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Flex Application Development Made Easier With Many Of Flex Features Posted By : Harry Barter

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0400

This article describes the flex features which is make flex application development easy. Flex application development helps create mobile, desktop and web applications. Though, it is relatively a new technology, Flex web development company can hire skilled professionals to get the job done.

Few Tips on Mobile Game Programming Posted By : Jeny Kim

Mon, 19 Sep 2011 00:00:00 -0400

Modernization of cell phones came about at the fag end of the 20th century and users started expecting more and more form mobile phones. The change was enough to trigger advancement in development of applications for mobile phones. Video games, now, better known as games for mobile phones was one of the new features of mobile modernization and was being viewed as a lucrative business by software development industry.

Advantage of SKD in Android Application Development for developers Posted By : Alisa Garner

Thu, 18 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0400

Android Application Development is now becoming one of the most famous and useful tools for development, besides the strong functionalities, it provides a range of benefits for the mobile application developers. It can be handled simply to apply as it is open source based. The Software development kit facilitated by the Android application developers to start rising and working on the applications immediately and the app can be implement quicker.

SharePoint Development Posted By : Venu Madhav

Wed, 03 Aug 2011 00:00:00 -0400

Microsoft SharePoint is a software platform for collaboration and web publishing that combines a number of capabilities under a single server. These capabilities include portal, content management system, business intelligence, search, wikis, blogs and application development. It allows users to perform a number of common tasks, such as publishing a web site, searching for content, managing content, creating applications, but without having to install one separate server for each function.

SQL Programming Posted By : Elisa Faith

Wed, 27 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0400

Today we all live in the modern age of computers, and in order to operate these computers we a set of codes which we in ordinary lives call code. A code is a set of instructions which tell a computer how executive a program and give us the desired results. Programming takes place in different languages such as C++, java, SQL and html are a few most famous names. SQL is one of the most widely used languages which are used in development of different kinds of complex and simple databases. Data bases are mines of information in which the information placed in by the users is stored in such a way that the user could access this information any time by using his or computer.

An Account Concerning Namespaces In XML Posted By : Jonathan Kaye

Mon, 18 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0400

The current subject is good for folks that are having their first go XML. Just what is a logical XML name has been briefly dealt with in an former 5 minute article. These kinds of an XML name in its self is certainly not always enough, however. Circumstances will likely show up in which XML names might end up being ambiguous. Imagine, for example, that not one but two or possibly much more XML files are joined.

Php Vs Java - What to Choose for Your Career? Posted By : Vijay Kumarg

Fri, 08 Jul 2011 00:00:00 -0400

PHP: Php is a hypertext pre-processor, server-side scripting language developed in the midst of 1994 to 1997 to create dynamic web pages. It was developed as a solution to reduce heavy coding used to output html code. Since, Php code is embedded within HTML with special Php tags the programmer can easily convert from HTML to Php and vice versa. PHP processor module is present within a web-server that interprets its code and embedded within the html source document and generates web pages. Nowadays, Php programming has being considered as a powerful tool for creating interactive web pages which is fast growing.

The Basics of Cloud Computing Services Posted By : Shepperton Marina

Tue, 28 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400

You've probably heard all sorts of buzz about cloud computing services without any real clear definition being supplied. So here it is - the unofficial A to Z of the cloud. 'The cloud' is an offsite network. From the point of view of the cloud user, everything that he or she is using to compute, except the actual workstation, is hosted elsewhere, on a net based server. This gives the end user access to all the programs, tools and technology without having to pay for each upgrade or purchase endless lists of licences.

Precisely How To Be Able To Compose Good Names in XML Posted By : Jonathan Kaye

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400

For reliability, the policies with regards to making a valid attribute name are the same as those for generating valid element names and for the names of a number of less popular constructs. As one I talk about these as XML names. XML names could have characters from the ranges [A-Z, a-z and 0-9].

How we use the Syntax with ASP Script Posted By : Andrew Alden

Fri, 24 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400

You may also separate code from script using a more traditional, HTML lime syntax. Using the method, the code begins with a tag and ends with a tag. To use the syntax with ASP script. If you do not include the text, the server will ignore the script, but the browser will try to execute the script on the client side. In other words, tags by default delimit client side script.

Online Compiler and Online IDE Introduction Posted By : Nick Budden

Fri, 10 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400

Organizing your programming projects is a difficult task, when you consider that your code may be stored at a variety of different locations, and on any number of different computers - this is particularly true when you work in teams on your programming projects. When you have your project stored on a single computer at a single location, that computer becomes your ball and chain, and you find yourself running back to that single computer anytime you need to tweak your code, update a project, or bring your local files in line with your team members.

Important of iPhone Application Development for your Business Posted By : Mason Theron

Thu, 09 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400

As the marketplace of the iPhone grows spectacularly, the requirement of the iPhone applications is also rising. This progress cannot be consideration of, without hiring the services of any professional iPhone application developer Arizona. This does not signify that increasing the iPhone app is very multifaceted in nature.

iPhone Development for Windows Posted By : Vishal Arora

Fri, 03 Jun 2011 00:00:00 -0400

The title might sound a little out of place but it is a reality these days. You can undertake iPhone development on your computer with Windows OS. For years, Apple has tried to protect its distinctiveness by not allowing cross-platform application integration. But the rising popularity of the iPhones has pushed the brink with many iPhone developers wanting to create iPhone apps on their Windows PC without incurring extra expanse in buying a Mac. Legally you will not be allowed to carry out iPhone development on your Windows PC but you can definitely emulate an application as being done by hundreds of developers around the world.

