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Trends hair, the look you want to copy the Stars [PHOTOS]


The hair trends of the moment talk about short and chic hair and long hair inspired by soft waves or a fringe important. Each length of hair has its true place among the trends for this winter, short in key pixie and very chic continues to be highly popular, the average length with asymmetrical yoke and marched and sophisticated long bob is great and undisputed star of the moment, while the long animated play of volume, soft waves and tufts important to confirm a cool choice for women who can not give up a hair important. Let's find out how to play with these trends inspired by real teachers in this field, the Star.Ideas for long hairAre many Star that feature beautiful, formal long hair and then normal search through their hairstyles ideas for having a perfect hair always cool. Jessica Biel and Taylor Swift are the muses ideal for women who want to play with the fringe, both the long and have to choose liscissimi hair or ponytails easy chic. If you are looking for attractive hairstyles take a cue from Katy Perry, Hayden Panettiere and Chloe Moretz and animate your hair with soft, sensual and intriguing with voluminous waves or curls, in both cases you will be extremely feminine and charming. For a special evening there is nothing better than a beautiful hairdo refined, Emma Stone shows us a perfect crop where the braided chignon is revisited in a more romantic and modern. Lily Collins focuses on classic and a short bangs and saucy and a bun important shows how you can replicate the look of Breakfast at Tiffany's in a few moments. Blake Lively on hair knows a lot and fishtail braid from Amazon is a perfect hairstyle to be attractive, but at the same time refined. Finally, if you are looking for ideas for a very chic look, take inspiration from a queen of elegance as Gwyneth Paltrow and betting on a perfectly smooth and extra shiny at all times.Ideas for short hairShort hair and medium length continue to be a big trend for next winter and are an increasing number of Star who yield to temptation and give a snip lal their foliage. If you are looking for the right inspiration to have short hair very chic and trendy take a cue from the stylish pixie cut and basic on Anne Hathaway and Rihanna cut short forelock important sported by stylish Michelle Williams or short loin and romantic Carrey Mulligan. If you want to play with the average length and look for inspiration for a perfect helmet for you to look at the long bob with fringe raised by it girl Alexa Chung, the short bob, marched and mischievous Emma Watsone and bob and very chic Cameron Diaz. Three different ways to play with the average length that perfectly summarize the versatility of hair trends for winter.[...]

Short hair color trends 2013 [PHOTOS]


Platinum blonde, black and brown intense, or red fire: Hair Color Trends for lovers of short cuts ahead of 2013, predict a banner year of shocking colors, deep colors and intense, that will never go unnoticed for a result very cool. If you are fond of short cuts, and you want to impress with a look shock, maybe even "over the top", you just have to choose which among the many proposals for the new year. From red to blue fire, this time the beauty world offers many different combinations of cuts and colors incredibly cool, here are the most beautiful.As we mentioned, in the winter 2013, short cuts will be nothing short of gettonatissimi. Those chic with those mischievous, are many styles from which you can choose from, and each style has a corresponding color.Short hair, intense colorLet's first talk of the fantastic vibrant colors, the most "accessible" for all beauty addicts. If it is true that a deep blue, or hot pink, are indeed eye-catching colors, we have to admit that being able to show off similar tone, especially when you have to go to work or college, is not exactly "the ideal." But do not worry, you will not be forced to give up the color! Just because of the color choose more "classic", but still trendy. Some examples? A shiny jet black, with a short haircut and chic, perhaps with a small side fringe will be really ideal. But if your intention is to look more trendy and cheeky, then you may opt for the style and color recently worn by a fan of the short haircut, star Miley Cyrus. A very short and platinum blonde hair, a mischievous bunch, and the look of shock is served!Short hair and shocking colorsYou do not want to settle for a hair platinum blonde or brown intense? If you really can not let the flashy colors for your hair are coming wonderful news. The red fire is undoubtedly one of the most popular colors of the new year, but also with a deep burgundy really be able to make a great impression, especially if your cut will be very short, for a look mysterious and always fascinating. And what about the timeless two-tone hair? Deep purple, combined with the tips dark (black or chestnut) will make your unique style!That said, you just need to explore our gallery to choose the hair color for you! Enjoy and let us know what you think![...]

