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Open Source Customization Services | Open Source Web Development India

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Why You Should Use AngularJS For Your Next Project?

Mon, 21 Sep 2015 04:25:08 PDT

In the recent time, AngularJS has gained huge popularity in the market as it is moderately a new JavaScript framework that developed by Google. The framework specially designed to make your front-end development a lot easier and simpler. Currently, it is the only framework that doesn’t make MVC seem, and it is the next generation framework, where every single tool was designed to work with every other tool in a consistent way. You also have to keep in mind that adding AngularJS to the web application, one needs some careful evaluation. Moreover, it is connected with the convention of jQuery or jQuery UI and other javaScript libraries in the app as adding extra lines of code may slow down your own JavaScript execution. Well, because of all these, we can’t overlook the benefits of this framework. Let’s have a look at the reasons why you should use AngularJS for your next project:More Close to MVVM Architecture –When it comes to talking about AngularJS, originally it combines MVC software design pattern to develop client-side web applications. However, it doesn’t apply MVC in the traditional sense, but instead something closer to MVVM (Model-View-ViewModel).• Model: Being an old and plain JavaScript object (POJO), Model is the data in the application. There is no need for users to come into from framework classes, wrap it in proxy objects or make use of special getter/setter methods. • View Model: Through ViewModel, you can get help to maintain particular views. It is the $scope object, which lives within the AngularJS application. Moreover, it is a simple JavaScript object that comes with a simple API designed to notice and broadcast some changes. Instead, it is the specialized controller essential to settle increasing $scope in the initial state. It does not store states and neither relates with remote services.• View: It is the HTML, which exists after AngularJS has parsed and compiled HTML to include markups and bindings. Have a Declarative User Interface –AngularJS make use of HTML in order to define application’s user interface. HTML is less possibly to break than an interface written in JavaScript. Some of the special attributes in the HTML decide that which controllers to use for the elements. Application development easies in a sort of WYSIWYG with HTML; therefore, one should stop spending time on program flows and what loads first, easily define what you want, Angular will take care of the rest.Make Use of POJO Data Models –Data models in Angular are POJOs, therefore no longer need the getter/setter functions. You can add or modify properties directly on it and loop over objects and arrays. It makes the code look extremely clean and intuitive. Flexibility With Filters –Filters can be used to filter the data before they attain the view. Filters can also involve something as simple as formatting decimal places on a number, repealing the order of an array or implementing pagination.Filters are specially designed to be standalone functions, which separates from your application, but concerned with data transformations. Moreover, filters are creative that it is extremely easy to develop a sortable HTML table using only filters without writing any JavaScript. Two-Way Data Binding –In AngularJS, two-way binding is the best concept as it doesn’t only offers a visually pleasing feature, but has an attractive real-time concept. Data-binding directives offer a faultless projection of models to the application view. There is no need of efforts from developers as it is extremely seamless while using. The view and model no longer need any fresh cycles as they may be flat to bug or simply require huge redundant and difficult to maintain the render code. It has the capability to handle the synchronization between the DOM and the model, and vice versa.So, these are some of the top reasons to make use of AngularJS for your next project. No matter what type of business you are doing, you can also your own website that based on AngularJS framework. However, if you want to hire aprofessiona[...]

20 Latest Extensions and Plugins for Bootstrap

Thu, 17 Sep 2015 04:40:55 PDT

Bootstrap comes with loads of tools and extensions that make it more powerful for users to use. If you want to enhance functionality of Bootstrap then you can have a collection of useful extensions and plug-ins. Check out the given list of some latest and fabulous plug-ins for Bootstrap. Bootstrap Image GalleryBootstrap Image Gallery is a responsive and customizable video and image gallery. It displays images and videos through Bootstrap's modal dialog and have support for mouse and keyboard navigation, swipe, full-screen display, on-demand content loading and transition effects. Visit here.Strapslide Slider PluginStrapslide is a fully customizable mobile and responsive Bootstrap slider plugin, available with support for displaying images, videos, HTML markup and captions. This plug-in doesn’t have any preset animations and thus, it enables to create your own. Visit here.Icon Animator for BootstrapIcons Animator is another excellent extension used for adding subtle animations to all Bootstrap navigation elements. Icons Animator is available with 18 different hover effects and 5 display modes.Visit here.Social Buttons for BootstrapSocial Buttons is one of the purest CSS libraries of elegant and versatile social signin buttons that based on Bootstrap and Font Awesome. Visit here.Yamm! MegamenuYamm! is another excellent mega menu addon used for the standard navbar markup and fluid grid system classes. This plug-in works for both responsive and fixed layouts and supports the inclusion of almost all Bootstrap elements. Visit here.BootstrapTreeNavBootstrapTreeNav is another JS plugin used for Bootstrap to create tree-style navigation menus. It is an easy-to-use and remarkable plug-in. Visit here.jqBootstrapValidationjqBootstrapValidation is an exceptionally well popular jQuery validation framework for Bootstrap forms that can show validation warnings and errors as the user inputs information.Visit here.CSS3 Responsive Forms PackA simple and professional Bootstrap form framework, CSS3 Responsive Forms Pack strikes a balance between simplicity and elegance. No JavaScript is used for building this plug-in, it is just created with pure CSS. This plug-in is available with inbuilt support for Google Web Fonts and Font Awesome icons and also has templates for login and registration forms. Visit here.Bootstrap TabcollapseTabcollapse is a small plug-in that used to change the Bootstrap tabs component to collapse component for smaller devices.Visit here.Accordian WizardAs name suggests Acc-Wizard is an accordion-based wizard system that based on Bootstrap styles. Visit here.Bootstrap ConfirmationBootstrap Confirmation is an addon to avoid interrupting a user’s workflow. This plug-in has replaced confirmation dialogs with popovers. Visit here.flavr – Flat jQuery Popup Dialogflavr is another excellent Bootstrap compatible popup dialog box that comes with animation. It is using animate.css and are compatible with any modern browser.Visit here.Image Gallery With this plug-in, one can see images and videos in the modal dialog of the Bootstrap. It comes with loads of features such as transition effects, swipe, mouse & keyboard navigation, fullscreen support, on-demand content loading and so on. Visit here.TocifyTocify is a jQuery plugin that used for developing table of contents section. It can be themed with jQueryUI or Bootstrap. Visit here.DMSS Style SwitcherDMSS is the best Bootstrap-based jQuery plugin that enable to change particular webpage’s style with ease. Visit here.Pricely Price ChartsPricely is another excellent Bootstrap extension that used to create elegant price charts and tables.Visit here.SelectBoxItSelectBoxIt comes with a gorgeous and feature-rich drop-downs option. This plug-in supports Bootstrap, jQueryUI, and jQuery Mobile themes and replaces ugly HTML select boxes. Visit here.Bootstrap Paypal Shopping CartPaypal Shopping Cart is one of the best and easy-to-use jQuery based shopping cart system used for Bootstrap. Users just have to configure their inventory and [...]

5 Quick Email Techniques that Increase Your Customers & Boost Revenue

Mon, 14 Sep 2015 22:53:39 PDT

Email marketing tools are the great way to connect with your customers and bring more sales. According to some survey, it has been surveyed that about 73% of marketers considered email as the core of their business while the last year it was just 68%. There is no secret that email marketing plays an important role in generating a high ROI and it is increasing gradually. It includes the capability of email tools available for business. Such as triggered emails that automate the sending of welcome emails, post-purchase emails, re-engagement emails and so on. As each message is appropriate to the recipient’s context, and thus, they find it useful than the average bulk email. Automated emails are also powerful. Those people, who are not using automated emails, can also use Vtiger’s workflows to automate popular emails. Check out some listed emails. Welcome emailDo you know Welcome email offers deliver 8 times more the income of traditional email? About 70% of customers are expecting a welcome email when they are subscribing to the email list. It should be better designed so it delivers you 4 times the open rate and 5 times the click rate of other bulk emails. Moreover, you should add unique or limited time offers in the email body to leverage the elevated engagement. With this effort, one can easily enjoy increase in transaction rates about 800%. Re-engagement emails Have you ever thought how to reawaken dormant leads and customers? Re-engagement emails can do. It is one type of “we missed you” email, which is considered as an alarm clock to awakens inactive leads and customers. With this email type, one can re-engage 8% of inactive customers However, you have to ensure to add a clear call-to-action, and a clear path to engage recipients. Thank you email Do you have an idea that Thank You Email increase repeat purchases by 10%? Thank you email is sent immediately after any customer makes purchases. Such mails have high open and click-through rates and offering excellent opportunities to sellers to invite more customers.One way to do this is to showcase related products that a customer might be interested in. It is survey that one in every 10 customers, who receive “thank you” email return to purchase again. Transactional emailsTransactional emails are used to in cross selling and driving future engagement. We have seen customers are spending more time in reading transactional emails such as delivery information, shipping information, order confirmations, and other related types. According to 60% of customers, such types of emails are valuable than bulk notices and promotional emails. Invoice payment reminder emails Invoice payment reminder emails are an important email as it reduces stress level of getting payment on time. If any seller delivers customer payment terms then can easily saves their time and can spend on other task. If you are spending an automated email a week in advance, you can get payment on time.If you are thinking to integrate such email types in your vTiger CRM then hire vTiger Developer from Perception System, a leading vTiger CRM Application Development Company, and get better service at budget, on time.[...]

