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pair-o-eyes abloggin'

change the way you look at things, and the things you look at change

Updated: 2018-03-06T03:43:56.478+02:00


Happy 0123


I can barely believe the numbers of this year: 2013, or, like someone said, 0123. This year I start counting from scratch, and writing the first chapters of my new book of Changes. It feels like a brand new page, with the same words, but completely rearranged. Once you truly change the way you look at things, those things definitely change. For you. And that is sometimes difficult for others to handle, as I've recently noticed. Am I suddenly too happy, positive, demystified and real to be part of the neverending "life sucks and we're all doomed" philosophy? An apocalypse really might have taken place last year, in my head. The sun rises with a different palette of colors as of now. I feel like changing the conditions of the game we call living. Not just dream about changing my world, but doing something about it. And with that in mind, the bull needs to be grabbed by the horns.

Now, as tradition will have it, I've set apart some of the musical scapes that walked with me through ups, downs, smiles and frowns in 2012. Thank you, Music, for putting up with all my moodswings. Now that is friendship as I see it. Here's to new beginnings.

The month of May


May has come again. We still walk together on the edge of the sun. This month brings a renewed configuration of a life, for the first time in so many years, polished and well suffered. Prayers are answered, but only to those who have the guts to kneel. Thankfully, you and I are such souls - with enough ego not to admit it, yet with enough lack of it in order to attempt it. I finally understand why the world came crashing down. I finally have the courage to thank the heavens for their seemingly mercyless, at first, agenda. My song is that of gratitude, and my creative plan that of humbly receiving and giving to Life itself. Thank You, May.

The beginning of the end of the world


When I think about the puzzle pieces in the current picture, I hear only music. Most of the time the harmonies lift me up to tremendous heights, such as I've never seen or heard before. Then come the turbulent disharmonies of pressure and confusion that shake up the flow of things. But even they have their rightful place in the composition. Every arythmic transition contributes to the completion of the vibes, inspiring concentration on the whole, rather than only on the parts. It's strange how the mind works. Even when I lose my faith in you, love, it only comes back so much stronger in the end. That's the only thing I wanted.

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The sounds of 2011


Скромен списък с албуми, които оставиха траен отпечатък тази година. Тези, които не са от 2011, сега уцелиха правилния момент да звукнат. А защо са толкова малко в сравнение с предни години ли? Take a wild guess. Хубави празници!


NB: changes by the end of december are to be expected.

An October in Time /dreamlike version/


Every day is a flood. At least it's our flood... You and I are still swimming - that gives me peace of mind. Yet in those moments you look away, I silently fear the sound that each drowning second of our time together makes. Our time runs out like raindrops, dropping in from a place far beyond our comprehension. Like a gift from another world, doomed to be spilled out into a still freeze, soon it will be far from the reach of our present. Forever. And the only thing we're left with is the hope for more incoming drops.

No time for morning tea, because I have to run. Like all mornings, on which I decided to sleep only 15 minutes longer, the taxi driver is already impatient. I have to jump, to overcome, to stretch myself thin - so thin, until I've spread myself all over the place. And there's so much to feel, when your heart flutters like purple butterfly wings, yet feeling is the last thing I have time for. Perhaps I'm better off this way - all sorts of boiling fears are barred from crawling up and down the place before they even have the chance to creep up.

The sweet memory of last night still lingers in my pocket, while the day is ruled by a reality very different from the one I exist in in those sweet dark hours. The day belongs to traffic lights, sirens, hysterical voices, waiting on long queues, finding the right arguments, knowing when to hold your tongue, trying not to take things personally, organizing schedules, running errands, and above all - the giant Clock. It follows me around with a stallinistic consistency, hovering over my working-class-tunic like a firespitting dragonfly. At some point, you can't help but wonder what the point of this juggling daily routine really is, and you begin passionately desiring the ultimate collapse of this neverending, nothingbringing, unamusing rut. Then you catch the glimpse of the Clock and attempt to pull yourself together, realizing that soon the day will fade with the sunset, and muse your facial expression back into something slightly less dissociative.