The chic hairstyles for Christmas 2012


You have already chosen the perfect look for Christmas 2012? On Celebrity Hairstyle we have already dealt with some ideas for a Christmas style glam and elegant. But if we want to be clean for Christmas, for Christmas Eve dinner or lunch on December 25, we can not also think about how pettinarci the big day. You do not need hair to be beautiful super sophisticated, often the easiest hairstyles are also those that are better off.Here then is our Suggestions for a perfect hairstyling. To be chic and refined during the holidays are a must crops. You can easily do by themselves, with a few small tricks. The harvest classic tall, if you have harmonic features and you have chosen a dress etiquette or elegant, is an increasingly successful. Sure defuse an ultra bright make up the staid mood of this hairstyle is a must, not to risk too much to look like lady Rottermeier.The crop is pulled up with a perfect evening dress elegant and classy, at a party or a more formal dinner. Add a hair accessory precious and intense. If you want to instead create a more playful and trendy hairstyle, pick up the hair into a low bun or side with the tuft slightly wavy. A romantic hairstyle and evergreen. Even the braid, style and bohemian country becomes more perfect with a gauzy dress and heels vertigo. Drop it sideways to look more sweet and glam.The tail of a horse or pony is always a good alternative if you have long hair and shiny, and you want to enhance the features of the face or eyes. Very simple, is created in two moves and it always gives a neat and charming effect. If you want to turn it into a more aggressive styling and a beautiful rock dates bouffant or the tuft at the front where the hairline starts, a splash of fixing spray and you're done.If you have short hair and a cut trend for winter 2013, here are some ideas to comb even more elegant for Christmas. Long hair and unmanageable? Wash completely the night before and get a good moisturizing mask that will leave posing a few hours or even overnight if you can. Rinse your hair with care, apply one of the many anti-frizz products on the market and proceed with the desired hairstyle. Dissolved in beautiful soft and voluminous maxi waves over her shoulders, with a charming detail to highlight even more the face. [...]

Miley Cyrus new look with short hair and platinum (what do you think?)


Miley Cyrus has cut her hair, chose a look very short and platinum, by posting photos on Twitter directly from the living room of the famous hairstylist Chris McMillan, author of the latest hairstyles of Miley, as well as the famous The Rachel, the cut Jennifer Aniston wore in Friends.It all started with the message "going to happen", then the picture that Chris is going to cut what was now the famous bun Miley, bringing scissors to the hair and making threats. Miley had not yet posted pictures of the new look, which many already were protesting, so the star wrote, "If you have nothing nice to say, do not say anything. My hair is stuck to my head and that of any other, then they will go away. Hello, hello. "A support was the friend Cheyne Thomas, who tweeted "Miley, if someone could cut that could just be you! The bitches will copy your stuff in two seconds, let's be honest! "Then came the revelation, Miley has posted photos of the new haircut, very short and platinum. This is an extreme look for Miley, but is very similar to herself, "I've never felt this way myself in my entire life," and yet "Someone just told me that they are more beautiful than Miley Cyrus."In the gallery are photos of what has happened to Miley's hair a few hours ago, what do you think of the new look of Miley? Tell it in the comments and take part in our survey![...]

Demi Lovato, blond hair and pink for a trendy look


Demi Lovato new look! As her friend and colleague, Miley Cyrus, also the young Disney star has decided to opt for a blonde hair, but contrary to Cyrus, Demi has preferred to maintain a very considerable length (with the help of his inseparable extension), for a result really amazing! From brown-haired girl model then and a fringe, in recent years has raised Demi Lovato as they look more and more outrageous, look you do not pass by unnoticed! After spending time in a rehabilitation center because of some psychological problems and food, the young star has finally started to take care of himself, of his body, and its beauty. In an interview with the magazine "Self" has indeed talked about the star of the latest news about her life: "I take care of me volendomi well and doing things that make you feel better my body and my soul - explained Lovato - I train 5 days a week, but not for weight loss because it makes me feel good. I change the workouts, I run or ride my bike from Santa Monica to the Mariuna Ray. I also like to make boxes and yoga. "In short, the Disney star takes care of its wealth and beauty, and never misses a chance to show off new look and always wanted! Despite this, however, admits that when he feels really nice, when it is not made up: "Before I used to feel on top of my glory when I was on the red carpet or at events or when I put in for a shot particular occasion. But now I think that the peak of my beauty is when I can go out with a boy make-up or when I go to the beach without worry and without make-up hair. When you are confident enough of me to show to others without makeup, that is the moment where I feel at the top. "Having said that, after having displayed a beautiful red hair for several months, the beautiful actress and singer opted for a beautiful platinum blonde, one of the most popular color for this hot summer of 2012! In the last several weeks have been really the stars who have chosen for their beautiful blonde hair, first of all the blonde Miley Cyrus and the beautiful Italian singer Anna Tatangelo. But unlike his colleagues, Demi Lovato has decided to "enrich" further its look with a flashy hot pink hair, opting for a nice "crayon hair", one of the latest trends in the "hair color"!As Demi fact, many are really the stars who have opted for multicolor hair, make it ideal for trendy and fun to your style in the summer, to be achieved even in your own home with simple chalks! Check out our gallery and get inspired to renew your look![...]

