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Published: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 12:14:41 GMT

Last Build Date: Fri, 28 Oct 2016 12:14:41 GMT


I want my shoes to fit just right.

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 12:14:41 GMT

Problem: I bought a couple pairs of booties. They seemed great at first - and they still are - but I now realize after a couple of wearings that they are both just a *little* too long for me. Enough that the heel slips a bit when I walk. It's just enough to bug me.

Has anyone else had this issue and what did you do?

I've used those gel heel stick-on things in the past, but I'm not a big fan as they tend to come off eventually. I'd like to find a very thin foam insole - once a salesperson at Naturalizers got me to buy a pair of too-large boots with them - but I don't really see them in drug stores.

I've worn the shoes too much already to return them, and anyway my foot is short and wide and the booties are only too long, not too wide. So I'm lucky to find a bootie that fits me at all, and the next size down I likely wouldn't be able to get my foot into.

Quality used silver jewelry in NYC?

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 11:12:08 GMT

I have to get it after work tonight so no time for a lot of shopping around or flea markets.

My Halloween costume involves wearing a number of big silver rings (the kind that go up to the knuckle or higher). I'd rather drop a little more and buy some rings I can actually keep and wear rather than crap from Target that will turn green in a week.

I don't think I can afford anything new. Looking to spend no more than $40 or so a ring (maybe a little more if it's really nice.) Thanks!

So many little bottles. So, so many.

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 05:44:16 GMT

How do you store your household medicines so you can see everything you have easily? We have so many little bottles of pills and stuff that I always have trouble finding what I'm looking for, which is extremely not fun when it's an urgent need. It also means a ton of waste, as we're always buying dupes of things we've got but couldn't find. How do other households deal with this?

I don't even know why - we've been mostly pretty healthy - but for some reason, the quantity of bottles of pills and other such stuff in my house is just... I mean it is bonkers. OTC medicines, prescriptions we still need to keep handy, random lotions and unguents and bandages and splints and ahhhh SO MUCH STUFF. I need to have it displayed so that I can see, at once, what I'm looking for. Currently it's in a combination of deep shelves and drawers and I can't find anything. It's a giant mess.

The good news is I have almost an entire closet in the vanity area which I can, with some work, dedicate to solving this problem, but I need to figure out the most efficient and effective way. Thought I'd check and see if anyone here has brilliant solutions to this issue before I start reinventing the wheel. What does your household do with this stuff?

Image Morphing/Tweening by color, not control points

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 03:05:35 GMT

I have a series of images that I would like to animate, but using a fade transition from image to image is less than satisfying. I'd love to be able to do a tweening/morphing type transition from image to image, but the tools I've found for this aren't suited for the type of images I'm working with.

These images consist of random blobs of either one of two colors. while there may be some commonality in the colored regions from image to image, there's no guarantee of it. What may be a convex blob of color #1 in one image, could be the same convex blob with a concave bite taken out of it, or with a long psuedopod extending out form it, or it may have disappeared entirely, to be replaced by a blob of color #2.

All of the morphing/tweening tools I've seen seem geared towards swapping faces on portraits or turning simple geometric shapes from one shape to another, and expect you to mark a set of control points in each image (here are the eyes, the tip of the nose, corners of the mouth...)

After doing some experimenting, I've found that if I mark the edges of the colored blobs and set points on the nearest similar blob in the subsequent image, I can sort of get the effect I want, but because the blobs are so irregular it's a very time-consuming process, and not something I want to go through for each transition of my 50+ images.

What I'm looking for is a tool that would automatically detect "here's the regions of Color #1, here's the regions of Color #2, melt them from image to image to make a smooth animation." Standalone program or Photoshop plugin, preferred.

Couples therapist

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 02:02:53 GMT

Does anyone have recommendations for a good couples therapist/marriage counselor in the Ithaca NY area? Is this the sort of thing that insurance covers?

What Lego set?!?!?

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 01:40:29 GMT

Help me pick out a Lego set!

