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Fitness exercises and tips

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superfoods for bodybuilding.


Here's a pretty good list of "superfoods" for bodybuilding.

Eating For Muscle Gain

The list...

  1. Eggs

  2. Almonds

  3. Salmon

  4. Yogurt

  5. Beef

  6. Olive Oil

  7. Water

  8. Coffee
Hey, where's chicken and tuna? It's pretty rare that those two don't make these types of lists.

The problem I have with these types of lists is that some people tend to take them to mean that if they just eat these foods, they can expect good sized gains. I'll get emails from people confused as to why they aren't growing even though they eat an egg every morning and a tuna sandwich for lunch.

Always remember, it isn't just the quality of foods you put into your body, it is also the QUANTITY. To support muscle growth, you have to create a caloric surplus -- you have to give the body the raw materials it needs to build muscle above and beyond what it needs to keep you functioning.

The golden rule of muscle building...
If you aren't gaining, you aren't eating enough to gain.
What and how much to eat to build muscle and gain weight?

It is when you eat a quality balanced diet (that includes solid choices like the muscle building superfoods above) and eat that diet in sufficient quantity to supply the body with surplus calories that you really have something.

When you consistently do that and add in a solid weight training program, you build muscle and grow like a weed.

JP Clifford

Science of Steroids


The National Geographic Channel is running a good program titled the "Science Of Steroids." Its an interesting hour for everyone, whether or not you use steroids or have any thoughts about using them. Science of SteroidsSome things I found particularly interesting from the show: One of the "experts" talked about how using steroids was one of the last things anyone would admit to - they'll admit to spousal abuse, cocaine use and everything else but not steroids. He compared it to pedophilia in terms of the lengths people will got to in order to hide it.Strange but true. The program did a good job of addressing the lack of studies on steroids.A lot of users are very convinced that there aren't any dangers in using steroids. At my site, I have limited coverage of anabolic steroids. While I'm not pro-steroids (and I don't, never have, and never will use), I'm not hysterically anti-steroids like a lot of the mainstream coverage tends to be (the "you're going to die horribly and immediately" type of coverage). I try to present a fair look at the potential side effects of steroids.It's pretty benign stuff.But, every few months or so, I get an email from some guy telling me that I'm wrong, that there are no studies that say that steroid use will lead to cardiovascular problems or whatever. They basically tell me that steroid use is akin to chewing gum, that there are no real risks.They are right, there are very few studies on side effects. The reasons as explained in the show are the fact that you really can't load humans up on 'roids and wait 20 years to see what happens. Couple that with the fact that users won't admit that they use and you get very limited data to draw from.BUT, if you look at the case studies, if you look at the early deaths and medical problems for so many pro wrestlers and bodybuilders, you pretty much have to be blind to not see that these are very dangerous drugs and can have some consequences.Those that walk around miffed that anyone would suggest that there are any dangers to steroid use do have their reasons to distrust the medical community's warnings. The medical community has totally botched the whole steroids issue from day one and continues to do so.As pointed out in the show, you'll still find medical authorities stating that anabolic steroid use has no effect on muscle building or enhancing athletic performance????That's probably even more absurd than denying there are risks associated with use. You shouldn't need definitive studies to be able to make an obvious observation. The fastest growing group of steroid users? Its not athletes, its regular people just looking to use them to improve their appearance.Personally, I understand the temptation to use for competitive athletes. Had I been real close to breaking into the major leaugues, I would have felt the temptation (Unfortunately, I was never close). I don't understand why someone would use just to improve their physique?I just don't get it. I think a good percentage of those who do choose to use for these reasons really aren't appropriately educated on the subject. And that makes steroids even more dangerous. JP Clifford [...]

Bodybuilding tips and tricks


you have to do the exercise slowly,whenever you want (mass and cuts). you must hav to exercise slowly and if you didn't see the results and you  remains flabby after 2 months of doing it, try doing it even slower. How much you slow as it much effective for you.The much slower,the much better but  you concentrate at the peak. let Suppose you are doing biceps exercise with a bar. When you bring the bar(your forearms completely, touch your upper arms (biceps)) to your chest, Make sure you concentrate there and really focus on contracting the muscle (just like when you do posing). Apply The same rule for any  muscle. If you want  a muscle to develop properly with both mass and cuts (unless you already have cuts), you have to do it real slow and focus on concentration. Buy the book Modern Encyclopedia of Bodybuilding .....its really help you. Before another tip about muscle mass, Just know what’s your height? If you are betweem or below 5 feet 8 inches, then you should have 15 inch arms at least, so concentrate on both mass and cuts. That’s the difficult thing but that makes it all more beautiful. .Try to do more push ups and do a cardio such  run a few kilometers ( a minimum of 1 to 1.5 km as a warm up prefferably) everyday.  you hav do 5 sets of flat press, 3 sets of incline, 3 sets decline, and 3 sets of dumbbell flys. Another Tip: Keep posing. Keep flexing your chest and holding your breath for 20 seconds while you flex in front of the mirror. This helps to bring out maximum definition. This is a trick.;) Another tips on bodybuilding diet, it is also very important factor so you need to have protein‑rich diet and cut down on carbohydrates and feel or see the change. (A low-carb diet will always help).  Don’t increase your carbohydrate intake as found in rice, Bread....etc. Keep your carbohydrates low. Keep your protein intake high, like chicken, egg, fish, etc. You will see the change soon almost within a month. tak high amount of water. The main sources for you are both pulses and legumes including beans of all varieties,If you are a veggie,   preferably soya, butter beans, or double beans. If you are going to burn fat with bodybuilding and weights, you can use the ordinary flat bench press to burn fat have to do this with low weights but remember do it really slow. The first few reps up to 8 or 10 will be easy and after that your chest muscles will begin to burn like they are on fire.  Do 5 sets of this everyday after your pushups and also do jog. Do all exercises the same day. Doing them on alternate days will only increase size by giving rest to your chest mass. If you want to burn fat around chest, then you have to exhaust your muscle. Do and Gud luck..! [...]

