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Why doesn't MetaFilter use SSL by default for everyone?

Fri, 16 Sep 2016 18:12:20 GMT

It's opt-in for members, but why not use it by default for everyone?

Any chance of resurrecting this favorites pony request?

Thu, 15 Sep 2016 18:10:23 GMT

After a long day of reading the site on mobile while waiting for stuff, the request here to add a "Favorite this post" link to the "Who favorited this post" page (the one that comes up when you click the link with the number of people who favorited the post) made a lot of sense to me.

I found myself wanting exactly this today, because I keep accidentally hitting the link to view who favorited the post, rather than the +. When I searched for prior discussion, I only found the linked post, written by someone with the same issue. I agree that changing the + area would not be ideal. But I don't feel like this second option brought up in the previous pony request was adequately discussed, so I figured I'd bring it up.

What I'm imagining would be a little more nuanced than the original request. Could it perhaps be a text link that lives on the "who favorited this post" page, above the link to go back to the original post? Maybe it could have phrasing options that would allow you to alternately "Favorite this post" or "Unfavorite this post" from there (the way + and - do within the post itself or on the landing page for each section of the site).

Let me know if this doesn't make sense to anyone. Otherwise, would anyone else like to see this pony run free on the site? If so, are there any technical or UX barriers to adding it, and would it be something the mods would consider testing? Thanks for reading and considering this! I think it would be a real benefit for mobile users.

Can you help me find an article about a fine art scandal?

Thu, 15 Sep 2016 17:53:05 GMT

This article was previously posted to Metafilter, I believe within the last year. It was a long story about a man who worked as a fine art shipper who moved up in the ranks to become an art dealer.

The scandal was related to the fact that he was acting as both a buyer and a dealer to a client. He would buy a piece of art, mark up the price, and then "broker" a sale to his client. It was morally corrupt but potentially legal.

Humiliation: MetaFilter Edition

Tue, 13 Sep 2016 23:55:54 GMT

There's currently a discussion on the blue about not reading. In the article linked, Professor Amy Hungerford references David Lodge's book Changing Places in which a professor invents a literary game called Humiliation in which players confess to embarrassing gaps in their reading. Was wanting to know what some of these gaps might be for my fellow MeFites.

120: Hard Out There For A Nerd

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 22:38:15 GMT

Coming down the pipe a little late because summer scheduling is complicated, Jessamyn and I catch up on MetaFilter, MeFites getting married, MeFites going camping, MeFites arguing about stuff, and all the other things the doldrums of August bring with. This episode is about an hour and forty minutes and covers August 4th through September 7th.Helpful LinksPodcast FeedSubscribe with iTunesDirect mp3 downloadMisc - Dictionary social media shade - Behold, the number 120 - AKA the long hundred AKA Jimmy Wrongdozens - Jessamyn's officiatin' (it was hella scenic) - You say nihilism, I say nihilism - Maps! Free the maps! - Leaning tower of Cheesa Jobs - Administrative Assistant to Accounting Practice by bkpiano - Web Designer/Developer by hellomina Projects - Futile Fonts by scruss - Ghost Patrol: Late Night Snack by aubilenon - Lorem Ipsum by Elementary Penguin - Handspan Theatre 1977 - 2002 by valetta - Demake Bot by ignignokt (a couple of examples) - Kevin's Files by luckynerd MetaFilter - Barber bottles and fire grenades, demijohns and carboys by jessamyn - there exists no evidence for ontological nihilism... by the man of twists and turns - "Maps codify the miracle of existence." by DigDoug - ‾‾‾MAKE‾IT‾‾‾‾ ‾‾‾‾STRANGER‾‾‾‾ by Going To Maine - Your stare was holding by steeringwheel - Edible uses of cheese by Wordshore (of which: Friend acquires a lot of cheese. What to do with it?) - Only shooting stars break the mold by Shmuel510 - Reasons I'm fat by Uncle - Painting the Race to Space by Artw Ask MeFi - What are some surprising things that not everyone can do? by bq - What do you call yourself in the second person singular? by signal - My best manager did this... by Toddles - Cooking shows - YouTube style by Lyn Never - Fictional nerds by azalea_chant - Appropriate to knit during classical music concert? by vacuumsealed - Personal web-surfing at work: Is any amount acceptable? by alex1965 Music Featured this month: - Just a Stranger by erikgrande - Million Watts by chococat - God Only Knows [Beach Boys cover] by not_on_display - Night Train to Memphis by OverlappingElvis MetaTalk - Of which, check out greenish's latest Music podcast - Discussion of "derp" by hydropsyche - Olympics on FanFare by cortex - Happy Fun September by filthy light thief - Mazel Tov! by not_on_display FanFare - last month: Rio Olympics - starting today: Rio Paralympics - also you should totally watch Stranger Things [...]