It's my daughter's 10th bday and she asked for a Lego set. She didn't ask for one in particular and I don't think she had anything specific in mind.

I picked up and put down the Lego Prison Island set like 20 times and ditto the Nexo Knights fortress. Prison Island looked super fun but kinda...depressing? Who wants to think about prison?

What I really wish I could get is Lego Castle sets but alas.

I have access to a Lego Land. I plan on going tomorrow. What awesome set would you get? I'd like to keep it around $100. But if there was something stupendous i might go up a bit.

Also, anyone have the Lego Simpsons house or the Kwik E Mart? Are they as amazing as they look?

I have same Apple ID on three devices at home, how to change one id?

Fri, 28 Oct 2016 00:24:22 GMT

I have a I-Phone and I-Pad I use, my husband got a I-Pad last year and I used same Apple ID on it when in hindsight it would have been better if I had used another Apple ID for him. He has downloaded some apps and I don't want him to lose any of these in a transition. What is smoothest way for me to change his Apple ID on his I-Pad and keep his stuff on there too?

I just don't like him getting my reminders, my photos, my messages, etc I am getting on my devices.

German hyphenation

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 23:29:48 GMT

If I needed to hyphenate the term Bundespräsidentenwiederholungswahlverschiebung across the end of a line, where would be the acceptable places to do so?

In English, for instance, hyphenation is not done in the middle of a syllable. The acceptable hyphenation points for "Watergate" are "Wa-ter-gate" or possibly "Wat-er-gate", but not anywhere else in the word: "Wate-rga-te" would be right out. Can you similarly indicate the places where a hyphen would be acceptable in the case of this particular long neologism?

"Touch-A Touch-A Touch me, I want to be dirty!!!"

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 23:04:02 GMT

I'm looking for sexy, over the top songs about sexual awakening, kind of like Touch-A Touch-A Touch me from Rocky Horror. Looking for recommendations for similar songs.

A (Very) Little Somethin'-Somethin'

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 21:53:14 GMT

Why yes, I WOULD like a (non-free) sample! So the discovery of perfume decant vials and snack samples (like and Sugarfina's sample packs/tasting bags) have greatly enhanced my life. What other things (food/drink and health/beauty are categories that immediately come to mind, but I'm open to ALL things) are readily available for purchase in sample sizes? Note that I'm NOT interested in beauty or snack subscription boxes... I'd like items that I choose, in quantities I choose, on a non-recurring basis.

MacBook purchasing advice

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 20:51:05 GMT

I have a mid-2010 MacBook Pro that I'd like to replace with another Mac (I like the OS) given that 1) I have run out of room to store things, 2) it's been running slow and pretty hot (even when I wasn't completely out of memory), and 3) it's a little heavy for me now. I can't decide which Mac would be the best replacement, and could use some advice.

I've tended in the past to buy computers on the higher-end of my budget with an eye towards better performance given the mentality that 1) I'd like to not have to replace it for a while and 2) you never know when you'll need better performance (i.e. better safe than sorry). So I was holding off for the announcement today of the new MacBook Pros with the expectation I would pick one up. However, a combination of not-so-great updates + a high price tag have gotten me questioning if that's the best choice for me moving forward.

For the most part my usage is web surfing (with a TON of open tabs), document editing, a little bit of video editing (very rare) and music playing, and some gaming (nothing too intensive, mostly visual novels). More than anything, though, I treat my laptop as my primary storage device - all my photos, videos, etc. are on there, which is probably why I've filled up the 256gb drive.

Would a new maxed-out MacBook (1.3ghz dual-core intel m7, 8gb ram, 512gb flash storage) be a considerable improvement over my 13-inch mid-2010 Pro (2.4ghz intel core 2 duo, 4gb ram, 250GB 5400-rpm Serial ATA hard disk drive) while fitting my needs/wants? Or would another Mac (Air? The new Pro?) be better for me? I should also note that part of the reason why the MacBook is tempting me is coming from a shallow place - I really like the gold color - though I'm obviously willing to overcome that if it's otherwise sub-par for my purposes.

