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jeans clip art

Thu, 26 May 2011 11:11:00 +0000

girls designer jeansAppleinJapanSep 20, 10:26 PMSounds like a very cool device. But to be honest, I am hoping this is just one device of many TV integrated services for apple. ie, 1- more dvr hdtv functionality 2- hdmi output in 1080p for television of computer and hdtv content 3- blu-ray drive for movies and for data use 4- Apple Televisions/monitors (yes tv's with speakers and hdmi inputs in addition to computer inputs) 5- Itunes movie shop with HDTV Rentals, not have to purchase everything, but instead be able to rent with unlimited views for 1 week. and viewing window can start when user initiates, ie, download lots of movies for a trip, then go view well i can always hope. :-) lets hope for a 60" Apple tv/monitor is coming for release soon. this would power a home theater and be usable for much more All fine and well if YOU LIVE IN AMERICA but what about the other 99% of the world ???????? Apple must first provide the same content on all their stores.....I know its not Apples fault but this iTV device is going in the wrong direction if it is only going to play itunes movies etc etc.....The rest of the world is STILL waiting to buy tv shows....Clip Art of JeansZilogZ80Apr 14, 05:48 AMscreen maximizing is an annoyance on mac RightZoomFree Clip Art Images ClothingR.PerezMar 13, 04:00 PMThe biggest wind farm in the world provides around 2MW/km^2. Your 100milesX100miles plant would only provide around 52 000MW (52GW) of power with same ratio. USA's power consumption in 2005 was 29PWh. I don't know how exactly this things can be converted but Fukushima I has installed power of 4.7GW and provides 25.8GWh each year while the biggest wind farm has installed capacity of 781MW. The plant you described would be around 10 times more powerful than the Fukushima but even then, it could provide around 250GWh which is a fraction of 29PWh. If someone knows how to convert these things properly or has more info on this, please educate me/us. Did I say at any point time that we should rely on just wind? or solar, or tidal for that matter? A combination of all three is in order here. On top of that re-thinking infrastructure so that at least some of the power can be generated from the home or building itself is in order. i.e. putting solar panels on all new construction. This would reduce the amount of energy needed from centralized sources. Also shifting towards smarter energy consumption would help as well, i.e. using geo-thermal to generate heat instead of oil or electricity and mandating more efficient lightbulbs and appliances.stock vector : jeans andarkitectApr 15, 10:19 AMIf the media shouldn't project a positive message about being gay, then they shouldn't project a positive message about being straight. No more kissing on TV, film, etc. Ban all public displays of affection and don't say a word about issues that someone might take 'offence' to. Yeah...that sounds like a great world. I hope you go there someday. I think you have slightly misread my post or replied to the wrong post. I most certainly did not say the media shouldn't project a positive message about being gay. ;)Clip Art Jeans middot; Men in Jeansryme4resonOct 8, 12:21 PMone thing is certain, the athlon is faster than the duron, the pentium 4 is faster than the celeron, and the G4 is faster (in photoshop) than the G3...but beyond that, it is hard to get a perfect reading Now I will agree with that!!!!Jean Rivets, jeans button,AppliedVisualOct 25, 01:17 AMAV/multimedia, how far do you sit from your screen? I sit about 35 to 40" from my 30" display. Seems to be about the ideal distance. I keep the height adjusted so my eyes looking straight ahead are about 1/4 of the way down from the top of the screen. My primary display is centered straight ahead and the secondary display is on my left on an angle. Works very well. Took some getting used to as I've always had my secondary monitor on the right, but with the room layout, it worked better on the left at my new place. Ah, it's late, but I'll post a picture tomorrow tomorrow night so[...]

abesedario en graffiti

Thu, 26 May 2011 11:10:00 +0000

abeceda letrasjonnysodsApr 9, 02:07 PMVery exciting. Can't wait to see where this is all headed. Imagine iPhone 7, 8, 9, they are going to be incredible!BOOK #39;ALFABETO GRAFFITI#39;iphones4evry1May 6, 01:32 AMI have definitely noticed an increase over the past few months. I used to experience a dropped call about once every two months, and now it's about twice per week. AT&T really needs to work on this problem. It seems to be getting worse.el abecedario en graffiti.iJohnHenryApr 23, 06:10 PMWhat is a "devout atheist"? :confused: They genuflect without warning, something like an epileptic. :rolleyes:graffiti lettera e colouringdante@sisna.comSep 12, 06:54 PMHave fun sitting down to your computer to record shows. I get the vision, I reallly do, and I wanted Apple to pull it off better than anyone. But having to record HD content from one piece of hardware, convert it on my computer, load it onto iTunes and stream it to another piece of hardware (iTV) isn't exactly user friendly. The fact of the matter is, Apple doesn't really want you recording TV. So, while not impossible, you do have to jump through a few hoops. Having used TiVo for years, I would never convert to such a complicated system. If Apple had a DVR, they'd also have my business. You are making a lot of Assumptions regarding complications. The addition of USB to iTV makes a host of third party addons possible that could easily surpass Tivo. Wait and see -- it happened quickly with the iPod 4 years ago. It will be cheaper too -- no monthly fees and all managed by Front Row. Now that is EASY!Abecedario Graffiti (GraffitimacidiotJul 12, 05:24 PMDude, take a chill-pill. Why does it matter so much to you if he uses XP? I don't really care if he uses xp. I've loaded boot camp on my mbp. If xp better suits your needs, go for it. The point was that pretty much everything he said was bogus and flame bait. Sadly, I took the bait.abecedario en letras chinas.shaun319Apr 14, 05:46 AMscreen maximizing is an annoyance on macalfabeto graffiti alphabetApple OCApr 26, 10:16 PMI invite you to demonstrate how Islam is a threat to freedom and democracy. An Islamic Internet? of graffiti art in theEniregnatMar 18, 05:30 PMThis concept will also work with other services that do not recode the song/data before transmission. Every DRM scheme has its flaws. I am willing to bet that Apple already has a fix and wasn�t going to release it before it was necessary. This kind of hack is not illegal, and isn�t unethical. It is unethical to distribute music that doesn�t contain the DRM envelope. That�s no different than ripping a CD to some other form and distributing it. I think is fine for the digital survivalists who fear that the rights that they purchased may be revoked (by changing iTunes and Apples proprietary client soft and firmware). Hopefully this will not freak the music industry out and further increase cost or further limit access to downloadable music. Perhaps this will further push the price of music down. I think most people would pay .25$ a song and drop their music theft (if they did thieve.) Edit- the Music Industry will freak.Graffiti Alphabet Lettersdgree03Apr 28, 08:21 AMPlease elaborate LTD. What do you mean by entire market? :confused: Lets see the spin artist spin this faster than the Tazmanian Devil. (grabs popcorn)alfabeto graffiti alphabetpuma1552Mar 14, 08:09 AMMy opinion: it's time to end the age of light-water cooled pressurized uranium-fueled reactors. There's so many drawbacks to this design it's not funny. Meanwhile, the new liquid fluoride thorium reactor (LFTR) is a vastly superior design that offers these advantages: 1) It uses thorium 232, which is 200 times more abundant than fuel-quality uranium. 2) The thorium fuel doesn't need to be made into fuel pellets like you need with uranium-235, substantially cutting the cost of fuel production. 3) The de[...]

hairstyle for chubby face women

Thu, 26 May 2011 09:55:00 +0000

Hairstyles for round faces caniJohnHenryApr 24, 11:02 AMCome on, Lee, you just enjoy spending your time surrounded by young, fit redheads guys. :) Do you think they make him change in the closet? :)best hairstyle for fat faceAfter GSep 12, 08:05 PMI don't watch TV - the market for it is not me ... TV these days is too full of crap. No DVR because I don't want to save crap. My watching model is: I watch it once, I know what happened, I don't care for keeping it. Because of this, I don't buy DVDs. I don't want to pay $20 for a watch-once movie. And most of the $5-11 deals aren't. The theater is a better offer for me, but the environment sucked a long time ago, and still does. Hmm ... I find myself doing more with the computer ... and less everywhere else. Sounds like I fit right in to the iTV demographic, that "digital hub" thing.celebrity hair stylesgreenstorkSep 12, 07:06 PMAnd the HD capabilities of iTV exceed Eyehome. You do recognize that there is not currently an HD system in place from Apple. If HD streaming does work, and I'm certainly not convinced of that at this point, you still have to shoehorn the entire system. The content you purchase from iTunes is not in HD and probably won't be for at least a year, probably 2-3. Therefore, the only HD content will be content that you added on your own, via 3rd party solutions. So enjoy your patchwork HD system, I'd prefer something more seamless, and supported by Apple.Picture of fat round face hairstyles for women free hairstyleslatergator116Mar 19, 08:51 AMNo it is not. It's not theft in any defnition of the word! Seriously: if I walk in to a store and take CD from the shelf, and not pay it, I'm stealing. If I make an identical copy of the CD and leave the original on the shelf, I'm not stealing, I'm committing a copyright-infringment. But I'm not stealing. Same logic: if I take someone else's car, and drive away with it, I'm stealing it. But if I create an identical copy of the car (using a replicator I got from Star Trek) for myself, have I stolen anything? From whom have I stolen? I find it rather surprising how blindly people here defend Apple, even after seeing how they remove your rights little by little. How many times can you burn your iTunes-songs to CD? It used to be ten times. But Apple reduced it to seven. Then they removed the ability to share/stream your songs from itunes to others. Little by little, you feel the DRM-noose tightening around your necks. It seems like a major PR-coup to me, when you have Apple reducing your rights little by little, and you guys are screaming "Yes! Reduce our rights even more!" Well said. I have a feeling that the people blindly defending Apple and calling it "theft" don't quite understand how this program works. At least I hope that's the case.celebrity hairstyles andJcozMar 18, 11:40 AM It's you. He's right. I could care less about the whiners who say "I need 10GB per month to tether all my devices to my iPhone." I don't like subsidizing that. If you use that much data on your iPhone directly without tethering then more power to you -- that was AT&T's mistake for offering an unlimited plan. But the "unlimited plan" they offered did not say "unlimited devices on one plan". It was very specifically restricted to the iPhone. To those who have cheated system, I applaud your brilliance for working around the rules. But when the rule maker starts cracking down on your circumvention crying that it is "unfair" is a bit comical. Everybody signs a contact with their carriers when they get service. They sure as heck know what they are signing up for -- some of amount of money every month for some sort of access to their network with some set of limitations. Sure, if you buy an iPhone it is yours. You can do what you want with it. However, your use of the carrier's network is subject to a contract with specific terms. If y[...]