Summer 2012 Hair color: the clumps of purple Vanessa Hudgens


With the arrival of summer 2012, the colors for the hair to make the craziest, most fun and trendy, especially with regard to the "young". It will definitely something the always beautiful actress Vanessa Hudgens, who recently was spotted with her brand new hair. Strands rather dark purple for the beautiful star, paparazzi while walking the streets of Los Angeles along with her ​​friend. To attract the attention of the paparazzi this time, however, was the form of bright young star, but her hair! Hudgens also has decided to follow in the footsteps of several star before her, by Katy Perry Selena Gomez, Dakota Fanning from the young Ashley Tisdale, and give a touch of vitality and sparkle to his beautiful hair!It is not the first time that the actress surprised us with changes look amazing. Last year, for example, the star was "forced" to give a clean cut his long hair, and also had to "put on" a lot of weight to the interpretation of a pregnant teenager who did not care much about his physical appearance and his look in the film "Gimme Shelter."On that occasion, the actress was thrilled that so much to alter his appearance! "The tattoos, hair, clothes, piercings, the way we do, everything has changed so much that I feel like a completely different person," he told the young star.In addition, spring, Vanessa had sported an unusual hair blonde who left a little to be desired ... Even then it was script requirements, since the actress was to play a role in the film "Spring Breakers".This time it seems Hudgens would choose, in total autonomy, to revive her hair color, a result which is indeed very cute and cool! For its part, the star seems very excited about his new look, and after publishing the photo on her blog of her new hair color, has asked his fans what they thought of the result: "Look what I did ... - writes Hudgens - I have some hair dyed purple. "Immediate messages of appreciation from fans of young actress! Who knows that the purple strands do not become the new "craze color" of the moment ...? Check out our gallery of images dear vain, and let us know what you think! You tingereste of this beautiful color your hair to give a proper welcome to the hot and trendy summer 2012?[...]

The short haircuts more practical and stylish for the summer of 2012


Today we will see you with short hair cuts more practical and stylish for the summer of 2012: it is undeniable that for the summer, a short cut is much more practical and we can also better manage the sea. The cuts short that they are really glamorous, as evidenced by the many celebrities who have chosen them. If you also want to cut your hair, you will be spoiled for choice. The first thing to do but will also seek advice from a hair expert, who can assess for themselves the structure of your hair and the shape of your face to find the most suitable cutting.The cuts short practical and versatile  If you have long hair, decide to cut them very short is never easy. The solution might be to take an average cut, even with the front and part of the strands, the longest: that way you can even change hair up being very trendy and you can decide if you wear your hair smooth or even move. The helmet marched becomes a must, even beloved by celebrities such as Katie Holmes and Victoria Beckham. Remember to ask your stylist to leave the tuft longer and remove more hair on the nape, to have such a chic and sophisticated but also easy to maintain. The bob is a haircut that never goes out of fashion and who is really perfect for all women who want to go, without trauma, with long hair than short.How to make a cut super short womenIf half sizes are not for you, our advice is to venture a short cut, the tomboy. Obviously it will take a bit of courage, especially if you have long hair. Always remember that the cuts are also very short ultra-feminine: But you put a little more attention to the trick that will always be flawless. The most glamorous women combine short hair for summer to effect smokey eyes or red lipstick, always fashionable and very sensual. Even the clothing and accessories must be manicured. It should be said, however, a woman with short hair that maybe wearing a simple sheath dress and a pair of pearl earrings, flashy but not excessive, is at the maximum of our sighted chic!Create movement with colorChanged radically when haircut, you should also think about the color. Not talking about a radical intervention but to create points of light, like sunburn to be really perfect to brighten the face and to give movement to the cut. If you have light brown hair, the council is to create shades of honey color especially on the crest, so as to make it soft and feminine your hairstyle. If you then decide to cut your hair very very short, could also be interesting to think about a radical change of color: how about a platinum blonde haircut to emphasize a tomboy?[...]

