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women art shapes tattoos are so latest and popular tattoos.these tattoos fashion is so famous and real you can use these tattoos fashion on your back its so useful and crazy this type of tattoo is for young and hot girls.many womens to like tattoo fashion and most of womens like to place women's art fashion type tattoos this is great and are some best pics,news,site for

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latest women hot fashion is so i am talking about women sexy bra updates.yes sexy bras has in different bras purchase if for women are some tips for you to purchasing sexy bra.A sexy women bra is a gift for both of you not only you.the best tip to purchase sexy bra is that you should choose a latest and beautiful sexy bra style.thats show your greatness

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Japan was famous with their bizarre stuff and tradition and also in fashion style. Japanese people love to mix and match a fashion style to become the most unique one. We can see many Japanese fashion trends on Harajuku. the teenagers there wears an amazing insane outfit and also the people in the street. they wear a weird and unique costume. Harajuku street style is promoted in

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Harajuku Fashion StylesHarajuku Street Style Pop-up Store is gonna be launching on our sunny island,Harajuku Fashion StylesHarajuku Street Style Pop-up Store is gonna be launching on our sunny island,Harajuku Fashion StylesHarajuku Street Style Pop-up Store is gonna be launching on our sunny island,Harajuku Fashion StylesHarajuku Street Style Pop-up Store is gonna be launching on our sunny

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Harajuku Fashion Styles on JapanHarajuku Street Style Pop-up Store is gonna be launching on our sunny island,Harajuku Fashion Styles on JapanHarajuku Street Style Pop-up Store is gonna be launching on our sunny island,Harajuku Fashion Styles on JapanHarajuku Street Style Pop-up Store is gonna be launching on our sunny island,Harajuku Fashion Styles on JapanHarajuku Street Style Pop-up Store

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How to Dress Harajuku Style. Harajuku style originated among teens on the streets near Harajuku Station in Shibuya, Japan. It may have beenHow to Dress Harajuku Style. Harajuku style originated among teens on the streets near Harajuku Station in Shibuya, Japan. It may have beenHow to Dress Harajuku Style. Harajuku style originated among teens on the streets near Harajuku Station in

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This Blog Post is about Mens Fashion 2011 Photos and Videos Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 Mens Fashion 2011 D&G MEN SUMMER 2011 FASHION SHOW Paris Men's Fashion Week S/S 2011 Paris Men's Fashion Week S/S 2011

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justin bierbe


justin bieber uk concertHH9DN9GDSVAM


images justin bieber concert tickets justin bieber uk tour 2011.solaris2703-12 10:16 AMCongratulationswallpaper justin bieber uk tour 2011. justin bieber tour 2011.leo260612-13 08:02 PMWe are all waiting for next breaking news from you ramnadhan.Visit another immigration site tomorrow and come back with another breaking news.January 2008 Visa Bulletin and Predicament of Unmarried Indian

selena gomez dream out loud clothing line


images selena gomez dream out loud selena gomez dream out loud.immi200605-04 12:59 PMHi, I spent 2 weeks just looking at all posts and analysing the data patterns posted on the BEC, permtracker, calif 140 stage and so on... no one has published a report for a ready reckoner. I wanted to see the data sample to see where we stand today on the status as a snapshot, the data could

selena gomez on ellen march 22


images selena gomez on ellen Selena Gomez Performs “Whoshaikhshehzadali07-11 11:35 AMNo big deal man...mine was approved in 2 days from NSC..;) wallpaper Selena Gomez Performs “Who selena gomez on ellen 2011.gcformeornot04-12 06:40 AMSorry i keep on asking same questions again and again. I could not find any answer for that. What should I fill in "date of application" for priviously applied

justin bieber emoticons


images justin bieber emoticon justin bieber emoticon. justin bieber emoticon. justinikass06-01 08:32 PMCan IV help with reaching out to Media or leading magazine to provide some light into the plight of legal immigration? We don`t see articles written or spoken about our plight. IV can direct some resources to this effort and I`m sure we can provide 100s of unique stories of aspiring legal

ell & nikki running scared azerbaijan


images Ell/Nikki of Azerbaijan Running scared on stage?vedicman10-20 11:16 AMwhat else can be expected of him?? guess he just spews his venom without listening or reading the responses he gets for his callouts... wallpaper Running scared on stage? ell amp; nikki running scaredAnders �stbergJuly 15th, 2004, 01:18 PMHave to relate this annoying story... I went back again after some food and rest

justin bieber fake glasses


images girlfriend Justin Bieber Fake justin bieber glasses drawing.bkam05-18 03:41 PMGood job, IV core group. Media attention is usually a sign that things are getting hot and resolution is a must. As other people mentioned below - love to be a member of the IV team (3,000+ smart, dedicated people, wow!) wallpaper justin bieber glasses drawing. images justin bieber withgg_ny08-21 09:20 AMIs