Extreme Bodybuilding Equipments:


It is important yo choose right equipment for ya xtreme workouts.You have that products on which you can trust and rely on. Always look for sturdy and durable equipment.  discuss at your gym.Divide some of these bodybuilding equipment into the following,
  • Free Weights – Dumb bells and bar bells
  • Weight Machines – Smith Machines, Curling machines, multi weight machines
  • Stretching Machines
  • Exercise and Stretching Equipments – stretch bands, chin up bars
  • Mats – Martial arts mats, Yoga mats
  • Extreme Fitness Equipment – Urban rebounder, rowing machines

Best and safe Exercise for Heart Patients


If you know someone who's recently been diagnosed with heart disease or had heart surgery, the doctor probably told him that exercise is an important part of keeping the condition under control. Here are some things to discuss with the doctor:Medication changes. New medications can greatly affect your response to exercise; your loved one's doctor can tell you if his normal exercise routine is still safe.Heavy lifting. Make sure that lifting or pushing heavy objects and chores such as raking, shoveling, mowing, or scrubbing aren't off limits. Chores around the house can be tiring for some people; make sure your loved one only does what he's able to do without getting tired.Safe exercises. Get the doctor's approval before you let the patient lift weights, use a weight machine, jog, or swim.Swimming:Swimming is an aerobic exercise for heart patients. It’s very useful, and it can produce excellent results in a short period of time, particularly if you are not accustomed to body to building. Swimming should be done approximately 30 to 60 minutes daily for avoiding heart diseases.Walking:Walking is one of the simplest and most available aerobic exercises. Heart patient can vary the intensity to match his fitness level. Other than walking shoes, it does not require any special equipment.  Walking is a good choice for starting their first exercise program. The older age heart patients can adopt this exercising routine as it is the best choice for them.Cycling:Cycling is another best exercise for avoiding heart diseases. Cycling is unique type of aerobic exercise with wide appeal and value. In this exercise you can use a stationary or regular bike. A program that combines walking and cycling may provide cardiovascular benefits without inducing the limiting pain as quickly. Cycling helps the heart without the mechanical stress on the back, hips, knees and ankles that walking can cause. Therefore, those with heart conditions should address a program with their physician before starting. Water aerobics and water walking are good alternatives for those with heart diseases. This exercise also gives attractive results in joint pain problems.Stretching:Stretching is another beast exercise for heart diseases. Stretching the arms and legs before and after exercising helps prepare the muscles for activity and helps prevent injury and muscle strain. Regular stretching also increases your range of motion and flexibility for aerobic exercises.General workout tips for heart disease patients:Be sure any exercise is paced and balanced with rest.Avoid encouraging isometric exercises such as push-ups and sit-ups. Isometric exercises involve straining muscles against other muscles or an immovable object.Don't let the patient exercise outdoors when it is too cold, hot, or humid. High humidity may cause you to tire more quickly; extreme temperatures can interfere with circulation, make breathing difficult, and cause chest pain. Better choices are indoor activities such as mall walking.Make sure that one stays hydrated. It is important to drink water even before you feel thirsty, especially on hot days.Extremely hot and cold showers or sauna baths should be avoided after exercise. These extreme temperatures increase the workload on your heart.Have your loved one steer clear of exercise in hilly areas. If he must walk in steep areas, ask him to slow down when going uphill to avoid working too hard. Have him monitor his heart rate closely.If the patient's exercise program has been interrupted for a few days (for example, due to illness, vacation, or bad weather), ease him back into his routine. He should start with a reduced level of activity and gradually increase it until he's back where he started.[...]

Top 5 Bodybuilding Workout Tips for arms


1. Incorporate multi-jointed exercises into your bodybuilding routine.

When training your chest, shoulders, and back make sure you utilize multi-joint exercises. What this does is work,as the secondary movers, the arms. The arms mean simply the biceps, and triceps.

A good example of multi-jointed exercises are the bench press, shoulder press, row, pull down, and good old fashion pushup. More than one muscle group is being worked when you perform multi-joint exercises.

2. Increase your intensity.

In order to stimulate arm muscle growth resulting from your bodybuilding workout program you must increase your intensity of exercise.

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Bodybuilding Workouts
What Beginners Should Be Learning About Bodybuilding Workouts

You must enter the gym with a mindset of forcing the muscles to adapt, and grow. To do so you need to increase the weight lifting weight, reps, or simply decrease the rest between bodybuilding sets. Always make your bodybuilding workout progressive in nature. Keep attempting to beat the reps, and weight you logged in the previous arm workout.

3. Do not overtrain. Limit your sets

It is important to avoid overtraining your arms. Many bodybuilders do too much arm work in their particular bodybuilding workout. This, in turn, leads to over training.

By doing too many sets of arms you are cutting into your recovery abilities, and will surely decrease your chance of results. Optimal rest is mandatory for maximum muscle stimulation. Please understand this.

4. Hit the triceps hard.

The triceps comprise a majority of your arms muscle size. Make sure you incorporate close grip bench presses, dips, and triceps push downs to ultimately increase your triceps muscle size, and tone.

Strive to increase your intensity every time your step into the gym. After all, it is the quality of exercise, not the quantity. Make the most of your limited weight training sets performed by the arms.

5. Precise rest between workouts is mandatory for growth.

This number one mistake most bodybuilders make. They simply follow the more is better approach. Little do they know, more is a detriment to your bodybuilding workout results.