ariana grande hot

Thu, 26 May 2011 09:44:00 +0000

Ariana Grande Bikini TwitpicSyddeMar 14, 12:56 PMSilly boy, the Earth's magma would swallow that 'little' pill with no problem. And gravity has yet to go up. :p LOL So who was it posting the map?Victorious#39; Ariana Grande hassectimeMay 9, 03:07 PMI don't understand why someone would stay with AT&T if they are having so many dropped calls. With Verizon offering phones like the Droid Incredible and Motorola Droid it is possible to switch to a more reliable carrier and still have an "iPhone like" experience. I don't see the iPhone coming to Verizon anytime soon. If you really want an iPhone then just get a Touch and get a Verizon Android phone to go with it. Of course it is your money, but I would be upset if I was paying my phone bill every month and not getting reliable service. That's what I did after getting my Ipad. Droid has great reception no more dropped and missed callsAriana Grande with blond curlsNT1440Apr 24, 06:50 PMMost Islamic countries are not inhabitable by homosexuals or religious minorities, your mileage may vary. The biggest muslim population right now is Indonesia, and they tried banning Christians from using Allah to describe their God. They're also trying to ban the Ahmadiyah sect... I don't think France or Britain are responsible for Iran's strict implementation of Islamic law and ruthless persecution of dissidents, and to claim that they are responsible is insulting to Muslims because it implies they're far too reactionary to deal with anything using Reason. Just like people who want to ban qur'an burnings and blasphemy because they're afraid of how muslims might react. Are Muslims animals who are so easily goaded? No, they're human beings so they should be expected to act responsibly and not go on rampages at the slightest provocation. @ the underlined: It's almost like I couldn't even see you move the goalposts :rolleyes: As for your rant at the end, you've completely missed my point, then used your very own to rant against with your twisted logic. In fact, it was the same exact tactic I was laughing hysterically (in a morbid way) about listening to Hannity in the car last night. Have fun with your misunderstandings.and Ariana Grande in 13addicted44Apr 20, 11:58 PMAh yes, the ever present "Android users must be smarter because they can customize their phones more" argument. It's still as irritating and off-base as it always was. :rolleyes: Its amazing how all those "smart" Android users are still poorer than the average iOS user, and spend less than the average iOS user. Amazing that all these "smart" people just make so much less money...also ariana grandeGelfinMar 26, 01:50 AMHowever it isn't tyranny because the government isn't actually depriving them of liberty, merely not supporting them. You will say anything to rationalize your prejudice, won't you? I have trouble believing anyone is as dense as you pretend here. Just in case, though, the government offers legal concessions to men and women who legally (not religiously) commit to a marriage. It refuses to extend those same concessions to same-sex couples, and can demonstrate no legitimate state interest in this discrimination. That is denial of equal treatment under the law, and is unconstitutional.Ariana Grande - Ariana Grandehcho3Nov 12, 12:35 AMJesus christ... I cannot wait for iphone to go to verizon, so you all whiners can get off the AT&T network. My signal with AT&T is not perfect, but it is good enough to meet my standards. I get 2-3 drop calls out of 50 calls I make. So, it it not OMFG. Verizon service is better in my area, but it is not that much better. Verizon pissed me off enough with their poor customer service in the past. It will take me more than good signals to go back to VZ. People seem to think like Verizon will save all of us from AT&T signal issues. Yea... sure.... We will see. We will see.VICTORIOUS#39; Ariana GrandedrapacioliSep 2, 03:43 PMYou might have[...]

life quotes and images

Thu, 26 May 2011 09:36:00 +0000

Artful-s-life-quotes-65.jpgskunkMar 27, 07:50 AMI meant what I said I didn't know whether homosexuality was a mental illness. But I think it's important to distinguish between a mental illness and a that has psychological and/or environmental causes. Mental illnesses include clinical depression, schizophrenia, bipolar, and others. Inferiority complexes, poor self-esteem, and some irrational fears, say, are psychological problems, not mental illnesses. I think homosexuality is a psychological problem with psychological and/or environmental causes.I think being Catholic is a psychological problem, but it doesn't mean that I have any desire to deny Catholics the same rights as anyone else. Maybe they are presenting evidence for that I might think there's no evidence for something when there's undiscovered evidence for it or when others have discovered evidence that I've ignored deliberately or not.This sentence (or phrase) is completely unintelligible.Life Quotes----Blog2Eduardo1971Apr 28, 07:27 AMSurprise. The major enterprise players take the top three spots. Agree. Too bad the iMac never took off in the enterprise sector. I remember when I was going to the university in the 90's I saw plenty of macs all around campus. Now the times I've gone all I see are Dell's, and HP's.Enjoy Life. life, quotesMacFly123Mar 18, 01:46 PMOption 3; STOP trying to cheat the system, and START using your iDevice the way the manufacturer designed it and the way your carrier supports it. (Is it unfair? YES! Are all of us iPhone users getting hosed, even though there's now two carriers? YES) And while you're at it, knock off the piracy with the napster/limewire/torrent crap. (Yeah, I said it! SOMEBODY had to!) AMEN! Do I think they are justified in classifying what data we use for what when we are on a plan that is supposed to be UNLIMITED? Not really! But that doesn't make it ok to be dishonest and steal things now does it? Hopefully one day soon we will all just have 1 super fast LTE data plan that will tether to all of our devices and our cars at a reasonable price!Life Quotes And Images. loveSyddeMar 26, 01:43 AMLove conquers all until it hits a rough patch au revoir My parents had two children. They (mom & dad) were good Christians (not Catholics, though). They hit a "rough patch". До свидание. Your anecdotes are meaningless BS. Religious devotion + children + love < stability.quotes on life quotes onMultimediaSep 26, 05:04 PMYou're wrong: I use a quad at work every day, and I have a dual (G5) at home. Unless I'm actually rendering something, I cannot detect the difference in speed. I use Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, and Cinema4D extensively. You people who think that a quad is helping you fly through Illustrator are full of crap, sorry. Nice delusion to have, but it's all in your head. EDIT: I should note that if you're doing heavy multitasking (like renders in the background), then yes, it could help. I've also played WoW while doing 3D renders in the background, and the quad is pretty nice for that (although the dual does a surprisingly good job with that situation as well -- WoW is still very playable).It's not placebo. I am rendering video most of the time. Glad to hear you also use a Quad. You just have a different frame of reference than I. Not trying to be right and calling you wrong - just sharing my experience as I see it. We're both right from our different points of view. I don't use the Adobe suite much at all - mainly only ImageReady. So we don't share experience with a common set of applications. I'm just trying to explain how my workflow keeps me from enjoying a DC or DP PMs any more. Maybe that will change when I go C2D Intel someday on a 2.33GHz Merom MBP for example. But meanwhile I need more cores more than I need mobility.What I meant is that you're wrong that I have no experience usi[...]

easter eggs templates

Thu, 26 May 2011 09:33:00 +0000

easter eggs templates. easter eggs templates kids. easter eggs templates kids. Eraserhead. Nov 27, 11:33 AM. If I were them I#39;d go with iTunes as you#39;llYanwooAug 6, 02:00 PMWas just trying to price out an IMac on the Apple store and the option of upgrade the keyboard/mouse to a wireless version was gone?? Something new in the offing to be announced tomorrow perhaps??Easter templates vectorJoeG4Mar 31, 02:56 PMlol damn what a bunch of crap. Google is saying that Honeycomb was designed for tablets, not for mobile phones - and if you've actually used a honeycomb tablet you'd see that yea.. it's more of a computer/tablet thing than a phone thing. The phone OS isn't that much of an iOS ripoff. Samsung ripped Apple's "grid of rounded off square icons" off but if you look at vanilla Android it doesn't really have that look. That and home screens with icons in a grid are nothing new.easter eggs templates kids.borisadminJul 28, 08:00 AMThe question for the developers would be: If I switch to 64 bit exclusively, so my code runs ten percent faster on Core 2 Duo, but 1-2 million Macintosh users cannot use it at all, how many sales will I gain because it is faster, and how many sales will I lose because 2 million people cannot use it? Three years from now, the answer will still be that you lose more sales running 64 bit only. Thanks heaps gnasher729, that's exactly the kind of perspective I was looking for! I'll wait until WWDC to see if there's a bump, but I need to upgrade my PB G4 12" because the optical drive has broken, so I think I'll get a Macbook then regardless.easter eggs templates free.tyroja00Sep 19, 10:37 AMIf you're still using the PPC, then you won't notice the difference between 2.0 and 2.16 on Intel. It will simply be "faster." Go out, get yourself a nice new MacBook, and enjoy. I don't know if all the super hard-core Apple "fanatics" are listening or not to us Apple "users". We don't care about the clock speed of the laptop with concern to the Merom. We care about the 64-Bit. It may not be faster now, but wait till late next year, when 64-Bit native programs are out. This is not just a bump in speed...this is a bump in Platform bigger than G4 vs G5. It was Apple who chose to enter the Intel/PC realm. It was Apple who promised to be one of the first to utilize Merom chips. It was Apple who started the taunting of their competitors.Easter Eggs were painted withillegalpreludeAug 25, 03:15 PMCall it what you want but these new MacBooks are crap. Yea there is people who are enjoying theirs without a hitch but look at all the reports of problems. Not once on this forum have we had a flood of problems with a single unit. Apple dropped the ball on this one. Poorly made unitblank easter eggs templates.DanksiAug 15, 12:58 PMAmazing. However the FCP benchmark is disapointing, but I suppose that it may rise when the x1900 is installed and tested. Still, that photoshop test? I don't think ANYONE expected results that good from a non-UB program. At least I didn't... My main interest is in FCP the FCP results. On a fixed budget, does anyone know the advantage/disadvantage of going for the 2.0Ghz with 1900XT over 2.6Ghz with the std video card?printable easter eggsloudenAug 27, 02:39 AMBut I refuse to buy any "So-Called" MacBook Pro until they have implemented the easy access HD professional feature they put in the MacBook. I would rather buy a C2D MacBook with that feature than ever buy a MBP without it. To me, the most important thing is dedicated video graphics. I'd buy a 2.0 Ghz Core Duo today if it ran with a dedicated graphics card. That would give a user the freedom to run Vista under Parallels and still have pretty good performance. There's a 15" MBP in my future...Easter Egg Basket,ErasmusJul 20, 11:21 PMThe nec-plus-ultra would be thinking of a result and getting it (or saying it to your com[...]

