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Published: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 23:30:02 GMT

Last Build Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2017 23:30:02 GMT


In Forza 7 do I need to unlock cars and customization or buy them?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 23:30:02 GMT

What I am looking for is a game that will let me customize cars for the fun of it. I don't want to have to spend countless hours struggling to win races or earn money to unlock cars and customization options, since I suck at video games and will likely never unlock everything anyway.

In Forza 7, are all cars and customization options immediately available, or do I have to win races and make money to unlock cars and customization options? If that's indeed the case, can you recommend a car customization game that doesn't require unlocking anything?

Shared Space solutions in SF East Bay for a couple weeknight evenings

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 23:01:48 GMT

I'm looking to rent a small room to arrange English writing classes for a few kids (family and friends' kids). I cannot do this in anyone's garage due to various reasons. Are there any viable solutions?

I was hoping to rent out the shared workspace providers since they generally have a conference room available that I can use as a classroom but even those are close to 500$ a month. Since I am not going to generate any money from this and since I would only need the room for an hour or two every week (Tentatively Wed/Sun 5:30-6:30PM) I was hoping to learn from any MeFites of a viable solution.

Am I being too optimistic that I can get a room for under 200? This is off-hours, couple hours a week deal so I don't think renting a space fulltime is necessary or affordable. Any ideas???

Location preference: Fremont or Union City

Are There Any Retailers That Don't Have Sales?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 22:36:37 GMT

I'm compiling a list of retailers who don't hold sales. And it's surprisingly hard!

Maybe my googlers are broken, but I've been trying to compile a list of retailers that don't hold sales and I'm having trouble coming up with any. Apple typically doesn't really hold sales (they do a bonus offer for students where you get free headphones when you buy a Mac and they have a Black Friday sale where they take $100-ish off their computers, but that's it). Are there other retailers who hold no sales, or a very minimal number of sales each year? If you think something might not qualify, go ahead and mention it any way.

I'm particularly interested in Canadian examples, but North American retailer is fine.

Mi'kmaq winter holidays

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 21:52:26 GMT

Which winter holidays do the Mi'kmaq First Nations people of Nova Scotia celebrate?

I recently wrote a song about the Halifax Explosion that was (unintentionally) from the perspective of the white settlers. One of the songwriting groups I participate in is having a holiday season songwriting challenge, and I'd like to write a song in honor of the First Nations people who were displaced from their homes in the wake of the Explosion.

Based on a cursory Google search I learned that some Mi'kmaq are observant Catholics, but I couldn't find anything else about their religion or spirituality, including the holidays they celebrate. Can anyone help me?

Fun Christmas morning food to order

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 21:41:16 GMT

I'm looking for ideas for things to eat on Christmas morning that are special, tasty, and that I can order in advance, for a party of 2. Does such a thing exist? No restrictions, doesn't even have to be "breakfasty", just throw your ideas at me.

I just don't like cooking. So looking for the best things to order. I live in the Bay area so maybe there's something around here I can order and pick up? Or order and have shipped.

Maybe something kind of unique, special, out of the ordinary? Where ordinary is like, cinnamon rolls, french toast, eggs, sausage, etc. For example last year I picked up some different styles of paté at a Duty Free shop and we just sat around eating that all morning.

sequence word random

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 21:07:17 GMT

I want to order custom refrigerator magnets with words I choose. I want them to be small magnets, like the ones you see commercially with words for various themes. When I google there are so many options. Does anyone know a place that I can have this done and delivered to me before Christmas? It's for about 10 to 20 magnets. USA.

Do we wanna be in pictures?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 19:46:42 GMT

I work at a very small justice related non-profit. A documentarian (with some good films behind him) has approached our ED and asked if he could do a film about our organization. Sounds great at first, but then we start thinking about what could go wrong. Maybe he would edit it in such a way that our donors would be less likely to fund us. Maybe he would turn out to be trying to make us look bad. What questions should we ask and what actions should we take to make this possible endeavor a success, and what issues should we address to protect ourselves if we decide to do this?

