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Tattered Rebel

This is the beginning of a new life.. where old meets new....I mix work with play and let my gypsy heart sing her tune....I have a habit of having things in here I will share some forgotten treasures... tattered and torns bundles and at times

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What a Firecracker!

Thu, 04 Jul 2013 16:31:00 +0000

Happy 4th of July!!!!
May you all have a sizzlin' hot and safe
Holiday week!!!

Birthday Wishes For Me...

Sun, 30 Sep 2012 03:43:00 +0000

Today I m going to have my 
Cake and Eat it too!!!

And whose to say how many candles I have to 
Blow out....

Because Today...

I am going to Eat My Cake...

And Love Every Minute!!!!

Back In A Doll Fury!!! { Wordless Wednesday!}

Tue, 25 Sep 2012 23:19:00 +0000

Hello Rebels....
It has been awhile, I know  I know...
I have been literally been
And now I feel like I am being CONSUMED
By, can you guess?
Yes, My Mother, the one who gave birth to me..
The one who should know me better than anyone...
Has sent me over 100...
you heard me right
Can I scream any louder????
You see, this woman who gave birth to me and who should know me better than anyone...
Seemed to have forgotten,
I have an EXTREME phobia of dolls.. clowns.. etc.
I would call that a big oops!!
So.. any of you doll collectors...
pass along the info that they are listed  on my ETSY page...
You see...
I am sleeping with one eye open..
(lack of sleep is bad for the soul!)
Chuckie is coming to get me!!!!!!

My mind, body and spirit thanks you!!
And I hope you are all doing well!!
Cannot wait to catch up and see what you all have been up too!!!
linking up with Wordless Wednesday


Sun, 22 Jul 2012 05:14:00 +0000

A Very SpecialHappy Birthday to Beverly!!!Source: via Cat on PinterestFor all your hosting...Source: via Cat on PinterestWhat is a birthday without Flowers?Source: via Cat on PinterestAnd some balloons to boot!!Source: via Cat on PinterestAnd last but not least...THE CAKE!! Source: via Cat on PinterestSource: via Cat on PinterestMay you have a wonderful weekend and Birthday celebration!xoxoCat [...]

The Moulin

Wed, 13 Jun 2012 05:49:00 +0000

The Moulin Rouge. A night club, a dance hall and a bordello. Ruled over by Harold Zidler. A kingdom of night time pleasures. Where the rich and powerful came to play with the young and beautiful creatures of the underworld. The most beautiful of these was the one I loved. Satine. A courtesan. She sold her love to men. They called her the "Sparkling Diamond", and she was the star...of the Moulin Rouge. So get your...Gitchy gitchy ya ya ta ta...  And yourGitchy gitchy ya ya here. Come on over and play here...Come on and play...In this ' Spectacular, Spectacular! No words in the vernacular can describe this great event, you'll be dumb with wonderment!'  "Remember, a real show,   In a real theater, with a real audience.. And you'll be... A Real Actress.""Today's the day...  When dreaming ends." "If life's an awful bore, and living's just a chore that we do caus' death's not much fun. I just have the antidote, and though I mustn't gloat at the Moulin Rouge. You'll have fun... Scratch that little niggle, have a little wiggle, you know that you can... Because we can can can!!" Can you 'can can?';)xoxoCatplease be sure to gitchy gitchy ya ya yourselfover for some more Parisian delight's atAnita's!    [...]

Stay tuned...

Mon, 11 Jun 2012 06:43:00 +0000

Stay tuned...

 for a ...

At the...

See you there!
or at Anita's


Freedom and Cake!

Mon, 28 May 2012 20:01:00 +0000

Today let there be
for all!!




Sat, 12 May 2012 06:53:00 +0000

 Happy Mother's DayandHappy   PINK SATURDAY!!!I know it has been quite some time since us Rebel gypsea girls have posted...And I myself, FREAKING OUT!!!So it is more than appropriate that when these situations arise...CALL MOM!!! In our case it would kinda go like this.But you know what?I wouldn't change it for a thing in the world!I love my Mamma!!!Now all she needs to do is give me a swift kick in the behind so I can get Etsy back and runningand start making some Tattered Bundles!!See, we all need a mom, no matter what the situation is!Happy Mothers Day to you all!!Can't wait to be back in the swing of things and catch up with you all!!Now hopskip and jump over to Beverly's for wonderfulMommy Day pretties!!!Enjoy your day Mommy's!!xoxoCat    [...]

