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Preview: Radiant Skin Expert Advice and Skin Care Tips

Radiant Skin Expert Advice and Skin Care Tips

Radiant skin care expert advice and skin care tips with product reviews for men, women and teenagers from a Registered Nurse, Skin Care Specialist and friends with guest posts. Get the radiant skin you want and deserve for dry skin, oily and problem skin

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How to Clean Makeup Brushes

Sat, 04 Mar 2017 13:11:00 +0000

Cleaning Makeup Brushes is Good for the SkinLooking for the Best Way to Clean Makeup Brushes? Professional makeup artists know the importance of cleaning makeup brushes for the health of the skin, to get the best makeup application and to make sure that contamination doesn't occur from used and dirty makeup brushes. Regular cleaning of your makeup brushes and sponges will also help them last as long as possible to protect your investment.If you're an aspiring professional makeup artist, a make up guru or just want to make sure that you're using the proper tools and equipment to get the best look at home, you must keep your tools - brushes and makeup sponges clean at all times.Dirty makeup brushes can hold germs and bacteria that we can end up transferring to our clean skin. Using dirty makeup brushes and sponges could be one of the reasons you don't have clean and radiant skin. Cleaning makeup brushes doesn't take long and it will help your brushes last longer and perform much better with some simple tips. Your tools should be thoroughly cleaned at least once a week or more often if you use them daily with heavy applications or multiple colors. Use these tips for the best way to clean makeup brushes.Easy Steps to Cleaning Makeup BrushesDerma-nu Natural Makeup Remover and Cleansing Milk to Clean Makeup Brushes!* Buy a natural and chemical free makeup remover that is alcohol free, paraben-free and fragrance free and suitable and gentle enough for the most sensitive skin and even safe for contact lens wearers. Most makeup removers come in a liquid or gel form. The pads won't work for cleaning your brushes.  Klorane Makeup Remover is Dermatologist and ophthalmologist tested. Hypoallergenic. Fragrance-free, paraben-free, alcohol-free and colorant-free in a convenient pump  Many people use soap and water but, many soaps contain ingredients that dry and leave a residue that will be harder to remove from brushes and water alone will not remove the dirt or foundations - just as is so for cleaning your skin. Eye makeup remover is specifically made to remove foundations and is not only a great choice for the skin but, also works quickly and efficiently for the tools you use every day.* Pour a small amount of the eye makeup remover into the palm of your hand.* Take one of your brushes and swirl the brush end into the cleaner in your hand until all the bristles of the brush are well coated with the cleaner. Spend a full minute or two swirling the brush end into the cleaner.* Rinse the brush end under tepid water until all of the dirt and makeup are removed making sure to allow the water to run down the bristles of the brush and not into the handle area. (This will help your applicators to last longer and keep the handle from separating from the handle).* Squeeze as much water from the bristle end with your hand making sure to keep the shape of it intact.* Next, use a towel to squeeze out more water.* Lay it flat on the sink with the bristle end hanging into the sink area and not on the surface of the sink or the towel to air dry OR use a large glass or cup to dry the makeup brush by resting the handle area into the glass. Air drying is the best way and the fastest way to dry the makeup brush bristles. * Repeat this procedure for all of your brushes and sponges until they are all cleaned. Proper storage of makeup brushes will help them last longer     Store Makeup Brushes Properly to Keep them at their Best!* Once each sponge or makeup brush is completely dry, store them in a case or container that allows each one to lay flat and covered. This will help them to stay clean when not in use. This is one of the best priced portable cosmetic cases that can be used every day and for travel with pockets to separate all your makeup brushes, sponges and products.           If the bristles on your makeup brushes are falling out or they don't hold their shape and not doing a good job applying your products, it's probably time to[...]

Ways to Relieve Dry Itchy Winter Skin

Tue, 28 Feb 2017 17:19:00 +0000

Dry Winter Skin: Dry Itchy Skin RemediesUse these tips to relieve dry itchy winter skinDry Winter Skin is fairly common for many men and women due to the cold temperatures, wind, and heat from the furnace, being indoors, lack of humidity and inadequate moisture to the cells of the largest organ in the body. Dry skin also looks older than moist skin so if an additional concern you have is to prevent aging skin, these dry skin tips will help in that area as well.Dry skin becomes flaky, itchy, dull, rough, wrinkled, cracked and red and can be painful and uncomfortable if left untreated. Follow these tips for dry itchy skin remedies and prevent dry winter skin from ever bothering you again.8 Simple Dry Itchy Skin Remedies that Really Work:Drink more water – the human body is made mostly of water and the cold winter months can cause the skin to lose moisture in the cells from our furnaces, dry air and lack of humidity. Drinking water throughout the day is one remedy for dry skin that is easy to do and tap water works just fine.If you avoid drinking more water than the body needs because you don't like the taste of tap water, consider buying a water filtration system that fits directly over your kitchen faucet. Check out the Pur 3 Stage Advanced Water Filter - an Amazon best seller.  You'll be amazed at how the quality of your water is improved when you remove trace minerals and over 70 contaminants from tap drinking water.Exfoliate dry skin – use a natural body exfoliating product in the shower several times a week to remove dry dead skin cells. Human skin will naturally slough off alone but can take months to happen. Assisting the exfoliating process will reduce dry itchy skin much faster and is a very easy application during a shower. Try Artnaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask, loaded with just a few (all healthy ingredients) and the scent of seaweed or the sea. Apply a thick coating to face, neck and chest. I do my hands too - picture for you to see!artnaturals dead sea mud mask handcial image by radiantskinexpertadviceKeep iy on about 15 minutes, add warm water and massage in circular motion to get the exfoliation benefits, Works as a mask to pull out toxins, and as an exfoliator to remove dry dead skin.  I love it and you will too. Avoid eye area.Shower with warm water – warm water is much safer on the skin and prevents further drying of the skin as opposed to using hot water. Finish a daily shower with a cool water rinse to seal the pores and retain moisture. Pat dry and add an oil (try coconut, argan or apricot oil) mixed with moisturizer, blending in circular motion all over the skin. Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut OffUse a Warm Mist Humidifier – using a humidifier during dry winter months will greatly improve dry itchy skin. Humidifiers are available online at many locations that sell health and wellness products and cost an average of $30.Try the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut Off from This humidifier is lightweight, quiet, has a low and high setting and a tank of filtered water will last about 24 hours.The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier also has a medicine cup, the steam aims upward and will not cool the room air as the cool mist humidifiers tend to do. The unit stays cool and is safe and easy to use and clean. Eat more Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – fresh fruit and vegetables contain water naturally as well as vitamins and are healthy for the body and help to prevent dry itchy skin. Snack on fruit or vegetables throughout the day and notice an improvement in irritating dry winter skin. Remember that fruit juice or vegetable juice typically contains too much sugar and other unhealthy ingredients that tend to do more harm than good unless you read the ingredients carefully. Get in the habit of eating fresh fruit to naturally hydrate dry itchy skin and start to feel better overall.Exercise – exercise will help dry itchy skin since during exercise, creating a workout sweat helps to clean out the pores of toxins [...]

How to Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles

Mon, 27 Feb 2017 04:24:00 +0000

This article is for those of you looking for a neck lift, firmer neck skin, reducing sagging neck skin, ways to tighten neck skin so that you can look younger, as young as you feel! Get Rid of Neck Wrinkles to Look YoungerAre you getting crepey skin on neck and chest? You're not alone. Those lines and wrinkles on the neck are part of our aging but, you can avoid them until you're old with proper care and treatment of the neck area. How to Get Rid of Neck WrinklesReduce sun damage to the neck and chest with daily use of a healthy organic sunscreen. Sunscreen will help to get rid of lines on the neck since you're adding moisture and protection at the same time. It's easiest to get rid of fine lines on the neck and not waiting until those wrinkles are deep and on every part of the neck. So start today to get rid of wrinkles, it's not too early to start in your twenties. Paying attention to daily care with help to get rid of neck wrinkles.Wash the neck every morning and night along with washing your face. Many people skip this important step. Apply a kaolin clay mud mask at least weekly to tone and tighten the neck. Read about add kaolin clay for radiant skin. It will give you firmer skin as it pulls out toxins from the skin. Do our facial exercises to tighten the skin and pay attention not to forget the neck area. These are easy to do when you're applying your skin care products or just when you're hanging out watching tv. Three of the Top ingredients for neck wrinkles in one bottle: Amara Organics with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamins C and E  Read more of our top anti aging ingredients for radiant skin at least once in the morning and at night. You will notice tightening of the neck and chest area after only a few nights. Another tip to get rid of neck wrinkles is to lie on your bed from the side, laying your head over the edge. This simple tip will help to reduce gravity and can be done while you're applying any of your favorite anti wrinkle products.I also love to use my Teeter Hang Ups Inversion Table to reduce the effects of gravity. If you're like me and can't hang from a tree upside down or aren't great at hand stands, try the Inversion Table instead.  There's no instant cure to get rid of neck wrinkles and it does take some time and work on your part. We've shared our best tips to help you to have a smooth, soft, wrinkle free neck. You deserve to have beautiful radiant skin all over your body! Also read more of our tips for radiant skin, subscribe to get our latest articles. [...]

