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In My Mind..

The incredible life of a future music star... Chapter I: Adventures in the land of the free (The Netherlands)

Updated: 2014-10-05T07:09:06.498+02:00




Revealing the truth about myself…and "thank you ACS" notes (Посвещавам това ентри на all da bunnies in the world ...Ask Mulah why..I don't know) Dear friends, нали винаги са ви разправяли как сте уникални, неповторими, имате си невероятни таланти and so on…Е, и аз им вярвах на тези неща, докато не пристигнах в Холандия и не разбрах горчивата истина...Аз съм, както би казала Семкова, един клон. Мда, още на първия ден една мацка ми се извини, че ме гледала странно, ама много съм била приличала на неква словенка, дето била напуснала RA. Аз реших да игнорирам, но не!!! Преди два дни една унгарка реши да ми говори и какво реши за нужно да ми каже? „Ох, въх, найш ли, че просто ужасно много приличаш на една моя приятелка, която напусна? Имаш същата коса, същият стил, същата усмивка. Направо е страшно”. И за да стане още по-яко, друагата мацка, която се навърташе наоколо, допълни: „О, ми да...Ама ти и на Вера много приличаш” (Вера ми е housemate). По проверени данни в къщата се чудят дали да ме наричат Вера 2 (заради косата) или Илиана 2 (заради румънката, която е гадже на my housemate Йохем). Yes, I feel unique…Now, let’s go to the scary part: thanking ACS…Please, read the entire text, before you tell me I’m insane…In her blog, Marty has already blessed ACS. I feel a bit reluctant about doing this, cuz I still kinda hate it BUT I have to be grateful for a couple of things. 1. Thank you ACS for teaching us all about…woooo…plagiarism….Obviously, here in the Netherlands no one cares about this in high school (sounds familiar, eh? People actually copy-paste from the Internet. And have lives).  But of course I know …MLA!!! And I’m the only one who did the bibliography assignment correctly. Yeah, who’s da geek ;) On a side note, I will not really need MLA in the future, because for social science papers, which I’ll primarily write in the future, I’ll have to use the APA style…Nice. 2. Thank you ACS for teaching me to coexist with da “little people”, kids (arrggghhhhaaaaaa). Now I’m sitting in my room, enjoying the beautiful sound of little kiddos screaming somewhere not very far off…Идилия...And let’s not forget that every Dutch person feels personally obliged to enter a store with his/her kid, preferably a baby in its baby-carriage … there’s so much room for baby-carriages…and babies are so terribly cute when they’re crying, screaming and kicking…Mmmmm3. Thank you ACS for Patke. Now no accent can scare me. 4. Thank you ACS for teaching me there’s no free lunch. Nothing comes for free in the Netherlands …And most Dutch people have chosen Chicho Scrudge as their personal idol. 5. Thank you ACS for being located in the middle of nowhere…Distance has a whole new meaning for me now. Everything is JUST an hour away (as opposed to 1 HOUR AWAY, CAN YOU IMAGINE? THAT’S SOO FAR). 6. Thank you ACS for being the worst place in the world. Nothing can be as bad as you were, so I feel perfectly fine with homework, assignments, tests, and all that shit. It’s just part of life, which (as you my dear ACS thaught me) sux. Take care, miss you all... [...]



