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Published: Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:45:02 GMT

Last Build Date: Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:45:02 GMT


What Southern California tree is this?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:45:02 GMT

What tree is this? Spotted in Agoura Hills, CA.

Captain Sunshine with Synth Steel Drums?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:28:17 GMT

I heard Neil Diamond's Captain Sunshine while at a pub this afternoon in northern B.C. Or was it a cover? It had a synth streel drum solo. Help me find the Captain Sunshine with Steel Drums.

Intrigued? The song appeared between a top 40 sounding pop track and Limp Bizkit's Nookie, which makes me think Youtube autoplay or maybe Spotify had gone off the rails. Anyways, what made thos version of Captain Sunshine so awesome was a synth steel drum solo entered the track about halfway through, echoing the melody. I have looked for Karaoke versions on YouTube to no avail so far. Any ND fans out there have any ideas?

Jeans for Old Man with Big Waist, Short Inseam.

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:20:25 GMT

My 88 year old dad's pants no longer fit. He really can't go out shopping, so I've been trying to find him some new jeans.

He has a 52" waist and 28" inseam, and he's only really fat in the belly; his legs are normal. I tried just getting Levi's with those dimensions, but we both agree that they're absolutely absurd.

Now I've seen folks with dimensions like these with normal-looking jeans on. Are they tailored? If not, where are some places (I'm in Seattle) to look, and brands to look at?

18+ Gay Bars/Clubs in Chicago?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 22:02:45 GMT

My wife and her under-21 sister are going to her first Chicago Pride. They want to scope out the nightlife tonight, but finding under-21 bars online is fizzling out. Any locals know of gay or gay-friendly venues that accept under 21s?

This was asked on MeFi back in 2010, but I imagine most of the advice is no longer relevant.

Time vs Distance

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 21:27:43 GMT

How fast must I drive on the Interstate 80 in Nebraska to keep within the umbra of the eclipse mid Aug?

Will No One Rid Me of this Troublesome... Cabbage?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 20:45:59 GMT

We have been surprise-gifted with an extraordinary amount of red cabbage from a neighbor's extremely bountiful garden. Recipes needed! Bonus if the recipe somehow includes white carrots, because we have been gifted a shopping bag full of those as well.

Pickle it? Roast it? Fry it? Bake it? Put it in soup? I don't know! Give me your best recipes that feature red cabbage! And/or white carrots!

Innovative jobs programs for people with barriers to employment?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:58:15 GMT

Can you point me toward any successful programs which prepare and train people with significant barriers to employment for jobs and career opportunities? I am even more specifically interested in programs which do the pre-employment prep and training as well as actually placing people in jobs with decent wages and benefits or a career ladder.

The components of the sort of programs I'm looking for include:

•Barriers to entry such as – prior incarceration, addiction and recovery, foster care, job discrimination based on race, gender, or sexuality, living in a high-unemployment and high-underemployment area, etc.

•Services provided include – mentorship, "wraparound" services, soft skills training, community and team building, and straight-up job training.

•Ideally the end-result is employment – participants are actually placed in employment, jobs have standards related to wages, benefits, and career ladders, all of this likely arranged via a partnership with a private or public sector employer.

Basically, what is the most innovative and inspirational type of stuff in this space that makes you wipe a single tear from your eye? – EMS Corps in Alameda County, CA is an example of what I'm looking for:

Tips for getting un-intimidated by bouldering

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:56:11 GMT

I'm joining a bouldering gym, primarily because it is the closest place to my house offering a range of fitness classes. But, since it is a bouldering gym after all, I would like to try bouldering! Looking for any tips that can help me get off to a better start than my first time.

I am a 30something, shortish female of medium fitness (I run/hike moderately often and was doing daily circuit training-type exercise prior to an ankle sprain 6 weeks ago). I had a few top-rope climbing experiences as a kid/teen and really enjoyed them, but my one past attempt at bouldering with a friend felt confusing and frustrating because I didn't really understand the etiquette, or how to actually stay on the wall. I just couldn't get the concept to make sense to my body - I felt like I was trying to defy the laws of physics. This gym offers an "intro to bouldering" one-hour class, which I plan to take, and I know I am probably over-thinking this stuff, but I would greatly appreciate any information/personal stories that MeFites have to share about the things that intimidate me most, namely:

1) Etiquette: bouldering gyms seem to always have a lot of people standing around looking at the wall. How do people know when it is their turn? How do you indicate interest in doing a specific problem to other people who are waiting? Is there an amount of time that is polite to spend doing a problem before you give up? I'm not really used to exercise that has a social component, so the idea of having people watch me climb definitely intimidates me a bit!

