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Sesquicentennial News---A Democrat, Edwin M. Stanton Predicted Peace, Got War


The Open Salvos Fired In A Great Calamity, Len Barcousky, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, April 12, 2011.While lawyers are encouraged to anticipate the worst thing that can happen, U.S. Attorney General Edwin M. Stanton in January 1861 was optimistic about a peaceful resolution of differences between Northern and Southern states."I have never doubted that we should in the end pass safely through the

Happy 150th Anniversary


Civil War historians and enthusiasts have been waiting for this moment for the last 50 years.  Now a half century removed from the centennial celebration of the American Civil War, we have the rare and special opportunity to commemorate TODAY the opening of this country's most trying conflict.  Today marks the sesquicentennial anniversary of the opening of hostilities at Fort Sumter in Charleston

Today's Fort Sumter


Back in December, I was fortunate enough to visit Charleston, SC and - in particular - Fort Sumter. Today, Fort Sumter is owned and managed by the National Park Service, which provides rangers on the transporting boat and within the fort itself. As today is the anniversary of the firing upon the fort and the official beginning of the Sesquicentennial, I felt it was a good time to post just a few

Guest Blogger: Rebecca Wright


It's IntLawGrrls' great pleasure to welcome Dr. Rebecca Wright (right) as today's guest blogger.Rebecca is the Legal Advisor for the North African Litigation Initiative (NALI) at the Cairo-based Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR). NALI aims to raise awareness of the African human rights system in six target countries: Mauritania, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, and Sudan. It assists

What Role for the African Human Rights System in the Current Transformation of North Africa?


(My thanks to IntLawGrrls for the opportunity to contribute this guest post)TUNIS - In Tunis last week, human rights defenders from across North Africa gathered to discuss the role that the regional African human rights system can play in the current transformation of North Africa. They were attending a workshop organized by the North African Litigation Initiative, a programme established by the

On April 12


On this day in ...... 1861 (150 years ago today), about a month and a half after the inauguration of Abraham Lincoln as President, the United States' Civil War began when artillery troops in the newly formed Confederacy, comprising states that had seceded from the Union, opened fire on Fort Sumter, a Union base located on an island in the harbor of Charleston, South Carolina. (credit for photo

Lehdessä julkaistua


Viime viikolla ilmestyneessä Tuulilasissa on peräti kaksi kuvittamaani juttua. Klassikko Aston Martin V8, joka on päätynyt kansikuvaan asti ja offroad kilpuri, jonka kuvaa on käytetty sisällysluettelon pohjana. Kuvia on tietenkin myös jutuissa, jotka molemmat ovat kolmen aukeaman pituisia.Nikon D700 + Nikkor 400 mm f/2.8 @ f/4, 1/640 s. ja ISO 200.Nikon D700 + Nikkor 70 - 200 mm f/2.8 @ f/5.6, 1/

Adobe's New Photoshop Touch Apps for iPad


Today, Adobe announced upcoming apps and updates to Creative Suite all aligned with the iPad. Check out this video of Adobe Senior Vice President John Loiacono discussing the updates.Read more on AllThingsD:Adobe Recasts the iPad as High-Tech Palette for Photoshop

Survivors of Sexual Violence and the African Union: A Model to Follow?


(Delighted to welcome back alumna Doris Buss, who contributes this guest post)Women’s civil society groups from across Africa met recently with state ambassadors in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, as part of a now-annual meeting of the Peace and Security Council of the African Union with civil society.The March 28 meeting included addresses by the various ‘office holders’ below: Margot Wallström (middle

On April 11


On this day in ...... 1961 (50 years ago today), the trial of Adolf Eichmann began in a national court in Jerusalem on 15 charges of crimes against humanity, crimes against the Jewish people, and war crimes, all stemming from the onetime Nazi bureaucrat's World War II involvement in the Holocaust. (photo credit) As posted here and here, his eventual conviction would be upheld by Israel's