Random Rants From now on, I’ll always write my blog entries in Word first…cuz Blogspot doesn’t like me!И тъй като стана традиция блог ентритата да бъдат инспирирани от Мула, аз ще последвам този пример. И така, бих искала да посветя следващите редове на Милена Арсова, Мула, who’s a lot of things...true hater, (semi-)professional badass, she survived ACS (and maybe she can burb her own name…).So, the abovementioned Mulah was deeply disturbed by the positivism of the last two posts. So, I would like to make amends for this horrible deed. With the next entry I’ll just attempt to compensate for the optimism of the previous two. 1. I have homework. Lots of homework. And lots of reading. Boring reading. Like …Methods & Statistics I. Like independent/dependent variables, constructs, validity, and all that shit. Unfortunately, it’s super important for a social science major, a.k.a. myself. And I have to take Methods & Statistics II…Requirement for my major….Are you motherfucking ready for the new shit? 2. My tutor is totally confused. And this is the person responsible for my course registration…So if next semester I’m taking Physics and Computer Science, you’ll know who’s responsible. And did I forget to mention that she works something like part-time…yeah, she’s not always around. Kewl.3. I bought 2 CDs and a grammar book for Dutch class. 60 euros. I don’t need them. I can’t return them cuz I don’t have the receipt. KEEP YOUR RECEIPTS, PEOPLE!4. I just learned that in order to get the super cool job at the Student Help Desk (for which they pay like 10 euros per hour), I need to speak Dutch. Oh, pardon me, I need to be almost fluent in Dutch. Cuz I’ll have to answer the phone. Nice. If I do everything right, I’ll be at the Intermediate Dutch level in…January 2008. Hmmm, yeah, maybe I can get a job at the Student Help Desk after I graduate…Oh, well, I can work for RA…During vacations! I feel blessed. 5. Everything in the Netherlands works with cards. Everything. I just opened a bank account in Rabobank (for which I received a crappy bag, btw), and I’m like “Yeah, I’ll put money in my account”. But…no,no,no, dearest. I have to have the Europass card cuz the only way to put money in your account is through a fucking machine! I can’t give cash to the nice guy at the desk. No, that’s too much to ask. Let’s wait one more week to get the card. And let’s be late with the payment of rent. 6. A round-trip ticket to Amsterdam is…50 euros. Yeah, 50 euros for 2 and half hours trip. Ain’t that some shit. And I can’t get the discount or the free pass from IB Groep. Why? I’m not Dutch…and I’m not a fuckin’ EU citizen…7. I went to see how the local clubs are…The so-called dancing is…метър на два в най-добрия случай...А водката представлява вода с 1 капка Смирноф...може и половин капка. Холандците знаят как да се забавляват. 8. I have the most fucked up schedule ever. I have 3 courses on Friday and just one on Monday. My Monday class starts at 13:45, so you peoplez might think “Oh, great, you can go shopping”…No, darlings, I cannot. Why? Because the Dutch nation is made up of true workaholics who usually go to work at 11-12 on Monday…Probably…If they feel like it. Ah, and everything closes down at …17. I just don’t know how they handle such intense working schedule. Poor things. And all other days I start at 8:45. No parties on Thursday, darlings…no parties. And all Dutch peoples go home on Friday, so …Middelburg is almost dead during the weekend. Well, Eastern Europeans are around. Kewl. И след всичко това ще разваля прекрасната негативна картинка, като кажа, че все пак се чувствам до[...]



It's the first day ...continued

note: i have some problems with this website's editing, so forgive me for the spelling mistakes and frase...

Ok, let's just begin with a positive statement: ACS luck still haunts me. I guess RA doesn't have an Angelcho to fix everything, that's why I have an IT problem. There's this wonderful website where I can check what my courses are and stuff like that. But of course noone gave us passwords for it. Anyways, they've come up with a clever way for users to obtain passwords - it's send to the RA e-mail. But instead of sending it to, the stupid website sends it't that some shit. 
But now let's look on the bright sight of life: there are actually coffee shops in Middelburg ...yeah, my I only need to find 
someone to share the moment with me. Volunteers are free to contact me at any time
and let me tell ya about the peoples in RA.
First: Bagynof 8
1. Elena - I'm going to occupy her room this semester. She was so kind to leave all her furniture for me...Plus, she showed us around and everything...She's been perfect so far.
2. Lukas - He's from the Czech Republic...What can I say..took our stuff from the trainstation and drove them to the front door...Then brought my 20 something kilo suitcase to the third floor...Extremely helpful...
3. Bard - There's something weird about this guy, I haven't figured it out yet. But at least he has "lost all of his innocence", so don't worry about him too much.
4. Johan - Has a Romanian girlfriend whose name is Ileana which is quite funny obviously. Makes tricks with cards and attempts to teach people to play pocker...not completely
successful with either endeavor. 
5. Vera, Bonnie, Lina and Yanji are the other girls - all of them are very very kind to this moment.
6. Ruth (i have no idea how to spell his name) - mother from Barbadose and a daddy from the Netherlands...Yeah, nigga...probably the nicest guy around...yeah...
And the American girl - Grace- also pretty cool...Those two people are the true examples that, a
s Miguela correctly put it, the world as we know it has come to an end...
7. Rotem - Jewish, has lived in Eindhoven for 5 years, still doesn't speak Dutch very well...Bulgarian best friend...Good to have a shiny happy person like her around