14 Highly Advanced Bootstrap Tools and Generators For Web Developers

Sun, 13 Sep 2015 21:57:40 PDT

In the last couple of years, the demand of Bootstrap tools has been increased because of its wonderful features, including pre-styled modules of library, add-ons and more. There are various benefits of Bootstrap tools that one can get while using them. Mainly, these tools are known for making development faster and a lot easier for the professional web developers. If you are one of those businessmen, who wanted to make their website look stylish and attractive, you should go with Bootstrap tools. Moreover, these tools can help you out in keeping your website transparent as bootstrap Development tools have a responsive framework. In addition to this, these tools are designed according to your professional needs. In this post, we have compiled a complete list of 15 highly advanced and useful Bootstrap tools and generators for web developers. Each tool and generator has its own unique features and benefits, so web developers can use these tools and generators and enjoy a lot of benefits. Kickstrap –Kickstrap is a complete kit for developing websites. This is one such tool that is first of its kind and there is a no-install front-end framework with apps, extras and themes.Visit here.Layoutit –The most useful tool ‘Layoutit’ is extremely helpful to make front-end coding a lot easier and simpler. There is no need to be an expert in JavaScript, HTML5 and CSS3 for using this high-end tool. Visit here.Bootstraptor –Bootstraptor is a reusable web content blocks, which go anywhere, so users can start developing responsive templates with Bootstrap 3.0. Being an extremely faster tool, one can make use of this amazing tool and get numerous features. Visit –When it comes to talking about Brix, it is the most advanced and powerful online Bootstrap builder, which allows users to develop responsive interfaces and websites a lot faster than ever. With any hosting service, this tool produces easily readable and well-formatted HTML, CSS & JS for use. Visit here.Bootstrap Wysihtml5 –Bootstrap-wysihtml5 is a JavaScript plugin, which makes it easy to develop attractive and striking wysiwyg editors with the help of wysihtml5 and Twitter Bootstrap. Users can enjoy a lot of features using this high-end tool. Visit here.Jetstrap –Jetstrap is not just a mock-up tool, but it is the premier interface-building tool for Bootstrap 3. This high-end tool enables you to drag and drop Bootstrap components into the builder then edit the code further. You can also grab snippets of clean markup and instantly use complicated components rather than digging through docs.Visit here.BootSwatchr –BootSwatchr is the only Bootstrap customizer, which supports Right-To-Left language display. Users cannot find any of these features in any version of Bootstrap. So, all thanks to Kiarash for developing and supporting this amazing feature. Visit here.Divshot –It is not only a visual Bootstrap editor, but this wonderful tool is also an application grade hosting environment built for developers. The Bootstrap builder allows users to develop production quality code, which is accurately nested with every single component. It also supports with popular CSS frameworks, including Foundation and Racthet with new ones being added frequently. Visit here.PaintStrap –You are capable of developing beautiful Bootstrap themes with Adobe Kuler or COLOURLovers. You can input either the color scheme theme ID or a permalink URL to get started and you can also set the colors for corresponding elements like navigation, background, text and links. Visit here.BootTheme –The most useful tool BootTheme enables users to develop themes, websites, mockups and applications with the help of foundation of Bootstrap, with a drag and drop UI. Users can quickly notice the changes in the Live Preview panel, use in Place Editing to change the content in the preview panel. Visit here.BootUI –A visual Bootstrap editor ‘BootUI’ doesn’t require any kind of HTML or CSS skill[...]

15 Must-Use AngularJS Tools For Web Developers

Tue, 08 Sep 2015 03:12:55 PDT

AngularJs is one of the best open source web app frameworks that deliver quality to your project along with HTML. Developed and maintained by Google, AngularJs is widely popular among web developers, as it provides edge to their development task. No doubt, there are uncountable number of AngularJs tools available online, however, choosing the best one is quite difficult so we have listed the most popular 15 AngularJs tools for web developers to choose. MochajsMocha is mostly adopted feature-rich JavaScript test framework that runs on node and browser by making asynchronous testing interesting. It runs tests serially and provide flexible and accurate reporting. Visit here.AptanaCustomized version of Eclipse, Aptana is one of the best open source IDEs focusing on HTML, JavaScript, CSS and other web goodies. In order to use Aptana for Angular support, users just have to install the AngularJs Eclipse extension from the Eclipse Marketplace. Visit here.WebstormWebStorm is a IDE for AngularJs that delivers excellent support for HTML, JavaScript, Node, and CSS. This tool works well with some modern and excellent technologies for web development. Visit here.Angular fireAn excellent framework for AngularJs, Firebase is the best libraries used for creating web and mobile applications with ease. This powerful framework is best for JavaScript users.Visit here.KarmaCreated for Angular, Karma is a great test runner used with any Javascript framework. This tool supports different types of testing such as midway testing, unit testing, and E2E testing. It works by opening browsers and can also communicate with an active browser by using and even, ask users whether to run test or not. Visit here.Sublime TextSublime Text is another popular text editors lovable due to its customizability functionality. It has customizable code snippet support, and has different packages such as the AngularJS package that enable users to work with Angular. Visit here.RestangularRestangular helps to simplify common GET, POST, DELETE, and UPDATE requests with a minimum of client code. It is best for any WebApp that grabs data from a RESTful API.Visit Inspectorng-inspector is an amazing browser extension for Chrome and Safari that adds an inspector pane to build, debug and understand your AngularJS applications.Visit here.Angular DeckgridAngular deckgrid is a lightweight and free to download grid for AngularJS. Its directive doesn’t depend on the visual representation. Its responsiveness and beauty comes from your CSS file. Visit here.Angular SeedIt is an application skeleton for a typical AngularJS web app. Angular Seed can be used to bootstrap your angular webapp projects and dev environment. Visit here.ProtractorProtractor is the most powerful automated end-to-end Angular testing tool that created by combining some great technologies such as webDriver, Mocha, Cucumber and Jasmine.Visit here.Angular BatarangAngular Batarang is another tool developed by the Angular team. It is recommended Chrome extension for debugging Angular applications. This extension shows you the model, performance and dependency debugging after checking your application. Visit here.Code OrchestraCOLT is a front-end development tool, enabling to write code live-style. It has support for AngularJS. Users just have to modify the code and save. The changes are given to the working application by using a special protocol. Visit here.Generator AngularGenerator Angular is a code generator that helps to speed up Angular development with some terminal commands. Interestingly, it generates development server, view, directives, unit and framework testing, and so on. Visit here.ngDocs – AngularJS ReferencengDocs is an Android application, offering AngularJS documentation and references for users. It also provides basic tutorials for novice Angular developer. Additionally, you can also have developer guide and error reference. Visit here.Above listed are bes[...]

vTiger CRM Solution – Why It Is Best For Your Business?

Thu, 03 Sep 2015 23:09:21 PDT

vTiger is 100% open source Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that based on web-based, modular. It is one of the preferable and mature CRM, used by more than 100,000 companies. It is one of the best solutions for those users, who want to integrate vTiger in existing systems and require absolute process orientation. Its modular design makes vtiger CRM customizable for every business needs and have capability to supports your business sales, marketing, controlling and service. vTiger CRM solution is best for small-medium size businesses, who don’t have internal IT resources. Its application is integrated with the traditional CRM software tenants of sales, marketing and service, along with different functions like inventory/products, quotes and sale order processing, billing and project management. Interestingly, this CRM application is available in 16 languages along with multiple currency support. If we are taking about Social CRM, it has capability of tag clouds and a basic ability to make tweet within CRM system. Additionally, vTiger CRM has many capabilities such as:Activity managementInventory managementSecurity managementE-mail integrationCustomer service and supportSales force automationMarketing automationPDF document generationCalendaring RSS feed subscriptionVtiger CRM is a browser-based application that created on LAMP/WAMP stack. However, it has some drawbacks like: Installing vTiger needs technical help. Non-technical CRM adopters cannot install it. Its download and install is performed from a HTML/PHP interface. Its community needed more formal organization, sponsorship, structure, and growth.What Advantages You Enjoy with vTiger CRM?It increases sales and enhances customer service by streamlining business interactions Delivering fabulous lead management features to assign ownership and fluently achieve sales pipeline. Streamlines sales and increases your business.Monitors customer service levels to deliver satisfactory service Tracks inventory and targeted price books Enables to manage activities and follow-ups. It also ensures to enhance overall performance.Generates reports to provide a broad overview of your business.Manages customer profiles, accounts, contacts, etc. that enables sales team to identify opportunities in potential customersHow Perception System is best for installing vTiger CRM? Perception System is one of the leading open source service providers, having years of experience to deliver best solution at budget cost. Developers at PS have also expertise in delivering result-oriented vTiger solution by using the LAMP framework as it is built on LAMP stack with codes from SugarCRM.If you are looking for accurate CRM solution for your business then contact with your needs and get solution from experts.[...]

