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Metatalktail Hour: Now a Major Motion Picture!

Sun, 18 Feb 2018 01:14:41 GMT

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, blnkfrnk would like to know "what book people would choose to adapt to a movie. If it has already been adapted, what would you do differently? Casting choices, rewrites, choice of book, type and style of movie, all are open to debate."

As always, they're conversation-starters, not limiters, so talk about anything you want! (Except politics.)


Wed, 14 Feb 2018 23:48:31 GMT

There was a shooting in a Florida high school today, it is still a developing story and I'm sure you can seek out that news should you feel so inclined. I want this post to just be about love/kindness/friendship. Maybe you did something special for a loved one, or a family member, a friend, or a complete stranger. It might be a smile you received or your holding the door open for someone. Whatever it is, feel free to share it with us. I just wanted a place for us to connect, we're in this world together trying to get through it all. It may be strange to say, but I love all of you wonderful and crazy MeFites. Be kind to each other. Happy Valentine's Day!

Mefi Card Club!

Mon, 12 Feb 2018 04:34:14 GMT

Based on the wild successes of recent Metafilter card swaps (latest Metatalk thread with all the previouslies here) , and mochapickle's genius idea, I've put together a Card Club, where mefites can sign up to send cards on a regular basis, and receive cards in the month of their special occasion. Have a stash of stationary waiting to be sent? Interested in getting some awesome cards sent your way? Read on!

How this will work:

1 -- Send me an email at , just saying something along the lines of "i want in"
2 -- I will send you a registration form, asking for:
-Mefi Username
- Email address
- Address to send cards to
- Date(s) (at least the month) you would like to receive cards for.
- Any other info you want the card sender to know.
Once you fill that out, you are in.

3 -- Once a month, between the 1-3, I will send a monthly opt-in form, asking for your username, if you want to send a card, if yes how many, and if there's any info you need to change or any other comments.

4 -- Around the 10th of the month (+/- 1 day), I'll take the number of yes cards and divide them by the number of cards requested for that month, and send out card assignments to people. Then, they send! People receive and are happy!

I'll make sure that everyone that signs up gets at least 1 card sent to them per occasion.

I'm good to start this for March recipients, but the timeframe will be a bit crunched. Whoever emails me to sign up will get 2 forms immediately - the registration, and February's opt-in. I'll cut it off at the 15th, and send assignments then.

Sound like fun? Send an email!

Metatalktail Hour: Olympic Fever!

Sun, 11 Feb 2018 01:32:03 GMT

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! Tonight, Slarty Bartfast wants to talk about the Olympics, and hear about your favorite event, favorite Olympic memory, favorite Olympic event, favorite athlete, or anything else Olympic in nature!

As always, it's a conversation starter, not limiter, so talk about whatever's up with you (excluding only politics).

If you're actually watching the Olympics right this minute and want to talk about the immediate action, there's a FanFare thread here!

