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Mefites organizing for the Women's March

Tue, 17 Jan 2017 16:21:56 GMT

For Mefites planning to march in this Saturday's big march for women's rights, there are IRL meetup threads for several cities: the main march in Washington DC and sister marches in Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, Philadelphia - or other cities.

Just posting this to give a heads-up to people still settling their plans for this weekend. Also to collect all these IRL meetup posts in one place in case that makes coordinating easier, or to share notes/ideas across marches. I know in the DC thread people are talking about using Firechat (explanation of Firechat) as a way to communicate on the day-of, in case cell service is unavailable.

If there end up being Mefi meetups at marches in other cities, link 'em in here and I can edit the post to add them.


Mon, 16 Jan 2017 23:05:08 GMT

Wanda: No. Not to me. To Archie. And make it good, or we're dead. It's been very politely brought to my attention that several of the links I've pointed to in the latest incarnation of the Great Trump Inaugural Thread had already been posted by others. I could blame the length of the thread & the loading time or whatnot but the truth is I haven't been as diligent in checking first as I should have been. I honestly feel quite bad about it & decided to make a post here as both penance for myself & reminder to others. I apologize to all & will make sure to check more thoroughly going forward.

Aren't we better than this?

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 17:34:36 GMT

I've spent the last eight years asking conservatives to refer to President Obama in respectful terms, because like him or not, he's the President of the United States of America. Now I get to ask liberals to refer to President-Elect Trump the same way.

I get that "we" don't like Mr. Trump. I personally find him execrable, abhorrent, and harrowing. But for abominable or worse, he's about to become POTUS. Can we please refer to the holder of that office with some modicum of respect?

Off the top of my head, I've seen Mr. Trump referred to as the cheeto, the carrot, the dumpster on fire, and the orange one. I'm sure if I was willing to brave the morass of any of the election threads, I'd find more, and more strongly worded.

MeFi's stated raison d'être: "This website exists to break down the barriers between people..." How can we hope to break down barriers if we're resorting to schoolyard name-calling a man who garnered 46% of the vote?

My first MeFi dream

Mon, 16 Jan 2017 15:28:26 GMT

So, do any of you have dreams involving MetaFilter? I just did.

I had a dream that I discovered that wenestvedt's house was next door to my office. Except my office was located on the street my apartment is on, and he looked very suspiciously like my actual next-door neighbor. But there was a cozy little sign on his lampost saying "wenestvedt", so I asked him if he was the MeFite by that name, and he said yes. The best part of the dream was that, after our chat, I came back inside and posted here on MetaTalk (where I've never posted before) about our encounter. I probably would not have posted this but for that detail, but now I kind of have to, right?

Saturday Night Metatalktails: TIL

Sun, 15 Jan 2017 03:20:08 GMT

Good Saturday night, MetaFilter! It's time for another metatalktail hour! This week's conversation starter: Today (/this week) I Learned ... But don't restrict yourself! Talk about whatever sociable/personal thing you want! (Just no politics, the bouncers are very anti-politics.)

RIP MsMolly, MeFiBrarian Extrordinaire

Thu, 12 Jan 2017 15:12:16 GMT

A joyous and tearful farewell to MsMolly, a dynamic part of the MeFiBrarian posse. I'd known her briefly in college and then we reconnected doing MeFi Metadata projects and other MeFi nerdery over the past six or seven years. Most recently, after she relocated to Texas to be closer to her family after her cancer diagnosis, Molly became a great postal mail correspondent. While I don't know for certain, I am pretty sure she wrote her own obit. Molly, you were a smiley ray of sunshine in my online life and I was so happy to get to re-know you and work alongside you.

flapjax at the Oxford American

Mon, 09 Jan 2017 17:00:06 GMT

I was delighted to see mefi's own flapjax at midnite--aka Samm Bennett--make a walk-on appearance in an article about blues music in Japan, in the Winter 2016 edition of The Oxford American.

Special Events in Fanfare

Mon, 09 Jan 2017 01:29:24 GMT

Can we users have the power to create Fanfare Special Events? Right now it's not in the dropdown list; it appears only mods can make them? I was thinking of making one for the Golden Globes. The reason for this is Kerry Washington's lipstick was really amazing

Rest in Peace, quin

Sat, 07 Jan 2017 20:00:33 GMT

I am sad to inform our community that long-time member quin has died.