10 Best Open Source CRM Software Solutions

Tue, 01 Sep 2015 23:00:16 PDT

Are you looking for open source CRM software solutions for your business? There is delusion among small businesses about customer relationship management is not suited to their business. As we all know that CRM falls into the enterprise applications category and thus, system needed an experienced CRM solution providers.Luckily, there are many CRM solutions designed particularly for small businesses. Have a glance below.vTigervTiger is one of the best open source CRM, which is actually a part of SugarCRM. vTiger offers many preconfigured versions. Moreover, vTiger also offers installation, support, hardware, and/or administration service. The best thing about vTiger CRM is it offers a collection of features at inexpensive price with best features like inventory tracking, billing, and project management capabilities. Visit Here.Fat-Free CRMFat-Free CRM is a fast, secure and lightweight CRM system that developed upon the Ruby on Rails platform. If you are searching for CRM that integrated with lots of features then Fat-Free CRM is best option available with a collection of features like lead management, campaign management, contact lists, opportunity tracking and so on. Its code is available on GitHub and enables business to use or modify the source-code, according to their needs. It also adds developing add-ons for the CRM. Developers cannot find commercial version of the CRM. Visit Here.SugarCRM SugarCRM is one of the best open source CRM packages available with all standard features that you would love to have in commercial packages. Download free Community Edition for Linux, UNIX and OS X. It’s subscription includes many amazing features like sales automation, sales automation, mobile functionality, marketing lead management, and so on. Visit Here.ZurmoThose, who are looking gamify their working environment, can have Zurmo, an excellent CRM solution. Some fabulous features like contact management, deal tracking, activity and reporting, market automation, etc. offered by Zurmo. It delivers the right tools for gamifying the whole experience that turns making the users exploring different aspects of the CRM. Visit here.X2 EngineX2 Engine is one of the fastest CRM solutions for managing sales, marketing, services and platform. A collection of features offered by X2 Engine and thus, it becomes best option for businesses. Visit Here.Concourse SuiteAvailable in both free and paid version, Concourse Suite is the good alternative for CRM solution to adopt for businesses. Visit Here.CentraView CRMCentraView CRM is a J2EE based CRM solution that delivers Groupware, SFA, collaboration, etc. This CRM can be hosted on local services and available with marvelous features. Visit Here.EspoCRMEspoCRM is a Web-based CRM application that can be easily accessed from mobile devices and computers through a browser. Sales automation, calendaring and customer support case management, etc. are some of the best features you love to have in EspoCRM. Visit Here.Splendid CRMSplendid CRM is a Windows shops oriented CRM that available with paid as well as free version. Available at free Community junction, Splendid CRM can be used by companies who are starting small. Some of the best features like leads, accounts, contacts and more are offered by this CRM. Visit Here.ZohoCRM Zoho is another popular CRM offering free service for three users and 5,000 records. It is available with a mobile app and social CRM among other things. It is better known for its highly developed importing features.Visit Here.These are the best collection of CRM solution that can be adopted for business to ease its operations. If you are looking for CRM solution provider with 5+ years of experience, then contact Perception System, a leading vTiger CRM development company.[...]

7 Incredible Open Source Server Tools That You Should Checkout

Tue, 01 Sep 2015 23:20:02 PDT

Are you working with open source servers? If yes, it is pivotal to know that a massive number of tools are obtainable for you, ranging from security to functionality to monitoring. You can find tools just about anything that you can imagine. In case, if you were to collect a complete single list of tools to comprise on your open source server farm, what would be that list includes?Well, it is true that the list tends to change; however, certain tools always stay on it. Below, you can find some of the most important tools that you can check out and use in your day-to-day task:Capistrano –When it comes to talking about Capistrano, it is a remote server automation and deployment tool, which supports scripting and task automation. Users of this tool can easily deploy web apps to multiple machines concurrently or in sequence, run automatic audits, perform data migrations, script arbitrary workflows over SSH and more. This tool can easily be integrated with any Ruby software. Mono –An open source implementation of Microsoft’s .NET technologies ‘Mono’ is the best open source tool that has captured the attention of numerous developers and businesses on a worldwide scale. This high-end tool is sponsored by Novell and it is known for combining two incompatible worlds into a single agile, open source and steady realm. Moreover, this high-end tool enables users to generate advanced server-side applications on Linux, Windows and Mac OS X. phpMyAdmin –Do you want a tool to make the management of your MySQL database a lot easier? phpMyAdmin is one such tool that you are looking for. This tool is extremely easy to install and use as the tool has taken up little room on your server. This tool has made managing database, tables, columns, indexes, columns, permissions and more. Moreover, it is a web-based interface that made managing your database a lot simple as point and click. Apache –Internet’s most popular and wide used web server ‘The Apache Web Server’ is the project that everyone associates with It might also surprise users to know that 70 other projects are there under the Apache umbrella.When it comes to talking about enterprise-level projects like Tomcat, ActiveMQ, Geronimo, several of the Apache projects are also relate to Java. If you still have not checked out, you should check it out. Webmin –For a long time, Webmin has been around in the market as it is the most widely demanded and easy-to-install tool for server admin. This tool has proved itself year after year. Moreover, you can easily make use of this tool to administer every aspect of your server, comprising MySQL, DNS, Apache, file sharing, DNS, firewalls and more. This high-end tool is extremely powerful, so users of it will be hard-pressed to search for a GUI better suited to help administer your Linux server. OpenLDAP –The all new OpenLDAP is the best open source iteration of LDAP (lightweight directory access protocol). While it is extremely powerful and flexible tool and one of the biggest problems of the system is its difficulty. However, it is not point-and-click tool, which you will find with Windows Active Directory. Even there are numerous GUI tools that especially designed to make the management of OpenLDAP a lot simpler. Ganglia –Another server monitoring tool ‘Ganglia’ that is geared toward high-performance systems like grids and clusters. The tool is known for making use of XML for data representation, portable data transport, XDR for compact and RRDtool for data storage and visualization. Users will not find any other tool that is better suited for presenting data and information of a cluster in a useable and simplified manner. If you want to administer such things like high-performance systems you would remiss if you didn’t not look at least take a look at Ganglia as your go-to cluster monitor.So[...]

Reasons Why Government Needs Open Source Databases

Tue, 01 Sep 2015 23:25:56 PDT

The recent reports of the economy have been positive; however, government agencies are still facing unparalleled financial pressures as a result of the 2008 economic crisis and following requisition. There are a lot of agencies that are forced to make do with less, funding for technology programs – across federal, local and state jurisdictions – can be the first area to face cuts. By keeping this in mind, CIOs are always looking forward for different ways to unify and optimize their existing technology to fit into new budget needs. These days, open source technologies become the main concern for government agencies as they look to harness in costs without sacrificing security. Government CIOs can do fine to first assess the current database architecture for enhancing opportunities at the time of examining current infrastructure for potential updates. All the databases that house and manage data – the livelihood of every digital organization – frequently account for the largest portion of an IT department’s financial resources. Moreover, databases also symbolize a wide opportunity for leveraging open source technology to decrease costs. Recently, the research firm has forecasted the use of open source databases that exceed traditional solution, noting: “By 2018, more than 70 percent of new in-house applications will be developed on an OSDBMS, and 50 percent of existing commercial [relational database management system] instances will have been converted or will be in process.”Security –For government agencies, data security has always been and continues to stay an important part, giving the responsive and business-critical nature of the information they collect. There are some of the IT departments that may have doubtful of the security abilities of open source solutions. Open source database solutions are being used fruitfully in mission-critical applications in huge organizations that showed by Gartner's 2014 Magic Quadrant for Operational Database Management Systems. Affordable Costs –Open Source solutions provide wonderful flexibility in pricing models also. There are some cases in which vendors provide open source databases price on a subscription-based model, which removes the licensing fees common to large proprietary systems. The essential element to a subscription is that it succeeds as operating expenses versus a more difficult capital expenditure. Therefore, organizing open source and open source-based databases become a lot easier process and can cost 80 to 90% less than traditional solutions. It enables agencies to refocus these resources on novelty and key organizational drivers.Deployment –A lot of government IT systems want to be flexible and sometimes mobile. Databases support apps that may be deployed on tanks, aircraft, temporary office spaces, underground sites along with being housed in a permanent data center facility. Accordingly, deployment requires to be quick and simple, and they physical equipment light and portable. Open source solutions that make use of levels of memory and RAM and take up less server space, offer an ideal option for these situations, compared to installation of customary systems, which can be a herculean effort and take up a big amount of disk space. Moreover, open source is a proven database technology, which can handle the most demanding government missions, offering secure, nimble and responsive infrastructure at affordable costs, satisfying government mandates, comprising the October 2009 Department of Defense memorandum. Stay connected with us to get more information on open source and its related solutions as here we keep updating top information about open source and its related technologies. Moreover, you can hire a professional open source developer from our company regarding any of your queries related to your project[...]