2) Strength/fitness: I don't have a lot of upper-body strength, though perhaps more than last time I tried bouldering. How big of an impediment is this? (It felt really significant last time but maybe I was just doing it wrong.) How long will it take me, as a not-super-strong beginner, to be able to do beginner problems? Are there ways to not just immediately fall off the wall? Things to keep in mind for avoiding injury?

3) Frequency/time: What is a good amount of time for a beginner to spend at first? I'd be looking to make gradual progress but I'm not necessarily trying to make it my #1 hobby (unless it turns out I love it!). I'll be doing other fitness classes (mostly yoga/HIIT/"functional fitness"), which hopefully will help make the climbing easier.

I am also very interested in general tips/anecdata from anyone who started out brand new/not super fit/intimidated by bouldering and now loves it. So many people I know really enjoy it, so I'd like to get over my first negative experience and give it a try!

Good Neighbourhood to Stay in in Cleveland

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:50:59 GMT

Which (non-touristy) Cleveland hood should I stay in for a night?

Heading to Cleveland in a month to catch a Jays game. Going to rent an Airbnb. So: Which Cleveland hood should I stay in? Looking for where millennials eat trendy food..good bars, etc. Where is the Outremont of Cleveland? Thanks

Name this bird (Romanian edition)

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:47:51 GMT

A bird has taken up residence in a tree outside my apartment and its constant, repetitive calls at night are driving me nuts. I am hoping it will calm my nerves slightly if I at least know what type of bird it is.

As of a few nights ago, without fail, as soon as dusk hits, my new neighbour starts calling at around 1 second intervals for more-or-less the entire night.

The regularity of the call and constancy of the pitch initially led me to believe that someone's car alarm was misbehaving, but, after pacing the street outside, I have now identified the source of the sound to be a particular tree (right outside my bedroom!), and I believe I caught sight of the bird (too dark to see details however).

I recorded the sound of the call, which can be heard here.

I live in Bucharest, Romania, and have done so for several years, however this is the first time I have encountered this bird and its annoyingly rhythmic call.

Can anyone help me to identify what it might be?

Help my friend deal with the NYC beaurocracy

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:23:05 GMT

Asking for a friend, who's girlfriend was just hit by a New York City-owned vehicle. It sounds like a nightmare. Does anyone have experience or ideas about navagating this?:

" It was a city vehicle that hit my girlfriend and the city parks department isn't giving us the drivers info from the police report they made without a 30 day wait. Without that driver insurance info we haven't been able to get her treatment done because doctors won't bill to health insurance when there was an auto accident, but we can't seem to get the auto insurance info from the city. So in addition to trying to find doctors who will treat now and bill later, I've had to get a lawyer and we've had to reschedule some of my girlfriend's medical care for next month."

Dating a New Person That's Making Me Feel Uncomfortable

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 19:02:42 GMT

I met a girl on Tinder, and we talked for a week before meeting up. However after a few dates, things are getting weird...

1) She started to call me her "new boyfriend" on the second date.

2) She's pretty, but she's put on at least 60lbs in the past year. I don't mind someone being a bit overweight, but a lot of weight gain in a short amount of time is a red flag.

3) All of her recent photo albums on Facebook are of her past boyfriends.

4) Without my express permission, she posted pictures of me on FB (without her in it). Upon investigating (thanks to previous FB albums), she took me to the exact same place she took her previous BF.

5) When out, she would tell me where to stand and to do things while she took photos of me. This made me feel very uncomfortable.

6) I told her why this makes me uncomfortable (all albums are of previous BFs) and she ignored my concerns.

7) I'm not very attractive (I'm skinny, so it isn't a weight issue), and have low self-esteem due to a serious relationship ending a few months ago.

8) She constantly wants to plan things with me, and she doesn't really have friends (outside of work).

