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Published: Fri, 26 May 2017 18:18:06 GMT

Last Build Date: Fri, 26 May 2017 18:18:06 GMT


Where can recent chronologies of latin american events?

Fri, 26 May 2017 18:18:06 GMT

This is sort of two questions: Is there a resource that lists books published in the last four years with chronologies and timelines of Latin American and Caribbean history (which do not need to be about recent events, just about the subjects from 1491 to today)? Second, is there a directory anywhere of chronologies and timelines about recent events in Latin America and the Caribbean (e.g., the puerto rico debt crisis from colonialism to 2017)? Anyone who could point me to such things would be greatly appreciated.

Translation/CAT Tool help - Trados or MemoQ for Excel documents?

Fri, 26 May 2017 17:39:11 GMT

I just got my first project, hooray! It's a a doozy of an Excel document (which has already been about 1/10th translated into English), and comes with a significant amount of repeated words and phrases. I learned that most pros use CAT tools to maximize output and efficiency, so downloaded a trial of MemoQ - but nothing is working as it should for me. Is MemoQ a good option for Excel documents? If so, where am I going wrong? If not, should I switch to another tool such as Trados?First off, here's my setup: Windows 10 Excel (Office 2016) MemoQ Adriatic (at the moment) I was originally going to translate it directly through Excel... but upon doing some research and speaking with a colleague, it seemed like going with a CAT tool from the outset would be a better idea. I narrowed down my choices down to Trados and MemoQ, and ended up going for MemoQ, as I heard that Trados takes a bit more time to get into (plus MemoQ apparently works just as well). I watched this tutorial, which was officially recommended by MemoQ: I thought the instructor taught the material well, and everything seemed intuitive enough... but nothing worked as expected when I tried things on my own. My document is already partially translated from Japanese to English, so I first tried importing the original source document and my partially translated document as a corpus/alignment in the LiveDocs section, as was covered in the tutorial video. The documents were imported successfully, but at least half of the translations did not line up at all, even the repeating words/phrases; there are a LOT of repeating elements so it would be tedious and a waste of valuable time if I was to correct each one manually. After some flailing, I decided to just move on to the actual translation section of MemoQ and hope that leaving the alignment out wouldn't set me back too much (The client would like to see at least a decent chunk of the project completed by early next week). So I created the project and translation memory, which I believe worked just fine. I next attempted to import all sorts of combinations into the translation section: The original Japanese and partially translated Excel documents; just the partially translated document; and finally both Excel language files combined into one document (on separate tabs). I ran into another error at this point - the preview creation failed each time! The error message said the file size was too big, even when I imported the separate documents piecemeal - so I don't even know if the document is being formatted or translated correctly, which is frustrating. As for my questions: 1. Would you say that MemoQ is on par with Trados when it comes to translating Excel documents? If so, where do you think I might be going wrong in importing/starting a partially translated document? And if not, should I make the switch now before I sink too much time into MemoQ? (keep in mind that I really need to be working on the actual translation at this point, so getting set up ASAP to translate Excel documents efficiently is priority numero uno.) 2. Is there any prep work you feel is a must before starting to translate something like this, which I might be missing? I have a deadline and unfortunately don't have as much time as I might like to study up on this kind of program - so I am hoping to focus on just one of them, and want to make sure MemoQ is a good choice for Excel. I've already spent a number of hours trying to sort this out that I could have used for translating, and the clock is ticking... so I would really appreciate the help. Let me know if you need any more info, and thanks in advance. [...]

How to prevent Excel from displaying incorrect date formatting?

Fri, 26 May 2017 17:34:14 GMT

Are there any settings available in Excel to make it act as a plaintext column-based file viewer?

The issue with Excel is that if you use it to view a plaintext file, such as .csv, it will make it's own mind up about how to display dates instead of showing what is in the actual file.

For example, if the file actually has this:

If you are based in the US, Excel will show that format.
If you are based in the UK, Excel will show 2/1/2017.

Is there any easy way to force Excel to show exactly what the text shows in the input file without molestation?

I know you can "import as text" but that adds a number of steps to the process of simply opening a file.


Ottoman Miniature Museum in Istanbul

Fri, 26 May 2017 17:13:02 GMT

I am hoping to find a museum in Istanbul that has a great collection of Ottoman miniatures.

I've been to the archeological museum and the palace museums, neither of which had many miniatures. I haven't been to the mosaics museum yet. I've heard there are some miniatures at the calligraphy museum. Is it worth going?

Thanks for the help!

My face lotion is staining my dress shirt collars. Help?