Moodle LMS Review – Why it is the Best Option?

Wed, 15 Jul 2015 04:03:16 PDT

Moodle is the most powerful educational Learning Management System (LMS), which allows educators to level-up features with different instruction, reporting modules and assessment. Being an adequate to say, Moodle is not your typical learning management system. The first and most important thing is Moodle obtainable for free of cost, so users are capable of customizing or modifying through modular, commercial and non-commercial projects and interoperable plugins can be shared without any licensing fees. Moodle is one such platform that has built up an active and far-reaching legion of learners, developers and educators. The platform has attracted 70 million+ users in the fields as wide-ranging as higher education, medicine, government from nations as varied as Colombia. The developer community of Moodle has keenly contributed to the project, including more than 120 language localizations. Like other open source plans, Moodle involves compromises. Not like a paid option such as Absorb LMS, Moodle is not a turnkey. Users need to do a granular configuration while administrators can allow advanced features like Single Sign-On (SSO). However, the same principle affects to eCommerce. When it comes to talking about LMS, it requires an integrated marketplace, but users can distribute paid courses through CourseMerchant or enroll in different courses through this case, Moodle is not considered as a feasible option for the small business owner, who wanted to develop onboarding materials, but Moodle is a thrilling option for educators, who can ask a Faculty Technology Center or IT departments to help out in supporting, configuring and administering their LMS. Still, the free service of Moodle provides adequate potential and versatility to be named Editor’s Choice LMS. Dashboard, Themes & Blocks –The dashboard of Moodle is prearranged across content Blocks. The course overview block occupies the center of the screen with left-and-right-aligned blocks for navigation and news by default. By hiding, adding, deleting and docking blocks, users can easily customize dashboards. The best thing about this platform is that it has as much visual panache as Wikipedia. Moodle provides two different themes. Along with the standard theme that it offers, Moodle offers a custom theme, through which administrators can pinch text and background colors and upload a custom logo and footer. You can also produce a fairly unique looking giving page, if you are technically savvy. If you choose to customize the look and feel of your LMS, you can count on it remaining accessible. Along with the compatibility with every major browser and device, the interface soon will be responsive. Moodle is also well-known for providing mobile apps for Android, iOS and Windows Phone. Roles & Groups –From a range of roles, administrators can easily make their choice that often overlie in complicated ways. At the top level, site administrator and Manager are there that followed by roles related to course assembly: Non-Editing Teacher and Course Creator. However, teachers are able to edit or add content of accessible courses; Non-Editing teachers can only post grades. Mainly, there are two different types of learners, including students can easily access and participate in courses while guests can only check courses. Administrators are capable of selecting from numerous roles that often in complicated ways. At the top level is the site administrator and manager, followed by roles related to course assembly: Course Creator, Teacher, and Non-Editing Teacher. Whereas, teachers are able to add or edit content of existing courses, non-editing teachers can also post grades course creation is reserved. Progress Tracking, Reporting, and Plugins –Reporting of moodle can be easily increased to satisf[...]

15 WooCommerce WordPress Themes to Download

Wed, 08 Jul 2015 03:21:42 PDT

One of the most popular plug-ins, WooCommerce plugin empowers online store on WP websites. Those online stores, who are looking to set up an online store with WordPress, can go for WordPress theme that supports WooCommerce or other eCommerce plug-ins.WooCommerce WP themes are available in different types. They are differentiated in terms of design, functions, features and so on. Here, we have collected some of the best WooCommerce WordPress Themes for online store to make more attractive and functional. GoodStoreGoodStore WooCommerce WordPress Theme enables to develop any type of online store. It provides an opportunity to adapt the layout, different options provided for displaying products in various ways. GoodStore is retina ready, fully responsive and SEO optimized. It provides you two different layout sizes, i.e. boxed or wide to display your products. Additionally, you can easily customize your website in different ways and can also use and maintain when any update comes. Download here.KlasikThe Klasik Framework is better known as a “starter” theme that provides a quick jump into developing a WooCommerce site. This theme can be used for every business type, portfolio site, and blog. With this theme, you will find a collection of features like 4 custom widgets, 8 widget areas, etc. Download Here.GlammyWant to set up an elegant online store for selling luxury items? Glammy eCommerce Premium WordPress Theme is best for developing online store to sell luxury, jewelry, fashion or other high-class products. This theme comes with 6 different home pages and use unlimited colors, drag & drop page builder, WPML compatibility, Contact Form 7, and so on. Download Here.RoeDok RoeDok WooCommerce WordPress theme is a clean and pure for creating online shops for clothes, jewelries, accessories, shoes or make-up. It enables to display items in the most trendiest and modern ways. Being 100% responsive, this theme has great options, including powerful admin panel, unlimited sidebars, many shortcodes, translation readiness, mega menu, Nivo Slider, etc. Download Here.VictoriaVictoria Fashion is one of my favorite WooCommerce WordPress Themes, used for developing attractive online stores for fashion or beauty products. Having a fully responsive layout, Victoria may easily browse through your store from a smartphone or a tablet. With this theme, you can have features like special promotion blocks, video backgrounds, etc. Download Here.ArtificerThe Artificer theme is a responsive theme that has been appropriately styled and customizable to suit to any color scheme. It comes with shortcodes, custom widget areas on the home page that is preferred to design site. Download Here.Kancing Kancing is another excellent WooCommerce Fashion WordPress Theme that used for developing unique WooCommerce website for design, art, fashion and so on. Along with this theme, you will get some fabulous features like interactive sliders, a complete WooCommerce functionality that needed for running online store, different types of screen size resolutions, business templates and so on. Installing Kancing WooCommerce Fashion WordPress Theme enables to develop a nice looking online store and allows customizing store in different ways. Download Here.MunditiaMunditia is an eCommerce WordPress Theme that designed and developed for an online store. Along with this theme, you can have RevolutionSlider, zoom function for single products, wishlist and many other options. Interestingly, this theme comes with a clean and beautiful design that is easy to modify and tweak according to requirements. Download Here.Kindergarten WordPress ThemeKindergarten WordPress Theme is used for developing website for pre-schools, day cares, kindergartens or else. Interestingly, this theme is created[...]

Top 8 Most Demanded Content Management Systems of 2015

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These days, it becomes extremely easy for developers to handle development project as there are numerous options of content management systems. With different options, it is a quite cumbersome task for people to choose one effective CMS that meets their requirements. Depending upon how powerful CMS you need, what language it’s built in and other requirements, searching for a perfect CMS for your project is not less than a nightmare. However, there are some of the CMSs that have small edge over the rest of the competition due to the usability of the software. Some of the CMSs are extremely easy to use and expand, so one can check out the below mentioned Content Management Systems that are the most demanded ones:Drupal–Drupal is one of the most advanced CMS that comes with a large and active community. Rather than focusing on blogging as a platform, it is more of a pure CMS. However, a plain installation comes with a lot of optional modules that can add numerous features like user blogs, profiles, OpenIS forums and more. Being a trivial to develop a website, Drupal comes with social features and simple install of it. Even users are capable of creating some of the top website clones using 3rd party modules. The most powerful feature of this CMS is the Taxonomy module, a feature which enables for multiple levels and types of categories for content types. ExpressionEngine–ExpressionEngine is a fully flexible and stylish CMS solution that can be used for any type of project. This high-end CMS has set itself apart in terms of how clean and intuitive their user administration area is. Moreover, it is especially designed to be extensible and easy to modify. To comprehend the layout of the backend, it only takes a matter of minutes. Being the best CMS for developing websites, the CMS has made it extremely easy for less-than-savvy clients to use the backend without getting confused. In addition to this, the CMS comes with a lot of helpful features, including the ability to have multiple websites with one installation of software. WordPress–When it comes to WordPress, it is highly powerful web software that can be used to develop a beautiful website or blog. The platform is fully free and priceless at the same time. This platform is so far the most popular CMS, which is a right choice for beginners, so users can make use of this excellent documentation. All those people, who are not familiar with HTML and other markup language, a WYSIWYG editor is given directly out of the box. Moreover, the backend layout of this platform is completely smooth and innate, so a user can easily find their way across the administration section. Radiant CMS –Till now, you have seen all the popular PHP content management systems, so it doesn’t means that we will not consider other popular web languages like Ruby. Today, Radiant CMS is a minimal and fast CMS, which might be compared to Textpattern. This high-end framework is develop on the most powerful Ruby framework Rails. The developers of this CMS have done their best in order to make this software a simple yet effective one. However, the CMS doesn’t come with a WYSIWYG editor, and it mainly relies on Textile markup to develop rich HTML. Alfresco–A JSP beefy enterprise content management solution ‘Alfresco’ is an extremely easy to install. The most powerful feature of the platform is the capability to drop files into folders and turn them into web documents. As compare to other CMS, this one might be little bit more work. Moreover, the administration backend of the platform is completely clean and designed accurately. The platform is not a great choice for simple websites, but it is an excellent choice for enterprise requirements. Joomla–Being an advanced CMS in terms of fu[...]