stars tattoo design

Thu, 26 May 2011 09:27:00 +0000

Hot Girl Star Tattoo Design.tirexstormMar 18, 12:58 PMWill this affect people using tetherme or just mywi?Star Tattoo Designs PopularedifyingGerbilApr 23, 04:14 PMNo, the basis of Christianity is the Old and New Testaments. The Old and New Testaments make up the Bible :confused: I'm not quite sure what you're getting at here.2011 Star Tattoo Design FormpstrexAug 29, 04:02 PMLast I heard, Greenpeace makes millions of dollars a year. Non-profits are corporations. And like any large company that is into expanding to other parts of the globe and setting up seperate offices throughout the world, they need to have local politicians interested in their specialities. They donate to many political organizations. And Apple IS eco-friendly, or so I thought--Al Gore is on the board. I got the impression he was sort of into the environmental movement...Star Tribal Tattoo DesignsXapplimaticAug 29, 03:46 PMWhy not target the bigger fish first? Too hard a target? Microsoft in its CD replication factories, Dell in its TV/monitor and board manufacturing facilities surely put out hundreds of tons of more toxic wastes than all of Apples productions combined. Why not start there?star-tattoo-tattoos-designSRSoundOct 29, 10:05 AMI think what that statement is getting at is that they will definitely not be released any sooner than mid-November. (I'm assuming that's when they will be officially "released".) But how soon afterwards, you're right, is anyone's guess. Just look at what Apple has done with the C2D chips. It took them a little longer than some of its competitors to include them in the MBPs, and we still don't have them in the MacBooks. (Of course, we may never see them in the MacBooks, until Santa Rosa, who knows... :o) I think I remember a very long wait time for shipments when the Mac Pro was first announced. Is it likely we'll see another extensive wait time once they accept orders, even IF they announce Octo-cores in mid November? Also, on a completely different note, will this processor upgrade effect programs that worked on woodcrest processors? As in, is there a chance a program that works on woodcrest wont work on clovertown?Popular Star Tattoo DesignsChappersMar 13, 11:38 AMThat is far more destruction than the power station could bring. I'm not against nuclear power but it is a bit more difficult to clear up after a bad nuclear leak and the risks to health from that leakage have the potential to be felt for a lot longer.Tattoo Designs With StarsSuperCachetesApr 23, 11:09 PMI have personally thought through my beliefs extensively (likely more and more frequently than most of you have thought through your respective beliefs). What a condescending statement. :rolleyes:Star Tattoos Where to Get Freeappleguy123Mar 24, 07:40 PMThat doesn't take away from how utterly hypocritical that train of thought is.Popular Star Tattoo DesignscluthzMar 19, 03:41 AMIn the perfect world, this wouldn't be neccecary. I would rather buy a song without DRM than with DRM, because you have very few rights with files with DRM. If you buy tha same CD and encode it it won't have DRM, so why do the internet music stores need to have DRM? Since this will create big trouble for apple I find this negative. When then day comes that most cds are copyprotected I might buy something from iTMS, but i'll never buy a DRM file unless I have no other options!Star Tattoo Design – LowerBig-TDI-GuyMar 12, 08:34 PMThe change in language used to describe the situation does not help my fears. "low level radiation" and "elevated level", "unsafe level"... That's akin to saying a fire produces unsafe temperatures - but does not inform you if it's a candle, or forest fire... What type of exposure has occurred? I find it hard to swallow people involved with the reactor, and government communication with them don't already know exactly what's going on. [...]

sublime sun tattoo

Thu, 26 May 2011 09:17:00 +0000

Tattoo: Sun KingmilozauckermanJul 12, 08:21 PMYeah mister 6" PeeCee, you must've missed where Steve Jobs said something along the lines of, "BMW and Mercedes have about a 14% market share. What's wrong with being a BMW or a Mercedes?" This is my philosophy as well. I don't drive a Ford. I don't want XP. I don't want an HP. So suck your PC. There's some irony about your penis envy reference and the rest of this post. Just sayin'.tattoo, tribal, sun, sublime picture by suicietyy - PhotobucketthatismeApr 28, 08:20 AMI don't see a problem with the comparison numbers... it includes "Pads", not just iPads. Acer, I believe has a tablet device. Dell has the streak. HP held back on their tablet device.... So, it is an apples to apples comparison, since tablets were included in the sales numbers for everyone in the survey.sun and moon tattoosLegendKillerUKMar 18, 09:12 AMNo matter what fine print they include in the contract, they cannot sell an unlimited data plan, and then limit it, in any way. I have the legal right to jailbreak phone, and I have the the contractual permission to use unlimited amounts of data from AT&T. They offer an unlimited data plan for one device. There's nothing illegal about it. By sharing that data with other devices you are very clearly and very simply breaking the contract.Sublime Line Tattoo Studio. 29 College Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99701 » Map (907) 458- 8289. 1 mile.r0kApr 20, 08:57 AMas said before... apple + <-- apple + T They haven't put a picture of an Apple on that key in years. It's called command now... Line Tattoo Studio. Tattooing in Fairbanks, AK . Top of the World .UnixMacOct 9, 11:31 AMWell, lets hope that G5 will help the programmer and be less code intensive.sun and moon tattoosMordJul 12, 10:08 AMI'm still wondering why not both - Xeon Woody in pairs for the top of the line Quad and Conroe in the mid and low Core 2 Duo models. I can't see Apple spending all that extra money to support two cores from one Woody when it will cost them a lot less to use Conroe and a Conroe motherboard for the same two core performance. Can you? I expect MacBook Pros will get Merom ASAP up to 2.33 GHz and that mini and MacBooks will go Merom later by January at the latest only 2GHz max. because the price difference is not that much and it saves apple more on design/engineering/testing/support ect. it makes great financial sense to consolidate your product line into one platform.sun and moon tattoosready2switchSep 20, 10:15 AMWhat do you thnk the iTV offers that a Mini doesn't? I'm not sure it offers anything other than freeing the Mini so it can be used as a computer in front of a computer monitor somewhere else (which is apparently Jobs' view of where a computer should be). I might have the wrong end of the stick though. That's pretty much my question too. The iTV is a mini without DVD, storage, OS, or advanced interface? I guess I just don't see a market for this at $300. Waste of time, unless I'm missing something.celebrity tattoos feet tattoosDigital SkunkApr 13, 09:06 AMI don't have a link for you but I too remember them saying you could run the entire app from the keyboard though I don't remember them specifically mentioning customizing hotkeys. Yeah I figured as much. Apple, Adobe, and a few others are starting to roll out with new products/apps/services and what not yet don't give us endusers much to go on besides what they mention to us briefly. I am still waiting for answer to Thunderbolt ports being accidentally removed and Adobe doesn't give much on it's new subscription service. I'll just add FCPX details to the list. Here are videos of the event... that way you can pretty much 'see' for yourself what[...]

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cross tattooLauAug 29, 04:52 PMMy point is that Greenpeace would be far better served educating the public how to help. They get even 10% of the world's population to make some radical changes in their lives and the changes to the planet would be amazing. I agree corporations need to set examples and do teh best they can. I don't think its where environmentalists should be pointing fingers. You , me and everyone else are the biggest polluters. I'm as guilty as teh next guy. Nothing stopping me from peddling a mile up the street to Trader Joe's tonight for my dinner. Except laziness. :D It's definitely true that educating people how to (and actually convincing them to) make a difference is incredibly important. And I'm not a huge fan of Greenpeace, but if the figures are true, Apple (along with a lot of other companies could do better, and should. However, I think environmentalists should be pointing fingers everywhere. At the same time. In my opinion, half the reason we're in this state is people saying "Well, big compainies pollute, so why should I care", "Well, other countries pollute, so there's no point in me bothering", "Well, the supermarket's easier to shop at, so it's not my fault", etc. If we all just got on with it, at the same time, without worrying about whether so and so was better or worse, we'd be a hell of a lot better off.cross tattoo chest.slinger1968Nov 2, 08:17 PMThe Source Article Of This Thread ( "It'll be strictly a marketing decision from there, say insiders, as the Mac maker wrapped up hardware preparations for this brawny beast during the tail-end of the back-to-school season."There's nothing in any of those articles that mentions the extra heat that the new CPU's will produce. I'm skeptical of marketing release type stories without bench tests to back up their claims. Hopefully Apple has indeed already addressed the additional heat issue but I guess I'll wait for the actual benchmarks. I believe the NDA's are up tomorrow so the real data should come in soon.small cross tattooscitizenzenApr 24, 01:53 PMIf I told you I were a homosexual would that discredit or vindicate my views? Would it make them more... acceptable? I'm just trying to find out how much you really love freedom. So what is it? Thumbs up for giving gays the freedom to legally commit themselves to a life-long partnership? Or thumbs down?cross tattoo handbugfaceukApr 9, 09:32 AMSo does that means you didn't like Jungle Hunt? Or that millions don't play WOW.wings n cross TattoojavajediOct 10, 07:10 PMI just ran the cocoa version on a 700mhz iBook.. get this: 73 seconds! Still very slow compared to x86, but considerably faster than my 800mhz G4 w/L3 cache?? If I recall the processor in the iBook is a 750FX IBM chip. Amazing. All the more reason to go with an IBM chip for the future Pro Macs. Thought you guys might find this intresting.. Kevinsmall cross tattoos for women.iJohnHenryMar 25, 07:05 PMI bet if you drink and swear enough you can get your hours cut back. Nothing says retirement like excessive liability. You don't know how wise your words are, with one bureaucratic "charity" that I have to deal with. They are nothing, if they are not all-consumed by worry over "liability". Good evening skunk. Nice to see you in such good health.small cross tattoos. cross flash middot; faery tattoos; cross flash middot; faery tattoos. macEfan. Jul 1, 06:23 PM. ^to the above posts,*LTD*May 2, 09:55 AMMac OS X fanboys really need to stop clinging to the mentality that "viruses" don't exist for OS X They don't.For some, tattoos such ascalsciMay 5, 08:28 PMthey never seem to be on top of this issue.Cross Tattoos1. By crimbaNikeTalkMar 18, 01:34 PMKnowing AT&T th[...]