9) When I told her I wanted to take things slower, she seemed hurt and ignored my question.

10) We've had sex, and the chemistry wasn't there. When I ask her what she likes she says she can't cum, and is good with "whatever" when I try things her, she says "it's fine" and doesn't continue.

How should I proceed? We've only been on two dates. Is breaking up via FB acceptable?

12 beautiful (layover) hours next Sunday in Amsterdam... tips please

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 18:57:05 GMT

My wife and I will be returning from a Norway cruise and docking in Amsterdam next Sunday at 7am. Our plane leaves that night at 7pm out of Schiphol. We both have small backpacks and roller bags. Important Q: Where can we stash our stuff for the day so we can enjoy the city?

We are somewhat familiar with Amsterdam having spent time there before. Lugging around all the luggage seems a bit daunting. Can we rent space in a hotel just for the day? Other locker options? TIA

It's taking it out of me to try to stay friends with her

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 18:45:56 GMT

Hi Metafilter! Once upon a time, I was in a relationship that 'changed the game' for me. I've been dwelling on how powerful it was ever since. We're friends again, but it's hard. Ideally: I'd like to keep the relationship, and change my attitude towards it, so that I have space to change my attitude towards life. Realistically: I know the best way would be to change my attitude towards life, and the focus on the relationship will follow. Hope me. Tough love me.Metafilter, I need advice. Let me tell you a story of me and a love-interest/best friend. Assume we're early-twenties then, mid-twenties now. A few years ago, I had a very beautiful romantic partnership (but not-quite-a-relationship) with a wonderful girl. We fell in love, supported each other nearly without condition, spent loads of time together, got a little physical, and even rather romantic, but never made it effectively a committed relationship, beyond the agreed-upon best-friendship. I was the one who was interested in more – at least in terms of intimacy and commitment – but it either was a wrong thing/wrong time issue, or just not a mutuality. I didn't push it; and moreover, I was really excited by how what we had seemed to not need it. It surpassed my expectations of friendship tenfold. We were, respectively, confidante and muse. I was young, and blown away by an indescribably deep relationship with another. It lit me up for the first time in my life – and it did so for her too, much in the same way as it did for me, she has intimated. We both knew it was unique, and perhaps even a bit unhealthy, but it was so darned exciting. Please take it as a given for me that both of us experienced what we had with gratefulness and profundity, and that it registered such great impact on both our lives that we can't look back at it but with gravitas. When it came time to move on from her after about two years – she was ready to really date someone, in all seriousness – I supported her with an incredible amount of selflessness, belying some of my feelings. I actually still loved her quite deeply. (They've been together since. I feel okay about that.) I let her go, and we spoke less and less until it was as if we had broken up. I felt I needed to get over her. Truthfully, I'm not sure I ever did – I think I just displaced her from my life until the memory aged sufficiently. I would have wanted to talk to her at the end, to let her know how I really felt – it probably would have been a better, more conclusive end to what we had, to make explicit our misalignment, just for once. Recently, she reached out to me, and I back to her – after the wound had had years of good time to heal up – and we revisited our connection, both agreeing it was regretful but likely necessary that we took our leave from each another like we did. Also, we both talked and agreed that it seemed such a rotten shame to have had such a powerful connection and not tried to adapt it into the here-and-now. So, we did that – successfully at the outset – but it lit up something in me when we did that. Our reconnecting came with a goal for me that I verbalized: that, now that we had reconnected, we'd try to be healthier, more individually-focused, and genuinely supportive around the edges (and not ambiguous, nor motivated from the wrong place, nor misguided in our attempts at connection). It was exciting to plan this, but that sort of talk always excited me, and found an appreciative audience with her. But it's not been that easy. I carried with me a lot of the inbuilt dynamic of our old relationship – my desire for connection retained my wanting for depth and emotional closeness in best-friendship. Nowadays, we have grown toward[...]

FoodFilter: Montreal edition

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 18:44:49 GMT

Restaurant recommendations around downtown Montreal?

Yes, we're going to walk to Schwartz's (Ben's closed years ago, and we have a Dunn's in Vancouver), probably Sunday mid-afternoon.