Mobile Application Development - Overview Posted By : Kunjal Panchal

Thu, 19 May 2011 00:00:00 -0400

A mobile software or application is a period utilized to communicate software that sprints on Smartphone and mobile phones and are designed to teach, amuse, or help users in their every day lives. Due to the widespread use of the Web, the usage of mobile applications is expanding at a very fast rate premier to increase in the demand graph of international mobile market.

How to Find a Professional iPhone Application Development Company Posted By : Pranav Thakker

Mon, 02 May 2011 00:00:00 -0400

At present the most competitive field to battle on is the mobile market. The most prominent name in mobile phones is iPhone. This revolutionary device with superior functionality, better user interface and exciting features has really turned the market of mobile phone industry. These are the reasons which make iPhone the most demanding smart phone throughout the world.

Procedures to Design for iPhone Apps - The Clicking Technology to the Finishing Touch Posted By : Sangeetha Mohandass

Wed, 15 Sep 2010 00:00:00 -0400

"I" for the i-range of apple products stands bold to empower the symbol "I" for the internet, information and ultimately the individual who beholds a global information resource on his iphone. The interface and the background processing all play a vital role in making the iphone the great connector in the Internet-information network. And so the iphone apps are but a window to the world-galore of information interaction and info-tainment, taking you on a virtual tour, through a hand-held, mobile and versatile device.

Choosing the Right Storage for Application Data Posted By : Eugene Mayevski

Sat, 21 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -0400

Suppose you have to develop software for managing a custom storage of end-user documents and files. There are several approaches to data storage possible. Right choice of data storage technique will make your software versatile, robust and scalable, while mistakes made at this step will cause additional expenses, loss of competitive qualities and, of course, clients. This article discusses the advantages and disadvantages of each technique.

Hire Asp.Net Php Programmer for Web Development Posted By : Abhinav Verma

Sat, 07 Aug 2010 00:00:00 -0400

Asp.Net Php programmer for web development are very important to hire. With the passage of time, the demand and the expectations of the business have changed very drastically. As Asp.Net Php programmer is a web development application, it always has wider range of evolutions with the passage of time, and so, the Asp.Net Php programmer for web development have to be updated along with it.

iPhone Application Development - The Detailed Overview on iPhone App Development Posted By : Kevin Upen Peterson

Tue, 13 Jul 2010 00:00:00 -0400

Apple has been known for creating the products and then creating a need corresponding to their products and the best part is that no one actually minds this reverse order as their products speak for themselves. The products like the iPod, iPad and iPhone have taken their respective spheres of operation to another level and with the launch of iPhone 4, Apple has mastered its class and stands way ahead of all its contemporaries. Catering to the needs of these devices, iPhone app development has seen a rise in its demand and the scope is growing by the hour as the iPhone 4 now gives ample opportunities to develop some really complex applications that it can handle with ease.

Cashing in on the Benefits of Software Development Services Posted By : Daniel Jose

Fri, 11 Jun 2010 00:00:00 -0400

In the 21st century when excellent and extraordinary are the buzz world, every organization is in hurry to cash on the frenzy of software. The business groups want software aid to streamline their varied processes and make their customer interactions friendlier and more interactive. Everybody out there knows about software and want to have one for is company but the inadequate knowledge about the software selection that might give their business most of benefit present catch 22 situation for them. A business needs right software so that it could progress in right direction. A decision maker should be able to understand the software demand of his business.

From File Systems To The Cloud And Back Posted By : Eugene Mayevski

Sun, 30 May 2010 00:00:00 -0400

Cloud storage is a perfect place to store your application data. However moving from file systems and DBMS to clouds can be painful. The article discusses how software developers can combine the benefits of cloud storages with well-known and established technologies.

SCOOP Posted By : Michael Shah

Sun, 28 Mar 2010 00:00:00 -0400

SCOOP stands for Simple Concurrent Object Oriented Programming. It is a concurrency model designed for the Eiffel programming language, conceived by Eiffel's creator and designer, Bertrand Meyer. SCOOP defines a way for an object oriented program to be written without the concept of threads, locks, or other typical multiprogramming methods. This allows the compiler or runtime environment to optimize the amount of concurrency as well as eliminate typical design flaws such as deadlock.

What is TYPO3 Customization? Posted By : Dharak Sandeep

Fri, 26 Mar 2010 00:00:00 -0400

In most cases, in the software world, we use term customization when there is need to develop some specific functions or features that are not available within the standard software. Now what exactly would be TYPO3 customization? Before reaching to the TYPO3 Customization part, let's understand few things about TYPO3.

Software Programming as well as Computer Chess Posted By : John Smi

Wed, 17 Feb 2010 00:00:00 -0500

The beginning of generation codes used to program computers, was called machine language or machine code, it is the only language a computer really understands. It is a sequence of 0s and 1s that the computer's controllers electrically interpret as instructions. The second generation of codes was called assembly language. assembly language turns the foreign language of 0s and 1s into human words like 'add'. Assembly language is always translated back into machine code by computer programs called assemblers.

Develop your own TYPO3 Extensions Posted By : Aamy Williams

Wed, 20 Jan 2010 00:00:00 -0500

To change or add to TYPO3, which are separate parts of the program, called Typo3 extensions used. This can be downloaded to the user in the TYPO3 backend directly using an Typo3 extension manager from the so-called TER (TYPO3 Extension Repository) and install it.