Lips Appreciation Day - Tips for Smooth and Soft Lips

Sun, 26 Feb 2017 14:45:00 +0000

In honor of Lips Appreciation Day, use these tips to soften dry, cracked lips. Go for a plump boost for your lips! Celebrate Lips Appreciation on March 16th! Your radiant skin plan should include all the steps needed to show off your soft kissable lips!        Let's get started....Sugar Lip Scrub 6 Tube Set to Soften Dry Cracked LipsThe first step to softer lips is to use a lip scrub to get rid of the dry, dead skin cells. Try these sugar lip scrubs. Apply a small amount to your fingertips, rub in small circles making sure to get the center and edges of the top and lower lip.  Allow the product to sit for a minute and then remove with a warm washcloth. You'll love the results when you use a lip scrub at least twice a week. It's easy to do in the shower or at your bathroom sink! Treat your lips to luxury Color Balm Lipstick for pure lasting color and the hydration your lips need! Our lips get subjected to all sorts of weather issues and they can all potentially give us dry and cracked lips. We need to protect the lips from the wind, sun, cold and hot weather. We like the Stila Lip Balm shown above for it's rich color and the fact that it also works as a lip balm with intense hydration for the lips. Give yourself a boost of color while you protect the lips in all kinds of weather.Sleep with an organic Lip Balm on your lips to heal those dry cracked lips while you rest. It's one of the best lip treatments you can easily do every night. Beauty by Earth Vanilla Bean and Honey Organic Lip Balm   You'll wake up to smoother, softer, more kissable lips in the morning!                 Avoid picking at your lips as tempting as those dry, cracked areas might be.                  Problems with dry chapped lips? In the winter, wear a hooded jacket and a scarf that you can pull up over your lip area for extra protection from the cold and wind. Continue to use these tips for smoother and softer lips every day and every night. After the first day of treating your lips, you'll see a noticeable difference. Smooth and soft lips not only feel good but, the color you add will look better when it's not going into all those cracked, dry areas.      Get started today and by Lips Appreciation Day, you'll love your smooth, soft kissable lips.  [...]

Black Friday Deals for Radiant Skin

Fri, 25 Nov 2016 22:41:00 +0000

I hope you're taking advantage of all the amazing deals in beauty products online starting Black Friday, Cyber Monday and all through the holidays. I got a few gifts and some luxury items for myself too. Shop confidently at many well known stores online and even get free shipping right to your door, that's what I did.  Here's a peek at one item on my list.... 
I just bought: '180 Cosmetics Hyaluronic Acid Serum &...
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Check out all the great savings and deals for you, your family and friends and everyone on your gift list. Saving money is great and doing it from your home is even sweeter.

Black Friday Deals on Amazon image by Amazon


Common Skin Conditions with Causes and Treatments

Mon, 14 Nov 2016 07:19:00 +0000

Some of the more common skin conditions are problems that you can care for at home without the need for a doctor or medications. We'll share the most common skin issues such as pimples, rashes, bumps, redness, eczema, psoriasis and give you the causes of these plus the tools you need to get rid of these problems. We'll also let you know when to seek the professional help of a doctor for more severe and dangerous skin conditions.Era Organics Eczema and Psoriasis Cream image by Amazon     We've organized the most common skin conditions with the causes and treatments to help you find your own problem with your skin and ways to relieve these issues now and in the future.  Pimples - One of the absolute most common skin conditions that men and women alike typically get at some point in their lives and seek information on what to do to get rid of them. Pimples are small raised red bumps on the skin, mostly on the face, neck or back. Pimples can be isolated as one or two or even show up in clusters or small groups. Facial Pimples image by     Cause of Pimples - Pimples are caused from clogged pores and bacteria under the skin. They can also show up during hormonal changes such as in puberty, during pregnancy and even in menopause.      Treatment of Pimples -          1. Pimples can be treated by properly washing the face and back with products for your skin type and keeping the pores clear.          2. Treat pimples by steaming the face to open the pores. You can safely steam your face once a week and you'll love how it feels too.ArtNaturals Dead Sea Mud Mask to treat pimples, whiteheads and blackheads         3. You've read our other posts recommending a good mud mask to the face, neck and even the back to get rid of pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. Try the ArtNaturals Organic Dead Sea Mud Mask as shown to the left. You'll be happy you tried it as over 1,400 other customers are.I have it and use it not only for my face and neck but, also on my hands to make them super soft.See my photo below.  Artnaturals dead sea mud mask on the hands makes them super soft too!          4. Add an exfoliant that will scrub the pores, remove the dry dead skin cells and give your skin a squeaky clean feel.Without treatment, pimples will spread to more areas of the face and back and can grow larger and become painful.               Skin Care Don't - Pick or prod at pimples. Picking at your pimples will only cause more problems since if there's any pus under the skin, you won't get it all out and you'll get another pimple and you can also cause scarring.  Whiteheads and Blackheads - These are very tiny areas on the skin, also known as comedones.     Cause of Whiteheads and Blackheads - Clogged pores cause these spots on the skin when the skin can't breathe due to blockage of dirt and bacteria.  Pores become clogged if you leave dirt and makeup on the skin, improper washing of the skin or not adding moisture. Our skin has sebaceous glands that produce oils. When you don't add moisture, the skin compensates by producing more oils in an effort to help. Too much oil can lead to increased pimples, whiteheads and blackheads. If you look closely at a whitehead, there is no opening at the center. Blackheads on the other hand, do have a tiny opening at the center.     Treatment of Whiteheads and Blackheads - It's time to start cleaning your skin better if you continue to have these blemished areas on the skin. Use the right cleanser for your skin type. Exfoliate the dry, dead skin cells to help the skin breathe. A mud mask like the Artnaturals Dead Sea Mud Ma[...]

Tips for Acne Free Skin that is Radiant

Mon, 14 Nov 2016 07:18:00 +0000

Anyone with acne knows that it is troublesome skin that can hurt physically with painful areas, boils, cyst like pustules, large pimples, blackheads and redness that interferes with your social life, professional life and can hurt your self esteem.Acne can be relieved by following a skin care regime that provides health and nutrition to your skin without adding extra irritants and chemicals. Start with these tips to improve acne and obtain radiant skin:* Wash your hands before touching your skin - to avoid bacteria from the hands getting onto the face and neck, making acne worse.  * Exercise - is crucial to having radiant skin since exercise will help to produce sweat which helps to remove toxins from the skin. Get a good workout daily for at least 30 minutes (or start with 10 minutes and increase it daily) that makes you sweat out impurities in the skin. Walking briskly or running are easy exercises that don't require equipment so there's little excuses to get moving for radiant skin.* Add more fresh fruit and fresh vegetables to your diet - these foods contain essential vitamins and anti oxidants that are good for the insides and in turn help to produce clearer skin.* Avoid fatty greasy foods that add additional oils to the body's organ and the skin is the largest organ we have.* Use natural, organic cleansers and a moisturizer to your daily skincare habits. Wash your face daily in the am and pm for the best outcome.* During the day avoid touching the face - use the back of hands to reduce adding oils or dirt.Organic Liquid Multivitamin for Acne* Take daily multivitamins to give your skin the best vitamins and minerals to help strengthen and heal the sk.  Important Tip About moisturizing: Many people with acne think they do not need moisturizers since they typically have oily skin already.***** When you fail to add moisturizer to your skin, your skin produces sebum, an oil from the sebaceous glands in an effort to add moisture, since the body can't produce moisture. Add the proper moisturizer with natural ingredients every morning and evening in small amounts and your body will reduce the amount of oil it produces. You will see less problem skin within a short amount of time!**** Avoid harmful ingredients to the skin such as mineral oil which clogs the pores and adds to pimples and blemishes; alcohol which dries out the skin, hurts and can cause redness; paraffin which causes whiteheads, irritates the skin and clogs pores; urea which is cat urine; petroleum which also irritates and clogs pores; animal by-products that add no value to the skin and artificial scents which irritate and can burn the skin and formaldehyde which is a common preservative that is absorbed into the skin and absorbed into  the bloodstream.* Avoid picking at acne! As tempting as it may be, picking at your pimples and acne WILL make it worse since you can never get all that pus and bacteria out of each pimple or acne blemish and much of it will stay under the skin and produce another zit! Don't pick your face.  Do all these other steps instead and you will see improvement.Follow these tips for clear and radiant skin - it may take up to three months of constant working on these steps to see results depending on the degree of acne, but you will notice a difference. Read more radiantskinexpertadvice tips here. What is your biggest skin care problem? Let's discuss your concerns and get you the radiant skin you want and deserve! Thanks for reading and sharing[...]