Man hair cut style with crest Mohawk Neymar


And after Cristiano Ronaldo and continue Neymar with his hair cut for men with crest Mohawk, the young Brazilian boy wonder who wants to become the new Pele.

Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, ambidextrous striker Santos and National brasialiana, although only 19 years old is already nominated for the Golden Ball.

(image) (image)

Best hair cuts hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo


To all the guys who want a versatile and chic look, I recommend you take some inspiration from the various hairstyles of Cristiano Ronaldo.Leaving aside the fact that he is of unquestionable beauty, her hair always looks short exudes a strong personality and determination.[...]

Become a Diva with these New Long Hair Cuts!


Want to become a true diva without spending enormous amounts of money? No problem, just have the most suitable hairstyle. Dietesane tried for you the best long hair cuts to turn into a beauty like your favorite star and, fortunately, has more advice. Cuts Long Hair (yes, they are all long) that you will soon leave you speechless and will "compel" the hairdresser to run immediately to change hairstyle. Do not believe us?All photos can be extremely pleasant, but do not forget that summer will arrive in just three months and the hair long enough to become annoying and heavy to keep in the warm months. Meanwhile you can spend the spring with the look of a true diva, then to shorten the hair, being careful not to pick too many split ends. That said, we do not want to dwell too much on the presentations and you should see the photo in advance (located just above the text) and spend a few minutes in the tunnel vision of all of these cuts to long hair that could be defined as "divine" (ok, just exaggerating). Good fresh look![...]

Long Hair Trends 2012: From Mouth to Remain Open!


In recent months we have often included some beautiful pictures of hair cuts long, but today we've outdone ourselves. The latest photos posted are the 2012 trends and long hair are so beautiful I can even open your mouth to let the girls who believe they have already pr0vat0 all types of hair. The images come, as always, from the catalogs of the best hairstylists and are ready to be downloaded, printed and displayed on your hairdresser (who should be able to recreate these patterns of hair). In the gallery you will not find only one hair type (straight, curly, etc.), but many examples of long hair for women, a more sexy and attractive than the other.But this is just one of many collections of long hair for women included on our website in recent weeks. I want to remind you to take a look in the "long hair" and peering between the different galleries (much appreciated by our fans). Surely you will find great ideas for a new look, maybe even only one in Italy (where the style is there, but shortage of people who know how to apply it). In the coming days will also trends hair trends for men and short hair and medium, so stay tuned and enjoy the style that we show each day[...]

12 Fabulous Ideas for Long Hair With Bangs and Layered


We never tire of publishing photographs of models with classic long hair, with bangs, layered or slightly scaled. They are absolutely the most beautiful hair ever since the world began, so we are very pleased to present this gallery last year (tomorrow is January 1: New Year, new hair style). During last year we want to show in one collection 3 styles of different hairstyles long divided this way: 4 images of long hair with bangs (very beautiful and provocative), 4 photos of long hair and very scaled and, to finish with a flourish, 4 more photos of hair graduated, but only slightly!In the preview you can see the girl with the fringe on the left (which I think is fabulous), while the right is a picture of that part of the third style of this archive, or in the hair slightly scaled. If you're still undecided on your hairstyle, you can with these new photos definitely clearer in the ideas and prepare a hairstyle worthy of this name. The different styles are created by professional people and will go out of fashion for several months / years, then with one of these cuts go completely on the safe side (as far as fads etc.). My favorite cut? As always, the black one with the bangs![...]

12 Super Elegant Hair Ideas


Having elegant and beautiful hair is a dream easily achievable if you follow our advice and inspires you to our photographs. In 2012, it is not easy to be stylish yet original, or at least it was not until today. With the onset of spring, even different hair professionals presented their new hairdos, giving us the exclusive photos that you will enjoy 100%. Below are several pictures of short hairstyles is that average, always characterized by the same qualities: elegance. Hair is for women only, while those for the boy should arrive by the end of the month.The colors shown in the 12 super stylish photos of hair are of various kinds, some rare and others very common. We recommend trying the first of these two hairstyles top of this page, and if you have more time available to prepare you groped a hairstyle similar to those in the gallery below. But remember that elegance in the hair is good only in certain environments: what is such an elegant hairstyle while running or exercising in gym? But did you know this already, so the way I like to say to me: Call for more talk and pass to our photos![...]

