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Published: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 05:43:36 GMT

Last Build Date: Wed, 21 Feb 2018 05:43:36 GMT


How much of a difference is there, really, between a full and queen bed?

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 05:43:36 GMT

I understand the difference in size. My full mattress is 54x75 inches. A queen would be 60x80. What I'm really wondering is, since that doesn't seem like much of a difference, in reality is it a bigger difference than the numbers would suggest?

I live in a 500 square foot open loft. It's time for me to buy a new mattress and I'll be buying a new bed too. So, if I'm going to move up from a full to a queen, this will be the time to do it.

I have enough space for a queen and I'm leaning toward getting one, but if it won't make that much of a difference I'll stick with a full because I'd rather not give up the extra space.

I'm single, so the only time I share my bed is... well, y'know... dating fun.

Is the difference between a full and a queen bigger than the numbers would suggest? ...for sleeping, and... other fun?

Who becomes the App Academy (or other developer bootcamp) stars?

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 05:27:54 GMT

How does one stand out in the hiring process among the people who get through reputable boot camps? The programs, the really reputable ones, sound like they're hard enough and keep you on the ball enough that you simply can't graduate if you don't know your stuff--as in you can't just muddle through the weekly exams and paired coding projects. Is there significant variation in graduates' skill level, or is it a tightly clustered group because the selection process is rigorous? Are the good ones the most studious, or does talent come into play?

Does a newbie who makes it into and then through a very selection program (App Academy) even compare to someone who went to, say, Stanford and has a CS degree?

When will he catch up to the guy with the rigorous CS college degree?

When it comes to finding a coding job, will his other work experience play into it, or do software companies pretty much only care about what you can code?

I'm based in the Bay, so it can easily feel like software engineers have it made. There's a lot that goes into the pros v. cons category, but let's say money is NOT a factor--infinite money for bootcamp tuition, expenses, no opportunity cost involved in doing a bootcamp. So I'm asking only about the product, the student who makes it through App Academy, or some other highly selective program that has a deferred payment model--they're incentivized to help you get through it to get a high paying job.

I'm not remotely in the field, but I've been in SF for five years and have a few friends who are doing 180s in life, and they're attracted to coding "because it's so results oriented." They say that the best naturally rise to the top, there's no masking talent, and there's no falling through the cracks (unless your personality is just horrible, but that's rare). Do newbies to coding (but who get through a coding program) really figure into that kind of meritocracy? Or is that all at a much higher level that would be hard to approach, coming to coding later in life?

Reverse Flight Bump

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 04:36:32 GMT

So we booked a flight from San Jose, CA to Washington DC for a friend's wedding this April with Frontier Air. We just got an email from Frontier saying that the first leg of our trip (San Jose to Denver) was rescheduled up by 24 hours. This means we need to take an extra day off work to sit in Denver's airport over night, which is not awesome. They don't seem to be very interested in finding us an alternate or much compensation. What can we do?

The first leg is cancelled and we can either leave a day early and buy extra vacation for the privilege of sitting in Denver overnight or a day later and miss the wedding. They offered a $100 voucher (after much negotiation) but that doesn't really cover our lost time or lodging for a day in Denver.

The travel day is closer now than when we first booked and tickets (last December) and equivalent lights are much more expensive, so re-booking would cost us about double. Some government sites state that we are due compensation (Bumping Section) and some say we are not.

Additional challenge: The way they rescheduled us puts us in DC on time but with a 24+hour earlier departure. Is this still a delay if it is in reverse?

Looking for quality online retailers that is not Amazon

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 04:14:09 GMT

I live in Asia and often see products on Amazon that would be difficult or expensive to buy in Asia but I would prefer not to give my money to Amazon. Reasonable international shipping a plus.

I am interested in a wide variety of items such as food, supplements, toiletries, aromatherapy supplies, electronics etc. As long as the retailer is reliable and offers quality products, I am prepared to use a reshipper if necessary. Recommendations for say, just one category of products like aromatherapy supplies welcome. I am a regular iherb customer but their selection of products is much smaller than Amazon and pretty much focused on vitamins.

Shopping for a PHEV. Volt or Ioniq?

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 04:07:06 GMT

The Chevy Volt has an electric-only range of 53 miles. The Hyundai Ioniq has an electric-only range of 29 miles but better hybrid/gas mileage and is cheaper. Thoughts? Thanks.

Small space, lots of crap

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 03:59:27 GMT

Can you suggest any better way to organize this small laundry room? We have a small house with little storage and need to put all the cleaning supplies/laundry supplies/reusable grocery bags somewhere. Are there pull-out shelves or something else innovative that people who live in tiny apartments know about?