Travel Essentials for Skin Protection

Thu, 10 Nov 2016 17:01:00 +0000

We've got your top travel essentials to protect your skin that are needed for that next long awaited vacation or quick weekend getaway. The last thing you want when you go on vacation is to get a terrible sunburn that will keep you from enjoying your time away due to sun burns, sun damage and even sun poisoning. Top Travel Essentials for Skin Protection - Icetek Sports Clamp on Beach Umbrella by Amazon     When I was in college, a group of friends and I planned our Spring Break for months. We were young so packed the essential beach wear, makeup, accessories and a few party outfits. On the very first day at arriving at our Daytona Beach stay we hit the beach without preparing our skin. After a few hours on the beach, my room mate developed huge swollen ankles, redness, blisters and pain. We immediately got her back to our room and as the day progressed, her condition got worse. She spent the next 5 days sitting on the edge of the tub as we kept it full of cold water and ice packs!  We had to party and visit in the bathroom for the next five days. Had we known more about the sun and it's damaging effects,  we should have taken her to the hospital and we could have had a better time while Beth would have avoided the pain she endured.     ** The good news is that on the last day of our vacation, Beth was able to go out and she won a dance contest! She had all that energy stored up and thankfully, her feet were better, better enough to dance her heart out!Don't let the sun ruin your next vacation, sun burns and sun poisoning can happen faster than you realize!Top Travel Essentials for Skin Protection.     ~  Sunglasses ~ Make sure you wear UV protection for your eyes. The sun is strong and the skin around the eyes is thin and delicate. We can easily get burned without proper eye protection. I love the type of sunglasses that cover the sides of the eyes, like these for example.      ~ Sun Hat ~ Beach hats are great protection for the eyes, face and head and also the neck and shoulders. Get a wide beach hat with spf  for the most protection so you can enjoy the beach or pool, shopping, golf and all the outdoor amenities that your vacation promises.     ~ Beach Clothing with SPF ~ We think it's super smart to wear vacation clothes that are super comfortable, lightweight, light colors, are easy to pack and also have built in UV protection. More and more people are getting smarter about the dangers of the sun and you're one of them!      ~ Beach Umbrella ~ This is our favorite Clamp on beach umbrella with SPF 50 in green or blue, it's super lightweight at only 12 oz, easy to pack or carry and can clamp on any beach chair you use. Many resorts and hotels will have umbrellas but, not all umbrellas have spf protection and you may just want a quiet more remote area for lounging.  Pick up an umbrella (it's super cheap) as a travel essential for skin protection and get out of the sun every now and then to give your skin a break from the sun while vacationing.You'll be happy that you did!     ~  Sunscreen ~ The number one travel essential for skin protection that you'll need plenty of is a broad spectrum organic sunscreen for all skin types. Whether you like a water resistant sunscreen spray or organic broad spectrum sunscreen cream, what's important is that you buy it and make sure to apply it as directed - usually a shot sized amount every hour while outdoors.     Use these top five travel essentials for skin protection as you prepare your next getaway. You'll have peace of mind for yourself and your family knowing you've done all you can to protect your skin from the sun's damaging rays.          Do you already use [...]

Facial Exercises for Skin Tightening

Mon, 07 Nov 2016 04:46:00 +0000

Image Facial Muscles courtesy of WikimediaLooking for the best facial exercises for skin tightening that are easy and won't take long to do each day? Keep reading, we're here to help. Use the facial muscles photos to see how the facial muscles look, their shapes and the direction they go as we go through these exercises. Facial exercises can be added to your daily beauty routine for men and women alike. We all have skin so there isn't one gender that will benefit more from adding exercises.Try these exercises in the morning while washing your face, on your break at work, while you're laying in bed getting ready for sleep or any time that you have a few minutes. The hardest part will probably be remembering to do them, for most people.The human body has 42 muscles in the face that help us make many different types of faces and motions. The process of gravity loosens these muscles so that as we age, we'll all notice a dropping of our facial muscles over time. There are six exercises each of us can do to slow that process of gravity and help to tighten the skin on the face for a younger and more radiant look.     Prep Needed Before Your Facial Exercises: ** Start with clean face, neck and hands so washing really good is the first step since you'll be working on your face. Our hands hold loads of bacteria that could be transferred to your face if you don't wash first. ** Have your skin care products ready** Pull your hair back to expose the face, ears and neck.  Organic Apricot Kernel Oil While You do Facial Exercises for Skin Tightening     Use just your fingertips alone or why not add your morning or night time skin products while you're exercising your face and neck. Get two tasks done at the same time.      ~ Apply Apricot Kernel Oil or your favorite skin treatment product to the outer eye moving in a circular motion. Go around and around using the ring fingers which have less power in them than the other fingers. Start at the edge of your eyebrows, move slowly under the eye and up to the eyelids as well.  Eye massaging can reduce pressure and headaches as well as increases circulation to help reduce puffy eyes and dark circles.     ~ Next, move on to the upper cheek bones. Slide your fingertips from the nose, across the cheeks and up to the forehead. I massage each area about 10 times and always in an upward direction. Review the photo at top so you can see the direction that all our facial muscles follow. These massages will help to tighten the skin and reduce tension too.     ~ Don't forget to massage the nose area. Slide the fingertips down the nose, and gently down the side of the nose.  Your sinuses will love you for this little massage you give it!     ~ Massage above the lip area, using a left to right motion since that's the direction of these muscles. TIP:  For the neck and chin muscle exercise, lay down on your bed across the width of the bed. Place your neck just at the edge of the bed so that your head hangs down and over the edge just a little. This motion will help to reduce the effects of gravity while you continue your massaging exercises.      ~ The chin muscles connect with the neck so you can move to the neck next. Start at the bottom of the neck, lift your chin and head upwards aiming your eyes towards the ceiling. Stroke your neck with the fingertips using an upward motion. After at least 10 strokes on the neck and ending with the chin, tap the neck under your jaw line. This will help to tighten the neck muscles and reduce a flabby chin area.     ~ Move to the ears next. Many people miss the ears but a simple massage will help the skin stay soft and won't wrinkle faster than the rest of your face and neck.Repeat these exer[...]

Benefits of Facial Moisturizing Masks

Wed, 02 Nov 2016 04:30:00 +0000

We'll answer your top questions about the benefits of facial moisturizing masks:Who can benefit from using a moisturizing mask.How do I know I need to add this mask to my beauty routine. When to use a facial moisturizing mask.Anaiti Age Defying Face Cream image by amazonHow to choose the best one for your skin type.     As we age, we lose moisture from our skin. The sun, stress and simple gravity also takes it's toll on us everywhere on our bodies, including our face, ears, neck and cleavage areas.I started taking good care of my skin at age 16 with the basic trio and a facial spray mist. The younger we are when we start to pay attention to our skin and maintain a beauty routine that adds the necessary components of moisture, the older we'll be when we finally start showing our age. It doesn't have to happen in our 30's or 40's with proper skin care products.Facial moisturizing masks are essential for a look of youth and vitality. Everyone can benefit from adding a facial moisturizing mask. All men and women, teenagers and every skin type will benefit from using a moisturizing mask.          My skin is already oily or combination, do I really need moisture? Yes, sebaceous glands produce oil, not moisture and if you don't add it, the skin thinks it can help and produces even more oils to make up for the lack of moisture. This simple tip of adding the proper type of moisture will reduce the amount of oil produced and you'll see less blemishes too.      Natural Republic Aloe Vera Gel is cooling and soothing so won't irritate the skin plus it has healing properties. Yet it adds very needed moisture (not oil) to sensitive and oily combination skin types. Use it at night before going to sleep and let it work while you rest. You'll wake up feeling hydrated without additional oils. All skin types can benefit from using aloe vera gel.             Tip: Keep it in the refrigerator until using for even more refreshment to your face, neck, decolletage area and ears.Age Defying Face Cream with Hyaluronic Acid and Peptides for Men     Anaiti Age Defying Face Cream improves the skin deep into the cellular level with key natural ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, matrixyl for softening and renoval of wrinkles/large pores and to reduce pigmentation and smooth the layers of skin. Anaiti is one of just a few products with rave reviews and 5 stars. Use it at night in a thin layer to moisturize and soften while you sleep. Dry or Combination skin types need extra moisture and you'll love the Anaiti Age Defying Face Cream.   You will benefit from adding a facial moisturizing mask if your skin is dry, flaky, has loss of elasticity, feels dry to the touch or even hurts when you smile or laugh. Certain medications can have a side effect of drying out your skin too. Another way to know if you need to start using a face moisture mask is if your makeup doesn't go on smoothly or if your blush won't glide on evenly.    Even teenagers could notice very dry skin and will see improved skin tone and texture by adding a facial moisturizing mask weekly. If you're young, ask your mom what she thinks and if she's ever used it too.      BeeFriendly Honey Facial Mask is worth a try since honey is moisturizing and healing at the same time. This product is organic and made only of pure ingredients.This face mask is best used in the shower when your face is already damp. Mix well, apply just a dab, wet fingertips and blend on the face in small circular motion - avoid the eye area. Allow it to sit on the face for a few minutes as you finish your shower and then rinse with a warm washcloth and finish with a cool water rinse. Your sk[...]