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Thank Yeh-oo in Advance

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 20:35:02 GMT

With some American English-speaking, usually young female speakers, I sometimes perceive a subtle but distinct shift of ... tone, maybe (?), in the middle of the word "you" that makes it sound almost like "yeh-oo" instead of "yo͞o". My American English-speaking, mid-40's female partner neither pronounces the word this way nor does she hear it in others when I point it out. Am I hearing things, or is this "a thing"? What is it called? Is it a "glottal stop"? Why do some people pronounce it like that and others don't?

Some background: I usually sit near the front of my bus in the morning and so I hear almost every "thank you" as people exit. I started noticing that some "thank yous" sound more like "thank yeh-oo" and have started paying attention and hearing it in other situations as well. I am aware of the concept of "vocal fry" and the (controversial) claims that it is primarily a phenomenon occurring with young women. I do not believe what I think I'm hearing is that, nor do I want to claim that this seems to be another "young women's speech pathology." I'm only saying I've noticed it among young female speakers and will readily admit that I might just not being attention in mixed company or when I am among males.

In looking up "vocal fry" I came across "the glottal stop", which might be what I'm hearing. There was an AskMeFi post about the glottal stop last year but the audio files referenced in the answer are no longer available.

Baby name in English / en français

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 20:19:09 GMT

Need help with our baby name list! We are looking for ideas of baby girl names that are pronounced identically (or very nearly so) in French and in English.

We are a French and English speaking family expecting a baby girl in a few months. Our primary criterion for a name is that the name is pronounced identically in both French and English. We want something that both sets of grandparents will pronounce the same. We have a short list and are a bit stuck -- can you help us with ideas of names that we might have missed?

Just for clarity, Claire would work since it is pronounced the same. Rachel or Audrey would not work, because the pronunciation is quite different even though they are fairly common names in both languages.

Our style is more simple and classic than creative, but don't let that limit you, we'll happily consider all ideas.

Thanks for your help!

How to find a junior communications job?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 19:57:49 GMT

I have about 3 years experience as Admin/Exec Assistant and I'd like to get a fulltime communications role.-- Im 28 and have 3 years of experience as an Executive Assistant in arts/culture in which a lot of the duties I liked the most could be called corporate communications ( mainly writing, editing, a bit of web design and a bit of graphic design). I'd rather have those aspects be my fulltime job rather than managing someone's schedule and travel. -- I have a graduate diploma in Communications which I finished in 2015, and I worked as an Exec assistant in a film company for the past year (which turned out to be a toxic situation because of the work environment and bad management). ( before that I did a BA in liberal arts and music) -- I make a good assistant because I pay attention and follow instructions, have clear writing, diplomacy, am resourceful for solving IT problems, people call me analytical and smart, I have basic audiovisual and graphic design abilities, I stay on top of whatever priorities arise from day to day, and I deliver under pressure (though I'd rather not work in a high stress environment). However, I don't really enjoy being an administrative assistant anymore. I am beginning to feel that I have outgrown the role. Since I'm job searching now, I feel like it is a good time to go after a more specific role. -- I'm currently looking for a job and I've had callbacks for three different positions in which I would be an executive Assistant. However I really really would like to move out of that category because I don't think there is any way to grow there (correct me if I'm wrong), and I would like to build my communications skills. But, I never get callbacks for the communications roles that I've applied for, possibly because I've never had a fulltime role in Comms. -- I'm learning HTML and CSS in my spare time at the moment. In an ideal world I'd love to be a web developer or graphic designer but for the moment I just need a job. People tell me I could learn to be a programmer (which sounds very appealing) so I'm considering what's the best way to do that. So far I've been working on the front end web dev certificate on Free Code Camp. The idea of user experience is very interesting to me and I'm considering applying for a master's in Information studies because the program at McGill has courses in UX design. -- I don't have experience managing people or budgets, and the thought of being in charge of either is not appealing to me at the moment. I don't have the right type of personality to be a manager. I 'm an introvert who is a very bad salesperson but a very persuasive writer. -- One challenge i face is that I live in a francophone city (Montreal). My french is good, but I wouldn't say that my written french is good enough to be in professional communications, which eliminates about 50% or more of the advertised jobs. There are a surprising amount of anglophone businesses in the city, which I've discovered, but I should probably be in Toronto. However, I love my little french paradise and I would really love to stay here. I have a tendency make my life more difficult than it needs to be, but I seem to be able to accomplish my goals despite this. -- I want to make a minimum of $42,500 a year with opportunity for growth -- I want a stable, secure job with good management. Dream jobs would be to work in a university, library, government cultural agency, museum, non profit ogranziation, etc. How do I start? Any suggestions you can offer me are welcome, whether it has to do with finding a Comms job or whether I'm better off focusing my energies on learning more tech skills. [...]