6 Natural Remedies for Dry Hair


By an edge over the sheen of your hair without life with these 6 recipes to prepare the sera of all natural hairdry . Replace commercial products for these natural and economic formulas.Use these economic remedies in favor of the scalp, which restore the natural centezza of your hair. 6 Try the following recipes to create a serum made in house and to increase your index of beauty. Combine the ingredients that moisturize your hair and keep frizz at bay and defibration of the stem. Prepare your laboratory and take a trip to the supermarket to buy some 'of the essential elements that will be used during this session of the alternative treatment of your hair. And do not forget to discover remedies for damaged hair from the plate.6 Natural Remedies for Dry Hair1 - to 5 oils LotionThis recipe combines five of the most beneficial natural oils. Take a bowl and mix 2 tablespoons of avocado oil with 1 tablespoon of coconut oil, 1 tablespoon of grape seed oil, 1 teaspoon of jojoba oil and 1 tablespoon of almond oil. Really worth to bet on this natural lotion if your hair is very damaged.Mix ingredients and pour the mixture into a small bottle. Shake the bottle before using the product on wet hair.2 - lotion with castor oilUse this method is extensively tested to smooth frizzy hair or restore the health condition of your toes damaged. Apply a few drops of castor oil on your fingers and rub your locks.This natural oil can do wonders for your hair off especially if you include the treatment in his own weekly beauty treatment.3 - grape seed oil lotion and lavenderReady to change all those expensive hair products to the benefit of a natural formula? The lotion proposal is good for the hair and comes from a mixture of 100 grams of grape seed oil and 7 drops of lavender oil.To add extra nutrition, add one tablet of vitamin E. However the serum will work even without this addition. Pour the mixture into a container and do not hesitate to use it whenever your hair needs a boost of vitality.4 - lotion jojoba oil and peppermintCombine these two healthy if you're tired of your hair brittle or damaged by heat. A shiny hair is synonymous with a healthy body. Therefore creates a compound from a mixture of 100 grams of jojoba oil and 6 drops of peppermint oil. pour the lotion into a bottle and mix before applying a few drops to damp hair.5 - coconut oil lotionYou do not need other ingredients if you have available to coconut oil. Use this natural ingredient as a remedy to moisturize and fight frizzy ends. applicane a couple of drops on your fingers and sprinkle their hair throughout their length and concentrates on the end if you have the problem of split ends. Leave to dry naturally, without washing away the oil.6 lotion and coconut oil and rose oilEnjoy the revitalizing effect of this serum for natural hair. In a bowl mix 100 grams of coconut oil with 8 drops of rose oil. Pour the cream into a container and shake before applying on your hair. Just use a few drops of lotion to damp hair and let dry. Repeat the procedure every day for 2 weeks to see amazing results.[...]

Hair with Bangs: Spring 2012


Since the early 50's, the most sensual VIP used to always have a fringe of hair provocative and conquer any man on the planet. This custom is still popular even today, when the plaintiffs, not knowing what hairstyles to use, they decided to come back into style fringe. Each fashion is immediately followed by us also to celebrity hairstyle that after a few weeks, we're about to propose exclusive haircuts with bangs for Spring of 2012. Unlike the last gallery of 12 pictures of hair with bangs, now you will have a wider choice of colors, and particularly rare (at least in Italy).But when using a hairstyle with bangs? The places and environments may be different, but special dinners, parties and club seats would be better suited for this type of hair. Remember that hair with bangs make any woman sexy, so think twice before using them with someone you do not care and just do not want to give false hopes. As far as keeping the hair with bangs are not complex to maintain long as just one pass of the plate a day to give that aspect smooth and shiny. In short, good fringe to all our friends![...]

