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Insurance Agents: The Fatal Business Mistake You Don't Know You're Making Posted By : Joy H. Gendusa

Sun, 12 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400

Most people use the words advertising and marketing interchangeably - but they are NOT the same! This subtle misunderstanding is hazardous to your business. You may be neglecting important opportunities and preventing your growth!

Maximizing Your Sales From Exclusive Insurance Leads Posted By : Cheryl Weisz

Sun, 11 Jul 2010 00:00:00 -0400

If you have been in the insurance business for a long time, you already know its ins and outs. You recognize how much the business has changed ever since the start of the economic crisis. Before, it was easier to get qualified exclusive insurance leads. The percentage of online exclusive leads that fructified was a lot higher, and customers were more patient.

The Benefits Of Using A Broker For Sourcing Medical Insurance Posted By : Debbie Hughes

Thu, 25 Mar 2010 00:00:00 -0400

With the NHS continually strapped for cash and talks of more cuts to come, more and more people are opting to take out Private Medical Insurance (PMI). The benefits of your own PMI cover are many: very quick access to specialists, the best treatment, no waiting lists and, if you do have to go into hospital, the environment is often more like that of a hotel than it is a hospital.

The Job of the Insurance Broker Posted By : Jasmine Stone

Thu, 21 Jan 2010 00:00:00 -0500

Undoubtedly, the insurance industry has carved its niche in the business sector. More and more insurance companies have surfaced over time. Also, with the relative increase in the world's population, the insurance industry has achieved a greater opportunity to heighten its popularity.

Try Using A Life Insurance Broker For Your Policy To Save On The Premium Posted By : Billy Leverton

Mon, 09 Feb 2009 00:00:00 -0500

Today there are so many choices for life insurance policies that one often wonders how to get a good policy. Indeed we are almost bombarded by all kinds of products from various life insurance policy insurers. Some will advertise on television and many will try to call you to try and convince you to purchase their life covers.

Life Settlements: An Overlooked Opportunity Posted By : Derek Wilsey

Wed, 14 Jan 2009 00:00:00 -0500

This article takes a look at the numerous benefits of the life settlement market. It further examines the financial representative and the often unfulfilled fiduciary duty of informing their client of all the available options. A significant number of policy owners miss out on the benefits of the secondary market each year as a direct result of their financial representation not knowing all the options.

Life Insurance Broker: Your Ultimate Guide To A Successful Life Insurance Policy Posted By : Greath Owen

Thu, 13 Nov 2008 00:00:00 -0500

A life insurance broker may greatly help you choose a good life insurance policy. Do you think that without any help from the brokers or middlemen you will be able to get a life insurance and you can handle everything by yourself? You can do it if you want, but, do you really have the time to go through all the procedures of getting a life insurance?

Client Meetings - 10 Tips for Insurance Brokers Posted By : Lorne S. Marr

Sat, 02 Feb 2008 00:00:00 -0500

Client meetings have always formed the backbone a professional financial planners workday. It's undoubtely the most important element that determines ones reputation and success, and the satisfaction of ones clientele. It doesn't matter how do you sound on the phone, how good your website is or what kind of marketing strategies do you employ, in the end, it all comes down to your skills during face-to-face communication.

Life Insurance Agents and the WOW Experience! Posted By : Dean Cipriano

Wed, 16 Jan 2008 00:00:00 -0500

How many times have you found yourself saying WOW due to an experience provided through a business? You see, if a company "WOWs" you even with little things, you are more likely to tell other people how great they are and that they should try them out.

Life Settlement Broker Can Make Your Old Age More Contented Posted By : William Regal

Sat, 12 Jan 2008 00:00:00 -0500

Since life is unpredictable, no one can perfectly guess future emergencies and requirements. In spite of saving a good amount of money from our monthly income, we can never be sure whether we will live a hassle free life or not. However, human beings know how to deal with hardest situations of life but when it comes to dealing with an emergency financial crisis, everyone gives up in case of unavailability of resources.

Why Life Insurance Agents Should Own Up To Mistakes Posted By : Dean Cipriano
Inevitably, to cover up the mess instead of owning up to it is usually far more expensive in the long run. Lies will follow you like your shadowa