Fri, 26 May 2017 16:37:08 GMT

Skin care and/or laundry experts of MeFi, please help me figure out how to avoid staining my dress shirt collars with my face lotion.

I am bald and I shave my scalp 2-3 times per week. I also shave my face daily. At the behest of my dermatologist, I use an SPF 30 face lotion each morning. The lotion is to cover all exposed surfaces on my head, so I use it on my face, scalp, ears, and neck. I use this Eucerin face lotion and I like it – it is unscented, it isn't greasy, and it meets with the dermatologist's approval. I've been using the lotion daily for about a year.

In my office I must wear a dress shirt. Most of my dress shirts are the Jos. A. Bank "no iron" type, and I typically wash and dry them at home. I wear a necktie about half the time; otherwise, the shirts are open at the collar. Regardless of whether the top button is buttoned, I have developed stains on the collars of nearly all of my dress shirts. I'm reasonably certain that the stains are the result of direct contact with the lotion, since using the lotion is all that has changed in my routine. The stains are about 1-2 centimeters wide and appear as a slightly dark mark on the collars. This photo hopefully shows what the stains look like. If anything the photo understates the contrast between the stained and unstained parts of the collar.

I've learned some obvious things, such as not to apply the lotion before I flip up my collar to tie a necktie. I'm struggling to find a way that I can apply the lotion to my neck without having it seep into the collars, though. My current routine is to shave in the mornings (always face and sometimes scalp), shower, and apply the lotion after I dry off.

I've tried some remedies suggested by online searching, such as soaking the collars in a solution of OxiClean and water and directly applying sprays such as Shout or Resolve prior to laundering, without success.

I'm open to any solution to the problem, including how and when I apply the lotion, changing the kind of shirts I wear or lotion I use, laundry tips and tricks, or dry cleaning my shirts.

Foot umbrellas, need them

Fri, 26 May 2017 16:17:35 GMT

Is there a way to waterproof mesh running shoes?

Waterproof hiking, walking, and rain boots/shoes do not (at time of writing) come with heel drops (need 5-8mm) or soles (need *tons* of bounce and cushioning, and a particular upward slope for the toes) appropriate for my compromised feet (have multiple orthopedic issues and peripheral neuropathy). Those footwear options are just out. Orthotics only help so much, the outer sole *must* have good energy return to reduce overall stress (and weatherproof outer soles lack it necessarily, because of materials). The heel drop is non-negotiable (because I have metatarsalgia, plantar fasciitis/heel spurs, toe arthritis and very tight medial plantar fascia. I'm forgetting something, I'm sure. Point is, too much weight on any one of those areas, as with a higher or lower drop, and I'm done for walking.)

The only shoes I can wear without pain are (particular) mesh running shoes. It's been rainy here and this is likely to continue. I need to keep my feet dry.

Sprays are useless. I got smart wool socks, which will help but won't protect me from puddles. Arc'teryx makes Gore Tex shoe liners at $90/pop - any experience with these? Can the upper be treated somehow? Any other ideas?

Help us email the school board!

Fri, 26 May 2017 15:29:14 GMT

I'm involved in my school's PTO. I would like to set up a website where people can put in their email address, select which people they want to email (school board reps, state representatives or senators, etc), and then click a button to email them. I would like to do this easily and for free. Is that possible?

My son attends a small school in a large school district, and recently there have been budget cuts and changes that disproportionately affect my kid's school. I would like to set up a site where parents can just select which school board rep is theirs, maybe copy-and-paste a message into a field, and send them a message. It would be awesome if I could also include state politicians who make funding decisions about our district. I would like to make this as easy as possible for parents to do. I see these used ALL THE TIME by political action groups, so I know it's possible!

Even though I know it's possible, but I can't figure out how. Can I set up something to do this easily and for free? It doesn't matter if it looks pretty, I just want it to be easy to use. If not, are there phrases or key words I could use to seek someone to build this for me?

Tell me the nitty gritty of sharing ownership of a car/property/etc

Fri, 26 May 2017 15:12:32 GMT

Do you, or have you ever, shared ownership of a large, valuable asset among a group of people? For example: co-owned a car with a friend; shared a vacation property between extended family or a group of friends; shared the cost of expensive equipment (for hobby, not business reasons) with acquaintances. I want to know how it went. Did it go bad, and if so, why? What do you think could have prevented the bad parts? Did it go well, and if so, what aspects were key to successful sharing?

I'm a member of a number of professionalized and well-managed "sharing economy" things (car share, tool library, co-op woodworking space). Those are great! But recently I've had an opportunity to join some less-official, friends-and-family sharing arrangements. And I have reservations.

