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Notifications for MeMail?

Wed, 17 Jan 2018 13:22:30 GMT

Checking for new MeMail is just not I regular thing for me... I get one every once in a blue moon. Can we have notifications within the site (like an info banner at the top of the page) or emails sent when we get MeMail or make it more obvious when there's MeMail waiting in your Inbox (blink tag!!) ?

"Things People Do Differently" -- I can't find it!

Tue, 16 Jan 2018 04:07:35 GMT

Somewhere on Metafilter, there was a massive compilation of all the "I do X and my friend does Y, which one of us is correct?" posts, like about which way toilet paper rolls go, and sock-sock-shoe-shoe or sock-shoe-sock-shoe, or wiping while standing vs sitting. My search skills are failing me. Where on earth was this?

A whale of a Meta!

Mon, 15 Jan 2018 15:05:38 GMT

Halloween Jack posed a question in response to aniola's wonderful post about whales and literature.
"So, can any of you boffins on the blue tell me if there's a longer post than this one?"
I thought it'd be nice to have a place to discuss that subject and share some of the longer posts that have managed to hit MetaFilter.

Metatalktail Hour: Bad Decisions

Sun, 14 Jan 2018 03:28:12 GMT

Good Saturday evening, Metafilter! This week, vignettist wants to hear "stories about bad decisions that people have made - not "I ruined my life" decisions, but "well, we were drunk so scaling a 10ft wall seemed like a good idea at the time". Also, pranks."

No politics, send me suggestions for future weeks, and feel free to discuss anything that's on your pretty little mind this week!

Rejoice! It's the Underappreciated Comments of 2017!

Wed, 10 Jan 2018 04:16:12 GMT

Although many of us are understandably eager to put this year behind us, we cannot do so without observing the time-honored tradition of toasting the comments that made us laugh, cry, or cheer in 2017, but for whatever reason, didn't receive the acclaim that they deserved.

Which comments made by fellow MeFites in 2017 deserve more attention? This is the place to share your own Best Of! As is traditional, please try to stick to comments that received 12 or fewer favorites, and no self-links.

2016, 2015, 2014, 2013...

Hat tip to MonkeyToes, who often posts this thread, but kindly granted me the joy of posting it this year!

Holiday card exchange - Valentine edition

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 03:53:20 GMT

needlegrrl's cheerful holiday card exchange was a fantastically effective way of combating the cumulative grar of 2017. Would anyone be interested in doing a Valentine card exchange by mail?

I'm organizing a Valentine exchange and you're all invited. Send whatever cards you like! If you're interested, please memail me (mochapickle) by Friday, January 18, and let me know:

Your name (first initial+last is fine if you prefer)
Your mailing address
Whether you'd like to participate in US+international or US-only

I'll memail addresses back to you by Sunday, January 21. Your information will only be shared with your particular group. needlegrrl's exchange ended up being about 10 people per group and that was perfect, so I'm aiming for similar group sizes, give or take.

Hope you can join!