Can you identity this or translate this Russian/other Cyrillic language?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 19:34:45 GMT

I need help translating the Cyrillic-alphabet language used on these labels. The labels are attached to the hooves of a few painted wooden horses I inherited from a family member. They are allegedly from Russia, and allegedly produced circa the fall of the USSR; they could very well be from a former USSR country that is not Russia. I have very little information to go on. Any translation assistance, or help identifying these painted horses and where they may have originated, is greatly appreciated.

Label 1

Label 2

A photo of the painted horses

Five identical apples, with five identical results?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 19:32:23 GMT

Is there any difference between the five care providers (AmeriGroup, CHPW, CCW, Molina, United) offered under WA state Medicaid/Apple Health?

If it matters, CHPW sucked a lot this last year, so a change would be nice but as far as I can see (living in King, 98122) they all offer the same services at the same clinics with the same doctors. Anyone know if there is some difference, or who I can call to ask?

How to remind a growing company about the benefits of diversity

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 18:40:58 GMT

I am a investor in a very cool and fast-growing creative company that is making a lot of key hires for their nationwide expansion. At their investor update presentation last week (watched remotely) I notice that all of the 7 or 8 key hires they mentioned in leadership roles are men. They do have at least a couple women in top roles from their founding team but I was definitely struck by the long list of dudes they presented last week. It is well understood that having diversity on a leadership team is beneficial to business. How can I bring it up with them tactfully to ask after the actual balance of their leadership team and remind them that they should keep this stuff top of mind as they grow?

I am a woman, and an early an early/sizable investor but by no means their largest (although I have definitely introduced them to other investors). I have hung out with them in person a couple times, but would have to bring this up to their ceo or cfo on the phone or over email. Team is already big, like 100+. Board is all men, all the executives I know personally are men. Not a tech company.

Bird-friendly apartments in Central MA?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 18:00:22 GMT

I have been searching and searching for a 1-bedroom apartment that will allow birds...and it has been difficult. Most will allow cats, and that is about it. You're lucky if you can get a small dog. And many realtors/landlords also ask for vet records as well. However, what is the bird owner to do? Are there any tips/tricks to finding these hidden gems of the apartment world for pet owners? Have I missed something?

So, for a bit of backstory, I have 3 parakeets and 1 Quaker parrot. All are on the "small" side, as I've explained on the phone countless times. All birds get along with each other. I clean up after the little guys. It will be a cold day in Hell before I get rid of them.

I work in Waltham, currently live in Newton, and am looking to move due to the price of rent in the area. I currently pay $1400/month, which is already expensive, and am anticipating that it will only go up more when my lease is expires/renews January 31. I am looking at anywhere within commutable distance of Waltham for $900 or less per month.

Any advice?

Good apps for kids

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 17:51:18 GMT

Since my kids have asked for nothing for Xmas this year I am giving them itunes credits to buy ipad games. They pretty much only play lots of Toca Boca and Minecraft. There is so much junk out there, please give me your fun recommendations (educational is probably a reach, but appreciated). Girls ages 8 and 11.

Social media for someone who would prefer not to bother

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 16:14:08 GMT

I'm getting on social media for career purposes and am trying to find a way to be connected with as little time investment as possible. Any advice for creating efficiencies or services I could pay for to help me get set up?

Friends who are on facebook/instagram/Twitter spend a lot of time on social media, I'm trying to avoid that.

Quick way to keep up with current events when avoiding the news?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 14:49:36 GMT

For the sake of my sanity, I've been avoiding the news sites and sources that I used to read/watch/listen to (even comedy like the Daily Show). This has been good for me (and I tend to hear about things from the people around me or through my work anyway). However, I'm also finding myself in the position sometimes of not knowing about important current events and I want to have at least an overview of what's going on to avoid "nodding along" in casual conversations...

Are there any good sources you recommend where one can quickly get a summary of what has happened that day? Maybe something like "The week in 60 seconds" from The Week, but a little longer, or something that is created every day?

Why does Don Winslow get good reviews?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 13:36:15 GMT

I was excited to pick up The Cartel by Don Winslow. And then I started reading it...