Tax return screw-up, what should I do?

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 03:37:32 GMT

I received a notice from the IRS that there was an error on my 2016 income tax return, and I owe over $3,000. I have my taxes prepared every year at H&R Block, and purchase their "Peace of Mind" guarantee, but I'm guessing they will say the error is not their fault.

In 2016 I received a settlement from a class-action law suit in the amount of $10,000. I received a 1099-MISC statement for this income, which I provided to H&R Block when I had my tax return prepared. I've used the same senior tax professional for several years and trust his work (he's an Instructor-level), so I was shocked to receive the IRS notice saying I owed so much on a prior return.

I visited my tax guy and he looked at the 1099-MISC and said they placed the income amount in the wrong box, it was listed as Business Income or something, so that's how he had filed it. Apparently they were supposed to check a different box when they prepared the 1099.

My tax guy decided to modify and resubmit my 2016 tax return to show that I did pay taxes on the amount, just in a different way than the IRS was expecting.

However, I just received another notice from the IRS stating they still feel the return is in error, and that I owe the money, plus interest now.

I read the fine print on the Peace of Mind guarantee I buy every year from H&R Block, and of course there is a provision that says the coverage does not apply if "incorrect" information is supplied to them when the taxes are filed.

I know nothing about taxes and trust H&R Block to prepare and submit everything as required. The 1099 from the settlement wasn't buried in a bunch of other stuff, and I was clear that the income was from a court settlement.

Is H&R Block still liable for the mistake and should therefore cover this with the guarantee? I am 99% certain they will refute responsibility, claiming they were supplied incorrect information, but I don't know if a senior-level tax professional "should" have known that court settlement income should be filed a certain way, regardless of what box was checked on the 1099.

I've emailed my tax guy a couple of times and he's not responding.

My next step, if he does say they are not liable, is to ask if H&R Block will speak to someone at the IRS using the phone number they provide in their letter, but I wanted to know what my options are.

I've also been using this guy for many years and don't want things to become awkward if I have to force any points.

This is in California if it matters.

Corporate jobs are worth it because...

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 02:51:51 GMT

Those of you who choose to work at a large corporation and are generally content with your situation, what is it about your job that makes it work well for you and your life? Everywhere I look it's "corporate jobs suck" so I'm hoping to learn from people who don't hate their corporate jobs. Teach me your ways!

I'm considering a switch from the nonprofit and startup sectors into the corporate sector but I've been spooked by the idea that "corporate jobs suck". (Try looking up "reasons to take a corporate job" and the results are almost entirely "how to quit your corporate job now")

I drank the "take risks" and "find a job with meaning" kool-aid for a decade (and have done a lot of good work with good people and learned a ton along the way) but now I'm ready to be done with the lower pay, fewer benefits, and longer hours that have been the norm in my jobs - especially as my partner and I are about to start a family. I only know a few people with corporate jobs and they seem pretty comfortable there. Stable, less crazed/more reasonable workloads, able to provide comfortably for their families, satisfied with their work (they're engineers), and they're generally able to leave work at work. So I have to believe that a healthy relationship with a corporate job is achievable and I'm trying to understand what the difference is between those who are content and those who want nothing more than to get out. If your corporate job is not sucking the soul out of you, why not?

Is it a good idea to go back to the mental health clubhouse?

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 02:09:24 GMT

The clubhouse is a place for people living with mental illness to socialize and do unpaid work to gain skills. I don't feel welcome there.

I have anxiety, depression, and schizophrenia. I get confused easily when I'm trying to do tasks, which has costed me jobs, school, and volunteer positions. People often get angry and impatient with me. I get anxious and quit.

My therapist referred me to the mental health clubhouse as a smaller, theoretically more doable step for me to learn the skills to be productive in society.

I tried it before and quit because somebody got angry with me because I had a difficult time learning how to peel the carrots for making dinner. He said, "I can't deal with you."

With my therapist's encouragement, I tried again. During social time, I said hi to someone and she didn't respond. I tried working in the business unit this time, but was having trouble with the computer program. Someone seemed frustrated with me. I said that I wasn't feeling well and went home.

I feel hopeless about ever being able to connect socially with anyone or find a work place, even just a volunteer position that will be respectful while I try to learn a task.

The volunteer coordinator at a mental health hotline said that if I volunteer at the clubhouse for a few months and get peer counseling training, I can get a volunteer job there. He might not let me if I quit the clubhouse.