Fanfare Etiquette Issue

Fri, 09 Feb 2018 01:39:36 GMT

I don't want to be the one posting this thread, and that's a problem.The discussion of Altered Carbon led to some hurt feelings. I don't want to call anybody out - I believe the incident occurred due to some misunderstandings about best practices rather than bad intentions on anybody's part. Moreover, I certainly should have helped out sooner (more on that below), so if anybody's guilty, I am too. So... no callouts should be implied, at least not by me. Several posters in Fanfare Talk expressed an interest in having a MetaTalk thread to increase visibility about these issues, so I wanted to help with that too. Original discussion thread is here. Anyway, rather than increasing the grar surrounding this, I thought it might be helpful to remind everybody of a few things going forward: * It's okay to post a new thread about a show in Fanfare if you would like to discuss spoiler-laden content. This is especially appropriate for discussion that needs to leap over to books, like Altered Carbon. It's okay to have multiple threads about the same content to keep people from getting spoiled. Several people expressed feeling like posting a new thread would be 'stealing' a show from someone else. This is not the case: anybody who would like to post about something is free to do so. The bar for a post in Fanfare is also pretty low - there's no need to grab up external sourcing or write a recap or anything else except make it very clear what discussion is fair game, (and maybe think of some funny tags - everybody loves funny tags). In fact, I checked with cortex earlier today, and he said it was even okay to discuss multiple shows in the same thread if the thread is clearly labeled that way above the fold. For instance, if you wanted to make a discussion about 'DS9 vs. Discovery S1,' you could do that too as long as anybody can see it before they risk getting spoiled. Nobody can 'own' a show. There are a few cases where dedicated posters are leading long-running rewatches, (such as the current Star Trek Voyager reviews), but even there, the main posters have made it clear anybody can take a turn if they want with no hard feelings. This is a shared community space, anybody can lead a discussion. In fact, posting a thread doesn't mean you have to lead the discussion: I posted the S1 Altered Carbon thread even though I haven't finished the season yet, and don't intend to read the thread until I do. Part of the reason I'm posting *this* thread is that I should've thought of that sooner, and wanted to remind everyone else of the option. * It's okay to flag or hit the contact form if you see something that bothers you in a thread. I used to be shy about contacting the mods, but not anymore. Don't leave a note in the thread, (especially not in this age of never-ending nightmare political megathreads diverting everybody's attention), just hit them up via flag or contact form, they'll react swiftly and politely. * When in doubt about a binge show, it may be best to just post a season thread. With shows like Altered Carbon or any of the Netflix Marvel content, where the season drops all at once, per episode threads don't see a lot of traffic except for season premieres (which usually get more spoiler-laden the longer they go, as happened with AC) or finales. It seems like the best thing to do with a show that drops all at once is to go ahead and post a full season discussion thread, and leave episode specific threads to anybody who really actually just needs to talk about one episode in particular. Alternately, if you sincerely just want to talk about a first episode, maybe leave a note in the post reminding people to make a new thread if they want the talk to move on. You shouldn't have to, but it may be helpful anyway. That's what I've got about this. And again, these are intended as friendly reminders from a poster who loves Fanfare and wants to keep the space chill and welcoming. No blame is intended, and if I missed a[...]

What have you been making lately?

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 22:16:07 GMT

Making things is a pretty common coping mechanism, and hell knows a lot of us have been low on cope this past year. I'm curious: what have you created lately that you're proud of? Baked anything elaborate? Written a story you're proud of? Knit a hat or crocheted a blanket? Created a little community? Built something? Written a program? Tell us about it!

Calling all Cards!

Thu, 08 Feb 2018 03:10:19 GMT

Having just mailed my cards for Project G.I.V.E. M.E. (that is, Great Internet Valentine Exchange, Metafilter Edition), and having had at least as much fun as I did with the winter holiday cards, I'm wondering if there's enough momentum and interest for another project.

But what international observation is coming up? Easter, maybe? The first day of Spring? May Day?

Or should we try something a little more complex, like participants' birthdays? (Or birth months, if they're not comfortable sending the date over the intertubes.) Either each person could have a single birthday buddy, or it could go within small groups like Christmas and Valentine's did.

Thoughts, ideas, Maurice Chevalier imitations?