When I've tried to get advice from friends about it, I either get "Everything will be fine! Just do it!" or "It will go horribly wrong! Stay away!" but none of my friends have actually done it. I want to hear from people with direct experience. If you've done it, would you do it again?

Financial advice for UK-based US citizen

Fri, 26 May 2017 14:01:40 GMT

I'm a US citizen who lives and works (indefinitely) in the UK. My financial situation is about to become more complicated. Whom should I consult about taxes and investments?

I am a US citizen who lives in the UK; I just accepted a job offer that means I'll be in the UK indefinitely. This raises some financial questions, mostly because of US citizenship-based taxation. So far, this has been pretty simple (I'm comfortable with the FEIE and other basic filing-income-taxes-from-abroad stuff) because my only income is from my job. However:

1) My new job (at a UK university) has a pension plan in which I'd like to enroll;

2) I have some savings (around GBP 30 000) that I'd like to invest in such a way that they're not just sitting in a savings account earning negligible interest (which is the current situation).

From what I've read, both of these can be very complicated for US citizens living abroad (e.g. from what I can tell, I'm supposed to be very conscious of the acronym PFIC). I'd like to obtain professional advice, but I'm pretty clueless about this sort of thing. I'm not even sure exactly what type of professional I want to talk to, or how to go about finding someone UK-based who can advise on US tax compliance and investing for UK-based US citizens. Please hope me!

About to become Canadian! What should we know?

Fri, 26 May 2017 13:25:21 GMT

Spouse and I are scheduled to swear the Canadian citizenship oath next week. What should we know about life as Canadians that we might not have picked up in a decade living and working in urban Canada?

We are U.S. citizens by birth and intend to keep our U.S. citizenship (all our family is back in the States). We've lived and worked in Canada for a little over a decade, filed Canadian taxes, travelled to the U.S. and overseas on our U.S. passports, and have been permanent residents of Canada for several years. We studied the study guide for the citizenship test, so we know the basics of Canadian history, geography, and governance (besides what we've picked up from friends and co-workers), but obviously we've never voted in Canada. We follow the news (mostly CBC) and are on the email list of our ward's city councillor. We spell councillor with two l's and enrol with one. We already know that we'll need Canadian passports to re-enter Canada once we are dual citizens. Is there anything fascinating, worrying, annoying, or surprising that we should be aware of?

Great gift for graduating nephew - refugee edition

Fri, 26 May 2017 13:22:53 GMT

Need a great gift for my nephew who graduated from high school last week. Difficulty: need it today and it has to be awesome.

My amazing nephew just graduated from high school and it's an amazing accomplishment for him giving his background.

I was going to give him a present when I saw him in two weeks, but I just found out I'm going to see him *tomorrow morning* and I need to get him a gift that can be bought on Amazon Prime Now or that I can buy in human land. I'm in Richmond, Virginia.

He's a clothes horse, wears a men's small. He likes sports and video games. I'm totally open, though, to something awesome that doesn't fall into those categories.

My budget is up to $150.

Can you help an aunt out? My distance in the interests of 18-year-old boys is measured in light years.


Sleeping in a room with a furnace/water heater closet - okay and safe?

Fri, 26 May 2017 13:13:01 GMT

I'd be sleeping in a bedroom in a brand-new house with a furnace/water heater in the closet - would this be safe and/or a good idea?

Due to financial circumstances, I have accepted a bedroom on the third floor of a house. This bedroom will have the (gas) furnace and water heater in a closet. My landlord will have a contractor build doors to cover the furnace/water heater.

Would I be okay? I read about carbon monoxide poisoning or issues with levels, but I also read that as long as the furnace/heater is behind a door (slatted or flat) I should be okay. Should I be concerned at all? How about any funny smells - is this possible? Would the room be hotter? My bed would be on the opposite side of the closet entrance. Space is kind of tight in the room, but it has an openable window.

For what it's worth, the house is brand new (actually still under construction at the moment) so should be build up to code, and has the latest and new appliances.


Emergency wedding reading

Fri, 26 May 2017 13:11:04 GMT

Ok! A good friend of mine just asked to me read a poem at her wedding, which is TOMORROW. I know there are dozens of wedding poem Asks and hundreds of wedding poem lists on the internet, but I have a special problem here: I was asked to read the poem in English, but none of the other guests are native English speakers.

I know she would be happy with anything, but I'd really love something that is comprehensible to people with high-school level English, so John Donne ("I wonder, by my troth, what thou and I/ Did, till we loved?") is right out.

