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Published: Fri, 23 Mar 2018 09:06:34 +0000

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Volcanos and Penguins and Wine Oh My
The 28 or so hours traveling here has proven to be more than worth itWhile the flight from Houston to Santiago was overnight and in the dark the three hours from Santiago to Punta Arenas were spent winging over the Andes. Amazing is a word overused i

Spring season in New Zealand
Premier jour Taupo.. o il ne fait pas spcialement beau L'occasion pour moi de revisiter mes premiers jours en NouvelleZlande

Raglan sunset
Premiers FishChips neozelandais face l'ocan de Raglan C'etait aussi le soir d'une clipse totale mais comme je suis hyper doue je l'ai pas vraiment vue et je ne sais donc pas quoi a ressemble

Hamilton Lake
Deuxime ville en compagnie de Dan l'english Hamilton Ville qui ne valait pas plus qu'Auckland a mes yeux car beaucoup trop de gros buildings et de d'industries Malgres cela j'ai su trouver un lac qui valait le dtour mais que beaucoup de personne

Hamilton Lake
Deuxime ville en compagnie de Dan l'english Hamilton Ville qui ne valait pas plus qu'Auckland a mes yeux car beaucoup trop de gros buildings et de d'industries Malgres cela j'ai su trouver un lac qui valait le dtour mais que beaucoup de personne

Premiers pas en NouvelleZlande aprs 43heures de trajetAuckland n'est pas la ville que j'enviais la NouvelleZlande mais il me fallut bien trois nuits pour me remettre du jetlag et pour me faire quelques copains avec qui voyager Backpacker

Camping in Stockholms Archipelago Finnhamn and Ingmars
Got the wonderful suggestion from my boyfriend James that we start a travel blog together and keep a track of our trips and travels and of our expanding adventures as we get to see and learn more about our mysteriously beautiful planet. Being a bit of a

Hangzhou Tag 24
Der groe Wetterbuddha ist mir am heutigen Tag wohlgesonnen und beschert mir zumindest keinen Regen. Ich kann also ab 8.30 Uhr im chinesischen Stil noch einmal Hangzhou erkunden. Mit meinem klapprigen Fahrrad starte ich also meine Erkundungstour rund um d

Final leg
We spent our last night in Dar es Salaam celebrating my passing of the BCBA exam. We acted totally out of character and booked an executive room at the Serena Hotel and enjoyed all the benefits. We did look a bit out of place arriving to this 5 star establ

Marthas Vineyard.
Weather was going to turn on us to get to the next destination so our Captain decided to leave Newport early to bit the storm. The boss drove the rental car and took the ferry while we took the yacht Pretty odd. They got in to a little adventure that w

Day 2 Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii 14 June 2015
Day 2 Waikiki Beach in Honolulu Hawaii 14 June 2015 After a much needed sleep we were ready for the beach holiday. We had a fantastic breakfast at the hotel enjoying the scenes around and in the Hyatt Regency Hotel. The day was spent w

Up the East Coast of USA Cape May MD
Cape May is a city at the southern tip of Cape May Peninsula in

Well Hello Dalai Lama
Hello Dalai LamaWell Hello Dalai LamaIt's so nice to have you here while China's doing wrongYou're looking swell Dalai Lama We can tell Dalai LamaYou're still glowin' you're still crowin'You're still goin' strong.We feel the World sw

A starbucks on every corner...yes it's true
Hello everyone hope you're all okOur first night of hostel living was interesting quite a noisy and interrupted night so didn't get a lot of sleep no chance of getting over the jet lag there I really don't understand people who have showers at 4am

National Holidays
Hi AllSo I'm on holiday for a week for the national day celebrations. We went out for a ride on our bikes on Friday and Saturday and here are the photosEnjoyJah Bless

Paddling in the Yellow River
Hi AllWell with the weather being so beautiful at the minute we decided to go to the Yellow River yesterday. It's only 20 km north of the city. So we hopped onto a bus which was stuffed to the gills seriously the driver could only just shut the doors