Here is the message from his wife, who is also a member here, [insert clever name here]. It was originally posted on his Facebook account, but it was perfect, so I'm copying it here.

Hi friends. quin took his life on Monday night. I've informed some of you, but I know there are many more of you out there that do not know, and this was the easiest way to get the message out there. I'm posting from his account because some of our circles do not cross.

I don't have memorial information yet, but will post it as soon as I have that settled. There will be a service of some sort and hopefully a celebration of quin's life. You all will be welcome.

Many of you know he was battling with depression. But it was a lot worse than he let on. In the weeks and months leading up to this, he posted some of his struggles to Facebook, but many more he kept to himself. And though he had mental health professionals helping him, I don't think anyone; them, myself, realized just the extent of it.

I only really grasped the extent and depth of his depression in the final days, and only in retrospect. When things went downhill, they spiraled out of control fast. I am deeply saddened I nor anyone else was able to help him. He was hurting, had been for a long time, and I can only take comfort that at least that is over for him.

I am going to memorialize his page as is in a few days, after I receive the death certificate and have felt I no longer need it to communicate to his friends via this means. I will post updates here until then. I've chosen to keep all his posts intact; I know he wished depression were less stigmatized and I think that by keeping those posts visible, it can help others realize that depression can be deadly and to take it seriously before it kills.

We are atheists; please feel free to morn in the way you choose but understand that we do not ascribe to any religious teachings. Please respect that in quin's memory as we go forward. Prayers are okay. Telling me he's with angels not so much.

I love you all; He loved you all.

What'd I miss?

Sat, 07 Jan 2017 15:14:43 GMT

For combination of reasons, I took 2016 as a break from MeFi. As the year passed, I thought I would see if I could make it till 2017 without signing back in, even though I missed y'all. Now I'm back (yay!) and wondering what I missed?

Are there new and/or improved mods? Do we have bizarre new traditions and catchphrases? What brilliant achievements were MeFi's Own recognised for, out in the world? Please let me know!

Related to the Phantom Time Conspiracy, but different...

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 21:41:41 GMT

Within the last few months, there were a couple of posts on The Blue about a combined speculative fiction/conspiracy theory that we as a society have collectively forgotten (or had our memories erased of) a number of years -- perhaps a decade -- between the 1980s and 1990s? I recall it referring to an "N Decade" or the "19N0s," but MeFi searches along these lines have come up empty.

You know who needs hugs? Underappreciated comments from 2016!

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 21:32:38 GMT

The underdogs. The under-appreciated. The under-noticed comments from last year, the ones that you enjoyed and favorited and wish to share with other MeFites. Now is the time. This is the place. Bring to the Grey your favorite comments of 2016!

(Spread the love: preferably comments with fewer than 12 favorites, and not self-links, please.)

Previously: 2015; 2014; 2013...

What are your plans for Inauguration Day?

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 19:09:07 GMT

I really feel the need to put some positivity into the universe on January 20. I'd like to know what my fellow Me-Fites may be planning for Inauguration Day this year.

I've spent the past two Inauguration Days taking the day off work and watching the TV coverage all day while eating various snacks and (sometimes) crying happy tears. This year I won't be dignifying the event by watching any of it, but I really feel the need to put some positive vibes out there that day. I'm just not sure what that's going to look like yet.

I'd love to hear about any plans you may have for Inauguration Day this year. Are you making an extra donation that day? Volunteering? Meditating? Committing a random act of kindness? Attending a gathering? I'd love to know how Me-Fites may be planning to bombard the universe with positivity on January 20!

Remember: Everyone needs a hug.

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 15:24:46 GMT

At the bottom of every post on MetaTalk thread is the topic of this post. Be kind to other Mefites and practice empathy.

It might be because of the US election, as well as other losses and hardships that 2016 brought, but I feel like there's an undercurrent of snarkiness on the site lately. It also seems like Mefites are lashing out at one another more often as of late. MetaFilter is better then this. Be kinder to each other, everyone.

Find-that-post-filter: standardized test editor butchers a short story.

Fri, 06 Jan 2017 05:15:09 GMT

Pretty sure I saw this on Metafilter, but I don't recall it well enough to find it using search. The author of a cute and thought-provoking little short story gave permission for the story to be used, slightly edited, on a standardized test. The exam editor completely rewrote the story, adding a character, woodenizing the dialogue, and changing the ending. Trying to imagine where I lived when I read it, I figure that 2006--2009 was a more likely time period that 2010--2012.