I typically read more literary stuff and it was interesting to see a crime novel endorsed by NY Times book of the year selection and the LA Time's writing prize. 100 pages in and I'm ready to quit. The writing is no better than a Dan Brown novel, the story has no interesting characters and the plot is over-explained as if the target audience average age is about seven. Obviously it's just not my cup of tea but I'm really confounded as to how this type of book gets positive reviews by serious critics. Is it just because of the serious nature of the subject matter? Is the rest of the crime genre just that bad? Something else? Also, does anyone have any recommendations for crime novels that might work for someone who expects decent writing to accompany the plot?

Becoming the queer lady magician of everyone's dreams

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 11:32:36 GMT

I want to get back into my childhood passion of stage magic - and make it more aligned with the kind of political & highly personal art I already do. Where do I begin?

Magic was my first and biggest passion; for years as a child I would get magic tricks as birthday gifts, visit magic shops in every city I was in, read so many magic books, and teach myself magic. My first big stage show that I can remember was David Copperfield. I was obsessed.

When I was 14 I did a magic show for a school thing...and bombed so hard that I stopped pursuing magic altogether. Looking back at it now I see that my main problem was that I didn't really pick a good selection of tricks and didn't really rehearse, but when you're self-taught and growing up in a culture of "failing once means failing forever", there wasn't really anything supporting me to try again.

I've been thinking of getting back into magic, especially since I got really into performance art in 2009. For a couple of years I got to know this lovely lady in the Bay Area (a friend of my now ex) who was a professional magician, and she tried to teach me a couple of things, though that didn't get very far due to personal stuff related to the ex.

Lately I've been thinking about really making a serious project of it. There's been a fair bit of discussion in my social circles (mostly queer/women/of colour, many very artsy and/or political) about how there aren't really any well-known female magicians, magicians of colour, or queer magicians; whenever I tell them that I was a massive aficionado as a kid and have considered getting back into it, they've responded with a resounding OMG YES PLEASE DO ITTTTTT. So maybe I shall!

I don't really know where to start though. There are all the conventional pathways - close-up card magic, big stage illusions, maybe even mentalism - but they all seem a bit tired to me, especially since they're 99.99% done by straight white guys. Almost all my performance art and other art has been political or social-justicey in some fashion and I really want to bring that into magic. However, I need to build my skills first, and asides from teaching myself I don't really know where to go that (a) teaches adults and (b) isn't so dudebro.

Do I start by picking a form of magic and then working out narratives around that? Do I start with narratives and then pick magic skills that fit? Do I go with magic forms that are popular or risk learning a less popular skills if I can make the narrative work? (For instance, I'm really drawn to mentalism/mind-reading, especially since I have a LOT of gripes about people who claim to be able to 'read' you from looking at you but are really just working off stereotypes.) Are there other minority magicians I could look to for advice and support? Where does one begin with this?

Wearables and gifts for sufferers of back pain

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 10:01:36 GMT

Am looking to buy a wearable heat pad for back and shoulder pain... anyone have any particular brand you like? Any other gift ideas for sufferer of said back and shoulder pain also welcome...

In need of a quiet upright vacuum

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 09:28:49 GMT

As you might have figured out from the title, I'm in the market for a new upright vacuum cleaner. The quieter, the better. I'm tired of how loud and jarring my vacuum is. Most vacuum cleaner reviews don't mention noise levels so I'm having a hard time narrowing it down.

Report egg-damage to car to my insurance company?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 08:45:07 GMT

Someone egged my car, and I didn't notice until it had pretty much baked in. It won't come off after much effort, and from what I've read, could cost hundreds of dollars to fix. Should I report this to my insurance?

I have USAA if it makes a difference, comprehensive insurance, $150 deductible. The car is worth around $10-12k, and I might want to sell it in the next couple of years. The damage is ugly enough that it would significantly impair the resale value, and it covers large parts of one door, small portions of another, and very small portions of the frame. So I'm guessing repair would be at least $500? $1000?

I have never had a situation such as this, so I don't really know how it works. If I report it, will it end up costing me significantly more in premiums over the next few years? I had one fender-bender about two years ago that was the other driver's fault and his insurance paid for the damage to my car. Other than that, I have had one speeding ticket in the last five years, nothing else within seven years. So I don't know if my fairly good record makes a difference for this sort of thing. If it's cheaper to just pay for it out of pocket, I don't mind doing that. Will I get a straight answer from my insurance company if I call them up and ask about maybe filing a claim?