Magdeburg Day 23
Whew keeping updated is difficult. By the time I leave work around 4pm find something to do for an hour or two around town and make dinner all I want to do is take a short walk and read. Funny how something so simple i.e. this travel blog can be so ex

Bolivia I
I made this Blog entry down in Lima with a faster internet connection. Therefore enthusiastically I uploaded many many fotos... BOLIVIAAfter a 20 hours busride from Sao Paulo to Corumba we crossed the border on 27th of April in the morning. Thi

4 Day Cruise to Cozumel Jan 711 2010. Carnival's Fantasy
I had not had a real vacation since April 2009 and I was going crazy for warm weather. Jason knew how badly I wanted to get away and gave me one of the best Christmas presents a girl could ask for a CRUISE I'm apologizing now for the lack of detail

It was a surprisingly long flight to Sydney from Bangkok around 9 hours. So we were pretty sleepy when we got there and after the bus back to the hostel we just chilled out and got our bearings. It was a bit of a party hostel and we were in a dorm but lu

Sydney Northern Beaches
Sydney's northern beaches ist ein beliebter Urlaubsort fuer Sydnysiders. Die northern beaches erstrecken sich von Manly bis nach Palm Beach.

Arequipa Volcanoes Condors
When I got to Arequipa a white city within view of three volcanoes in the middle of the desert I was really feeling the absence of Conny and Jennie. It was odd to suddenly be on my own again after 2 weeks of being part of a three. And for the four month

Trip 3 Mehoopany Pa
This trip started out a bummer because they split me and Caitlin up. I headed to Mehoopany Pennsylvania and she headed to Iowa City. We are both at Proctor and Gamble sites but our plants make different products. Our goal for these locations was to learn

Eightyeight Days for another 365
When you are homeless jobless and penniless there are few options open to you but to return to the family home even if it is in Australia With a degree behind him and a spring in his step Cieran tried so hard to start his career and settle into the next

Koh Tao Diving
We took the night boat to Ko Tao. At peak times it could be quite an experience as all the mattresses that are laid out on the boat deck are shoulder to shoulder for the western build. We arrived at 6 am in the morning and headed for the only open cafe on

Day 23 Ho Chi Minh City
After breakfast we mad our way to the Cu Chi Tunnels. It took around 1 and a half hours to get there. These were the tunnels used for battle during the Vietnamese war. This was very interesting and the tunnels were tiny. I wasn't brave enough to go down on

Hallo zusammenIch und Stephanie von Canada ich habe Sie in Arequipa getroffen haben uns entschlossen einen Jungeltrip zu machen. Da der Nationalpark Manu so teuer war habe ich nach anderen Alternativen ausschau gehalten und den Nationalpark Tambop

Week 3
Okay so it's been a while but the last week and weekend were pretty well packed considering the combination of events and school work. The weekend before last the group attended an acrobatics performance which sadly I have no pictures from. There were

22 Sri Lanka
Hello from Sri LankaOur trip here has turned out quite well actually. After a fairly slow start at the beach town of Unawatuna we ended up climbing Adam's Peak or Sri Pada. It was the top of the mountain where Adam when thrown out of heaven landed a

I Dance Around Celebrity Ensues
Okay so I haven't yet skyrocketed to the top of the Chinese Alist and I don't think the foreignerdirected jeerscatcalls on the street invariably a snickering hoot Hellooo Yeah nihao to you too jackass these days are any different from

You know what they say about people with big feet
Big ShoesAfter eating lunch at Relish today Maria Scott and I took a taxi to the big shoe store. I found an address in the back of Chengdoo magazine. Since my flip flops broke I haven't had anything to wear with my black clothing so I needed some b