bieber yourself


images Check it out for yourself. admitting it to yourselfclockwork02-02 06:15 PMIf i am understanding you right.....your labor is applied for EB2 qualification but I-140 is applied and approved in EB3. And you want to reapply a new I-140 for EB2 by using the same labor. I believe, you should be able to apply. Labor certification is not expired as another poster mentioned. It will expire in

justin bieber photoshopped body


images JUSTIN BIEBER MY WORLD TOUR sweethearts Justin Bieberpal35111-21 04:49 PMHi Friends, You may answered this so many times but I missed.. Please some tell me, How much is the Fee for AP Renewal? and Required Docs for the Papaer Filing. I filed my I 485 on July 24th 2007 Thanks, -Pal. wallpaper sweethearts Justin Bieber justin bieber in The Biggg_ny08-30 11:54 AMqualified_trash is

justin bieber collage black and white


images justin bieber black and white. +and+justin+ieber+collagecleopatra02-17 08:36 AMStory 2 Imagine this. You are old. You are talking to your grandson in your native tongue about the need to utilize an opportunity when it presents itself. You say to him, who is listening with great interest. "You should always look out for opportunities for it does not present itself explicitly except very

justin bieber died


images justin bieber died today. died Justin Bieber dead – Anothermbartosik03-28 01:29 PMuntil today my I485 was 60 days outside the processing times. Now it is not. I had previously inquired (service request) what's up, I was told by phone they cannot even process SR because they are more than 60 days behind published dates. Things that caused Nebraska to move back: Transfers from Texas

selena gomez naturally album cover


images selena gomez naturally. Naturallydtekkedil07-03 10:47 AMI guarantee you they won't do a thing with it. in fact they won't even be able to take it home (the workers that is) because they are not allowed to, it's almost like accepting bribes, right? Hey I have an idea, let's all apply lipstick and kiss a piece of paper and send that :D yes, even guys, it's for the greater good:D LOL! You

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images JUSTIN BIEBER T-SHIRT – POSTER ieber t rex. Justin Bieberd10076306-22 09:26 PMVDAMINATOR! THAT BRA LOOKS LIKE IT WAS DRAWN WITH PHOTOSHOP! You p0rn lover... Touch�...:smirk: wallpaper ieber t rex. Justin Bieber justinbieber shirtgreat shirtgeniousatwork09-22 09:00 PMI applied on Aug 18 and got approval email on Sep 2....awaiting AP in mail I applied for my AP on Aug 24th. I haven't seen

justin bieber headphones dr dre


images Dr Dre JustBeats Headphones Beats by Dr Dre JustBeatsRobert Kumar03-22 09:03 AMIt's no brainer. Have the baby in US and then leave for india. You get US citizenship for your baby free of cost and without any hassles. Your baby can get indian citizenship anytime if that's your goal. And u can get your GC by him sponsoring for you as parents in just 15-16 years from now. That will be

selena gomez hair up


images selena gomez hair up styles. selena gomez hair up styles. selena gomez short hair updo.hpandey12-24 03:29 PMHi, I have a question: - H1-B's I-797 is valid, but visa stamping has expired. - I use AP document to re-enter. - I do not use EAD at all After using AP, can I move to a different company by petitioning for H1-B? The other question is: Is it worthwhile to go for H1-B stamping when

justin bieber doll toys r us


images dolls at Toys #39;R#39; Us at Justin#39;s doll. SPLASHlooivy08-15 10:43 AMAny idea how do they transfer application from VSC to NSC? Process or guidelines around it would be helpful. My para-legal told me that since my I-140 has a EAC number, my I-485 was also sent to Vermont. Please advise. wallpaper Justin#39;s doll. SPLASH or any Justin Bieber ToysInTheMoment07-17 08:45 PMWhat ??

justin bieber ideal girl


images Justin Bieber has said that Justin Bieber#39;s Ideal Girlmorchu04-21 08:46 AMDepends on many variables. 1. What is the field of your / your spouse's job? Can you find a good job in Canada? 2. Is there any other variables that force you to be in USA. (Relatives etc..)? For a lot of middle category jobs Canada is even better than USA. Infact Canada is more industrial than USA and has very

bieber or die


images office today. Justin Bieber arrives at Perezivy5508-19 09:52 AMI got my first FP on July 31 2008- code 2 after waiting one year. Then on Aug 16, I got another FP for Code 1. no LUD yet Thanks wallpaper Justin Bieber arrives at Perez Funny Or Die. Justin Biebersanju02-11 10:48 AMthank you for repply.i try to stay legal here much as everybody but sistem work slow and put me out only for 3

pictures of selena gomez in who says


images Selena Gomez Didn#39;t Get Home // Selena Gomez Who Sayssukumar0510-08 04:57 PMi am in the same boat..applied for GC in august but not married yet.. From my understanding, i can add my spouse later when she's here and my PD is current but before my gc is approved. there are two worst case scenarios, 1) If GC gets approved before marriage. there's nothing i can do other than marrying

bieber wayne


images new lil wayne quotes 2011, ieber+pictures+april+2011amitjoey10-23 11:57 AMNo question is stupid, we are all learning and there are always these complex and everchanging provisions. I-140 Premium is not available as of now. It could change anytime. Is $1000.00 Lawyers fees? for filing I-140? COs s/he cannot ask for PP fees. Go to USCIS home page to figure out what the I-140 and I-485 FEES

