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Types of Underwear


The couple David and Victoria Beckham share a love in many ways, including tattoos. Tattoos artist who drew on the skin that is also the same couple, Louis Molloy. He was immediately flown Manchester to 'paint' these lovebirds with new ink, when they moved around the state.Victoria has two tattoos dedicated to her husband of nine years, including David Beckham's initials on the inside of his left wrist.

Eva Longoria married life is close to the ideal. He looks happy household live with Tony Parker, San Antonio Spurs player, who has a back number nine. Eva also makes a tattoo "nine" on the back of the neck. In addition to the tattoo, the player series "The Desperate Housewives" also has a tattoo on the inside of the wrist back and hands.


Back when Angelia Jolie is still in love with Billy Bob Thornton, he adorned his left arm with a tattoo that read "Billy Bob Thornton 'and pictures of snakes. Now, he replaced it with a unique tattoo shaped like a map, place of birth of his children. Namely, Cambodia (Maddox), Ethiopia (Zahara), Namibia (Shiloh), Vietnam (Pax) and two adopted children who most recently from France (Knox and Vivienne)
Tattoos meaning that of the female celebrity world. Tattooing is common for women the world of celebrities. Tattoos that adorn their flawless skin is not just a picture without a meaning. There is a special story behind the Tattoos of celebrities this.
There are still many other world selebrities women who have tattoos on both legs, hands or body. Penelope Cruz, Jessica Alba, Charlize Theron and other. they believed that the tattoo will look more sexy.

Shown With Sexy Lingerie


Underwear or Lingerie, for some women is a must-have item. Especially with the aim to please her husband in matters of sex. Although not a few also are embarrassed to wear it on the grounds that body size does not fit.

Regardless of the pros and cons, underwear believed to make a sexy woman's body. Underwear not only serves as a depth only. It turned out that lingerie has many types. Each type has its function and usefulness of each. One was to seduce your partner. You can choose one of these and wear your underwear in front of your spouse (read husband), your spouse will be guaranteed directly do 'anything' you want.

Teddy lingerie in the form of a short dress that falls just below the waist. Position the back just above the buttocks. Made of silk or other thin materials. You can curse underwear small type.
Bridal Set. This type is usually used of the bride and made ​​a set with a wedding dress.

Camisol. Designed strictly in accordance with the shape of the body that has a strap at the top.
Corset. Have a bone wire to form a silhouette of a slim woman's body in order to impress.
Bustier. Has a long bra over her belly and uses buttons to do. Impressed mischievous and can be worn without underwear.

2-Piece set. Consists of 2 pieces of the bra and panties separately. Very tempting. Suitable for those who have a slim body shape.
Garter Belt is underwear that has 4 pieces of rope that is connected to the front and rear legs. This rope serves to prevent the stockings do not go down.

Released, Holbrook Glasses Valentino Rossi


Want to look cool like a racer Valentino Rossi while competing on the circuit? Just wear goggles favorite Holbrook Glasses. Is Oakley, eye glass manufacturer from California, United States, which binds Rossi to be an ambassador of its products. No mention is how long the duration of their contract. "I chose to work with Oakley because they have ambitions, like me," commented Rossi about such cooperation, as reported by Globe Herald. "Views Holbrook is very lifestyle, young and very stylish," said Scott Bowers, SVP of Global Marketing and Brand Development Oakley.

Glasses Holbrook Rossi version would eventually be named V46 Signature Holbrook, in accordance with the insanity of one of Oakley eyewear, Holbrook.
Once towed Oakley, Valentino Rossi will adorn their ads aimed at Italian and Spanish markets. In two countries, Moto GP and Rossi is very popular.

After all, even though the season this year called Rossi's critics as decadence, he still championed as the holder of the 2011 season title. Solid action struck at the corner when the circuit is always awaited by the fans and all the worshipers of the two-wheeled racing around the world.

As he say, "My target is to finish on the podium, and then we'll see where everybody else is. "

Diamonds Jacks


(image) Diamonds is forever, Diamonds are everlasting, Diamonds Jacks. However, how to choose a diamond so as not to be fooled by a fake? And how to care for diamonds that you have to remain immortal sheen?
Diamonds has a variety of shapes / model. Typically, diamond stones formed into a particular model depends on the form of the original stone. 10 shape pieces / model of diamonds are: Round, Marquise, pear, oval, emerald, princess, radiant, asscher, cushion, and heart.

