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About Cheerleading

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Published: 2015-10-01T20:47:27Z


Juggling the Demands of School and Cheerleading


Now that you’ve been back to school for about a month, you have probably found your days and nights are crammed full of classes, practices, homework, and social evens leaving you less time to sleep.

Back To School Cheerleading Bows


Nothing beats the easy to do, easy to wear style of a ponytail for school—except maybe a high pony and big cheerleading bow!

Changes on Your Cheerleading Team


Now that the new cheerleading season is in full swing, you may have noticed a few changes to the line-up on your cheerleading squad. How do you deal?

Make Your Cheerleading Team Strong: Part 2


A cheerleading team is a lot like a puzzle; it takes every single piece to make it complete. The 4 tips in Make Your Cheerleading Team Strong will help you and your team mates succeed.

Make Your Cheerleading Team Strong: Part 1


To make your cheerleading team the strongest it can possibly be, you will need every cheerleader on it to help. Start by doing what you can and show the others the way.

Required Reading for Fun! Part 2


Have a look at these books from Amazon to relax with this fall. Featuring either a cheerleader as a main character or a cheerleading-inspired plot, these stories are perfect to read when you need to relax and get lost in a good book.

Required Reading for Fun! Part 1


If you are looking for something to read that is a little more your style, have a look at these books from Amazon. Each story features either a cheerleader as a main character or a cheerleading-inspired plot.

Back To School, Baby!


Some of you may already be back to school, some of you may start after Labor Day, but no matter when you start, there is no denying that it is time to get back to school… and back to cheerleading practice.

Bring It On Brands Cheerleading Competitions


If you are planning your cheerleading competition circuit for the new season, here’s another cheerleading company you might want to check out-- Bring It Brands.

August Motion Makeover


It’s time to clean up your motions and get them back in shape for the new season. Take a look at these 5 motions which can easily get out of hand when you stop concentrating on form.

Conquer Cheer and Dance Championships


Is your team still looking for new, exciting opportunities to compete in the South East? Why not have a look at Conquer Cheer & Dance Championships?

Start The Season Off Right: Part 2


We are back with Part 2 of our guide to starting the season off right! September not only means back to school, it also means back to cheer practice. Make the most of the new season by getting a head start.

Start The Season Off Right: Part 1


You are about to start a fresh new season and you want it to be spectacular. Time to get back in shape, get back to work, and gain new skills.

Try Outs Are Over... Now What? (4)


This four part series takes a look at what you should be doing next to prepare for your best season yet, no matter what your results were. No matter what the outcome was, you aren’t done working for your goals.

Try Outs Are Over... Now What (3)


This four part series takes a look at what you should be doing next to prepare for your best season yet, no matter what your results were. No matter what the outcome was, you aren’t done working for your goals.

Try Oyts Are Over... Now What (2)


This four part series takes a look at what you should be doing next to prepare for your best season yet, no matter what your results were. No matter what the outcome was, you aren’t done working for your goals.

Try Outs Are Over... Now What


Maybe you made the team you wanted, maybe you didn’t. Maybe you got a higher level team than you expected, maybe you didn’t make a team at all. This series is aimed at helping you know what to do to prepare for your best season yet, no matter what your results were.

Summer Bows on Etsy!


Whether you are practicing pyramids in the sun with your team or catching some waves on the beach, you just can't beat a high ponytail for keeping cool and looking hot. And summer is the perfect time to sport a new, big, sparkly bow!

Beat the Heat: Part 2


It’s that time again. The temperatures are reaching heights that we dreamt of back when snow covered the ground and no matter how hard we try we can’t escape the humidity. If you tend to get overheated on the field or in the gym during the summer months, have a look at these three tips to help you beat the heat.

Beat The Heat: Part 1


You know how important it is to drink enough water during practice, but outside of the gym, how much do you drink? Whether you are working out, training in the gym, sitting in fifth period, or lying by the pool, it is important that you stay hydrated.

You Are A Role Model


You are so much more than a cheerleader. You are strong. You are fierce. You are and athlete. You are a role model. Unless you are a school cheerleader who is constantly reminded that she is a symbol of school spirit, that last one may have surprised you. It shouldn’t.

Get a Great Set of Pins & Improve Your Skills


Success in cheerleading, especially as a competitive athlete, requires a great deal of leg flexibility and strength. To perform body positions, stunts, jumps, and tumbling, a cheerleader must have strong legs, great flexibility-- especially in the hip joints, and high extension.

The Best Cheerleading Advice


For most of you, the summer means the end to one cheer season and the beginning of a new one. Some of you may be facing try outs or have just been awarded a spot on your dream team. Whether you have years of cheer experience behind you or you are just starting out, you can never have too much help making the most of your training and team. I asked on Fierce Boards what was the best cheerleading advice you have ever received and several members were on hand to help out. Have a look at some of the best cheerleading advice below.

Take Your Twist Higher!


If you are looking for a beautiful, graceful basket toss to wow the crowd, look no further than the full, or twist, basket toss. This basket, once considered the height of USASF Level 3 skills, is now more common place, but that does nothing to detract from its appeal. Teams around the world still rely on the full basket toss to showcase their skills and keep both fans and judges enchanted.

Build a Successful Team Through Trust


Cheerleading these days is a tough sport, requiring strength, endurance, and team work. As routines become more demanding with the addition of past-paced choreography and gravity-defying stunts, it has never been more important to remember that cheerleading is a team sport. It is also important to understand that working as a team means trusting each other.