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nature wallpapers for desktopLesser EvetsApr 13, 05:49 AM$299 is impressive. I've been saying that if they put FCX online for $79.99 I'd buy immediately. I'm confused why Apple has an online App store and yet they offer paltry bits of programming.nature wallpaper desktop 3d.kreshOct 26, 02:39 AMNow we see what Apple saw - why the Mac Pro is strickly BTO. Just add two more processor options for the X5355 and E5345, and this upgrade is done. Wow, simply amazing. Kudos Apple!nature wallpaper desktop,29point97Apr 13, 12:36 AMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_2_1 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8C148 Safari/6533.18.5) Bahaha yeah I realized that after. 2 days on the floor can make you a wee tired. Still holding my breath though.wallpaper desktop naturealex_antOct 9, 08:08 PMOriginally posted by gopher Maybe we have, but nobody has provided compelling evidence to the contrary. You must be joking. Reference after reference has been provided and you simply break from the thread, only to re-emerge in another thread later. This has happened at least twice now that I can remember. The Mac hardware is capable of 18 billion floating calculations a second. Whether the software takes advantage of it that's another issue entirely. My arse is capable of making 8-pound turds, but whether or not I eat enough baked beans to take advantage of that is another issue entirely. In other words, 18 gigaflops = about as likely as an 8-pound turd in my toilet. Possible, yes (under the most severely ridiculous condtions). Real-world, no. If someone is going to argue that Macs don't have good floating point performance, just look at the specs. For the - what is this, fifth? - time now: AltiVec is incapable of double precision, and is capable of accelerating only that code which is written specifically to take advantage of it. Which is some of it. Which means any high "gigaflops" performance quotes deserve large asterisks next to them. If they really want good performance and aren't getting it they need to contact their favorite developer to work with the specs and Apple's developer relations. Exactly, this is the whole problem - if a developer wants good performance and can't get it, they have to jump through hoops and waste time and money that they shouldn't have to waste. Apple provides the hardware, it is up to developer companies to utilize the hardware the best way they can. If they can't utilize Apple's hardware to its most efficient mode, then they should find better developers. Way to encourage Mac development, huh? "Hey guys, come develop for our platform! We've got a 3.5% national desktop market share and a 2% world desktop market share, and we have an uncertain future! We want YOU to spend time and money porting your software to OUR platform, and on top of that, we want YOU to go the extra mile to waste time and money that you shouldn't have to waste just to ensure that your code doesn't run like a dog on our ancient wack-job hack of a processor!" If you are going to complain that Apple doesn't have good floating point performance, don't use a PC biased spec like Specfp. "PC biased spec like SPECfp?" Yes, the reason PPC does so poorly in SPEC is because SPECfp is biased towards Intel, AMD, Sun, MIPS, HP/Compaq, and IBM (all of whose chips blow the G4 out of the water, and not only the x86 chips - the workstation and server chips too, literally ALL of them), and Apple's miserable performance is a conspiracy engineered by The Man, right? Go by actual floating point calculations a second. Why? FLOPS is as dumb a benchmark as MIPS. That's the reason cross-platform benchmarks exist. Nobody has shown anything to say that PCs can do more floating point calculations a second. And until some[...]

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alice glass interview,PeterkroMar 13, 08:55 PMSuperb. Replace one fuel reliance on the Middle East with another. Genius idea. I think you confuse cooperation with exploitation by paying those in the Sahara (which is Africa by the way) a fair price for their resource it's a win win situation,applying 19th century ideas to a 21st century problem isn't going to work.It would raise living standards in Saharan Africa to European levels very quickly.tell me about Alice Glass?dgree03Apr 28, 08:23 AMExcellent! I love it when people put these predictions down in black and white for posterity. OK, see you in 2020 when the Tablet Era will be ten years old, the dominant computer format people buy, and containing capabilities that we cannot even imagine now. But you've put down in writing that it will not be something you work with even then. Noted. What are tablets going to overtake? I just dont get it... Desktops? Laptops? I can see hybrid solutions, like the ASUS EEE Tablet. But they are not NEARLY powerful enough to run certain applications. I just dont see large businesses, such as the government replacing laptop, and desktop with tablets!? not in th next 10 years DEFINATELY.all over Alice Glass,SilentwaveJul 13, 08:29 AMI've been wondering about this too. Surely they have the source code (or most of it) written in a high level language, right? If I'm not totally mistaken, there shouldn't be that much more work involved than a re-compilation for x86. Even if some filters or other stuff are hand coded in assembler, they already have that code in x86-assembler in the Windows version. Adobe is weird...but I think they have a lot more up their sleeve than just universal. I think they want it to run extremely well on intel macs, and perhaps continue work at the same time on making more of their features take advantage of quads.tumblr,alice glass JanebchrengApr 10, 01:01 PMIf you are going to buy something to mainly play games on when you are out of the house which one are you going to buy. Ipod Touch: 230$ USD Nintendo DS: 130$ USD PSP: 130$ USD I think the price of the PSP and DS make them more attractive that and the point they are not an mp3 player that can play touch games. The iOS devices do not have the hardware that a made for gaming handheld has. a PSP still has better graphics then any iOS game rendered on the spot. The PSP and DS also have a larger advantage...Hard buttons. for real gaming that is a must. Love how you left out the 3DS for $250. ;)Alice Glass, on her personalreel2reelApr 13, 07:42 AMWirelessly posted (Mozilla/5.0 (iPhone; U; CPU iPhone OS 4_3 like Mac OS X; en-us) AppleWebKit/533.17.9 (KHTML, like Gecko) Version/5.0.2 Mobile/8F190 Safari/6533.18.5) The whole "iMovie Pro" thing is so unimaginative and boring. My guess is the whiners are the ones who don't actually use FCP for anything other than YouTube noise anyway. In the real world, though, editors and filmmakers are very excited. FCP has been a stagnant bug-fest for too long.fingers Alice Glass isn#39;tTh3CrowApr 21, 09:13 AMInteresting and "generic" use by Apple execs. This could be used against them, as compared to saying that our "App Store" is the largest of any of the available applications stores. Subtle, but significant. Oooooh...quite right. A very astute observation.Castle#39;s Alice Glass andSurelyApr 15, 09:08 AMNice to see a little corporate social responsibility coming from all of those companies. :)Alice Glass fell on me.bfar5Aug 17, 07:30 AMRidiculous number of dropped calls. What a terrible excuse for customer service this was. Whenever I have called them about any other issues, they have been really helpful. When this guy found out I had Iphone4, he acted like he couldn't get me off the phone fast enough. Told me &qu[...]

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in Boost Mobile#39;s network,croooowApr 8, 08:17 AMwhat you(Best Buy) did was take $100 from the customer and lock them in from buying anywere else! Yeah, Best Buy took that $100 alright...they held a gun to each customer's head and told them flat out - "we have no more in stock so you better pay us $100 or else" If you believe this was actually some sort of BB ruse, and still paid your money, then you deserve what you get. Start taking responsibility for your own actions for a change. I don't think anyone is saying that Bestbuy did anything illegal. But it is not good customer service to take advantage of people in this way. People are led to believe that $100 will get them closer to the iPad they boost mobile phones 2011.SilentwaveAug 18, 10:21 AM I think this speaks for itself. When I'm working on one project, that's all my attention to it. When I'd like to encode it, I'd like my however many cores to be at full blast. Sadly, that's not happening at the moment and will remain so until they rewrite h264 encoding. Like I said, unless people are doing what you do (sending multiple files to be encoded at the same time all the time) they won't benefit from 4, 8, 100 cores. Now if anyone can show benchmarks that show FCP being 40-50% faster on a quad than on a dual when working on a project, I'll shut up :) Or maybe they have? Didn't FCP just get updated to optimize it for the Mac Pro? I think they need the latest version over there and should rerun the test.oost mobile phones 2010.mdntcallrSep 19, 09:54 AMAPPLE I NEED A NEW MACBOOK PRO. I NEED FIREWIRE 800, I NEED A DL SuperDrive, i'd like MEMROM. If you had to release a half-assed Prosumer laptop in the first place to start your transition for the love of god PLEASE update it now. Its been a LONG time since we've seen any updates. Apple is now competing in INTEL land, were they need to keep their laptops current. Release the laptops (notebooks in your case as you like to call them) i'll place the order and wait for them to ship. PLEASE.! mike umm, how about more than a simple basic update. We need: Firewire 800 Superdrive DL w/ OPTION FOR BLU-RAY!!! Nvidia 7800 or 7900 option!! we need option for best vid card!! upgrade to 512 mb vram and..... Magsafe Airplane/Auto POWER ADAPTER!!new android oost mobilefox10078Apr 5, 10:47 PMCompressor and DVDSP need help. I use both of them daily and my customer love that I shoot HD, now they want it delivered that way. Tell a bride that just dropped $5k on her wedding video that she'll be getting it via digital download. Please explain A) Whats wrong with 3rd party blu-ray burning? B) How in the hell are you getting paid 5k if you need Final Cut or anything associated to burn blu-raynew android oost mobilegeorgee2faceMar 22, 03:25 PMThey're not what they're not. Their purpose is anywhere/anytime/always-on, not "best tool for job X". I drag my tablet everywhere because it's easy to carry and easy to use (ease on the scale of "quick email check in elevator", "get coupon while walking between car and cafe" easy). Your complaint is akin to whining a Swiss Army knife is unsuitable for culinary or carpentry use. You have a serious application for which a serious tool is warranted, you get the serious tool - not whine that a lightweight general-purpose device doesn't fulfill the role. ...and sometimes the right tool for a particular enterprise application IS a Swiss Army knife, because for a particular job the "every tool is available in a tiny lightweight package" may be best. Thanks for your spiffy explanation. But I realy don't see how it has anything to do with my statement. The [...]

