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Mon, 11 Dec 2017 05:18:39 GMT

Click within to discover the full glory of the first week of the December Best Post Contest, including best posts of the week, all our first- and second-time posters for the week, and a recap of categories for the month-long contest!Our weekly best post for December 1-10, determined by member fantastic flags, was: Korerotia to reo kia rangona ai tona ataahua, a post about the use of the Māori language by New Zealand broadcasters and the backlash thereto, containing extensive links to Māori language resources, by Start with Dessert, which won with an astonishing FIFTY-FOUR FANTASTIC FLAGS. (The runners up had ten apiece.) We had a tie for Runners Up: FPPs Full of Women, by Liesl, celebrates places on the internet -- podcasts, books, videos, even google doodles! -- where you can learn about amazing women in history and their achievements. And she has the further distinction of being a first-time poster with this post! Boisebration, by brainwane, contextualizes the work of MeFi favorite Jon Bois, author of 17776 and Breaking Madden. --------- Our fantastic First-Time Posters for December 1-10 include: Liesl's above-linked post about FPPs Full of Women. mrmurbles with Don't blame the election on fake news. Blame it on the media. which examines the statistical coverage of the 2016 election. Cheerwell Maker with The invisible struggle for autistic women, about the difficulties and discrimination autistic women face in receiving an accurate diagnosis and accessing appropriate services. peppercorn, who wants us all to Be calmly aware that this may periodically expand, contract or combust. as we listen to Spotify microgenres. 8603, with A lot of information about kefir (and other homemade natural foods), which is pretty much what it says on the tin! esoterrica, who for World AIDS Day let us know that "We are in a golden age in HIV vaccine science." with copious supporting links. springo, who waited ELEVEN YEARS to make a first post, and finally dove in with On Reading and Books, which digs into Schopenhauer's attitudes towards reading (and books). --------- Our stupendous Second-Time Posters are: knownassociate, with The Perfect Crime Was When They Took My Money, about a very, very bad play. (And who made their first post during July's contest!) hexaflexagon, with Everything was creaky and it was just so crowded with books, where you leave a voicemail about your favorite book. night_train, whose first post was in 2011, says that The pipes are calling, in a post about the Irish uileann pipes and their use among Travellers, which also holds the distinction of making Danny Boy be stuck in my head for the most days this December. faethverity, with two great tastes, about Rogue-like nethack-like puzzles but it's hard for me to describe because I keep dying immediately. coolxcool=rad (so true), with Hi, my name is Tony..., about the conclusion of the film analysis video channel Every Frame a Painting. --------- If you're following along with our month-long mod- and user-created topic awards, you can see the list of topics here, or follow links to their tags below: Mods: GeometricArt -- Books, Libraries, Reading -- Religion, Theology -- FoodCulture -- PatternRecognition -- HistoricTech Users: AwesomeWomen -- FizzLit -- Procrastination -- WeirdMusic Museums -- Americana -- Paper DeadArt -- Nobit -- DecMakers -- Suomi100 RestOfWorld -- KeepMefiWeird -- Animation -- BestofthePast Contest: First Post -- Second Post Special triple thanks to frimble for making me the tool that lets me check fantastic flags and first- and second- time posters, and to rangefinder 1.4 for linkifying all these categories for me, saving me a huge amount of time! [...]

Known issue: logged-out search not working right now

Sun, 10 Dec 2017 15:18:16 GMT

Quick heads up since a number of folks have noted/asked about this: yes, the search function for logged-out readers is currently not working. It throws up a complaint that is unhelpful but also not dangerous: "Unauthorized access to internal API. Please refer to...". We'll have it fixed soon, but just a heads up that (a) it is indeed a thing and (b) it's not something to worry about. Sorry about the annoyance!

Metatalktail Hour: Dream Homes

Sun, 10 Dec 2017 09:18:19 GMT

Filling in for Eyebrows, who has been busy with Best Post Contest tagging, I bring you a Metatalktail suggestion from mefite sharp pointy objects, who would love to see members' "links to a home listing of their dream home in their dream city (or area) and [explanation] why this is their dream home/area. I love looking at home listings and would love to see other people's opinions and get to know them better."