Midwinter Holiday Card X
Valentine's Day Card X

An Unofficial Index of MetaFilter Megaposts

Wed, 07 Feb 2018 22:50:09 GMT

I love megaposts. So I made an index of megaposts with more than about 900 words.Arts High Weirdness By Mail, JHarris, 8/27/12, (11,434 words) kookliterature, outsiderart Gigographies, Knappster, 12/30/11, (1,716 words) concerts, posters As the Nights Get Longer, What Is Better Than Weird Audio Dramas?, GenjiandProust, 10/7/17, (1,184 words) paranormal, podcasts This is not your grandmother's crafting web site, orange swan, 7/29/09, (1,122 words) crafts, upcycling La Divine Comtesse, elgilito, 9/16/17, (1,011 words) photography, selfportrait Eichler, Cliff May and the invention of the California Ranch Style home, joseph conrad is fully awesome, 7/4/14, (994 words) architecture , midcenturymodern Whitewashing All of Mankind, orthicon halo, 12/21/15, (983 words) murals, publicart Acting/Theater You can't get un-famous. You can get infamous, but you can't get un-famous., zarq, 12/17/12, (1,033 words) interview, acting Chess: A Musical, hippybear, 9/17/12, (1,020 words) conceptalbum, musical The Devil's Auction, zamboni, 3/13/12, (993 words) theater, dancing Books A Book by Its Cover: The strange history of books bound in human skin, mandolin conspiracy, 10/23/16, (1,117 words) mementomori, books Illustrated Travel Books of the Edwardian Era, Wobbuffet, 7/9/16, (1,109 words) illustration, travelogue Comics Let Me Tell You About Homestuck, rorgy, 10/16/14, (6,245 words) webcomic, interactivefiction John: Quickly retrieve arms from drawer., Rory Marinich, 11/17/11, (979 words) webcomic, interactivefiction Fashion/Clothing why we care about what we wear, flex, 8/15/14, (1,977 words) fashion, feminism I think you're really well meaning and nice but no one wants a satchel, joseph conrad is fully awesome, 12/22/14, (1,295 words) satchel, fashion Korean fashion and design that is Having a Moment, joseph conrad is fully awesome, 7/26/14, (1,271 words) southkorea, kpop finding the right bra size and best fit, flex, 5/31/12, (1,068 words) bra, fitting Biography You need have no fear of any failure -- the life and explorations of Percy Fawcett, filthy light thief, 12/29/11, (2,109 words) exploration, lostcivilizations The Art And Activism Of Jimmy Somerville, hippybear, 4/28/12, (2,016 words) jimmysomerville, gayactivism All Hail King Zog!, Eyebrows McGee, 12/2/11, (1,578 words) albania, obituary Charles de Thierry: man of many lands, king of none, filthy light thief, 8/16/12, (1,487 words) newzealand, history Ishi, last of the Yahi: of two worlds, and in three centuries, filthy light thief, 8/8/12, (1,245 words) ishi, nativepeople If you can read this you are now a pope, mediated self, 1/11/12, (1,181 words) discordianism, subgenius Lasseter: the man who found that fabled reef, a man from death returned, filthy light thief, 7/25/17, (1,148 words) australia, gold Marty Feldman: "I am too old to die young and too young to grow up", filthy light thief, 9/16/16, (1,096 words) television, comedy Frederick Law Olmsted: from anti-slavery reporter to public place maker, filthy light thief, 6/7/17, (1,021 words) publicspace, slavery Acting is not my favourite thing, NordyneDefenceDynamics, 4/20/16, (904 words) obituary, awesomewomen Computing/Internet Where do you want to go today?, JHarris, 8/24/15, (3,446 words) microsoft, windows95 Demoscene - The Art of the Algorithms, Z303, 4/9/12, (1,853 words) demoscene, computergraphics Foursquare with Space Noises comes to iOS, radwolf76, 7/18/14, (1,596 words) ingress, augmentedreality The Future is Now, Rhaomi, 4/5/16, (1,441 words) virtualreality, oculusrift Virtual Archaeology: Active Worlds Turns 15, Rhaomi, 7/4/10, (1,392 words) activeworlds, 3d Follow the world., me3dia, 1/20/14, (1,372 words) twitter, tweets They're not human... yet, satoshi, 9/2/15, (1,297 words) vocaloid, voicesynthesizer Skinning: Computer Interface Customization, filthy light thief, 4/17/12, (1,156 words) skinning, winamp This [...]

Fucking Fuck 8th Edition

Wed, 07 Feb 2018 19:35:08 GMT

US Politics (& whatever else) vent thread. The old one closed (over 30 days old).