Is it a good idea to go back? Would society be happier if I just continued to stay home as much as possible and stay out of the way? Can I ever feel welcome anywhere, whether socially and/or vocationally?

facial recognition software

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 02:05:59 GMT

I have two photographs of an important person in our local history. I found a third image that I think matches her. How can I use facial recognition software to solve this? Is there a website I can upload the pics? Would an iPhone X do this for me or is their software only for locking the phone?

A little money would be OK for this. Say, $25.

Removing lettering from photo

Wed, 21 Feb 2018 00:40:57 GMT

The press and I agreed I would do the cover of the upcoming book (because I want to and I know what I'm trying to convey).

I have a great photo that I was playing around with it, making a mock cover, and I guess I didn't save the original. I can't find it anywhere, and of course of all the photos I have, I love it the best. Is there a way to remove the lettering? Googling this question leads me to all sort of questionable downloads, none of which I know about.

I did it in Paint.

Can a teen have Paypal if she has a bank account?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 21:10:26 GMT

My 13 year old has a bank account that she has had since she was five. It's connected to my husband's and my bank account, showing that she is a minor and that we could get into it if we wanted because she is 13, but her name is on the account. So with that account, can't she have Paypal? She is getting into modeling and they want to pay her through Paypal, but I would like it to be under her own personal paypal just so that it is separate from My paypal. I heard that you have to be over eighteen to have Paypal. She does not have a credit card, but she does have the bank account with her name on it, so that could be how she is verified through the Paypal. Thanks in advance!

No-cost program management tools: Conference line, PM platform

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 20:43:06 GMT

Hello, I am working with a group of 4 individuals on a growing project. As we are getting further along in our work, we need program management tools. Does anyone have experience with a free conference line? We do not need video, but we would like webinar capacity and a conference line/number. Also, we will be anticipating the need for a program management platform for interactive management and archiving. This is a community-lead project, so free or low cost is preferred and appreciated. Thank you in advice!

I found Zoom online, but the service only allows for 40-minute calls for groups of 3 or more.
Bonus- it would be great if there is a way to record these calls for team members who can not participate.

program management platform
If there are no free programs out there, can you tell me which platforms you would recommend?

Described video tips?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 20:24:16 GMT

I'd like to create a Described Video track to accompany a video project... ie, an optional audio track in which a narrator describes the visuals onscreen, so that low vision people get context. I'm seeking tips on how to do this well, things to avoid doing, or links to media with great descriptive tracks that I can use as templates.

I have some questions, like-

How important is it to visually describe things like colours and shapes?
Is it better to give a list of adjectives (Alice is wearing pink jeans, a red sweater, and green shoes), or subjective descriptions (Alice is neatly dressed in bright, playful colours)?
I come from a screenwriting background where punchy, gestalt-summing descriptions tend to be favoured over factual list-based descriptions, but I get the sense the opposite is preferred in this context.

I'll be both writing and reading the track, so I appreciate tips and examples related to either task.

NBC Olympics coverage: some sports "women's" and some sports "ladies'"

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 20:00:43 GMT

Not a big sports fan here, this is a genuine question. Is there a reason that NBC describes some women's events as "Women's" (e.g. Women's Curling) and some as "Ladies'" (e.g. Ladies' Figure Skating)? The Olympics website just uses "Women's."

Germs and the new baby

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 19:32:37 GMT

I'm not sure how cautious I should reasonably be about people visiting and holding my baby when she is born in June. I see people on reddit barring friends and family from visiting their new baby unless they get a TDAP shot. That seems extreme to me, but am I just out of touch?

So, when I had my first child 8 years ago I was the first of my cohort to give birth and I didn't really know what I was doing. Hours after my daughter was born, I happily handed her over to whomever wanted to hold her. I didn't make them use hand sanitizer, inquire about their vaccinations, etc. I took baby to shops and restaurants and never worried for a moment. Baby never got (too) sick, baby grew up and here I am again.

A few years later, my friend had a baby. When we offered to come visit at the hospital, we were asked not to. I wasn't allowed to hold the baby for about 3 months. Her kids weren't allowed to hold him. The kids and I were allowed to touch the baby on the stomach with one finger. This seemed strange to me - I chalked it up to the fact that this friend grew up in another country and I'm not sure what their norms are around newborns.

However, now, I'm reading reddit and seeing the ladies there insist that everyone who gets near the baby have a TDAP shot. I've never heard of this before now. Is this a fringe thing, or is it mainstream? I think of myself passing my daughter around like a hot potato years ago and I wonder what the hell I was thinking - but then again, I took the classes, I read the books, and I didn't get any warnings about standard, everyday exposure to friends, family and the world.