136: 2017 year-end call-in show

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 00:45:36 GMT

It's the call-in show! Jessamyn and a very sleepy moi chatter for a bit about site and life stuff in haphazard fashion, interspersed with a couple long strings of calls from a bunch of lovely and occasionaly slightly cheeky MeFites. It was a lot of fun and a minor pain in the ass to put together, and runs about 80 minutes total.Helpful LinksPodcast FeedSubscribe with iTunesDirect mp3 downloadThanks to all the folks who called in (in approximate order of appearance and please forgive any addled username typos): Chura Chura, hexydexy, hippybear, dig dug, MoveableBookLady, ellieboa, Oyeah, Dumsnill, Endotoxin, divabat, Janetland, scruss, ocherdraco, holmesian, Johnny Wllflower, h00py, the child we call Mini McGee, Celsius1414, josher71, Slappy_Pinchbottom, a mysterious poet, Samizdata, a literal anonymous lurker, Mchelly, dances to blue, bondcliff, rmd1023, Fizz, wallaber, rangerfinder 1.4, someone from Chile, Elephants Vanish, Wordshore, Stanczyk, not_on_display, mandolin conspiracy, Tiger bear, Gotanda, ignignokt, Songdog, languagehat, ktamas, alleged poet Claude Cooper, churl, the wrong kind fo cheese, gusandrews, LobsterMitten and her cat Ozzy, tacocat, Pallas Athena, and a whole pile of cheeky Sydney MeFites, with bonus songs at the end by valrus and rangefinder 1.4. Other than that, the non-call-in parts are shorter than usual and all over the place, so: some links! - Kenji Dreams of Sausage by ultraviolet catastrophe - a comment by kenjialt - Riding a Time Capsule Up & Down by MovableBookLady - OUR AUDIENCE INCLUDES by Sokka shot first - Procedural Planet Generator by Zarkonnen (MeFi Post) - Fractals in your Mastodon feed by suetanvil - Animated Advent Calendar by dirtdirt - DECEMBER BEST POST CONTEST! FINAL AWARDS! by Eyebrows McGee - Fanfare Errors / IMDB API Removed by frimble - Was there an increase in the edit window's window? by cgg - Metatalktail Hour: I want to get those stories recognized by hippybear - Neural Networks and AskMe/MeFi by Omnomnom - Who Are The Bloggers of Metafilter? by COD - Art Garfunkel's reading list - Jessamyn's reading list [...]

Metatalktail Hour: Prized Possession

Sun, 07 Jan 2018 00:24:18 GMT

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! Tonight's question comes from zamboni, who wants to know what your most prized possession is! Obviously you have to tell us the story about WHY it's your most treasured possession. Or, you can just tell us what's up with you, how the new year's going, whether it's cold enough to freeze your Winnebago where you are ...

Just avoid politics, and send me ideas if you have them for future Metatalktails!

Staff tags expanded to the Blue and the Green

Sat, 06 Jan 2018 20:23:00 GMT

To make mod notes a tiny bit easier to see and find, we've added Staff badges, like the ones currently used in MetaTalk, to MetaFilter and Ask MetaFilter.

These badges will only appear on those two subsites if a mod is posting using [mod voice], meaning that someone's ramblings about Menger sponges and how they relate to Lemarchand's box will not be marked as a staff note, as that's a personal thing and not a site/policy/moderation thing. They are also retroactive: older posts with mod comments gain the staff badges on those comments as well.

If you want to find mod notes in a thread, you can. Just search for (staff) ... false positives aren't impossible, but the staff badge is that text and searchable. This was already true for MetaTalk, and worth not losing.

The badges in MetaTalk are completely unchanged in behaviour and implementation.

EpiMetaFilter view pony

Sat, 06 Jan 2018 14:56:01 GMT

Could there be a view of all of the posts across all of the sites, MetaFilter, AskMetaFilter, MetaTalk, FanFare, FanFareTalk (???), Projects, IRL, etc.? I love the unique feel of the different sites, but I would love one place to see the flow of activity. Maybe CircuMetaFilter? Would this have a homogenizing effect? Impossible in Cold Fusion? Already attempted and failed miserably?

Hover Pony?

Fri, 05 Jan 2018 15:13:03 GMT

Can either the titles of political posts include a marker that they are political or have the hovertext or some other indicator in the Contact Activity feed say it is political (#potus45) to save me a click and instant click away?

I avoid the political threads like the plague, and I appreciate being able to hide them, but I also love the Contact Activity sidebar as it is kind of my own curated random awesomeness list. However, some of the political threads have non-obvious titles, which means there are non-obvious political links and I end up accidentally clicking on a link for a political shitstorm that takes forever for my browser to load. I can click away or close the tab quickly, but then I have to remember what the name of the political thread is so I can avoid it if more than one contact or more than one comment show up in the Contact Activity sidebar.

Or, do other folks have a better way of dealing with this?

