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It's nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice.

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Top Movies of 2009 - movies chart


Sometimes you want to watch some good movie, with your friend or family, but you getting hard to pick one. There is so much movies these days. Some of the are real crap, other are very good movies, which you can watch 100 times. In these times you can look for some movies chart and pick fast good movie.

See all Movie chart

Top Movie Chart - April 2009 - When you don't know which movie to watch

* 1. The Spirit (2008)
* 2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine (2009)
* 3. Monsters vs. Aliens (2009)
* 4. The Matrix (1999)
* 5. 12 Rounds (2009)
* 6. Star Trek (2009)
* 7. Slumdog Millionaire (2008)
* 8. Last Chance Harvey (2008)
* 9. The Spirit (2008)
* 10. Duplicity (2009)
* 11. Twilight (2008/I)
* 12. Ghost Busters (1984)
* 13. "The Mentalist" (2008)
* 14. Yes Man (2008)
* 15. Revolutionary Road (2008)
* 16. Watchmen (2009)
* 17. "The Big Bang Theory" (2007)
* 18. Fast & Furious (2009)
* 19. Where the Wild Things Are (2009)
* 20. I Love You, Man (2009)
* 21. Drag Me to Hell (2009)
* 22. "CSI: Miami" (2002)
* 23. "Gossip Girl" (2007)
* 24. Marley & Me (2008)
* 25. Kill Bill: Vol. 1 (2003)

Top Movies 2008



Latest Top Movies list. What you will pick to watch?

# 1. Death Race (2008)
# 2. The Happening (2008)
# 3. It's a Wonderful Life (1946)
# 4. Gone with the Wind (1939)
# 5. Hancock (2008)
# 6. Body of Lies (2008)
# 7. Step Brothers (2008)
# 8. Religulous (2008)
# 9. Iron Man (2008)
# 10. Dog Gone (2008)
# 11. Punisher: War Zone (2008)
# 12. Burn After Reading (2008)
# 13. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008)
# 14. The Strangers (2008)
# 15. Babylon A.D. (2008)
# 16. "90210" (2008)
# 17. W. (2008)
# 18. Vertigo (1958)
# 19. Righteous Kill (2008)
# 20. An American Carol (2008)
# 21. WALL-E
# 22. Get Smart (2008)
# 23. You Don't Mess with the Zohan (2008)
# 24. Tropic Thunder (2008))
# 25. Max Payne (2008)
# 26. Eagle Eye (2008)

Top Movies

New Adsense feature "Show More Ads" link in the ad block



Google release new Adsense feature. Yesterday in my blog I saw "Show More Ads" link in the ad block. I don't think somebody will click for more ads :), but if Google thinks that... How you think?

Top Ten Best Minutes Of The Internet


The top most amazing, frightening, scary, painful, videos I could find, all compiled here for you.

Top Ten Best Minutes Of The Internet - - All videos in one place

My new bike 1999 Kawasaki GPZ 500 S


Befeore 2-3 weeks I was for choosing to buy a new bike. I have been searching for a Kawaski ZZR 400 or 600, but I didn't find new and good zzr bike. At the end I saw a 1999 Kawasaki GPZ 500 S. It was like new, when I made a test ride, I realeased this is my new bike. I bought it, and I am very happy now, because riding a bike is one of the best things of this world :). It is sport-tourist bike, not clean super sport. I made about 600 km for two weekends. I still not riding it every day, becaue the bike is in Sandanski, and I am in Sofia. I just waiting to register it in the police, next week must to happen.

Some pictures of my beautiful bike :)

Sofia Enduro Contest 2007 Pictures


I was for first time on an enduro event. It was just awesome.
See the pictures in this post and more pics here.


Opera Speed Dial


I just update my gentoo, and I saw there is a new version of Opera (9.20).
The first new feature which I saw was the Speed Dial. I just click "New tab", but I didn't saw it, I click again, and again, and I saw the new tab is not blank, it was speed dial page.
It is like phone speed dial, but for browser. You can set your favorite sites there.
And with Ctrl+[1-9] to open any of them, or just to click on it. It is very nice feature. Opere again shown they invent everything new in the web browsers.
Only one thing I don't like in speed dial, what the fu*k yahoo search doing on the speed dial page, I wanna be a google search insted.

Speed dial

Make Money With Metacafe Producer Rewards


You can make money from your videos with Metacafe. Maybe you already uploading your videos on Youtube or other where, but nobody pay you about this.
My friend kochvideo told me about this before a couple of months.