Almost all diamonds have "birthmarks" or often called inclusions (inclusions). These birthmarks often invisible to the naked eye. When viewed with 10x magnification, this birthmark shaped dot / small cracks.
Do not store diamond naked (without packaging). Diamonds is a powerful stone. Daily use are usually not to damage the diamond. If you own a bit dull can be cleaned using warm water and liquid soap. "
If you do activities such as manicure, swimming, cooking, cleaning, washing diamond jewelry should be removed.

We recommend that diamond jewelry is released when you would apply lotion, sunscreen or spray hairspray, perfume for the color of your diamonds do not fade and change color.
Do not you periodically scouring every 6 months at a diamond store that provides this service.
Or, soak diamonds in a solution made of 1 cup of warm water and a quarter cup of ammonia for 20 minutes, brush gently with a toothbrush, fluffy down to the area between a rock and a skeleton, rinse with warm water, then dry with a soft cloth. If there are stains on your diamond ring, immediately wash with soap and water and soak for several minutes until last night.

Rosie Huntington Whiteley World Sexiest Women 2011 in FHM version.


In 2011 a special year for the artist and sexy model Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Because In this year, the popularity of this British woman continues to climb. And for the second time, Rosie Huntington Whiteley World Sexiest Women 2011 in FHM version, Really something special as an artist and model.

(image) In this week as well, he was asked as the sexiest woman by Maxim magazine in 2011. He was able to beat Katy Perry, who last year managed to get such predicate. Not yet also lost feeling happy and proud because he got a new predicate, Victoria's Secret model is back as the sexiest woman in the world version of FHM.
His debut as a film actress franchis "Transformers," Transformers: Dark of the Moon "like giving blessing for Carly character actor, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. In addition to praise from director Michael Bay and his co-star Josh Duhamel and the Shia LaBeouf, lover Jason Statham It was awarded a special award by Maxim magazine.
Surely this is not surprising, because she has been regarded as the girl next door since it first became Victoria's Secret Angel in 2006 in Los Angeles. He also has taken over the role of Megan Fox in Transformers movie, and make men jealous that extraordinary action actor Jason Statham who was 20 years older, has won her heart.

Having a lean body size but contains (chest circumference 86 cm, 63 cm waist and hips 89 cm), Rosie was present as a new star who was awarded the high physical attractiveness. Her skin is brown and sexy curves of her lips that always characterizes the most of it show in public. Coupled with good fashion taste, she becomes very memorable and easy to seize the attention of the entertainment industry. In 2008 he had replaced the Burberry campaign starring Agyness Deyn, in 2009 given the nickname "Model Of The Year" by Elle magazine and a short film starring a famous lingerie company Agent Provocateur, starring in Pirelli Calendar year 2010 guidance photographer Terry Richardson and walked for Prada, then finally in 2011 graced the cover of Vogue UK for the first time and became the most seductive female version of two different adult men's magazines.

MODEL sexy clothing often worn Whiteley became its own assessment that he is worthy of being called the sexiest girl world today. Whiteley, 24, claimed to be honored was named the sexiest woman universal feast.

Italian Fashion School


Choosing Italian Fashion School design can be quite a challenge if you do not have a guide.Today, the word "Italy" is synonymous with "fashion" said. as well as french country course.
If now you consider to enter fashion school, would be expected that free you will have enough knowledge about the basics of how to design fashion and basic awareness on the draft. However, it is not expected that unlicensed student must be able to produce creations.
Instead, you are expected to bring out the brilliance in simple designs and create concepts that free you may have been patterned on the works of some great fashion designers or better yet, design your own concept. Going to fashion design school can be quite a challenge. However, if you know exactly what you need and prepare before, you may increase your chance.

Italy became the center of attention of all eyes in years 70 and 80 with a history of success. Today, Italy is the place to be taken into account when it comes to fashion. their contribution to creativity and competence in the fashion world can not be over emphasized. Sense is not only guaranteed but are made only open career opportunities. If you really want to go to fashion design school in Italy, you need to know exactly what you need. You must be prepared to stay and focus on the path you choose.

be prepared to start and learn new things! after you enter the School of Fashion Design in the world!