My very skittish cat has fleas- how can I treat her?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 19:16:49 GMT

One of my cats has fleas. Unfortunately, she's also very skittish and nervous. Getting medication / Revolution on her is a hard battle. What alternatives do I have? As an added question, how can I treat my house when I can't take her away from the house (therefore ruling out flea bombs)?

I am the proud owner of a very nervy little girl who was a former feral. She's been scratching, poor girl. She's amenable to pats, but very smart and very quick, so getting Revolution on her almost always results in failure. I have another kitty who I am able to flea treat, but of course she keeps reinfecting him.

I know there are natural remedies available, but I'm doubtful about how effective they actually are.

Cost isn't an issue, so I'm happy to pay a bit more.

I'm also worried about how best to get rid of the fleas from my house. Bug bombs are out because there's no way I can catch her so that I can take her away for a few hours.

How do I pick myself up during the worst year of my life?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 18:55:58 GMT

I have lost everything this past year. How do I move forward?

I previously made a post detailing my ex-boyfriend's cruel break-up with me here, if you'd like to check that out for context.

Roughly a month after the above post, I was fired from my new job two days after the company (it was a really small company) stated that profits were down for this year. With that being said, the work environment turned out to be unexpectedly toxic - I was "spoken to" about several "offenses" that others weren't (for example, I was pulled into HR for my "messy desk"--as in, I had reports from work on my desk, like others---, for not notifying my supervisor of where I was (in the building) at all times, and more, etc.

So, I've been on the job hunt again for the past few months. I have plans to attend grad school next fall, but obviously, it's a long time until then.

I am besides myself with shame, embarrassment, and disgust (at myself). I'm officially a fuck-up. I can hear my ex laughing in the distance, congratulating himself for leaving me. I cannot move forward without 25 steps back.

I'm trying my best to institute self-care (I am taking medicine, and seeing a therapist weekly, volunteering), but my self-esteem is in the gutter now. I don't understand why this has happened to me, and I feel that it must be because I am some kind of bad person, and I deserve it. Meanwhile, my ex rode off into the sunset on a white horse, whereas I feel like I am getting his karma, or something. The pain of that experience has, for some reason, become magnified after the job loss.

At the time we broke up, my new job was slightly comforting to me, as I had somewhere to focus my energies. At this point, the best part of the day is the evening, because then I can sleep. The job search is slow, perhaps due to the time of the year, which is not helping. I don't know what to do, guys.

Election night themed party food

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 16:48:32 GMT

Some family friends through an election night party every year and everyone brings a potluck dish. Doesn't have to be themed, but where's the fun in that? Looking for ideas that are punny but nothing that would cause real offense. Trumpkin pie territory.

Nonprofit labor-management relations for dummies?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 16:16:40 GMT

I work in a small public library system. In advance of upcoming contract negotiations, our tiny Staff Association is trying to get our act together. Somehow I was elected as an officer(!), and I don't have a good understanding of our current contract and how it affects various employees (part-timers especially). Help!