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images selena gomez naturally album cover. selena gomez kiss and tell Selena Gomez#39;s pictures:Aah_GC07-13 12:32 PMBend it like Beckham mates! Get funky hairstyles, market yourself well and play some average soccer with all kind of funky logos on your shirt. wallpaper Selena Gomez#39;s pictures: album cover. selena gomezsidm03-29 08:59 PMChanduv, I am sorry, but as far as I have known IV, IV

justin bieber wallpaper 2010 download


images 2010 Justin Bieber SoManyMp3s pack 2010 album videoss.m.srinivas03-31 10:42 PMCompany A in my case has not revoked my H1B, it's still in valid status. I had been to India too & I came back with same VISA on MARCH 12 2009. I have mentioned in the post also. "snathan", can you tell me what are the options for me now in this situation? wallpaper pack 2010 album videos justin bieber

selena gomez boyfriend twilight


images selena gomez mom name. Twilight star Kellan Lutznumber3007-23 07:54 PMI'm in a similar predicament as well. I'm on EAD and 485 is pending, can I claim unemployment benefits? Only problem is that, it will become a documented proof of your current unemployment. Otherwise it is just insurance. Dependents can go that safely. Primary I am not sure. wallpaper Twilight star Kellan Lutz Selena

ell & nikki running scared azerbaijan lyrics


images ell amp; nikki running scared ell amp; nikki running scaredvladdrac06-11 03:57 PMyes you cannot go wrong with boobies wallpaper ell amp; nikki running scared ell amp; nikki running scaredcram10-09 07:06 PMplease anybody????????ell amp; nikki running scaredsachisdis02-23 07:48 PMHi, Im from India and joined the company 4 years back as Programmer/Analyst. I have an Bachelors in Computer

justin bieber u mad


images justin bieber memoir Gordon You either love Justin Bieberdesi393305-19 03:30 PM.... So effectively will be working 32 hrs instead of 40 hrs and getting paid for 32 hrs only ..... ..... In My LCA, prevailing wage: 52K, and my salary in LCA and I-129: 64.5K My questions: 1) Is working 32 hrs still considered full-time and do I still remain in legal H1 status? (I heard that in US more than

selena gomez zack and cody


images Selena Gomez, our cutie-pie of cody simpson hairstyles. picsvnsriv03-31 04:32 PMI am taking a guess that what Ronnie meant to say was that, Tax filing (whether or not you file jointly) has no implications on your immigration process... which is true. If you filed 'married filing separately' does not mean that you dont want to support your spouse anymore as a derivative of your I-485 !

justin bieber selena gomez vanity fair


images 12 of 24. Selena Justin Bieber And Selena GomezzCool04-05 02:56 PMSo lets understand this.. You joined someone on the promise that they will sponsor your GC with approved labor.. They kept their word and you are gainfully employed.. he's paying you and now you want to purely for your own benefit leave this benefactor and join another company.. So either you paid him before joining and

Skoda Sk215 Pics


images The Skoda Fabia#39;s New Skoda Laura InteriorsItIsNotFunny10-23 03:57 PMHi, My mother-in-law is coming to US on 2nd Dec on a one-way ticket, she will be going back around March 09 i.e. in almost 4 months. As we dont know abt the dates as such of return so we have booked a one-way ticket from India to US. Will there be any problem due to that at port of entry? Do she also need to carry

Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab


images 2007 Dodge Ram 2500 SLT Mega Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cabfranklin10-12 10:53 AMPlease move this thread to the appropriate forum, this has nothing to do with DC rally logisitics wallpaper Dodge Ram 2500 Mega Cab 2008 Dodge Ram Mega Cab 2500Prashanthi10-20 05:15 PMMy advice you need to prepare a comprehensive package of documentation since your case is really messed up. 1) Get a legal

Seat Leon


images Seat Leon Seat Leon Desktop Backgroundnozerd02-24 08:26 AMNot true. TX doesnt have state income tax but still allows H1 and H4 visa holders in state tuition after 1 yr of residence. Thanks AFAIK States that do not have state income tax do not let H4 visa holders pay instate and make Green Card as a requirement for instate qualification. WA state is a good example of the above situation

1995 Lincoln Town Car Interior


images 1995 Lincoln Town Car 4 Dr 1995 Lincoln Town Carvivache09-19 01:46 AM"They are a privately owned LLC ( trust) and if I open a trading account with them, then I am accepted as a 'member' of the trading firm and at the end of the fiscal year, they would provide me a K1 tax form which would reflet my share of profits from my stock trades." What does being a member mean? does it mean that