To expand this just a bit, descriptions would do as well as links, imaginary places are fun, too, and if you're living your dream, well, that would be absolutely lovely to hear about, as well!

Remember, no politics, but fun thoughts and ideas associated with the topic are fine. As LobsterMitten says, "It's a conversation starter, not a limiter."

Thank you Thank you Thank you

Sat, 09 Dec 2017 16:02:48 GMT

This year was incredibly hard for me in a lot of ways.

My mom was catastrophically sick for most of it, then passed away. A long-lost, unknown sibling appeared. I was laid off at the end of May, my son suddenly lost his disability, and a bunch of other stuff that just drains a person of energy and hope.

Not only did a bunch of members comment on the posts relating to those things, but several members reached out off site to offer all sorts of support - emotional and otherwise.

I just wanted to acknowledge and thank you so much for your help. I am and will remain beyond grateful for this site and all of you.

And on a positive note, after six and a half months of unemployment, I now have my CDL license and I'm employed as a school bus driver.

Thank you again for caring and happiest of holidays from the 80 Cats family.

The pitter-patter of Mefite feet

Fri, 08 Dec 2017 02:19:06 GMT

Good news is the best news: Mefites supercrayon and Paragon welcomed a healthy baby girl to the world on December 6, at 10:24pm local time.

Bubs is 8 pounds 4 oz and enjoying being the centre of the world. Mum/Mom is resting up and doing fine. Dad is adjusting to the new normal. I'm an uncle again. Cheers all round!

Thank mod(s)!

Thu, 07 Dec 2017 20:40:10 GMT

I've never made one of these, but today I signed up to make a small monthly donation. The work the mods have been doing on the political threads is incredibly appreciated. I rely on those threads to have a sense of what's going on without having to go to twitter or facebook. Thank you mods for all the hard work you are doing. I really appreciate it. I hope that anyone else who is able to do so and has not done so before will consider donating to keep these folks with at least a bottle of ibuprofen for all the headaches we must cause them.


Thu, 07 Dec 2017 19:05:00 GMT

Congratulations to MeFi's Own jscalzi! Deadline reports Netflix Grabs Hold Of John Scalzi's Sci-Fi Novel 'Old Man's War' For Jon Shestack, Madhouse "EXCLUSIVE: Netflix has acquired John Scalzi's modern sci-fi classic Old Man's War to develop as an original film. The novel is the first in a bestselling six-book series and is considered to be one of the best of the genre over the past two decades, nominated for a Hugo Award. Jon Shestack Productions and Madhouse Entertainment will produce."

Who is the oldest Mefite?

Thu, 07 Dec 2017 16:49:13 GMT

Just wondering! I am 87 years old today.

Not to abuse MetaTalk...

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 22:44:28 GMT

You don't need to tell us that you're not abusing the edit window. Just make the additional comment and say what you wanted to say.

A gentle plea to avoid beginning comments with "Not to abuse the edit window" and the like. It's great that you recognize that the edit window is for spelling/grammar fixes, and not for adding content which wasn't in your previous comment, but starting your comment with that distracts from what you're actually trying to say. Just make the additional comment.

I'm not asking for mod-level enforcement here; it doesn't rise to making a comment deletion-worthy. Just hoping to see use of it voluntarily phased out or at least reduced.

SoCal Fire Check-In (December 2017)

Wed, 06 Dec 2017 16:55:49 GMT

Well, here we go again: Southern California is ablaze. A roundup below the fold. MeFites, please check in.

The Thomas Fire in Ventura County has been the most prominent, consuming 65,000 acres (so far) with zero containment. The fires began Monday in Santa Paula and have since spread through Ventura (pop. 100,000) to the Pacific Ocean. The City of Ventura has since declared a curfew "to protect all residents of the City of Ventura and to prevent crime such as looting in evacuation areas." California Governor Jerry Brown has declared a state of emergency in Ventura County.

The Creek Fire began in the foothills of the San Gabriel Mountains and has spread over 11,000 acres near Sylmar and Lake View Terrace, including parts of the Angeles National Forest.

The Rye Fire in Santa Clarita began on Tuesday morning west of Valencia and is now at 7,000 acres, with 5% containment.