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new sidekick 2011 touch. newtekmoeAug 26, 07:07 PMI cannot believe that the iMac will continue to have a slower processor than the Macbook Pro. For years, the iMac has been about twice as fast as the leading Powerbook. I see no reason why Apple will not choose to put a "real man's" processor in what I would think is there most popular product (dismissing iPod). iMac deserves to retake the crown from Macbok Pro for speed in all areas, with CHEAPER components, ie. Conroe over Merom. And a decent GPU of course. In both. I think it would be possible that Apple will rrefresh both Macbook Pro and iMac very soon, why not Tuesday? It would be nice to keep these two very comparable machines (at least at the moment) on par with each other. After all, there is no shortage on Conroe, is there, and why else would they wait to release new iMacs? (unless iMacs get Merom too, in which case I'll be taking a quick trip to America, to find out just how much kidneys can be sold for on the black market, and how long a certain old man can survive without his.) Conroe iMacs AND Merom MBP's on TUESDAY! not trying to start a war or anything but...isn't that what the mac pro is for? isn't the iMac considered consumer grade while the mbp is considered professional grade??? i think it is badass that the mbp is faster than the imac.T-Mobile demos new SidekickMike84Apr 25, 03:29 PMAs I pointed out in my earlier blog posting (LINK (, until somebody proves that Apple is both collecting the to their servers AND using the data in a manner that allows them to personally identify a specific user, this lawsuit is meritless and a waste of the court's time. Mark The lawsuit would still be meritless unless Apple was violating some act of Congress or state law. It seems these two idiot lawyers have not alleged that, therefore the lawsuit would still be sidekick 2011 touch screenJM-ProdApr 10, 05:41 AManything less than the following will be a huge disappointment: - touch-based editing release together with a huge "iPad"/editing board (probably connected to the main computer with Thunderbolt) - professional features intact and developed - integrates nicely with DI systems such as DaVinci best, jon m.It#39;s a touch screen phone,aswitcherAug 6, 12:26 PMAnother sad person who is worried about their machines not being top of the line :-\ Clearly you are not a Geek!new sidekick 2011. newDr.GargoyleAug 11, 03:32 PMChina, having bypassed installing a massive landline strucutre, now has enormous GSM network penetration. India is also a HUGE GSM market. Exactly my point. You cant use those numbers to show anything regarding cellphone sidekick 2011 4g. sidekickweckartApr 8, 02:48 AMReally? C'mon. Most Best Buys don't even have an employee maning the Apple section. Our local BB has an Apple employee looking after the Apple section. There is no way it could pull any stunt in breach of Apple's agreement with BB without Apple's finding out. Maybe things are different in the US.a2103 T Mobile Sidekick 4Gjohn123Sep 19, 09:50 AMbut I want to engage with ppl here in a friendly and warm atmosphere. The tone has not been warm to this point. Read the first few pages of the posts. There was a lot of Apple-blasting on pretty silly grounds. It's not like it's months and months later (a pattern we used to have with Apple all the time). It's a matter of a couple weeks -- MAX. Like I said, you and others can wait if you want. Heck, I have a MB and a MBP and am probably going to sell the MBP soon and wait for a revision myself. But the implication that many posts had, such as that the world was coming to an end, was pretty da[...]

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Emo Cartoon, Love Cartoon, EmoiAlanOct 3, 11:09 PMStart your countdown widgets....Cute Emo Love Cartoons.TequilaBoobsNov 23, 05:23 PMI hate to be a grumble guts but why is this on page 1?? It's not a rumour and it only applies to Apple in the U.S... and maybe Canada... Maybe I'm just pissed off I'm in the UK. No thanksgiving!! :p dont be pissed off, many years ago you had the pleasure of persecuting the pilgrams for their religion, for which they left the uk to establish black friday in america. now i guess u wish you werent so intolerant, cuz now we get the discounts!emo love cartoons cartoon. emochrono1081Apr 5, 04:23 PManyone that would download this app is a complete moron Not really. You know this app is more for people interested in creating iAds right? This way they can see what is possible to be done and create their own. Think of it like when you go to the paint store and they have swatches for you to look at. Its kind of the same thing.cartoon Cute+emo+love+denrockApr 15, 06:28 PMgoogle should probably just give up on this and let amazon be the default music provider for android. I'm sure now that they have their amazon app store, amazon could easily expand that so it's the amazon music and app store for android with their whole cloud player app ecosystem. It's probably better that way anyway since google as company has ADD; they need to just focus on android core features and not get sidetracked trying to be a music/video store also. Google would probably keep an android music store in beta for years anyway. Let amazon fight with the music labels.Cute Emo Love Drawings.TeppefallGuyAug 2, 09:00 AMWhy all this hostility against Scandinavia ? In Norway we pay 25 percent VAT on music and iPods and expect them to work well with other products. The Powerbook I am typing this on had a faulty harddrive and crashed after 16 months of use. Apple Norway fixed it for free. Did I have AppleCare ? No, Norwegian law dictates that a consumer electronic product should have no technical problems in the first two years with a maximum of five. A maxed out 17" MacBook Pro will set you back US $4,304 in Norway. Now you understand why we are kinda picky ? A nice flat in Oslo/Trondheim costs about the same as in the better parts of San Francisco (Pine Street/Pacific Heights). It is not New York prices.. but we are getting there :(cute emo loverockosmodurnlifMar 28, 04:40 PM1) Do you want to make things that are "insanely great". or 2) Do you want to make the most amount of money? Because my understanding of awards is that they are usually given to encourage and reward the best, not the best of a subset, but the best of all. If the majority of previous award winners are NOT in the app store, it would suggest that these awards will NOT be to encourage or reward the best, but rather as a cynical marketing tool. So what is it Apple, are you cynical marketeers, or are you creators of and encouragers of that which is insanely great? Are "insanely great" & "making money" mutually exclusive? The majority of the 2009 winners are not in the App Store per the developers choice. There were no awards in 2010. It's obvious this is Apple's game. If there were an App Store in the majority of those apps would not have won.Goth Girls Love Cupcakes Cuterhett7660Apr 21, 11:22 AMThis is too funny. I can see this counter thing is going to be fun to watch. I have seen the counters go from 2 to -3 to 1 to 0 to -1 with in minutes.Emo love. Cartoon vectorsnowmoonOct 6, 01:41 PMVerizon Still SUCKS over ATT though mainly for two reasons A. They Cripple the phones beyond belife and 2 there lovely UI is disgusting Don't forget non-simultaneous voice an[...]

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Funny Quotes Short SweetJay42Jan 6, 08:26 AM^^That would be excellent if someone could capture the stream. We'll update that page. It's linked to this thread. arn This was just what I was looking for, thanks arn. I like to get the full effect ;)Short Funny SayingsMacNutApr 27, 05:23 PMI meant that supposedly the issue is that women don't feel comfortable having men in the bathrooms because they'll look and stuff. What if instead of men there's a lesbian there? Isn't that the same thing?Only if they are walking around naked. There are still going to be stalls right?Short funny sayings aboutifjakeSep 12, 08:19 AMyeah, the iTunes videos are definitely referencing movies I'd say. I mean we all know it was happening. The surprise is the non-disney titles, since we'd all assumed that that would be all Jobs was able to pull. But then again I don't see why studios would sign up with Amazon video, relatively unproven in digital content delivery, without signing up with iTMS, a very much proven system. I'm sure that's a huge part of Jobs negotiations, not ever once asking for anything exclusive. (That would be what his disney connections might be able to get him). If they're worried about being locked in to the iTMS, then they're free to allow whoever they want to to sell their stuff. The pricing scheme right now as rumored is at least two tiered, one for new releases and one for old, so yes, Mr. Movie Studio, you can make more money off your hot newest thing.Clothes T Shirt Man Short Edrnelan7Apr 10, 03:10 PMFair question - mostly for the flexibility of watching multiple channels and/or playing PS3 while watching multiple channels. Plus - given the size of the room it would be difficult to achieve an ideal viewing distance for anything bigger than 50". Understanding, I'm coming over to your house to watch sports! I'll bring the chips and dip.FUNNY CUTE PICS WITH SAYINGSHephaestusMar 18, 04:55 PMyes. what's your point? Then it should be pretty obvious that those comments can't be misinterpreted as compliments. Hell, I don't even understand why people make such a big deal out of what phone someone else has in the first place, thats why I made this thread, to see if I was the only one that experiences this. It seems that there are people that genuinely dislike Apple products and label anyone who purchases one as stuck up or a fanboy, which is so silly. This is my own personal experience and obviously doesn't apply to everyone. I'm also struggling to grasp how anything in my posts can depict me as a 'fanboy'. This is in fact my first iPhone and the only other Apple product I've ever owned is my Macbook Pro. So I hardly think I'm a 'fanboy'. You seem to be jumping to conclusions.short funny sayings andhayeskMar 26, 08:06 PMHave they thought about including a USB stick in the box as well, for the Macbook Air? I sure would hate to have to buy an external CD drive just to get the new OS on my computer. Will they allow it to be downloaded over the internet? I'll bet they allow it to be downloaded from the App Store, and boxed copies will only come on USB stick.Daily-Funny-Sayings; ShorttoothpasteApr 7, 10:48 PMJust collected this... Applaud the choice! Type or specs?short funny quotes aboutrjohnstoneOct 6, 02:23 PMAre you amongst tall buildings when you experience these dropped calls on Verizon? Maybe Verizon drops these calls because of the same reason AT&T does.... Don't get me wrong. I won't get an iPhone until I can get it on Verizon. I live in AZ and there are only two small spots where I ever lose a call and most of the time when I am in these areas, the calls do not d[...]