Toyota Camry Se 2006


images 2006 Toyota Camry SE V6 Toyota Camry SE V6 2006 postercagedcactus05-02 01:54 PMI just received an email from my lawyer that my I 140 was denied. The reason stated was my company is not able to prove the funds to support my salary. I am on 5 year of H1-b. Exactly one year left. I dont want to stay with same company if I have to file fresh in PERM. What are the best options available for

Ford Festiva 1994


images the Ford Festiva is an Vendo FORD FESTIVA 1994Oasis5205-15 02:44 PMCurrent Status: H1 (visa stamp expires Sept 2011) Citizen-India Current: Company A (Has filed for h1 extention on May 1 under normal processing) Future: Company B (Has filed for Transfer under Premium Processing as of May 6) Currently employed with A. Company B lawyer has filed a transfer on May 6 Premium Process.(I

2011 Nissan Rogue Interior Photos


images 2011 Nissan Rogue for sale in 2011 Nissan Rogue insriwaitingforgc07-23 10:49 AMAre we supposed to get every year?? did ur friend apply EAD renewal online ? wallpaper 2011 Nissan Rogue in 2011 Nissan X Trail Interioraprajimmi06-13 09:56 AMGuys,Please do something for priority dates to be current.We are despirately waiting from 4years to file I-485...EAD...I-140 is approved long

2007 Volkswagen Crosstouran


images VOLKSWAGEN CROSS TOURAN DARK Volkswagen CrossTouran.Prashanthi05-21 11:17 AMWhen the USCIS finds out and makes a determination that you are out of status, that is when you will be in trouble, or if you go outside the country for a visa, if they notice that you W-2 has a very low amount, they may refuse to give you a visa. When you file the transfer if the USCIS finds out that you have

Honda Fit 2010 Sport


images 2010 HONDA Fit Sport, Black, 2010 Honda Fit Sport HatchbackDhundhun10-23 02:13 PMbuy a return ticket . Cathay Pacific has tickets valid for a year. They have no change fees etc. so you can change the return date whenever you want. Rates vary for 4 months, 6 months and 1 year return tickets. Decide as per your convenience. wallpaper 2010 Honda Fit Sport Hatchback 2010 Honda Fit Sport

1998 Ford Escort Zx2 Coupe


images 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 Coupe 1998 Ford Escort ZX2 Coupegc_on_demand12-21 05:07 PMGood to know someone at least thought about our poor souls;jsessionid=VEGR0THB1JIVRQE1GH OSKHWATMY32JVN All you get is CSS change ? new theme and color... One of my personal case is approved long back and still showing as Initial

1979 Buick Regal Turbo


images I want to find a 1979 or 1980 Buick Regal Turbo againstnewbee712-18 01:53 PMif you invest in foriegn stocks using a us broker you don't have to worry much. Your 1099 will have it spelled out. If you send money out of country you will have to report those earnins to IRS even though they might not show up in 1099. wallpaper Buick Regal Turbo against Buick advertisement featuringH1B-GC06-25

Chevrolet Blazer 1996


images Chevy Blazer 1996 Pitman Arm Chevrolet Blazer 1996.Hassan1108-24 03:43 PMHi. I am sorry if I am posting this on the wrong thread but I am trying to get some help or suggestions. I have a question regarding an appeal I did a year ago for a rejected LC. I have an approved LC and I-140 on an entry level position (EB3) with my company. after I got a promotion to a senior position that

little girl short hairstyles


images Little girls curly hairstyles Post Title → Short Hairusdreams05-25 12:13 PMHi, I am little scared, I have taken an Infopass appointment for this friday at my local office, as my PD is current for EB2 - May, and still didn't get any status update or GCs. Is it risky or inviting a risk by taking infopass apt. ? Do you think I should have waited ? please reply if anyone have any idea.

alex pettyfer for burberry


images actor Alex Pettyfer; Alex Pettyfer Is Up inglamzon07-20 05:01 PMNo Clue... on this topic ..sorry wallpaper Alex Pettyfer Is Up in Alex Pettyfer (Actor),dhesha11-17 02:53 PMNope. That is not true. Either the company/lawyer is screwing your friend! You can avoid the waiting period by using "Notice and Consider". I had the same experience with FDBL lawyers, those guys were awful. Luckily

water droplet


images Grass and water droplet Water Droplet and Ripple in[[C|-|E]]April 17th, 2004, 12:45 PMThank you! Don't wait for the macro lens, these shots are taken with a 100-400 at 400mm! -Anders I only own a Tamron 28-200 XR at the moment :), mounted in my 300D :) . But maybe is possible to create big bubbles using bath gel... I should try :D . wallpaper Water Droplet and Ripple in stock photo :