Tips for Glowing Skin

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How to Get Glowing Skin is Easier than You Might ThinkDo you envy people that have moist, dewy skin with good color that seems radiant and glowing and wonder how to get glowing skin too?Is your skin dull in color without a smooth and soft texture with too many lines, wrinkles, discoloration, dry patches and flaky skin?Do you attribute your skin to your genes and think you can't do anything to improve it?Do you wonder if you could ever get glowing skin?Top Tips for Glowing Radiant Skin    We'll help you get the answers you need with these tips for glowing skin: The skin is the largest organ of the body and the skin is also a reflection of what is happening inside of the body. Take care of your body from the inside out and you will see glowing skin as well as improved overall health and wellness.Follow these tips through nutrition to improve your skin's color, texture and elasticity and you'll soon be one of the people with glowing skin too.How to Get Glowing Skin through the DietYou've heard the saying that we are what we eat and your skin will reflect that. For glowing skin, add nutritious foods to your daily diet that are known to moisten and improve skin, reduce pimples and acne, minimize lines and wrinkles and prevent dry, dull skin. Put these items on your grocery list the next time you shop:Extra Virgin Olive Oil for Glowing SkinExtra virgin olive oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that moisten and hydrate the skin. Use it daily as you're cooking, add to fresh vegetables and as a dressing on your salads.Salmon, Mackerel will help to ensure Glowing SkinSalmon and mackerel are two main fish items that also contain high levels of omega 3 fatty acids and are naturally good hydrators of the skin. They also contain Zinc which reduces the oiliness of skin and helps to prevent pimples and acne skin. If you're not eating fish weekly, try adding it several times a week to your meals and you'll begin to notice more glowing skin.Whole grains provide Glowing SkinWhole grains contain Vitamin B's that improve the moisture level of the skin to prevent dry skin, flaky skin and dry patches preventing glowing skin. Another benefit to whole grains is that they do not contain processed ingredients that are not good for skin.Fresh Vegetables give Glowing SkinThere are many fresh vegetables that contain vitamins and proteins that are healthy for the skin and many of them assist in cleaning the liver which acts as a filter in the body. By continually adding fresh nutritious ingredients to the body, you will help to detoxify the system by removing toxins that cause skin problems. Glowing skin is as close as your refrigerator:Tomatoes contain lycopene an important amino acid that helps the skin, Vitamin C which is necessary for collagen - the body's protein that helps to plump our skin and reduce lines and wrinklesRoasted Red Peppers -contain beta-carotene that turns into Vitamin A which helps prevent pimples and acne, Vitamin C, magnesium and folic acid to improve wrinkles especially around the brow and forehead by relaxing the liverLemon Zest -also improves wrinkles and fine lines around the forehead by relaxing the liverFresh Lime - helps to clean the liver and acts to detoxify the bodyTofu -a soy protein with phytoestrogens helps to get glowing skin through healingTeriyaki -add this sauce to many meals because of the zinc, magnesium and vitamins that improve skinGarlic - contains magnesium and potassium which improve skin clarityScallions - more magnesium and potassium that the skin needsRed Onion -contains magnesium and potassium to help the skin glowGinger - improves circulation by cleaning the liver and can help the skin by preventing dark circlesPineapple -loaded with healthy vitamins for the skinFresh Greens -contain[...]

Skin Tightening - Tips to Tighten Loose Skin

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Top Tips to Tighten Loose SkinLoose skin is a frequent problem for anyone that has ever lost a lot of weight, had a baby, that is a smoker or through the general aging process when gravity begins to take it's toll on the body and the skin.Loose skin is also a result of a loss of skin elasticity that comes from sun exposure, lack of hydration, improper diet, lack of exercise and a lack of proper skin care. Use our top tips to tighten loose skin.     You've probably seen the show The Biggest Loser and those contestants enter the show extremely overweight with loose skin and after losing weight they are much more tone and firm so it is possible and you can tighten loose skin and restore skin elasticity too. Skin doesn't suddenly become loose and saggy; it takes a while to develop loose skin so keep this in mind as you take measures to tighten loose skin. It could take anywhere from one month for some to six months and longer for others.It is possible to obtain skin tightening by improving the skin elasticity also known as skin turgor with a few easy tips that you can add to your daily routine.Top Six Tips to Tighten Loose SkinAmazon's Choice for WeightsExercise - Exercise is probably the number one area of importance when it comes to skin tightening. Adding at least 30 minutes of daily exercise can help to tone and tighten loose skin by replacing fat with muscle. Add walking, some form of aerobics and simple weight lifting to tighten loose skin that will help you lose weight at the same time as an added bonus. Add any weights such as this large selection to get the most of your workouts and to see faster results to tighten skin.  Facial Exercises - Facial exercises can also be added such as tapping on the neck with the back of the fingers for several minutes twice a day and turning the head to the side and looking upward towards the sky to stretch the neck and then returning the head to the center of body and repeating 30 times and then repeating on the other side. Try laying on the bed with your head lightly hanging over the edge while you do neck exercises to fight the effects of gravity or use one of my favorite items- an inversion table.   Hydration  Tighten loose skin by adding plenty of water daily to your diet. Lack of hydration starts in our internal organs and is ultimately visible on our skin with dry, saggy skin. The body is made mostly of water and we lose water daily through exercise and perspiration. Drink at least 6-8 glasses of water daily and notice an improvement in skin tightening as well as many other health benefits that come from hydrating the body.   Diet  You've heard that we are what we eat and this is absolutely true and affects the amount of skin tightening that our skin will have. Add lean protein to each meal to help to build muscle as well as fresh fruits and fresh vegetables that contain valuable vitamins, antioxidants and water to the organs. I've recently added protein powder to my diet to increase the amount of muscle building proteins I get each day too. It really helps and you'll see the difference. The skin is the largest organ of the body and needs more nutrition to tighten loose skin.  Sun protection  Wear a sunscreen daily with an spf level of 30 to reduce the effects of drying and shrinking or sagging of the skin. For more sun protection and to help the skin add sunglasses and a hat and always wear protective clothing if you'll be in the sun for extended amounts of time or gloves in the winter. Always reapply sunscreen every hour for the best results. Winter is also a time that sunscreen is needed since the sun's rays are less potent but, still there and able to damage skin.   S[...]