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mortal kombat 9 jadefullmanfullninjApr 8, 02:03 AMJust to let y'all know, unless someone else knows otherwise, Best Buy makes zero off Apple product sales (that haven't been marked up). I read this thread and I noted that someone pointed out that BB apparently marks up some items -Airports, Time Machines, etc. I found this odd since Apple controls all the pricing, but eh, not going to question that since those are the facts I'm assuming (can't be bothered to go on a comparing spree). Anyway, the iPad 2s aren't marked up, thus they make zero. Each department should be meeting their budget daily. How do they do that? By selling products they make notional margin and that allows that department to meet their budget. On a slow, sh-tty day, a department may only be 70% to budget; on a fast, awesome day, a department may be 110% to budget. But when you make zero off iPad sales, keeping them away from customers does not help notional margin. Doesn't bring them any closer to hitting budget. The only way they'd make money on that iPad sale would be selling accessories or the Black Tie protection. But that's entirely something else. Best Buy makes zero notional margin on iPad sales, so they're not withholding stock to meet daily budgets. I can't explain why they're doing this, but given my knowledge, I can invalidate the claim that managers are hoarding iPads so that they can meet budget every day. Cheers! :Dmortal kombat 9 jade hot.GFLPraxisJul 14, 07:23 PM2003: "In 12 months, we'll be at 3GHz". Mid 2006: "I want to talk about 2.66GHz" although 4 cores running at 2.66GHz (Yum! :D ). Who cares about GHz? In the benchmarks I'm seeing a 2.66 GHz Core 2 Duo is easily outperforming a 3.8 GHz Pentium 4.mortal kombat 9 jade costume.wondersparkApr 25, 04:08 PMI gotta get off this grid, man. Apple was following me all morning. Every time I turned a corner, there was a dark VW with an Apple sticker on it. Then I started noticing dark Audis with that Apple on it... everywhere. This is in Boulder, by the way. Suddenly, I realized over half the people around me had those white ear buds on. I freaked out and started walking as fast as I could, but they were everywhere... I turned a corner and broke into a full sprint, and ran zig-zags all the way through the Pearl Street Mall area, but I couldn't escape Apple. I threw my iPhone into a fountain and ran to my bike, unlocked it as fast as I could, and pedaled as hard as I could to the farmhouse basement where I live. I though I was safe, but my roommate was there... with a new MacBook Pro. Help me...mortal kombat 9 jade andbabyjSep 19, 07:57 AMIt amazes me that people who are so opposed to discussion of upcoming Merom notebooks still click on the links to the forums with titles using the terms "Merom" and "MacBook Pro". If you're a regular on the forums, sure, I can see how constant discussion about the "next" platform might get old. So ignore them. Do something productive with your time. That isn't exactly what I said, I don't have a problem with people discussing new and upcoming products and features and when we might see them. Count me in. Its the people that are getting so worked up, annoyed at Apple, threatening to dump the platform and move to Windows, claiming Apple are three months behind Windows systems and generally bitching. Its all pointless as the same people will start up again with the next technology advances as soon as the Macbook range is updated with Merom.mortal kombat 9 jade andDisMyMacApr 5, 07:11 PMIs there any hope for good subtitle support? OCR, etc.?mortal kombat 9 jade hot.rezenclowd3Dec 8, 12:02 PMI h[...]

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i love you forever poems.EidorianJul 20, 05:57 PMAccording to Daily Tech Merom is already shipping! Intel announced it during Intel's Q2'06 earnings report. Is an upgraded MBP going to make an appearance at the WWDC?��Qué?!i love you forever poems. lovezoranOct 15, 01:05 PMHow long did macPro delay compared to HPs similar workstation?sweet love poems for youreelpoutApr 11, 04:31 PMAnd you'll be complaining about battery life and the Android experience in a few days. Spoken like someone who hasn't used a recent Android device. On my Gingerbread phone I lost like what, 10-12% overnight in 8 hours? Battery life isn't an issue anymore. Though it is acceptable to dislike Android for other reasons. ;)love you forever poems. i lovemkruckApr 6, 02:56 PMI remember when I was a kid and I asked my father for a toy and he came with a different one... I was the saddest kid on earth. I believe that who ever asked for an iPad and got a Motorola would feel the same. (Dad, I love you) Funny, and true. By the same token, if I explicitly told my wife I wanted a Xoom, Playbook, Tab 10.1 and she came home with an iPad, I wouldn't be the saddest kid on earth, but I do know that I'd be returning it for something I want. Of course, I also hate it when she brings me home a cheeseburger when I wanted a hamburger.i love you forever poems.Phat ElvisAug 11, 11:21 AMG5 iPhones next Tuesday. Just awesome :D .i will love you forever poems.KirkmediaAug 11, 10:51 AMiPhone = bad idea and difficult to implement beyond the USA. I think it will be harder to implement in the USA and easier in Europe.i love you forever poems. loveBonfireApr 25, 03:04 PMSuch a waste of time. If they're really that bothered by the "tracking," someone needs to tell them to put their phones on eBay and they'll get their money back in about 3 days to put towards another phone.i will love you forever poems.PlatformSep 13, 09:13 AMMost people run more than one app at once. Most are multi-threaded though and if I am not incorrect it doesn't matter for Photoshop if there are two or 72 cores...;)i love you forever poems. iPopeye206Apr 25, 02:54 PMAnybody doing credit card fraud would have a somewhat better chance of staying undetected if they knew you usually whereabouts. Credit card companies use highly evolved software to track if a CC transaction is unusual. I think it is save to assume that most people do not store their credit card number in plain text on their computer. If some piece of software (eg, a browser) would do this, wouldn't this be something you preferred it would not do? Ahhhh..... dude... I'm more worried about my wallet being stolen. Again... the tower tracking does nothing and for your average crook to put your iPhone database together with your physical credit card... for what? They slash and burn not sit there and try and sort out if you go to Target or JC Penneys more. What do they care? Come one people... think and come back to earth.i will love you forever poems.840quadraApr 25, 03:10 PMstatistics show that distribution of firearms mainly lead to more homocides and also suicides using firearms. if guns are outlawed, their distribution is greatly limited, making it a lot harder for outlaws to obtain them. the more you spread guns, the greater is the risk of them being used in illegal activities. ..oh wait... this forum is about apple and computers, right? :rolleyes: Noted, But this is totally off topic, and this falls into the relm of Politics, Religion, Social Issues ( . When you have [...]

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Title: Quote out of the moviewhiteyandersonDec 15, 03:35 AMI'm a Verizon user and am dying for an iPhone but, AT&T just isn't reliable enough where I live (L.A.). AT&T worked fine for me in Texas when I had them but, as soon as I moved out here, there were too many dead spots and dropped calls. To be honest, I think all the carriers fundamentally suck in principle, I'm just forced to use the one that gives me reliable service. My question is if AT&T's exclusivity indeed DOESN'T expire until 2012, then what's the deal with the lack of AT&T iPhone commercials on TV these days? There was a time, not so long ago, when it seemd like every other TV commercial was AT&T whoring the iPhone. Now, it seems like I never see iPhone ads on TV and AT&T is touting every other phone EXCEPT the iPhone.good quotes on friendship.applebumAug 5, 12:09 PMI was thinking, ( always a dangerous activity). There IS one thing that could make me switch over to the cross platform compatibility side of this argument. That would be if the CC of Norway enforced it ACROSS THE BOARD! My first MP3 player was a Creative Zen Micro. The only reason I have an iPod is because when I switched to Macs, the nice people at Creative Labs informed me that their sync software DID NOT SUPPORT MAC OS. I can't even access Sony's Connect music store on my Mac. I'm told I need to "upgrade to Internet Explorer 5.5 or higher". (Upgrade to IE??? Bwahahahahaha!!! Those silly wabbits. :D) I have a couple of programs I used in my PC days that are completely useless now, they won't run on Mac OS. Why not? I bought them! I paid for them! What right do these software companies have to lock me into a single platform? I have, at last count, 317 files on my comp with the extension .xls. If I should decide I prefer to use Lotus, will I be able to open these files as is? Or will I have to take the time to convert them to XML format? Will I lose any of the custom formatting these files contain? ( I honestly don't know. I'm just beginning to learn the ODF stuff. Beside, current version of Lotus appears to be Windows only!) And these files aren't something I paid for, they are my own creations! I'd be more than willing to see Apple surrender some iPod sales, (given the quality of the product, I don't think it would be much), if it would remove the single largest block against switching to Mac OS; the availabilty of software! Then the OS's could compete on other planes; features, ease of use, quality of computing experience, stability, etc. All of which would be, dare I say, good for the consumer? Maybe I'm just a silly dreamer, but imagine the boon to Mac and Linux users if all these software development companies were forced to make their products interoperable, with the same functionality, and price. What a beautiful place the world would be! :cool: dsnort - finally, someone has hit the nail on the head. A standard DRM does not help ALL consumers - only those using Windows. This is why I see these rules/laws as fluff. There has to be 2 parts to any law before I will see it as positive. First - the law must insist on OS Neutrality. Meaning, if you want to have an online music store, it must work on Linux, Mac, and Windows. You make a music player, then it must have drivers or work on Linux, Mac and Windows. Once you have that, then let's get a universal DRM that is used by all these music stores and all these music players. Until both things happen, these laws do not help all consumers. And isn't what these laws are supposed to do - help the consumer??? My household has nothing[...]