selena gomez round and round dress


images Celebrities from around the Selena Gomez Answers Someanandrajesh09-21 04:52 PMPoint 2 in ur post is in the agenda. Ability to File 140/485 even if the dates are not current. Looks like this will be the least controversial of all things we can ask for, but will solve majority of our issues. This one thing doesnt ask for any EB numbers increase, doesnt look for H1 B increase and doesnt ask

craig owens tattoos


images craig owens Pm by craig owens lyrics,krishmunn09-21 07:11 AMFirst thing you need to do is setup a 30 min - 1 hour appointment with an experienced Attorney (Khanna/ Murthy/ Ron) You can have a telephonic discussion. Do not think about money and go for the best. During discussion bring up the topic of new employment (C) as well . If you have the format from your current company attorney

blank white t shirt back


images Shirt Is Blank White Print with lank gray t-shirt,Desi4GC08-07 08:47 PMHello members, I had a non-traffic citation few years ago, which got dismissed and expunged. I do not have any documents relating to that incidence. I don't even recall the charges. I did background check with Sheriff's office which showed no records. How should I present this on form I-485 (question about citation/

disney princess jasmine cakes


images coloring pages disney princess Disney Cakesanda00710-30 12:11 PMI live in the Denver-Colorado Area and myself and lot of my other friends went to the USCIS office at 8AM on a saturday, one before the schduled appointment They made us wait for about 30 minutes extra, till they could finish the current filers After that we were called and had our fingerprinting done I would suggest, go

anchor tattoos


images Joe Anchor Tattoo by each got an anchor tattoosk.aggarwal02-16 08:29 AMThank you very much for your reply. wallpaper each got an anchor tattoo anchors leg scars tattooEB2_Jun03_dude11-29 04:15 PMyes I did. Here are my details PD: EB2 India - Jun03 I140 approved: Nov 05 I-485 applied: Jun 05 FP1: Jul 05 FP2: May 07 AC21: Job changed twice (Jun 06 and Apr 07). Sent EVL to USCIS both times

wallpaper transformers


images Transformers 2 Bumblebee wallpaper transformers 2.tonyHK1211-17 10:40 AMDREAM Act should actually be called DREAM ON Act... . anybody heard Aerosmith 'Dream on'? seems appropriate " Half my life is in books' written pages Lived and learned from fools and from sages You know it's true All the things come back to you .... Sing with me, sing for the year Sing for the laughter, sing for

talc makeup


images shades 08-10 contain talc, dioxide makeup talc makeupsamcam05-19 10:47 AM^^ Bump ^^ We currently have 76 guests... if you are a guest please register and let your friends know.. Also, Welcome to our newest member govindk. We have 3,867 members and counting.. Lets see if we can get to 3900 members today!! wallpaper dioxide makeup talc makeup talc makeup. dioxide makeupchanduv2301-07

american history x tattoos


images A brief history of these uses american history x tattoos.chantu06-19 09:35 AMmy mom gave up her green card back in early 80's and she has had no problems what so ever in getting vistors visa since then (in fact it made it easier to get vistors visa (for the entire family) because it clearly shows no intention of migrating to US). Your mom had GC in 80s? Why are you in EB queue? You

happy birthday funny dog


images HAPPY BIRTHDAY SONG • Dogs happy birthday funny dog.vivache10-04 04:32 PMSo can I submit the docs through my family .. now and just go for the final interview? This way I can go to the embassy the day I land in Mumbai. Yes, you have to submit your papers at least 5 business days I think before your interview date. It is a requirement for the Mumbai consulate. Mumbai consulate is like

panorama bar berlin


images Berghain / Panorama Bar Berghain amp; Panorama Barjaggu bhai07-27 01:04 PMravi Pl find these colleges International Technological University ( Herguan University ( i thought of these two colleges which were referred by someone, i assumed that, as these colleges are having so many F1 Indian students (i saw on social networking

wallpaper of actress


images actress wallpapers. hindi Hot Actress Wallpaperchirutha09-26 05:15 PMHi GC_SUCK, Congrats, can you send your details of dates in all stages, will be informative for us, thanks. wallpaper Hot Actress Wallpaper Actress Wallpaper nudehelpfriends04-17 09:55 AMand yes, it's a very odd situation. Hard to explain and maybe I should have tried to clarify more earlier. From what I gather(heard

lollywood wallpapers


images Hollywood Wallpapers lollywood wallpapers. Lollywood Cute Actress Fiza; lollywood wallpapers.nilcritz12-15 09:43 AMAdd one from Austin. wallpaper lollywood wallpapers. Lollywood Cute Actress Fiza; lollywood wallpapers. Lollywood Wallpapers; lollywood wallpapers. Tags: Bollywood WallpapersGCneeded11-08 12:24 PMHello Everyone, Thank you everyone for the responses. RBharol, My parents