The only two things I can find that might work are "Litany", by Billy Collins and "The Wine of Love" By James Thompson, which I really love, although it is so short,

Any suggestions for simple poems to read at weddings? Thanks!

Finding a new job while on the spectrum

Fri, 26 May 2017 12:28:48 GMT

I'm a middle-aged, low-support autistic woman, and I need a new job. The trouble is, my condition makes me really, irredeemably bad at all the things you need to get a new job--networking, getting references, interviews, making a good impression on new coworkers. How can I begin to approach this?

First off, let me say that I'm currently in therapy with a fantastic therapist, but there is only so much that can be done in one hour a week, particularly when I have problems besides this one.

I also realize that the things I listed--references, interviews, etc.--are really hard for everyone, but they are not only difficult for me, I am actively bad at them. I will walk into a situation such as an interview with my most wistful, hopeful attitude about it ("you're prepared; let's just see how it goes") and within minutes, totally bomb it by blurting out a non sequitur. I also have a tendency to gradually start melting, the longer I stay in a situation, to the point where I feel dazed and incoherent.

I was able to get my current job, many years ago, because I looked good on paper and the person interviewing me was literally checking and replying to email during the interview. I would love nothing more than to get a quiet little job as a secretary or something along those lines for a benevolently distracted boss, but sadly you can't search for those terms on job search sites.

The worst part is that in reading blogs and forum posts by other autistic people, the consensus seems to be that in order to succeed with this condition, you must become indispensably good at something. I've spent my life trying to do that and failing, thus making me even more despondent about the situation.

I really need to earn $17-18 an hour in a lower COL area.

Does the hive mind have any advice? Are you a successfully employed autist, and how did you make it happen?

Mystery switch/control in house

Fri, 26 May 2017 12:17:19 GMT

What is the function of this switch? Located on the wall in the basement stairway of a house built in the 1950's in the USA if that's helpful.

How will digital technology impact schools?

Fri, 26 May 2017 10:55:06 GMT

I'm really interested in how educational technology will transform schools - help me find out more about this!

As a self-motivated adult learner, I've learnt a lot over the last 10 years using MOOC-style online resources. It's pretty clear to me that, given time, they will completely transform adult/college education. However, I'm really curious as to what impact digital technology should have on education for kids, who are not always so motivated.

We've all heard of Sal Kahn's 'flipped classroom' idea, and school's where all the kids have been given an iPad. Where are the resources where I can see these theories being tested out and refined in practice? I've seen some debate on this, but not as much as I would like, and not a lot seemingly informed by actual evidence/experimentation.

My wife is a high school teacher, and apart from the addition of a few Youtube videos she pretty much teaches in the same way that someone would have done 10/30/80 years ago. Is that right, or should she be embracing all new digital tools?

I'm not looking for an answer on this, but some interesting resources to help me access the debate. In particular:

- books
- podcasts
- people to follow on twitter
- videos
- blogs


Finding closure / Consulting assertive "friends"

Fri, 26 May 2017 08:52:49 GMT

(I apologize in advance for the long post) I was seeing a guy for about a month and everything was going well until some problems emerged. One main thing was my so-called friend expressed her negative opinion and it may have lead to our breakup. Although it's been sometime since it happened, Is it worth going back to fix?Last summer, I met a guy through a group of mutual friends. My first impression of him was intimidating yet mysterious but we hit it off really well. We spent days texting each other and went on dates. As I got to know him, I found him to be actually sweet, considerate, and a very sensitive person. I personally have never had any luck with relationships but a part of me wanted to give him a chance. The more I saw him I could feel myself fall for him because of how well he treated me & never made me doubt his affection for me. It was incredibly reassuring. After a month of seeing each other, our group decided to go out again except we all went back to a friend's house to have more fun. I planned on staying just for a while but two drunk girls were screaming at me for being boring & not drinking enough. I was already tipsy at that point and my intoxicated self got offended by what they said. I began to binge drink and I made out with my guy after seeing him win a drinking game. I had blacked out to the rest of the night but eventually our make out session lead to trying to have sex in the next room. I woke up the next morning feeling the biggest hangover but what was bothering me was not being able to remember what had happened, whether protection was used and only remembering feeling pain during attempted intercourse. I started to feel worried on how to bring up the situation to my guy & finding the right words to say without ruining what we had. I went to seek advice from my friend. We've always reciprocated advice to each other & I kept her updated on me and this guy. She had always expressed how happy she was for me, but when I told her how frustrated I was not remembering that night & how I was going to bring this up to him w/o messing up, she replied with a long response that I shouldn't "side with him" because he was acting aggressive when he was drunk, being messy throwing food and everything he did was entirely his fault. Another thing to add is that one of the girls that pushed me to drink was also seeing someone but him & my guy were not in good terms at the time (I knew about this but my guy didn't feel comfortable telling the full story and I respected his space). In the text my friend had to mention how the "drama" between them is high-school like and immature. She concluded with saying her & the two girls never want to see my guy again due to his drunk behavior and that "alcohol brings out the real person". I'm not sure if this was right feeling to feel but I got angry and offended by what she said and how rude she sounded. I felt betrayed because at first she showed how supportive she was but suddenly jumps to conclusions telling me her negative opinion on a problem between two guys that didn't involve her nor myself. She only focused on getting her point across and not letting me express the mixed emotions I was feeling. I met up with my guy & without me mentioning, he brought up that he could tell that my friend was not happy with him since he got drunk & he sensed something went wrong. I wasn't able to say my words easily but I finally told him what had happened/how I couldn't remember the rest of the night and showed him the text my friend sent me. I could immediately tell how torn he was after reading the message. H[...]