My effort to recall was provoked by I Can't Answer These Standardized Test Questions About My Own Poems, if that helps put you in the right frame of mind.

Why Isn't There a Mefi Personal Ad Filter?

Thu, 05 Jan 2017 16:42:22 GMT

I've been pondering mating and dating recently, and one massive void I keep noticing — and missing — is all-text personals. I was, in fact, just thinking about this when I happened to pop over here, and suddenly it struck me: We have nearly all the elements of a well-rounded culture within a single Website here, ranging from music, to jobs, to IRL meet ups, to advice, to podcasts, to projects, to the discussion of articles. But nowhere do we make room for those who might be potentially interested in pairing off. Why not?So what do I mean by all-text personals for those of you who have no experience with them? The most famous examples, in modern times, are probably in the London Review of Books where the Personals are known for their wit and wildly British self-disparagement. For those of you who've never seen them, I can't encourage you enough to go take a peek just for the pure entertainment value, and the massive disconnect between the ads and the LRB itself. More earnestly, on this side of the Pond, the New York Review of Books was also long known for its Personals, though as far back as I can remember they seemed geared to the older set, say, past 50, 60, and even well into the 70s and 80s, reflecting their readership. More recently, N+1 experimented with Personals for their mostly 20-something audience. But these are just recent examples. For a long time, they were standard fare in all the alternative newspapers. Then, bit by bit, the Web took over, and though for a while the indies had independent online dating sites, eventually all those were bought out, which is why Match, e-Harmony, and OKCupid are now, I believe, all owned by the same corporation, much as, you know, Old Navy, the Gap, and Banana Republic are. Anyway, so what are the advantages (and why do I miss them)? Just to name the immediate reasons that come to mind: They're a lot more fun to write—and respond to. They rely on wit, intelligence, imagination, and not more bloody branding (as though your whole life were a perky job interview). You'd be surprised by how much you can pack into 100 words and a headline if you've never tried to do it before. It's an interesting exercise in its own weird way. OkCupid's experiments with "Blind" dating proved people were 44% more open to responding when they weren't distracted by photos. I also think there are a lot of reasons they might be a good fit for Metafilter. First of all, we *are* decidedly not an image-based community. To the contrary, our pages are probably among the most text-dense threads on the Web. We also write exceedingly well. Again and again, I'm struck at how wittily, beautifully, thoughtfully (and enviably) people write on Metafilter. We also have some history, here and there, when we're lucky, of pairing off. I know of one recent wedding, but I've heard tell of other past pairings. I've also met maybe 40 or 50 New York-based Mefis, and I peruse the links regularly. There is strong natural commonality among Mefis. We tend to read more, write more, ponder more. (See all the text we produce.) Our personal ads could also reflect our community better than most corporate personal ads do, making room for members whose gender identity and preferences have fewer outlets in online dating forums. So what are the downsides/potential issues? This is for the mods to weigh in on, of course, but it doesn't *seem* as though it would require that much more moderation than, well, certainly than the political threads. (And it would surely be a lot more fun!) See disclaimer above, but it would *seem* that it would not be any different liability-wise than offering up a meet-up page[...]

But let the damn post jump the tracks, and see who catches hell.

Wed, 04 Jan 2017 17:01:44 GMT

I was looking for something in my history, when I ran across this Metatalk thread, that just turned into this rather quickly. Wondering if anyone else might have a favored example that's worth sharing. (Yes, I find funny derails -of the thread variety- entertaining.)

Have a Very Strava New Year!

Wed, 04 Jan 2017 05:30:08 GMT

Since this is the time of year that a lot of people think of trying to become more physically active, I wanted to remind everyone that there is a MetaFilter Strava group which is open to everyone. We are a friendly group and welcome everyone that wants to come and share their cycling or running, so join up if you haven't already.

I also want to congratulate all the current MetaFilter Strava group members for their hard work in 2016. Last year we had 63 members, of which 61 posted at least one activity during the year.

Of those 61 active members, 57 posted at least one cycling activity and 31 posted at least one running activity.

Cumulatively we posted a total of 6,764 cycling activities for a combined 184,070 kilometers. That is about four and a half trips around the earth!

We also posted 2,122 running activities for a total of 16,244 kilometers.

Great work everyone!