Metacafe Producer Rewards program pays you $5 of every thousand of viewers of your movie. Payments starts when your video reaches 20,000 views ($100), and the rating is 3.0 or higher.

The video requirements are:
1. The video and the music must be owned by you.
2. Your video must be suitable for everyone, no porn and violence.
3. You need signed permissions from people in video, if any.

kochvideo has already earned $700.
Some of his videos which earned money

The top earners are made about $20,000 - $25,000 from this program.
There are a single clips made about $2,000 - $3,000.
It's sounds very cool, isn't it?

How to prevent yourself from clicks on your own AdSense ads


Everybody which using AdSense should know that he can't click on his own ads because, it is against AdSense polices, and can be banned for own clicks.
But you can click accidentally sometime when you look at your own site.
To prevent myself from this I making the ads hidden for me.

I will describe some ways to do that. This are not all possible ways.

1. AdSense Preview Tool
this is a tool from Google to test what ads will appear on your new pages, or on your old. You can select ad formats, colors and geo-targeted location.
You can see how to install it here.
I never used it, because it is for Internet ExploDer, and I am using Gentoo, and there isn't IE for it (actualy there is some like IEs4LInux and other).

2. Disable Javascript
AdSense works with javascript, if you disable it for you sites, your AdSense will not shown. But if you have parts of your site which works with Javascript you will be unable to use it.
How to disable the Javascript on different browsers:
Opera - open your site, right click on the page, select "Edit site preferences...", select the tab "Scripting", uncheck "Enable javascript" and press "OK" button.

FireFox - you can install some extension like NoScript or AdBlock.

Interned ExploDer - I don't remember/care

3. hosts file
This is another way to disable AdSense, and this will disable not only your sites ads but, and every site ads in any browser.
All AdSense clicks get through the host, if you set static IP address for it in your hosts file, yours(and others) AdSense will not appear any more in any browser. What you need to do? Just add the following line in your hosts file

Where is this hosts file?
On Linux/UNIX - /ets/hosts
On Windows -
Windows NT/2K/XP/Vista - %Systemroot%\System32\Drivers\Etc
Windows 9x -

4. Server side scripting (PHP/ASP/JSP/Whatever)
You can write a function which checks is the visitor IP match with some in list with your IPs, then if not you show the ads, else you don't.

What is your way?

Fix For Yakuake Location Bug On Fluxbox


I like yakuake, it is hidden when you don't need it, and it shows when you press F12. It is the best terminal. But I am using Fluxbox and found a bug which appear only with yakuake on fluxbox. It shows on different location every time when you set to visible. This is very annoying for me. The yakuake developers are not released any new version from long time and I decide to fix it myself.
And I successed (I am never programming in C++), the fix is only one line.
You can get pacth here.

That is why I like Open Source software.

Make money with Text Link Ads programs


I found some forum threads for making money with Text Link Ads and referrals.
They have a couple of ways to make money:
- Affiliate program
Text Link Ads pay out $25 for any referred visitor accepted into their program.
- Text Link Ads
You can sell links on your web site pages. Calculate how much you can earn with your site with the link calculator.
- RSS Ads
Adding ads into your rss feeds. This is good for bloggers.

Some threads from people already earning money from Text Link Ads

Text Link Ads can be a good alternative for sites which not working well with AdSense.
Try it here.

My cat jumps up there



Shutdown Day


It is obvious that people would find life extremely difficult without computers, maybe even impossible. If they disappeared for just one day, would we be able to cope?
Be a part of one of the biggest global experiments ever to take place on the Internet. The idea behind the experiment is to find out how many people can go without a computer for one whole day, and what will happen if we all participate!
Shutdown your computer on this day and find out! Can you survive for 24 hours without your computer?

I can do this. It is just one day. Very soon I will be without computer maybe for a month, and what is a day vs. a month. But maybe some people really can't.
At this moment there is 2136 people said they cannot shutdown their computers for a day.

Moto trip


Last weekend the weather was perfect and I decide to make small moto trip.
I get my old motorcycle, cleaned it up from the dust, and started the engine. I rode the motorcycle up on the mountain road. I was not ridden from the summer and was very cool. This is one of the best things I like to do.
I had little problem, because I didn't check how much fuel I have, and when I riding on the road the engine at once stopped to work. For luck I was took my mobile phone with myself and I called to my father. He came with some fuel and I charged it in the motorcycle. Next time I will not forget to check it :)
This winter is very weird, because it is the most warmed I ever seen. This is not very good and maybe is result from global warming, I don't know. But it is good winter for the moto bikers, some of them didn't stop to ride their bikes for the winter.



