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About Thousand Waterfalls Thousand Waterfalls Grojogan Sewu, or also called the Thousand Waterfalls, are a group of waterfalls located in Karanganyar regency, Central Java. At an height of about 1000 meters above sea level and located in a beautiful forest, Grojogan Sewu has cool temperatures and lots of shade due to the many trees. While visiting Grojogan Sewu you can not only enjoy



About Bali Safari and Marine Park Bali Safari and Marine Park is a top tourist destination with a variety of animals from around the world put in an environment resembling as closely as possible their original habitat. The park is a national attraction that was built on an area of 40 hectares. Bali Safari Marine Park At the Park are over 400 animals of 80 species mainly originating from



About Nusa Lembongan  Lembongan Nusa, a charming little island When in Bali, ever thought there is maybe a more charming place than Kuta, Sanur and Tanah Lot? Try Nusa Lembongan. Nusa Lembongan is one of the three islands located in the southeast of Bali: Nusa Penida, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Of these three the island Nusa Lembongan is the best. NUSA LEMBONGAN BALI The



About Mount Semeru Semeru Mountain is the highest mountain on the island of Java, with peak Mahameru at 3.676 meters. The crater of the mountain is called Joggring Saloko. The mountain also has a forest area like the Peak Trikora in Jayawijaya Mountain range. It takes approximately four days for a round-trip climb of this mountain. You start At the last village at the foot of Mount Semeru

Jatim Park2 Malang Indonesia


About Jatim Park 2 Jatim Park 2 Jatim Park 2 stands on an area of 14 hectares, located in the village of Oro-oro Onbo, District of Batu, Malang. Built adjacent to the Jatim Park 1 that has a ethnic collection containing a variety of traditional costumes of the archipelago, a miniature temple, park study, a 3D cinema, swimming pool and many other exciting attractions, Jatim Park 2 is also

Balekambang Beach


About Balekambang beach Balekambang beach is located in the Village Srigonco, Batur district, approximately 65 km south of Malang. Balekambang beach is quite beautiful and worth visiting. For those who like camping, you are allowed to camp at the beach, so you can not only enjoy Balekambang during the day, but also at night with camping outdoors with your family. There are ample

Bromo Semeru National Park


About Bromo Semeru National Park Bromo-Semeru National Park is one of the most impressive national parks in Indonesia covering 5250 hectares made largely of volcanic ash. The Bromo-Semeru Mountains are still active and a famous tourist attraction in East Java. At the top Mount Bromo you will have an amazing view at the huge stretch of sand which is the bottom of the old crater. To get to the

Kolbano Beach Kupang Indonesia


Kalbano Beach  About Kolbano Beach Bit bored with beautiful beaches with white sand? Try this one, the beach of Kolbano. It is very unique because it is not made of white sand but of colorful stones. The beach is located in the Village Kolbano, Kolbano District, South Central Timor (TTS), East Nusa Tenggara province with total area of ??17 km2. Kolbano Beach is famous for its colored stones



MONUMEN NASIONAL (MONAS) About National Monument (Monas) The National Monument Monas (Monumen Nasional) is a 132 meter high tower in Jakarta standing in the middle of Medan Merdeka (Merdeka Square). The monument symbolizes the Indonesian independence struggle. President Sukarno directed the construction of Monas which began in 1961. It was opened to the public only 14 years later at 12 July



About Taman Mini Indonesia Indah About Taman Mini Indonesia Indah Taman Mini Indonesia Indah or often shortened as TMII is a cultural themed Indonesian tourist area located in East Jakarta. TMII is basically a summary of various aspects of the life's of the Indonesian people who are spread over 26 provinces (in 1975). In the middle of the park there is a miniature lake depicting the



RAGUNAN ZOO About Ragunan Zoo Jakarta's Ragunan Zoo is located in Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta. It is the home for over 4000 animals and 260 species, most of these are endangered and threatened throughout Indonesia and the world. It has a good collection of Indonesian wildlife, including Komodo Dragons, orangutans and tigers. The Ragunan Zoo was established in 1864 by the Vereneging



Ancol Bay City  About Ancol Bay City Ancol Bay City or also known as Ancol Dreamland is the largest and most attractive recreation park in the Jakarta area. It consists amongst others of a golf course, a theme park, hotels, nightclubs and swimming pools. It is located at the north of Jakarta on reclaimed land at the Bay of Jakarta. Ancol Bay City Entertainment at Ancol Dreamland:

Ujung Genteng Beach


About Ujung Genteng Beach The Pantai Ujung Genteng (Ujung Genteng Beach) is located on the south coast of Java, at the Indian Ocean in the Ciracap District, West Java. The sea is fairly quiet here with relatively small waves due to the rocks on the sides of the beach. The sea water is very clear which makes it possible to see the coral and fish with the naked eye without snorkeling. This is

Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


Tangkuban Perahu, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia About Tangkuban Perahu Gunung (Mountain) Tangkuban Perahu is located about 30 kilometers north of the city of Bandung, more precisely in the area of Lembang, about 30 minutes with a car or motorbike. Tangkuban Perahu has a cold air and hot springs at the foot of the mountain at an altitude of 2084 meters. Cool air, tea plantations, valleys

Situ Patenggang


Situ Patenggang About Situ Patenggang Lake Patenggang or also known as Situ Patenggang (which means lake in the Sundanese language) is situated about 1600 meters above sea level. The lake is located in Ciwidey Patenggang about 47 kilometers south of the city of Bandung, West Java, about a 2 hours drive. The journey to Situ is still very natural with lots of green of the trees on the side of

White Crater Lake, Bandung, West Java, Indonesia


White Crater (Kawah Putih) About White Crater Lake White crater (Kawah Putih) is a crater lake of Gunung Patuha, not far from Situ Patenggang (5km), and is located approximately 46 kilometers south of Bandung 35 kilometers from Soreang and takes about 2.5 hours drive from Bandung. Temperatures here are between 8-22 degrees. There are two craters, the Saat Crater (Saat in Sundanese

West Bali National Park


West Bali National Park About West Bali National Park Set at the western tip of Bali, close to Java, the West Bali National Park (Taman Nasional Bali Barat, or TNBB) covers an area of 19.003 hectare of which 3200 hectares of coastal waters and coral reefs. Unlike most of the other National Parks in Indonesia the vegetation is not tropical rainforest but, due to lack of rain in this area,



About Lovina Beach Lovina Beach is located on the north coast of Bali, approximately 10 km west of Singaraja in Kalibukbuk Village, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Lovina Beach is famous for its dolphin attraction, because of this a dolphin-shaped statue as high as +/- 5 meters was built near the entrance to the tourist area. You can see dolphins in the middle of the ocean waters in front of Lovina



About Tanah Lot The Tanah Lot temple (Pura Tanah Lot) is located in the village of Beraban, Tabanan District, about 13 km west of Tabanan, Bali. Tanah Lot is famous for being a beautiful place to watch the sunset. Pura Tanah Lot was built by a priest from East Java named Dang Hyang Nirartha who was traveling east to spread the Hindu religion. The temple is one of seven sea temples around



Kuta Beach Kuta Beach is located in Badung Regency, only 9 km from Denpasar. Denpasar is the capital of Bali, Island of Bali. Previously, Kuta is the fishermen village. Now, Kuta has become a destination for foreign tourists. Kuta area is called the International City. The icon is given because of Kuta is the place to meet tourists from all over the world. Now Kuta has changed into a small



SANUR BEACH Sanur Beach is located in Sanur Village, approximately 6 km from the City of Denpasar, Bali Province, Island of Bali. Sanur beach is easily reachable from Denpasar, about a 5 to 10 minute drive. Sanur beach is the beach for family recreation, many families come from the City of Denpasar to Sanur beach for relaxing. Activities in the Sanur Beach, Bali: Sanur Beach has waves

Sacred Tomb Cinunuk


Natural Physical Environment Tourism has a vast tomb Cinunuk 23.85 ha, and administrative boundaries as follows: North: Village Wanaradja West: Village Banyuresmi South: Village Situ Sari East Village Long Tegal Building the tomb is divided into two parts, namely at the tomb of the outside of the right side, there are 9 left 12 graves and the tomb, while on the inside of the tomb there are



Garut is already famous for its dodolnya now increasingly innovative with an assortment of fruit flavors. But if you want to know more, will surely agree that the beauty of their arrowroot instead of just lunkhead. Talaga Bodas is one proof of that charm is not just lunkhead Garut. That day the second Saturday in 2009, the fog covering the sun from view when I arrived at the lip Talaga Bodas.



Natural Physical Environment Rancabuaya beach has a height of 000-200 m above sea level, rainfall of 1,200 mm / year with the sun's radiation and small wind power. Coastal waters are blue, the water smells normal, and normal temperature. Average wave height of less than 1 meter, and the seabed material in the form of fine sand, rocks, and coarse sand, including areas along the coastline. The

Kampung Sampireun is a nuanced Village Resort Sunda


Kampung Sampireun is a nuanced Village Resort Sunda, located at an altitude of ± 1,000 meters above sea level, located in the village of Kampung Ciparay Sukakarya Samarang Garut district, West Java with an area of ​​± 5.5 acres including extensive Situ Sampireun (1.5 hectares) with the eyes of seven eyes water. Kampung Sampireun has 22 bungalows consist of 8 units of type Kalapalua Suite (One