How bout if I go first? I can NOT believe with every new political mishap how fresh the horribleness is. Seriously? A military parade?? WHY are we placating this utter MORON? I've been trying to take breathers, but it's like going on vacation: you don't want to completely unplug from your email, because the mountain will be that much higher upon return.

137: It Descended Into Butts

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 23:08:54 GMT

This episode, jessamyn and I catch up on the last month and change of MetaFilter, discuss books and the reading-or-not thereof, and workshop the title of this podcast episode briefly. Recorded Tuesday February 6th, it covers January and bits and pieces of December while we're at it, and runs about 75 minutes.Helpful LinksPodcast FeedSubscribe with iTunesDirect mp3 downloadMisc - 137 is notable because well shit neither of us are sure really - cortex has been reading a book called Beyond Geometry that this website is about - jessamyn has been reading The Road Taken - I Wanna Be The Guy - jessamyn's very good Scrabble game MeFi Jobs - Taxation bureaucracy Australia by Barbara Spitzer - I need a knit Adult JCVJ Onesie by Nanukthedog Projects - I made a Blockchain by bondcliff (MeFi Post) - OpenStreetMap for mefi by farlukar - Box breathing box by tmcw (MeFi Post) - How I Became A 44 Year Old Rapper by jasondigitized (cf. this related Ask) - MeFi Post Recommendation Engine by tomasbielskis - Web archiving for bots by ignignokt FanFare - SUPERBOOOOOWL - Star Trek: Discovery is pretty good y'all MetaFilter - probably getting tired of the "oh, your skull, is it" jokes tho by cortex (via jessamyn via mltshp via TheGoodDeath) - He's like "Your decisions in life are horrible" by jessamyn - "This is definitely the let's-get-the-fuck-out-of-here section." by jessamyn - PLATFORMERS! SIDESCROLLERS! METROIDVANIA! by Fizz - Favrd's down by holgate - Hunter and Bears, obviously by Eyebrows McGee - Math rock, but with actual math by Cash4Lead - Warning: Graphic Content by Horace Rumpole (e.g., e.g., e.g.) - conversation piece by fearfulsymmetry - Why am I so lazy? by AFABulous Ask MeFi - Single-artist tributes to single albums? by pxe2000 - How do old people find new music by Automocar - What are you favorite satisfying activities or habits? by sucre - Podcasts to sleep to by OrangeVelour - Remote realtime tools for socializing by Lyn Never - Looking for a customer service service by tellumo - So You Just Got Your Genome Sequenced... by not_on_display - Any good verbal games for car rides? by mhh5 MeFi Music Featured in this episode: - Seawrack by grobstein - Perilous Motion by Annika Cicada - Samson by alexx51 - Close Enough by ageispolis - Keeping up with my friend's five year old on drums by umbú MetaTalk - Cultural referents by mwhybark - "Things People Do Differently" -- I can't find it! by erst - LearnedLeague signup roundup 2018 by Huffy Puffy [...]

Delete post button on duplicates

Tue, 06 Feb 2018 15:30:55 GMT

Could we have a delete post button on the preview page when a Mefi post has duplicate links in it? At the moment you have to click new post again to delete the draft.

Metatalktail Hour: Comfort Food

Sun, 04 Feb 2018 05:01:43 GMT

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! This week, I want to know your favorite unusual comfort foods, because winter makes me hungry!

As always, it's a conversation-starter, not limiter, so talk about whatever's up with you; send topic ideas to me; and avoid politics. I'm going to pretend I had a good reason for being late with the thread this week, but honestly I got sucked into Step-Sisters on Netflix.

Looking for "Forget Democratic Socialism—We Need Real Socialism"

Fri, 02 Feb 2018 20:08:36 GMT

My search powers on MeFi and on Google have failed me. I could have sworn somebody in one of the MeFi politics megathreads linked to an article (I thought it was in The Nation, but it's looking like nope) whose premise was that, while progressive-left movements like DSA are fine, there's actually a golden opportunity to be seized by the USA adopting some major actual socialist measures.