latest wedding dress designs


images latest wedding dress designs. wedding dress designerdealsnet01-13 01:48 PMWhat you did is illegal. It can affect your H1B and GC. wallpaper wedding dress designer latest wedding dress designs.tb290412-21 11:11 AMI was in a kind of similar situation couple of times 1. I had a valid US visa and I was traveling from Cincinnati to New Delhi via Paris on Air France. My flight from Cincinnati

funny quotes for photos


images Funny Quote Funny Quotes About Life #1sjhugooseFebruary 12th, 2004, 11:08 AMAnd Fujifilm too. But I think its a "business decision" somehow, and I don't expect it will happen, when Canon is so dominant, for that market segment concerned. At least not now, not soon. I wish I am wrong. Steven Steve will you just give up this Facade! You know your gonna go the way of the mighty CANON. You

disney cars movie characters


images The Disney Cars Movie and Cars 2 Movie Characterssaji00705-03 12:53 PMI had both PERM and I-140 copy. I think I-140 should be enough. Any way check with the lawyer, of the new company before resigning from the current one. You should get 3 years, in a normal case, depends on the reviewing officer. If not you can apply for H1-Extn based on approved I-140 from prev employer ( Current

mapa europa fisico


images mapa de europa para colorear. mapa europa fisico. mapa deasdf12310-26 04:09 PMApplied at tsc on 2aug card prodn. ordered on 23rd oct. But I have received 3 lud's after that on 485 and 2 on 765, my 140 is still pending at TSC applied on 29 of july. can anybody guess what is it for? wallpaper mapa europa fisico. mapa de mapa espanakanakabyraju07-21 04:08 PMI did receive the RFE today and

real madrid 2011 team photo


images 2011 Angel Di Maria Tattoos REAL MADRID ideal starting 11WillIBLucky06-21 12:08 PMCongratulations!!!!! Would you plz confirm us on the Birth Certificate? Me & my husband got our Birth Certificates in 2005 with all the correct birth details. Do you think we might still need affidavits for Late Registration of Birth?Please throw some light on this as there's lot of confusion going on this

nice birthday quotes for friends


images irthday quotes for friends. funny birthday quotes for friends. funny happy irthday quotesbagha07-11 11:01 AMI'm in similar situation: On H1 with company A since 2001. Current extension is valid till July 2010. Eb3-India I-140 Approved, Filed I-485 more than 180 days ago. Now I want to transfer my H1B using AC21. My questions are: 1. If my current employer revokes I-140 what are the

love yourself poems


images love yourself poems. love love yourself poemsaddsf34510-22 01:10 PMI am trying to figure out the same and after rigorous communication with my lawyer and a few companies, I came to an estimate that it may take anywhere between, atleast 12-18 mnths on a thumb rule. Again, I understand its on a case by case basis. @KabAyegaMeraGc - question for you: if you were qualified for EB-2, why did

pictures of naruto characters


images Naruto Characters up the Naruto characterscanmt10-26 10:11 AMIf you have not done this already you are supposed to call the USCIS and update them with your new address apart from sending a AR-11 regarding your address change. Call customer service and ask them to give you an update and/or request a copy of your receipt notice. The notice goes to your moron lawyer and it takes about 4/5

jennifer aniston long straight hair


images Jennifer with longer hair. Jennifer Anniston Straight andneerajkandhari03-16 08:52 AMCan I work for the same employer as a contractor (1099) I dont want to be on payrorle with the company for whom i work wallpaper Jennifer Anniston Straight and Jennifer Blowout: Straightgg_ny04-07 04:59 PMCan we get an appointment with the President and explain the problems faced by EB immigrants Since

tattoo lettering alphabet_05


images tattoo lettering alphabet_05. tattoo lettering alphabet_05. tattoo lettering alphabet_05.dealsnet10-07 12:47 PMYour daughter is a citizen ? How she filed your I-485 ? My daughter is now 22 years old and filed I-485 on behalf of me in the year 2007. That time she was only 19 years. Now she is planning to get married before getting a green card. Her bride-groom is H-1 visa and not applied

free nascar wallpaper


images nascar wallpaper nascar wallpaper jeff gordonpappu07-16 10:12 PMIn that case you will have to file I970 (I485+I485) :) Not a good idea. I had researched this to great lengths and posted it. Check the archives before starting new threads on the same topic. wallpaper nascar wallpaper jeff gordon nascar wallpaperabhis009-12 01:28 PMI called the USCIS customer service and was given the

black vista wallpaper


images Windows Vista Black Wallpaper cool wallpapers for vistatikka05-30 08:51 PMramus how do i know whether the webfax i sent went only to my state or to all senators with the new method? when did the system change? depends on the state you select- it goes to those senators. to send to all 50 you need to select each state thank you wallpaper cool wallpapers for vista Black in Vista

higurashi wallpaper


images Higurashi no naku Koro ni by higurashi wallpaper. higurashibitu7201-10 11:25 AMthreat of losing your job is very every prediction says its going to be more bad.. i come here every hr to see any updates or news... but dont write as not sure what effect can we make..obama is more pressed with economic recovery and more immigrants are not what they want..but still i am optimistic