Not an Irish Cat

Sat, 17 Mar 2012 20:54:00 +0000

Even though this 'Cat' isn't Irish,In honor of St. Patrick's Day andBeverly's Pink or Green SaturdayI figured since I am still stuck in the Northeast...and Spring is hitting hard here,I'd post about some of the refreshing lush green we get up;  Serpentina above. With the warm weather and the many parks around our areaIt is the perfect time to grab hold of that bicycle thathas been hidden away during the winter coldand get its gears ( and my behind) back into action!And with the warm weatherThe exerciseA must is a refresher...So why not something "green"in every sense of the the word...Colorand Healthy!But.....This Cat has a tad of a sweet tooth.And our town has a multiple selection of places to grab a treat to quench that desire and that 'hot flash'(from running and biking around only? I think not! LOL!)So in staying with the St. Patty's Day theme   Can you taste it?????But wait..there is more!!I mean, you know how it is, sometimes you can decide what to pick from right?Best thing to do in my bookis grab it all!!!That's what that bike is for ya know?hee hee.....And now as the evening is approaching and peopleare popping in and outIt's time to sit out on the deckBring out that shakerPut on some tunesAnd enjoy the simple thingsGood friendsAnd a cocktail.And yes,  we stayed with the GREEN theme!But one other little member of our gang I thinkstuck her little nose in that shaker.... What do you think?Or is she just looking for that lost green cue ball?Enjoy your St. Patrick's Day all!And make sure you pop over toBeverly's  for some other treats!! [...]

Wordless Wednesday... What does that Cat See?

Wed, 14 Mar 2012 05:45:00 +0000

In linking up with for WORDLESS WEDNESDAYI thought I would share with you my youngest of my babies...Miss Nala.(perhaps I should say, Miss Devil In Making!)I miss her terribly since I have been away from home forever now!Due to traveling from one end of the country to the otherAfter having pneumonia, my father passing, helping my mother...and yada yada yada.I am sure by now she and the rest of the bunch TOTALLY hate me for being away for so long!Anyhow, my little devil always...and I mean ALWAYS has to have her little nose in everything.And the last time my mini pirate was there...he forgot to inform MAMA CAT (moi...)That he left his little "creatures" in his bait bucket out on my deck.So, one morning I observe Miss Nala out there.   And of course I am like...hmmmmm.."What could she possibly see in there?"Not knowing the mini pirate left behind a treat for us all....And there she goes... down goes the bucket!Of Course I am thinking she is just being her looney, let me get into everything self....Until I go out and and lift the bucket and remove the lid.Florida's finest staring right up at me!Let me just say....Good for the pirate he was miles away,And good for everyone's health and safety that I was home to catch this on time...Or you would have had an absolute hysterical germ phobe mom on the loose...Along with those "creatures!"I will admit, I was nice enough to let her take a gander....But no swatting or trying to tip that bucket again until I let the little guys back outsidewhere they belong.Now... Do I dare ask..What this little devil has gotten into since I have been gone?I guess all we can do is STAY TUNED.Smiles all~xoxoCataka MAMA CAT [...]

These Boots Were Made For...

Sat, 18 Feb 2012 02:53:00 +0000

I have no shame in admittingI am a shoe freak,Not your ordinary, heels, $1,000. pair of Jimmy's,But down to earthUggsDansko's (my profession got me addicted!)andCOWBOY BOOTS!Source: via Joslyn Kira on PinterestSo it being PINK SATURDAYand all...I figured I would let my tattered and tornpinky rebellious side come out!Source: via Lauren on Pinterest  I think there is nothing sexier sometimes, Than an old pair of jeans, white teeand some kickass boots!Or just plain leg and boots! I know your diggin it!!Source: via Cheryl Carey on PinterestYou tell me what you think?Source: via Cheryl Carey on PinterestNow these below... I have been ones I have been DYING for FOREVER!!!Source: via Cheryl Carey on Pinterest Pure Pure Love!!!With all this eye candy I now have good ole Nancy Sinatra banging in my head...Which leads me toPinning and Singing! So join in my Tattered Rebels...Go play atBeverly'sandPinning and SingingSource: via Lauren on PinterestxoxoCat [...]

Happy Valentine's Day!!!

Tue, 14 Feb 2012 19:47:00 +0000

Happy Valentine's Day!

 Sending you love and hugs~


Thu, 09 Feb 2012 05:40:00 +0000

The letter "L"uummmm... let's seeshall we call it LOVE? Love is real , real is love Love is feeling , feeling love Love is wanting to be loved Love is touch, touch is love Love is reaching, reaching love Love is asking to be loved Love is you You and me Love is knowing we can be Love is free, free is love Love is living, living love Love is needed to be loved.What a beautiful letter,What a beautiful word.Now....xoxoCatlinking up with:Alphabe-ThursdayPink Saturday[...]