Tips to Soften Dry Cracked Feet

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Tips to Soften Dry Cracked Feet image courtesy of     Our feet carry our entire body weight day in and day out making our feet one of the hardest working parts of our body. Sore, aching, flaking, dry cracked feet can result from improperly fitting shoes, poor circulation, stress, a lack of exercise, improper care, trauma, disease, arthritis or heredity.If you have feet that are sore, achy, blistered, callused and dry with flaking or peeling skin, you'll benefit from taking the time to give your feet a soothing bath with invigorating products that soothe and heal.Follow these tips to refresh and soothe dry, itchy problem feet so that you can avoid problems and pain with your feet, feel more energized, sleep better and prevent future health problems with your feet.Place a towel on the floor under the basin (see my favorite pampering treatment portable spa bath below) or at the bottom of bathtub.Fill a bath basin or the bathtub with enough warm water to cover the feet.  Dr. Scholl's offers pulsating invigoration to the feetOne of my favorite pampering treatments is to soak in a foot bath!Soften Dry Cracked Feet with the Dr. Scholl's Pedicure Foot Spa Dr. Scholl's Invigorating Pedicure Foot Spa Add a cap full of your favorite bubble bath with several drops of aromatherapy essential oil (lavender, ylang ylang, peppermint or orange work well to refresh and soothe). I love a warm foot soak while relaxing at night watching tv. It makes a great gift idea too for your loved ones that need some pampering.Tea Tree Oil SoakSoothing, relaxing, invigorating and feels soooo refreshingly good! Tea Tree Oil Foot Soak 10 ozCheck Amazon Price: Buy NowSit on a comfortable chair if using the bath basin or gently at the edge of the tub being careful to hold on and slowly place feet in the warm bath.Soak feet for 10-15 minutes or longer if possible. Add more warm water if necessary. One great place to have a portable bath soak is in the evening while watching television. Soak for as long as possible to smooth and soften the skin and to keep calluses at bay.Lift one foot out of the bath at a time. Use a pumice stone that you can hang to dry when you're done to gently remove dry, peeling and calloused skin at heels and ball of feet where most pressure is applied that is causing pain and discomfort. Do the entire area even at back of toes and repeat on the other side.    - Just be careful not to work on one area of the foot without moving the pumice stone or you may end up removing too much at once and causing more pain.  Apply a natural foot scrub, massaging for a minute or two to remove excess dry skin. Try Tree Hut Exfoliating Foot Scrub for a cooling, peppermint, refreshing treatment for sore, aching, dry, cracked feet at a super affordable price for natural organic ingredients.           Focus on any particularly sore areas to increase the circulation, refresh and soothe. The best ingredients are natural products that soothe such as peppermint, clove, lavender, chamomile, tea tree oil or grape seed extract.         Don't forget to clean your toenails too. Use a nail brush and rub it gently across the tops of the nails and even around the edges. It's amazing what can be under our toenails! Rinse and remove feet from the bath, gently pat dry with clean towel.Apply an aromatherapy lotion with peppermint, geranium, rose, grapefruit or almond extracts to entire surface area including the ankle. Massage thoroughly until the feet feel hydrated and relaxed. If extreme dryness and cracking occur, apply a thick layer of natural lotion and then wear a soft cotton[...]

Solutions for Dark Circles Around Eyes

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Looking for Solutions for Dark Circles Around Eyes?  We'll help you to determine why you have those dark eye circles in the first place and what is the best way to treat those under eye bags and dark areas that make you look tired, over worked and older than you are.  Read the Reviews for Get Rid of Dark Circles with Matrixyl 3000 & Retinol      We all want to look and feel our best. If you have problems with dark areas under the eyes, you probably feel that you don't look as good as you could. If you've tried all the drug store brands of cleaners and treatments to get rid of those unwanted circles and they're not working, let's help you once and for all.Take a look at this list and see if you have any of these eye problems:      - Eye Skin Can Have Dark Rings Around the Eyes     - The eyes can have dark, sunken in areas under the eyes     -  The color under the eyes is dark purplish blue     - The eyes are puffy with dark colorWhy Do I Have Dark Circles Around My Eyes?     - Several reasons could be causing your dark circles.     - It's not usually one thing that's going wrong with your lifestyle or skin care regime.     - Genetics can play a role in whether or not you have the problem of dark under eye circles.Add Melatonin before bed for a very good night's sleep!     - You may not be getting proper sleep.     **Adding Melatonin ( a natural substance found in our bodies) will give you a solid night's sleep without getting addicted to drugs or chemicals. Wake up totally refreshed and ready for the day. Watch your dark eye circles slowly go away if sleep is causing this problem for you!     - You could be using products that are not working to get rid of those pesky circles and dark areas.Solutions and Treatments for Dark Circles Around Eyes:     **Top Ingredients to Add to your daily skin care regime that will help with dark circles include:          Almond Oil          Aloe Vera           Apricot Kernel Oil           Peanut Oil          Glycolic Acid           Hyaluronic Acid          Peptides           Hibiscus          Shea Butter          Cucumber          Caffeine          Chamomile          Green Tea          Arnica          Vitamins A, C, E and K          Retinol           Hydolyzed Silk**Try a cucumber eye gel around the eyes completely or use thin slices of cucumber on the eyes for 15 minutes each evening. I prefer to eat cucumbers and use a product on my eyes but, if you don't like eating cucumbers, this could be a good remedy for you. Make sure to do it each night for a month to see results though.  Read the reviews and then try this Cucumber Tea Gel for a nice change to what you're doing now. Men and women both like it since it's cooling, refreshing and makes the skin around the eyes feel good.**Read our How to Cleanse Colon Naturally with Detox for Radiant Skin to help rid the body of toxins that could be building up causing those dark circles.**Make sure you're eating enoug[...]

How to Cleanse Colon Naturally with Detox for Radiant Skin

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Colon Cleansing is Good for the Body and SkinFor clear radiant skin & overall health. Follow these 7 Steps to Detox the ColonStart Your Daily Detox This Week for Body and Skin Health      One way to get radiant skin is to clean your body from free radicals and toxins that could be one cause of skin problems. If you're feeling tired, irritable, sluggish, foggy headed, bloated, fatigued and listless and can't seem to get radiant skin due to pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, acne or other skin problems, it could very well be time to clean out the colon.      Toxins and free radicals that cause skin and health problems build up in the colon and if not properly cleaned regularly, mucous builds up allowing bacteria and parasites to form. This results in dry skin, skin rashes, pimples, acne, bloating, gas and increased weight gain as well as more severe digestive diseases, allergies, sleep disturbances, obesity and even cancers. We have about 25 feet of intestines that can store a lot of bowel and toxins. If you don't move your bowels at least twice a day, you'll benefit from a colon cleanse of detox and help clear out those intestines. Follow these 7 steps to get a thorough natural colon cleansing and stay healthier for longer with radiant skin well into your aging years. Difficulty: Moderately Easy   Start a Natural Colon Cleansing Today! Some people recommend simply drinking clear liquids for a few days to detox the body. I prefer to add healthy nutrition since our bodies do a lot of work in a day and need healthy calories for energy so this is the method I prefer using. Try it and see for yourself if you don't feel better than you do today!       Step 1: Cleanse and detox the colon     To cleanse the colon naturally, plan to change your eating habits for at least one full week. Symptoms of dry skin, skin rashes, bloating, gas, irritability, sluggishness and increased weight gain can be caused by a build up of mucous and waste matter in the large intestine due to an improper diet of fried, greasy, high fat foods. Pick a date to get ready for a colon cleansing and buy your supplies.Step 2 : Include foods that will cleanse colon naturally     Avoid eating fatty foods, heavy foods, foods high in acid such as sauces, processed foods and refined sugars and sodas for one full week. Instead of those options, choose a diet high in fiber with oats, fish and lean proteins, nuts, beans, whole grains, fresh fruits and fresh vegetables. This diet will encourage freer movement of the bowels and assist to cleanse colon naturally with detoxification. If you aren't moving your bowels at least once a day, start a detox soon. The longer you wait, the more harm your body is experiencing. You'll start to feel better after only one day of healthier eating and just wait until you keep doing it!Step 3: Drink plenty of waterBrita Water Filter Pitcher image by Amazon     Plan to drink 10-16 8 oz. glasses of water a day to properly cleanse and detoxify the colon by using this flushing out the system method. Use filtered water or add fresh fruit to flavor the water if you don't like the taste of water. Many people don't drink enough water because of the taste of tap water. This simple Brita Water Pitcher with filter is inexpensive and will remove the sulfur and other bad taste of tap water while allowing you to make sure to drink that full pitcher of water per day. Water is an optimum way to flush the body of toxins as well as to reduce the symptoms of constipation, bloating and will[...]