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miranda lambert acm dressjonnysodsMar 26, 01:15 PMI love Snow Leopard, really love it. Of course there are a few things I want to change in it, but I really enjoy using it and it seems to be the most light weight OS I have used for a long time. I'm going to hold off on Lion a little. I think it's the iOS marriage that is making me hesitant for now.... And I remember the issues when people jumped from Tiger to Leopard. I don't want to be one of those posters!Taylor Swift, Miranda LamberteelpoutApr 11, 04:31 PMAnd you'll be complaining about battery life and the Android experience in a few days. Spoken like someone who hasn't used a recent Android device. On my Gingerbread phone I lost like what, 10-12% overnight in 8 hours? Battery life isn't an issue anymore. Though it is acceptable to dislike Android for other reasons. ;)miranda lambert acmappleguy123Feb 28, 08:19 PMIt matters that you describe it as fornication. What has this dubious claim to do with anything? :confused: He's trying to equate in our minds homosexuality, rape, and pedophilia.miranda lambert acmNikeTalkApr 11, 12:36 PMEnough with all the damn secrets. What other company keeps you in the dark about their products?! I've noticed a lot of people get tired of the same old waiting game with the iPhone and go ahead and get something else. Sometimes they like it and stick to the brand instead of Apple. This secrecy strategy was good at first but now it's starting to work against Apple.miranda lambert acm 2011.CaoCaoFeb 28, 02:06 PMA same-sex attracted person is living a "gay lifestyle" when he or she dates people of the same sex, "marries" people of the same sex, has same-sex sex, or does any combination of these things. I think that if same-sex attracted people are going to live together, they need to do that as though they were siblings, not as sex partners. In my opinion, they should have purely platonic, nonsexual relationships with one another. Heterosexual couples need to reserve sex for opposite-sex monogamous marriage. If I had a girlfriend, I might kiss her. But I wouldn't do that to deliberately arouse either of us. If either of us felt tempted to have sex with each other, the kissing would stop right away. I know of a woman who gave an excellent answer when men asked her why saved sex for marriage. She said, "I"m worth waiting for." She lived by her Catholic convictions, and she wouldn't risk letting any man use her as a mere object, as a mere tool. Some may say, "I have sex with my girlfriend to show her that I love her." If I had a girlfriend, I would hope I would love her enough to protect her from the physical and psychological risks that come with non-marital sex. The best way for me to do that is for my hypothetical girlfriend and me to be celibate before marriage. Sacramentally same-sex "marriage" isn't marriage. Neither is merely civil marriage of any sort. If I understand what the Catholic Church's teachings about marriage merely civil, it teaches non-sacramental marriage, whether same-sex or opposite-sex, is legal fornication. Excellent post. Yes, sex in merely civil marriage is fornicationMiranda Lambert is once againjmgregory1Mar 22, 03:42 PMEveryone is trying to get a piece of what Apple created - and not suffer the same fate that all those that tried to compete with the iPod faced. Without figuring out how to differentiate from what Apple is doing AND show the consumer how they can really USE the tablet, none of these players will do much more than get a small, very small, pi[...]

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Robin Thicke and Paula PattonStellaMar 22, 01:27 PMExcellent to see more tablets coming on to the market. This is good news for all - competition is great - for all companies and consumers. Choice and Competition is King.paula patton robin thickeR94NAug 18, 05:23 AMA blue PS3 is a nice idea.Paula Patton, Robin Thicke4GodJul 14, 11:30 PMSchool House Rock - "Oh, I'm just a bill, a lonely old bill, sitting here on Capitol Hill" ( That's old school. Even I remember that one.actress Paula PattonbenthewraithNov 28, 07:42 PMMany years ago a media levy was passed in the United States that applies a "tax" to "consumer digital audio" media (CD-R blanks, DAT, etc.) with the proceeds going to music industry/artists. The justification was to offset losses due to illegal copying of music in digital form (generational loseless copies). This to date hasn't been expanded to include devices like the iPod (at least I don't recall that taking place). Which makes no sense. If they get compensated by blank CD/DVD sales to offset the money loss from pirating, then why the hell are they suing consumers for P2P? Actually, I suspected Universal was going to do the same with the iPod, regardless of whether the Zune debuted or not. They obviously can manipulate Microsoft, they'll try and do the same with Apple. And lets not forget, these are the same people who wish they could sue people for ripping their cds (and burning them again so as to do away with all the DRM **** they put on them). As to why their music sales have been dropping, if half the songs on the market weren't about pimps and beating hos', probably a lot more people would buy it.thicke and paula pattonAndroidfoLifeApr 8, 01:06 AMBest Buy is a strange store. It is the only place where you can be told a computer with an i3 and 8 gbs of ram is better then a MBP simply because it has a picture of an alien on it. Best Buys tech people are fun to talk to because they are normally so wrong and they are the reason for the stupid PC and Mac "Fanboy" arguements. When they want to sell a product they will do all that is in their power to do so. If the store favors apple they will tell people that every single PC will get a virus and they will need to get really expensive anti-virus that needs to be updated five times a day. If the Store is Bias against apple then macs are incapable of doing PC things such as Word processing. Got to love Best TardsRobin Thicke, Paula PattonSlurpy2k8Apr 11, 08:53 PMIf true, this means that Apple has raised the white flag and accepted the defeat that Android has given to them. Not caring about the power of the hardware relative to others in the marketplace is a hallmark of a niche ecosystem. Welcome to obscurity Apple - Population You Your post is so utterly full of stupid, (almost as stupid as your sig) but what's even sadder is that you seem to think you sound smart, or have any clue whatsoever.paula-patton-giant-covertwoodccAug 27, 10:43 PMi am looking forward to this game, no matter if it's got standard and premium cars.Paula Patton baby bump withdwd3885Mar 31, 04:24 PMwhat is this bash apple competitors day?paula patton thicke. actressctdonathMar 22, 03:14 PMThe prices are official. Stop this fanboy **** about "it's not released yet". Well, it isn't. And when it is, it's at best a tiny marginal improvement over what's already available. 0.1mm thinner? uh, ok. Better camera? wait, weren't the haters whining[...]

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princess diana funeral williamDan==Jul 27, 02:43 PMA second slot is overkill for a midline model. And Apple has obviously made the decision that FW800 is a pro feature only, if it's not in the 15 inch MBP. Not to mention that it's not included in the standard intel chipsets, so adding it is extra work for Apple. Ah. That last point could be the most important aspect for inclusion of FW800. As far as the 2nd optical slot goes, don't you think it's a pain to have only a single drive? And especially when a second one probably adds less than $50-$75 to the system cost to the customer? (And extra profit potential for Apple?)princess diana funeral williamjeanlainApr 11, 02:21 AMYes, its crap. The first version followed the basic principles of NLE but the new version is pathetic. However, Randy came up with FCP for Macromedia so he has what it takes if Jobs and other consumer oriented guys can keep their ***** away from the mix. Except he rewrote iMovie all my himself before showing it to Apple. Jobs then chose to adopt the new interface. So if anything, what you find crap in iMovie was Ubilos' ideas.princess diana funeral williamSPUY767Nov 28, 10:12 PMActually, they do. They also got paid on every blank tape sold when cassettes were big. I think it is crazy for everyone to think that the music industry is greedy when it getting squeezed out of all of their revenue streams. So, Apple makes hundreds of millions off of their back on the itunes site, and a billion off of iPod sales, and they cannot share in the wealth? It doesn't cost the consumer any more, why wouldn't you want the people who actually make the music you are listening to get compensated? This debate is stale. People want something for nothing. Just so you know, flame bait is almost always ignored. So don't bother.princess diana funeral williamEvangelionSep 14, 01:14 AMDidn't you get the memo, Hyperthreading was a joke. At worst, it slowed performance down by few percent. At best, it gave substantial boost in performance. And multitasking-tests clearly benefitted from HyperThreading. That said, Intel dropped it, because it apparently consumed too much power. But we might see HT in some future Intel-CPU's at some point, you never know. HT as such is not a bad idea. Sun UltraSparc T1 uses such a scheme extensively.princess diana funeral williammaelstromrApr 25, 02:42 PMagain so that you might understand it: The issue is that the data are stored unencrypted on your iPhone. So everyone can steal your phone and find out where you've been in the last year. If you think that is not an issue then your job is not very important and your private life is very boring.;) It's not that Apple uses this info. It's about the fact that there is a gaping security hole that Apple did not fix. But that's different from APPLE "EXPLOITING" you, isn't it? Perhaps a dictionary reference will help you "understand it"? Verb 1. exploit - use or manipulate to one's advantage; So, pray tell, what's Apple's advantage over you here?princess diana funeral williamPeaceAug 6, 01:51 PMAs Apple applied for the trademark, it will not be approved. It is up to Apple how they want to proceed. A fight that can't win, no matter how much money they have. Mac Pro has been the premier Mac dealer in the same county as Apple since 1988. Out of all the names for this new line of computers, why choose one that they know they cannot have. We are already getting countless support calls [...]

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easter eggs coloring sheets.Mac KiwiJul 21, 07:24 AMI've already got one. A SuperMac C500 to be precise! (Well, actually it's an Apus 2000, but in the US it was the C500). SuperMac was the brandname UMAX used for thier Mac clones. Check out :) Ok SuperMac is definitely out then :)Happy Easter coloring pagemisterniallNov 29, 07:10 AMPerhaps we should all get a rebate for every crappy album ever released by Universal. I really want some of the stuff that these record execs are smoking, on top law suits and strong arm tactics now they expect to get money from every iPod not because the have provided any service or contributed in anyway to the product. Rather, they just want it. Hell, who doesn't ... I would also like to get in on this deal. Please Apple/Microsoft/SanDisk I would like to get $0.50 for every unit you sell. Sign me up. I think it is time that artists really evaluated the balance of power. I think it is time that artists should reevaluate the distrubution of wealth in the recording industry. Perhaps that lost money isn't due to pirating like the execs want you to think. Free money always welcome.Easter Eggs Coloring PageR94NAug 18, 05:23 AMA blue PS3 is a nice idea.Click the Easter egg coloringdeputy_doofyMar 31, 02:58 PMWhat do you mean "if"? ( Thank you. I was trying to find that. :)easter eggs coloring sheetsmenclesSep 19, 01:10 AMIf they don't update their MBs before October '06 - I see myself forced to buy a PC Laptop- because I really need one for university and I am not buying an outdated product.Easter Eggs Coloring PagesActarusApr 12, 02:45 PMJust what do all you whiners NEED in a smartphone that you can't wait for a 3 month "delay" in release of a phone? Cracks me up. And if any of you actually switch, I'll bet 2 months after the release of the iPhone 5 you'll be so jealous of its superiority over your current smartphone that you'll end up coming back to Apple. Apple knows this, which is why they laugh in your face. Apple iPhones are everywhere. I think I saw a gal in line at the supermarket on food stamps whip out an iPhone. And over 95% of iPhone owners are "dumb" users. They don't visit sites like this and if they are on iPhone 3G will probably upgrade to iPhone 4 if that is all that is available in June/July. And they will be happy. They will hear a little about iPhone 5 in Sept. but won't really care. That's the pulse of the American people. Geeks on this forum are in the minority. Stop telling silly things. 3 months? you really know that? It could be much more. The lack of info will make me buy an Android with a 4" screen, and that's all. If you don't like my post don't read it. Really fed up of fanboys. The day you will realize that Apple won't never give you anything in exchange, what will you do?Easter eggskevin.riversJul 14, 04:26 PMI don't think you realize what you're asking for. A system that is capable of performing all possible tasks at once is just unrealistic. Nobody will ever equip a system like that, because no user will have those kinds of requirements. Even in the PC world, where more slots are common, you almost never find a system that has actually filled all those slots with devices. Amen. It makes me sick to see people crying foul. "I want 4 of every port/slot there is, in a case that is no more than a foot tall, plus 2 3Ghz pro[...]