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images quotes and sayings quotes and sayings aboutwilligetagc08-18 11:22 PMI did B.E in Computer Science Engg, 4 yrs Course. I have no idea why USCIS gave that reason. Actually, my company's attorney told that "USCIS denied H1B, because i don't have Computers background and am working as a Programmer Analyst". That's all i know at this moment. I don't know whom to trust at this point. There

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images osama-in-laden-hideout.jpg Last Refuge of Osama bin Ladensraghava10-08 02:29 PMI have the same case as user beautifulMind .. I applied for my I-485 AOS and EAD-OPT card for my wife at the same time (June last week) .My wife is on F-1.We decided to apply for the EAD-OPT since there were rumors of the July 2 retrogression.She received her EAD-OPT in Sep (EAD to start Oct 1 ) and received

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images justin bieber phone background justin bieber my world 2.0hnordbergOctober 25th, 2005, 04:24 PMBut I'm definitely open to planning something. I'll try to create a list of possible sites and post it here with in the next week or so for everyone to add to / subtract from. How's that sound? I like Michael's ideas, but a list of choices would be nice. wallpaper justin bieber my world 2.0 hot

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images Megan Fox Covers Madame Figaro megan fox 2011 calendar pics.eb3_nepa02-18 11:17 AMYour reasoning is nearly correct. But you are missing Two points: 1. There will be some cases from BECs which could not file AOSs in time since their labors did not clear for them in the july/aug timeframe. Only when these have cleared will the chances of further retrogression decrease. 2. ALSO - Just as an

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images El Amor. El Amor Como no podía ser.. letra dersrikant10-31 03:43 PMhey guys, i apply at tsc on aug 3rd. transferred to vsc. ead card production ordered 10/22 ead card received 10/27 no email received for approval notice FP received from tsc 10/29. wallpaper Como no podía ser.. letra de letras de amor.pointlesswait09-10 09:16 AMfind another job..and restart ur GC.. apply for

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images stock photo : Blue Butterfly Tags: Live Wallpapers Bluebidhanc02-01 10:28 AMHey Shana, I hv sent you a PM. If you could check that. Thanks wallpaper Tags: Live Wallpapers Blue Eastern Tailed Blue Butterflysaurav_409603-14 11:22 AMI just came back from bombay. I did not have an AP. I went to the consulate for stamping. If you are maintaining valid h1b status and have a stamp, there is no

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images animated desktop wallpaper 3D Desktop Wallpapers Theasygoer02-10 06:09 PMSomeone can shed light why these numbers would disappear before march and would not get rolled over to EB3 and EB2? What are the provisions? wallpaper 3D Desktop Wallpapers Th The Great Lake Free Animatednb_des09-21 02:39 PMAs I understand even NumbersUSA support removing the per country cap.Dolphin Free

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images call of duty black ops cod black ops wallpaper 1080p.insbaby11-12 07:56 PMThe site appears to be latest. And here is the content ------------------------------------------------------ Who Can Apply in Mexico * Applicants seeking to renew their C1/D, D, F, H, I, J, L, M, O, P and R visas, if the initial visa was issued in the applicant's home country or at one of the border posts in the

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images deep quotes about love and true love quotes images.InTheMoment07-16 08:31 PMThat would be incorrect "redgreen" please read the announcement once again note the words below carefully! USCIS will accept Forms I-129F, I-131, I-140, I-360, I-485, I-765 and I-907 filed with the new “Direct Filing” location in advance of the July 30, 2007 effective date, that are otherwise properly filed.

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images friendship quotes and sayings crazy friendship quotes andGreen.Tech08-20 10:08 AMNo. I changed to a different company with same position. It is more than likely a computer glitch but it's always worth it to check with the USCIS. A few years ago the status on one my approved old H-1B cases changed from Approved to Initial Review. It shows the same (Initial Review) status till date. It did

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images Desktop Widescreen Wallpaper Girls Generation Widescreen 33newhandle03-05 03:28 PMIt's family-based, so I believe the 245(k) act doesn't apply to me. Then again, I didn't really work because buying/selling online takes a few clicks. wallpaper Girls Generation Widescreen 33 girls generation wallpaper widescreen. 160 Amazing Fantasy Art Girlssamcam05-19 11:28 AMSenate discussing High

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images Pippa Middleton Bra Upskirt which should help you achieve the Pippa Middleton derrierecherupally09-17 05:43 PMIf you don't mind sharing, what is the date on the RFE letter? 9/2. Recvd in mail on 9/8. Replied on 9/11. Recvd at TSC on 9/15. Status changed to 'processing resumed' 9/17. wallpaper which should help you achieve the Pippa Middleton derriere Pippa Middleton Are Not

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images Cod Black Ops Emblems Funny. lack ops funny screenshots. Black Ops Funny Screenshots.Dhundhun07-12 02:35 PMThe application was received on 7/10 and the checks were cashed today - How will you receive the resceipt number ? Would it come in the mail? USCIS will sent you receipt. If you do internet banking and can see your check, on reverse side of check, they stamp with detailed

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images Wavy Hairstyles Medium hairstyles for thingc_on_demand05-28 02:58 PMI think this is system account which go and read blogs from different sites. No body reads your comment. Please donot waste time on those system automated message. wallpaper Medium hairstyles for thin about hairstyle wavy thickhandsome_man2074004-22 02:25 AMFolks, go to the AILA site. and make this query as shown below.

