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Only in July 2008: the practica moves to Friday


In July 2008, the tango practica organized by TanguerIN Studio in the Czech Club ballroom on 15 Krakra St., will take place on Fridays from 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm. The practica is open to tango dancers from all levels who want to dance, to exercise or to socialize and meet with other tango lovers. Entrance to the practica will be now 4 BGN. Drinks can be brought in or purchased on a self service basis from the club's restaurant. The organizers kindly ask all those attending the practica to keep the premises clean and not to leave any bottles, glasses or rubbish behind them.

Workshops with Ivo and Nadia in May.


Ivo and Nadia, the founders of TanguerIN Studio who are currently away in Switzerland, will be back in Sofia between 12 and 22 May 2008, giving a series of workshops.

4 of the workshops will take place at the time of the Wednesday practica on 14th and 21st May. The topic and time of the workshops are as follows:

14th May, 2008 (Wednesday)
7.00 pm - 8.30 pm - paradas, barridas, mordidas (beginners)
8.30 pm - 10.00 pm - milonga - ritmo y combinaciones simples (all levels)

21st May, 2008 (Wednesday),
7.00 pm - 8.30 pm - giro: tecnica, ritmo y combinaciones (beginners)
8.30 pm - 10.00 pm - tango vals (all levels)

The price of each workshop is 8 leva per person. For a detailed schedule of all workshops of Ivo and Nadia check here...

NEW! Tango practica replaces the Tangobar milonga


Starting from April 2008, TanguerIN Studio will be running a regular tango practica in the Czech Club in Sofia instead of the Tangobar milonga on Wednesday. The practica takes place from 7.00 pm until 10.00 pm every Wednesday, at the ballroom of The Czech Club on 15 Krakra St. in Sofia.

The practica is one of the oldest forms of dancing and learning argentine tango, a combination between a class and a milonga. People may come and leave whenever they wish during the practica hours and everyone can practice particular steps and movements or simply dance. During the practica is it common for dancers to exchange ideas and knowledge and thus one may recall or improve already learned figures and combinations or learn something new from more experienced dancers.

Those who want to have a break over a drink or a meal can do it at the Czech Restaurant next to the ballroom.

Admission to the practica costs 6 lv. and a monthly subscription covering all practicas in a given month is available for 20 lv.

For more information about the practica, please, write to or call Lyn at +359 (0)898 866 632.

Tangobar milonga suspended indefintely


Despite its extremely successful start and the effort of the organizers to produce a weekly milonga at a nice, big and centrally located venue with carefully selected music in the style of the classic Buenos Aires milongas, Tangobar Sofia has suffered from a gradual decline of attendance. The low number of attending dancers during the last month did not justify the incurred costs and the organizers decided to suspend the milonga for an indefinite period of time. We would like to thank everyone who has attended and supported the milonga during its existence.

Last milonbga for 2007 on 12th December


Tangobar Milonga will close for the Christmas holidays from 15th until 31s December. The last milonga for 2007 will take place on 12th October. To celebrate the occasion the organizers have prepared a special evening which will include:

- Announcement of the winner of the Most Regular Visitor Award for 2007
- Special prize draw with presents

A must event for all tango lovers and dancers visiting or living in Sofia!

7 November 2007 - Red milonga + change of venue.


Instead of its regular Tangobar milonga on Wednesday, 7th November, TanguerIN Studio hosts a special MILONGA ROJA (Red Milonga) in the club on 18 Vitosha Blvd. (the glass door to the right of the entrance to the Upstairs bar). The milonga starts at 7.30 pm, admission costs 3 BGN and the dress cod is RED. There will be a special prize for the most interesting costume.

This week, as an exception, the Tangobar milonga will take place on Friday (9th November) at the usual venue and time - 15 Krakra St., 7.30 pm - 10.30 pm.


Halloween Milonga on 31 Ocotber 2007


31 Ocotber 2007
7.30 pm - 10.30 pm
Czechoslovak Club, 15 Krakra St.
Dress code: BLACK or SCARY
Entrance: 3 BGN


Change in the date of the milonga on 24 October 2007


In the last week of October 2007, the milonga Tango Bar will take place on Friday (26th October), instead of on its usual day Wednesday (24th October). The place and the time remain unchanged. In order not to leave tango lovers without milonga on Wednesday 24th October, the Tango Bar team organizes an alternative milonga from 7.30 pm at the club on 18 Vitosha Blvd. (The glass door, next to the entrance to "Upstairs"), free entrance.

Most regular visitor award for 2007.


A special award will be given to the most regular visitor of the Tango Bar Milonga in 2007. Starting from 10th October, there will be a special guest book in which everyone who wishes may have his/her name registered when they pay the entrance fee for any milonga they attend. During the last milonga for 2007 the award will be given to the person with the highest number of registered visits from 10th October including the last milonga for 2007. If there are more than one person with the same highest number of visits for this period the winner of the award will be determined by a special draw among them.

The organizing team of the Tango Bar Milonga, the team of TanguerIN Studio and all those who attended milongas without paying entrance fees are not eligible for the award.

Concept and policy of our milonga


First of all, let us note for those of you who are new to the dancing of argentine tango that the term "milonga" has two important meanings. On one hand this is a style of music and dance from which tango originates that has become one of tango's popular varieties. On the other hand milonga is the place where tango and its varieties (milonga and tango-vals) are danced socially and is a generally accepted term for a tango party around the world. In this context, one can go to a milonga where one can dance a milonga, which are two different things - don't get confused, please.

The Tango Bar milonga is a typical tango party in the spirit and the tradition of Buenos Aires and follows the format and the style of the local milongas. Which means that the music consists mainly (around 80%) of traditional tango and its varieties, divided in tandas. A tanda is a set of 3-5 pieces of the same orchestra or/and of the same style and time period. Tandas are usually divided by cortinas - short musical breaks of non-tango music. In Buenos Aires people usually do not dance to a cortina, after each tanda the couples break away and new couples are formed in the beginning of the next tanda.

The musical policy of the Tango Bar milonga and its resident DJ Ivo is to play tango music in tandas. Cortinas may or may not be used depending on the mood of the evening. Tandas are played using the classical 2-1-2-1 scheme, i.e. 2 tandas of tangos followed by a tanda of valses followed by 2 tandas of tangos followed by a tanda of milongas. Sometimes a tanda of milongas may be replaced by a tanda of candombes (candombe is one of the parents of the milonga still very popular in Argentina and Uruguay). During the last hour usually the DJ includes a tanda or two of tango nuevo, electrotango or neo tango (alternative music which has rhythm and emotional charge similar to those of the tango). Depending on the mood of the evening the DJ may play 1 or 2 chacareras - a popular and joyful argentinean folk line dance with simple choreography that can be learned at TanguerIN Studio in Sofia.

The Tango Bar Milonga from its days at the club on Kaloyan Street.

The Tango Bar Milonga is back!


The long awaited comeback of the Tango Bar milonga in Sofia will happen on 3rd October 2007. The milonga has a new venue - the ballroom at the Czech Club on 15 Krakra St. in Sofia. It will run in its usual day, Wednesday, from 7.30 pm until 10.30 pm. The organizers from TanguerIN Studio promise to keep alive the tradition of making special thematic milongas and inviting interesting guest performers. The resident DJ Ivo will continue to play the best of the legendary tango orchestras as well as the latest from the contemporary tango music. Join us in celebrating the comeback of the popular milonga after a year long break.