Study Fashion Design


If the world of Fashion is what you want, it's time you enter and Study Fashion Design. why do you have to enter the Study Fashion Design: - you will know every latest trend and desire most market against the trend style - if you are not sure of your future in the fashion world, trust yourself will increase when you finally graduated from fashion school. study and work later in the field that you like will produce something worthwhile. You will learn many things about the fashion world in the old and the present you will learn about the knowledge of the blend and mixing colors to beautify the forms of creativity. you will be more aware of fashion and not just about sewing and all the possibilities that will occur in this Fashion, all relate when you eventually will feel the real working world, employees and workers, the business world, and all you need when entering the real world of Fashion Design.

A design pattern on which the making of an object such as fashion. Designs generated through thought, consideration, calculation, ideals, taste, art and hobby crowd that poured on the paper form the image. This design is easy to read or understand the intent and understanding by others so easily translated into the actual body shape.

Evolution of Fashion System demands for the designers not only to design a collection, but also must be professional characters with a multi-disciplinary competence developed, able to manage and communicate with various sectors involved. Today fashion designers need to be manager and art-director at the same time, and must be able to manage projects through product, communication and retail aspects.
Only in Italy and only in Milan it is possible to study at the Fashion System a unique center in the world and recognized internationally, where the creativity of fashion designer is integrated with production capacity, with quality fabrics and apparel, with entrepreneurial ability and with retail innovation and communication, allowing direct contact with this world, protagonists and events.

Sportivo, cool and casual


So that you look Sportivo, cool and casual in dressing style of dress reflects one's personality. Express yourself in accordance with the personality, so you have characteristics in appearance. The key to a good dress is to find out what actually fits with you. For appear more harmonious in dressing, you should select the appropriate clothing body shape, can divert the lack of the body, using the right blend of color began to superiors and subordinates select clothing appropriate opportunity and finally select a modern fashion models are impressed.

You are happy to work out, usually would like to wear sporty stylish jeans, t-shirts, jackets and sneakers. However, you can look fashionable and stylish. We recommend wearing jeans, t-shirts and baby cardigan or short jacket for any body shape will look good without having to fear with your posture.

For female workers, you can wear pants or jeans material, blouse basic colors and classic shoes and black or beige color belt similar. Complete with a suit (jacket and pants) and costume (jacket and skirt).
Accessories that fit worn a pearl in the form of necklaces, bracelets, rings or diamond with classic design. Hats or other headgear accessories can also be an attractive, well Wristband made ​​of leather.

For evening, wear the dress simple but sexy black. As a supporting appearance, wear simple earrings. Add Clucths black.
Avoid using girly clothes like baby doll, empire or the clothes are made ​​from a light wave. Do not choose clothes patterned and brightly colored. You also can look good with casual sporty.

Angelina Jolie contracted 86 billion by Louis Vuitton


(image) (image) Hollywood star's top film, Anglina Jolie contracted 86 billion by  Louis Vuitton in the fashion world with a new icon.As reported by the stylesist, Tourist cast in the film that will appear to be a model for print advertising as a photographer Annie Liebowitz. The plan, a global advertising campaign it will soon release this summer.

Jolie by joining the world's most popular label is a new surprise for the fashion industry, because Jolie as one of Hollywood's best actresses will show his face in a worldwide campaign for the first time. The campaign will be launched in summer 2011 is rumored to have spent a fee of $ 10 million just to pay for a life partner Brad Pitt.

After the reported release jewelry line called 'Style of Angelina Jolie'. Jolie released jewelery displays various precious stones, such as stone quartz, citrine, emerald and diamond. Angelina Jolie seems to want more in dabbling in the fashion world, a source told that Jolie will be paid with a fantastic price by Louis Vuitton. The actress who once UN ambassador reportedly will sign a contract with a value of nearly U.S. $ 10 million or approximately USD 86 billion.

With prices that high, Angelina wealth will certainly increase. However, it seems smart woman and mother of six children was only using her celebrity power to a noble purpose.

Tips Choosing Clothes


(image) These Tips Choosing Clothes start with studying the shape of your body. Where a prominent part of which is the center of attention from the troubled areas in your body so you look slim. For example, avoid wide belts that are too big and too big if your waist. Or if you have women beautiful legs and sexy, wear knee-length skirt with a simple shirt or tight clothes so that attention could be focused on your feet.

To have a big body on top, always avoid the shiny fabric in the area above. You should use a darker color. Wear tops with big sleeves or loose-fitting tops that will fall down to cover the hips and waist. You can use materials such as cotton. One way to look slimmer is to wear one type of color. This will help you arrange the overall silhouette.
Adjust the color of clothing with the time and place. Dark colors for formal events, while bright colors for informal events.