"I suppose I'm slowly morphing into two completely separate persons," I whisper in his ear, feeling the warmth of its skin in our prematurely freezing autumn night. "The sunny girl and the moony one. The only time I feel that Time truly belongs to me is in those few hours of the night I have with you." The Clock chimes, marking the slipping of yet another waterfall of timely raindrops out and away of our universe.

Из рандъм записки в тролейбуса, предимно вдъхновени от червени светофари

TKOL desktop love


I will never be able to fully express my gratitude and respect for Radiohead.


"The King of Limbs in the Bad Wood" ~ inspired by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood.


...and a slightly more portraitic version. Art experiments by Emmy Bello. Thom Yorke's image borrowed from 2 Minute Silence (this happens to be my favorite capture ever of that face; the expression is unfathomable). Large resolutions available, contact me.

September harmonies


"The way of the Creative works through change and transformation, so that each thing receives its true nature and destiny and comes into permanent accord with the Great Harmony: this is what furthers and what perseveres.” ~ Alexander Pope

Photo was taken during a beautiful underwater adventure with Dicapac

waterfall in slow motion


Един приятел каза веднъж, докато си споделяхме ужасиите на живота, "ние се влюбваме в изненадата." Тези думи кънтяха дълго в главата ми преди да ги осмисля в контекста на собствената си вселена. Изведнъж ми стана ясно защо губим способността си да се впечатляваме. Tолкова много искаме да контролираме всичко в живота си, да сме вечно зад волана и да управляваме събитията, седейки върху сигурното и систематизираното, че не позволяваме на непресметнати фактори да ни се бъркат в плановете. 'Щото все много ги разбираме нещата.

God bless, обаче, онази прекрасница на този свят, наречена Изненада. Ако можеш да я предвидиш, най-вероятно не е тя. Нека отпразнуваме пъкления план на Изненадата с долното парче. 'Cuz she's hot and she knows it, and she's still kickin' it.

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Mental Architects on the Go!


Calling all post/math/instrumental-rock lovers: в случай, че още не сте имали щастието да се запознаете с тримата ментали и тяхната архитектура, be my guest. Те са Ники, Макс и Тони и ще ви разклатят от естетическия нерв чак до зъбния камък.
При налична възможност, консумирайте на живо и предимно през ушите.


allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="400" src="" width="640">



Time for a little digital art pause. Here's something I did for and H.M.S.U. for a dubstep & drum'n'bass party poster - ROBOTЩINA. Codename: our little robo-porn doll. She is, in fact, not even out of the doll-factory yet.


Closeups and before/afters are in the cooking...

Spring and the wonderful world of beads


С пролетното слънце идва и топлината на вдъхновението във всякаквите му форми, макар и тази година да закъсня в моята лична вселена. Susan Miller обеща новолунието на юни да отвори очите ни за безкрайните хоризонти, и ето, че те никак не закъсняват. Преливам от вълнение, за всякакви неща: за ценните нови приятели, които изникват зад всеки ъгъл, за неочаквания попътен вятър в новата посока, в която Сатурн тласна мнозина от нас без да предупреди, за изкуството, което остава вярно на сърцето, без значение какви препятствия изникват по пътя. Вълнувам се и като си спомня за таланта на момичето, чийто handmade beads ме инспирираха за нов пост в този напоследък позабравен от мен блог. Тя се казва Биляна, и нейните мъниста си имат всяко своята история. Историята на Hempy, което се озова на моя врат, едва започва:


На сайта на Биляна ще намериш бижу за всяка женска душа, от A Native Cosmic Relative до The Pilgrim's Sweetheart. А ако си войнствена натура и се чувстваш предизвикателно, пробвай Let Red follow Black to his tempting hollow. Looking for The Lost Explorer пък е чудесен подарък за вечната пътешественичка (имам рожден ден на 30 юни, драги читатели, ако се чудите какво да ми подарите). А най-интересно от всичко е как всъщност се раждат идеите за тези прекраснотийки, които понякога събират енергия в полуизпечен вид със седмици, докато се избистрят в ума на създателката им. Когато си поръчваш от, не забравяй да попиташ за историята на твоите мъниста. Внимание: вдъхновяват на макс.