Anonymizing Facebook

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 08:35:41 GMT

I have a stalker so I avoid Facebook. But now I'm forced to be on Facebook. How do I do this without the stalker finding me?

I know someone who likes to stalk me online and tried to get me fired for my online activities and I had to shut down the website they found of mine. That person just loves Facebook and likes to brag about how they stalk someone else there, so I avoid it. But I just joined something and got told, "I will ONLY send out announcements via Facebook, so you have to be on Facebook." Fuuuuuuuuuuuck.

How do I do this without being found by the stalker? From what I recall (I stopped using Facebook years ago but my real name is on it), they have some kind of "real names" thing where they shut down your account if they figure out it's fake/not your real name, and they constantly change the privacy settings so that you can't just stay private because at any time they may do something that outs you unexpectedly. What kind of handle can I make up that isn't obviously me and isn't obviously fake either? How do I deal with the algorithms that will inevitably find everyone I know IRL and all that jazz? How do I deal with this crap in 2017?

Couples therapy in Toronto?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 08:35:30 GMT

Can you recommend a couples therapist in the Toronto area? Located in either North York or downtown is preferred. Our biggest issue is the decision to have children.

Non-awkward gift for an engineer-builder-contractor I don't really know

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 08:35:25 GMT

What's a nice gift for an engineer-builder-contractor guy in his mid-to-late-forties with a wife and child, who went out of his way to fix things in my place, which I rent, aside from the things he was contracted to by the owner?

I very much appreciate the work he has done, and the things he argued about with the owner on my behalf (which I did not ask for, but was very pleased he did) and would like to give him a token of my appreciation. The thought of a nice bottle of something crossed my mind, but what if he doesn't like booze or if he's a recovering alcoholic. I don't know anything about this man. I just want to say thanks sincerely and it not be weird.

How do I Canada?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 05:59:57 GMT

I will be making a business trip to Ottawa in January, and I have some questions about the logistics of dressing and acting professionally in extreme cold weather.

I'll be there for four days, and all the meetings I have to attend will be in the one venue (it's a hotel/conference centre). I'll be staying in a different hotel that looks to be about 15-20 minutes walk away.

(1) Is it feasible to assume I can walk to and from my hotel every day? Or will it be too cold? Too dark?
(2) What shoes should I have? Usually for a business trip I would wear pumps with a low heel that were ok to walk in, but I am guessing these won't be suitable for wearing in cold snowy weather? Is it usual to wear one pair of shoes for walking outside and then change your shoes when you get to where you're going? What do you do with the second pair of shoes if that's the case, do you carry them with you? Leave them in a cloakroom? Or is it ok to wear more practical shoes with business attire?
(3) What do I get to my coat when I get to the venue - will I be expected to carry it around with me all day or is there usually somewhere to leave it?
(4) How warm can I expect it to be indoors - that is, should I be expecting to wear a couple of layers under my suit, or will that leave me overheating?

And finally, is there anything else someone from a sub-tropical climate should know before setting off?

What on earth can I get my uncle for Christmas?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 03:37:59 GMT

What can I get my uncle for Christmas? He is house bound and does not have much mobility. He's feeling sad and restless these days and I would love to get him something to cheer him up and keep him entertained. Any suggestions?

I'm almost done with Christmas shopping but am stumped on the very last one - something for my uncle. My uncle is in his late 70s and lives in a house with a live-in aide. He has Parkinsons, but doesnt have the tremors. He walks with a cane and spends most of his days sitting on the couch, watching TV. He is brilliant and wonderful, but has limited mobility and is pretty depressed and lonely most of the time. I live a few hours away but visit him as much as possible, as does the rest of the family.

In his healthier days, he was an architect and is still very interested in real estate and construction. He likes nature shows and anything on the discovery channel. He likes chess and national geographic magazine and old movies.