We're on foot, but if a cab ride is worth it, that's definitely an option. In town until Tuesday morning. 1 to 9 people. Budget not a huge consideration, but prefer < $50-60 per person. Thanks!

Please describe for me your planning routines

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 18:15:35 GMT

I've realized I need to get better at planning at work - especially for medium- and long-range projects and goals. I have no trouble finding suggested planning methodologies and documents online. Where I struggle is in understanding where and how this fits into daily working life. Can you share your planning hacks, techniques, systems and routines with me?

Not looking for "use Franklin Covey" or similar, but more things like "Every Monday I look at the week ahead, every three months I do a one-day planning retreat," etc. In other words, how do you structure your and your team's work time to create space for thoughtful planning?

Cheese by Post

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:38:02 GMT

My friend recently moved to Florida and is lamenting the lack of good cheese available in her area. Her birthday is coming up next week and I want to get her a cheese basket or a cheese of the month type thing. Help me find one?

Obviously when you google "cheese of the month" or "cheese basket" a million and a half options come up, so I'm looking for recommendations on ones you or your friends have tried that are good! She's a particular fan of soft cheese (brie) and stinky cheeses (bleu/gorg), but still loves all cheeses. Looking in the sub $80 range.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

Sorry my dog peed on your kid's stuff

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:36:14 GMT

Last time I visited my niece with my dog, he peed on her toys, jeez louise, not embarrassing at all. When not around my niece, he's never peed in the house. I'm visiting them again soon. Is there anything I can do to prep for a pee-free visit?

About a year ago, my partner and I took our dog to visit my sister-in-law's family. They have a great toddler-aged daughter.

Our dog Louie (pic / pic / pic / pic) is a classic"good boy." Very well behaved in normal life – has never peed in the house since we got him when he was about 2 years old. He's around 4 now. Very chill, doesn't bark or get worked up (except from fireworks, bane of his existence). Some separation anxiety when we first got him, but now he's much more relaxed. He goes on lots of trips – hotels, airbnbs, friends' houses, etc – and seems to like new places.

Last year when we visited sister-in-law, Louie was around 3 and kid was around 2. Louie is gentle around the kid but has a wary vibe – if kid moves too fast or is too loud, he's like, "I'm out." OK no problem.

But most distressing (and embarrassing) were the 2 or 3 times he peed on her stuff. The first time he did it when no one was around, peed right on one of her toys that I found later. The next time he did it when we were all sitting there. The kid was on my lap I think and he straight up looked at me and lifted his leg on her toy. Wow, savage! I think I said, "No!" and took him outside. Wasn't sure at all the right thing to do in the moment. We cleaned the areas very well. The parents, bless them, were super relaxed about it, but it would be lovely if it were a situation we could avoid in the future.

We're going back to visit the family soon and am wondering if there's anything I can do to prepare and avoid a repeat if possible? Products to bring? Training I can do beforehand (???) Behavioral things to do differently while we're there? Thanks for any ideas!

Doors without casings in the Oval Office.

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 17:34:35 GMT

Whenever I watch a show about the American President and Oval Office, I notice that every depiction has at least two doors that appear to have no casings or door jams. Why is that? Aesthetics? Shoddy carpentry? Clearly visible in the current seasons of Veep and House of Cards.

Text message forwarding from one phone to another.

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 16:26:25 GMT

I have been issued a new I-Phone at my job. I already have a personal (android) mobile phone which I do not wish to give up. I need to know how to ensure texts sent to my personal phone number are visible on my work phone, so I will not need to carry both.

I'm pretty sure call forwarding will be easily handled, but I want to start using my work phone as my primary but be sure I get my personal texts when they come in. This is in the US and both phones are on Sprint.

Small bathroom: should I just give up on a separate bath and shower?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 16:13:17 GMT

Current layout - possible plan. I've removed a couple of old cupboards and now have an empty corner in my small, sloping roofed bathroom. Would love to have a separate shower and bath, but I don't want to end up with the worst of both worlds. Lots of questions, any pointers or stories about your bathroom renovation decisions much appreciated, especially if you were dealing with limited space or sloping ceilings.

Please assume that plumbing of wastes and water supplies are not an issue for any bath or shower installation, though it's not possible to move the toilet or boiler cupboard (upper left cupboard in plan) and I'd prefer not to have to move the sink.