124: Happy New Year Call-In Show

Wed, 04 Jan 2017 01:35:35 GMT

It's a new year, and good riddance to the old; jessamyn and I do a shorter-than-usual version of our usual MeFi roundup podcast chatter, but the real star of this episode is the dozens of MeFites who called in to the podcast voicemail with greetings, memories of 2016, wishes for 2017, quotes, songs, baby and pet noises, and more. The episode alternates between chatter and strings of voicemail; it covers December 1st through January 2nd and runs about 90 minutes total.Helpful LinksPodcast FeedSubscribe with iTunesDirect mp3 downloadMisc. - 124 is a boring number and nobody cares. - Although now that look at it the digits are a sequence of powers of 2 and that's kinda cool. - Still, though. Jobs - Okay, fine: - librarian thing - math pal for dad Projects - 1958 Rambler Super Station Wagon Rebuild by hilaryjade - Hocus Growcus by brecc - Travels With Brindle by pxe2000 - Emoji Domain Registration by ph00dz - Jingle Rock Bell music video by nickmark MetaFilter - Weather forecasts, uncensored by beagle - Hopefully Fox Won't Take This One Down by BiggerJ - The Gay Blade: An Independent Publication Serving the Gay Community by waninggibbon - Musical Chord Progression Arpeggiator by Foci for Analysis - Bhangra for the shoveling season by mandolin conspiracy - My God, it's full of cake! by Uncle Ira - Bee movie but by Etrigan (in which, cortex's regrets) - but then: (this feels like the future I was promised) by MCMikeNamara - here's my number (6.02210^23) so call me tasty by not_on_display - Knots on Mars by dhruva Ask MeFi - What does "next weekend" mean? by Automocar - To the Cross Stitch-ery! by forkisbetter - How do I find the old BBC documentary The Mind Traveller? by just.good.enough - usonian found their barber! - What are some small things you can do to help service people? by amicamentis - Gift ideas for a dude who likes weird things by banjo_and_the_pork - Things to "collect" in a neighbourhood or place? Non-internet edition. by solarion - Duvet sets, amirite? by orrnyereg MetaTalk - Fuckin' duvet covers: how do they work? by whimsicalnymph - SSL Issues by restless_nomad A big thanks to everyone who called in, whether for the podcast or just a private note: Wordshore, Eyebrow McGee's son, frenetic, eamondaly, hippybear, Johnny Wallflower, infinitewindow, rabbitrabbit, phunniemee, jazon, emelenjr, agatha_magatha, Fizz, carsonb, duffell and CatastropheWaitress and their baby Mabel, LobsterMitten and her nephews, valentinepig, not_on_display, jinjo, h00py, bookmammal, wheelieman, Samizdata, deludingmyself, Afroblanco, ellieBOA, jouke, yes I said yes I will yes, Devil's Advocate, JanetLand, Elly Vortex, jonmc, Stanczyk, grumpybear69, key_of_z, _Mona_, plinth, Fig, 80 cats in a dog suit, kimberussell, teponaztli, bondcliff, Ivan Fyodorovich, EM's son Isaac, my mother in law, mygothlaundry, 922257033c4a0f3cecdbd819a46d626999d1af4a, yhbc, Hermione Granger, chococat, the wrong kind of cheese, dw, wallabear, Mike Mongo, Greg Nog, ocherdraco, a mysterious Virginian, Weeping_angel, Mrs. Pterodactyl and her anti-giggling baby, MonkeyToes and her pet sow, nickmark, insectosaurus and her pre-recorded baby, SillyShepard, mandolin conspiracy, Mchelly, EmpressCallipygos, knuckle tattoos, tracert, restless_nomad and her cat, mysterious kid saying butthead and poop poop poop, vespabelle, a surprise appearance by Monty Python's Flying Circus, It's Raining Florence Henderson, valetta, apartment dweller, MCMikeNamara, Songdog, and languagehat. It was a bit of a zoo to work with all that audio, so I did my best to include y'all but bi[...]

It's a new year

Tue, 03 Jan 2017 20:12:07 GMT

It's a new year and there will soon be a new, and very different government here in the U.S. This will be a shift of a magnitude that many have never seen. Some people feel that this new world shouldn't be entered into, by individuals or groups, without a bit of advanced thinking and planning. My question is: Has leadership here at MetaFilter given any thought as to a need to change how the site handles moderation, security, or any other aspect of our lives here, in light of the inevitable upcoming social, cultural, or governmental changes?