Напоследък думите засядат на глътката, за това оставям музиката да говори вместо мен. Истината е, че for everything in life, there is a song. Днес това е моето парче. Where will you go from here, sitting still inside the fear...?

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Everybody's got to learn sometime


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Ти беше героиня с песен на уста:
"Съпруга на военен с махагонена коса!"
Десетките си внуци нахрани и изпра.
Научи ме да шетам и да не плача сама.
И колко много мъка смело преживя.
Съдбата тежка бори, бори и заспа.

Най-добрата прабаба на света.

Ще ни липсваш, бабо мила. До скоро...

За изгубените в безкрая


(object) (embed)

"Wolf Parade's Expo 86 has been the soundtrack of the summer of 2010 for me. When I first heard "Yulia" my head was flooded with images. The song is totally cinematic and has an urgent, longing drive that I wanted to try and express through images.

During the Cold War at the beginning of the Space Age, the Soviet Union was rumored to have two space programs - one a public program, the other a secret 'black' one, in which dangerous and sometimes downright suicidal missions were attempted. Cosmonauts would be shot into orbit without the means or resources to get them home, stranded in an expanding orbit around earth, slowly pulling away, frozen in space for eternity.

I wanted to create a kind of formal and slightly nostalgic vibe. At the same time, I wanted it to feel untethered to an exact era -- not specifically in the past. I shot in Portland Oregon and a little in Romania and I was really inspired by Russian cinema and Communist propaganda posters." ~ режисьорът Scott Coffey

The Gardener's nightmare


"Being schooled after the Second World War in an education system still behind the times, hampered by pre-war attitudes, and hardly attuned to a generation ejoying the peace and relative prosperity not afforded to their parents, the late fifties were an era of opportunity for teenagers, unlike any before.

Railing against the school system, Waters (Roger) would later describe an episode that encapsulated his contempt. Deciding to seek revenge on the school's gardener for some real or imagined slight, he and a group of co-conspirators went into the school orchard with a stepladder and singled out the gardener's favourite tree. They then proceeded to eat every apple on the tree, taking care not to remove any from the branches."

~ Pigs Might Fly, the Story of Pink Floyd. Written by Mark Blake, 2007

Акустична видео-премиера на свещи


3-4 метров екран, проектор, приглушени светлини, десетки приятелски усмивки, 2 лава-лампи, стотина свещи, акустичните аранжименти на 4?, към 200 кг. щастие, юнски вечерен бриз и As I Am. Съвсем накратко, така протече промоцията на дебютния клип на 4? в Радио Кафе и Конюшните на Царя. Благодарим за подкрепата, разнообразните мнения и най-вече за това, че ни дадохте шанс. Искаш снимки? Кликай на фликъря. Пожелавам приключенско лято с Becoming Someone Else...


Recent work update


Последните няколко седмици бяха one wild rollercoaster ride - дни на промяна и новоотворени врати. И тъй като не съм ъпдейтвала скоро, ето малко previews на публикации в Про-Рок на photography by EmmyBello в настоящия брой (гоу гет ит, дюд, и прочети за какво иде реч), и оформлението на новия албум на 4? "Becoming Someone Else".


Nuit Blanche and the Great Illusion


Едно пост-Валентайн включване, спиращо дъха. Just like love, none of this is real. But it doesn't hurt to dream forever, they say...