Besides getting VERY familiar with the current contract (and the details of past negotiations), I need to learn more about the general issues involved and a LOT more about negotiation in these circumstances. In cursory searching, a lot of the info I've found has to do with big unions negotiating with big companies, so not directly applicable to our small Association negotiating with a library board.

Here's what I could use:
- Library-specific or non-profit specific labor resources
- General contract negotiation resources
- Any tips for providing leadership in these discussions/making sure all parties' concerns are fairly considered? We have a wide range of pay and circumstances within our small group, and we want everyone to have fair input.

No resource too basic or simple - although I've been working as a librarian for awhile, I'm a noob about these issues. Thanks for any help you can provide!

Flying solo in Montréal

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 15:51:14 GMT

Looking for offbeat, interesting things to do, places to meet people in my age range, traditional or alternative art galleries to visit, craft breweries, live music venues? and anything else that's a must see! Also looking for help on how to handle selling artwork internationally.

I'm a 23-year-old female from Milwaukee, WI going to Montreal from November 9-14, and I'm looking for recommendations! I'm an artist tabling at Expozine that weekend in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal. That's also where I'll be staying, at an Airbnb. I'm hoping to possibly meet some people around my age range, and I hear the night life is good in that area? I'd love restaurant and bar recommendations; I'm not really into going to crazy night clubs but I love a lively bar with good beer, good conversation, and good music. Dive bars have a soft spot in my heart. Music show venues would be fun as well. Also craft breweries and coffee shops! I'm looking for recommendations in that area, as well as anywhere that's easy to get to on public transit.

I'm wondering too about areas or specific places to see good artwork. That could be a museum, but preferably galleries. Is there anything similar to NYC's Lower East Side gallery district? Or are there specific galleries you'd recommend?

What are the best tourist-y things to see? I'll be tabling all day on Saturday and Sunday, so I only have a couple days to bop around the city. What are the must-sees? And is there anything specific happening that weekend that would be interesting to check out?

One last thing: I'll be conducting business at Expozine selling zines and prints. I normally use a Square card-reader to make credit card transactions. As long as my phone is connected to internet, will there be any kind of issue using it in Canada rather than the States? Anything I need to prepare for before I leave?

Thanks for any help :)

What tools do digital project managers use?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 15:42:23 GMT

For any digital PMs can you describe the tools you use and skills?

I have duel experience as a copywriter and in my last job, a digital producer. In short it was like a project manager BUT it was informal. I didn't use Gantt charts, didn't use terms like critical path, etc. What I did was get creative, account and our external vendors together, get an idea of what the build/page is going to be like (ie creative brief, tech specs, usability). Then I would work with the vendor on a timeline and budget if it was outside of our retainer. Then I would manage the project as a liason between the vendor and the client. I would chip in to build where I could with a CMS. For a redesign, I was the producer liason between our company and the vendor as well as content manager.

I loved it. When I look at digital PM jobs, it seems that it is pretty much in line with what I did BUT it appears they want the formality of the job---gantt charts, budget estimates, etc. While benefiicial, I really don't want to get a PMP and the one intervew I went to at a digital agency asked what software I used. We sort of started in Microsoft Project but that whole idea went out the window at my former company. The agency said "Microsoft Project? Woah that's a bit intesne and laborous." So it seemed that perhaps that MP was too much for the average digital PM to use. When it came to the test, it was similar to a PM construction job. And this is where I bombed. Looking back I can see they were asking for when to use a change order, what are the dependencies, risks, etc. But again we never used these in a formal manner. All builds were expected within a 3 day turn around, redesigns for an entire website from start to finish, they thought 3 months was the norm.

So I want to get into a job like I had, except not a shitstorm of a company. Loved what I did. I know I can do a PM job but I'm having a hard time getting my foot in the door and I dont' want to just read up and throw terms around. I want to be able to do the basics.

What tools do you use. What processes. How can I get in the door and succeed when I had informal experience?

What to doooo with a PhD in psychology

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 15:30:14 GMT

(Cue Avenue Q) I'm at a lost with where to go with my next career path. Psych phd and now in the fed government. Kinda tired of research. My job is pretty ok, but I'd like a change.

