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How to Advertise on Facebook


How to Advertise on Facebook
How to Advertise on Facebook
Advertising on Facebook can be a great way to help promote your business. With modern advertising it's essential to communicate with consumers in personal ways. is obviously a wonderful way to penetrate consumer's personal networks.

During this article I will teach you what you need to know to successfully advertise on
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First off, it's important to determine what sort of presence you want to have on Facebook. The goal is to open up a line of communication between your business and a target group of consumers. You want to attract consumers by having a presence on their Facebook account but, you do not want to annoy them. Figuring out that balance depends on your unique business but I strongly suggest you give it adequate thought.

Next, you need to decide if you want to pay for advertising or just set up a page on Facebook.
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If you want to pay for advertising, first create a page and then follow the instructions on how to target the consumers you are looking for. You will need a valid email account to set up your fan page. Click "sign up for a business fan page" and then follow the instructions. Once your page is created make sure to upload photos of your business and fill out the appropriate information on your business. With a fan page you can not actively seek out users to be your friends. You have to wait for them to come to you and then hope that they will add you as a "fan page." You can however use your personal account to help launch your Facebook fan page. I would recommend you suggest your personal friends become fans of the page you just created. This will help get your fan page going

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How to Activate the Ad Credits for Facebook Ads


 Online advertisers who have experienced pay per click advertising success on the traditional networks are now eying up the pay per click methods of the social networking sites now currently available. They are acknowledging that the social sites have a different way of targeting customers, like targeting according to geographic locations, ages genders, education, likes and interests and other demographic locations, ages genders, education, likes and interests and other demographic data of the users.                                                     click her to get free facebook coupon for this month  This is a very different way of micro targeting customers and can be effective in their own unique way. This can make advertisers connect with their target customers efficiently and have very good chances of success if done correctly.Facebook being one of the top popular social sites and with the most number of active users (almost half a billion active users and increasing), is offering advertising opportunities on their networks for new advertisers to avail of. In order to make advertisers try Facebook ads, it is offering free ad credits to advertisers by simply using the coupon codes offered.With Facebook ads you have more possibilities of connecting with millions of potential clients worldwide, which can give the needed success for your online business. These valuable credits can allow you to experience advertising on this social site and experience micro targeting of your customers according to the demographics of your choice.                                                        click her to get free facebook coupon for this month With these ad credits you can try Facebook ads and have possibilities of being viewed by millions of viewers worldwide or you can target your audience according to the geographical location of your choice. After you have experienced advertising on this social site with the ad credits available, you will experience that advertising in Facebook can cost you less.To obtain your free Facebook ad credits you have to subscribe to a hosting plan or purchase a qualifying product and get the free ad credits offered. You just need to use the coupon code and take advantage of the free advertising offer.If you already have an account on Facebook, it will be easier to activate the free ad credits. You just need to go to the Ads Manager page, and click and enter the coupon code, and you can avail of the opportunity to advertise your online business on Facebook.But if you don't have an account on Facebook yet, then you have to create one and your ad too. However you can redeem your ad credits and enter the coupon code afterwards.                                              click her to get free facebook coupon  Facebook ads are really an effective way for you to target your expected customers and with an advertising platform that can be very effective in micro targeting theses kinds of people, So availing of this free ad credits can give you this opportunity and really have an experience on doing advertising schemes on Facebook.Article Source:[...]

How do you get Facebook Ad coupons?


There are two types of coupons. Facebook ad coupons that are only available to new accounts, and need to be used before the account gets too old. So make sure if you get a coupon for a new account that you start your research into Facebook advertising as soon as possible.

The other type of coupon you may receive is for any promotions that Facebook are running, or their partners run. This type of coupon may be only for new accounts, but they can also be for existing accounts. The terms and conditions that go with the coupon will make this clear

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How to Get Ads Approved on Facebook


 Get  Approved on Facebook Ads

1-Check to see if your ad and landing page follows the Facebook Advertising Guidelines. If it does not, begin to make adjustments to either your ad or the landing page. The landing page may be a page, event, group or application on the Facebook site. Alternatively, it may be an external website to where you want to send those who click on your ad.

2-Use only one advertising account on Facebook, unless you receive permission from the company. If the ad reviewer discovers you have multiple Facebook advertising accounts without their permission, it will automatically get your ad rejected.

3-Remove any pop-up windows from the landing page or do not place a pop-up on the website in the first place.

4-Ensure the landing page's content matches the ad description. If you falsify information, mislead, deceive or intend to commit fraud, then Facebook will refuse to display your advertisement.

5-Use Facebook references only in ads that link directly to a Facebook page, application, group, event or Connect site. If you are linking to an external website, you may not mention the word "Facebook" anywhere in your ad, otherwise you can expect a rejection.

6-Submit the ad via the Facebook Ad Manager once you have checked to see if it meets the minimum requirements of the Facebook Advertising Guidelines.