Each additional arm set performed cuts into the recovery ability of the muscle. Remember, the biceps, and triceps grow while at rest, not during the workout.

I always recommend 6-10+ days between arm workouts. As far as the number of sets, 2 sets of 2-3 exercises for the arms is optimal for growth. In other words, if you spend more than 10 minutes on your arms, you are overtraining. Beginning a weight training workout prior to full recovery will short circuit your muscle building results.

Triple Your Workout Effectiveness


Disclaimer: First, I’m not a certified trainer. These are tips I’ve read elsewhere that work well for me. Second, you should always get a doctor’s approval of any new workout plan. This plan is especially intense, so if you have a heart condition or other condition that might be affected by heavy exercise, you should definitely refrain from trying it until you’ve gotten checked out by a’s  for those people who have already been working out but want to see better results, quicker, and spend less time doing it.There are 16 exercises:1.Limit your workouts to 30-40 minutes. Though the tendency of some people who really want to get a lot out of their workouts is to spend a lot of time at the gym, the truth is that after 30 or 40 minutes, the benefit isn’t as great. To go that long, you’d have to lower the intensity of the workout, and that means that you’re spending too much time working out. It’s better to work out at a higher intensity for a shorter amount of time.2.High-intensity workouts. If you’re just starting out with exercise, it’s best to take it slow. If you’re running or cycling, for example, build up your endurance for at least a month before you get into anything more intense. That means going at a rate where you can easily talk without being out of breath. However, once you have that base of endurance, step up the intensity to step up the effectiveness of the workout.3.Protein. Many people don’t pay enough attention to getting the protein their muscles need to rebuild. If you don’t, you are going to get very little out of your workout, as both cardio and strength workouts require protein for building muscles. I recommend either whey or soy protein shakes.4.Water. Be sure to hydrate throughout the day. It takes a couple of hours for your body to absorb the water, so you can’t just drink right before exercise. Make it a habit to drink water regularly throughout the day.5.Carbs. Although the low-carb craze might say otherwise, carbs are our body’s main source of fuel. If you do intense workouts, you will need carbs, or you won’t have enough energy. If you do a shake, be sure to include carbs — or a banana is a great source of low fiber/high glycemic carbohydrates that you need for exercise.6.Shake before and after workout. It’s best to take a protein/carb shake just before your workout and then just after. Taking it before your workout increases the flow of amino acids to your muscles during training, giving them the building blocks they need. After the workout, the shake stimulates muscle growth. Also take a small protein/carb meal 60-90 minutes after a workout — a meal replacement bar would work fine.7.Slow lifting. Many people contract their muscles slowly and then release more quickly. But if you lift slowly in both directions, you are maximizing each move. Lift and lower to a 5-second count in each direction.8.Heavier weight. When you’re starting out, it’s best to start with lower weights so you can focus on good form. But once you’ve gotten your form down, it’s best to lift the heaviest weights you can lift while still keeping good form. Don’t sacrifice form for heavy weights — that is ineffective. But heavy weights, with good form, can give you better results in a shorter amount of time. Heavy weights are not just for those who want to bulk up — that’s a common misconception.9.One set, to failure. Instead of doing 2-3 sets, as many people do, maximize your effectiveness by doing just one, with heavy weights, until you can no longer keep the proper form. Lifting to “failure” doesn’t mean that you should lift the last few times with a wobbly or inefficient form.10.Compound exercises. Instead of isolating your muscles with exercises such as the bicep curl, you can maximize the time you spend in a workout by doing exercises that work out multiple muscle groups at once. With j[...]

How to lose man boobs? 4 best exercises that will get rid of Man boobs for ever


How to lose man boobs? What causes Man boobs? Three best exercises that will get rid of Man boobs for ever. I guarantee Man boobs is the common name for the medical term gynecomastia, characterized by loose enlarged chest in men which look similar to women breasts. Man boobs are a common disorder in men and has been in the talk in the recent years. Actually, it is reported that roughly between 40% and 60% of men have gynecomastia(Man boobs). Some cases may be mild whereas some cases may be severe where the chest may almost look like a women's breast.What causes Man boobs? There are 2 main causes for Man boobs. The predominant one is hormonal imbalance in males, especially after puberty. The increased production of the female hormone estrogen over the male hormone Testosterone causes Man boobs. The second cause is intake of drugs such as heroin, marijuana and Amphetamines etc. Excess fat intake through food may further contribute towards Man boobsHow to get rid of Man boobs?There are 2 ways to get rid of Man boobs- Artificial and Natural. The advanced and fastest way is artificial reduction through Surgery. But surgery can be very expensive and may cost between $5,000 and $10,000. The second way is by natural means through diet and exercises- Aerobic and strength exercises. A proper exercise regimen coupled with a fat-free protein rich diet can get rid of man boobs effectively. Green tea, turmeric and chromium picolinate are food products that can reduce man boobsTo get rid of man boobs, one can do either Aerobic exercises or strength exercises, or a combination of both which would be most effective. Running a couple of times per week for 30 minutes can decrease fat in our body, and increase metabolism to a great extent. Follow a diet that has ratio of 60% carbohydrates, 35% protein and less than 15% fat. Diet should contain 2/3 vegetables and 1/3 lean protein such as chicken or fish Three best exercises to get rid of Man boobs(Note: The exercises may look tough but these are basic strength training workouts done in the gym. You should do these with lighter weights, instead of heavier weights. These will not only get you into shape, but will also improve your hormonal balance and increase your confidencePeople who are already into strength training may be doing all kinds of workout, but they may not be knowing which ones target the specific area)1) Incline Bench Press: This exercise works out the upper chest rather than the lower chest and gives shape to the chest. Flat bench press will increase the mass of your chest and make it bulkier. So gynecomastic men should avoid Flat bench press and concentrate on Incline Bench press Do 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions each2) Decline Dumbbell Flies:This will tighten your lower chest and give a firmer shape. Further, it will widen your chest and give your chest a flatter appearance Do 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions each3) Dumbbell Pullover: This will lift your loose lower chest muscles to your upper chest and give a firmer chiselled appearance to your chest Do 3-4 sets of 15-20 repetitions each Incline Bench press  Dumbbell PulloverExercise 4:I hope you may have heard about the "PECK DECK", one of the most basic gymnasium workouts targetted to work on your chest muscles, especially the peck muscles.The Exercise: Instead of performing the normal peck deck exercise where you use both your arms to push the handles together to tone your chest muscles, you need to use only one arm to perform the magical man boobs reduction workout. However, instead of the normal peck deck wherein you stop your arms half way when both your arms meet, you need to push your arms to the extreme end as possible. This will apply maximum pressure on your chest and would shrink the additional fat tissue under your chest (see picture below) First, start with any one of you[...]