I miss teaching and working with people. My speciality is a weird intersection of human development, immigration and healthcare policy. I'm mostly in policy work now, a few years in the fed government. I'm mixed methods, ok in qualitative and ok in quantitative but not statistician. Pretty good in project management.

Any suggestions for places to search, orgs or websites or people or anything?

Boot Issues

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 15:27:04 GMT

New cowboy boots -- the right one fits great, the left...just enough to be uncomfortable.

Got new cowboy boots -- and I'm new to cowboy boots in general. They are very nicely made, were somewhat spendy, and trying them on in the store went really well and I like them a lot.

On wearing them for more than an hour or so, I have found that apparently my left foot makes a slight curve outwards -- so at the ankle, the boots rub on the inside edge, and my pinky toe rubs on the outside edge. It's not horrible, but it becomes too annoying after a couple hours and I have to take them off.

Probably the first mistake: they were purchased from a hardcore boot shop not in town here, where there's less boot options, so it's hard to just drive down and talk to the boot shop about it.

But, I don't know much about how new cowboy boots work: if this is something where the boot will eventually conform to my foot, or if there's anything I can do to encourage the left one to fit better, or if this is something I need to take to a boot repair guy to adjust for me?

How early to get to Toronto Pearson for a Sat. AM flight to the US?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 13:29:57 GMT

Flying back to the US out of Toronto Pearson on a Saturday 7:45 AM flight (AA terminal 3). How early should we get there to deal with customs, security, checking bags ... (we are US citizens).

I Love I Love Dick. What Else Will I Love?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 13:00:11 GMT

Seeking recommendations for books that mix the personal with critique/theory.

Now that the weather's getting nicer (here in Florida), I want to resume my favorite way to spend late afternoons: sitting outside as the sun sets, reading. My favorite types of books to read during this time mix the personal/reflective with theory/criticism. I like getting to learn about the author/narrator while also learning about feminist/art/cultural/literary theory.

Books that have scratched this itch for me: I Love Dick by Chris Kraus (all of her books, really; and I know I Love Dick is "fiction;" I'm okay with fiction suggestions); Maggie Nelson's books (Bluets; The Art of Cruelty; The Argonauts); Heroines by Kate Zambreno; My 1980s by Wayne Koestenbaum; Laconia by Masha Tupitsyn.

Eileen Myles is usually suggested with these books. I've read Chelsea Girls and wasn't that into it.

What else should I read? Thanks!

Municipal water ends about 15 feet below us. Can we pump?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:58:38 GMT

Is it possible to pump municipal water uphill to a house site from the municipal water supply if the municipal water supply doesn't *quite* reach the house site?

We're thinking of buying a lot of land and building a house on it. We have found the perfect site for the house, right at the top of a hill. The problem is, although part of the lot does have access to a municipal water hookup, the municipal water doesn't reach all the way uphill to the site we want to build on - it ends down the hill, 10-20 feet down in elevation. The city has told us they will not be extending the municipal water supply, because there isn't enough pressure to make it up to the top of the hill.

The question:
Is there any "standard" non-DIY non-crazy way to pump water from the municipal water supply on the property uphill to the site we want to build on? Our alternative is to drill a well for somewhere around $3k, but it would be nice to not have to worry about our own well.

The answers I'm expecting to get are one of
1. No, this is not thing anyone does, so either DIY or forget about it
2. Yes, but it would be more complicated/unreliable/expensive than just drilling a well.
3. Yes, and here's a link to an example company that sells the equipment and does the installation!
4. Why are you even thinking about this wells are great


Expert in Native American Treaties needed to help #noDAPL movement

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:57:58 GMT

The Native Americans at Standing Rock, who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline being run through the Missouri River, as well as through their sacred grounds and burial grounds, are in need of an expert in Native American Treaties, to help their legal battle.