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images two finger gangsta symbol gangsta across thereqan avatar sign image and have Try to bethis isfittan04-23 03:26 PMgc28262, I respectfully disagree. As you all know, the USCIS (online and phone) system is completely different from Infopass. What appears on the former is usually inaccurate. I know this because both my wife and I have received our GC but our online I-140 is still pending. I

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images Cartoon: Poems for kids love poems for friendship.dvb12302-10 06:17 PMOnce these categories are eliminated how can a spill over take place? wallpaper love poems for friendship. happy valentines day poems forsmartboy7511-01 04:51 PMWait for 90 days to pass by...then give a call to USCIS ....and enquire about her status... Go ahead with your FP appointment....Eventually your daughters

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images Style Tip: Braided Hair updo, lauren conrad#39;sx1050us06-26 05:03 PMMy attorney says the real problem is, chennai wants a copy of primary applicants valid visa stamp if applying separately. Which means I have to get out of the country to get a visa stamp for sake of my spouse. I am thinking of flying to India and get my visa stamped along with my wife (don't know if vfs will allow me to

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images megan fox tattoos 2011_05. Daniel Craig Films #39;Tattoo#39; Inhebbar7705-28 02:54 PMAlso they should propose H1b visa for people who promise to buy a house here in US! wallpaper Daniel Craig Films #39;Tattoo#39; In megan fox tattoos 2011_05. the Dragon Tattoo… with; the Dragon Tattoo… withsixburgh07-17 03:47 AMI can re-apply, but my 485 is already approved on July 8th! I meant re-apply

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images Long Hairstyles Black Women. Beauty Long Smooth Hairstylevkotval05-30 08:31 PMPlease help....I am in a little bit precarious situation here... I am frustrated working for Company A and I have a job offer from Company B.. My question is if 1: my I140 is approved from company A and 2: have H1b extended for 3 years for company A 3: get the H1b transferred over to Company B and then

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images eva longoria makeup forever. eva longoria makeup forever.pmlboy05-01 04:57 PMThanks for your reply. I am getting the affidavits from my parents, as well as from blood relatives. However, I have been also asked to provide government document stating why mother's name is absent on birth certificate. I am trying to figure out any government law (currently checking births and deaths act of

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images Your Life Planning Team quotes about changing yourselfwandmaker10-24 01:07 AMYour labor wants masters only or bachelors with 5 years is acceptable? Look bullet no. 2. The following degree equivalency determinations have been made by the AAO, USCIS, District Court and through regulations: 1. A Bachelor of Medicine & Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) is the foreign equivalent of a US medical

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images Large Koi fish tattoo done Animal Koi Fish Tattoos,Norristown10-15 11:49 AMAlso carry the proof (H1b receipt notice) that your H1b is applied waiting for the approval and letter from your employer that they have applied for H1 extension. wallpaper Animal Koi Fish Tattoos, Fish Koi TattooBharatPremi10-19 10:43 PMBased on my final travel plan in November (Yet not finalized), I will vote or

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images love and other disasters quotes. All generalizations are bad. love and other disasters quotes. Love and Other Disasterssamcam05-19 10:48 AMWelcome to our newest member jmehta.. 3868 and counting!! wallpaper love and other disasters quotes. Love and Other Disasters love and other disasters quotes. love and other disasters castinnervoice01-10 05:57 PMMy son I-485 application got rejected

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images PHOTO: Adriana Lima#39;s adriana lima hair up. Been viewed adriana lima alllostinbeta09-06 03:22 PMHey, thanks Hojo, it took me a while to get that text to work correctly on the board. Darn CSS. I was trying to use span tags when I really needed to use div tags. Your footer doesn't show Hojo? I right click and it says Movie Not Loaded. wallpaper adriana lima hair up. Been viewed adriana

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images How To Draw Anime Eyes. how to draw anime boy eyes. how to draw anime eyes male. anime eyesunbreakable03-17 11:20 AMThanks guys for your replies. Will keep you posted on my RFE. wallpaper how to draw anime boy eyes. how to draw anime eyes male. anime eyes Anime eyes how to draw animesunnysharma08-16 09:43 AMwe sent 3 seperate checks for each family member Best Option is print these