Five Exercises for Men To Improve Your Sexual Life


IntroductionMen throw away those ED (Erectile Dysfunction)pills. Save your hard earned money and improve your sexual performance the natural way by exercising. Women if you are reading this pass this along to your man to reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction. I came across these exercises while reading a health article related to ways men can better fulfill their sexual pleasures without the pills.We all know a regular workout at the local gym or your home is beneficial for your overall health. It has been found that consistent, regular workouts over time will also improve your performance below the belt. You do not have to do heavy-duty weight-lifting exercises or any other very intense form of exercising to reap these benefits. These benefits can be obtain by simply walking at a brisk pace for about a mile or walking for about 20 to 30 minutes. Men, there are 5 simple exercises you can perform daily to be on your way to having a more pleasurable sexual experience. Let’s begin. Exercise #1: Weight LiftingAs I mentioned earlier, you do not have to do heavy-duty weight lifting. You do not have to go to the gym and bench press 200 pounds or more. Just do enough repetitions until you are tired. Strength training causes an increase of testosterone production in your body. The higher your testosterone levels the higher your libido. You do not necessarily need a set of weights to do strength-training exercises. Exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, and crunches will do just fine. These exercises strengthen the upper body muscle groups such as the shoulders, chest, and the all-important abs. Strong upper body strength can increase stamina since these muscles are used during intercourse. Exercise # 2: KegelsKegels! I know some of the guys reading this are probably saying what kind of a name is that for an exercise? This is a very important and simple exercise. It may improve the quality of your life during your golden years if you start performing it now. This exercise was named after Dr. Arnold Kegel, a physician in Los Angeles. This exercise strengthens a small muscle group located at the bottom of the pelvic floor called the pubococcygeus (PC) muscles. It role is to stop the flow of urine mid-stream. Men to do Kegels, stop the flow of urine and hold it for about ten seconds. Click the following link to read more: The-Kegel. Do this action several times before tiring while urinating. This will strengthen the muscle and will allow you to delay ejaculation just before climax during intercourse.Exercise #3: YogaYoga is good for everything and improving sexual performance. When you practice yoga, you improve your body’s flexibility. That is, you are able to get in creative positions for maximum pleasure during intercourse. Obviously, this will bring a significant improvement in your sexual performance. Most of the yoga positions recommended will strengthened you pelvic muscles, such as the Bow Pose, Peacock Pose, and the Shoulder Stand. Peacock Pose Bow Pose Shoulder Stand  Exercise #4: Fast WalkingThis is the easiest and most natural exercise you can do to improve your sex life. Results from a recent study of 31,000 men performed by a Harvard researcher, indicated that aerobic exercising that burns about 200 calories reduces the risk of suffering from erectile dysfunction (ED) by 30 percent, almost half. This is equivalent to walking briskly for 2 miles. The researchers believe brisk walking or any form of aerobic exercising reduces the risk of ED because the higher blood flow helps keep the blood vessels clear. The results are longer and stronger erections. The other benefit of aerobic exercising is the release of chemical[...]