The past 6 weeks have flown by and tonight I'm off on Part 2 of my travel year. Although this is meant to be a travel blog it is also meant to document my 2010 journey. Let's just say that if I didn't record some of the highlights of being home I would mis

pleasure and pain
Hello slight break in the blog and alots been the journey continues onto Franz Josef glacier. There was some poetic licence in the description of the 'rain forest canopy' but the tree hut was very nice and comfortable and the

Long Overdue
I have been back in China now for a little over a month. I have been teaching for 4 weeks. I am worried that I have even less patience than I did last year. I have not taught a full week of the same schedule yet. It is frustrating. I have 22 classes and 8

random stuff like rain visas and movies
Sometimes I cannot believe that I actually live in this Central American country. It has been raining and raining and raining since we came home from Managua on Friday. Like the pants 7 pairs 3 mine that I washed in the rain on Saturday morning

17092010 23092010Next day me and Roman checked out the nearby park Terelj. Here we already had a good taste of the incredible landscapes Mongolia has to offer more was yet to come. We stopped also at the huge Djenghis Kahn steel statue for wh

BSF in Shanghai
Tonight at BSF I had a wonderful experience that I thought I would share. One of the questions readWhy do you think being carried off to another land would be a good thing for the peopleI took this question at face value since we are studying Isa

From Ica we took our first overnight bus 12 hours down to Arequipa. The bus companies in Peru don't have the most reliable reputations Cruz del Sur is supposed to be the most safe but a bit more expensive than the others. We got the last two tickets on

Day 24 Ho Chi Minh to Mekong Delta
We left HCM at 8.30 by taxi and arrived in Mekong Delta around midday. We met our guide Nam and boarded a long wooden boat to take us down the river making several stops along the way.The first stop was a brick factory where Nam told me about how bri

a city one of no comparison that i have yet to stumble upon...with great pleasures my fingers do the electric slide across these keys to the rythm of my thoughts hoping to do justice to barcelona. arriving on a saturday morning roughly about the time

Chapter 6 The Only Thing on Time in Paris are the Strikes
Onward we go to the last known city on our itnerary ParisWe boarded a train from Nice to Marseille and then Marseille to Paris. I have to say having been a feast for mosquitos the last dew nights I was kinda glad to be out of Nice that morning.

Poetry Post
So this post will be a bit of a different one from the norm. I haven't done much poetry writing since I've been here but for some reason walking to school the other day I looked around and truly came to appreciate how gorgeous it is here in the fall. Next

A New City
I haven't updated in quite a while... For a change I've been very busy I arrived in Hyderabad September 16th and was greeted at the airport by two of the sistersnuns who run the home and an American I got a hug and kiss on the cheek from Sister Alice

Ok have finally packed.One day left at work.Gotta leave my boy at the kennels Saturday not looking forward to thatNext entry will be from sunny BangkokBring it on xxx

Ohhhh my dinner
This will be of interest to you all I think. Guess what sat out on the counter from about I'm guessing 1 pm when lunch was over til about 7 pm when I had dinner. If you guessed the ground meat that I ate for dinner you would be correct. Guess

Blog 1 Day 33
First of all recalling everything I39ve already seen is going to be difficult. We39ll start with my first impressions of China. My room as of October 1st.When I arri

Whirlwind and sandstorm
Day 5 30th September 2010Breakfast outside and then away to the Steppes for more headwinds and a puncture in my front tyre caused by those wicked prickly roadside plants. Furhter down the road I repaired a puncture for Kristine. which was the four

Day 28 Nha Trang to Hoi An
Treated myself to breakfast at 'Same same' instead of toast at the hotel.I then headed down to the beach and hired a sun lounger. I sunbathed a read my book for a few hours before it started raining and I so I went back to the hotel. I had a shower and

Leeds UT to Moab UT 925 10210
THE BASICS We're still amid Utah's gorgeous national parks. We have progressed from Zion to Bryce to Capitol Reef and now are in Moab to enjoy Arches and Canyonlands.THE FLUFFAt the end of my last blog I commented on the women I had seen wearing