Asking for literally thousands of friends. As you may have heard, the largest gathering of Native American Tribes in over 100 years is happening in North Dakota, where they are trying to stop an oil pipeline from being built under the Missouri River. This pipeline crosses their ancient burial grounds and other sacred land, and there are high odds that it will break, thereby poisoning the water supply of 18 million people downstream. This land was taken from them illegally, and they have set up a camp on this land to block the pipeline, and are declaring Indigenous Eminent Domain.

They have a legal team. The UN is there observing to report on the human rights violations allegedly being perpetrated by law enforcement, and the ACLU is also working with them. However, tribal councilmen are requesting help in finding someone who is an expert in Native American treaties, to help their legal team. So, MeFites, do we know anyone?

(Thanks in advance! I'm sorry if my post is sloppily constructed - I'm smack in the middle of moving out of state, and things are really discombobulated right now!)

I'm smitten! When do I tell my date that I'm planning to move?

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:25:55 GMT

Recently met this guy & we've really connected. But I'm applying to a programme abroad next month and it will take me to another country for at least 8/9 months starting next September.

Met via online dating, the main parts of his profile that stood out for me was the fact he grew up on a farm (I'm a city girl with a strong yearning to end up in the countryside!) has spent an extended time travelling abroad (being really handsome also helped!).

First date was meant to be a quick drink/face to face meet that turned into 4 hours & only ended because he was going to miss his train (also worth noting that he travelled to where I live & often guys in the past have wanted me to go there...). The second date was meant to be a walk around a museum that turned into coffee in another part of town afterwards, followed by dinner later on (all his suggestions), 6 hrs.

He is so kind, attentive, engaging, he asks really interesting questions about me and leaves me in no doubt about what a great time he has and that he wants to meet again. After so many rejections over the past 2/3 years I'm sort of amazed by good he is to me (so far, I am taking it slow and seeing how things unfold).

On our last date, he talked about how his married friend and his wife bought a camper van & went travelling for a year - he sounded really excited about this as a concept but on the same date he also said he's now looking for a more permanent job in this city because he's been travelling around a lot.

Meanwhile I am sick of this city and ready to leave, hence my application. I have been intensively learning the language of the country I'll move to & every time I see photos of my friends who are already living there, I feel a deep, deep yearning to be there (I lived there once before). I have worked out that doing this job will help me to develop my career & allow me to further myself creatively, both of which as very important to me.

I mentioned that I was going to WOOF at an organic farm in Europe soon where I could learn more about that type of life and teach English at the small school & he said 'that sounds really interesting' as he also has a lot of farming experience and he teaches young farmers also. Our third date is next week and I feel I have to tell him my plans so that I'm not leading him on (although I did mention it in my online profile. Is it too soon or do I tell him on our next date?

Fixing a warped countertop

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 12:18:45 GMT

Our sink/countertop combo has developed a raised surface where we do all our cooking prep, and I would like to know if this is fixable. (Details inside)

I'm sure Googling would help more if I knew exactly what sort of material our counter uses, but since I've had to crop out the mess in the above photo: The sink and counter are a unit, with no visible breaks between them. The metal (steel?) is thin, and is supported underneath by two boards. (Another angle) If you can see the shadows above the boards, that's the raised section of the counter which can be indented downwards with my hands. It pops back up and sounds like a giant Snapple bottle cap. I am unsure if the counter was originally glued to the wooden boards.

Options for fixing based on Google:
1. Glue it down
 a. What sort of glue would I use?
 b. How long would I need to apply pressure to get it to stick and stay stuck?
2. Lay a towel down and literally iron it to get it warm/hot, then apply pressure until it cools
3. Your suggestions

Further questions:
-What is this type of counter called? AFAIK it's fairly common in Tokyo rental apartments
-Cause and prevention: If I had to guess, and if it originally had glue, I would suspect warping of the boards due to awful and humid Tokyo summers. I can stick a desiccant box down there since they work well for the inside of my closet, but I am unsure it would make much of a difference. If I can get it fixed, how can we avoid this in the future?