Customize the colors to the character. If you want to highlight the nature of the feminine, wear clothes made rather than pastels. Conversely, if you want to attract the attention of busy, choose a light-colored clothing.
Do not use colored clothing that is too counter to the skin. For example, you were black and wearing a pink dress light. Your appearance will look lopsided and looks stupid! In addition, you also should not be wearing accessories from head to foot in the colors not matching the color of the clothes worn.

For those who have a body containing bodies try to wear long pants that can give the illusion of a higher body by wearing long pants cut 'wide-leg' and have 'details' such as vertical stripes. Conversely, avoid tight pants that intersect. To hide the hips that contains also choose long pants thats have cut full-cut (wide starting from the groin to the tip pants) and long pants to avoid intersecting 'baggy' or a taper in the tip portion.

For those of you who have the back filled out, please do not hesitate to choose a full-cut pants length. In addition, you also can hide the form back to wearing pants pocket in the back. End of all, to which belong in a collection of individuals who are not waisted (boy's figure), choose long pants cut straight to the pocket on the side portion. Do not occasionally wear long pants tight or contracted at the end.

Wearing loose clothes all the time is not the correct way to look slim. Instead, choose clothing that fits in the body fall. Avoid using the clothes with smaller sizes, which are smaller than their usual size. It just makes you look silly.

Choosing The Right Shoes


Usually Choosing The Right Shoes is an easy affair for the women. Sometimes it is hard to resist the temptation to not buy good shoes. Not infrequently after use, the newly purchased shoes turned out to be uncomfortable, or worse, even painful.
Selecting a shoes is not only concerned with the model and its shape alone. Comfort factor should not be forgotten.

1. Try to buy shoes in the afternoon, since feet tend to swell slightly in the afternoon.
2. Quality is the first thing you should look. Expensive shoes did not necessarily guarantee the shoe of choice.  Do not be lazy to check the shoes that want to buy before trying it.
Skin, neatness stitching, shoe soles, and heel shape and balance are the things that you must check before trying to shoe selection.
3. Do not forget to check the pieces of a shoe. What is the pattern that is used is in conformity with the shape of the foot, and can bear the whole weight of your body? If not, there will be discomfort when wearing the shoes. Risks most machete is sprained or abnormalities in the leg bone.
4. When trying shoes, wear socks or stockings you will wear everyday.
5. Select a size and height appropriate rights, Do not be lazy to try the shoes you want. Each label shoes do not always have the same size. So should really choose which size is appropriate for you, so that the shoe feels comfortable when worn.

Appeal rights must also be addressed. experts argue, heels 5 cm is the maximum limit for women. While the high limit on the rights of men shoes is 1.5 cm. Do not forget to adjust too high heels with your performance. for those who have high mobility and frequent outside the room, wearing too high heels will make you less comfortable.
Oh yes the ultimate secret party shoes look okay with simple actually wrote. Do not select shoes party whose rights are too high. It will only make you feel uncomfortable. Finally can you be a strange way street, or slip because of party shoes?