Zen and the Art of Moderation

Wed, 07 Sep 2016 15:46:35 GMT

Does a write-up exist of the MetaFilter philosophy of moderation?

My town's local subreddit is undergoing a civil war. Long-standing toxic moderation has driven away enough souls that a new, kinder, gentler alternate sub has coalesced and is gaining momentum. I'd love to post an inspirational link there to the MetaFilter philosophy of moderation (since we all know that MetaFilter is the apex of civility for which all other forums should strive), but my Googles are turning up blank.

I was promised Happy Fun September

Tue, 06 Sep 2016 22:36:55 GMT

I do not like having ableist slurs on the front page of Metafilter.

We wouldn't accept sexism, racism, homophobia, or transphobia there. Now it's time to do better with ablism. This word is nothing but a clever way to say the r-word and just as unacceptable in grown up society. And it makes me especially sad because I really was excited about Happy Fun September. (closed)

Lynchian PC Game

Tue, 06 Sep 2016 18:07:54 GMT

I've been looking in the Metafilter archives for a post about a free downloadable PC game. It had a retro side scroller design that was heavy into atmosphere and dream logic with a kind of a Soviet Russia look to it. It only had a number for a title (about four to six digits long) and the protagonist wasn't human (toaster? sandwich? yeah, that kind of odd). I'm pretty sure this was before I joined Metafilter in 2013 because otherwise I would have it favorited, and all my searches have all come up empty. Anyone remember it?

Happy birthday to the First Librarian!

Mon, 05 Sep 2016 16:19:25 GMT

Our Jessamyn was one of the first blogging librarians; in fact, I think she started her blog back when the term was "web log." A free speech advocate, author, computer literacy practicioner and pretty good pool player, Jessamyn has helped set the tone for the way Metatalk and AskMetafilter have evolved and we have been very lucky to have her input on tons of questions over the years. Happy birthday, Jessamyn! ♥

Witness the power of a fully operational hivemind

Mon, 05 Sep 2016 16:16:59 GMT

Ask Metafilter, the internet's go-to source for sane, competent advice and information, reached its 300,000th question this week. (Previously, 200,000 and 100,000.)

MetaFilter on Gitter?

Wed, 31 Aug 2016 23:04:12 GMT

According to Social Explorer, there are 230 Mefites on GitHub and thousands more on Twitter. While MetaFilter Chat is a great institution, I'm curious if folks would be interested in having a chat community on Gitter as well - it's a sort-of-Slack that uses Github and Twitter credentials for validation. (This is quite definitely fixing a problem that doesn't exist, but sometimes asking about those is a way to find out that they do.)

Happy Fun September

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 16:09:05 GMT

As [northern hemisphere] summer winds down, [other people's] kids are back in school and [US] politics ramp up, I would like to suggest more happy and/or fun posts in September. More cats and kittens! More puppies and dogs! If you find spiders to be cute and/or amazing, post some! Whatever strikes your fancy, share it!

Caution: Happy Fun September may suddenly accelerate to dangerous speeds.

Happy Fun September contains a liquid core, which, if exposed due to rupture, should not be touched, inhaled, or looked at.

If Happy Fun September begins to smoke, get away immediately. Seek shelter and cover head.

Do not taunt Happy Fun September.

Happy Fun September! Accept no substitutes!

Trying to find a short story about AI and parallel universes

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 10:51:05 GMT

I'm trying to find a short story about AI and parallel universes that I'm sure I saw somewhere on Metafilter a couple of years ago but I can't seem to turn it up anywhere. IIRC it was set in Edinburgh and it might have been by Charles Stross? Does anyone remember this or has Mr Stross infected my brain with a virus?

Just the facts, m'am

Tue, 30 Aug 2016 00:53:46 GMT

In a post about Colin Kaeperneck and the Star Spangled Banner, Potomac Avenue attributed to Kaeperneck statements the quarterback did not make. In response to a question I asked in the comments, Potomac Avenue acknowledged the attribution was based on a misreading of one of the articles linked to the post. However, this did not result in a correction of the error of fact that's contained in the original post.