Give me an l, give me an o, give me a v, give me an e

Fri, 26 May 2017 04:53:47 GMT

I am looking for songs that prominently feature certain English sounds for pronunciation teaching. Can anyone help me find not-too-fast songs containing inital r and l (this is for Japanese learners), f and v and the /ər/ sound (like in burn.)

I need to teach Japanese students to get better at pronuncing certain sounds, namely r and l (think right and light or grass and glass instead of bird and build), f and v and the /ər/ sound (like in burn.)

So far, we have found:
Green, green grass of home (Tom Jones)
Black Velvet (Alannah Myles)
Light my Fire (The Doors)
Ring of Fire (Johnny Cash)

I was wondering whether there aren't songs that are even better. For example, Green green grass of home doesn't have a lot of 'l' sounds in contrast to all the 'r's. Black Velvet has a lot of 'v' sounds, but not enough 'f' in contrast.

Not every song needs to contain all the sounds. We want to focus on pairs every week, so if one song had r vs l and another f versus v, that would be perfect, but I realise most will have a mix of all sounds.

If anyone knows any songs that contain the sounds I am looking for in a prominent way and also aren't too fast (or sappy), I would be really grateful. Thank you!

Can you identify this passage?

Fri, 26 May 2017 04:33:08 GMT

My Google Fu is failing me, and I'm looking for the source of this passage: "Sleep is the source of our strength, a balm for the sick soul, the best of all medicines. Each person from his own experience knows that often the best and only way to get rid of heavy anxiety or mental fatigue is for them to sleep. Happy is the one to whom the dream is invariably at a certain time, for a certain period and leaves as quietly and imperceptibly as it came."

Need advice about a legal issue regarding an office I rented

Fri, 26 May 2017 04:31:47 GMT

My friend rented an office in San Rafael, California with the understanding that the office would be air-conditioned. He has a medical condition that makes this necessary. They are not air-conditioning the office the way they promised. What legal recourse does he have? How can he find a suitable lawyer?

Here is his explanation of what happened.

I leased a small office for programming work, and for medical reasons I need the space to be no warmer than a normal office temperature range (68-72). The air conditioning to this office hasn't been running, and the temperature has been regularly hitting 79-80, making it unusable.

The lease specifies "Landlord shall furnish the Premises with: (1) [...] conditioned air and heat to the extent reasonably required for the comfortable occupancy by Tenant in its use of the Premises during the period from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on weekdays, except holidays [...]"

I probably need to find a decent lawyer who can provide advice and perhaps help draft a letter to the landlord, but I can't afford significant legal fees, and don't know how to find a lawyer that's good for this sort of thing.

I can also bring in a portable A/C unit that might solve the problem by venting hot air through the door into the hall, but this will violate the lease in several ways (there are provisions forbidding the operation of heating or A/C separate from the building's HVAC, drawing too much power, and presumably annoying the neighbors).

Any suggestions about ways to proceed or finding a lawyer would be helpful.

Blog post about internals of United 'drag off' incident ?

Fri, 26 May 2017 02:16:30 GMT

Sometime soon after the United Airlines 'drag the passenger off the plane' incident I read a very interesting blog post about United's contractual arrangements with the company who was actually operating the flight on in question (looked like it was United but in reality they had a contract with another company to provide the planes and fly them on that route). I would really like to find that article again so I'm hoping my rather vague description will allow someone to tell me. More inside.

It was long and detailed.

It referred to filings that United had made either with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission or the US Federal Aviation Administration (can't remember which) in respect of the contractual arrangement they had entered into with the other company to operate the flight in question.