Kate Middleton Wedding Gown Designed Sarah Burton


London - After months of anonymity, the identity of the bridal fashion designers Kate Middleton finally opened. The designer was Sarah Burton from Alexander McQueen.Kate dress made from silk and satin with ivory color. The dress is handmade lace.Buckingham Palace announced that when she entered Westminster Abbey, on Friday (04/29/2011), to start a wedding blessing ceremony."Miss Middleton wants her dress is a combination of tradition and modernity with an artistic vision that characterizes the work of Alexander McQueen," the court said in a statement. "Miss Middleton worked with Sarah Burton in formulating the design of her dress."She succeeded not only in maintaining the confidentiality of the model her clothes, but also the identity of the designer. That's very impressive, considering that every details of her marriage followed closely by the global media circles. Bride's daughter is not just hide from the public details of her dress, she even keep it a secret from her future husband. Prince William finally saw the dress, after many guests to the wedding to see it.Kate tries to keep her dress for Prince William not peek until she met with the prospective heir to the British throne on the altar. Previously circulated rumors that Kate plays roulet wedding dress, with clothes for three days to prepare it. Two garments become supporters, in case number one clothing leaked to the press. According to another report, he has made his own dress.The mystery surrounding the designer becomes the source of everything from guessing game for fans of fashion until the professional betting market. Bruce Oldfield is the main candidate. He designed clothes for Princess Diana, the late mother of William, and create a dress for Queen Rania of Jordan.Sarah Burton mentioned as a favorite designer to make clothes. Women's designer was creative director at Alexander McQueen's trademark. Sarah Burton took over the position from the previous designer - who committed suicide last year.Full lace gown was designed by combining corset and skirt that made the hand by The Royal School of Needlework. Making lace themselves using the popular technique of Irish heritage in the 20s.The dress is made of ivory satin and white. Inflate with the perfect skirt for detail arches and pleats. Sarah Burton adds a modern wedding dress tail fit along 2.7 meters. Narrowed waist bodice adorned with 58 buttons that are covered by organza material.Materials used for this dress is French Chantilly lace combined with Home Cluny lace. Kate was also seen using a veil and tiara to complement her appearance. Veil is made of soft layers of silk tulle with flower embroidery hand made by The Royal School of Needlework.Kate made tiara worn by Cartier in 1936 and has been bought by the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth after use. Then, who used her earrings designed by Robinson Pelham  shaped leaves that enthroned it a pear-shaped diamond. There are diamond-shaped grains acorns placed at the center.This earring design is used to improve the tiara. Earing are given by the family of Kate Middleton as a wedding gift. Perfecting her appearance, she uses a pair of shoes that made the hand by a team from Alexander McQueen. The shoes are also made using white satin with ivory.[...]



Origin said the slippers were sandalion (Greek) which is absorbed into Latin (sandalium), French (sandale), and so on. Sandals footwear originated from the Greek and Romans. At that time, soles made ​​of cork, while the cover is made of leather held together with the base by way of stitching. Section was left open toe, and comes with a belt or rope so as not to be separated from the foot of the user. In development, the Catholic chaplain wearing socks with sandals called embroidery.The first man-made sandals from Greek-sandals were made ​​of wood and papyrus leaves. To print the soles of sandals, they print the shape of the foot on the sand beach.

After the era of Egypt, the second generation slippers belong to Greece. The model is tailored to the activities they do, such as for sightseeing, parties, or used at home. Sandals for the Greeks also reflect the status and social class of the wearer.
In 1868-1912, sandals began to flourish in Japan. Generally in Japan, people used to use footwear before entering the house. They use as a protective sandals foot and to maintain cleanliness in the house.

Now, the sandals are used not only as footwear to protect feet from hard objects or debris. Sandals has now become part of a fashion trend in which many sandals are made ​​with a variety of motifs and materials tailored to the current mode.

Miley Cyrus tattoo


(image) Miley Cyrus seems to change the image of Hannah Montana to be a rockstar just like the band Avenged Sevenfold. , this Disney girl began addicted to having tattoo on his body.
18-year-old star has now got a tattoo dream catcher (catcher dream) on the torso (trunk).
"Tattooing was a picture of a dream Cather who depend on her bed with four feathers represent the four brothers,"
So this time, the artist who ever smoked cigarettes was caught on camera, has a total of 5 pieces tattoo etched on his body. Among other liver image, the image of the cross, the word 'Love' behind his ear and another one sentence 'just Breathe' at the nape of her neck.

Miley Cyrus parents can not claim to prohibit such beloved daughter desire. Because after all, Cyrus to spend money on tattoos are from his personal pocket. And nothing could stop him to do that.

Running Shoes Reviews


Getting the right Running Shoes Reviews for your foot type is one of the most important steps you can take to prevent running injuries and run comfortably. If you don't underpronate (your feet roll outward when you run) or overpronate (your feet roll inward when you run), that means you're a neutral runner. You can choose from a wide variety of running shoes, including ones made for neutral runners or those with slightly flat feet or high-arched feet.

Running in old or worn-out running shoes can lead to running injuries. Running Shoes Reviews and the best running shoes is all about finding the top running shoes that fits your feet perfectly, whether it is by a running shoe review of Asics, Nike, Adidas, Brooks, New Balance, Saucony or any of the other shoe brands - or if your choice is to go for discount running shoes, trail running shoes or simply looking for the best walking shoes.

After careful analysis at the RW Shoe Lab and testing on the feet of 200 runners, we've identified the nine best new trail shoes for tackling rugged terrain, going long across flat trails and roads, or zipping through a cross-country course.
People with flat feet need running shoes that maintain their stability.