I'll not go into details about the people I dislike cause I have to be more pissed than I am right now...
That's it for now, I'm super tired...I don't know if I'll even go to the "Pimp my style" party...Maybe I'll just show up to see Ruth with a leopard cowboy hat...



It's the first day of the rest of my life ...
I keep repeating this phrase since day one in my lovely new home, called Bagynhof 8 G...(За любознателните хора или по-скоро за тези, които искат да се убедят, че холандският е ненормален език, това се чете Бахайнов...сигурна съм, че щяхте да се сетите сами).
So let me share my first experiences in the land of the free...
1. The spirit of ACS shall haunt me till the end of my life...I guess we are all cursed or something. Let's just start with the arrival. Supposedly we (Didi and I, and Didi is Nel's cousin for those who don't know) had to be picked up by this lovely guy Tom...So after 30 minutes of waiting, we got our luggage, and we went out, hoping to find a smiling face and a sheet with our names on it...Hmmm..nope. Ok, let's just wait. Yeah, let's just wait one hour and a half. And yeah, this happens only to ACS alumni, mind my words...In fact, after one hour of waiting we figured that our guy might be somewhere else...We went back and forth and finally WE found him. Yeah, Tom's Dutch but I already feel the chvor vibes in him...It took him an hour and a half to figure out that we actually might be waiting somewhere else...Him and Charlotte whose also Dutch and keeps talking all the time...We also met Grace who is a first year student and is from (God bless this holy state) Oregon.
But the spirit of ACS is everywhere, people. How about starting the intro week with a English test? Sounds familiar...And let's essays on stupid topics. And paraphrase sentences...While I was waiting, I browsed through some magazines - now paraphrase this for me, starting with I whiled. Thank you...
Then group meeting with the tutor. Another stroke of fortune for the ACS alum: a Frenchie woman, about 25, who is more confused than I am for a tutor. And how about everyone else has his schedule and I don't? (To be perfectly honest, some other groups didn't get their schedule's either...And you know what, Lia (our beloved ACS-er) is in another group and also didn't receive her schedule...The spirit of ACS - I feel in the my fingers, I feel it my toes...
And I can't activate my e-mail address...that's so cool, ain't it...
2. In the Netherlands there are more bikes than people...I think Dutch people are like Ooooh, geee, I need to walk for...5 minutes! No fucking way! A 10-minute walk..this is like...fucking crazy...I don't think they ever walk for more than 50 meters...Hmm..Let's ride bikes.
3. Pub Crawl...Yeah, we have 7 pubs in town. A beer is 1.5 euro...And it's just 250 ml (maybe less). I don't dare to ask about the prices of da true alcohol...Oh, and I can really differentiate between all the pubs. It's like one has a pool table and other one doesn't...that's about it when we talk about differences...
4. Not a single tall building in town, except for my school, which I will soon show to y'all...Otherwise, no architectural variety whatsoever...Kick ass...
Ok, it's all for now folks...My next entry will be about housemates, classmates and all the rest. И сега прочувствен message към всички приятели: не бойте се, такива ненормални, brainless, разлигавени (полу)идиоти като вас не съм намерила, а шансовете това да се случи клонят към минус безкрайност. Miss ya all и се чувствайте поканени в огромната ми стая на 3 етаж на Бахайнов 8 ЖИ. Само си носете спален чувал...