There were also an explanation of why, in strict contractual terms, the choice of who should be allowed to travel on the flight in question might not have been United's but instead the other party who was operating the flight.

The same blogger had other posts on their site which discussed how large companies in San Francisco provide a private bus service for their staff and how, in the view of the writer, this was not a good idea as it undermined support for the public bus service.

So ... that's what I can remember. Anyone recognise this ?

Job for an easily distracted mathy person

Fri, 26 May 2017 02:15:49 GMT

I've recently decided to leave my PhD program in Educational Statistics, and so I'm out on the job market after many (MANY) years of being a Student Forever. I'm feeling a little lost about what kinds of work to even start looking for, and I'm hoping the hive mind might have some interesting ideas to jump-start the process.So, like I said, I'm leaving a PhD program in Educational Statistics and Measurement (basically, applied stats and standardized testing) because of a number of factors about my program really going downhill in the last year. It's been years since I've not been a student, so I feel very lost just knowing where to start regarding the job market and what I might be qualified for. I read Ask A Manager basically every day, and I'm looking for advice here that's more like "whoa, I have a similar background to you and here's how I ended up in my unexpected line of work" rather than general workplace or job-searching stuff. Relevant details about my background and work habits: I have a number of years experience teaching math (basically, anything up through calculus) and introductory applied statistics, as well as master's degrees in math and adult education (in addition to my recent coursework in statistics). I have a lot of experience tutoring students one-on-one as well, mainly at the college level. I have a decent amount of experience using statistical software such as SPSS, SAS, both the statistical side and some coursework aimed at the content for the Base and Advanced SAS certification exams, and a teeny tiny amount of experience actually coding JAVA from back in college (but never outside of a classroom setting). I've rarely ever used R, but I know it's pretty commonly used and I'm definitely willing to learn the basics on my own if needed. In terms of how I work well, I've realized recently that I am NOT GOOD at being any kind of "big picture" person. I'm not good at organizing or overseeing large projects, but I am REALLY GOOD at owning my own tiny piece of something bigger and making sure it is perfect. I'm actually pretty happy doing fairly repetitive work that lots of people seem to find boring (data entry, spreadsheets, etc). While I can certainly perform well doing customer service work, it tends to really set off my anxiety to have to deal with phone calls or answer questions on the fly. I've recently been doing some online transcription work and realized that I LOVE the nature of the work - specifically, spending 5-10 minute chunks kind of digging into a topic, making sure my work is detail-perfect, researching words I don't know, and then moving on and doing a new 5-10 minute chunk, over and over, and not needing to remember those words or concepts past the end of the workday. I have ADD-inattentive and it just seems like this type of work fits my "focus intently in small bursts" style so, so well. I'd love something that fits this kind of pattern as a full-time job (while the transcription work is fun, I don't make enough as a beginner to actually support myself freelancing yet). So, given all this, are there any types of jobs I should be looking for that I might not realize are out there? I'm definitely looking at teaching/tutoring work (although I'd like to avoid adjuncting unless it gets really dire, because I eventually need health insurance and enough money to actually pay my rent) and at "statistical analyst" type work, although a lot of times those postings want more of an IT background than I actually have. [...]

I moved all my pictures. How do I tell Lightroom?

Fri, 26 May 2017 01:21:12 GMT

I had lightroom (v2). Then I didn't have lightroom (I don't remember why..HD format and never replaced?). Then I ran out of room on my main hard drive so I moved my pictures folder from my C drive to and external drive D. Now I'm installing lightroom (v5) again. It loaded my backed up catalog, but this is looking for my pics on the C drive and thinks my pictures are all missing. How do I point it to the D drive?

Folder structure and file names are identical. So the pictures are in D:\users\username\pictures\ (subfolders) . Lightroom is looking in C:\users\username\my documents\ my pictures\(subfolders).

I tried clicking "this photo is missing" which gives me an option to locate it with an option to also "find nearby missing photos" which I thought was my one shot solution. I navigate to the right place and select the right picture, but it says "there are no pictures in this folder" and that's the end of that.

Yes, I know that you're supposed to use Lightroom to move the pictures. I tried moving the pics *back* to C so I could then use lightroom to move them to D, but I don't have anywhere near enough room on the C drive to do this.

So how do I fix this?

You are not my dermatologist, but do I need to go see one?

Fri, 26 May 2017 00:25:59 GMT

Small red blotches on my feet, legs and a little on my lower torso have been appearing over the past few weeks. They're not itchy or raised, and I haven't changed diets, detergents, locations, etc. that I can think of that might cause an allergic reaction or expose me to something unusual. Pictures inside.