Really good stylists are able to reproduce hairstyles from photos to the clients own hair. The decision to visit a salon really depends on the individual and circumstance but everyone should visit a salon for hairstyles consultation once in a while.

A person who is more into punk will desire wilder hairstyles to match where as a lawyer may have a more maintained hairstyle. Facial shapes also warrant diverse hairstyles. Additional textures like choppy and sleek add variation to hairstyles. Color is one of the best ways to change hairstyles for totally different remakes. The possible hair colors; red, blond, brunette, and dark all have deviating shades that generate unique looks even with similar hairstyles.

Styling hair without heat protecting products or styling too often using blow dry and flat irons can also lead to dry hair. The length of hair can produce varying hairstyles and is an integral part of any hairstyle. Changing hair length is a big step because hair grows out very slowly but can become a refreshing hairstyle update.
How our hair is cut, colored or styled, telegraphs to the world our sexual aggression's, insecurities, confidence and personal feelings.If our genitalia is a primary sexual object, then hair is a secondary sexual object.     Some societies recognize the sexual allure of hair and for this reason have laws or customs requiring the covering or removal of hair. Long hair an indicator of fertility and availability, and short hair as independent and forceful. The thinning of female hair implies loss of sexuality and femininity.  Male hair is symbolic of virility and strength. We not only love hair and covet the hair of those that are blessed, we often shun and avoid those with hair lesser than our own and view ourselves as superior as we use our hair to attract, flaunt, and seduce.

Sanuk shoes


The Sanuk shoes sidewalk surfers have taken the beach scene by storm. Offered in tons of colors and patterns, there is definitely a Sanuk flip flop or Sanuk shoes that will work with your personal style. You'll find every texture under the sun in Sanuk shoes and Sanuk sandals. Now you can even find Sanuk shoes for kids. Sanuk shoes are great for the outdoor water enthusiast who wants to look and feel great.
Sanuk (pronounced sa-nook) means fun in the Thai language, a principle on which Sanuk shoes were founded. Sanuk has numerous designs of beach shoes for women too. In addition, Sanuk shoes can be worn almost anywhere – whether on the beach or not!
Today, Sanuk carries a wide range of Sanuk beach and surf shoes for women; these include both flip flop designs and surf-style shoes, similar to Sanuk shoes for men. Sanuk beach and surf shoes for women are available from:
Meet Sanuk’s world-travelling surf, contest machine and scholastic dominator, miss Amy Nicholl. In recent years, she has amassed a long list of surfing achievements including an ESA Eastern Championship, three ESA Southeast Regional titles, three ESA Scholastic Championships, an NSSA East Coast Girl’s title and an Explorer.Upon arriving, Ethan and his fellow climbers.

Nike Free Run+ 2


The Nike Free Run+ 2 has been officially unveiled. The Nike Free Run+ 2: Barefoot-inspired fit, excellent support
Fused Phylite midsole and outsole for an ultra-lightweight, resilient ride Deep flex grooves throughout the outsole for a natural range of motion and enhanced flexibility

Fit Designed to keep the foot in place without restricting it, the Nike Free Run+ 2 features bonded overlays for excellent support. Cushioning Without sacrificing the feel of barefoot running, the Nike Free Run+ 2 delivers a plush, cushioned ride. Flexibility

The Nike Free Everyday+ 2 Men's Running Shoe delivers the extraordinary feel and natural movement associated with barefoot running, combined with the cushioning and support you need in an everyday trainer. An evolution still in progress, the Nike Free Run+ 2 built upon the lessons learned on last summer’s Nike Free Run+. To maximize each individuals’ potential, the Nike Free Run+ 2 includes the Nike+ program. Available in a whole range of new colorways, the Nike Free Run+ 2 goes on sale next month at all Nike retail doors.

The Free Run+ 2 is Nike's latest foray into the science of replicating natural barefoot motion.

Celebrities Jewelry Trends


Celebrities Jewelry Trends???Do any of you remember Marilyn Monroe sexily purring “Diamonds Are A Girl’s Best Friend?” Do you have any idea what that did the engagement ring market. Guys are still paying for that statement. Sure back in the 50s women knew it wouldn’t be sensible to wear such a large engagement ring but that didn’t mean a gal couldn’t yearn for it. Today a women wouldn’t feel in the least bit guilty about wearing such a diamond, in fact there are many a women that judge how well they are loved by the size of the rock they are wearing because they “know” what Marilyn knew, that “diamonds are in fact a girls best friend.”