This time, my preference is to be relaxed again about who gets to be near the baby. Our family isn't that big. We don't have many friends in town. I'll pass out the hand sanitizer this time. I will inquire about the health of the very few young kids that may visit, before they visit. Is this enough? Am I ridiculously naive? What can I read on this topic?

Help me find a copy of this hospitality-industry chaise.

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 19:31:44 GMT

I stayed at a Holiday Inn Express this weekend and sat on what might be the most comfortable chaise lounge I've ever tucked up on. Unfortunately, it appears that the furniture maker of this particular piece only sells to hotels - can you help me find a decent retail copy?

Necessary details in a retail version:

  • That high-walled armrest. I want to be able to squish up into the "corner" like I've got a booth seat at a restaurant. (Left arm orientation, please, though if you find one with walls on both sides like some kind of weird-looking chair I'm also interested?)
  • Good lumbar support on the upright portion - I want to use this thing like a chair with an attached ottoman, without getting all slouchy. (That is, the seat should be designed expecting me to sit on it, mostly upright, parallel to the longest side, rather than lying down on it or using it more like a loveseat.)
  • I strongly prefer no buttons on the upholstery in favor of that smooth mid-century fabric-stretched-over-foam look, but I'm willing to drop this point if a seat checks all the other boxes.
  • No loose cushions - I will inevitably squash them out of shape or go sliding off the seat.
  • There's probably an IKEA couch that's close-ish but I don't mind going a little spendier.
  • So far, this is the closest chaise in the genre I've found, but with the loose-cushion bottom it's not quite there.

Is there a Dream Chaise out there that matches all my fussy qualities? Or at least, are there better keywords to search with than just "modern/contemporary chaise?"

This is what google voice is for, right?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 18:57:42 GMT

I have a new job where I don't have a work phone. Is this a job for google voice?

New job, tiny organization with no work phones. I barely use a phone so far, but I might more often in the future and either way I'd like to give out my number and have a number in my email signature. I'd rather not use my personal number for a couple of (probably obvious) reasons-- a) don't really want to be receiving calls on vacation; b) privacy issues/desire not to mix work and personal; and c) my area code is out-of-state and my work is very local, so that's a little weird.

My understanding of google voice is that I could get a local number, give it out, and calls and texts would come in to my cell basically the exact same way as they do when someone dials my "real" number, but I could have a separate professional voicemail message and I could turn off the forwarding to my phone temporarily or permanently. Is that right? Is there anything else I should know or reasons that this wouldn't be a good fit or another service you like better?

Where can I buy hagelslag in Seattle?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 18:56:39 GMT

Where in Seattle can one reliably find hagelslag (Dutch sprinkles) for sale? Ideally somewhere south of the ship canal.

Prescription lens snorkeling mask

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 17:54:58 GMT

I'd love to go snorkeling! However, I wear glasses (for near-sightedness), and I'm unable to wear contact lenses. I'd therefore consider buying a snorkeling mask with a prescription lens. I'm a total amateur and would use such a mask very rarely, so not looking to spend a lot. Any tips on where to buy? Thanks!

Where can I find adventure (at home)?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 17:53:17 GMT

I love reading long-form adventure articles, or well-written books on same (eg. Krakauer's "Into Thin Air"), like this, or this. Point me to your favourite articles/books describing adventures, disasters, or a combination of the two. Bonus if they're heavy on the technical side.

Identification Nerd Seeks Resources!

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 17:34:55 GMT

I love learning and knowing the identity of a native bird or a tree or plant when I'm out and about is a nice dopamine hit. I'm seeking a couple of guides that will help me learn about the local flora and fauna of Northern California and Nevada.

Prefer tried and true recommendations than just Amazon reviews -- I could just go look at those myself, which is why I'm here asking my Metafilter comrades.

I have a Peterson's Field Guide for Western Birds, which is okay, but I'm not entirely happy with it. The things I do like is that it shows the underside of some of the birds in flight, which is super helpful with raptors. What I don't like is that I have no idea how large the birds are -- especially in comparison to each other (super UNHELPFUL with raptors), sometimes it focuses too much on the different color mutations, and the book itself is not big enough (because it's a field guide) so the maps are hard to read -- also the maps are in a different part of the book. Oh and I'd like pictures over drawings, although both would be AWESOME. Also I don't need Western Birds...I need the birds of Northern California and Nevada. I don't care if it's a coffee table book, I'm more likely to study at home (also the Peterson guide is in the car).

As for the flora, I'd like books about the native plants and especially the trees of the northern Sierra Nevada and the western edge of the Great Basin Desert of Northern Nevada (I'm pretty sure there's more out there besides sagebrush and rabbitbrush, but I might need a book to help me). Preferred parameters for the books are the same for the birding book - larger sized, more local, pictures rather than drawings, etc.