4 Best exercises to reduce your thighs in Weeks


How to reduce thighs?4 Best exercises to reduce your thighs in Weeks....... How to reduce thighs? 4 Simple, Best exercises to reduce your thighs in Weeks, right at the comfort of your Home. Get sexy, chiselled Thighs in 6-8 weeks naturally!!!!!!!!!!!! Reducing thighs is one of the main concerns for people who are fat, especially those who have excessive fat deposits around their mid-section and lower body. Since thighs form the major part of the lower body, it is very important to keep your thighs free of excessive fat. Excessive fat in your thighs is an indication of obesity and and is also an unhealthy factor. Most people try various exercises to reduce their thighs but end up in vain. This is because they often follow wrong or ineffective workout practices, which not only prove useless but also lead to cramps and muscle injuries. Lower body maintenance is very important for everyone since it bears the weight of the body and also plays a major role in balanced metabolism in our body. While exercising to reduce thigh fat, one should also ensure to workout the buttock muscles since fat deposits in your butt may prevent you from effectively burning the fat in your thighs. Hence, it's essential to forumlate an exercise regimen that will workout both your buttock and thigh muscles The exercises described below in this hub are simple, but powerful workouts which can reduce your thighs in a short span of time. You need not go to the gymnasium or require special equipments to these exercises, these can be done right at the comfort of your home just watching your television or listening to your favorite music Following are 4 best exercises to reduce your thighs in Weeks, right at the comfort of your home: 1. Standing Free Squat: This is a simple, but a very effective exercise to get rid of Thigh fat. This can be done at your home without any weights or special equipments. Start in a standing position, with your feet about shoulder width apart. Keep your back straight, and start slowly bending at the knees, pressing back with your butt. As you do this, you will naturally start to lean forward, but don't lean excessively. Go down as far as you can but ensure that you don't lift your heels. Then slowly raise to the initial standing position. Repeat the same Workout schedule: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each 2. Lunges: A very effective exercise to get your thighs into great shape. Lunges target the gluteus medius and, to a lesser extent, the gluteus maximus and the hamstrings. There are so many versions of lunges, you're certain to find one you can tolerate, if not fall in love with. This drop-knee version is the most basic lunge and, surprisingly, one of the harder versions. Here's how to do it: 1. Stand in a split stance, with feet about 3 feet apart. You want both knees to be at about 90-degree angles at the bottom of the movement, so adjust accordingly. 2. Hold weights in each hand or place a barbell behind the neck for added intensity(optional) 3. Bend the knees and lower the back knee toward the floor, keeping the front heel down and the knee directly over the center of the foot. 4. Keep the torso straight and abs in as you push through the front heel and back to starting position. 5. Don't lock the knees at the top of the movement Workout schedule: 3-4 sets of 10-15 repetitions each 3. Lying Butt Bridge: This is perhaps the most powerful and effective exercise to get rid of Thighs and buttocks fat. It is difficult to perform but results are amazing Lie flat on your back on a mat with your knees bent pointing up to the ceiling and your arms at your sides. Simply raise your pelvis up toward the ceiling to a point where your body will be at a about a 45 degree angle relative [...]



HOW TO MAKE YOUR ARMS BIGGER AND BETTER?An exercise routine that will leave you UP IN ARMS!!!!Workouts that will give you awesome BICEPS AND TRICEPSWhat gives a better feeling than a great pair of arms? Nothing else isn't!!!. Nothing is as impressive to the average person or the hardest of hardcore body builders as well-developed arms. "Flex your arm" is almost always the first request people make when they meet a bodybuilder. A great arm symbolises strength, power, health and masculinity- all over the world!! Arms are the true barometer of manliness and women love'emWe're gonna see the best and effective workouts that will give you the best pair of chiselled arms. AN ALL-CABLE BICEPS/TRICEPS TRAINING ROUTINEArm development is largely, if not entirely, dependent on genetics. However most people have the genetic capability of amassing quality arm development, and with proper training you can transform your arms into the very best they can possible beNow quality arms doesn't mean building the biggest guns in the sport. Quality arms are seldom the biggest but they always look the most impressive. A well-developed arm is one that has good shape, is in proportion with rest of the upper body, has reasonable size, and most importantly, is in great condition- muscularly defined with good separation between biceps and triceps. Quality creates the illusion of size as well. If you learn only one information from this arms manifesto, let it be this- Arm size is completely irrelevant; it's the quality that countsCountless novice, amateur and even pro bodybuilders place too much emphasis on the size of their arms. "If i could only get a 20-inch arm1" - This is what most guys cry. Believe me, a well-built 17 or 18-inch arm will make short work on a big, undefined, bloated 22-inch arm everytime. The smaller, better-developed arm will actually look bigger in comparison The popular approach to arm-training is to work the biceps and triceps on different days- and then only after another bodypart. A typical bodybuilder may train triceps after chest or back. On another day, he may work biceps after shoulders or legs. But very few body builders train the two upper-arm muscle groups(biceps and triceps) first, let alone together.THE BICEPSTWO-HAND CABLE CURLS1 set of 15 to 20 repetitions( warmup set)5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions This exercise develops and shapes the biceps, particularly the biceps peak. Attach a bar to a floor-level cable pulley. Grasp a short straight bar with an underhand(palms up) grip, hands about shoulders width apart. Keeping your elbows stationary at your sides, extend your arms out and down until your biceps are fully stretched. Curl the bar upward, not letting your elbows, to a position just below your chin. Contract and squeeze the biceps as hard as possible at the top of the movement. Then lower the bar slowly back down to the starting position until your arms are fully stretched. This is a shaping exercise rather than a mass exercise, so the secret to performing it properly is a slow, smooth, controlled motionSTANDING BICEPS CABLE CURLS5 sets of 10 to 12 repetitions The purpose of the exercise is to stretch the biceps. It develops mass and biceps peak at the same time. Attach two loop handles to the cables running through two overhead pulleys, as if you were about to do cable crossovers. Grasp the handles with an underarm grip and stand erect midway between the pulleys, feet about shoulder width apart. With arms extended straight out to your sides, curl the biceps as far as possible, as if you were hitting a front or rear double biceps-pose. Pause for a second at the top of your movement, flexing and tensing your biceps. Slowly return the handles back along the semicircular arc to the starting positio[...]