(object) (embed)
Watching the making doesn't even come close to spoiling the experience. I think it's even necessary... [Thnx to Ray]

Изложба "Хора и улици"


(image) Ако случайно си търсите повод за културна разходка в тези мразовити дни, едно предложение е изложбата от конкурса на Фото-форум "Хора и улици" в клуба на фоторепортера, в подлеза на президентството. Там ще видите отбраните снимки от кoнкурса, моя скромен принос и първо уастие в изложба на ФФ, както и силните фотографии на победителя от визуалното съревнование - драг мой колега от НБУ Димитър Варийски. Снимките ще бъдат изложени само до 4 февруари, така че нека да загреем с чаша винце и да се поразходим до жълтите павета. :)

Онлайн галерия можете да видите тук, като този път снимките ще бъдат предлагани за продажба с цел финансиране на нашия съфорумец и приятел фотограф Itilien, който тръгна на околосветско пътешествие на стоп, за да снима света така, както го вижда. С Itilien се запознах преди 2 години на една музикална разходка до Солун. Успех и попътен вятър!

For camera geeks only!


Okay, so I'm one of the above mentioned fruitcakes. Naturally, I get kind of weаk in the knees when I see a camera, made from a sock, or the mouthwatering design of my next birthday cake (preferably in combination with the real D700, if you please). Aferim!

(image) (image)

Meeting Barcelona


This trip was hanging by a string several times. First it was so difficult to get tickets to see Muse at Palau Saint Jordi, but I managed; then some greedy catalonians decided they'd much rather have a tennis tournament on the day of the concert at the venue, and changed the date of the show. Still, Barca was too much of a dream, so we flew over despite all the unluck that was haunting our every move, and had a blast. As for Muse, we have tickets for the out-of-this-world Wembley stadium in London, 2010. Touché! [...]

22 ноември @ The Box


Неделната вечер на 22 ноември ще помня дълги години. Дали е просто Labirynth of Present или Evolution в най-чистия й вид, събитието се получи като една истинска симбиоза между визуалното и музикалното. Напълнихме си душите и искам искрено да благодаря на всички за подкрепата. Най-вече на Деси и Боян, чиято идея беше да направим концерт-изложба (надявам се да има още много в The Box), след това на пичовете от Smallman и 4? за това, че прегърнаха идеята, и, разбира се на Яни, който предостави транспорт, силно рамо, контакти и организационна помощ. Ето и превю на изложените работи:Сдобихме се със стъклени рамки с клипсове, които окачихме на стената на клуба. The Box предостави подходящото осветление за изложбата, добрия звук и страшен ентусиазъм. Над главите на присъстващите се въртеше "The Embryonic Man", все-още неосъзнал себе си, спящ в утробата на еволюционното си гнезденце, а на сцената зад музикантите се сменяха различни символни и директни авторски картини, допълващи атмосферата.Няколко медии формулираха впечатления: check out репортажa на Ники Василев за Metal Katehizis и този на Ивайло Александров за, репортажa на Про-Рок, и снимки от Z-Rock). Присъстващите явно бяха приятно изненадани от 4? - посрещнаха ги с бурни овации. Някои танцуваха, други се поздравяваха с техни парчета... Звучат идеално на живо - препоръчвам! Smallman взривиха клуба. "Дълбочината, в която въздействат, силата на парчетата, страхотния глас на Цецо, гайдата му... побъркващия ритъм, здравите рифове, мелодиите, тежките изблици, красивите текстове, всичко това съчетано е не само любовта на фена. Това е и любовта на групата към изкуството. Собственото им изкуство, което извира от тях, независимо от всички фактори. Окъпани в светлината на прожекторите, четиримата асеновградчани забиха толкова здраво, че публиката и пред сцената, и на терасата пред бара, и в дъното на заличката буквално откачи." ( Всички присъстващи - приятели и приятели на приятели, помогнаха веч[...]

The Worldonfire, Oceansize @ VK, Brussels


Die Vaartkapoen, known as VK club, is located in quite the dangrous neighborhood, despite the fact that it is 30 mins. by foot away from Brussels' center. When walking the streets of Molenbeek, you barely see any belgian faces. You can hear a police siren every 10 minutes passing by outside. Although we were warned, we still thought it was better to get a hostel nearby, so we could walk to the club.