So nature and book geeks, can you help a girl out?

Looking for very specific movie or TV scenes

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 17:31:59 GMT

I'm looking for still photos or clips from movies or TV that show a man or men tied up in a non-sexual context and - crucially - they are afraid. That is, no angry/stoic/brave James Bond types. I don't care if they're later killed but I'd prefer the image not show the actual torture/murder. Ideal examples. Bad examples. ABSOLUTELY NO WOMEN OR CHILDREN.

I don't care why they're tied up. I'd prefer good guys though they need not be protagonists. Prefer clothed, but that's the least important criteria. I don't care about actually watching the movie or show so it's not necessary for the whole thing to be available online.

I've found this impossible to google but if you have any search terms those would be helpful too. "Interrogation" etc mostly brings up women for me, "bondage" etc brings up porn, which I don't want.

I need dishwashing hacks.

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 17:23:21 GMT

How can I make washing dishes better, easier, and something I do consistently?

I recently bought a house without a dishwasher, and nowhere to put one without renovating the kitchen entirely which is not on the agenda.* I've been trying to get used to hand washing dishes but I absolutely hate it.

1. I hate kitchen gloves, because they make my hands smell weird, and the water always gets inside the glove which feels gross.
2. When I'm not using gloves, the dirty dishes and dirty water seem gross, and the sponge makes my hands smell bad/weird.
3. I've tried a dish brush but it doesn't seem to work as well as a sponge.
4. I have a small double sink, no disposal, and a dish rack. I usually have the rack sitting inside one half of the sink for drying, then I use the other half of the sink for washing. I could probably have a setup where I move the drying rack to the side of the sink and get a mat for underneath, so I could use both sides of the sink for dishwashing, but I wouldn't want it to stay on the counter all the time, just when I'm doing the dishes.
5. My main problem is that since I hate doing the dishes, I tend to pile them up inside the sink, which then makes them seem even grosser and more overwhelming. I know I need to get into a habit of washing each dish immediately after I use it.

Ideas I have so far:
-getting a dish brush that somehow works better than the one I have
-finding gloves that aren't that yellow latexy stuff and have a smell I don't hate
-learning a new routine/habit for how to do dishes efficiently
-fancy-smelling/pretty soap to make it more pleasurable
-maybe a special dish towel to dry things off with, so I don't have to wait for them to air-dry and can keep the area more clear
-some other type of visual/sensory reward that comes after washing all the dishes. I'm very responsive to my visual environment and if I can buy anything well-made/beautiful/attractive that will help or motivate, I'm in.

Please give me all your tips, tricks, and hacks. Also, assume I'm an alien who has never washed dishes before and will need every single step of your efficient process explained.

*Unless someone has a recommendation for a dishwasher that somehow fits under the kitchen sink?

Where can person with parkinson's live?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:53:54 GMT

My mom has Parkinson's and after a broken hip 2 years ago moved to assisted living facility where she has her own apartment (living room, bedroom, bathroom, mini fridge and microwave). Meals are provided restaurant style 3 times a day. She has levels of care so she can get help with bathroom, dressing, etc but she needs to request help (which she doesn't do).

After hip surgery her dementia got drastically worse. She has a walker, but she doesn't understand or accept her limitations so she falls multiple times a week from using the walker improperly or not even using it. We temporarily have an aide living with her 24/7 in the assisted living facility but we can't afford to do that for long. I think that she needs more supervision than assisted living can provide. The head of nursing there agrees with me but says that a memory care is not appropriate (her dementia is such that she is alert / aware so she wouldn't be happy there, plus she would still not be supervised so she would still fall constantly). Nursing care is also not appropriate as she is not bedridden.

Other complications: she has a pendant around her neck to call for help after a fall, to ask for help getting to the bathroom, etc but she 100% refuses to use it.

There doesn't seem to be a facility that can handle this and she is paying out of pocket for assisted living and the aide. Is there something I can be looking for that would be a supervised environment to live in? Somewhere between Flemington NJ and Hoboken NJ is what I'm looking for, but knowing what to ask for would be helpful also if you aren't in that specific area.

Vocal + piano and nothing else recordings of standards (follow-up sorta)

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:45:04 GMT

Are there other recordings like "Intimate Ella" with just piano, no combo, for me to try and crib from?

Still working at learning to accompany standards, however demipygously. One thing my boyfriend suggested was transcribing an actual recording. I tried this, with a little success, with "Black Coffee" from the album where Ella Fitzgerald sings with Paul Smith on piano and no other accompaniment. There have to be other recordings like this but I don't know where to look for them. (If the accompaniments were a notch simpler, I wouldn't complain, but simplicity is not a big goal in jazz performance, I suppose.)

