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Everything about ancient Hawaii, from the dark side of paradise to modern tiki culture. Hawaiian Warriors, tattoos and weapons, ancient history of Hawaii, Tiki Gods, statues, masks, carvings and culture. Everything from Hawaiian archeology to tiki bars!


Hawaiian Flower Tattoos
Hawaiian Flower Tattoos: Traditional tribal and modern tropical flower and hibiscus designs, meanings and styles.

Tribal Hawaiian Tattoos
Tribal Hawaiian tattoos and their traditions.Tattoos in ancient Hawaiian culture, including traditional tribal designs and their meaning.

Hawaiian Tattoos
Tribal tattoos have their origins in polynesia, learn all about traditional and modern Hawaiian Tattoos.

Ancient Hawaiian Weapons Found!
Mauian Arsenal Found! An amazing article about the discovery of a stash of ancient Hawaiian weapons that warriors hid in a crater on Maui where they made there last stand against the all conquering King of Hawaii,Kamehameha the Great.

Ancient Hawaiian Forum Opens!: Discuss everything from ancient Hawaii to modern tiki culture!
Do you have any questions about tiki culture? Do you know about ancient Hawaii? How about Hawaiian history, society, culture, tiki carvings, archeology, tiki bars or polynesian double hauled canoes? This is the place for your questions and comments, so get on the mythic hawaiian forum right now!!!! GO DUDE!!!!

Ancient Hawaiian Warriors: Paradise Lost, Territory Gained!
Meet the ancient Hawaiian warriors, their strategy, cunning and brutality. They aren't the aren't the backwords grass skirt natives you thought! Oonga-Moonga!

3 Truths You Should Know About the Hawaiians...
Interesting, Odd and Amazing Truths Every Hawaiian Should Know. Lizard Priests, Human Sacrifice, Wild Kings, OH MY!

The Taboo Culture of Ancient Hawaii Revealed!
The war chiefs, kahunas (Tiki God Priests), commoners and slaves all knew their place in the ancient Hawaiian feudal system. A time when mana brought as much strength as a koa weapon and kahunas used kapus to forbid the common class.

Ancient Hawaiian Extreme Sports and Games!
From throughing spears at each other to 50 mph lava sledding, the ancient Hawaiians had some of the worlds wildest sports and games... and some are even making a resurgence!

Gruesome Hawaiian Weapons and Tactics of War!
Ever wonder what ancient Hawaiian combat was like? No? That's weird. You don't know what your missing then. Discover the wild world of ancient hawaiian warfare!

FREE e-book about Historic Ancient Hawaii Luanched
Learn about Hawaii from the perspective of a 19th century traveler. Interesting insight and a fast read! Tiki Gods, Hawaiian Culture and Lepers are included free of charge;)

Tiki Culture! What YOU need to know.
Tiki Culture has once again reared its scowling, ugly Tiki head and the parties are becoming overly fun. Young and old alike have began a dangerous dance with happiness... but what can stop Tiki Culture from spreading?

New FREE e-book about Ancient Hawaiian Tiki Gods Luanched
Mythic Hawaii offers another Free online book! Read about ancient Hawaiian Tiki Gods and Legends. Take advantage of this completely free book to learn why the Tiki Gods scowl!

StarTrek is Based off of Captain James Cook!
Dear Trekkies, I'm sorry to inform you that your hero, Captain Kirk was based off of the captain, explorer and navigator that discover ancient Hawaii! James Cook even explored the vast frontier of the unknown Pacific in his ship, the Enterprise. Learn more about this amazing, bold man and his fate at...

Whicked Ancient Hawaiian Weapons Revealed!
Shark Toothed Weapons, Unique Tripping Weapons,and all the tools for bloodshed used by ancient Hawaiian warriors.

Ancient Hawaiian Temple of Doom!
Radiocarbon testing challenges understanding of ancient Hawaiian social complexity.

The Scowling Tiki Gods Who's Who?
Who exactly wear the virgins sacrificed too? Why are they angery? All your questions about the ancient tiki gods answered.