Here's what I can't get him: books (he has hundreds and has no real interest these days in reading), anything involving the internet (his house doesnt have wifi and I can't get it for him), dvds (he doesnt ever use his dvd player), any clothes (he has a ton but usually wears the same items), any kind of food or booze (he loves sweets and wine but is on a strict diet because of meds), any traditional "dad-esque" stuff like ties or slippers or whatever, because between his sons and his nieces, he already has all that. An experience thing maybe....but he lives in upstate NY and is fearful to leave the house because of his mobility problems. A monthly subscription thing? But what that isn't food related? I would get him a tablet in a second but I can't get wifi to his house.

I am completely without ideas! What can I get him? My budget is up to $100.

Baby doll shopping for parents who hate baby dolls - help!

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 03:09:22 GMT

My three-year-old desperately wants a baby doll. I'm a queer grouch who tries to avoid heavily gendered toys, and I'm totally thrown by this. Other parent is way more in the know, but we're in the middle of unhappily deciding whether to separate or just give up and divorce, so she's not a resource. Help? More details below.

Ideal characteristics I'm looking for:

Durable and also huggable - kiddo plays enthusiastically and baby doll is likely to jump with her on trampolines, take flying leaps from playground equipment, etc. and be hugged and carried around a lot.

Available in a brick and mortar store in Seattle or on Amazon prime.

Either dressed in fairly gender neutral clothing or from a line where clothing like that would fit.

Not a lot of bells and whistles - it doesn't need to eat or make sounds or anything like that.

Finally, kiddo is white and most of her friends and teachers are not, so recommendations of dolls that aren't all light-skinned would be very helpful as she's likely to eventually end up with more than one.

What am I looking for? Recommendations? Being reasonably priced and/or ethically manufactured is a possibly unrealistic plus. Thank you!

How can I sort out this housing and school conflict?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 02:43:05 GMT

A supportive living program has been working with me to find an apartment. The social worker and I have been applying to buildings for disabled people. A manager for one of these buildings told me that they tend not to like housing students cuz they think that students should live with their parents, and that the rules about this change constantly.

I'm not even sure if I'm capable of completing school. I have a developmental disability, anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. When I last tried going to school, my disabilities made it so overwhelming that I went on medical leave. For example, I was confused a lot of the time about how to do my assignments, even with help from my professors and tutors. I know I've made some improvements, though, cuz I used to be mostly nonverbal, which made my professors unhappy with me about group projects, but now I know how to express myself verbally. Maybe it would go better this time. I'd like to try a transition to college program before officially going back to school.

If I can manage school, I'd like to get a psychology degree and then a Master's in counseling so that I can work with people to help them feel better and improve their lives.

I'm afraid that taking one of these apartments (I've just been offered one) would mean giving up my dream of helping people. The manager said to talk to her if I become a student, so she might be willing to work something out with me, but there's no guarantee.

My daddy has offered to get a house with me (we're currently in an apartment that he hates) but he has so high standards that I'm afraid we wouldn't be able to find a place that fits his criteria and we could both afford (we're both currently on disability, and I go back to school, as far as I know I'd lose the disability, and need to work part time, plus there would be financial aid...still not much money, though). For him, it has to be a house, not an apartment, and it has to allow multiple pets, and a place for him to carve. I don't judge him for wanting those things, I'm just worried about how many options that would leave us. He's not willing to have more roommates besides me.

I've thought about getting a roommate/s on Craigslist, but my parents would both be angry with me if I did that, and my mommy would be angry enough to cut me out of her life.

Can you help me figure out what to do?

Take kitty outside without creating a monster?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 02:16:18 GMT

I recently have welcomed into my home an adorable one year old cat. He is very interested in the outdoors. Is there a way to allow him to have limited access to the outdoors without creating a monster cat who is constantly howling to go outside? (which is what happened with a previous cat)

I'm not interested in allowing him unfettered access to the outdoors, simply because I've had two cats get hit by cars and die, plus it's terrible for local wildlife. But on the other hand, I think it's cruel to never let him experience the outdoors (speaking as an outdoorsy person myself). I also have an older cat who is uninterested in roaming and who sits on the porch with me on summer evenings, and it is a special bonding time for us.