The other thing I was going to try was just bearing down despite my lousy music reading and playing through written-out accompaniments. The thing I've run up against there is that every book of written-out standards I look at includes the melody in the right hand, which isn't the kind of accompaniment I'm interested in, because I want to sing along. Is there some distinction I should be making in the music I search for?

As my question history indicates, this learning process is glacial, but fortunately I have no scheduled debut at the Village Vanguard.

Making friends in your 40s in a small town (Iowa City)

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:37:50 GMT

After everything I've gone through to get out of a 20 year abusive marriage (see posting history) I am on the road to a healthy and happy life. But ...

. I'm 41, remarried, relocated to the Midwest (Coralville IA), going to therapy for the first time, and learning how to be a stepmom to three wonderful children). The problem is I don't really have any social supports or friends in our new community even though we moved here 6 months ago. I work from home for an employer based back in DC so there isn't an opportunity to connect with people at work. Meetup just isn't the bustling situation here that it was back in DC.. I have still stepped up to the plate by starting 2 meetup groups and join some others but it's really slow going just to even get to know people and I haven't found anyone I really click with yet. I have kids now so I thought maybe some of the mom groups might be good but I quickly learned stepmoms are eyed with a bit of suspicion. I found a nice church but most of the congregants are much older than me. In short I'm having trouble finding people in their thirties and forties to click with. What can I do?

Is the Flatiron School's online web development program worth it?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:02:46 GMT

I applied for and received a partial scholarship to the Flatiron School's online web development program; I still have to pay half which would be a lot of money ($750/month). As I decide whether to accept I want to make sure I'm finding out as much information as possible. I know that bootcamps are already extremely divisive. Is this worth doing?

The more focused on the Flatiron School's web development program answers are the better. General is okay but I know that some people think bootcamps are great and other people think they are terrible and what I really want to know is if this program is any good and if I will be able to get a job that pays well.

Main questions:

-Is this program any good?
-Will I be able to get a job based on this? In case it matters, I'm in Washington D.C.
-If I get a job, will I be able to do it, assuming I'm smart and pay attention to the coursework?
-How much would such a job make?
-If I got a web development job would that be likely to work for long term career stuff? Would I likely be able to switch jobs/employers later?
-I'm a woman and also I'm 33. Please tell me if this makes pursing this path dumb.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide!

Furniture Disassembly/Reassembly in Chicago

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 16:00:34 GMT

Does anyone have experience with movers who do furniture disassembly/reassembly? Is this something you hire someone else to do? What sort of person? I'm located in Chicago.

I'm in charge of pricing out movers for our offices at work. We have a very large table with legs screwed in. It can't be moved out of the room it's in until the legs are unscrewed, and it will need to be reassembled at the destination.

By screwed in, I mean screwed in with screws, not just something you can untwist by hand. It's not Ikea furniture, it's handmade and very very heavy.

Desktop software that inspires!

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 15:18:24 GMT

I've upgraded our family PC to something powerful and I'm looking to pack it full of software that will inspire and enable creativity for my kids (10 and 12). Help me find the right software for it!

Some details -- Windows 10 machine (will remain so), powerful rig including video card. Willing to pay for software, but ridiculously priced please.

Some examples of software I've found so far include:

Sculptris - Looks to be a pretty intuitive 3D sculpting tool.
Space Engine - Very cool looking universe simulator
Scratch - My kids already love it, and will continue to be used.

Would love to find any other simulation, creation, or sandbox software that fits in the mold of these -- offering tools to create, explore and learn.


Therapy through insurance, therapist seems confused

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 15:00:29 GMT

I started mental health therapy through my insurance for the first time. I thought it would be great because yay, my health insurance covers it! But my therapist has just started accepting insurance, and seems confused, and it has been a month since she has filed a claim for our weekly meetings, and I'm really anxious that something will go wrong with billing and I'll have to pay out of pocket. Anyone do therapy through insurance?

I have a PPO. After concern, I read that doing reimbursements are the best way to do therapy with insurance, but oops too late to do that now, and also I'm afraid I won't be able to afford that with the weekly meetings. So instead I found a therapist who said she would diagnose me with anxiety, bill to my insurance, and then I would pay a co-pay.