When we see the engagement rings worn by stars like Madonna or Catherine Zeta-Jones we take notice and their choices influence the trends that follow. Celebrities are the leaders in setting fashion and jewelry trends. Madonna with her Edwardian engagement ring and Catherine Zeta-Jones’s antique styled 10 carat diamond ring has revived the desire to own a beautiful antique engagement ring. In fact it’s one of the hottest engagement ring styles in 20 years. The size of the diamonds in current styles has also grown from the average one carat to over three carats. That’s a pretty big rock that’s going to set you back a bit. But girls know they deserve it!

If you aren’t sure whether bigger is better than have a look at the jewels at this years Oscars which are said to total over $50 million dollars in value. Wonder how many vaults it took to keep those locked up for the night? With bling being the in thing one has to stop and wonder how the heck normal average working guys plan to pay for these rings. When their fiancés are asked the standard answer is “doesn’t matter I’m worth it. That’s great if your guy is earning a 6 figure salary but wait what if he’s not. What if he’s joe average living from pay day to pay day. What should he do move into the bush and give up his home, perhaps take up walking and sell his car?

Wait guys maybe you can get away with a really good quality cubic zirconia. No guarantees but it might be worth a try. Most of the high end ones can only be identified by a quality jeweler. Then again maybe she won’t care as long as it’s big and impressive. Ok girls lets be real here. Dreaming and lusting for that big 5 carat rock is just fine. No problem with dreaming, but when it comes time for your man to buy that ring remember that the ring is not what you are marrying so perhaps it’s time to consider the quality and quantity of the husband to be rather than the ring. Big diamond or little diamond it doesn’t matter as long as the two of you are blissfully happy. Let the celebrities wear their big diamonds and let them sparkle and shine in the lime light. It doesn’t matter because you got your man! That’s what counts!

Men's Armani Watches


What kind of Men’s Armani Watches should you buy?  There is an Armani watch to suit every taste.

Most of the Men’s Armani Watches produced by the Armani group fall under the Emporio Armani label.  The Emporio Armani label is meant to cater to that corner of the market made up of younger people who know what they want and have already begun to develop a deep sense of their own style but have not yet reached their pinnacle or become what they are potentially meant to be.  The Emporio Armani label is for the up-and-coming young person, and this reflects largely on all the products carrying that label, including men’s Armani watches.

This makes men’s Armani watches the perfect gift for a brother, a friend, a boyfriend or a husband who is trying his best to aim for the top and is slowly getting there, but just not there yet.  It could be a gift that you can give yourself.  The message that a typical piece from the various series of men’s Armani watches conveys about its wearer is this: “I am reaching for my dreams, so just watch me!”

But how to choose amongst the various styles of men’s Armani watches that would suit your tastes perfectly, or the man to whom you would give it?  Naturally, you would have to consider things like personal taste, lifestyle and preferences.

A man who lives a rugged and active lifestyle, and who has a no-nonsense taste when it comes to fashion and dressing, may love to have a watch from Emporio Armani’s sports series.  A timepiece from the sports series typically have metal bracelets made of solid stainless steel.  They have black faces with white dials, and it glows in the dark, making it easier to tell time even in poor lighting conditions.  They are also very durable – shockproof, scratchproof and waterproof, ready to withstand any beating an active lifestyle can give a watch.

The meccanico line of men’s Armani watches, on the other hand, may appeal to a man who likes to pay attention to detail.  Watches in this series come with either genuine leather straps or linked solid stainless steel.  They also often have a couple of sub-dials that tell seconds, have calendar functions and tell the wearer just how much power the watch still has.  The meccanico line would look classy and elegant when worn with a power suit.

For a man who likes things simple and without frills, there is a series of classic men’s Armani watches.  They also come with either solid steel bracelets or genuine leather straps, and they have square faces made of quartz.  They are versatile timepieces that complement any outfit that a man may have in his wardrobe.

Womens Shirts


Women's tops are offered by most clothing retailers. One of the most popular types of women's tops that are offered by vendors are t-shirts. When you are shopping for t-shirts it is important to look for the size, color, design, and style that is right for the Woman Shirts that you are shopping for.