My Daddy is Gone

Tue, 07 Feb 2012 22:28:00 +0000

RIP DADDY 01.17.1938~02.06.2012 Dad is the one who is there, always without question.He is the one who holds us all together, through good and bad.Dad is the one who loves us for who we are and all that we are.He is the one that inspired us to be who we are.Dad is the one who loves us unconditionally.  Dad is the one who chased away the shadows in the dark of night. He is the one who carried us when we could go no further.Dad is the one who guides us, even when he is lost.He is the one who leads the way to ensure the path is safe.Dad is the one whose hands hold ours to comfort us.Dad is the one whose laugh fills the room with joy. He is the one who smiles and lights up the world.Dads is the voice that echoes in my mind, to lead me on the right path.He is the one I see when I sleep.Dads is the breath that gives us all life.Dad is the one that held my mother tight, loving her through it all. He is the one that she loved more than all other loves.Dad is the one who held me strong when her journey here was over.He is the one who stood strong through all of the pain and tears.Dad is the one that comforts my sorrow, even in his hour of deepest pain.Dad is the one whose hands were callous from work, whose touch is soft and gentle. He is the one whose heart is tender, whose spirit is loving and kind.Dad is the one whose soul is pure and untainted.His are the hands that I hold to comfort him in his hour of fear.Dad is the one that I love and is part of my soul, always.I will always love and miss you Daddy.xoxoCatherine  [...]

Enter The Boudoir

Sat, 04 Feb 2012 06:58:00 +0000

Ok ladies... you might remember this post on doing a 1940's takeoff photo shoot.Well, you know how things go.. an idea here..another there..and pretty soon you are playing in a whole new ball field.Except in this case we were playing in a Penthouse Suite!You can find a run down here  21st Century FB pageBut for the real calling and all about Stephanie you must visit her BlogBut none of this could have been accomplished without the brilliant and creative minds of 2FAB women at Hair Razors!So you ready to enter the suite?Come hither...Now can you say stunning?The sheer simplicity and sexiness of this photo floors me!!!Makes you wonder..think....what is she thinking about?The lighting..the look... what a valentine gift!!!Now I will leave you with one final one....But then you will have to visit Gypsea Nurse   and see how a Mermaid rocks the Boudoir!Please give Stephanie a shout out...and if you are in the Florida MUST check out the gals at Hair Razors  between Stephanie's eye and their rockin talent....YOU WILL ROCK!Catlinking up with PINK SATURDAY[...]

Valentine Treasuries

Sat, 28 Jan 2012 04:35:00 +0000

 Happy PINK SATURDAY! ladies!
I was fortunate this past week to have been featured in some lovely treasury's 
on Etsy, and I just couldn't resist the urge to 'show them off' a little...
Actually the curator's and the teams that I am on deserve the credit!
Such creative minds!!

The first 2 are from The Bohemian Lovers Etsy Team...
A fav!!!!
You'll see...

So there you have it gals....
Now pop in and see the rest of Beverly's pretties!


Cherish Time

Sat, 21 Jan 2012 08:29:00 +0000

Timeis a companionthat goes with uson a journeyIt reminds usto cherisheach moment....because it will never come again.Happy Pink Saturday!I am off with Gypsea Nurse for some girly girl time.Times like this that you should cherish.Enjoy your weekend, and thank you Beverly for hosting another yet FAB Pink Saturday with some of the most AMAZING featured BLOGGERS!!!Go see for yourself!xoxoCat[...]

Pinning and Singing

Sun, 15 Jan 2012 18:20:00 +0000

Well ladies.. I have an exciting weekend coming up....Not only do I get to see a friend of mine Stephanie, from High SchoolAnd it has been over 20 years!!She is hosting a photo shoot at luxury hotel in Lake County Florida.Filled with antiques and huge windows for natural light...Together Steph and I tossed together ideas on what I would like to do..and one of the first is a good ole1940's set.Makeup, hairstyling, props all will be there...We also planned on some other ideas...But that you will just have to wait and see when I do a "Beautiful Me" post!So as I joined Pinning and Singing linkyI played around with some fav old time shots.Here take a look and tell me if I can pull it off?(ie; the cigarette works...)Can't go wrong with Ms. Hayworth...And the list of beauties goes on...But in my 'younger years' I was somehow always referred to thisfun star icon.And I must say,  I do LOVE her!Yeh... I really dig her....Source: via Cat on PinterestSo you can all find my 40's board at As for singing,What did you expect?Cat[...]