The club fits about 300 people, yet it was only half-full. VK has been host to bands like QOTSA, Incubus, RATM and Deftones, while upcoming shows in november include Mando Diao, Clutch and Kylesa. The support band, The Worldonfire, seemed quite cool - made up of somewhat emo-looking teenagers with a good sense of rhythm, somewhat post-rock, somewhat melodic, at times kind of screamo vocals and an overall dynamic presence. While I spent my last cash on merch, Oceansize were setting up their instruments. No star business here, these guys take care of themselves. Their tourbus was parked right outside the club, their bass-player was selling the T-shirts and albums before and after the show.

(image) (image) (image)

Oceansize rocked us out with a few songs from the upcoming album, two songs from the EP Home & Minor, one from Effloresce, one from Frames and several from Everyone Into Position. I think they diserve to be much, much bigger, and perhaps the place to see them in the right light is the UK. It was way too short, I dont think I've nearly had enough at all...

(object) (embed)

Poetry in Ghent


Sometimes a few hours can mean so much, expecially when there are no walls. No mental bricks, no cultural prejudice. Just a uniting language and the desire to share yourself exactly the way you are. And an invisible fine-tuning to similar radiowaves, which brought about the golden spark. She just about wrote it all, so here is my point of view... When I met Suzan in a casual restaurant in Sofia, she managed to convince me in just a few hours that I'd fall in love with her city. Everyone loves their cities, but there was more to that obviousness this time. She spoke about belgian musicians, and how they had free shows there before they became famous, about modern artists and the freedom to find funding for artistic ideas. We jumped from plain conversations to sharing very quickly. Somehow I knew that instant I was going to visit her very soon. I was eager to travel this autumn, after my summer vacation to Prague failed due to the horrible summer flu. So when Oceansize announced a date at the VK club in Brussels, I bought tickets straight up. We arrived in Belgium one day before the gig - a perfect opportunity to spend 24 hours in Ghent. The locals claim it's more alive than Bruges, less chaotic than Brussels, and less snobby than Antwerp, lol. And scattered with hundreds of bycicles, as the main means of transportation. Indeed, poetry is everywhere in Ghent, you just have to look close - on pavements, walls, around the canal that gives the town its remarkable romantic note, in elevators and in the wind that brushes your hair. So when you take leisurely walks, beware, for it can be contagious. When we arrived, it was cloudy. I was prepared to meet the rain. On the way to the center square, the sun came out and suddenly Ghent looked like shiny chocolate wrapping - the kind that really stimulates your appetite on different levels. We had delicious lunch in a huge student cantine, beef steak with belgian fries and brussels sprouts. We passed by Suzan's favorite bookstores and tasted the local alcoholic specialty - liqueur so sweet, you'll never know how and when you got drunk... We were lucky to have someone show us all the beautiful cafes. We sat in the place Suzan went to read and enjoy some great coffee, near her university. It will sound like a tourist clichee, but I swear I had the most delicious brown chocolate tart there that I've ever tasted anywhere in the world. A moment of true happiness for a chocolate junkie. And while we were discussing life in different aspects, we won ourselves some listeners... Afterwards we marched into one of the cult music stores, as planned. It was nessesary to leave this ritual for the end of the day, because I knew we'd spend hours inside. Suzan showed me some cd's of successful local pop-rock bands, while I bought two favorite albums at a great price - David Bowie's Heathen (for the amazing artwork) and Radiohead's Ok Computer - finally the orginal album in my cd library. I still preach the theory that if you fall in love with an album, simply downloading it from a pirate blog just isn't cool. Go out and show some respect for the artist by paying for it, even if you do it after some years... And thus, slowly, the day started coming to an end. Our time had passed in laughter and a serious intake of positive energy. We spent one part of the evening wrapping up the conversations we had in Sofia a month before. The future is looking bright[...]