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Call of Duty Black Opsyentrog31Jun 13, 04:30 PMHello Guys!! I posted my 3gs 32GB White IPhone on CRAIGSLIST and sold it to the 1st guy that called me for $425 ...why are people settling for the Price that Radio Shack is offering ????? I had over 10 calls in about 15 mins on my way to sell the phone...I am in Miami FL.... G O O D L U C K all !! BTW ...I feel naked :eek: now w/o my IPhone and cant wait for FeDex to knock on my door on the 24th :D ! congrats..but why would anyone pay 425$ for a 3GS/32 when most can get the iPhone discount for a 4G for 74$ more?..I have 3GS/32 black and Im going to keep mine for a back-up phone/iPod/maybe sell it later/ and I'm getting the $499 discount since I'm not eligible for an upgrade til 3/11...gltacool lack ops emblemsHellhammerNov 27, 02:21 AMSomehow I feel this game is too short and easy. I've had it for 3 days and I'm already level 18 and all races are way too easy to win. When I look at it, there aren't that many races in the game. IMO too many of those "you need this specific car to compete" races and then there is on race. Spent 400k on a Lambo to get into one race lol. Maybe I waited too much but unless the Extreme Series is going to offer some more challenge, this will feel a bit lame. Sure there is online but still.cod lack ops emblems designs.bedifferentApr 27, 11:07 AMIt clearly is an issue if they have a federal lawsuit on it. The fact that Apple are rolling out an update that changes the way it works alone shows that there is clearly a problem. Apple vary rarely roll out updates that change things, even if consumers are screaming for it (mouse acceleration in OS X for example). You refuse to accept there is a problem. You refuse to see the breech of privacy. Why? The government and Apple have clearly accepted it. Is this the same government that allowed warrantless wire tapping? The same federal government that allowed Halliburton no bid contracts in Iraq? Interesting how some cherry pick (this is not referring to you at all, just a general statement, not meant to be personal :) ), "government is bad, social healthcare is bad, but wait, federal lawsuits have merit, government is right". A lot of federal lawsuits have no merit and there has been no ruling. Thus if a lawsuit is federal = all federal lawsuits are valid TRUE, doesn't make sense. Perhaps waiting this out for more information would be prudent instead of jumping down each others' throats. (again, this is not directed at you, just clarifying so no one thinks I'm "taking this to the mattresses" lol) I do not understand why every thread on MacRumors turns into a free-for-all. It should be called "MacFeuders"… ;)call of duty lack ops emblemsdissdntJun 9, 02:59 PMWent down to Radio Shack today. They are doing a trade in but you're never gonna get the max price they offer unless it's out of the box new. My 3gs has normal wear over the year so they will only give 230 for it. And I have a feeling trading in prices will drop when the iPhone 4 lack ops emblems designscmaierApr 19, 10:46 PMBut App Store is like Coke, right? Of course it's ok if Apple does it. They've becoming one of the most hypocritical companies on the planet. Maybe Steve suffers from extreme paranoia? No. "App Store" wouldn't qualify as a famous mark, I should think. Here's a website that lists some factors: lack [...]

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This is a card I have madeblackcrayonMar 22, 05:02 PMI can assure that doubling the 256MB of the first iPad is not enough for people that need a lot of multitask, like me. ... If you just can't recognize how multitask works better with 1GB RAM and true background apps (QNX, Honeycomb), then you deserve to use a limited thing like an iPad. I like products, not brands. Question: does anyone know if the A5 design could've fit 1 GB of RAM, or if anyone else is packaging more than 512 MB of RAM inside of their SoC? Just wondering, it may actually be a limitation of the A5's design(or at least one with a huge cost increase to overcome), but the other side is faster, lower latency memory. I don't know if Samsung will be using a similar design, but I don't think the Tegra 2 tablets have their memory "sandwiched" on top of the CPU cores, so to speak. Or maybe it makes no difference in the real world, guess I need an engineer to explain :)Cartridge,Wild Card CricuthyperpastaNov 28, 06:27 PMAnd I don't understand why they should...Can somebody explain it? The rationale is that iPods are used only for stolen music (which they aren't) and this will help offset the losses (which it won't).thank you card ideas usingeMagiusAug 8, 07:31 AMhmmm, most of the features are already in windows? what version of windows do you have? 2003.I have another Cricut card toiMikeTNov 28, 11:52 PMStupid Microsoft!:mad:thank you card ideas usinggreenstorkAug 17, 05:14 PMSo you have 4hdds in total,with 2 of each in raid 0 or what? Do you have the os on one pair and scratch on the other pair? Just out of curiosity, is it even possible to configure a RAID 10 or 01 on OS X setup without a dedicated controller card? I was planning to configure a RAID 1 (two 500 GB drives) on my Mac Pro for the sake of redundancy, but with 4 drives bays to play with, a RAID 10 or 01 might be a little faster if I understand the technology correctly. Anyone?This was cut using my CricutTones2Apr 11, 01:26 PMYou guys know the average Joe don't go shopping for a new smart phone every other month? This is a big deal to some of you guys only because you obsess over this topic almost daily. Tell that to the million people who bought an iPad 2 about a year after the iPad 1 release. Tonythank you card ideas usingfaroZ06Apr 27, 08:46 AMDid you read ANY of the news articles. With location services turned off, this data was still be collected. And Apple says this was a "bug" So you're wrong. Ok then show me where it says that turning location services off will not stop the tracking. I've scanned the articles and did not find anything that said that. If it does still track when you turn it off, I'd like to know.Note: You must own the CricutMetalMoonApr 5, 04:55 PMI'm hoping for 64 bit!!!Sadly, it only cuts with theobeygiantApr 28, 11:14 AMI heard if you take Obama's long form birth certificate and fold just the right way, you can see the twin towers collapsing..OMG! BReaking News! White House releases longer whiteish birth certificate: you card ideas usingwpotereApr 27, 09:34 AMThis is a witch hunt and won't end. The man has been our president for 2+ years now, they need to let it go. Just another reason that Trump is and looks like an idiot.Use drawing tools using yourLiebo11Aug 7, 07:58 PMgreat . . . i just get a new macbook with tiger now i'm gonna have to get leopard . . . how much will[...]

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Chris HemsworthUmbongoNov 17, 01:50 PMyes they could. We are not talking about zillion CPU's here. AMD could satisfy Apple's demands just fine. The only evidence I've seen for AMD's ability to produce chips is that currently they are struggling to meet the market's needs after the deal with Dell. I think it is a fair assumption that AMD's ability to supply Apple was taken into account when the Intel decision was being looked at.Chris Hemsworth, the guy whoAmazing IcemanMay 4, 08:48 AMYou're totally wrong. I develop software that is used by hospitals. In fact, I'm writing an iPad app now. Our customers (hospitals) are buying iPads left and right. One hospital just bought 1800 iPads for example. In the HIS world (Hospital Information Systems) there are tons of articles illustrating how iPads are being adopted. A recent article talked about how iOS is trouncing everything else with a 90% share among health professionals. Doctors are always on the go, specially in a hospital. Having the iPad allows them freedom to move around and have all the information pertaining to their patients available at any time, without having to carry or wait for patient's files, etc. The iPad will always be a toy, but not just a toy. It is a very adaptable device that is useful on many fields. It's an amazing tool in the medical, engineering, management, artistic, etc fields.chris hemsworthghostlyorbDec 13, 08:27 PMHow could Apple keep production of an LTE iPhone so completely quiet when a release is pending in two weeks? We would have heard something in the supply chain before this. This supposed source also says that Apple may be financing some of the carrier's LTE buildouts -- if Apple were doing that they would be asking for exclusive use of those LTE networks for a period. It would also set a terrible precedent. Also, I don't imagine that AT&T & Apple signed a contract that had exclusivity expiring on December 26, 2010. It would make far more sense for a contract to be written that extends through the end of though some have even speculated it extends through 2012 (heaven help us and Apple if that's the case). Nothing in this article from MacDailyNews seems close to the truth. EDIT: In other news, rumor has it that Apple and NASA are launching a series of iPhone satellites on December 26th that will support the iPhone-SAT which will have 100MBps speeds with worldwide coverage using a series of Apple-owned satellites and taking the carrier completely out of the equation. There will be no more carrier exclusivity, because there will be no carrier. Apple will sell the phone for $700 unlocked with no monthly service charge, but will require you purchase an annual subscription to MobileMe for $99 for service. I'd buy that... If it were true, it would be legit.Star Trek#39;s Chris HemsworthECUpirate44Apr 10, 03:35 PM I never got a SMS with my license info though :mad:of Star Trek actor ChrisEidorianNov 24, 06:45 AMIn store you should be able to get both discounts.I'm still seeing only one discount applied online.Kirk) and Chris HemsworthMonkey194545Dec 13, 10:31 AMThis is utter ********. The experience is key, and LTE hardware is nowhere near advanced enough to guarantee the experience that Apple would demand for a device the stature of the iPhone. Remember: we're talking about the company that withheld phone wallpapers on the Original and 3G iPhone[...]