Top Six Summer Skin Care Tips

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Top Six Summer Skin Care TipsHave Fun in the Sun and Summer Skin Protection all at once!Top Six Summer Skin Care Tips image by istockphotoTop Six Summer Skin Care Tips for Home or Vacation: California Baby Sunscreen for Face and Body - We all need sunscreen even if only outdoors for short periods of time! Great for even sensitive skin.Hot summer days usually means more time outdoors but, you also need to worry about protecting your skin from the sun's damaging rays that can cause lines, wrinkles, dry flaking skin, redness, blisters and burns and even skin cancers according to the American Academy of Dermatology, the FDA and the Skin Cancer Foundation (see links provided below).As a nurse, I've seen the damage that the sun can cause on patients without the proper protection as well as the difference that skin protection offers. As a skin care and makeup artist, I teach skin care and protection to all my clients and want you to know how to protect your skin too!Use these Top Summer Skin Care Tips before you plan your next outdoor barbeque, picnic, day at the beach or pool, cruise, vacation, bike ride, gardening, taking a walk, hiking or other summer outdoor event plus all those family photos so make sure to take a few extra minutes to prepare your skin and wardrobe.You can still have fun in the sun and stay healthy if you use these top 6 tips for your summer skin care routine that I use and highly recommend to stay safe while protecting your skin.Buy California Baby Broad Spectrum SunscreenThis creamy sunscreen is organic, no animal testing, hypoallergenic, chemical free, PABA free, fragrance free, glides on smoothly to protect against both UVA and UVB sun rays, is water resistant up to 80 minutes, protects from sunburns and tanning and it's Made in USA!Summer Skin Care Tip #6 - Wear a Sun HatPut your hat on! Large brimmed sun hats can help to keep the sun off your face, out of your eyes and off the top portion of your body. A sun hat will protect your hair from drying out too - hair burns and gets damaged just like our skin. Summer sun hats also fun and fashionable so you'll look great while staying with your summer skin care routine. Sun hats are available in a large selection of colors, sizes and textures so you're sure to find one that's perfect for you.Great Sun Hats on Amazon! - What a fun skin care tip and you'll be fashionable too. Get maximum sun protection at home or on vacation. Sloggers 442LB01 Women's Wide Brim Braided Sun Hat with Wind Lanyard - Light Brown - Rated UPF 50+ Maximum Sun Protection, Look at all the fun colors Buy NowWowlife Fashion Ladies Woman Bohemia Summer Straw Sun Visor Wide Large Brim Floppy Fold Summer Swimming Beach Straw Hat for Holiday Traveling One Size Buy Now Men need summer hats for protection too! - Look at these best men's beach hat designsColumbia Men's Bonehead Straw Hat (Very Popular!) Buy NowSummer Skin Care Tip #5 - Wear UV SunglassesProtect your eyes and the delicate, thin skin around the eye area from the dangers of the sun with the perfect sunglasses that offer UV Protection - otherwise they're just colored lenses and won't help your eyes or protect them. Even in the winter season, your eyes need protection so find the perfect sized sunglasses and wear them every day. Your eyes and skin will thank you for it years later. Lenscovers Sunglasses Fit Over Prescription Glasses and even cover/protect the sides of the Eyes!Check them out in six super colors, unisex for everyone.  Buy NowSummer Skin Care Tip #4 - Wear Foundation Makeup with Sunscreen ProtectionOrganic foundation makeup contai[...]

Top Ways to Exfoliate the Face

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Facial Exfoliation Methods for Soft and Radiant SkinTop Ways to Exfoliate the Face : Pretika Facial Brush image by AmazonThere are several options to choose from when looking at how to exfoliate the facial skin. Read these top methods to exfoliate the face to find the one that suits you best. What is Facial Exfoliation and Do You Really Need It?Exfoliation is the process of removing dry, dead skin cells and offers several benefits when done as part of the routine skin care regime:* It smooths out the surface of the skin.* It removes dryness patches or flaking of the skin.* Exfoliation helps to create softer skin with a more even texture.* Reduces a dull appearance that can make us look tired.* Products applied afterwards go on more smoothly and evenly.* Facial Exfoliation can help to get rid of blemishes such as whiteheads or blackheads.     For years working as a skin care and makeup artist, I was often asked lots of questions about exfoliating the face for smooth and softer skin, reducing fine lines and wrinkles and how to get rid of pimples and blackheads.Oftentimes, I'd find that many people were using simply their hands to clean the face and weren't seeing the results they wanted. I started teaching the following exfoliation methods to my clients and hope you'll find at least one of these easy ways to incorporate into your routine skin care regime that will work for you to get smoother, softer, cleaner, blemish free skin with a glowing complexion.Exfoliation helps to provide clear, smooth skin at every age!           Big Fans of Routine Facial Exfoliation! Me, my sister, niece and beautiful Mom                                     Image by Radiantskinexpertadvice.comAdd a textured washcloth to exfoliate the faceDeluxe Washcloth 100% Cotton 10 Piece Set This is the simplest and easiest method that anyone can do to exfoliate the skin gently. It's so much better than your smooth hands to begin the process of getting rid of the top dead layer of skin. While it won't provide a deep cleansing of the pores or below the first layer of skin, it will help to remove dirt and cleansers better than the hands alone.A 100% cotton washcloth is something you can use every time you wash your face (hopefully at least every morning and every evening). If you're not used to using a washcloth, do try it and see for yourself what a difference it makes in smoothing out the texture and small blemishes of the skin.Some people like using a facial loofah, I just find them too harsh on skin and so not my favorite option when there are others that work better in my experience.Deep Clean the Pores for Glowing SkinSource: amazonAdd a Gentle Facial ScrubA facial scrub is meant as a facial exfoliant. It's a product that can be used several times a week and is specific for the more delicate facial skin as opposed to our body skin.Beauty by Earth Facial Scrub image by AmazonYou'll love Beauty by Earth Facial Scrub for all skin types that works and costs so little. Add it to your beauty routine. Facial scrubs can help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimize the size of pores, cleans out the pores deep down below the top layer of skin, remove pimples, whiteheads and blackheads.They can be used with the hands alone, a washcloth or for more of a deep cleaning - try a facial brush. Most Popular and Effective Facial Scrub IngredientsSugarOatmealSeaweedK[...]

Botox Alternatives Worth a Try

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 Botox Alternatives     If you are starting to develop fine lines and wrinkles around your forehead, eyes, lips and even the chin area and wonder if you should get a botox treatment, you may want to look at some botox alternatives that could save you time, money, potential skin problems and even permanent skin damage.Frownies Facial Patches While You Sleep!Frownies Facial Patches - A Customer Favorite Botox Alternative to Try      The sooner you start to pay attention to your skin and use these anti aging tips, the longer lasting results you could gain with clear, minimally wrinkled skin.Six Botox Alternatives Worth a Try:Botox Alternative - Facial Exercises – try facial exercises as a botox alternative that can help to reduce the effects of gravity and aging. Facial exercises can be done during the morning and evening routine skin care as well upon first waking up or just before going to sleep at night.Five Minute Face Lift Daily Exercises        Facial exercise #1 -            Using the middle and ring fingers on both hands, press down on the area between the eyes. Press upward in gentle light strokes all the way to the hairline. Repeat 10 times.        Facial exercise #2-           Using the middle and ring fingers on both hands again, press down on the skin in the center of the forehead and gently slide the fingers upwards towards the hairline. Move across the forehead until all the skin has been pressed upwards including the skin to the sides of the eyes.        Facial exercise #3-           Using the middle and ring fingers on both hands, press lightly on the bottom of the neck, lift head upwards and back and gently slide the fingers upwards towards the chin. Continue all the way across the chin.     Start with these and find more in the Five Minute Face Lift Daily Exercises Book with Photos.          Anti aging Eye Creams – using specific anti aging products with eye gels or eye creams on the eye will not only help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles but, will also protect this most delicate and thinnest skin that we have.           When using eye creams and eye gels make sure to use properly. Read our How to Apply Eye Creams Correctly.         This simple change or addition to your daily routine is a great botox alternative that will reduce fine lines and wrinkles within a month with an effective product and even better results with continued use.        Look for anti aging ingredients with water as the first ingredient always as well as vitamins, strawberry extract, wheat protein, hyaluronic acid, oil of evening primrose, glycerin, apricot kernel oil, shea butter, hibiscus extract, hydrolyzed silk, retinyl palmitate, avocado oil, aloe vera, peptides and chamomile as some very effective ingredients to reduce lines and wrinkles and to feel the tightening effects. We recommend Radha Eye Cream Gel if you need a suggestion.         Sunscreen – use a daily sunscreen to prevent lines and wrinkles from forming from the drying effects of the sun.            Choose a moisturizer for daily use with sunscreen [...]

