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Ticks And Fleas

Ticks and fleas can be one of the biggest problems with pets. check here for more information about how to deal with this problem.

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Cat Health and Fleas – The Life Cycle of a Flea


Cat health depends on you and the most irritating of problems for cats is fleas. Fleas will nibble on your cat and since cats are skilled groomers, you may not notice they have fleas. But you will notice loss of hair and reddened, irritated skin where the cat has groomed a little too much. To keep your cat’s health, flea control is necessary. Knowing the life cycle of the flea is a plus.

Learning about the life cycle of the flea will help control your flea problem for your cat’s health. The first stage of the flea’s life is the eggs. Adult fleas lay their eggs on the host animal, your cat, and their entire life will be spent there. Some of the eggs will fall off in your cat’s bed and in the carpet of your house. The larvae, or baby fleas, will feed on the feces left by the adult. It takes about a week to become full grown. The larva spins a cocoon and in another week evolves into a grown flea. Somewhat like a butterfly.

The adult emerges and feeds on the host, mates, and the life cycle continues. And it is a never ending cycle of pain and scratching for your cat. Your cat’s health and fleas go hand in hand with the cycle of flea’s life.

With today’s technology, it should not be a problem taking care of the fleas. Getting rid of the eggs is your first priority. Remember, flea’s cycle of life lasts two to three weeks so getting the eggs first will stop the adults from reproducing. Thoroughly wash all bedding, coverings of your cat’s sleeping area. The larvae can and do attached to your carpet so vacuum the carpet well. If possible, steam cleaning your carpet will kill any left over flea eggs.

The next step is to kill the adults. You might want to hire a professional; however, you can set off a “bomb” specifically made for fleas. Be sure to remove any food and other animals during the “bombing”.

This cycle of cleaning needs to be done as long as there are adult fleas. Once they are all killed, your cat’s health will return to normal and the fleas will be gone.
so remember your cat health is the most importan

Natural flea and tick prevention


One thing we can never get enough of and that is information about how fleas or ticks can effect our pets. dogs and cats being the two main pets of concern.

Is your dog or cat suffering from pests like fleas or ticks? If so, your vet will likely recommend Frontline or a similar pesticide for their elimination, and continued prevention.However, some pet owners have expressed concern due to the side effects of these medications, including vomiting, diarrhea, trembling, seizures, and respiratory problems, not to mention potential long-term effects from cumulative pesticide use.While fleas and ticks are a serious problem, there may be a natural alternative. Apple Cider Vinegar has been used by many pet owners with much success. For best results sprinkle 1 teaspoon to 1 tablespoon (more for big dogs, less for small) of Apple Cider Vinegar on your dogs food each time you feed them. Many dogs like the taste, or at the least will quickly adjust to it. Bathing your dog in water mixed with Apple Cider Vinegar can help to immediately relieve infestations, while mixing with food is best for prevention
Natural flea & tick prevention

Google adsense privacy policy update


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The basic changes to Adsense revolve around the addition of Interest Based Advertising as opposed to the previous Placement Targeted Advertising. You can visit Google for a description of what Interest Based Advertising entails here.

Your updated Privacy Policy should inform your users about the use of third party cookies on your sites and provide them with information regarding their opt out options should they wish to not have cookies placed on their browsers. See Opt Out of Behavioral Advertising

As an Adsense publisher you also have the option not to use Internet Based Advertising and may Opt out by following the instructions posted in Google Adsense Help. I do not recommend that you opt out but the choice is yours. These changes should help increase your CTR and CPC in the long run as you will become less susceptable to being smart priced. (ie. Conversions should increase as users are presented more advertisements based on their interests)