Genuine Reasons Why Enterprises Holds Open Source

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Bernard Golden, a columnist, attends some of the conferences. After attending conferences, he comes away with both an understanding of Enterprise IT’s assurance to open source and some realistic advice for people, who are considering open source enterprise solutions. He just finished attending two main conferences – the Cloud Foundry Summit and the OpenStack Summit. When it comes to talking about both the conferences, both were hives of activity with presence well up on the earlier event. According to him, the most outstanding thing to him was the huge presence of large enterprise IT decision makers – directors of applications, architects and operations. Enterprise IT has big and growing commitment to open source products in partiality to proprietary alternatives. The Advantages of Open Source:Well, it is the most interesting and welcomes development as lots of enterprises appreciate the benefits of open source-licensed products:Wonderful Innovative: Open source development is known for replicating Bill Joy’s law: It doesn’t matter who you are, there are lots of smartest people, who are working for someone else. For all the software vendors, it is true, so making use of a product with a potentially bigger developer base allows users to get complete access to greater innovation. There is another way as well – by enabling anyone to contribute code, it allows an open source product to incorporate unusual use cases that a proprietary vendor would either ignore or dismiss.Greater Transparency:Not only the source code is obtainable as all of the design discussions, etc are obtainable in the open, in contrast to the enigmatic processes of proprietary vendors. However, it is extremely easy yet effective to assess the product and its community and decide if using the product is a good decision or not. Huge Ability to Influence Product Direction:Mainly, it is a formula of the software industry. People, who are spending their gold, get to guide the boat. It is better to hope your product objectives align with the vendor or its large users if you are a small customer of an important proprietary software vendor. A Right Fit for ContainersFor third platform applications, open source licensing models are a much better fit. When it comes to their intrinsic load variability, it means that new examples/containers are being initiated and stopped all the time.It shows huge challenges to proprietary code products as they are licensed on a perpetual basis per example/container. In any case, if the application has extremely high use more than 10% of its lifespan, which means purchasing different licenses, which are rarely used. For static applications, proprietary licenses are a right choice with steady use profiles. By difference, open source licenses are a right choice for the Third Platform world. With no per-server/container cost, applications can be designed to support high load variability with no cost constraints. A lot of people believe that Third Platform applications come to show the majority of applications that mean open source will come to control new apps. Believing That Open Source for Your EnterpriseOpen source is the main feature of enterprise IT going forward – below, you can find some of the important things to keep in mind:Recognize Your Key Open Source Components – Some of the components will represent critical dependencies as open source will be spread across your applications. All are those, who you need to be particular about their maturity, community size and robustness and openness to code contributors and feature suggestions. Develop Open Source Skills – Being a completely involved in open source is more than downloading and installing a software c[...]

Apple vs. Open Source – The War That Was Not Actually War

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You know that open-source developers are completely comfortable with Apple, dazzling good taste and higher priorities. Well, open source used to be doctrine in so far as development. However, those days are gone. In reality, the term open source advises a more comfortable view on software sharing, having moved its GPL-wielding free software. While a free sourceror will not be caught lifeless using anything other than GNU Linux, open sourcerors are happy to make use of whatever works. Open Source Runs Apple –However, open-source contributors wait less probable to make use of Apple products than others. Approximately 75% of the open source contributors are happily make use of at least one Apple product as per the Eldarion’s survey. 65% of open-source contributors are making use of OS X as their main OS system with 22% use Linux and 8% Microsoft Windows. Approximately three out of four open-source contributors are making use at least some Apple products.One of the main reasons given by open-source contributors for selecting Apple was “I like the ecosystem” followed by "reliability" (30%), "better than Microsoft (21%), and "other" (16%).More than one in two (57%) open source contributors surveyed make use of the iPhone while 38% use an Android phone. The main reason given was “because Apple is the contrast of open source” for the minority of open source contributors, who are avoiding Apple. Followed by it’s overpriced and not worth the money” 31%, “it’s so cool it’s uncool” (13%), and “other” (6%).The main part of this comes down to the 132 people, who have answered Eldarion’s survey. When it comes to talking about Eldarion, it is a web development company, which mainly focuses on Django development. The developers in its instant globe of power are going to be web-focused; therefore less likely to be the core communications gear starts, which live and die Linux or other open-source communications.The More Things Change –I noted "The ironic rise of the Mac among open source developers." While I offered a number of reasons, two stand out to me now. Initially, Mac OS X is UNIX, and it is a comfortable system for many open sourcerors to use. However, OS X covers UNIX behind a wonderful UI, Apple makes it extremely easy to get a command line so that developers can make use of just works when they want. This is the second reason why Apple has been so big with open-source developers:All the developers, who wanted to spend their time on building, say, a new compiler, don’t necessarily want to have to spend equal amount of time developing related infrastructure. ActiveState software executive Bernard Golden, talked about enterprise adoption of open source, disputes that only some software would make intellect for deep vow. "While open source will be spread throughout your applications, certain components will represent critical dependencies. Those are ones you need to be certain about regarding their maturity, community size and robustness, and openness to code contributions and feature suggestions. For those components that represent dependencies, understand that you are, in effect, getting married."In short, some serious projects, contribution matters. It makes sense to help out steer it through contributions if you are depending on an open-source project. Possibly it is not worth getting religious about it. All this is an extremely long way of stating: open source developers are people. They have very least time and attention, and they select Apple products even though as they don’t necessarily support their bigger interest in contributing to open source. Stay connected with us to get more information on open source and i[...]

10 Best and Popular Content Management Systems to Check Out

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When it comes to choosing a content management system, there are many alternatives to choose from. So, check out some of the best collection of 10 best CMS options. Here we have listed some familiar CMS like WordPress and also others that might be new for you. Explore and decide which is better for you to adopt for your business. WordPressWordPress is the most popular and state-of-the-art publishing platforms that focus on usability, aesthetics, and web standards. It comes with a quick installation feature, which is considered as the strength of this platform. Interestingly, WordPress has the massive user and developer community due to which it has a collection of enhancements and plug-ins to extend platform’s functionality. TextpatternOne of the mostly adopted, Textpattern is better known for its simplicity elegance. Textpattern isn't a CMS, however, it comes with svelte and minimal code base. Textpattern delivers the best content management system that developed standards-compliant and well-structured pages. Textile markup in the textareas is used by Textpattern rather than providing a WYSIWYG editor for creating HTML elements within the pages. Textpattern has an active developer community that provides help and resources at their site. ContaoIncorporated with Ajax and other Web 2.0 features, Contao comes with a collection of features like rolling back to prior versions of content, editing multiple records and so on. Different types of common built-in modules are added in Contao. Users can also find some premium as well as free theme for Contao. SilverStripeAn open source CMS, SilverStripe is best suited for designers and developers, who know how to code well. It has a recipes and tutorials for beginning developers and different modules for forums, blogs and forms. Designers can use HTML or CSS, whichever they preferable. SilverStripe comes with a powerful content authoring tools that permit to set up their own content and can be published/unpublished content on particular date. Users can find a robust development community for instant help. Joomla!Joomla! is blessed with everything that you are looking for developing your website. From inventory control systems to reservation systems, complex business directories, etc., you will find every prominent feature in Joomla! Users don’t need any custom coding for extending Joomla!’s functionality as there are many plugins and add-ons for Joomla! are available. DotNetNukeWritten in PHP, DotNetNuke is a rare exception, which is written in Microsoft’s ASP .Net and suited to Windows servers, and this consideration. Thus, this is one of the best reasons why people choose for DotNetNuke.Unlike many solutions, DotNetNuke is not an open source solution, however, you can use a demo site and trial. DrupalDrupal is one of the most popular content management systems for developing best websites. Drupal can be scaled for developing personal blogs or enterprise website. Additionally, it has many different modules for adding/increasing functionality. Concrete5Concrete5 enables to develop and manage different website without using much time and money. Concrete5 is an ultimate time saving solution for developer, designers and site owners due to its easy-to-use feature and best looks. RefineryCMSRefineryCMS is based in Ruby on Rails framework that features a collection of different engines like image gallery, blogs, membership, search, etc. It comes with same conventions that made a platform success by adopting concentrate on the end users when developing the user interface and delivering a simple hook for adding new functions and redesigns both the admin screens and the[...]