This morning (Wednesday), the Skirball Fire broke out. The Sepulveda Pass at Mulholland Drive and Sunset Blvd. is on fire, leading to the closure of a major L.A. freeway artery (the 405) and mandatory evacuations in Bel-Air. The 50-acre fire is edging towards the Getty Center and Skirball Cultural Center.

Santa Ana winds are expected to pick up to between 30-50 mph over Wednesday and Thursday.

Stay safe, my fellow SoCal MeFites, and please share resources and information.

Can we not use gendered insults?

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 22:20:46 GMT

I really think the word bitch is problematic and highly offensive and adds nothing to the inclusivity here. This may be an antipodean thing but it's a sexist and nasty insult. May I request we discuss not using it? Or any gendered insults?

Metafilter's Duplicate Finder and New Policies

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 16:01:52 GMT

Can the duplicate-link alert also alert if the link shows in a recent comment? I think this is actually needed, given megathreads.

This would be useful for circumstances where posts are then deleted because "we are already discussing this here" -- where the story was not in the post text (and thus not alerted) but was posted as a comment.

Responding to current events with art

Tue, 05 Dec 2017 04:27:45 GMT

The last year-plus has been a tumultuous time in the world. As announced last week, we're changing the norms of the USPolitics megathreads, and that includes less space for parody songs and similar stuff. Instead, folks can put that stuff here. Have you made some art, music, etc. (silly or serious), inspired by current events (from anywhere in the world, not just the US)? Show us!

135: It's A Dang Podcast

Sun, 03 Dec 2017 23:04:04 GMT

It's me! It's Jessamyn! It's a damn-the-torpedoes, full-amble-ahead ramshackle of an episode as we catch up on MetaFilter, talk a bit about the recent US politics discussion changes, and just recklessly chat about this and that while I enjoy a nice big glass of wine. Covers November and runs about 80 minutes.Helpful LinksPodcast FeedSubscribe with iTunesDirect mp3 downloadWe threw caution to the wind structurally this time, so links are all over the place. It's like a scavenger hunt for subsites! A bunch of good MetaTalk stuff - DECEMBER BEST POST CONTEST! Rules & Categories by Eyebrows McGee - New blossom in the Wallflower bunch by Johnny Wallflower - mefiscripts github repository by john hadron collider - Revisit https discussion? by czytm - MeFi Mall 2017 by frimble - This post is to share friend codes for Animal Crossing Pocket Camp by matildaben - Secret Quonsar thank you thread (2017) by epj - MetaHappy by Fizz - GIVE UP YOUR FOOD by Slap*Happy but then - MetaFilter merch on TopatoCo, but - Jess doesn't know who Topato Potato is, so she googles him, except actually she duck duck gos him, and - it's literally just photos of potatos - vs actual-google's output but then a Project! - VirtuaVerse - A Cyberpunk Point & Click Adventure by Theta Division Games by MASTERBOOTRECORD but then MeFi! - Tommy wore dresses because his tail interfered with pants. by jessamyn - The javelin throw is outlawed in 36 states as a high school event by jessamyn - The Javelin's engineering was orthodox pony car stuff. by jessamyn - Biscornu? I hardly know you! by soelo - Get Covered by zachlipton - "You just called Commander Sisko 'dad.'" by wintersweet but THEN - Jess tries to duck duck go Commander Sisko, except - she spells it Cisco and just gets router bullshit basically but anyway back to MeFi - "I want to see the seashells in the bathrooms people" by MartinWisse - Brought to you by the Orthopedic Surgeons' Association of Japan by gottabefunky - lost above the scriptorium by cortex - Witch Dollhouse by MovableBookLady - [sarcastic waltz figure] by theodolite - *Please do not let in the cat* by not_on_display - The Simpsons Spoken Dialogue Comedic Songbook by Going To Maine - Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Pumpkins! Facts! Recipes! More! by filthy light thief but and so Ask MeFi - How do I Confess if I've Harassed People in the Past? by Anonymous - How did directory assistance work in the 70s and 80s? by cider - What is another example of nauseous vs nauseated? by masters2010 - Is there anything better than Slideshare? by jessamyn oh but a MeFi thing real quick - performing what could fairly be called unsuccessful music by MartinWisse shall we zag back to Ask - Group gift exchanges like Yankee swaps or Secret Santas? by bondcliff or wait no Projects again - Tumbleweird is a free, monthly, alternative zine distributed in and around Washington state's Tri-City (Kennewick, Richland, Pasco) area. by hjo3 also - heyyyyy remember anyway this birthday thing worked out - a comment by Tamien also I talked - that is I gave a talk: cortex + donuts = by bendy also the whole massive initiative to reset expectations about who daily us political discussion on the site goes - Resetting expectations about U.S. political discussion on MetaFilter by cortex also Music and FanFare and stuff - sorry we didn't really get to any of that but it's good stuff so go check it out wine - yes [...]