11 Most Beautiful Hair Colors in 2012 hairstyle pictures


Choose a color is never as easy as it might seem. Year after year, in fact, the fashions and hair changes color and all women want to stay updated. That's why even in this 2012 we are ready to provide the best picture ofhair colors that we encountered among the hundreds of galleries of hairstyles. These colors, many girls might seem a bit 'crazy or curious, but you should know that all colors are invented by people very expert in their field (and therefore the best hair stylist, and not only in Italian). What is your favorite color?Mine is not one, but two: those who have entered the opening photo of the item. I want to warn you though that these colors are not very easy to find it everywhere, so if you want to change their hair color with one of those shown in the gallery below, be patient and visit the coolest places and hairdressers in vogue in Italy. Everything else will be as simple as drinking a glass of water. And if these hair colors should not be to your liking, do not miss our weird hairstyles and hair colors all the other proposals in recent months.[...]

Dyed red hair, how to choose and make the color last long


Red hair is dyed a very cool choice at this time, but many hidden pitfalls, so you better be prepared. Red is one of the trendiest colors of the year, but if not your natural color and you have to use a chemical dye and you better have a clear idea about it. Prior to upset your color to try out this cool shades you have to choose carefully the nuances right for you, not all reds are good for anyone, and secondly you need to know that red is a color easy to do, but difficult to maintain and above all to remove the hair when we get tired.The color red is one of the colors easier to do, choosing the right shade not usually have problems, but unfortunately it is quite difficult to maintain, it must be treated with specific products because it tends to fade and lose brightness, and is especially difficult to remove from the hair when you want to return to their color. We give you some tips to get perfect red hair.How to choose the shade of redIf you decide to change your natural hair color for a redhead trendissima, distort it before you have to choose the right shade. Our advice is to always test a color first temporary and then eventually move to a permanent color, as we have already mentioned, the red is a color difficult to eliminate. In general we can say that the fiery red color is a rather peculiar and contrived that, in general has made ​​a rather "fake" of all, in this case is not so much a matter of complexion, the appearance of only certain faces with regular features are emphasized to the best of this color. Turning to other tones, copper, bright red and very very special to give strawberry rgazze with fair skin, because of them are quite natural and harmonious. Of girls with fair skin should be avoided Mediterranean shades of orange, it's better to bet on the darker shades of red, like the auburn in the mahogany and the deep burgundy.How to take a long redWhen you dye your hair is always important to take care to make the color last long. Any shade of red has the disadvantage of easily fade and lose luster wash after wash, it is therefore important to take some precautions so that the least possible stress on the hair. If you have just made the color red to make it last as long as you use products for colored hair, especially shampoo and conditioner for red hair that sometimes contain small amounts of dye that does not help to make the color fade too quickly . To increase the sheen of the hair instead make the final rinse using apple vinegar, is a true portent, or alternatively passed on the hair a jet of cold water. To keep alive a long and brilliant color, if you chose a shade of red you can try doing pretty intense moisturizing masks-revitalizing using plain yogurt and a teaspoon of red henna.[...]

Short hair cuts summer 2012: sexy and feminine


Today I introduce a new gallery of photos of short haircuts for summer 2012 in my opinion, sexy and feminine which include the latest trends. If you want to inject vitality and a modern touch to your look a short cut is what is right for you, in addition to highlighting the eyes, neck and shoulders.We have already spoken several times of the versatility and convenience of short hair, in a few minutes to wash and dry, and just a bit 'of gel or any accessories to transform a disheveled and cut for a casual chic.That are asymmetric, scaled, with tufts more or less long front and shorter on the back or shaved on one side, you just choose (with the help of hair stylist) best suited to your facial appearance and personality, as they have done many stars like Rihanna, Emma Watson, Michelle Williams, Keira Kinightly, Sienna Miller and our Simona Ventura.[...]

10 Haircuts from Oscar! | Hollywood Celebrity Hairstyle


We ask for a hand to the Oscar winners to choose our new hairstyle!It 'a bit' bored to browse fashion magazines without really knowing what to do, would you change cutting but nothing inspires you! But since this is time for Oscar, why not just look at the winners of the precious statue to find the cut that suits us? Very often the Oscar-winning actresses have hairstyles and very interesting! Those wishing to venture may be inspired by Halle Berry with her perky cut has affected everyone, also because of her gorgeous face. Of course you will gain practical: it takes seconds to fix this cut! If you're a classic like your models can be Marion Cotillard, Natalie Portman, especially the first fact has raised a very old Hollywood hair!Then there is the party of hair led by Nicole Kidman, but that also includes Hilary Swank and Kate Winslet! The way forward is to decline from the bun, then according to your needs: very tight security and determination to communicate, or softer to add a touch of femininity to the ensemble![...]