Open Source CMS – What’s New in This June That You Should Know?

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Whenever it comes to talking about open source content management systems, we can’t carry out our talk without talking about WordPress, the most demanding and popular CMS on the earth. WordPress is one such CMS that has powered a lot of biggest websites in the world like Time magazine, Ted and CNN. Today, WordPress has powered more than 23% of the top 10 million websites in the world, according to W3tech. However, being big and popular doesn’t mean that it is without problems – and all is not copacetic in WordPress-land, said Nimrod Luria, a CTO of Sentrix. Thousands of WordPress sites are being attached every year because of the huge popularity of this platform. Extremely Simple to Exploit –“There areapproximately 30,000 plus plugins and 2,000 plus themes listed on the site. As we observed in 2014, some of the most well-known, widespread attacks took advantage of third party plugins. Many plugins are sensitive to cross-site scripting (XSS), SQL injection and other attacks. The fact that WordPress is run on PHP, one of the most popular open source development languages, makes it easy for attackers to exploit bug-riddled PHP code, along with theme and plugin files," said Nimrod Luria.He also observed that the WordPress community has a lot of contributing developers, who are constantly expanding this platform along with its themes and plugins. Even WordPress administrators are also informed about the plugin version updates on their dashboards; however, not all are following the best practice of keeping their platforms up to date. Moreover, WordPress websites, which are hosted on a shared environment, the hosting service providers are not giving guarantee about timely patching, often leaving website owners exposed to attacks. What to Do?For hosting a WordPress-based website, numerous options are there from on-premises all the way to fully managed platforms like WPengine. When evaluating WordPress hosting solutions, the main reflection is security along with the flexibility and ease of management. He said, “With on-premises and other simple hosting solutions such as VPS or 'dedicated,' as the site owner, it is your responsibility to secure and update your site, and ensure performance and availability.” He also added, “However, you also need to consider that hosting your website with a third party hosting company does not guarantee security. Due to the shared environment, if any site on a server is hacked, other sites on the same server may also be compromised."Admin Access and Authentication –On WordPress websites, brute-forcing account credentials are the extremely common attack. Some of the other ways that passwords can be compromised like sniffing credentials over an HTTP login session or even recovering them directly from WordPress administrator workstations. Moreover, plugin authentication failures may also enable attackers to increase administrative rights and perform AJAX functions, which are specially designed to be used by website operators. He added, “Obviously, gaining admin or server management account access provides attackers with complete access to affiliated WordPress instances.”Uploaded User Content –WordPress is one such CMS that allows its users to upload their own content as writers or editors. Luria explained, “This security risk could result in untrusted users uploading HTML or JS files in order to launch attacks, such as XSS, against users that will visit that site. By executing an XSS attack a hacker can silently gain control of user credentials.”With WordPress platform, you can also share your own experience and other open source CMS platforms in the[...]

Open Source – A Right Choice For CMS Development

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In the year 1996, there were no proprietary content management systems, and Microsoft was still releasing the notion of the web as a possible platform for business or eCommerce activity. In any case, if a website required any kind of functionality, unless one could find anything at Matt’s Script Archive to achieve the task. Slowly, the time passed and most of the people continued to make use of the open source solution. Opt-in emails list managers, slide shows, employment opportunity listings, shopping carts, content editors, contact forms and many more all are built as open source using PHP. After some time, the content management systems emerged in the market, containing a package – there are lots of functional elements that relied upon our own resources to develop. WordPress, Drupal and Joomla are coming out as the default new development platforms for various digital agencies, which had followed the same path. Then, some platforms came such as Magento and Concrete5 that began with a view to finally change into enterprise solutions with a price tag designed to get profit motives. However, the earlier efforts of their foundational community editions were fueled by the passion of development communities, who helped in generating the main functionality. Along with these, a lot of $5, $50 and $100 plugins and extensions came-up to add custom functionality to meet client’s requirements. Individual developers can make changes to meet more demanding client requirements because the open source model extended to plugins and extensions. And all of this was designed to run on license-fee-free Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP operating systems running on low-overhead hardware. The main thread was that all of these were - still are – tools that are generated by people with a common purpose. That major reason was the idea to help out the Internet achieve its importance by offering businesses, organizations and individuals with incredibly robust, but affordable web presence. During this time period, a lot of software companies made use of investment money to develop expensive proprietary content management and eCommerce systems that designed to run on operating systems and databases with huge licensing fees.It gives the opportunity for huge amount of money to change hands for the mega-corporations with wide budget, which used to spend thousands of dollars on everything they do. It is all right because it is your business model. For smaller digital agencies, it is mush difficult to begin with web development project looking a lot of dollars pass through from the client to the software companies to develop the development platform. It takes huge amount of money, which could have been used to develop more functionality for inbound marketing and other improvements. Furthermore, the solution has also delivered huge flexibility and customization possibilities to deliver the client with user experience and back end functionality to the particular requirements and business model. There are lots of closed source proprietary systems that are doing only opposite, pressurizing the business to accept the rules and functionality. The open source model is the right choice for businesses as smart digital agencies are aware that if delivering value, total customization and return on investment are important components to their brand and value proposition. Stay connected with us to get more information on open source and its solutions as here we keep updating important information that you must know. In any case, if you are facing in problem while executing open source solution, you can hire our expert open source de[...]

A Complete Step-by-Step Guide For Creating a Moodle Theme

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Today, Moodle is a widely used free-source eLearning application that is also well-known as Course Management System, Learning Management and Virtual Learning Environment.This high-end platform can be termed as education software on which you can easily expand educational application without any hassle. Moreover, Moodle can be used for alloyed learning, flipped classroom, distance education and other e-Learning projects in schools, workplaces, universities and other sectors. If you already use Moodle for your project of school, university, institute and other eLearning sectors, you may want to give the best look to your website that is possible with theme. Developing an effective and eye-catching Moodle theme becomes a lot easier with us as here we have given a complete step-by-step guide for developing a Moodle Theme. In this blog, you can find information on how to develop a theme for Moodle 2.0 and Moodle 2.1. Theme Designer Mode -Moodle is one such platform that does a lot of things in terms of performance under normal operation. One of these is to merge all the CSS into one file, minimize it, cache it on the service and then serve it. The cached version is served to mainly enhance page performance after the first request. After making some of the changes, you are not able to see them immediately. However, you need to tell Moodle platform to rebuild the cache, which is serving. For designing themes, this was not practical, so the theme designer mode was added. This mode tells Moodle not to mix or cache the CSS when enabled as it gets delivered.Get Started -Initially, you have to do is to develop the directories and files that you will be using. You have to create the real directory for your theme. It is necessary that it must be the name of your theme and it is excitement. Within the theme directory of Moodle, the directory must be located. After that, in that directory, you can develop lots of files that you will require. Below, you can find files that we wanted to create:config.php All of our settings will go here. /style/ This directory will contain all of our stylesheets. /style/excitement.css  All of our css will go in here. /pix/ Into this directory we'll put a screen shot of our theme as well as our favicon and any images we use in CSS. /layout/ Our layout files will end up in this directory. /layout/standard.php  This will be our one basic layout file. /lang/en/ The file we put here will make our theme name show properly on the Theme Selector page. You need a few standard entries. Copy the one from the Standard theme and modify is easiest. You also need to have a directory structure that is similar to what is shown below after this setup step: Configuring our theme You need to open config.php in your favorite editor and have to start by adding the opening PHP tagsname = 'excitement'; It is extremely simple to tell Moodle the name of your theme, and if you ever have few config.php files open, it will be helpful for you to recognize that which one is best. Afterwards, the parents for this theme: $THEME->parents = array('base'); It informs Moodle that my new theme “excitement” wanted to extend the base theme. A single has the capability to extend any number of themes. Instead of developing a fully new theme and copying all of the CSS, you just have to develop a new theme, widen the theme you like and add the changes that you are looking to add in your themes. However, the main aim of the base theme as it delivers us with a basic layout an[...]