I don't know whether this type of correction would be the responsibility of the original poster or a moderator.

The FAQ and related post on when to use flagging didn't mention flagging to correct an error of fact, and I don't know whether Metafilter has any policy regarding editorial responsibility for accuracy. Is there an assumption that Metafilter makes some effort to ensure the accuracy of factual information posted or should readers take a more or less caveat emptor attitude toward the reliability of information offered as fact (rather than opinion or analysis) in posts on the site?

It's this general question, rather than the specific case that started me thinking about it, that I'm interested in. Who should be responsible for the factual accuracy of posted material: the author, the moderators or both?

Mazel Tov!

Mon, 29 Aug 2016 05:18:57 GMT

Yesterday, MeFi's Own chrismear and greenish got married! Huzzah! Shadchen Jessamyn officiated. Songs were sung. The minister's RV was pushed out of the moor, if you catch my drift.

Were you the nearly megafamous MeFite?

Sat, 27 Aug 2016 22:10:45 GMT

Refound an anecdotal comment from OverlappingElvis on how he was once in a band with people who became Walk the Moon. If it's not too painful/regretful for people to say (or, maybe it'll help and bring closure?), have you been in a situation, group, job, team, project, garage band, whatever, and some or all of the others went on to great glory - but yourself, less so? (This may by definition exclude MeFites who are actually megafamous but if they have any great relevant anecdotes would love to hear them anyway)

Wow, a Whole Week?

Tue, 23 Aug 2016 04:06:40 GMT

Over eight years ago, I asked a question about the relative frequency of MetaTalk threads over a stated period. I was just wondering if there has been any further observed data on lengthy gaps between sequential threads in that particular forum.

Just a note of thanks, really

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 01:30:19 GMT

Hey hey. After a year and a half in gestation, I'm in the process of wrapping up a manuscript for delivery to my publisher this week. And so now I'm finally getting to what is, by far, my favorite aspect of working on a book, which is writing the Acknowledgments. And you're in them!

It's a wonderful thing, always, to emphasize that any project of this sort is necessarily a shared endeavor, and to be able to thank everyone who contributed to it out loud, in public and by name. But that "in public" part is important to me, and though a book is otherwise in many ways a pretty high-visibility platform, I do fret that not many people actually read Acknowledgements. On the reasonable chance that nobody here would ever see it otherwise, then, I just wanted to share with you the following:

I am profoundly indebted to the MetaFilter community for pointing me at sources, acquainting me with unfamiliar perspectives and forcing me to sharpen my argument. One thread in particular was rich in contributions that chimed with my own experience, and confirmed my intuition that I was headed in an interesting direction, and I want to thank everyone who contributed to it. I specifically wish to express my profound gratitude to MetaFilter user kliuless: indefatigable if unknowing research assistant, without whom my section on blockchain technology would have been so much shallower.

As those of you who have done this know, the hard part actually starts now — we get into a few rounds of edits and revisions, and all of that is likely to be just as grueling as putting the words on the page in the first place. But the basic structure is all there, and if at any point in the past two years, you've written here on the topics of automation, algorithms, augmented reality, cryptocurrency and the blockchain, digital fabrication or the internet of things, in a very real way you helped me frame it out. Please know that you have my gratitude.

Paganism is a thing some people here practice

Tue, 16 Aug 2016 00:26:00 GMT

This post is a perfect example of spiritual disrespect on multiple levels. I think it is fair to ask that we be accepting that others have different beliefs, and under the umbrella of paganism there are tons of belief systems that have existed much longer than the early 1990's. I know metafilter is host to a swath of beliefs and non beliefs regarding spiritlaity what that means and how to express it. Those who identify as pagan or a subset of paganism deserve as much respect as other religious groups, and have very real struggles of discrimination. How can we do this better? (closed)

Post your seasonal reading/ listening/ whatever list!

Mon, 15 Aug 2016 00:34:40 GMT

Inspired by this post on the blue about Barack Obama's summer reading list, I thought it would be interesting if mefites posted lists of what they plan to or have read, listened to, or watched this summer. I don't want to leave out people in the Southern Hemisphere, though, so feel free to post seasonal lists for whatever the season you may be experiencing!