From the Charleston Mercury, 9 April 1861


"Our authorities yesterday evening received notice from Lincoln’s Government, through a special messenger from Washington, that an effort will be made to supply Fort Sumter with provisions and that if this were permitted, no attempt would be made to reinforce it with men! This message comes simultaneously with a fleet, which we understand is now off our bar, waiting for daylight and tide to

Rebuilding Sierra Leone


The University of South Carolina School of Law recently hosted a very interesting conference entitled “Rebuilding Sierra Leone: Changing Institutions and Culture” (logo at right). Organized by Professor Joel Samuels, this April 1 conference was one of the first interdisciplinary academic conferences in the United States to focus solely on the unique challenges of redeveloping Sierra Leone after

Go On! "Feminist Futures"


(Go On! is an occasional item on symposia and other events of interest)To mark its launch, the brand-new Interest Group on Feminism and International Law of the European Society of International Law will hold a daylong workshop entitled "International Law and Feminist Futures" on Thursday, April 28, 2011, at the University of Leicester in England.Organizers write:The event will bring together

On April 10


On this day in ...... 1981 (30 years ago today), an inmate on hunger strike in a Belfast prison was elected to the British Parliament. Fifty-two percent of the electorate in the region of Fermanagh and South Tyrone, Northern Ireland, voted for Bobby Sands, who ran as a candidate of the "Anti-H Block" campaign, a term that referred to the section of the Maze prison in "reserved for republicans

Kuvakisan kolme parasta


Tätä on odotettu, ja nyt odotus palkitaan. Sulantoblogin kuvakisaan tuli kiitettävä määrä kuvia, mutta enemmänkin olisi tietenkin voinut tulla. Kiitos osallistuneille. Parhaat on nyt valittu ja tuomareina toimivat valokuvaajat Jyrki Vesa, Kimmo Haimi ja Matti Sulanto.Kisan kuvat olivat kauttaaltaan teknisesti hyvää tasoa, teräviä ja oikein valotettuja. Sommittelu ja rajauskin olivat keskimäärin

Back in Business


In response to the avoidance of a Government shutdown, the Civil War Navy Sesquicentennial is back in business.  Cordially,CWN 150

Read On! Cosmopolitan Justice


(Delighted to welcome alumna Cecilia Marcela Bailliet, who contributes this guest post)Many thanks to the IntlLawGrrls for the opportunity to announce Routledge's publication this month of Cosmopolitan Justice and its Discontents, the volume that I co-edited with my University of Oslo colleague, Professor of Criminology Katja Franko Aas.This book:► Seeks to fill a lacuna with respect to critical

State's new Country Reports


This year's edition of the Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, an annual publication of the U.S. Department of State, has just been released and is available online here.

On April 9


On this day in ...... 1949, the International Court of Justice decided its 1st case. Its judgment on the merits in Corfu Channel (United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland v. Albania) held by a vote of 11 to 5 that Albania was responsible for destruction and loss of life stemming from the 1946 incidents in which British destroyers hit mines while traveling in Albanian waters. (map

Leica S2


Kirjoitin esittelyn tästä kameroiden Ferrarisarjaan kuuluvasta kamerasta jo jokin aika sitten, mutta tässä vielä käyttökokemuksiani.Leica S2 on hyvin muotoiltu ja istuu käteen kuin hansikas. Ulkoasu on virtaviivainen ja Leicamaisesti pelkistetty, joka on hienon näköistä, mutta ei aina niin käytännöllistä.Takanäytön ympärillä on neljä nappia, joilla valikoita hallitaan yhdessä peukalopyörän kanssa

Fortress Asia? The Bali Process Proceeds


Last week,the Fourth Bali Regional Ministerial Conference on People Smuggling, Trafficking in Persons, and Related Transnational Crime brought together representatives from thirty-two Asian and Middle Eastern countries as well as the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and the International Organization for Migration. The Bali Process is led by Australia and Indonesia and funded by

On April 8


On this day in ...... 1946 (65 years ago today), the League of Nations held its last meeting, 25-1/2 years after its initial session in Geneva, Switzerland. The alliance had foundered with the onset and onslaught of World War II. The United Nations Organization, established by dint of the San Francisco Charter, would assume the intergovernmental security tasks that the League had been designed