15 Stunning WooCommerce Themes to Sell Your Products/Services in 2015

Wed, 29 Apr 2015 03:29:08 PDT

All thanks to Internet that made trade and shopping more suitable. Now, it becomes very easy for small to large enterprises to grab their user’s attention and make their brand popular among people.We all know that online store needs less investment then traditional store and also have a wide reach. But, you should keep in mind that online market is also competitive. There are many businesses converting WordPress site into WooCommerce to sale products/services online. However, the main problem with them is they aren’t find appropriate theme for their website to grow larger. Thus, here we have collected 15 best WooCommerce themes that make your store more fabulous and feature-rich. BoutiqueBoutique is a localized and 100% responsive e-commerce theme that come with an unlimited number of color variations. Admin can also find a unique price tag design in the featured products section. Having a powerful theme, it comes along with SEO settings and advertisement alternatives. In addition, many multiple shortcodes and unique page templates are added. Demo | DownloadDepartmentDepartment acts as WooCommerce business theme that provides professional look to your website. Even, it allows you to add your team members’ pictures so your visitors will know who is behind your business. This theme is available with some unique features including, multiple layout options, a beautiful slider and so on. Demo | DownloadCruxCrux is another fabulous eCommerce theme for WordPress that has its own functionality of persuading users to explore products by category. The best thing about this theme is when you hover your mouse over the featured image, the image will be darken and “add to cart” and “details” buttons move from the top and bottom of the image, respectively. Interestingly, one can create an unlimited number of shortcodes with the Stag Custom Sidebars plugin. Some best features are 14 PSDs, font awesome icons, widgets and so on. Demo | DownloadBarberryBarberry is one of the best WordPress themes that listed as “One of the 10 best paid WordPress themes of 2013 in Forbes. This theme looks very attractive and works excellent. Interestingly, it comes with many amazing features like catalog mode option, YITH wishlist, responsive design, Brands feature, support ticket system, and so on. Demo | DownloadMinshopMinshop is purely built for WooCommerce that seems to be a functional one. Most of the admin prefers this theme as it comes with unique feature of Ajax shopping cart. It allows developing unlimited number of layouts with Themify’s famous drag and drops page builder. This theme comes with 6 custom widgets like featured posts, recent comments, Twitter feed, Flickr photostream, list pages, and categories. Demo | DownloadRetail TherapyRetail Therapy is the perfect eCommerce theme for WordPress that shows images of various products connected with product linked to particular category. This theme has capability to highlight products that are on sale. The best thing is it comes with numerous options like phone number, search bar, menu links, social profile link, etc. on the top of your website. Demo | DownloadStorebox WebshopStorebox Webshop comes with amazing layout and design with couples crisp lines and clean details to show products in the most amazing ways. Admin can find nice wide featured images that featured in the blog layout along with some Typography options. Demo | DownloadZerifAdd captionZerif is a one-page theme that is easy-to-setup as its most of the changes a[...]

How to Increase Free Press Coverage For Your Online Store?

Wed, 15 Apr 2015 03:48:47 PDT

You know that a small amount of press coverage can also increase the sales of your store within just few hours, but you have to remember in mind that you cannot build a profess coverage alone. Sometimes, you will see how Mark Cuban tears apart entrepreneurs, who are spending dollars on publicity and press coverage if you ever watch Shark Tank.If you are thinking that why is this the case, due to a business, which plans on striking it rich with press coverage is one that doesn't have a clear plan on how to gain customers. Otherwise, the product will not be that scalable. However, the list of potential problems continues.  For businesses, press coverage is still one of the best things, but remember that you cannot focus on your marketing strategy across it. Therefore, it is good idea to find free and low-priced press coverage.  With it, we can have a look on how to increase the free press coverage for your online store: Look at Your Competitors What They are DoingLooking at your competitors what they are doing is one of the best ways to find free press coverage for your eCommerce website. For an example – if you are running an online store that sells clothing, and there are lots of other companies as well that offer clothing online, so unquestionably, you have got some competition.  So, you can spy on them and look what they are doing in order to get the word out about their own products. One of the best ways through which you can do that is by monitoring the websites, which are linking to them. Businesses can make use of the free tool like Moz Open Site Explorer in order to biff in their website URL and search for where their links are coming from.  However, not all the given links are going to help you, but you are compound to stumble upon on some of the top profile bloggers or magazines that wrote about their competitors. In any case, if they have written anything about your competitors, you know that at least they have an interest in your industry.  In order to see that if they are able to put together a story on your company, the products that you are selling or something that sets you apart, you can easily reach out to these publications.  Interact With Journalists to Look For a Story You know that how do journalists are finding their content that they put in their articles? There are lots of them, who have contacts that help them in searching quality quotes and leads for their stories. However, the Internet is offering them fascinating opportunities so that they can reach out to more important content.  It is considered as a much better option than paying a PR firm to search for a reporter. You can help the journalist by spicing up their article. We all know that reporters are writing a lot of articles, but these become specials when they can grab a direct quote in the industry.  Look For Blogs that Cover Consumer Products  The traditional ways of searching free press are highly affordable since you have to submit your information to big websites and expect that your submission hauls the attention of a writer. However, if you are not that much of experienced at writing pitched to writers, maybe you don't have much luck going on that route. A simple way to search blogs that only write about consumer products such as Uncrate. You are also capable of performing an instant Google search to locate other consumer product blogs as there are lots of them. Once, if you found one such blog that covers a lot of products, you can simply just shoot them [...]

How Z-ray Becomes the Definitive Debugging Solution?

Wed, 08 Apr 2015 21:25:51 PDT

Z-Ray is one of the newest members of the PHP developer's toolkit that demonstrate all the under-the-hood details of a page request across the PHP scripts that including in developing the page. One of the best software development tools for PHP developers, Zend Technologies introduced real-time visibility inside Magento application that shows what occurs when development of web page is done.With Z-Ray, developers can easily detect and fix issues by connected with operations staff to quickly resolve production issues, and deliver higher quality applications. Z-Ray is integrated into the response that comes from PHP application and display in an appropriate browser that developers are using for PHP Zend Framework Development. There is only one PHP debugging solution, i.e. Z-Ray that delivers Application support for WordPress, Drupal, and MagentoFramework support for Zend Framework, Symfony and LaravelPage request details for all scripts involvedProduction snapshotsUnder-the-hood debugging capabilitiesMobile and Web Services debugging capabilitiesCustom app and framework support via Z-Ray extensibility APIAll information shown inside your browserZ-Ray has also announced for Magento that provides developers an insight to develop high-quality application- starting from coding to deployment. Interestingly, developers are empowered by Z-Ray to check how coding running in the real-time. Moreover, issues can be detected and corrected by developers that result into minimum production issues and optimized application performance. Z-Ray for Magento comes with many different features like:Inspect page requestsDebug mobile app requestsGet insight on URL performanceGet deep insight on blocks, events, functions, handles, observers, request propertiesAnalyze errors and warningsIdentify database queries issuesDebug web services API callsProduction SnapshotsThe new URL and most popular URLs recognize the slowest and poorest-performing. With the help of Full Z-Ray snapshots, one can easily reveal URLS that requested by the real world. Z-Ray ExtensibilityNow, Magento developers have capability to develop their own customized view in Z-Ray by using the latest Z-Ray Extensibility API that supports any application/ framework. Apart from Magento, Z-Ray is also available for many other platforms like: Z-Ray on WordPress Based on PHP, WordPress is one of the most popular open source blogging tools that come with plug-in architecture and a template system for developers to customized needs. See the live demo for more information: Z-Ray on MagentoOne of the most popular eCommerce platforms, Magento provides marvelous shopping experience to its users with a flexible shopping cart system. The best things about Magento are it provides different tools for SEO, marketing and catalog management. See the live demo for more information: Z-Ray on DrupalBeing an open source web development platform, Drupal powers some of the popular sites on the web, including Stanford University,, and so on. See the live demo for more information: Z-Ray on Zend Framework 2Zend Framework (ZF) is an object-oriented web application that licensed under the New BSD License. This framework is used by 10,000 PHP programmers for developing website in every industries. See the live demo for more information:Are you looking for Zend FrameworkDeveloper for hire? Contact Perception System for more information.[...]