Everyone's Different
Onboard Queen VictoriaYou know that feeling you get when you are in your bedroom laying down after just waking up where you have this moment of intense thinking and all you can imagine is how small you are compared to everything else in exi

Countdown Begins
Our feet are firmly set in the US still but only for a few more weeks. We are checking our lists of things to bring and Ranjit's mom has a list of obscure favorite items we'll be searching for prior to the trip. Jeet and mom have decided that we'll be vi

Went to the Vatican and St. Peter's Basilica for an utterly exhausting tour. The Vatican was really overwhelmingly amazing. Our tour guide droned on a bit. But I like hearing the information. St Peter's is also really amazing. The girls I was with kept ge

Ger baby. Very Ger.
If you asked us two weeks ago what the meaning of 'luxury' was we probably would have said 'a Porche' or 'dinner at a Michelin starred resturant' By the time we arrived back in Ulanbatar after our ten day Gobi Desert tour luxury meant running water a

national holiday
For the National Holiday we get a whole week off. On day one Helen and I had planned an excursion into Benxi to just explore it. We made it to lunch a pedicure and a nap. The pedicure however was rather interesting. It was more like we walked into a f

We are packed and ready to go Its only 130am We have to be up at 6am ready for our ride to the airport by 8 or 815am....we should be in Nuremberg by 430am Eastern time on Sunday 103 my birthday....yay.

Expo and a whole load of catch up
It has been 6 weeks since we all started at Dulwich College and the time has just completely and utterly flown away. I can't believe it has been almost 2 months since we moved into our lovely new apartment in Jinqiao and our new life on 'the dark side' if

Brugge to Brussels no sprouts then mambo Italiano
sorry if you got 2 msgs re previous post Blog site said unpublished so did againthis is written the day after and its noon in Bruxelle as I was just so tired after yesterday that beauty sleep I referred to a catchup day mostly setting an alarm

Lares Trek
Hallo zusammenSo ich bin wieder zurueck vom Lares Trek. Es hat mir super gefallen. Leider war das Wetter nicht so optimal aber wir hatten Glueck dass es immer erst anfing zu regnen wenn wir bereits unsere Zelte aufgestellt habenSodeli von Anfan

Huaraz Laguna 69
Towards the end of an eight hour bus ride to Huaraz I opened my eyes from a fitful sleep and glanced out the window. Light was only just skimming the edges of the sky but I didn't need much light to see their bulk towering out of the night. I was back in

Croatia was special for many things the scenery the history the fact it was warm enough to wear shorts but most importantly because my mom came to join my adventureI met Mom at the Zagreb airport where we rented a car yippee back behind the wheel

Kayaking to Monkey Island
The morning was a lovely day and so after breakfast we set out to lake Cocibolca for a bit of kayaking through the tiny islands near Granada known as Las Isletas. When first touring these islands it's best to do it on boat which I had done 6 weeks before.

Water Boy in the mountains
Here is a short video taken by my Canadian good friend Mark Takefman. We were on our month long trip from Delhi to Leh back through Spiti Valley. This was just one of a number of challenges we faced on the socalled roads. Mind you there were wonderful

1st Real Day of our Holiday
So now we are lying in our Holiday Inn room in a nice big King Bed at Los Angeles International Airport HOW EXCITING But what has happened up until now To be honest not a lot so here goes.....Left Cairns at 430am on the 2nd October to fly

'Cause I'm a Super Model
This is a frightening thought but I may be the most photographed person in all of China In my first few days here I kept catching people taking pictures of me on the sly and when I looked at them I noticed them waving but thought they wanted me to

Oklahoma City and albuquerque New Mexico
After leaving Texas apparently the best place in America according to the Texan cowboy even though he had been to less places in the USA than us basically if it's not in Texas then it must be rubbish seems to be their philosophy we headed to Oklamoma and

Florence day 2
Today was a day of shopping. It hit me that when I get back to the States it will be Christmas time. So I had to get gifts and it was super hard due to all the selection at the leather and scarf market in Florence. But I got a lot accomplished.The da