Our first meeting was a month ago, I paid a co-pay in cash, and she said she would start filing the claim to the insurance. That was a month ago and she has yet to do it, though promises she will do it "this week" which was last week ago. I told her I was very anxious about this, because this is my first time I've used insurance and know that if something goes wrong, I could owe a lot of money. (And she's not getting paid either besides my co-pay! So I'm anxious about that.) She said she hears me and understands, that she will work hard to file the claim, and since I seem so anxious, we should talk about this anxiety in our next session.

But I'm afraid to go to the next session until she bills me and I know I'll be alright with insurance covering our sessions. She says she would like me to continue because it's important to my anxiety, and she believes the best way to know a patient is with consistent weekly meetings. BUT my anxiety would be quelled if I knew she was filing the claims and everything was A-OK with insurance!

I want to put a pause on therapy sessions until she gets billing done. She would rather me not do this, and offered to do a sliding scale if somehow the insurance denies or something messes up. I just feel like I would feel better with a pause in sessions until billing is figured out rather than go for 5 more sessions with a total of 15 messed up bills than 10 messed up bills. Does that make sense? Or am I blowing this out of proportion and insurance will probably be ok? I spoke to my insurance and they said as long as it's a medical necessity, therapy would be covered. I would be diagnosed with general anxiety disorder and I would hope that gets me covered.

I like this therapist! I just don't want to freak out about money while she tries to file a claim for the past month. What should I do? Should I still continue or is it ok to push back more on a hiatus until she gets claims sorted? I do feel like I need the consistent therapy but I'd rather be anxious at home than anxious at therapy AND at home worrying about insurance.

Hearing voices - what to do?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 14:59:38 GMT

In the last couple of years, I've started to hear "voices" occasionally - once or twice a week. I use the term loosely because the voices are generally indistinct, and when they are distinct, they always seem to be my name (perhaps I think too highly of myself). I'm afraid to go to a doctor about this because I think the fairly low impact to my life is outweighed by the non-trivial chance of being involuntarily treated. I have a good job, a good life, and a good family. I don't think I pose a threat to anyone. What should I do?

Each time this occurs, I heard some voices behind me - either talking indistinctly or apparently saying my name. When I turn around and notice nothing is there, the voices go away. Although this is more annoying than worrying, I do have a fondness for my brain functioning correctly.

A number of advice pages mention that many people are afraid of going to a medical professional over similar symptoms due to the similar fears. What I haven't actually found is a statement or evidence that involuntary treatment/commitment is not a likely result of presenting with these symptoms to a medical professional.

I realize that if I was reading this question, I would think the answer is, "of course not, fool - why would a doctor bother with such a drastic step for you?" However, now faced with this possibility, I can't exclude it from my consideration.

Am I crazy? What should I do?

Resources for homeless senior in Southern California

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 14:57:42 GMT

I just found out my dad has been sleeping rough for a couple weeks, and I am looking for next steps to help him find housing and stability. Do you know of resources for housing for people over 55+ who are functionally out of the system (but have a SSN)?

My dad has been homeless off and on for about 30 years. He is an expert couchsurfer. He is an alcoholic, and is very manipulative - borrows money and moves himself in with anyone who allows it. He has no experience with shelters or dealing with the "system" - he has worked as a carpenter, paid under the table, his entire life and has been struggling as he ages out of the workforce. I have siblings who are much younger than I am and more vulnerable to his manipulations - I went no contact with him for 10 years until his dad died and keep a strong distance between us. I do, however, pay for his phone, which was stolen yesterday when he was asleep under a bush near a job site.

I don't know if he's ever paid into social security, he hasn't had a driver's license in almost twenty years, and I don't really know where to start to do my own research for what is available for him in the Wildomar/Elsinore/Temecula area of Southern California. He may have briefly had Medicare a couple years ago.

He lived with a relative and a friend for the past few years, rent-free, which predictably didn't end well. When it did end, he immediately started hitting up my siblings for a place to stay, which burned up any good will he'd earned during his brief period of stability, where a "visit" to see grandkids was in all actuality a real visit, where he paid his own way and left after a short duration. Recently he attempted another visit which cost my siblings several hundred dollars (that they can not afford) and which ended when I stepped in and had one of them buy him a bus pass back to the Wildomar area. My grandmother lives there and drives him to jobs and medical appointments, but is far beyond the point where she can care for him (and he absolutely cannot live with her).

I am sure he is dealing with untreated mental illness, and in fact you are witnessing the sole remaining shred of my sympathy toward him - I do want to help, but I also want to mitigate the damage to my grandmother and siblings. Should I be gathering info on homeless shelters? He is not quite old enough to apply for Social Security, but will be in the next few years (provided he's paid anything into it, and I don't believe he ever has). Are there programs available to homeless seniors, specifically? Rehab? Jobs he may be qualified for that provide housing? Long term camping? Any leads are very much appreciated.