Top 15 Best Back exercises:


 Top 15 Best Back exercises:Nothing is more impressive than being able to bang out 30 pull ups in a row or finishing a set of 10 with 90 lbs hanging from a belt. Nothing LOOKS more impressive than being able to hit an impressive front or rear lat spread with confidence. Furthermore, how many women do you know that can finish a set of 10 pull ups? Trust me, there aren’t many.The reality is that we can accomplish all of these things with intense free weight back training.Your back muscles comprise the second largest set of muscles, after the legs. Therefore, putting some serious effort into training your back will pay off huge dividends whether you are looking to burn a large number of calories, better fill out your shirts, condition your body for functional strength, or even to fix your posture from focusing too long on chest training.Strong back muscles will allow you to:Pick up anything heavy off the floor or ground, working in unison with the legs.Burn nearly as many calories as you would when training legs.Move your body more easily through space, specifically when pulling yourself up.Protect yourself from muscle imbalances that occur from overtraining the chest.Row a boat faster than any of your punk friends.Anatomy of the BackFor this discussion we are going to focus on the mid to upper back only. I won’t be talking at all about the lower back or glutes, as this is a discussion in and of its own. You can find out a bit more about lower back and glute training in the post about the top 5 best hamstring exercises. I will focus more on lower back in a separate article at a later date.There are two main muscle groups that are visible even when our shirts are on. These are called the latissimus dorsi and the trapezius.The latissimus, or lats, are the muscles that run from the armpits to the waist. This is what you see when people flex their backs as with a lat spread bodybuilding pose.The trapezius, or traps, are the muscles that start in a point at the base of the skull, sit to either side of the neck, above the shoulders, and extend in a diamond shape to a point in the middle of the back. A muscle called the levator scapulae works in conjunction with the traps and lats.Trap are what cause some big dudes to appear to have no neck. This is also how you can tell if someone is really serious about their training. Typically if someone has completely flat traps it means that they probably do not engage in significant free weight complex exercises like deadlifts, bent over barbell rows, cleans, and definitely not barbell shrugs.The Smaller Muscles of the BackSome of the smaller back muscles include teres major, teres minor, infraspinatus, supraspinatus, and rhomboideus (rhomboids). These are considered secondary muscles and are sufficiently stimulated when you train the larger latissimus dorsi with both vertical and horizontal movements.The serratus is another back muscle that wraps around the body and it also visible from the font. If you desire to train the serratus directly, which many people do, the best exercise for that is probably dumbbell or barbell pull overs. In the past when I trained 4 days a week I often included pull overs on back day. Back Anatomy Functions of the BackContrary to what you might think when you picture a row, the function of the lats is to pull the arm down toward the pelvis. When the arm is in a fixed position such as with a pull up, the lats serve to bring the body up towards the arm. The function is the same, but the motion depends upon the position of the arms and torso.Lats also function to stabilize the torso during many movements, including the flat bench press and overhead press.Your traps function to facilit[...]

chest workout tips:


chest workout tips:
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Best tricep exercises part 1.mpg

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Workout Program


Workout Program Monday: Chest / Back 1Cable Lat Pulldowns (alternate sets below)Behind neck wide gripNarrow grip to chest2 x 102 x 10 2Bent over Barbell Rows3 x 10 3Seated Row Machine3 x 10 4Dummbell Pullover (superset with) Dembbell FlysPulloverFlys3 x 103 x 10 5Bench Press3 x 10 6Pec Deck Chest Machine3 x 10 Tuesday Aerobics for 45 minutes Wednesday: Legs / Abs 1Squats3 x 10 2Barbells Step Ups (alt legs)3 x 10 3Leg Extension Machine3 x 10 4Leg Curl Machine3 x 10 5Stiff Legged Deadlift3 x 10 6Hanging Knee-ups3 x 10 7Crunch / hip-ups3 x 10 8Negative Lying Knee-upsBuddy Exercise Resist Partner Pushing Knees Down3 x 10 9Bar Behind Neck Trunk TwistsSeatedStanding3 x 503 x 50 Thursday Aerobics for 45 minutes Friday: Shoulders / Arms 1Seated Dumbbell Overhead Press (Alternate Sets Below)Palms ForwardPalms Reverse (twisting)2 x 102 x 10 2Barbell Shurgs3 x 10 3Dumbbells Deltoid Flys (Superset Sets BelowLateral (arms to sideFront (one arm at a time)3 x 103 x 10 4Lying Triceps Curlbar Extension3 x 10 5Standing Cable Triceps Extension3 x 10 6Seated One Arm Scott Curls3 x 10 7Seated Curl Machine3 x 10 Saturday Aerobics for 45 minutes Sunday Aerobics for 45 minutes Fifty & Fit Nutrition Plan Morning 8 oz of water, 1000 mg HCA, 400 mcg Chromium Picolinate, 200 mg L-Carnitine, 30 mg COQ10, 50 mg DHEA, 250 mg Ginkgo Bilboa. Ride stationary bycycle for 45 minutes or one hour of weight training approx. FoodAmountCalFatCarbsProtein Grapefruit juice8oz700170 Water8oz Breakfast FoodAmountCalFatCarbsProtein Oatmeal w/skim milk &1 cup1402249 Raspberries1/2 cups40080 Egg Whites (scrambled) w/one yolk41295218 Whole Wheat Toast (Dry)21402246 with Honey1 tbsp600160 Coffeecup4000 Also: 8oz water, 2 multivitamins, 500 mg vitamin C, 400 IU Vitamin E, 1000 mg flaxseed oil, 200 mg grapeseed extract. Mid Morning Snack FoodAmountCalFatCarbsProtein Apple181.5210 Brown Rice1/2 cup1100232 Albacore Tuna3 1/2 oz can852021 water8 oz Lunch FoodAmountCalFatCarbsProtein grilled chicken 1/2 breast (Skinless)4 oz1965036 sandwich on whole wheat1302225 w/lettuce and tomato20050 pasta salad vinagrette1/2 cup140445 water8oz Mid Afternoon Snack FoodAmountCalFatCarbsProtein Bran Muffin11403294 Non Fat Yogurt w/fruit8oz19013512 Also: 8oz water, 400 mcg chromium, 1000 mg HCA and 200 mg of L-Carnitine Early Evening Snack FoodAmountCalFatCarbsProtein Apple Slice with carrots & celery sticks4 oz105.5271 water16 oz Dinner FoodAmountCalFatCarbsProtein Swordfish (Broiled)5 oz2206030 Brown RIce1/2 cups1100232 Broccoli6oz55095 Red Wine (Cabernet, etc)8oz160090 Whole wheat roll11302225 Before Bed 8 oz of water, 1 multivitamiin pill, 500 mg vitamin C, 400 IU Vitamin E, 1000 mg CLA, 200 mg grapeseed extract, 1 mg melatonin, 50 mg DHEA, 30 mg CoQl0, 400 mg saw palmatto, 500 mg calcium, 100 mg magnesium. Totals CaloriesFat GramsCarb GramsProtein Grams 24533534060 [...]