I know for sure the article was in a not-explicitly-socialist source (e.g., Jacobin) and it mentioned the US government straight-out buying huge tracts of property for affordable housing, and straight-up investing a ton of money into index funds to bolster the economy. And if I'm correct, it was a recently-published article (say, less than a month or two old).

Anybody remember seeing this?

Cultural referents

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 18:19:25 GMT

This morning I came across a comment from one of our Culture-cohort MeFites, and idly wondered, hm, how many Minds* do we have here?

Some equally idle searching and poking about and I was able to locate three, but strongly suspect there are more. Are there others? Care to come forward or note others in passing?

GSV EndsOfInvention
GSV Bora Horza Gobuchul
GCU Sweet and Full of Grace

*("Minds" is the term the late Scots novelist Iain M. Banks used to name his advanced interstellar AI, which generally can also be thought of as starships. But you, dear MeFite, knew that already).

"Where's My Cut?" has disappeared

Thu, 01 Feb 2018 00:34:17 GMT

Any idea wher I can find Jess Zimmerman's piece ""Where's My Cut?": On Unpaid Emotional Labor". Since The Toast folded, I haven't been able to find it. (Thanks Google.)

"We're Sorry — A Server Error Occurred"

Mon, 29 Jan 2018 03:48:08 GMT

I've been getting this error message for months, across multiple platforms (Windows, Mac, iPad, iPhone) but today it's reached a peak. I've been refreshing the "Recent Activity on My Favorites" page over the last nine hours and haven't yet been able to get it to load.

This seems clearly not to be the "one-time thing" the error message suggests it might be. Any ideas what's wrong and whether there's a solution in sight?

There's a Fanfare Talk?

Sun, 28 Jan 2018 22:21:20 GMT

Alright. So I saw FanFare Talk for the first time today. There seems to be a good reason for FanFare Talk, but seriously - it was a hunt to accidentally stumble upon a post from it, and then another hunt to go back and find that there were other FanFare Talk posts...

Of all the things we could consider hiding, is it possible to hide them on this site better than this? Or... to phrase it another way - is it possible to make FanFare Talk just a little clearer than FanFare -> Notice slightly different shaded bar that has FanFare Talk listed on it and say WTF is this - and why is this so hard to find?

Am I wrong? Have I seriously been just living under a rock? I don't know if this is a site thing, a navigation thing, a taxonomy thing, a UI thing, a new things need to be done in weird ways to address old thing limitations things... Anything? Is there a way to make this better? Are there other semi-hidden sites within MetaFilter? Where on Maslow's Hierarchy of Maintaining a Web Community does this fit?

Metatalktail Hour: Potent Quotables

Sun, 28 Jan 2018 01:42:00 GMT

Good Saturday evening, MetaFilter! Tonight's Metatalktail topic, from filthy light thief: potent quotables, or quotes that are lodged in your brain and are now your normal response to certain phrases or situations. Of course we also want to hear what's happening with you and yours, or what's on your mind, or really anything except politics!

Bruce H. passed away

Thu, 25 Jan 2018 23:21:34 GMT

My brother and long time user "Bruce H." passed away at his home on 6 January, 2018 and asked me to let folks know so that his contacts would not be left wondering "whatever became of Bruce H.?" He was as the oldest son in a very large family and we all miss him dearly. Thank you all - Kerstin

Broken button in blue: bounce to bottom borked

Sun, 21 Jan 2018 06:47:53 GMT

Seems as if the little arrow that takes you to the bottom of a post (I swear I knew what it was called once) isn't working for me on mobile.

Dark theme by preference but busted on the others as well, using Android, sitewide. Probably been a week or so? It's not a button I use often, though of course I want it all the time now that it's borked.

I did just update Chrome, haven't tried other mobile browsers.
The arrow acts like it's clicked, highlights, but doesn't do anything even when I mash it mindlessly. Is this a known problem? Anyone else?

(what a boring first post on the grey)