Help me decide between auto drip coffeemaker or a pod coffeemaker

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 14:51:56 GMT

I need to buy an autodrip or pod coffeemaker by tonight, help!

Our coffeemaker died last night and DH just texted that they have a pod coffeemaker at work and I think he has stars in his eyes now. I prefer an auto drip coffeemaker with cone filter. I was gifted a pod maker once and promtly returned it, don't like the high cost of pods and environmental issues. Also am not crazy about hot water sitting all day, I think of it as stale water but that may just be my weirdness.

Do you use a pod machine with a refillable pod? Is it fiddly? Did you have a pod and go back to brewed or vice versa and if so, why? The only way I would want a pod is if I could use a refillable pod. We each have 2 cups of coffee in the morning, at different times so I am open to a pod as it might be more convenient. DH reported that the one he used at work today was FAST, which is a positive but not a deal breaker, I've lived with and loved auto drip dinosaurs for 30yrs so....

Not interested in cold brew or grind & brew or espresso functions, my quandry is auto drip or pod. Which do you use and why do you prefer it?

Do the other people in your dreams actually speak to you?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 13:45:39 GMT

Recently I noticed how lonely my dreams are. Is this a common thing?

I was just wondering whether it was normal for the other people in your dreams to completely ignore you? I have only been acknowledged once in my dreams (by Robert Plant of all people - we had a great time) and I am usually on the outside looking in at other people's conversations and other people's lives. I'm not even sure if they "see" me or they just accept that I am there. I guess I am just sort of standing there like a weirdo.

Last night after dreaming about spending a few "hours" in an unnamed Middle Eastern airport watching 3 sisters (not mine) share a conversation that I was once again not involved in, I thought i'd ask Metafilter if this was normal.

I am a bit of a loner so this might be the reason why. I just found it rather sad and quite lonely and i'd like to change this (in real life too). Could my lack of feeling included in life be affecting how I dream or is this how everyone dreams?


Can I eat it: quiche?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 13:08:42 GMT

How long can I keep a homemade (vegetarian, if it matters) quiche in the refrigerator? Never frozen, but left out at room temp for about an hour after baking. Baked in kind of a deep dish—a substantial amount of quiche per slice.

It almost—almost—seems like the perfect make-ahead meal for a busy week, but I don't want to wind up on Friday morning with a bunch of stinky egg.

How can MS project users let me know when they've made updates?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 11:03:15 GMT

I'm tasked with putting together a process for collecting and reporting updates to a large MS project plan. The plan includes high-level details for a number (10ish) of related projects. The project plan is on a SharePoint site and gets updated by about a half dozen folks. I need to 1) create an easy process for people to update/notify me when changes are made to the plan, e.g., add/remove tasks or milestones, change due dates, maybe % complete updates, etc.

So, what is the best way to accomplish this? I'd like something better than sending an email around once a week asking for updates but all I can think to do is to create a template that people fill out. Could I can take advantage of SharePoint to send alerts or create a workflow?

I also need to 2) create a program report for my manager that a) recaps what changed, b) provides a heads up of what's coming, c) critical path alerts, and d) status. I think I can provide a twice-monthly PowerPoint report with segments for key updates, status for each project (red, yellow green), and timeline graphic of upcoming deliverables/milestones.

Does this sound like a reasonable approach; am I forgetting anything and how can I make it easy for folks to communicate their changes to me. Ideally, I'd give everyone notice that starting March xx, please do the following...

If it matters, I'm with a giant financial company with standard office applications. No downloading or buying special software.

What's an easy, eco-friendly way to bind a printed A4 booklet?

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 08:41:29 GMT

I'm looking for an innovative, easy and eco-friendly way to bind A4 printed booklets. (I print these booklets — both sides, landscape, rarely more than 4 A4 pages thick — nightly for the articles I've Instapaper'd throughout the day, since I don't like reading on-screen.)

Staples feel too wasteful; hole punching and plastic binding rings is a hassle; 'staple-free' staplers don't work for the landscape booklet format.

Is there anything else you guys have seen that might be worth trying? Thanks!

Retail statistics question

Tue, 20 Feb 2018 08:34:58 GMT

In a retail chain with multiple stores that are judged by sales statistics, how do returns and exchanges work? Say I buy something from Store A. Then I change my mind and return it at Store B for store credit. Then I buy something using that credit at Store B. Does my money end up going toward Store A's totals, or Store B? Both?

The reason for this question is really dumb and mostly irrelevant. (no, I am not planning some sort of elaborate retail statistics gaming scheme.)