Fucking Fuck, v7

Thu, 04 Jan 2018 21:06:06 GMT

It's time for another FUCKING WTF thread! Not even a week into 2018, the current occupier of the Oval Office has baited Kim Jong-un about having a "much bigger & more powerful" nuclear button, asserted his former political opponent, her chief staffer, and his ex-FBI director should all be in jail, feuded with his former campaign manager Steve Bannon over indiscreet quotes, threatened the publisher of an unflattering insider account of his first year with legal action, addressed the White House press corp with a pre-recorded video, and suspended security aid to Pakistan. As a public service for MeFites, here is a place to cry out, commiserate, and console in the New Year. It's chaos; be kind.

Please feel free to use this thread and MetaChat to unload all your screaming into the void in order to lower the noise in the ongoing US politics threads and reduce the workload for the mod team, as discussed in the Resetting Expectations thread.

❄2018 Winter Check-In❄

Thu, 04 Jan 2018 14:30:03 GMT

Both Canada and the United States are in the midst of a very cold winter blast. What meteorologists have dubbed as a "Bomb Cyclone"! Frigid temperatures, snow, ice, rain, strong winds are things to watch out for. Thought it would be good to have a place for us to check-in and make sure we're all safe and warm. Take care of yourself, your friends, family members, and our furry loved ones (they get cold too). Be careful, plan ahead, wear layers, and as my mom always reminds me, "Cover your head."

Strava Invitation - 2018

Thu, 04 Jan 2018 01:57:42 GMT

Well, it is that time of year again where we promise ourselves to get off the couch and be more physically active, so I just wanted to remind everyone that there is a MetaFilter Strava Club that is open to anyone who wants to join.

Last year when I posted this invite we had 63 members and I detailed all of our accomplishments. Well, this year we have 100 members (YAY!), and I am not going to go through and tally all of our statistics, so just know that we did A LOT!

In fact, we just completed our Polar Bear 5k Run for the third year in a row, and we had a better turnout than ever!

Our group is comprised of a lot of cyclists, more than a few runners, and I think we even have a swimmer or two. Strava accepts all kinds of activities, though, and our club is happy to have anyone who wants to participate no matter what kind of workouts you are doing. So, if you want to join a group of a bunch of friendly MeFites, please do!


Wed, 03 Jan 2018 21:35:49 GMT

Please help me track down the various links people have posted in the MeFi politics megathread that argue that general, across-the-board voter turnout is the key to defeating Republicans in elections.

Over the many, many iterations of the election megathread, lots of theories have been put forth about how to make Republicans lose in 2018 and 2020. The one I've found most convincing is that, given that the Dems actually have more supporters among the population, getting out the vote across the board is the key to their winning elections.

I'd like to find the various links people have put up in favor of this argument, because I want to show them to local anti-R orgs I work with as we plan our strategies this year. But dang are those threads long and numerous, and my Google-fu is failing me. If you posted comments linking to the GOTV argument (or bookmarked them), could you kindly point me to where they live? I'd also gratefully accept a link to a successful Google search that nails this down.

I'll continue to do my own homework by poring over the threads and re-Googling; can y'all help me out in the meantime?

MefiReply Userscript

Wed, 03 Jan 2018 21:05:29 GMT

MefiReply is a new userscript for quote-replying to comments. It works on all Metafilter subsites in both Modern and Classic modes. If you have Tampermonkey or Greasemonkey, you can install it by visiting this page.

Select the portion of a comment you want to quote or just click [reply] to include the whole thing. It will prepend a link back to the original comment.

There's a demo on the Projects post. It's functionally similar to MefiQuote for Modern. I've tested it in Chrome and Firefox. Should function in other browsers, too.

Check out john hadron collider's mefiscripts repository for more Metafilter-specific userscripts, including another I recently wrote to automatically redirect you from the homepage to your 'My Mefi' page.