10 Impressive Open Source Developer Tools That You Should Check-out

Sun, 29 Mar 2015 22:25:57 PDT

Are you looking forward to getting some of the best open source developer tools? Literally, you have a lot of options to choose from. Right now, I have listed 10 highly impressive and feature rich open source developer tools that you can check-out and use as per your convince. 1. Bugzilla -Bugzilla is the best open source developer tool that is used by more than 1000 groups to track their software bugs, comprising Facebook, Mozilla, NASA and the Linux Kernel. It is a web-based system that makes it extremely easy to manage code changes, issue patched and stay in communication with other members of your development team. 2. Javadoc -Javadoc is another impressive open source developer tool that makes use of the comments you embed in your Java code to develop an HTML documentation file. This tool is known for describing the public and protected classes, interfaces, nested, constructors, fields, methods and more by default. Javadoc is included in Oracle's Java developer kits. 3. PHPDocumentor -As like Javadoc, phpDocumentor is also well-known for turning code comments into readable documentation for users for the PHP language rather than Java. Being the fast and incredible tool, it comprises a lot of templates. 4. Open64 -Open64 was developed by Intel and the Chinese Academy of Science. Formerly, the tool is well-known as Pro64, but now it is well-known as Open64 that includes compilers for C, C++ and Fortran90/95 compilers for the IA-64 Linux ABI and API standards. 5. Anjuta DevStudio -A versatile software-development studio, Anjuta DevStudio is the best tool, featuring a lot of advanced programming facilities like application wizard, GUI designer, project management, interactive debugger, profiler, version control, source editor and more. Mainly, this tool is focusing on delivering a simple and usable user interface for effective development. 6. DotGNU Portable.NET -Considered as a replacement for Microsoft's .Net, DotGNU offers a lot of tools to compile and run applications. Currently, this tool supports C and C#. The main aim of this tool is to make it a lot simpler to write portable application programs, which work well both on DotGNU Portable.NET and on Microsoft's .NET platform. 7. MonoDevelop -When it comes to MonoDevelop tool, it is a cross-platform C# and .NET development environment. This high-end tool allows the rapid development of desktop and ASP.Net Web applications. Through this tool, you can easily port applications developed with Visual Studio to Linux. 8. Eclipse – Eclipse is one such tool that started as a Java IDE, and it has grown into a fully development ecosystem. Along with a wealth of other Java development tools, users can find the IDE itself at this website.9. Ant -Ant is an excellent Java library and command-line tool, whose main mission is to drive processes described in build files as targets and extension points. The main aim of the Ant is to develop Java applications. This tool is also suggesting a lot of built-in tasks, enabling users to compile, test, assemble and run Java apps. Moreover, this high-end tool can also be used effectively to develop non Java apps, for example, C or C++ applications. 10. Android Studio -Android Studio is also an Android development environment that based on IntelliJ IDEA. Quite similar to Eclipse with the ADT plugin, this high-end tool provides integrated Android developer tools for development and debugging. So, these are the top 10 open sour[...]

Pre-Built Vs. Hand-written Code: Which is Best for CMS?

Tue, 24 Mar 2015 21:57:27 PDT

Are you going to choose content management system? Wait. In this post, we are going to discuss some important things related to CMS that you should consider before choosing. Before moving forward, the first question you should ask yourself is what CMS you prefer the most, whether it is pre-built Drupal, WordPress, etc. or choosing custom solution.No doubt both options have numerous advantages, however, it is advisable to know your requirements before selecting the best one. Here, we are exploring three different considerations and know how they affects in taking CMS decision. Whether you are choosing hand-written coding or pre-built, you will get same advantages without any limitations. But, the main problem of most of the businesses is their budget. We are going to establish two different approaches and come to know what serves best within small budget according to the requirements. There are some businesses doesn’t understand that a CMS needs more control over administering of the site, once it developed and running. Before moving further, we are going to discuss some advantages of CMS and come to know why it is excellent option for developing website. One can easily manage your website anywhere with any additional software once your website is developed. It seems to be simple like editing a document. Interestingly, one should have to start from the beginning of the development, but get best looking website exactly you are looking for. So, why to re-develop? Thousands of extensions, components, plug-ins, etc. are available online to integrate in site for better functionality. One would require developing every function, if they weren’t using a CMS. Moreover, it is essential to know it doesn’t essential your CMS has all the advantages that you are looking for. There are two different types of CMSs, such as: Custom built software and “Open-Source Software”. Thus, it is compulsory to understand huge difference between choosing these two CMSs. Those businesses, who have custom build CMS, will always remain dependent for many thingsFor upgrades (it needs on reactive basis due to bugs fixing)When you need particular function to be installed on your site. It doesn’t work on various platforms as “Open Source software”There are many reasons that tell you to use open source CMS. In some cases, you need professional help for developing website. But, there are some differences as well.It simply means improvements and upgrades are proactive instead of reactive. A whole community manages the platform for making sure its ongoing success.Many web designers are using such platforms as their business’s basis. These means designers have knowledge of ins-outs of the business.Application or NotWhether you should choose custom application on your website or not, this is the first consideration. It is advisable to custom CMS for integrating some custom functionality. Moreover, your developers will have to follow the existing protocols and architecture when developing custom application. Interestingly, it allows your developers to create website content. There is lots of plug-ins available for Pre-built CMS solutions that can extend functionality, but a custom solution is best for those people, who are looking to the Internet. UsersHere, we refer users, who will manage the CMS and here, we are considering two factors, i.e. the number of users and their skill levels. Each content management system will manage use[...]

Why to Make Use of Open Source to Drive Small Business Innovation?

Wed, 02 Sep 2015 00:25:35 PDT

A lot of businesses and government organizations are making use of open-source software like Linux; therefore, it is clear that price is not the only benefit behind this.If you are thinking that a lot of companies adopted open source due to its price during the Great Recession, then it would surely have switched back to any costly proprietary thing, but this is not the case with it. Apart from free, open-source software offers a lot of other powerful benefits for businesses. However, some of them are extremely valuable than the software's affordable price. Let's have a look on why you should use open source to drive your small business innovation:QualityFor you, which is better: a software package that developed a some of the developers, or a software package that developed by thousands of developers? There are a lot of developers and users, who are working to boost the security of open source software, so are there various new features and improvements to those products?Generally, open source software gets nearest to what users look as those users can have a hand in making it so. It is not all about the vendors providing users what it thinks they want – they can make it well. It comes to know by a recent study that technical quality is typically the major reason enterprises select open source software. FreedomAfter opting for open source software, a lot of businesses free themselves from terrible vendor lock-in, which can disconcert users of proprietary packages. A lot of customers of these vendors are at the clemency of the vendor's vision, requirements, timetable, priorities, rules, prices and more that bounds what they can actually do with the products. Today, users are under control to make their own decisions and to do what they want with the software. Moreover, they also have a world-wide community of developers and users at their power for help with that. SecurityIt is quite difficult to think of a better testament to the superiority security of open source software than the new disclosure by coverity of a number of defects in the Android Kemel. However, What's so exhortatory about this discovery, and a lot of people noted that the only reasons it was possible because the Kemel code is open to public view. CustomizationHowever, it is also possible for businesses to take an open source software and tweak it to meet their business requirements. Simply, it is a matter of customizing it to add the functionality they want since the code is open. Make sure that you do not try it with proprietary software. Gives Business AgibilityEnsure that you don't be confused with agile development as business agility is nothing, but the ability to react to marketplace demands instantly. Open source offers this to developers and businesses by speeding up the pace of software development.From open source's capability, businesses similarly benefit from open source's capability to allow them react quickly. All those companies that are using open source software code are not tied to vendor's timelines for commercial app upgrades. InteroperabilityOpen source software is a lot better than matching to open standards than proprietary software. Open source software is definitely the way to go if you value interoperability with other businesses, users and computers. Therefore, businesses can go with open source software and platform to expand their business across the world. Moreover, if you are looking forward to open so[...]

How to Get Started With Analytics & Reports in Moodle?

Wed, 25 Feb 2015 01:09:10 PST

Learning analytic and eLearning reporting provides deep perceptive into the progress of learners and makes sure that objectives are being met. By viewing trends of engagement, submissions and other data, educators can get to assist to boost the eLearning experience helping retention rates and student successes.Here, you can find how you can get started with analytics and reports in Moodle website, so continue reading this blog and huge information: Overview Statistics: This is one such plugin that produces a website and course reports charts, comprising countries, user-login, preferred languages, number of courses by category, by size and enrolled users. Moreover, this high-end plugin will also extend the main feature of statistics in a Moodle website. The code has been designed in such a way that makes adding more reports a lot easier and simpler.  Events Monitoring: In Moodle 2.8, a new feature has been added 'events monitoring' that enables admins and teachers to receive notification when particular events happen in Moddle. You can watch the events monitor and explore some of the events.  Site-Wide Reports: For learning analytics, Moodle administrators will get access to a lot of and useful site-wide reports like question instances, security, logs and comments. Along with reports obtainable for both website and course level, below mentioned site-wide reports are available for administrators like backups that shows a list of all course backups made and the next scheduled automated backup execution time.  Logs: At the teacher level, these activity reports can be viewed by the administrator with live logs. In Moodle, logs are activity reports, and they are obtainable through website and course level as well.  Engagement Analytics: When it comes to talking about engagement analytic, it offers information about student progress against various indicators and activities of student that have been recognized by current research to have an impact on student success in online courses. However, this plugin is still not supportable with Moodle 2.8 and needs mod and block plugins.  Forum Graph: The Forum Graph report studies interactions in a single forum activity and develops a force-directed graph with the help of D3 Javascript library. Important note: this is one such plugin that is not yet supported with Moodle 2.8. Thus, these are six simple ways to get started with analytic and reports in Moodle development. However, if you are looking forward to Moodle development services, you can hire a professional Moodle developer, who can assist you throughout your project.[...]