New kitty, however, is your typical mischievous, high energy young cat who definitely has interest in roaming. He is neutered, but still has a crazy amount of curiosity and wanderlust and even when playing with him for 45 minutes+ every day he's still restless. Getting a second young cat to play with him is sadly not an option right now.

I've taken him out a couple of times on a leash and kitty holster (Velcro harness for cats that is difficult for them to slip out of). Each time he has gone absolutely bonkers after bringing him back inside, not calming down for the rest of the evening and making a beeline for the door whenever you so much as look at it.

My previous cat was also leash trained and sad to say was something of a monster--there was no watching a movie at our house or relaxing without her meowing and pawing at the door to go out. She was like that for the entirety of her life--even in old age she was a bear about wanting to go out for walks all the time, in all weather.

What other options might I consider? I thought about a tie-out, but we live in an area where there are frequently unleashed dogs. I thought about getting kitty fencing for the yard like the kind where it curves in at the top, but we rent and I don't know if my landlord would be keen on the idea (this is currently the most appealing option, though, since it would not require me to give up hours of my time standing outside with him).

I know you can also construct small "cat runs" out of like old wire bookshelves--this is currently the least attractive option as I think our landlord might be even less fond of this than actual full size cat fencing.

Does anyone else have experience with allowing your kitty measured access to the outdoors, without it becoming an excessive source of misery on your part and the cat's? Beyond suggestions for physical means of access, I'd also appreciate any cat psychology or "training" (hah) tips you might have.

Golfcourses and bars... Where can one find men of say 37 to 44?

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 01:46:42 GMT

Since turning 40, a couple of years ago, I'm finding that in online dating only 50+ men seem to be interested. I'd really prefer someone younger than that, because if at all possible, I'd still want to consider having a child/children and because I am already older an even older father wouldn't be great. Then in real life, people guess me to be 10 years younger and I mostly meet people of around 30 (political group, parttime studies, the gym). And that gap again is too wide for me and for them.

My friends of 40+ are all in very busy with careers combined with children, as are most of my age apparently, because I don't see them out (numbers are small in my small country, and people generally live settled lives).

I've made a younger impression in real life since I was in my late twenties. People guess me to be about 10 years younger. It's so very awkward, and I feel weirdly guilty as well. It's happened a number of times there seems to be a good connection with someone I meet in any of my activities, and some mild flirting, followed by a kind of shock on the face of the man in question when they did the math (when I told them about years of work or studies in the 90's etc). I purposely try to warn them, before anything else happens because I don't want that shock to come later on when it's really awkward and sad.

I don't mean to make the wrong (younger) impression on people and I guess I'm just disappointed as well, because I find it hard to tell if a man is 30 or 37.

When I was in my 20's and 30's I had a lot of issues on my plate and had no clear mind to making good choices in people. Life has taught me a lot in the mean time. Anyway, I'm willing to try both online and real life and am preferring the latter because gauging if men would be a match online, I find really difficult and I don't seem to show a learning curve there.

Aside from playing golf and in bars, where could I find men of say 37 to 44?
Other reflections, ideas are also welcome. Like how to handle those meetings with men that turn out to be too young in a graceful/humorous/light way?

Government Employee Experiences

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 01:11:06 GMT

I'm looking for books about government agencies and their operations by former employees of those agencies. "We Meant Well" by Peter Van Buren is a good example of what I'm looking for, but I would like as many such books suggestions as possible.

Saving Images from Google Image Search is Broken

Sun, 17 Dec 2017 00:06:13 GMT

When using ios on my iphone or ipad, I can no longer save images from Google image searches. It used to be that clicking on the image would enlarge it and I could then save it. That is no longer the case. Now when I click an image, I have the options to "visit" "share" or "save" and none of them appear to work.

I can't seem to find an easy solution. I usually use Dolphin browser. It doesn't work for Dolphin or Safari. If there is an easy add-on for Firefox or Chrome or another mobile browser I'll happily use that. I use the images as reference for illustrations. For instance, to learn a horse's anatomy. This is really cutting into my time and stressing me out. I can still save images on my desktop browser, but not on mobile. If you know of a solution I'd much appreciate it!