I've checking and found there is a couple of new episodes of Heroes, which I didn't watched.
This tv show is awesome, after every episode you want to know what happen after that (it's like soup opera :)) and it is so addicting.
I'm gonna wathcing.

The Prodigy - Poison


(object) (embed)  

Prodigy - Poison Lyrics
I got the poison.

I got the remedy.

I got the pulsating rhythmical remedy.

I got the poison.

I got the remedy.

I got the pulsating rhythmical remedy.

I got the poison.

I got the remedy.

I got the pulsating rhythmical remedy.

I got the poison.

I got the remedy.

I got the poison. I got the poison. I got the poison.

Yeah... Yeah... Yeah...

Yeah... (Boom...) Yeah... (Bah...)

How to skip Windows Vista reduced functionality mode


I installed Windows Vista before a month. I am not using it very often, because I am using Gentoo in most time.
Last time when I tried to start it, the Windows Activation screen appear.
WTF, I must activate now?
But you can still use your computer, you can click
"Access your computer with reduced functionality
This will also allow you to buy a product key online"
They want from me to buy a key online, forgot I don't have money for Windows, and I don't want to spent it for.
I clicked on this button, and my default browser starts. It was FireFox because, I was made it default before that. And what now, I have only browser with nothing other.
Just my first try to do something worked. I tried to start gaim, I type the path in the FireFox address bar
and clicked on the gaim.exe, save file window appear and I saved it on the same location, then double clicked on the FireFox Downloads list and gaim starts.
The next step of course was to try the same with explorer.exe. I made the same with it
and after that start menu and the desktop were loaded.


Perfect, not so reduced mode yet, now I can search for some Windows Vista activation crack :).

Goodbye Microsoft


Goodbye Microsoft is the site for the new debian win32 installer. The program is inspired from Ubuntu's similar project.
Features 64-bit CPU auto-detection, download of linux/initrd netboot images, and chainloading into Debian-Installer via grub4dos.
Here are some screenshots.

I maybe will try it when I have time, but for me will be better to use the normal way for installation, because you need to have Windows to use it.

Technorati top tags test



What happen if you write some of the top technorati tags in your post.
Now we will see :)

Technorati tags:
, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Beryl is awesome



SEO for Firefox



SEO for Firefox is cool extension which adds some usefull data in Google or Yahoo searche results. It adds PageRank, Age, Links, .edu Links,, Technorati, Alexa, dmoz, Whois, etc. You can easy and fast check this data for any site with this extention.


You can find SEO for Firefox here.

I will buy a Kawasaki Ninja someday ...


Kawasaki ZX-6R Ninja
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Kawasaki Ninja riding with 300 km/h
(object) (embed)

I will buy a Kawasaki Ninja, but when I stop waste my money for drink and women.

What happen when using Internet ExploDer


This video shows why nobody should not use Internet Explorer.

(object) (embed)

I made a query in alexa for the site and this is the result
Traffic Rank for 18,540

LOL, it is very popular. So many people make a mistake and write this instead

PS. Nothing happen on my Gentoo + Opera.

Google images with new design


If you make query at you will see google change the design.
It's looking cool now Web 2.0, but for me is more useless now.
You can see the image properties, size, url only wen point the mouse on it.
With the old version you was able to see all images properties without to move the mouse all over the page.

Cool and Useless.

Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You


Awesome song! Just turn the volume on max and enjoy!

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Kiss - I Was Made For Lovin' You Lyrics:

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Tonight I wanna give it all to you
In the darkness
Theres so much I wanna do
And tonight I wanna lay it at your feet
cause girl, I was made for you
And girl, you were made for me

I was made for lovin you baby
You were made for lovin me
And I cant get enough of you baby
Can you get enough of me

Tonight I wanna see it in your eyes
Feel the magic
Theres something that drives me wild
And tonight were gonna make it all come true
cause girl, you were made for me
And girl I was made for you

I was made for lovin you baby
You were made for lovin me
And I cant get enough of you baby
Can you get enough of me

I was made for lovin you baby
You were made for lovin me
And I can give it all to you baby
Can you give it all to me

Oh, cant get enough, oh, oh
I cant get enough, oh, oh
I cant get enough
Yeah, ha

Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do
Do, do, do, do, do, do, do

I was made for lovin you baby
You were made for lovin me
And I cant get enough of you baby
Can you get enough of me

Oh, I was made, you were made
I cant get enough
No, I cant get enough

I was made for lovin you baby
You were made for lovin me
And I cant get enough of you baby
Can you get enough of me

I was made for lovin you baby
You were made for lovin me
And I can give it all to you baby