I've been looking at Japanese / Greek style baths - does anyone own one of these? Would you recommend them? Offset corner baths? Are these comfortable? Are small freestanding baths a waste of space / a pain to clean around?

Is a 700mm shower too narrow for comfort or can you get around this with a longer rectangular enclosure?

The existing shower bath on the opposite wall is just 700mm wide due to constraints of positioning next to the toilet and window, so I thought I could replace this with a narrow shower enclosure.

Bath criteria:
>> Max length 1500mm, max width 1100mm
>> Needs to be good for reading
>> Double-ended and big enough to share on occasion
>> Possibility of wallowing?

Shower criteria:
>> 700mm wide max, length TBC
>> Can only go in one position in the room due to sloping ceiling.

Or should I just do the easy thing and replicate the current layout with the narrow shower bath, replacing the gross old sanitary ware for new?

Intersectional resources for foster/adoptive families

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 16:01:01 GMT

Looking for online resources about foster care parenting and adoption. More inside.

I'm a better person and a better parent because I've found online resources that speak to me, but I've had to wade through a lot of crap to find ones that are secular, intersectional, non-judgmental, funny, powerful, empowering, and speak truth about all the hard and shitty bits.

We're at the very beginning of entering the foster parent process. I'd like to find some online resources and communities to read up, get support, and help me work through common problems and issues with foster parenting and the effect of it on the provider family, especially bio children (my bio son will be 3 soon).

In particular, I'm looking for resources that speak candidly about the complex intersectional issues at play when a privileged white family fosters children of different races, ethnicities, religions, socioeconomic backgrounds, neurodivergence, abilities, etc. etc. I want to understand these issues and I want to shut down that "white savior" attitude whether in our family or in the comments from well-meaning relatives/friends. And I want to teach my bio son and his future foster siblings well, with non-judgmental and age-appropriate discussions of complex subjects.

Open to all kinds of resources, online or offline (with the exception of podcasts because I never get around to listening to them).

What is my recourse when the Dept. of Revenue makes a mistake?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 15:50:56 GMT

The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue recently put a tax lien on my credit report for unpaid state income taxes. The problem is, I didn't live in the State of PA during the year they're claiming I didn't pay income taxes. They're not being very helpful...what should I do?

In 2011, I lived in Philadelphia. In 2012, I lived in New Hampshire. In 2013, I lived in Philadelphia again. Because I filed my 2012 federal return from a Pennsylvania address and didn't file my state return (New Hampshire doesn't have a state income tax), the PA Department of Revenue erroneously decided that I owed them for 2012 state income taxes.

They apparently sent me letter after letter about this, but they sent it to an old PA address, so I never received notice. I moved back to New Hampshire for good in late 2013 and have had an address on file in New Hampshire since then. I'm in no way vagrant -- I'm a drivers license holder and a homeowner, and it would have been incredibly easy to find me. I only found out about this because I watch my credit report, which now has a tax lien on it. Ouch!

I provided proof to the Board of Appeals that I didn't live in PA in 2012, but they denied my appeal because it came too late.

There's obviously more nitty gritty (this is the government, after all), but that's the short story. My question is this:

Should I lawyer up? Is there any organization in Pennsylvania or elsewhere that could provide information about this?

I've called the Consumer Protection Bureau in PA, who couldn't really help and just suggested that I dispute the debt w/ the credit reporting agencies.

Any help or advice would be much appreciated!

excuse me i would like MORE magic dustpans

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:59:38 GMT

Fantasy where people who do housekeeping/domestic/child rearing activity are awesome because of it, and not in spite?

I loved the first part of the first Tiffany Aching book, where she is keeping an eye on her little brother and whacks a lake monster with a frying pan, and "A Handful of Ashes," the Garth Nix short story from "To Hold the Bridge" about scholarship girls at a magical university who work as servants to earn their tuition. And one of my formative influences was Dealing with Dragons, where Cimerone runs away from being a princess to organize dragon hoards and cook feasts in magic cauldrons.

I'm reading Howl's Moving Castle right now, and it's an absolute delight. I also really like T. Kingfisher's short stories.