Top Seven Botox Treatments

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  Top Seven Botox Treatments          You may be thinking of getting a Botox treatment and wonder what the most popular areas of the body that most people want to correct or change with a cosmetic procedure. This article will provide the Botox information on the top seven Botox treatments to help you know what others are getting done and what you may want to investigate yourself. Scroll down to find Botox Alternatives Worth a Try.      Most Popular Problem Areas that Botox is Used for:     Crow's Feet – Crow's Feet are those little, or not so little, lines and wrinkles that form along the sides of the eyes and can be as few as one or two to many lines that start at the edge of the outside of the eye and extending toward the hairline. They can be very thin and not so noticeable lines or deep lines that look even larger or deeper during facial expressions and speaking. Many men and women get these types of wrinkles in the skin from smiling or frowning and laughing often. Crow's feet are also due to a lack of eye protection from the sun or from a lack of proper skin care and attention to this delicate area of the face as well as from the normal aging process.     Forehead Wrinkles – another popular area for Botox treatments is the forehead which typically gets deep lines and wrinkles from facial expressions, frowning, squinting and on people that talk with their eyes a lot. Forehead wrinkles also occur from sun exposure, lack of moisturizing and improper sun protection of the face. They can be small, thin lines that are just between the eyes or move all the way to the top of the forehead near the hairline. People that choose not to or are unable to hide their forehead with hair often obtain Botox treatments as an alternative.     Lips– fuller lips are considered sexy, luscious, kissable and desirable and many women look to Botox treatments to obtain a plump and larger lip getting inspiration from many celebrities, such as Angelina Jolie, Jessica Alba, Eva Longoria, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson, Beyonce and so many others that have naturally plump lips... or do they?  Many celebrities have a larger and fuller lip that is appealing to many that want to emulate the look of luscious lips through Botox when mother nature hasn't provided them. Fuller plump lips are enhanced even further with colorful, plumping lipsticks and lip glosses as well as they are one of the first areas we see on someone and they see on us when we speak.     Brow Lift – a brow lift is popular as a Botox treatment with women wanting to enhance their eyes and to get a brighter and more open eye, for women with small eyes or those with droopy eye lids. Lifting the brow through Botox is done by relaxing the muscles around the eye to reduce lines and wrinkles as well.     Under Eye Bags and Puffy Eyes – puffy eyes or under eye bags are a problem for both men and women and can make the entire face look older than it is. The skin all around the eyes is the thinnest and most delicate skin on the body and can easily become wrinkled, puffy and loose from the sun, nutrition, lack of sleep, improper skin care, heredity, medications and the aging process making Botox treatment a popular option for people in this category.     Drooping Eye Lids – sagging or drooping eye lids can be caused by lack of sun protection to the eyes as well as from medications and an improper diet an[...]

How to Decide To Use Botox - Get the Facts

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How to Decide To Use Botox - Bacterium Clostridium Botulinum Botox Cell Phone Cover Case     The popular celebrity glamour drug known as Botox has become increasingly even more popular among the general public as more men and women search for ways to get a face lift, to tighten lines and wrinkles, widen the eyes, reduce puffy eyes and ultimately look younger. Many people get botox treatments under the eyes to remove bags and drooping eyes and botox treatments for lips for larger fuller lips.       According to the Center for Disease Control* (CDC), Botox is a poisonous bacteria (bacterium clostridium botulinum) found in the soil and diluted for use on the human skin. The FDA has approved botox as a dermal filler to be used for lines and wrinkles when used professionally and further research continues all the time for potential side effects and complications. Botox is also used to treat severe headaches.     Before diving into these poisonous injections, learn and understand what exactly it is, the cost of botox injections and the potential side effects and complications of botox.Six Botox Facts You Need to Know Before You Use Botox:ñ   1. First, know that Botox (TM) is also known as bacterium clostridium botulinum. It is a natural bacteria/poison from the soil found in decomposing food that has been used to relax lines and wrinkles as a filler to tighten and firm the skin. In a diluted state, many physicians concur that botox treatments are safe. Each person must decide for themselves if the benefits of getting botox treatments outweighs the risks. Botox must be injected by a specialized botox dr to reduce the side effects and complications, use authentic botox and also to keep it a sterilized procedure.2.Botox (TM) comes from the botulinum otherwise known as the botulism toxin. The definition of a toxin is a poison. This particular toxin is forty million times more powerful than cyanide or the same ingredient used in rat poison.3.Realize that the side effects of botox can be difficulty swallowing or breathing (especially for patients with neuromuscular difficulties), headaches, eye lid drooping, dry eyes, double vision, bruising and swelling, as well as an unnatural appearance to the face reducing the ability of the facial muscles to move freely with expression. This produces an almost plastic or fake appearance to the face that is unnatural and very unbecoming on most people that use botox over an extended period of time.4.Know the cost of Botox (TM) treatments can start at $450 for each treatment and require many treatments until the optimal look is achieved. There can also be increased costs associated with follow-up visits or for any problems from side effects that require additional treatments. 5.Before deciding on Botox (TM) treatments, remember that everything that gets put on or into the skin is absorbed into the bloodstream so that those botox treatments end up inside your body and the research will continue to find out how botox will eventually affect more of the body.6.Put it all together: Discuss botox treatments with your physician and make sure to discuss the pros and cons of injections as well as long term results. Use knowledge and common sense to make the best choices in health and wellness and to look and feel your best before you choose botox to firm and tighten your skin.The Truth About Botox InjectionsTips & Warnings·There are natural botanical alternatives to Botox which are just as effective although may[...]

Top Anti Aging Ingredients for Radiant Youthful Skin

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Premium Argireline Serum There are effective anti aging ingredients that have been clinically proven to show benefits to skin and are the ones you want to look for in your skincare products.Top Anti aging IngredientsAnti aging products are popular as more and more people look for ways to improve their appearance, minimize lines and wrinkles, reduce sun damage and brown spots and appear as youthful as possible.If you don't have the skin you want now, these top anti aging ingredients will improve your skin. The sooner you start ( in your 30's is a good range), the better your results will be as you enter your 50's, 60's and older.  Many products deter our efforts at anti aging due to companies adding chemicals that not only don’t work but also cause irritations and allergic reactions as well as damage skin further requiring you to purchase more anti aging products. It can be a viscous cycle searching for effective anti aging ingredients if you’re not sure what to look for.Look for These Anti-Aging Ingredients the Next Tine You Shop     Plus, Get Subscribe and Save Options. Read Reviews of Glycolic Acid by Body MerryGlycolic Acid      Organic     An alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) that works to clean deeply into the pores     Lightens age spots and skin discoloration     Refines and smoothes the top layer of skin     Removes the dead skin cells that hold dirt at the surface of the skin     Works gently on skin when no chemicals are added to the product     Stimulates the production of elastin and collagen in skin for smooth, soft skin     * Use with sunscreen to reduce sensitivitySalicylic Acid     Natural ingredient     A beta hydroxyl acid (BHA) that works to remove dirt, pollution, impurities and bacteria that produce pimples, blackheads and discoloration of age and sun spotsAdd Salicylic Acid to Your Weekly Beauty Treatments     Refines and smoothes the top layers of skin working as an exfoliator     Works as an anti-inflammatory for acne skin     Helps to shrink large pores and blackheads      Use as a weekly treatment for smoother, radiant skin Vitamin C Serum      Effective anti aging ingredient since it is an essential ingredient that promotes the production and stimulation of collagen – the body’s protein that builds, boosts and plumps skin cells     Firms skin by reducing sagging     Improves the elasticity or skin turgor which is the bounce our skin hasOZNaturals Vitamin C Serum     Prevents dehydration of the skin and improves suppleness of skin     Use the Vitamin C serum twice a day before moisturizing     Add more vitamin C to your diet too with fresh citrus fruits Argireline Serum     A synthetic peptide with an ability to penetrate into deep layers of skin to relax the muscles that form wrinkles and tightens skinA Top AntiAging Ingredient is Organic Argireline Serum     Provides dramatic improvement in lines, wrinkles, crow’s feet, lines around lips and mouth as well as the forehead     Known as a natural alternative to injectable wrinkle treatments like botox without the pain and side effects or cost   &n[...]

Softer Hands with this Simple Trick

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Try This Softer Hands Remedy for Fast Results! Are your your hands looking old, dry, red, chafed or wrinkled and even painful?  Want a way to get softer  hands quickly and easily? LT Organics Nourishing Hand Cream gets positive reviews by amazon customers      The hands are one of the first areas of the body to show signs of aging. You might have problems of redness, eczema or dry and flaky skin. Do your hands get rough and chafed from being outdoors or in the wind? Do you suffer from cracked fingertips or dry, brittle fingernails? We've got a super simple trick you can use every day to start to see smoother, softer hands and healthier fingernails in no time!Urban Spa Moisturizing Gloves for softer hands                       Benefits of using gloves for softer skin:These gloves are made of a super soft cotton with a hint of spandex for stretching/easy application to hands. They're simple to use. Just apply your favorite hand cream or lotion before bed, massage around the nails and cuticles.Place the gloves on and go to bed.While you sleep, the heat from your hands will help the lotion to penetrate into the skin for noticeably smoother and softer hands and nails when the gloves are removed.Redness and chafing will disappear very soon and the appearance of the hands will only improve with continued use of the gloves.  Boosts the strength of the fingernails and nail beds.The hands and nails will simply get smoother and softer with each use of wearing gloves at night.You can also wear your gloves while watching tv or working on the computer. They're thin enough that they won't interfere with typing on a computer!      Tip: Add a drop or two of your favorite body oil and mix with your hand lotion for a superior blending of the lotion and added moisture. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how great your hands feel in the morning when you wake up.                            Easy Care of Moisturizing Gloves:      Wash weekly using warm water and gentle soap to remove the buildup of lotion.      Air dry by placing the gloves over a small can or bottle of water.     Reuse over and over again.     One pair will last for years with proper care.     Keep at your bedside to remind yourself to wear them as often as possible before bedtime.Share this simple idea with your friends and family, they'll be so happy to hear how easy it can be to have softer and smoother hands and nails.  Have you used moisturizing gloves? Let us know your own results. [...]