For women Top 5 Arm Toning ExercisesToning the arms, like the legs, is one of the most sought after women’s fitness informations on the internet. I am constantly getting emails asking how to tone the arms. Here are the top 5 exercises for toning your arms.Toning MusclesAs I have said many times before, if you want to get a toned muscle you need to lose fat. If you have built some nice muscles but there is a layer of fat covering it then you will never have the firm, defined muscle that you so desire.However, weight training is a big part of muscle toning too. Not only does it build the actual muscles that you want to show off, but it speeds up the weight loss process so they get toned faster.So, if you want to tone a muscle you need to remember these things:Weight training is essential;You need to lose the fat covering the muscle;Cardio and a good diet are essential;The right exercises are second in importance to doing the exercises right.If you are new to working out and are on the internet searching for some basic workout exercises tips; then you have come to the right place. Millions of people come to the internet in search for basic workout tips that will help them get started with their weight loss journey. Regardless of what you have accomplished in the past; you can reach the goals that you set for yourself. You just have to make sure that you follow theseworkout exercises tips and stay on track till you reach your goals. 1. Program: There are several types of workout programs that people get started with. I personally believe that none are better than any other; however depending on what you wish to accomplish then you will have to ensure that you pick the right type of program that will help you reach your goals.2. Motivation: This is the biggest part to reaching any of your goals whether it is a workout goal or any other goal that you set for yourself. Tons of people want to lose weight and get into shape; yet they never take action on their goals. We all know that if you are not willing to work towards your goals and continue working on them until you reach your goals; then you will never be able to reach them regardless of how bad you want them.3. Start Off Slow: Regardless of how bad you want to see the results that you are striving for; we all know that it is going to take time. Therefore start off slow and work on them everyday. Set a workout schedule for yourself and stick with it regardless of how bad you do not want to work out.4. Warmups: Always remember to warm up your body before you begin exercising. This in my personal opinion is just as important as the actual workout. If you fail to give your body the warm up time that it requires then you could be exposing your body to injuries. So never forget the importance of warming up and taking your time to reach your goals.5. Workouts: Do not do the same type of workouts day in day out. If you really want to begin to see the changes on your body; then it is important to switch up on the types of workouts that you do[...]



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15 Tips to start the daily exercise.It’s okay, you can finally admit it. It’s been two months since you’ve seen the inside of the gym. Getting sick, family crisis, overtime at work and school papers that needed to get finished all kept you for exercising. Now, the question is: how do you start again?Once you have an exercise habit, it becomes automatic. You just go to the gym, there is no force involved. But after a month, two months or possibly a year off, it can be hard to get started again. Here are some tips to climb back on that treadmill after you’ve fallen off. Don’t Break the Habit – The easiest way to keep things going is simply not to stop. Avoid long breaks in exercising or rebuilding the habit will take some effort. This may be advice a little too late for some people. But if you have an exercise habit going, don’t drop it at the first sign of trouble.Reward Showing Up – Woody Allen once said that, “Half of life is showing up.” I’d argue that 90% of making a habit is just making the effort to get there. You can worry about your weight, amount of laps you run or the amount you can bench press later.Commit for Thirty Days – Make a commitment to go every day (even just for 20 minutes) for one month. This will solidify the exercise habit. By making a commitment you also take pressure off yourself in the first weeks back of deciding whether to go.Make it Fun – If you don’t enjoy yourself at the gym, it is going to be hard to keep it a habit. There are thousands of ways you can move your body and exercise, so don’t give up if you’ve decided lifting weights or doing crunches isn’t for you. Many large fitness centers will offer a range of programs that can suit your tastes.Schedule During Quiet Hours – Don’t put exercise time in a place where it will easily be pushed aside by something more important. Right after work or first thing in the morning are often good places to put it. Lunch-hour workouts might be too easy to skip if work demands start mounting.Get a Buddy- Grab a friend to join you. Having a social aspect to exercising can boost your commitment to the exercise habit.X Your Calendar – One person I know has the habit of drawing a red “X” through any day on the calendar he goes to the gym. The benefit of this is it quickly shows how long it has been since you’ve gone to the gym. Keeping a steady amount of X’s on your calendar is an easy way to motivate yourself.Enjoyment Before Effort - After you finish any work out, ask yourself what parts you enjoyed and what parts you did not. As a rule, the enjoyable aspects of your workout will get done and the rest will be avoided. By focusing on how you can make workouts more enjoyable, you can make sure you want to keep going to the gym.Create a Ritual - Your workout routine should become so ingrained that it becomes a ritual. This means that the time of day, place or cue automatically starts you towards grabbing your bag and heading out. If your workout times are completely random, it will be harder to benefit from the momentum of a ritual.Stress Relief - What do you do when your stressed? Chances are it isn’t running. But exercise can be a great way to relieve stress, releasing endorphin which will improve your mood. The next time you feel stressed or tired, try doing an exercise you enjoy. When stress relief is linked to exercise, it is easy to regain the habit even after a leave of absence.Measure Fitness - Weight isn’t always the best number to track. Increase in muscle can offset decreases in fat so the scale doesn’t chan[...]