Don't Get Hurt, Get Warm!


Remember that it’s important to warm up before doing and type of cheerleading skill—jumps, stunts, dance, or tumbling--- to reduce the risks of injury and prepare your body. Even if it’s just a quick tumble across the football field or an impromptu toe touch basket toss.

Competition Round-Up: Spring 2016


So let’s get ready for a new season with a new routine and new skills! Once you know which competitions to head to, you will know how long you have to prepare. Have a look at these competitions for April 2016 and start your countdown to competition.

Competition Round-Up: Winter/Spring 2016


It’s competition round-up time! It’s never too early to start planning your competition season! Whether you are a coach, a recreation cheerleader, a school cheerleader, or an all-star cheerleader, there are sure to be loads of competition you’ll want to hit this year to bring home some trophies.

5 Tips for Try-Out Success


No matter what the team is looking for, try-outs do seem to worry wanna-be cheerleaders. But you don’t have to dread try-out day. The most important thing is to be prepared. The sooner you start that preparation, the better, but if you are only now starting to look at what you need to do to make the team, have a look at these 5 tips.

Competition Round-Up: Autumn/Winter 2015


It’s competition round-up time! Why not finish off 2015 with a bang? Or at the very least a beautiful new trophy to add to the cabinet.

Shout Out Chants for Cheerleaders


Shout out cheerleading chants are a perfect way to get the fans in the stands revved up no matter whether you re at a game or a pep rally.

Be a Team Player


You can help your team be successful, both in getting along and in achieving goals, by being the type of team mate who everyone wants to work with. Take a look at the following tips to help you be a team player.

Help Your Coach Help You


Make sure you are coachable and that you are able to reach your cheerleading goals by following the following 4 tips.

Make Your Flexibility Worlds-Worthy


Now that you have been stretching regularly using a general stretching routine, like Get Flexible Fast, and can do your splits and bridges, it’s time to push your flexibility over the top with advanced stretches.

Stretch Safely


Flexibility is one of the most important qualities a cheerleader can have, no matter whether she is a flyer or a base. Being flexible means not only being able to pull heel stretches or spikes, but also having beautiful wide toe touches, graceful splits in back walkovers, and less risk of an injury during practices or performances.

Stretch It Out


While flexibility is most associated with flyers in cheerleading, in reality it is vital for all cheerleaders. Not only does flexibility create stronger jumps with better form, it also is important because it prevents injuries by increasing the range of motion of joints.

Check Out Your Chants


We asked for them and you sent them in—your favorite cheers and chants. Each month, I receive loads of cheers and chants from our readers. Cheerleading chants and cheers. Cheers and chants for cheerleaders.

6 Tips to Improve Your Scorpion


A striking scorpion requires a combination of flexibility, balance and strength. The following tips will help you improve your scorpion.

The Jr. Streaks Cheerleaders


The last profile in our series on the Jr. Streaks Cheerleaders from Washington, New Jersey takes a look at three of the athletes—their team captains. These talented girls just won the UCA High School Cheerleading Championships in Orlando, Florida!

Coach Tammy, Jr. Streaks Cheerleading


Over the last few weeks we have talked to some of their staff. Today, we continue this series with the last of our coach profiles by talking to Coach Tammy. Check out how she answered the 12 Questions.

Coach Sue, Jr. Streaks Cheerleading


Next up in our series of profiles on this incredible team, its athletes, coaches, and volunteers, is Coach Sue. Coach Sue not only volunteers her time coaching, she also sits on the club board. Find out what Coach Sue had to say to my 12 Questions below.

Coach Tina, Jr. Streaks Cheerleading


This month we have profiled the program itself, and have started making the rounds through their large, dedicated team of coaches. So far, we have spoken to three of the Jr. Streaks coaches. Next up is Coach Tina.

Strong Arms = Strong Motions


If you want tight, clean motions you will need to start with tight, strong arms. Building the muscles in your arms will not only make you look great in tank tops this summer, it will also make your motions clean and precise.

Coach Kristen, Jr. Streaks Cheerleading


Next up in our series of profiles on the Jr, Streaks Cheerleaders is a profile of Coach Kristen. For Coach Kristen, joining the staff at Jr. Streaks after moving away from home was a great decision.

Coach Ricki, Jr. Streaks Cheerleading


Behind every fabulous team is a fabulous coach or, in the case of the Jr. Streaks, a whole team of fabulous coaches leading them to victory.

Coach Mel, Jr. Streaks Cheerleading


The Jr. Streaks showed just what they are made of last month by winning the UCA National High School Cheerleading Championships. But how did they get there? Through the dedication and dream of a very special team of coaches.

Jr. Streaks Cheerleading


The Jr. Streaks are formed from three recreation teams from Mansfield Township, Washington Township and Washington Boro in New Jersey. We use Washington as our home base, due to that is where the high school is located.

Green With Bow Envy--


And there is no better way to celebrate all things Irish (especially if you happen to be at practice on the 17th), than with a St. Patrick’s Day cheer bow. Even if you aren’t practicing on the day, these bows are perfect for any day this month.

Chant Loud, Chant Proud: Part 2


March is all about the motions! Practice a few of the motions you’ve polished using the chants from this series, Chant Loud, Chant Proud. Yesterday, I gave you two catchy, fun chants in Part 1 and I’m back today with two more.

Chant Loud, Chant Proud: Part 1


On the heels, or maybe hands, of our Motion Makeover, let’s take a look at some chants which use the motions we have been working hard to clean and perfect.