How to Prevent Dry Skin

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 Tips to Prevent Dry SkinMillions of people are troubled by dry skin that appears as flaking, spotty patches, peeling skin, lines and wrinkles as well as roughness and lack of bounce otherwise known as elasticity and skin turgor or skin tightening. Dry skin affects men, women and teenagers alike and there are ways to recognize if you have this problem as well as solutions to fix the dry skin. Read on if this is your problem and start to eliminate dryness  so that you can get on with your relationships, work and the fun of life!Beauty by Earth Sunscreen to Prevent Dry SkinThere are many causes of dry skin as well as an equal number of ways to prevent dry skin that are easy to do with an established routine to nourish and hydrate skin so that it not only looks better but, mostly so that your skin will feel better.Ways to Prevent Dry SkinIf you want to prevent dry skin there are several things that you can and should do daily for smooth, clear, moist, dewy, glowing and radiant skin. There isn't just one thing to do for a healthy body or healthy skin rather it's a combination of preventive items that will help dry skin.Top Causes of Dry Skin and Ways to Prevent DrynessThe SunThe sun is the number one cause of dry skin and the number one cause of premature aging showing lines and wrinkles.Zen Zinc Organic Sunscreen SPF 30 two pack     Protection from The Sun:Stay out of the sun as much as possible and always wear a moisturizer with sunscreen of spf 30 or a foundation with spf. Reapply sunscreen every hour of being in the sun to maintain optimal protection and use an amount of one full ounce with each application.Wear a sun hat (look at how cute these sun hats are!)  and sunglasses when in the sun. Even on hazy days and winter days, the suns rays can damage skin and cause dryness.Wear protective clothing during time in the sun.Lack of HydrationHydration to the skin is important since it's the largest organ of the body and our bodies are made up mostly of water. Lack of proper hydration will lead to dry skin not only on the face but, all over the body.     Hydrate the Skin:Proper hydration of the skin includes drinking at least 6-8 glasses of water daily. This can include beverages made with water too such as tea and coffee as long as there is a balance of fluids.Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. The skin needs moisture added daily and preferably in the morning and evening for the best results. Choose a moisturizer suited for dry or aging skin that is non greasy without chemicals that dry out the skin. Apply moisturizer to the face as well as the body.Improper NutritionFood is an important part of skincare and adding foods to our bodies that does not contain all the essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals we need the results show up in dry skin.     Nutrition to prevent dry skinOmega 3 Fish Oil to Prevent Dry SkinAdd omega 3 fatty acids to the diet with salmon, mackerel, sardines several times a week or take a supplement of Omega 3 Fish Oil if you don't get this important oil from your daily meals. Cook with extra virgin olive oil when sautéing foods and also add it to salads and drizzle over fresh vegetables to add a healthy oil to the diet that is good for the skin.Eat fresh fruits and fresh vegetables daily with each meal to obtain healthy vitamins and minerals and water that the skin needs to stay hydrated properly.La[...]

Professional Makeup Train Case Reviews

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Professional Makeup Train Case Reviews      Looking for the Best Professional Makeup Train Case?     Here you'll find our reviews of the top brands of professional makeup train cases based on size of unit, storage capacity, functions, compartments, locking feature, weight, material and prices to suit every budget.Professional Makeup Train Case 3 in 1 for all your beauty essentials storage Your new makeup case will help you:* to see what you have* use what you have* get rid of expired products* reduce buying products you already have and just can't find them quickly * keep your beauty supplies clean and organizedWonder which makeup case I bought for myself? Read on, I share that with you below!What you can use it for: for makeup, skin care, nail care, hair supplies or jewelry for business and to get organized at home with all your personal items in one spot!One of my jobs is as a makeup and skin care specialist and I needed to hold all my essential supplies to take on appointments to clients' homes. A train case is also awesome to hold all your personal beauty supplies in one place so you can see it all at once and know what you have. I wanted a professional case so everything was together and I could quit being a bag lady!! Before I had a Professional Makeup Train Case, I'd usually have two tote bags, one large clear tote container and a box of essentials plus my purse..... That's too much baggage to carry into a client's home for an appointment and didn't help my own image, let alone showed how unorganized I was!If that sounds similar to yourself, you'll want your own professional makeup train case too if you want to look like an expert in your field, be organized and have everything at a glance to be efficient and make the most of your time and your client's time.Get Organized with your own Professional Makeup Train CaseHeavy Duty Case - I love this Rolling Case - see the details below and read on further to see if this is the one I chose for myself!My image improved as well as my self confidence and therefore my business results once I switched from carrying multiple bags to one simple contained unit for all my essentials. I'll bet it can do the same for you and your business too!Heavy Duty High Quality Professional Rolling Train Cosmetic Makeup Case Silver* Use as one large makeup case or 3 smaller individual cases for traveling* Aluminum body isn't too heavy to carry although note* it can get very heavy once fully loaded with supplies!* Top lid is removable and adjusts to any of the pieces* Comes with a second lid* Soft lining on each of the dividers and the bottom of each compartment* Each case locks in place and all the cases lock together for security* Telescoping handle makes this makeup case easy to take with you for professional makeup or skin care sessions* Versatile uses also include nail care or jewelry organization* Dividers in each case create compartments in any size you could need* Total makeup case measures 34 3/4" tall, 14 1/4" wide and 9.5" deep* Affordable price at less than $100!!  How my own professional makeup train case helped meTwo ways my new unit really helped me a lot are:1) I was in charge of setting up the weekly meetings with my group in my skin care business and had to bring the supplies for demonstration as well as set up the display and provide the paperwork. My old way of doing it was [...]

Dry Itchy Skin Remedies

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Dry Itchy Skin Remedies to Use Every Day for Radiant Skin! Wondering why you have super dry skin and need ways to get rid of the problems of your flaky, scaly, red and painful dryness? We've got the tips you need to improve the look and feel of your skin today.Dry Itchy Winter Skin is fairly common for many people due to the cold temperatures, wind, and heat from the furnace, being indoors, lack of humidity and inadequate moisture to the cells of the largest organ in the body - the skin. Dry skin also looks older than moist skin so if an additional concern you have is to prevent aging skin, these dry skin tips will help in that area as well.Dry skin becomes flaky, itchy, dull, rough, wrinkled, cracked and red and can be painful and uncomfortable if left untreated. Follow these tips for dry itchy skin remedies and prevent dry winter skin from ever bothering you again.Some medications are known for drying out our skin too. Ask your doctor about any medications you're taking about the side effects and then follow these tips to reduce the problems of dry itchy skin this week.  Nine Dry Itchy Skin Remedies to Start Using Today: Drink more water  The human body is made mostly of water and the cold winter months can cause the skin to lose moisture in the cells from our furnaces, dry air and lack of humidity. Drinking water throughout the day is one remedy for dry skin that is easy to do and tap water works just fine.If you avoid drinking more water than the body needs because you don't like the taste of tap water, consider buying a water filtration system that fits directly over your kitchen faucet. You'll be amazed at how the quality of your water is improved when you remove trace minerals from regular drinking water. Add your favorite flavors of fruit to a pitcher of water too as a way to enjoy the taste of water more. J.R. Watkins Natural Sugar and Shea Body Scrub Exfoliate dry skin  Use a natural body exfoliating product in the shower several times a week to remove dry dead skin cells. Human skin will naturally slough off alone but can take months to happen. You can safely use J.R. Watkins Natural Scrub in the shower every day if needed to get smooth, soft and moistened skin. Pick your favorite flavor and see how affordable it is. Good skin care without chemicals doesn't have to cost a lot of money!Assisting the exfoliating process will reduce dry itchy skin much faster and is a very easy application during a shower. Using a body scrub is one of the easiest and most important steps you can take to get rid of dry itchy skin. Shower with warm waterWarm water is much safer on the skin and prevents further drying of the skin as opposed to using hot water. Finish a daily shower with a cool water rinse to seal the pores and retain moisture. Use a Warm Mist HumidifierUsing a humidifier during dry winter months will greatly improve dry itchy skin. Humidifiers are available online at many locations that sell health and wellness products and cost less than $35 usually. Try the Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier with Auto Shut Off to add moisture to the dry air in your home. This humidifier is lightweight, quiet, has a low and high setting and a tank of filtered water will last about 24 hours. The Vicks Warm Mist Humidifier also has a medicine cup, the steam aims upward and will not cool the room air as the cool mist humidifiers tend to do. The unit [...]