Characters grousing about having to scrub pots or watch babies are totally fine. Male protagonists are totally fine. The author devaluing characters who perform stereotypically female work is not OK.

Foot fungus hell

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 14:05:16 GMT

I've been dealing with foot and toenail fungus for years and it is not getting any better. Topical solutions work temporarily but not completely. Two of my toenails have fallen off and my feet look disgusting. My right foot especially is constantly peeling and flaky on the bottom. I have no health insurance. What do I do?

If I had insurance I'd just see a podiatrist or whoever I need to see and have them deal with the toenails and prescribe me oran antifungal pills. What are my options with no insurance? How much will this end up costing me? I'd like to be able to go to the beach and wear sandals again.

Chirashizushi ingredient suggestions?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 13:56:58 GMT

I'm making chirashizushi tomorrow. Rice, fresh fish, tofu and mushrooms are no problem, but where I live [Ireland, and not Dublin] I don't have access to some of the other ingredients that typically crop up in recipes. Do good substitutes — that are likely to be available in, say, a good Western European greengrocer's — exist for lotus root and kampyo? Alternatively, what are some good Euro-ubiquitous ingredients for chirashizushi?

Does anybody recognise this obscure YA horse book from the 1980s?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 11:31:52 GMT

Back in the 80s, when I was a young tween girl, I was obsessed with horses. I read this book which for some reason stuck with me for years and I've never been able to track it down. Spoilers inside.

Ok, so I think it was called Crow, or The Crow (or I could be off base altogether but the horse in the book was called Crow.) So basically the story revolves around a set of twins, around 15 years old, one boy, one girl, who live on the moors (which makes me think it's set in Scotland but don't quote me on it). They run rampant out there and one day they spot a wild black pony, which reminds them of a crow.

The girl runs down the steep moors after the horse, shouting Crow, Crow!, and disappears. Her twin runs after her but loses her. Eventually after not finding her, he goes home. I think they send a search party out and discover that she broke her neck running down the mountain and died.

He sinks into a deep depression and spends months alone wandering the moors. The wild pony shows up and initially he hates it, (now called Crow) blaming it for his sister's death but he forms a friendship with it and maybe? tames it and it helps him come to terms with his loss. I think this was the basic crux of it and I'm surprised I remembered this much after 30 years. I think the reason it stuck with me was that it was so unusual to have a book around horses that featured death and loss instead of, you know, adventures and teen girl fun. And as far as I remember the main protagonist was a young boy (but I could also have the twins mixed up here).

Anyway if it rings any bells and you could point me to a copy of it, that would be great. AFAIK, it was not a hugely popular book so I don't think it would have been widely read.

Is my home carbonation device a death trap?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 08:55:17 GMT

The BBC reported today that a whipped cream canister exploded and killed a French woman. At my house we use a somewhat-similar device that makes water bubbly. Help me, seltzer engineers, to assess what we should do.

The canister which killed the French woman looked like this. I read in a French consumer magazine that French whipped cream canisters have seriously injured people before because of defective plastic tops made from high-density polyethylene and the French consumer protection organization is recommending that if you aren't sure what your canister is made from, you should quit using whipped cream canisters with plastic tops.

I got a bottle last month to make seltzer water and this is that model. It seems really sturdy, but it does have a plastic top.

In the hopes that an archaic-soda engineer type haunts the hivemind, my questions are:
--Is a soda siphon similarly dangerous to a whipped cream canister? They seem to have slightly different shapes and they use different gases (CO2 for the seltzer, nitrous for the cream)
--Which part of the bottle flies off? I still don't understand that part.
--Is there a soda siphon safer than the one we've got? (I was wondering about this one, which looks like its charger holder might be metal.)

Yes, we could get a big fancy seltzer machine, or drink La Croix/tap water/etc but we would love to make the soda siphon work if we can.

Are people with the same name [as me] hindering my job search?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 06:42:35 GMT

I've been submitting resumes via an online job search engine, with no responses. I live in an area with a lot of jobs; I have skills, so I'm at a loss. For reasons, I have no online presence. After poring over AskMe and Ask A Manager, I've been considering creating a LinkedIn profile, though I'd prefer not to. After searching my very unique name, I found, much to my surprise, three other people with the same name.