Costa Rica this summer... I'm working on it

Now in Datong
Alrighty finally left Beijing and am now about 350 kms west in a city called Datong. Just arrived late last night so have only had really one full day here tomorrow I'm going to see some really cool sites. Let me catch you up since my last post. Wa

Just a note
We are home now but this didn't stay posted for some reason so I am reposting it just to have it there.Hi Sitting in a truck stop cafe that has free internet for a week so no blog to post. We are well and continuing to have a good time

the land of elephants....
There is a strange thing that happens when you live overseas. People take weekend trips to Vietnam or Japan or Korea or in my case Thailand. In the states this would be like taking a trip to Florida or California or just to a random city in the midwest.

First day on the road
Well we successfully cycled over San Bernadino Pass and down into Italy biked on to Milan and spent a few days in Italy Lake Maggiore and Tuscany being the highlights. I couldn't really post any updates for a number of reasons Internet not availab

Chocolate Canolli's at Midnight
The weekend was very full as I had my allday program beginning at 11 a.m. and finishing around 9 p.m. In that course of time we practiced breathing techniques sang an old Rogers and Hart song to be prepared for next class engaged in all sorts of mo

Back to Darwin
Monday 4th OctoberWell after the last blog entry I wanted to be a bit more upbeat but we've not had the best of starts today. First port of call was the Darwin Dam Darwin Damn more like as there were barricades preventing any viewings. Never mi

Berkeley Revisited
Well I'm back here after spending the summer at my apartment in Paris with side trips to Marseilles and the Calanques county Dorset on the south coast of England London and oAmsterdam . On the way back to California I stopped off for a week in Bost

Last day in Brisbane then Home Sweet Home
Hi allWell we're home now safe and sound and seem to have adjusted to the different time zone after a few nights of broken sleep We're both enjoying looking back on on the blog and on what a brilliant time we had in Oz so thought we would wrap it all

23 India Week 1
Hello helloWell we did it. 1 week down 11 to go in India. It took most of the first week but we now have a room in a flat a reliable internet connection sim cards in our phones skype set up and a few Indian friends to boot. Still no running wat

Dobry Den from Prague
Thank you to everyone who's commented on our blog entries and apologies it took all of a month to approve them.Now log in to FB and check out the photos we've uploaded. They'll take you from Venice through to Budapest across the border into Vienna ove

Photos of Apartment and view from Balcony
Photos of my Guatemala City apartment and the view from my balcony. Photos 112.

Cusco and the Sacred Valley
We booked our overnight bus to Cusco with CIAL bus company it's a bit cheaper than the others so we decided to try out the cama class. Even though the seats recline back nearly into a bed I couldn't sleep. I think I was fearful the strike wasn't actuall

Elephants and Luang Prabang
Wow It's been so long since an installment that I almost don't know where to start but alas I will do my bestSo upon the recommendation of Chloe the three of us girls headed off on a 2 day Mahout Course to learn the fine art of Elephant training. Rea

Two months on ....
Internet connections in Indonesia have been pitifully slow hence there's been no opportunity to update our travelblog. We make landfall in Langkawi Thailand in less than one week about 450 miles to go and there's a better chance of high speed access

Tell them you cleaned up monkey poo...
Three weeks into our stint at Monkeyland. times are good sometimes too much spare time the volunteer house is very basic... and as sad as it sounds sometimes it is just nice to sit back and watch mindless or mindful TV. We keep ourselves busy though

Incredible India ...
Tako kot gre turisticni slogan Incredible India ...Ugotovila sem da lahko zacnem razvijati nov adrenalinski sport lov na vzlet letala Po tem ko smo za dve uri neplansko obticali na avstrijski cesti zatadi prometne nesrece kamiona nalozenega z 22 ti

Rurrenabaque Pink Dolfins Piranha FishingAnaconda hunting
Sept 27Oct 1stIt was really nice seeing John at the airport when I arrived. THe altitude of La Paz considering it is the highest capital in the world didnt affect me like I had assumed it would. I did purchase a coca cola which helps and John and I