Metatalktail Hour: Project Updates

Sun, 03 Dec 2017 01:06:59 GMT

Good Saturday Evening, MetaFilter! Tonight for metatalktails, filthy light thief wants to know how far you got on your NaNoWriMo this year, or share how any other project they're working on (or recently finished!) is going. If it's a THING, pictures are great!

Remember, no politics. And feel free to discuss whatever's on your mind that's chatty and sociable, not just project updates. And send any topic ideas to Eyebrows or the contact form, we keep a running list!

Fucking Fuck, v6

Sat, 02 Dec 2017 09:34:26 GMT

With the Unread, Illegible Tax Bill having passed the Senate, among other shattering, quotidian, or seasonal joys nightmares events, I suspect that a place to howl may be necessary. Please, howl here.

This is also a tool to help keep the political thread noise low in order to reduce work for the mods, per this previous post. Please help them by using this thread and chat.

Thank you for your patience and consideration in this time of stress and turmoil. We are all in this together, and we can make it through this together.

Let the rage flow. Let the bewilderment out. Share some cheer, if you have some to spare. Also cake.


Thu, 30 Nov 2017 20:48:47 GMT

The December Best Post Contest is a GO. Vote with fantastic flags! Rules and categories inside!1) Weekly best post: This will be determined by member fantastic flags on December 9, 16, 23, and 31 (so mostly Sundays). 2) First and Second Time Posters: This will be month-long, noting the best posts that were first or second posts, to encourage new posters and posters who have only tried once before! Tag your post with "FirstPost" or "SecondPost" for easier searching on our part. Feel free to ask for help! 3) Mod Categories: These are month-long, looking for the best post in certain specific categories that just happen to be things the mods like to read posts about! You can add tags to your post to make it easier for us to search (or we may add them as we see things in those categories!). cortex will mail out a little bit of geometric art as a prize for your best examples of Geometric Art. (Tag: GeometricArt) Jessamyn offers a prize for "Best 'Have you heard the good news about reading, books and/or libraries?' post ... Winner gets a postcard from Jessamyn. Second prize gets TWO postcards from Jessamyn" (Tag: Libraries, Books, Reading, something like that) Eyebrows is feeling in the Chrismukkah spirit and will give an award for a post in the general arena of religion and/or theology. Preference for posts that are more along the lines of "huh, how interesting!" rather than "fight about religion." Doesn't have to be holiday-related, and all religions (living, dead, and emerging!) are fair game! (Tag: religion, theology) LobsterMitten wants posts about old technologies -- say, pre-1950 -- including sailboats and other transportation, farm implements and food prep, textile-making, steam power, water power, metalsmithing, mills, fire, old medical stuff, weather prediction and scientific instruments, etc. (Tag: historictech) frimble is interested in food and the culture around food (Tag: foodculture) taz wants to see posts about "Pattern Recognition," interpreted as broadly as anyone would like: decorative patterns, mathematical patterns, AI, data wrangling, dress patterns, fractals, social behavior, textile patterns, engineering, repeating patterns, wallpaper, tiles, William Gibson, couture ... whatever. (Tag: PatternRecognition) 4) Member Categories: If members want to offer their own categories, post them in the thread and I'll add them here! (You may offer prizes if you wish, but you are not obligated to do so -- bragging rights are prize enough!) adamvasco is offering an award for art by a deceased artist. (Tag: deadart) rangefinder 1.4 wants to see your best posts about women doing awesome things. (Tag: awesomewomen) Fizz will give an award for Best Literary Post (About a Book(s) or an Author). (Tag: FizzLit, Book, Literature) DevilsAdvocate offers a prize for the best "nobit" post, which for the purposes of this contest, I'll define to be a post highlighting the life and/or work of a living person at least 80 years old. The subject of the post may be very well-known or very obscure or anywhere in between. (Tag: nobit) sammyo is excited to see your best procrastination post, and offers a prize which will arrive utterly unexpectedly at not the next apartment you live in but the one after that. (Tag: procrastination) bondcliff promises to make a small (probably wooden) thing for the best post about a maker who makes stuff. Physical things only. It should be a maker who has maybe not been featured on the blue before. That's it. Beyond that the rules are open to however you want to interpret them. (Tag: decmakers) Miko is offering a prize for best museum-related post. Could be a m[...]

