas. The news was reported by the LA Times.

Tuesday UFC president Dana White via Twitter. The mega fight will showcase two of the best heavyweights in the sport on a billboardat the MGM Grand Garden that will put an end to the timing of UFC in 2011. The fight will be a five-round main event and the winner chose the title of UFC heavyweights against Cain Velasquez or Junior Dos Santos.

The Battle of Velasquez and Dos Santos for the belt will be on 12 November in the chainFox Brock Lesnar returns to action in December for the first time in over a year. Former UFC heavyweight champion would fight in June, but could not for problems from diverticulitis. Lesnar is healthy now work sla operation and returns to the action of UFC and has a task large ahead. Former heavyweight champion Alistair Overeem Strikeforce officially moves to the UFC roster after his brief departure from Zuffa. Strikeforce was pulled after problems arose between his camp contract (Golden Glory) and Zuffa. CFU continued to negotiate with Overeem and his camp and on Tuesday his contract became official.

Overeem now moves to the UFC as one of the greatest fighters the sport and have a great debut. "Brock is a great name, a dangerous, and this is a dream confrontation," said Overeem to LA Times on Tuesday. "Brock's a big guy, a fighter with his takedowns exciting." Overeem will make his UFC debut without the heavyweight title Strikeforce vacated when he left the promotion last month. The bout between Overeem and Lesnar will be Friday 30 December at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, an event that presumably will be titled UFC 141.(image)

Lyoto Machida train with Anderson Silva for UFC 140


Lyoto Machida will have great help in training for his fight for the title of the UFC when he meets Jon Jones at UFC 140. Machida revealed to train with Anderson Silva, which has a similar style to the unpredictable 205-pound champion. This is what I commented Machida: Lyoto Machida:

"Anderson called me and told me to go to my hometown (Belem), and I expected there to help me train. In Belem local fans received me very well. I just was fighting a legend in Randy Couture and in December I want to give a great show for my fans."

"It's hard to say, but I think I have a little advantage over Jones when it comes to experience. I have to beat him with my techniques."

Many critics and fans have argued that the style of Jon Jones is very similar to Anderson, but Jones is not Silva. In fact it can be argued that due to the incredible wrestling and brutal ground and pound Jones, this presents a conundrum completely different and possibly more dangerous.(image)

Jon Jones talks about the fight we have against Machida this Saturday


Jon Jones gives his comment on what will be his fight against Lyoto Machida this Saturday December 10th at UFC 140. These are the comments made:

"Machida looked very good against Randy Couture, with respect to whether or not deserves a shot at the title, I'm just happy for him. He has the name recognition to fight for the title and I'm here waiting for the fight."

"God has more important things to me than winning a fight, but religion is a very important part in my life, and if people can not accept that then I'm not meant to be a famous athlete."(image)

'Minotauro' Nogueira and Rogeiro: warrior blood brothers at UFC 140


The Nogueira brothers share the undercard of UFC 140 on December 10 in Toronto, Canada, in what will be one of the most anticipated events of the year. Two world-renowned veterans in a relatively young sport. Pioneers when venturing into lands hitherto unexplored, these brothers made a brilliant career in the now defunct Pride Fighting Championship.

The story of Rodrigo · ¨ Nogueira Minotauro is a self-improvement, effort and courage. At four years old, went into the martial arts of judo's hand until he suffered a terrible accident that nearly ended his life. Minotaur was hit by a truck, being in a coma for twenty days, with many of their organs involved and a poor prognosis. After eleven months in the hospital, Rodrigo walk again.

Rogerio Nogueira, Little Nog or ¨ ¨ As many know him, has had to live under the shadow of his brother for several years, despite having made a brilliant career with wins over Dan Henderson, Kazushi Sakuraba, Guy Mezger and Alistair Overeem (in twice). Roger has competed in the Olympic boxing team, earning the gold medal for his country at the 2006 Pan American Games. On the night of December 10, Rogerio face another veteran: Tito Ortiz on the urgent need to win after two straight losses:

· Training has been great. I'm very confident. I think it will be a great evening and go for the knockout. Try to give a good show because the last time I did not either. I am better trained this time. I know all about the game that Tito Ortiz suggests, I should have fought him for some time. I've been studying their movements for nearly a year · Roger explains.

In a different reality, Minotaur will have the chance to face Frank Mir again after that fateful December night in 2008 when it was knocked out for the first time in his career. The Brazilian will want to take off this thorn with a victory to ratify what was done in his native country this summer. After the knee and hip surgeries, Rodrigo seems to have found its best. In his last loss to Mir, Nogueira was the victim of an infection, which affected him in the face of their preparation for the fight. Mir will try to show that his first win was not the result of physical decline of his rival, but on its own merits and abilities inside the Octagon. As expressed in more than one occasion, the U.S. hopes that there is no excuse once · ¨.

The two fights will coestelares family and Nogueira team competing and supporting each other. Usually these two fighters are very dear to the public, but its rivals are also popular door and also former champions in search of new opportunities. Something seems safe as almost always happens in fights involving the name Nogueira, it promises excitement and intensity.

On Saturday 10 Minotouro Minotaur and we will see in action before you see another Brazilian again, Lyoto Machida title fight against the feeling that it is Jon Jones. Will Brazilian night?(image)