Day Two
Today was a fairly mellow day and a good reminder how much I love Washington DC I lived here for two years and coming from Oregon many parts of the city left me looking like a deer in headlights. Remember Marion Barry He was Mayor while I was here

video posted on
oct 72010. momentum gaining. video now viewable on click on youtube. tom and i spent three hours yesterday cutting form the clips i'd done into a three minute collection of vox pop and flag waving. very exciting and rewarding that i've done i

Ludilo ctd.
Prav za prav bi lahko kar nadaljevala z vcerajsnjim naslovom ...Spala sem kot ubita z obcasnimi postanki za poslusanje huronskih nalivov skorajda 11 ur. Je bilo pac treba.Potem pa sem bila povabljena na frustk s svojo na novo posvojeno familijo. Ll

Day Three
Well let's start today off with a proud mom moment....As I left off last is Sean's 16th birthday which is pretty darn hard to believe Jesuit played Beaverton tonight and he had a goal and an assist on Jesuit's way to a 41 victory What

How is this paradise It is but how
Would you stay in a place like thisAccommodation cramped dorms with outside toilets and showers only cold water and no soap or toilet paper. They were permanently dark and filled with comically offensive graffiti also without locks o

Thanks to everyone who sent us well wishes for our travels. We like hearing from you We are learning fast the huge area of queensland that was affected by the january floods. Three of the places we have camped or tried to camp were totally covered

Travel Blog Invite
Hi GuysI have just set up my own Travel Bog and will update this whilst we are away and hopefully attach photo's.I have added you guys so every time I make an entry you will get an email.Just adding this now to test I have set it up correctly

Car rental
Got a reminder email from the car rental people so it's official.We're off in a few days.WOOHOO

Week 1 Part 3
280910 Port DouglasThe main beach here at Port Douglas is called the 4 mile beach and I have stupidly set the challenge to swim as much as possible one way and walk back the other. Bring on the 4 mile challenge...Well we didn't make the challeng

Today we left Cyprus for our Mediterranean trip with global learning semesters. Athens is really cool We went around PlakaI think and shopped. Then we tried to go to the Temple of Poseiden Didn't make it though as we missed the last bus. Hoping to go

Well all i can do know is count the days down
i handed my notice in today at work so 8 weeks to go they were really good about it and now i have done this the nerves have set in and im actually thinking what have i done.... well theres not turning back now.... yipeee So 8 weeks today ill b

Back on the Rancho
Back in the RVAfter a year and a half in a home without wheels Grace and I are back in the RV. We39ve moved to Santa Barbara county while we are shopping for a home in Santa Barbara. We39ve moved into Rancho Oso an old horse ranch

Ja da synger ferien p siste verset.Baggasjen er pakket skittentyog vi skal om to timer begynne p veien hjemover.Ruta hjem er som flgendeTuktuk 20 minutter over yaLongtail boat 5 minutterDrosje 5 minutter til flyplassen i Kra

Hysterical Journey To Historic Places
ltstrong stylemsobidifontweight normalgtSYLVESTER MOWRY Sylvester was born in October of 1830 and graduated from West Point in 1852 near the top of the class. As a sparkling new second lieutenant he went west and took part in the su

7 Banos Dirt Blog
Wrapped up my Banos trip focus was on Spanish classes but plenty of hiking opportunity and wanted to get dialed into vegetatation soils stability before Malinguapamba MP. Banos is warmer than MP and sets on metamorphic rock with volcanics above. Plent

Tag 22 Gardiner zum Old Faithful Inn 170 km
Zuerst Rafting auf dem Yellowstone River. Da dieser momentan sehr wenig Wasser fhrt duempelten wir langsam dahin und der Steuermann hatte groe Schwierigkeiten das Boot so zu steuern dass wir auch wirklich alle nass wurden.Das war sehr lustig.