Roll The Dice

Fri, 13 Jan 2012 07:54:00 +0000

Time to the roll the dice and get back in the game.I'm ready to tackle this new year....Are you?First I will "Keep Calm"(or at least pretend...)Start each day...Bright eyes and Bushied tailed...Even if I am a little wired...Start shooting more pics....Getting back in the "Etsy" game.Getting my "creativity back on track.Because Time is of the Essence now.I have dilly dagged around enough in the time for me to Get Back In The Game!But that does not mean I am giving up EVERYTHING!!!!What are you trying to gain this 2012?Any goals...?Aspirations?Ummm...Something to chomp on huh?It's been awhile I know...And I am going to let Mermaidia Gypsea Handle that one...But just so you know...I missed ya!!!Stop in to Beverly cause it's been awhile since I have seen or just spent hours reading all your fab stories....Also look into BLOG HER... They have an amazingLIFE WELL LIVED  moments post going on I am sure you will enjoy...Now lets go...Get in the Game!!!xoCat  [...]


Sat, 29 Oct 2011 16:01:00 +0000

Autumn.The years lastLoveliest smile.xoxoCat Now go grab something warm to drink and head over to Beverly's.[...]

Let Them Eat Pink

Fri, 21 Oct 2011 21:37:00 +0000

Well as you know it is wedding on the brain, so I thought I would follow the "Butterfly trend for this Pink Saturday post. So here are some pretties I came up with..  You have to tell me which one is your favorite! Yes, even in chocolate too! Even some with some Bling! Now you know I am saving my favorites for last! Number 1...  And this is Number 2.... But I think it should be number 1!! What are your thoughts?Now fly on over to Beverly'sto see what else is flitting around!xoxoCat [...]

A Butterfly Garden Wedding

Thu, 20 Oct 2011 20:25:00 +0000

Well, I told you that we have a REAL WEDDING ON the brain!But this post is kind of different....My niece (on my husbands side) has a thing for butterflies.Due to the fact that my husbands and my sister-in-laws late mother did....And they truly believe that whenever a butterfly is hovering around them that "that" butterfly is either their mom..or one that mom sent.In all seriousness...the BUTTERFLY is a huge symbolic thing for the entire family.So when thinking of unique ideas... I was like,  BAM!!! The BUTTERFLY!So here are a few things I dug up for flower arrangements, outdoor butterfly themed weddings.Now of course this would be if she decided to go beachside for her special day.Now another interesting fact is that the Butterfly has long been a symbol of rebirth and transformation.A butterfly wedding theme is the perfect way to symbolize new life as the married couple.Now some interesting ideas for butterflies in your bouquet....Now some ideas for centerpieces.....( ( I love this one!)Now for the Garden of Butterflies...Beautiful isn't it?And now my favorite so far...Now this is Gorgeous!!!So hopefully this might spark something, I know if and when her mom see's this... my niece may not have any other option!!!  :)I leave you with an old Irish Blessing:May the wings of the butterfly kiss the sun.And find your shoulder to light on.To bring you luck, happiness and riches.Today, tomorrow and beyond. xoxoCat Linking up with Cottage Flora Thursday's[...]

Something borrowed, Something blue...

Mon, 17 Oct 2011 21:08:00 +0000

Ok Rebels.. well it's not just wedding on the brain anymore just for fun....Now Cricket and I have a REAL reason to oooh and aaah over weddings...We have a niece who is getting married...So what do we do?Get hooked on the search engines for ideas....Ready to take a ride for something blue?I know I have a few of you with a shoe fetish out there.. so I had to add them in!Isn't this the greatest? Signed by the bridesmaids!!!Thought this was pretty cool too...Ok... so I got the shoes in for you shoe lovers..Now just some other fun "Something blue" ideas. I think this is just darling to add your blue too... Of course I don't think any of us would mind one of these on our fingers...Embroidered wedding date.The infamous garter.And for you sex kittens... Love this!So for now this is just the tip of our journey into Wedding Bliss.You know we will be loading our blogs up!Have a great week!xoxoCat linking up with Blue Monday [...]


Mon, 26 Sep 2011 02:03:00 +0000

Let's begin.It is music to my earsA melody in my heartA soft strumming through my veinsTo hear that my dear girl is feelingmuch better. After a horrible surgical ordealMy best pal is home recoupingWhile I try to hold fort between her and Daddydearest.We can only hope and pray that the music stayssoft and sweet for a short while more.Our plates have pretty much been fullfor the past month now.Enjoy the sweet sounds....xoxoCat[...]

Mermaid Fashion Through the Years

Mon, 12 Sep 2011 04:37:00 +0000

Thanks to CricketI have developed a passion for Mermaids.I think this post pretty much says it all.In the fashion industry it is one stylethat never seems to die.Even into the boho chic period.The mermaid look will always remain a classic.A timeless beauty.And perhaps we shall wear this in our hair.And the girls may sway this out seaside.or after the soireeAnd just maybe you will find thisunderneath the Bride.xoxoCatMosaic MondaysBlue Mondays[...]