The first thing that you will want to look for in a women's t-shirt is that it is the right style.  There are many different styles to choose from including: long tees, short sleeve tees, baby doll tees, vintage tees, and puff sleeve t-shirts.  In addition to the style of the t-shirt you may also want to look for designer tees.

The second thing that you will want to look for when shopping for a t-shirt is that it offers a color palette and design that will fit into your wardrobe and that also is appealing to you.  If you will be using the t-shirt as a layering piece then you may want to buy several t-shirts in a variety of colors that compliment the other existing pieces in your wardrobe. If the t-shirt will be worn to work then you will need to make sure that its color and design are appropriate for a work environment.  On the other hand, if you are looking for a fun casual t-shirt then you may want to look for one that offers a funky color and design.

The final thing that you will want to look for when shopping for women's tops of any kind is that they are the right size.  Sizes seem to vary from designer to designer so if you are not familiar with the designer of the t-shirt that you are interested in it will be important for you to try on that shirt to make sure that it fits properly.  If you are shopping online you will need to use the site's sizing chart to find the proper size for you.

Sexy shoes


What is it with Sexy shoes?  Why are they so popular today and why have they been popular for so long?  Sexy shoes have a special place in the heart and soul of many people across the globe, but why?

To start with, a pair of high heels can instantly elongate the lines of the legs that can make the legs appear slimmer and create more elegant curves from the hip to the toe.  I’ve also read that wearing high heel shoes can make the foot appear smaller than it actually is.

Additionally, high heel shoes alter the stance of the woman and this forces her breasts up and makes her derriere protrude farther out than normal.  The correct pair of shoes can even help create an air of confidence due to the fact that they make the woman taller than normal and tend to attract more attention to her.

Sexy shoes aren’t just popular with women, but with men and cross dressers as well.  Sexy shoes are known to be a fetish item in their own right.  Sexy shoes are collectible and can be considered works of art without even having a foot to fill them.  People all over the world collect exotic high heel shoes.

Although they may not be the most practical clothing item in the world, it really doesn’t come down to practicality.  Sexy shoes are popular for reasons not related to their comfort or practicality.  If you still don’t get it, then you probably never will.

Now, aren’t you ready for your next pair of sexy shoes?

Fashion apparel companies


From private label Fashion apparel companies is not as difficult as you might think. I assure you that the founders of Nike, Zara, Esprit, Ralph Lauren, Levi's and Von Dutch, not mad geniuses of fashion. You can duplicate his rise to stardom, if check the following:

1. A decent logo

2. Creative concepts and graphics - Design Talent

3. A supplier, white dress

4. A decent screen printer

5. A line sheet to show to potential buyers

6. Sales and promotional talent.

What do you think is most important? Its obviously design talent you say? Are you kidding? You must be joking. You left the house recently? Have you seen Ralph Lauren clothing? Crayon weilding chimpanzees produce better designs. On the other hand, suppose that monkeys are more sanitary, but I digress.

Fair Trade Fashion


Fair Trade Fashion has a good reputation for obvious reasons and was supported by some of the largest companies in the world. For those who understand, is how good they are doing, but for those who are not so sure this is what is the dress of fair trade.

Fair and ethical companies try to use the goods produced through open and honest relationships and nothing abnormal is happening, the production of fashion ethical, ecological, without exploiting workers, goods produced in good condition which means that the area would should be well ventilated and with adequate space and breaks for employees. companies in fair trade also ensure that its products are to reduce the environmental impact during production and transportation.

In terms of employment of enterprises in the trade fair provided that the products they use are made by employees earning less than minimum wage for this country and do not work more than the maximum hours, as described in the policy of the country of production. These are some points that a company's fair trade attaches to the choice of products to sell.

fashion fair trade as a whole has a good reputation and there are high quality clothes that are available, including fashion for men, women and children who are great and there is a range of fashion for all seasons. There are some accessories that can be purchased until the end was really a team and all are available online.

For those who have never worn fashion fair, probably did not understand the difference in quality. In some articles of fashion and fair trade is better care and attention that has come in the realization of it is often polarized people to buy fair trade. Fair trade products have been in the news for many years, food and beverages are widely available in some supermarkets prefer it to other brands. This demonstrates the popularity of Fair Trade products.

The clothes are made to follow the trend and that's great news for the future of thousands of people around the world. It 'also good news for those currently buying ethical fashion and appreciate the quality and production methods behind