New Hairstyle 2012: Short Hair cuts Ideas For Women


Would you like to make a radical change to your look? There is nothing better than a good short  hair cut in 2012, feminine or edgy, sexy and sharp.The short cuts are ideal for all those who do not have to spend too much time behind the hair, and what could be better if the cuts are also to be more in vogue at the moment?The important thing is to always consider the key factors of a good result that the shape of the face, hair texture and personality, so once you have chosen the cut that best suits you must always seek advice from the hairdresser (at least for the first two features).See below the new photo gallery of short hair cuts for 2012, with a tuft long, asymmetrical, long shaved on one side and the other, in short something for everyone![...]

12 Examples Of Long Hair For Special Events


For special evenings (maybe spend with your him) we do not recommend going out with scaled or hair with the bangs, but to surprise him with your looks innovative and original. In this new gallery of examples you will find 12 hair extremely well suited to flirt with any man on this planet, so it will be impossible for anyone to refuse with hair so sexy and unique. The best cut is certainly among those offered the Stylist Cebada, played by the beautiful model dressed in white with a mix of straight and curly hair (ideal).It 'also very nice hairstyle with red tint, but that kind of cut I would recommend it only to women who want to provoke anyone encounter on their way (which does not therefore seek a serious relationship and stable, but just for fun). But remember, all these examples are beautiful to see, but to keep it takes great patience, a lot of time and investment (including expensive balms, makeup and clothes that are suitable abbinino). But the cuts are great for parties and unique occasions, then saved these types of hair and your stylist to go to the trust, showing how to prepare hair. Good luck for your next conquest!  photos Gallery:[...]

Want Shiny Hair? More than 12 Ideas Here


For women who do not like your hair "old style", that's over 12 brilliant images of hairstyles with different colors and styles. Nowadays are very few girls with their hair bright or brilliant, but in other states (such as the U.S.), this fashion is very current. If you want to stay one step ahead of Italian fashion, we recommend that you save all pictures of hairstyles you brilliant show, the network will not find anything better. What are these shiny hair? Just to make us see more and to surprise everyone around us (let's face it, diamonds are extremely sensual hair).Among the ideas, brilliant hairstyles that give the highest score are 3: the model turned to the left with purple hair, the girl with white hair style "tomboy "(see photo, hairstylist Corthine) and the model of Russell (a classic, but difficult to maintain over time). All other pictures deserve a lower rating, but are still beautiful and can be considered good examples for girls who want to change your look with something brighter. Here you go all the photos. Do not forget to visit the other galleries on the site (long hair, medium hair, etc.).Photos Gallery: [...]

Photos Of Curly Hair Cuts For Short, Medium And Long Trend Winter 2012


Below we propose a picture of Chassis cuts curly hair, short, medium and long for the winter 2012, which I hope will help you some to choose your next cut, or at least give you some ideas on .Curly hair healthy and well cared for if they ooze charm, whether they have a romantic or a more aggressive.To the uninitiated the curly hair is the solution for those who need to gently soften facial angles more pronounced.Photo Gallery Of Curly Hair Cuts For Short, Medium And Long Trend Winter 2012:[...]

Trend Hair Color Stylish Ideas 2012


The new hair color trends 2012 set by hair stylists look amazing and can instantly offer you a boost of style and seductiveness. Hair color plays an important role in physical appearance and style so no wonder women are constantly searching for a stylish hair color that will not only help boost natural beauty but underline individuality also.So if you're ready to make a hair color transformation, select the hues that suit you best. Check out the following stylish hair color ideas and inspire yourself for your next hairstyle transformation![...]

Medium Length Hair Cuts picture winter 2011 2012 female


We continue with the parade of photos of medium length hair cuts for winter 2011 2012 female, strictly scaled, paraded, with fringe or tuft side.We have already discussed in the previous post for versatility and ease of handling medium hair, and how they have the right solution for all those who are tired of long hair, but do not feel (or do not have the courage) to cut short .I'm not here to dwell rather discover the new photo gallery of medium length haircuts for 2011 2012.Photo Gallery Medium Length Hair Cuts winter 2011 2012 female:[...]