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How to market yourself in facebook


How to Create a Facebook Ad to Get a Job1-Make a resume website by using a website template, designing it yourself or by contracting the services of a professional designer. A personal resume website tells a future employer that you are serious about the job search. Review resume website template creators, including Dynamod, Specky Boy and AllWebco Design Corporation. Add pictures, your resume, your goals and objectives to your personal website. List companies you want to work for, and explain why.2-Open Facebook and enter your username and password. Locate the “Advertisements” link on the bottom of your status page. Click on the "Create Advertisement" link that appears on the top right side of the window.3-Choose "External Website" from the first drop-down menu to send visitors to your external website. Type or paste the URL for your website or blog. Go to your website and select the URL in the address bar of the top toolbar. Press “Ctrl” and “C” simultaneously to copy the URL. Return to the Facebook page and paste the URL by pressing the “Ctrl” and “V” keys.4-Type the title for your Facebook advertisement. Make it something catchy that demonstrates your need for a job. Review different websites such as JobMod, Human Capital League and Oddee to see what others have listed as titles for job listings. Although these titles might be from the recruiter’s perspective, you can be just as creative when writing a title as a job candidate.5-Type the body of your text. Follow advertising rules when writing a job advertisement by attracting attention, attracting interest by establishing the relevance of your skills and creating a desire among company recruiters to contact you. A Facebook advertisement that fails to follow these advertising principles will fail to attract recruiters to your website.6-Click the "Select File" link next to the "Image" category to add an image to your advertisement. Keep the design elements in the picture simple. Busy images and overly designed graphics distract a reader from what is important. Keep fonts standard and midsize. Fonts that are too large, small, fancy and made in italics are too difficult to read quickly.7-Target the ad to the location, demographics and interests you want on Facebook. These options are listed and vary depending on the location you choose. Select the “Show Advanced Targeting Options” to find all the options you want. Analyze the number of potential ad viewers under each target category listed by Facebook in the right column. Click “Continue” when you finish selecting your target options.8-Select your budget amount per day. Facebook allows for a minimum budget of $1 but suggests a $50 daily budget to be more effective. Click "Review Ad" once you choose your budget.9-Preview your advertisement, picture and targeted audience you chose. Click the "Place Ad" button if you are happy with your advertisement, or click the "Edit Ad" if you want to make changes. Choose either "PayPal" or a "Credit Card" as the payment method. Click "OK" and enter either the credit card or PayPal information. Facebook will deduct the daily accorded amount automatically, once authorized.10-Create another similar ad with slight changes in wording, graphics and targeted demographics, if your advertising budget allows you to do this. This allows you to test your market to see which type of ad produces the most views and get more artical click here and if you love get  free facebook coupone for free go here [...]

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Facebook Makes Money?


Sometime back, there was a hoax on Facebook claiming that it's going to be a paid membership site. The claims were denied by the site stating that it is free and always will be. Free account notwithstanding, Facebook is making money. And lots of it. How? If only you knew how does Facebook work financially!AdvertisementsI'll solve the mystery for you in one simple word - advertisement. The same thing that runs most websites across the world. That is the big secret behind Facebook's burgeoning revenue. If you open your Facebook profile, you will see that the right hand side of the page is full of ads. You can give the thumbs up to the ad or the thumbs down. The thumbs down will remove the ad and it will not come back.How do these ads work? Well Facebook being a decidedly smart social networking institution knows which ad to put where. Like the Google AdSense, Facebook too provides ad to the pages based on the interests and the overall profile of the user. So, if you mention in your profile that you are a fan of Nike or any other sportswear brand, the related ads will appear on the right hand side of the page for companies and websites selling them. Facebook ads are not intrusive and hence, people do not get annoyed with them, unlike those super-irritating pop-up ads.And their advertising system makes sense, since it ensures that the right ad is displayed to the right customer, since the ads are selected for an individual page based on the interests and likes of the user. This avoids unnecessary waste of adspace on the page where the chances of the ad being 'hit' are theoretically pretty low. Also, the ad system of Facebook, gives the user a 'thumbs down' option, which ensures that the particular ad does not appear again. That too is a pretty interesting thought, given that the ad hasn't a chance of being clicked and letting it sit in front of the users will continue to rile them.Facebook GiftsEver sent a virtual gift on someone's birthday? You must have at some point, if you knew how to use Facebook. Well you do pay for some of them and a big slice of it goes into coffers of the company. While simply writing 'happy birthday' suffices for some, the 'send a gift tab' on your friend's wall encourages others to send a virtual gift - paid for online. All the money almost always goes to the company, but if the gift is provided by an outsider, then a portion of it goes there. But much of it is still retained by the website. At the cost of $1 for each gift, Facebook Virtual Gift Shop is a very lucrative business which earns the company almost $200 million every year. However, not all the earned money goes to the website alone, Facebook also donates money to various charities around the world. For instance, during the Haiti crisis, the company offered users an opportunity to buy gifts which would directly benefit the victims of the Haiti tragedy. Application PerformanceThe beautiful thing about companies like these which work on different platform are the plethora of business ideas that they bring to the table. Performance advertising is a unique answer to how does Facebook make money. Let us take the example of Farmville, which is doing reasonably well on Facebook. Now the application is provided free for use for the users of Facebook and the parent company (Zynga) is getting a lot of traffic because of the game's popularity on Facebook. So isn't Facebook entitled to take a slice of that pie? After all, they are providing a platform for gaming companies like Zynga to their burgeoning user base. So Facebook makes a bit of money there too, as a 'rental' for using their users.Facebook CreditsFacebook Credits is the official currency in the world of Facebook. This virtual currency enables users to purchase items in various gaming and non-gaming applications. With $1, a user can buy 10 Facebook[...]