One is an early to mid-twenties female with typical selfie style pics. There is nothing wrong with the photos, however they're not what I would have open to the public if I was job searching.

Do I have to create a LinkedIn or FB profile to try and distinguish myself? If so, would it be detrimental to include only the most basic information? Is a profile photo compulsory?

(Also: I am re-writing my resume and I'm aware that resumes get rejected by computers for various reasons. But I've never submitted this many resumes without a single response.)

How do I become an official scorer in professional baseball?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 04:08:17 GMT

I like keeping score. I'm curious what it would take to do that professionally.

I'm not a sportswriter, sabermetrician, etc. Am I automatically unqualified/uncompetitive?

Can I start in Minor League Baseball? The Arizona Fall League? College leagues?

Short of literally knocking on the press box door, are there non-obvious places to meet official scorers and get their advice?

How to find some cheap, horrible room to rent in Seattle?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 03:16:00 GMT

I'm asking on behalf of a 22-year-old friend--my girlfriend's son. He's a full-time dishwasher, looking for a room in the $500/month range, within a 90 minute commute from downtown. What are some ways he can find a place? What are some things he can do to get more callbacks?

Now the dude has been applying to places on Craigslist and Facebook every day for a month or so, and only gotten three replies back. One of the places he went to, the apartment manager just walked off without offering an application or explanation of how to continue.

There's nothing wrong with my friend except maybe that he's young and low-income. He communicates well and is very polite, so I don't get it. I was in his same position in the 90's, and had no problems getting into some horrible smelly apartment. When you are young and broke, there should be crummy places to live that are good enough, you know? But maybe Seattle has changed so much, that they aren't there anymore.

Any ideas?

Free day in Chicago tomorrow - what should I do?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 02:45:43 GMT

I have a mostly and unexpectedly free day in Chicago tomorrow - what should I do with it? Staying downtown near State + Hubbard - was at the Art Institute today. I'm interested in hearing any and all suggestions, but am especially interested in those related to music (esp. garage / punk / noise / jazz / free improvisation / modern classical), visual arts (*very* broadly defined), regional history and culture, natural history, and high quality walking / bike tours.

I scream, you scream, we all scream for spumoni colored backgrounds!

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 02:18:16 GMT

In the throes of trying to design my workplace's new website (ugh don't ask), I've found an almost perfect background. Problem is, it's by wix (first 5-6 google image results for "wix candy stripes") but we don't intend to use wix. Help!

Ideally, the background wouldn't have that white spot in the corner. I've tried a google reverse image search and search terms that *in my mind* express what I want, like "spumoni colors" or "pastel stripes" or ""bright pastel stripes." I either get the original background, a picture of some ice cream, or some pretty horrendous stripey patterns.

Does anyone have any idea where I could find a free to use background with these kinds of warm pink-green pastels? Search terms that are not terrible?

Or, on the other hand: I have Gimp and some time, though little confidence. Could anyone give me any pointers on Gimp filters to get this nice fabric-y feel, free sources of stripes/patterns to work off of?

Thank you as always.

A cheap phone for my European vacation?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 01:57:05 GMT

I am going to Sweden, Denmark and the Netherlands and I want to have a phone in case of emergency. My normal cell phone doesn't offer any sort of international roaming and it is "locked" so I can't just swap SIM cards, so I think I probably need a cheap "burner" phone that works in Europe. What's my best option here?

Do you think the Amsterdam airport will cell burner phones by any chance that work in all these countries? What about the Copenhagen airport? Or should I order one online and have it sent to my hotel in advance?

I want something very cheap that I can use for three weeks in case of emergency -- just simple phone calls and text messages are all I need. I also want the least amount of hassle, and I want a phone that will work in all three countries. Thank you!

How do I quit an internship gracefully?

Fri, 23 Jun 2017 01:31:37 GMT

I plan on giving my two weeks' notice for an internship in a couple days. (There are a number of reasons for this -- stress, unsatisfying work, wanting to spend more time on personal work, wanting to spend more time with my partner before they leave the country, etc.) We're running hard against a number of deadlines, and when I leave I'm going to be putting even more work on my coworkers' shoulders. How do I leave without looking like a jerk?