I'm female, in my mid-20s, and live in Houston, if it's relevant. I have no other symptoms, aside from perhaps fatigue that I can attribute to a mixture of house-hunting and being a teacher finishing up the school year.

Pictures with details.

Online file sharing for dummies

Thu, 25 May 2017 23:44:21 GMT

Does your work use a secure online file storage and management system? Can you tell me about it?

We want to set up a file sharing and management system across geographically remote employees - about 40 in total. We need to have folders (projects) that can be easily searched for independently but can also be nested into groups. Outside of projects, we also need a place to store policy documents, ideally with the ability to notify individuals when they're due for review, and when changes need to be signed off. The whole thing would have various levels of access (managers can see everything, junior staff have limited access). Does anything like this exist? Security is the #1 issue, everything else is negotiable.

i drove a guy away and am losing my mind obsessing over it

Thu, 25 May 2017 23:18:41 GMT

I ended a 5 month relationship with a guy who was on the fence about commitment, having recently gotten out of a LTR, and I'm now torturing myself with regret. i can't stop obsessively replaying what happened and thinking about what i should have done differently.okay, so, I'm a 32 year old woman, he's a 35 year old man. we dated for five months, but the last month was pretty bad. basically, we jumped into sex and started seeing each other regularly about 1-2 times a week. he had gotten out of a 5 year relationship a few months before and said he wanted to let things "unfold naturally," though we did commit to being sexually exclusive after about a month (i asked, he agreed- he's naturally monogamous, and also it just simplified things, like being able to have unprotected sex). he said he wanted to continue exploring our relationship but had been deliberately holding back from jumping into a 'full blown' relationship, since he just got out of one and wasn't ready. at two months i asked if we were actually exclusive, ie not seeing other people, as i'd noticed he'd been starting to follow girls on instagram who he could only know through tinder (we'd known each other through the arts scene but formally met up through tinder). he said he didn't want to commit to the label of exclusive, as that would mean we were an official couple, which he wasn't ready for, but that he wasn't pursuing other people and admitted it would be weird for either of us to date others at that point. i was a little anxious but decided to give it six weeks before asking anything else. we continued hanging out, getting closer, and after 4 months of dating i asked him if he was my boyfriend. he said 'i think so' and then said some stuff about how he was uneasy about the label because he didn't know what it meant, and he'd never had an explicit defining the relationship talk with a previous partner, it was always just sort of 'known'. i asked if we should both delete our tinder accounts, and he started kissing me and didn't want to answer that. i had been pushing a bit more to get my needs met– more communication between seeing each other, hanging out reliably twice a week, getting a little more warmth and affirmation. and he seemed basically willing to meet my needs. i had felt sort of emotionally starved in the relationship because he could be pretty aloof and non-committal, but i was trying to accept him for how he was, and not reveal how needy i felt. a week after that bf/gf talk, we had a little argument because he was 45 minutes late meeting me and it messed up our dinner plans. he had been late a lot before but i hadn't expressed annoyance until then. but, we talked it out. then, later that night, i asked about dates for this camping trip we were supposed to take. i'd originally put it in my calendar for the following week, and he knew that, but now he said he thought it would be too early for him and he needed to make some more money first (he works for himself as an independent contractor). he had known all along that that week wouldn't work, but didn't communicate that to me because he didn't want to 'disappoint' me in the moment. i asked when he would be able to go, and he was vague and said he had to look at dates. i asked if he even wanted to go, and he said he'd never had any doubt we would go until i started pressing him like this, and now he was feeling anxious b[...]

Are you legally a landlord if you're not charging rent?

Thu, 25 May 2017 23:04:18 GMT

What if you have a piece of property, like a vacant lot, that homeless people live on in tents. Are you doing anything illegal by not clearing them off? Presumably you're legally liable for anything that happens on the property -- somebody gets stabbed, their relative could sue you into homelessness yourself. Is there insurance for that kind of thing? What if you had a port-a-potty or two. Or a low-key, unarmed, security guard stroll around just to discourage overt, public, crime on the property. Would you be changing your legal standing?

Are there lawyers in my area I could consult with to find out more? How would I go about finding the right kind?

Identifying state legislature swing districts

Thu, 25 May 2017 22:13:24 GMT

I'm interested in finding a site that lets me identify swing races for state legislatures, so that I can give those candidates my money. In essence, I'm looking for the state-by-state equivalent of

I'm specifically interested in Missouri, where I live, but if the MO Dems have such a site already, I haven't found it. Also interested in seeing what other states have done.