How to Get Free Facebook Credits?


Before one spends money, it is way too obvious one will try to find options that will help them earn something free. Thus, one will start searching for answers related to how to get free Facebook credits. There are limited number of ways that will help you earn free Facebook credits. The most popular way to earn free credit is play the 1st part of Hello City. When you finish the first level, you will be awarded 5 free credits. You can even try playing Super Poke and once you level up on levels 1 and 2, you can earn 20 free credits, that are worth $2. Another method is by visiting When you use connect your Facebook friends to game coins and use the game coins you can earn about 25 game coins free. How is this helpful to you? Well, 100 game coins are equal to 5 Facebook credits. This makes the deal worthwhile.

Thousands of people around the world are trying Facebook credit hacks to earn more points without spending a dime. A recent survey on Google has shown that of these thousands, at least 10 people are able to successful hack Facebook credits. If you too are interested, search for information on Facebook credit hacks and try it out. But, remember, hacking is illegal and one can be penalized for it, if proven guilty. So, my word on it is to play it fair and try at the above clean methods that will help you get free Facebook credits.

This was all about what are Facebook credits. You can pay Facebook for some virtual money to buy virtual items on Facebook. However, make sure you keep your finances in check, as there is no use spending real money to buy virtual money that will help you purchase virtual items.

How to Create a Facebook Business Page?


Creating a Facebook Business Page What is the necessity of creating a Facebook business page? Simply enough, it allows business owners to administer their accounts and ad campaigns on the site. In order to avoid spamming and inconvenience to users, Facebook restricts business accounts in a lot of ways. These accounts do not have access to all information. They cannot view the profile of users on the site or any content that is not on the page that they subscribe to. Also, they cannot be searched for and cannot accept or send out friend requests. Facebook also has a strict policy regarding multiple accounts and therefore, you can either have a business account or a personal profile. Despite all of this, a Facebook business page is a very good idea. It allows you to merge information from other websites, allows you to share links about your business, stream information from your blog, etc. So, how do you create this profile? Just follow the simple steps given below. In order to set up a business page, you first need to click on the option, to create a page for a celebrity, band or business.Once you have done this, you will be asked to choose the category for the business and enter the name of the enterprise that you own or are marketing. You will then need to ensure authorization and create the page.If you do not have an account, then you will need to click on the option, I do not have an account, and you will need to enter an email id. Try and ensure that this email id is a professional one.You will also be required to upload an image and a tag line. It may be a good idea to upload an image that reflects the logo of your company.You will then be asked to add information to your profile by editing the info tab. The kind of information that you can input in will depend to a certain extent on the business category that you have selected.There are many basic applications that will help you garner more fans for your page. This includes the discussion boards where you can discuss different ideas, the events which will let your fans know about what you are doing, information about your business, notes that can allow you to share news with written articles, reviews where you can get people to give opinions about the products and services they offer, and even videos if possible. These are some of the tips for Facebook business page that can help you make the page more popular.It may also be a good idea to edit your settings for the Wall and make decisions regarding where you would want a visitor on the page to be directed to first.Once you have made all these decisions, you can publish the profile and check whether or not you are completely satisfied with the appearance of the profile.Once you have created your Facebook business page, you can start spreading the news and tell your clients and customers about it and ask them to become fans of the page to get more information. Once you have learned how to create a Facebook business page, you need to track the views that you are getting and data on how popular the page is. This information can be garnered within 48 hours of publishing the page with the help of the Facebook application Insights. Using Facebook to market your business is a great way of getting more people to become your clients.[...]



Facebook Like Button
This is the button that you see next to many blog posts, articles, videos, and web apps anywhere on the web. The button tells you how many people ‘like this' and even tells you which of your friends ‘like this'. When somebody clicks the ‘Like' button, your website is



Facebook Like Button



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Facebook has proven its worth as part of most visited site on the internet today. It is one of the largest potential sources of traffic or visitors and transactions. It is considered to be more famous than Google in some countries. You've probably heard about India and China with 400 million users.



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Why You Should Advertise On Facebook
Why You Should Advertise On Facebook
There are many ways to advertise your business on the internet. But one of the most effective ways you can do this, is to advertise with Facebook. These days it seems like everyone has a Facebook page, and the number is growing by the thousands everyday. So why wouldn't you want to put your business in the direct spotlight of Facebook also. Here are some tips to get you started on your journey.



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How to Advertise on Facebook
Advertising on Facebook can be a great way to help promote your business. With modern advertising it's essential to communicate with consumers in personal ways. is obviously a wonderful way to penetrate consumer's personal networks.

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