Tue, 02 Jan 2018 04:50:44 GMT

It was a great month for posts to finish out 2017! Read inside for the month-long winners, final-week winners, category winners, and more!The post that received the most votes via "fantastic" flags, and therefore the best post of the month, was: Korerotia to reo kia rangona ai tona ataahua, about the resurgence of Maori in NZ broadcasting, and backlash thereto, by Start with Dessert Rounding out the top five: Jingle Rock Bell, featuring MeFi's favorite carol and an unimaginably weird extended riff on jingles, rocks, bells, and JBR itself, by GCU Sweet and Full of Grace. The fabled San Buenaventura river: it must exist because it had to, about a river that (spoiler alert!) didn't, by filthy light thief. PRESS ANY KEY WHEN READY, about PC Christmas art, by castlebravo. Boisebration, about mad genius and 17776 author Jon Bois, by brainwane. --- Our best post for the final week was: COMFORT YE, MY PEOPLE, about Handel's Messiah, by the man of twists and turns. Runner up: No more library police? about the death of late fees, by metaquarry --- Prior week best posts: December 1-10, Korerotia to reo kia rangona ai tona ataahua and a tie between FPPs Full of Women and Boisebration; December 11-17, Abortion Clinic Procedure Room as Sacred Space and Let's Be Wizards!; December 18-24, Jingle Rock Bell and The fabled San Buenaventura river. --- First and Second Time Posters Final Week First Posts: The Mind of a Fool, by kariebookish, featuring David Bowie and Thomas Vinterburg. I thought that I had to decide between [how I] identify and [my] career., by lab.beetle, about the life and career of transgender scientist Ben Barres. To live with thee and be thy love, by desert outpost, talking about the perils of one love marriage in India. Named after a famous Finnish programmer, by Soi-hah, introducing us to a programming language that I definitely do not understand! Larkin Poe, by cult-url-bias, sharing the music of the Atlanta roots band. This is not happening, by mumblelard, about comics doing longform storytelling. Second Posts for the final week: The Scene is on Soundcloud Now, by Catastrophe Waitress, pondering indie rock's midlife crisis. This world crucifies you again and again, by suetanvil, introducing us to a Christian industrial rock band, Massivivid. nobody ever came from nowhere more completely than you, by mumblelard, knocking off their second post the same week as their first post!, about the time Orson Welles interviewed Andy Kaufman. You can use the FirstPost tag to find all the fantastic first posts this month, which in addition to those mentioned above included posts by Liesl, mrmurbles, Cheerwell Maker, peppercorn, 8603, esoterrica, springo, Homo neanderthalensis, Xyanthilous P. Harrierstick, faceplantingcheetah, D. Billy, halation, and honor the agreement. In addition to those above, our stupendous SecondPost posters included knownassociate, hexaflexagon, night_train, faethverity, coolxcool=rad, elsietheeel, Hermeowne Grangepurr, bkpiano, and moink. --- Our most-fantastic'd First Time Poster was Liesl with FPPs Full of Women. Second was peppercorn with Be calmly aware that this may periodically expand, contract or combust. The Best Second Time Post goes to knownassociate with The Perfect Crime Was When They Took My Money. Great work by all our first- and second-time posting newbies jumping in with great content! --- Finally, here are links to all the tagged categories this month, so you can flip through and enjoy what individuals were asking for this month! I tried to read and tag every post every day, and I tended a bit towards overtagging to award-providers [...]

Happy New Year!

Mon, 01 Jan 2018 00:26:50 GMT

I just want to thank everybody involved with this marvelous, ridiculous, impertinent website and to extend my fervent wish that (to paraphrase Laurie Anderson) 2018 will be just like 2017—only much, much better.

Metatalktail Hour: RESOLVED!

Sun, 31 Dec 2017 04:00:26 GMT

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! Tonight's topic: What are your New Year's Resolutions?

as always, talk about anything you like that's chatty, just avoid The Politics.

Flavortown loses its flavor. RIP Guy's American Kitchen & Bar

Sun, 31 Dec 2017 01:35:06 GMT

Do you remember flavortown? First discussed on the blue in a metafilter thread, it spawned a meetup, a metatalk liveblog, and was discussed on a podcast episode. It was the subject of many a deleted post.

It's gone now. Metafilter thread. But not forgotten!