If these sites don't exist, I'd be willing to help build something, and would be interested in sources of information to help populate it. Obviously, looking at election results from the last cycle is a good place to start, but there's a lot more information that would be useful - info on who's retiring, info on which districts have identified strong challengers, etc. Any idea where I'd find this in relatively accessible formats? Thanks!

Thinking of dying hair light blond, what do I need to know?

Thu, 25 May 2017 20:41:05 GMT

I'm thinking of dying my hair very light/platinum blond. What do I need to know?

My hair is currently a light brown/blond, as seen here in my Instagram photo. It looks more blond in direct sunlight. I used to dye it a fairly bright red, but I work at a bank and can't get away with that anymore. I'll be dying my hair myself (well, making my husband do it) with store bought dye, probably Loreal or similar.

When I dyed it red, it usually grew out pretty nicely - the red would sort of fade as it grew out, and I never had a really obvious dye line where my roots were showing. I'm worried that with very light hair, I'll have a more obvious dye line and what the best strategy is to deal with that. I'm guessing if it really bugs me after a while I could just dye all my hair back to something approximating its normal color?

Also, it's just generally been several years since I've dyed my hair, and I've never dyed it a lighter color than my natural color, so I'm just looking for any advice, suggestions for good shampoos for colored hair, etc. (Or if you think it would look terrible based on my picture.) Thanks!

Minding a health insurance gap

Thu, 25 May 2017 20:22:03 GMT

I have a short gap in health coverage (5 days) coming up, and trying to figure out the best way to handle it.

Uneducated health care consumer here.

I just got a new job (yay) that starts on 6/5. My previous health plan ends on 5/31, and new health plan starts on 6/5.

I have the option of getting COBRA insurance, but the premium would be $700+ and I would like to save the money if possible.

If I understand correctly, I have the ability within the next thirty days to apply for COBRA and have it retroactively applied, should anything calamitous happen during that gap.

I'm almost inclined not to sign up for COBRA, with worst case scenario meaning I retroactively sign up if anything bad happens.

Question: if I decide to skip having coverage for those five days, and nothing bad happens and I end up never signing up for COBRA before my new plan kicks in on 6/5, are there any potential long term repercussions? (Due to having a gap between plans)

Wondering if I could get advice on other options as well -- what do people typically do in these situations? If it really makes sense to get some sort of coverage for those five days, what are some cheaper options for short term coverage?

Fwiw, I will be on vacation in Puerto Rico for those five days...

Thank you!

A track that samples The Marvelettes "Please Mr. Postman"

Thu, 25 May 2017 19:13:36 GMT

I keep hearing this song on the radio but I can't for the life of me find it on the internet. It's a dance track, quite upbeat, with a sample of The Marvelettes song "Please Mister Postman," or at least a cover of that song, because the vocals are almost definitely not the original.

They've played it on our local hip-hop station, and our college radio station, but I haven't been able to find it on either of their websites' playlists. They played a clip of it at Camden Yards yesterday, too, but the OPACY website only has the players' walk-up music. I've ruled out most of what comes up if you google various iterations of the lyrics + cover, remix, sample, etc. It's not the Rod Lee remix, although that song rules. I fear I may be driven to madness trying to find it. Does anyone have any idea?

Should I see a doc for this sprain? Is there a Betteridge's law of Ask?

Thu, 25 May 2017 19:12:53 GMT

On Sunday evening I was playing with the four-year-old and slipped on a grassy slope. One leg goes forward, the other folds under me. I have done a high-speed yoga kneel with one leg out and the ankle of the leg tucked under me did not enjoy the experience. It's surely a sprain, not a break, but I'm conflicted about going for care.

That's mostly time & notable inconvenience driven; our insurance is good, and while there'll be a non-negligible specialist fee it's affordable for us. But I have above-mentioned active kiddo and am the primary caregiver/house manager and I'm skeptical there's anything much worth doing for me at this phase.

My inclination is to do the appropriate just-sprained things - try to minimize time spent on it, elevate it for some time every day - and go see someone when it's past the initial phases and there'd be some actual steps like physical therapy to undertake. But five days in I still have some swelling and the can't-avoid-em stairs are hard to go down, with the rarely occasional -pop- feeling when I move the ankle in certain ways. Mostly it's uncomfortable, not painful, unless its rotated in certain ways.

How big a dummy am I being, and am I likely opening myself up to long-term issues by not seeking care at this point? I have a sports medicine office I have seen in the past about a shoulder dysplasia and can probably get an appointment fairly quickly. But I'm not excited to be their ATM and my wife's work obligations can make kiddo coverage challenging.