If You Want To Stay Injury-Free then Five Exercises You MUST AvoidAll exercises are not created equal. Some exercises are good, some exercises are great, and some exercises are an injury just waiting to happen. Knowing which exercises to avoid can save you many months if not years of pain and frustration. 1. Upright RowsThe Upright Row exercise is done to develop the shoulders and traps. Holding a barbell or dumbells in front of your with a close, overhand grip, you pull the weight up to your chest, keeping it close to your body, leading with your elbows. The Upright Row is one of the most harmful exercises you can expose your shoulders to. The problem with the exercise lies in the position your arms must be in in order to perform the movement. This position is called "internal rotation." To demonstrate internal rotation, hold your arms straight out to the sides with your palms down. Now rotate your hands forward as if you were pouring out a glass of water in each. To do the upright row, the arms are bent at the elbow then internally rotated. Internal rotation itself is not necessarily bad for your shoulders. The problem comes when you raise the arms up and add resistance in that position. Every time you raise the weight, a small tendon in your shoulder gets pinched (known as impingement) by the bones in the shoulder. This may not hurt immediately; it may not even hurt for a long, long time. The problem is the tendon will gradually become worn down and damaged. You may not even know you have a problem until one day the tendon snaps! Instead of upright rows, stick to exercises such as dumbell presses, military presses and various raises. They are far safer for the shoulders. 2. Behind-The-Neck PulldownsThis exercise is done to work the muscles of the back. While the exercise itself is actually effective for working the back, the problem with the exercise lies in what it can do to your shoulders. In the previous exercise, I talked about internal rotation of the shoulders. The problem with the behind-the-neck pulldown lies in "external rotation." Going back to the arms out to the side example, instead of pouring water forward, rotate your arms backward so that your palms are facing up. It's basically the opposite movement to internal rotation. To do the behind-the-neck pulldown as normally instructed, you must externally rotate your shoulders as much as possible. This is a very delicate position for your shoulders. The supporting muscles of the shoulders (known as the rotator cuff) are not in a good position to stabilize the joint and injury to those supporting muscles can result, which can lead to further injury in the connective tissue of the joint. On top of that, since most people do not have enough shoulder flexibility to get a straight line of pull behind the neck, they must bend their neck forward to even do the movement. This can result in neck strain on top of shoulder strain. This information also applies to the behind-the-neck pull-up exercise. The mechanics of the movement are exactly the same, the only difference being you're pulling yourself up instead of pulling the weight down. Stick to exercises that are in front of the body, such as front pulldowns, close-grip pulldowns and pull-ups to the front. 3. Behind-The-Neck Shoulder PressesThe Behind-The-Neck Press gives us the same shoulder issues associated with the Behind-The-Neck Pulldown. To do the movement, you must maximally externally rotate the shoulders. Again, this places the shoulders in a very vulnerable position, which can easily result in st[...]



Eight Mistakes you've Made In your Training and How You Can Avoid ThemIt is very important to learn from your mistakes but why even make the mistakes yourself if you can learn from mine? I've been training for more than 13 years and I've made mistakes. I want to help you avoid making those same mistakes in your training. It could save you years of frustration! 1. Training Too LongWhen I first started training, I wanted to get the fastest results possible so I figured more would be better. My wake-up call came when one day I did a 2 1/2 hour session and then lost a considerable amount of strength in my next session. Lesson: keep your training sessions from approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour MAX! Any longer and you are either just breaking your body down or not working hard enough to get results. 2. Not Eating Enough ProteinAfter training for about a year and gaining a whole lot of weight (not all of it muscle!), I went on a very low-fat diet. The problem with this was I hardly ate any protein because meat had fat in it! I couldn't figure out what the problem was until one day, when I had had enough of low-fat eating, I cooked up four chicken breasts (with skin) and ate them all in one sitting. My strength jumped up immediately! Lesson: protein is critical for muscle-building (and dieting). Don't get enough and you will compromise your results. 3. Not Enough Cardiovascular TrainingWhen I first began training, I went from a 145-pound cross-country runner to a 217-pound weight lifter in 8 months. During that entire time I didn't do any cardio training. Not only was a lot of that weight gain fat, I felt really unhealthy and unbalanced. Lesson: even if you're trying to gain weight, keep at least some cardio training in your program, even if it's just walking a couple of times per week. Your heart (and muscles) will thank you for it. 4. Too Much Cardiovascular TrainingAfter the previous extreme, there was a time when I was trying to lose fat and went to the other extreme: too much cardio. I remember one session where I did 20 minutes at the highest setting on the Stair Master, then skipped rope for 10 minutes, then did the stationary bike for 20 minutes, then the Stair Master for another 20 on high, then 10 more minutes of skipping. I was in great cardio shape but my strength and muscle mass plummeted and, to be honest, I could have achieved better fat-loss results with 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training. Lesson: too much cardio can be counterproductive. Certainly, it will burn a lot of calories but your muscles will burn more during the day just sitting there. Short, intense sessions will spare your muscle mass and boost your metabolism more effectively. 5. Using a Weightlifting BeltWhen I started training, I used a weightlifting belt for every exercise. I would basically keep the belt on for my entire workout. It was a big mistake and here's why: A belt is very effective for stabilizing the abdominal core area. However, it is so effective that your core muscles aren't challenged and don't develop effectively. This can leave them weak and your core unstable, fostering a reliance on the belt. A belt should really only be used for near-maximal lifting with very heavy weights. If you need a belt to do bench presses or barbell curls, you should re-examine your form and honestly evaluate your core strength. You may be setting yourself up for a back injury. Here is another thing to think about: a belt works to stabilize your core by making your abs push outwards against it. Do you rea[...]



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