Let's see what's out there

Thu, 30 Nov 2017 19:16:32 GMT

With the December Post Contest beginning tomorrow, I thought it might be nice to review and update this conversation from 2013 of possible places where ideas for fun Metafilter posts can be found. Please feel free to share where you find the stuff you post to Mefi in the comments.Here are the links posted in that thread that are not defunct, organized roughly by category: Aggregators * Popurls Art * My Modern Metropolis Blogs * 3 Quarks Daily * Adam Cadre * Andre's Notes * Bad Astronomy * Brain Pickings * Emily Short's Interactive Storytelling * jimcofer * Lazenby * Mark "M.E." Evanier's 'News From Me' * The New Shelton wet/dry * Popperfont * ODISEA2008 * ONTD * Rhondda's Reflections * Savage Minds: AnthroDendum * Sore Eyes * Tecnologia Obsoleta * the chawed rosin * TYWKIWDBI * Twisted Sifter Comics / Animation * Cartoon Brew * Cartoon Research Entertainment * Onion's AV Club Gaming * Rock Paper Shotgun General Curations * Arts & Letters Daily * Big Think * Blort * Boing Boing * Book forum's Omnivore * Damn Interesting * Interesting Thing of the Day * Laughing Squid * LinkMachineGo * Neatorama * Colossal * Longform Journalism * The Browser * Longform * Longreads * The Feature Miscellany * Farnam Street News / Investigations / Journalism * Columbia Journalism Review (CJR) * Dart Center * Hacker News * io9 * SiliconBeat * Slashdot Video * Vimeo Staff Picks -- Also, a sad note. Gerard Vlemmings' The Presurfer was founded in 2000, and was one of the original link blogs. This year Mr. Vlemmings passed away shortly after being diagnosed with lung cancer, at the age of 67. For years, mefites mined ideas and source material for our posts to Metafilter on The Presurfer. [...]

Our Great Shared National Treasures

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 22:15:01 GMT

Could we do away with the "National Treasure" honorific when quoting/linking to media pundits/journalists/personalities?

I know this is small stuff in the grand scheme of the world, but continuously doing this for a subset of media personalities just invites derails and arguments, assumes in-group shared admiration, and anoints a special kind of authority or truth to everything that flows from that person's platform.

I'd prefer metafilter not do this as a "thing", especially in the politics threads.

It's not that I don't hold at least some of these people in high esteem myself, but I find the "national treasure" framing > de facto superiority of an individual's takes to be v problematic no matter who it is

Metafilter Scroll Tag issues on FF Quantum

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 01:05:40 GMT

Since updating to Firefox Quantum, and having had to reinstall the Metafilter Scroll Tag greasemonkey script, I'm having some issues with it ...

Win 7, latest Firefox Quantum.

After FF updated me with Quantum it uninstalled various things automatically. I had to reinstall the scroll tag greasemonkey script from here, and it doesn't seem to be playing nicely with Quantum.

When I open a thread, I have to click on the timestamp on the first comment to get the little arrow in the left margin. But it doesn't follow me down the page with a downward arrow. If I click on the timestamp of another comment, I get the arrow in the left margin again, but that's it. Going back to a thread, there's no way to navigate back to the last read comment.

Is anyone else having this issue, and is there any way I can fix it?