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Blogging proved to be hard and complicated. It takes a lot of time and resource, drains the brain from ideas and even though it's totally worht it, there comes a time when even the best blogger has to prioritize; unfortunately, blogging is not always within Top 3 of the important things in life.

That's the case here. Need to focus on other issues. Thank you for your kind attention and the feedback I've been getting. The archives will remain here - use them only in a case of emergency and keep them a secret (just kiddin'!)

That's all from me. Have an amazing autumn!

Live Space


Some time ago I admitted how much I admire the English design thought. Apparently, the Brits can't help it - although I know nothing about interior design, most of the ideas thatI witnessed here, made me jump with excitement. CLEI UK is a collection of so called smart furniture which gives amazing ideas for optimization of living space and teaches how to get the maximum of the minimalistic design.

Worshipping objects with such fanaticism is not zen at all but this piece of furniture just made me hold my breath. I promise to glorify anyone who provides me with it at a reasonable price.

via Inhabitat

Love Languages


This friend of mine sometimes doubts his girlfriend's love and from time to time tells her he loves her while she is asleep and then waits for her answer (he claims noone can tell a lie in their sleep). She always answers "I love you too" - probably loves him a lot or she has just learned how to lie in her sleep.

Out of the context of the Good Morning Sweetheart pillow, it doesn't make any sense to tell you about my friends. Having the pillow in mind, though, it all seems quite inspiring - a really creative way to say something sweet to your significant other even before you open your eyes in the morning.

Maximum Protection


I've been trying to uninstall my McAfee antivirus software for a few days now, not to mention the sleepless nights that go with them. I finally succeeded, and as tech support claims, all the McAfee components are wiped out from my computer. But McAfee Personal Firewall Plus is still on. Spooky, eh?

I need to switch it off and I need to do it urgently.

If anyone has had any experience with McAfee, please help me - I'm kinda desperate. Thanks in advance.

Lifestylе on sale


Just like the hunting season, the season of the sales has its rules and peculiarities. Sometimes funny "goods" are on sale.

White Lilies for Breakfast


There are moments when someone writes stupid things at their blogs and you're mad at them for breathing your oxygen. Or moments when you're a ninja-zombie because of the post-narcotic depression and you have no clue why are there cookie crumbs on your keyboard. There are moments when you have a long list of things to write about, organized by priority but you look at someone else's punk life in images, listen to Lily and then write pointless entries about them, screwing up you schizo order. Then, like a real fan, you create something with a logo and a picture and enter the true-fans hall, while you'd rather be walking around rainy London with a yellow umbrella, looking at everything twice.

And everything is just a bit different if you're in love with a non-London girl who loves life, the world and you more than anything else even when you're stupid enough not to be with her.

This entry is dedicated to all the meaningless entries in the blogosphere.

Stories of Space


Packing luggage in a suitcase, putting goods in a supermarket cart, standing in a particular spot, sketching with chalk on the road, re-arranging furniture, building buildings - just a few examples of defining space. Not necessarily conventional and not always apparent.
The symbiosis between humans and concrete, steel as an extension of the mind, windows as subsequent pairs of eyes - people themselves are also subjects to defining in space.

Everyone has their story. Every building has its people and stories. Architects as therapists, architects as fighters for freedom of space, architects as story-tellers. The stories of someone's habitats, of the inhabitants themselves, of special space designers.

Don't forget to read the story of a French home and it's genius-creator from Holland. Inspiring; just inspiring.

God Bless The Queen & Modern Design!


Most of my British friends are fockin' freaks; they do nothing for ages and then, all of a sudden, start creating stuff. Once that creativity process starts, surprises are to follow (I still remember this one time when a friend tried to cook a traditional British meal - we were definitely surprised, but that's another story; besides, there are almost no stains left on the kitchen walls now).

Actually, I'd rather consider such culinary experiments exceptions of the rule, since I have little doubt in the British creative thought. The faith of mine is being confirmed by the work of the designer Richard Shed. Google doesn't provide with much info/ bio of Richard so I'm not even sure he comes from the good old kingdom, but I'm positive I want to have every single object from his website in my home.

Indoor Advertising


If I have to translate the pictures into words, those images would say something like "Have a nice trip home, we hope you had fun in Amsterdam".

Pictures taken at Schiphol Airport.

Holiday*: Amsterdam


That's what Amsterdam looked like the day I left it.

*Holiday is a column, in which I write about/ upload pictures from the places I've recently visited. I'm trying to show the most peculiar things about each location, usually in a few shots of the place.

Thumbs up


Have you ever read a book while holding it with one hand only? Most probably at least once and you most probably know that it's definitely not comfy. There's pressure in the wrist and the thumb hurts as if you've a week-long TV-watching marathon. Not cool at all.
The good news is that there is a solution.
I bought the "page holder" /a.k.a. Thumb Thing/ just yesterday but so far I love it. After closing the book, all that's left is the pleasure of the read - no pain or pressure. Minus: it doesn't work as a bookmark, although the website advertises it as such too. I strongly recommend to all the passionate and not-so-passionate readers.

Depeche Mode fan @ Kalverstraat


That's what I call a true fan.

Picture taken in Amsterdam, August 2006.

Bikeland 3


A bike without a seat... funky!

Bike decoration


A bike with a stand for... things.

Bikeland 2


Kermit's bike

Pretty bikes

Alternative parking of an alternative bike.

No, this is not a kids bicycle.



The printed bike;

A taxi bike;

3in1: a bike, a stand & a warning.

*Bikeland is a photo-column, in which you can see the craziest bikes I've seen and been able to take a picture if in Holland.



L. Vuitton bags are classic. For me - this one, please.

Portable files


If you google a definition for "adobe", the first one on the list is "Amersican sowtware company". After that you find out that the word actually stands for a kind of bricks.
If wee ignore the commercial function of Google, we could easily conclude that language develops in a ditrect relation with business. Luckuly, there's no way we ignore exactly that function.

If you need to convert a file into a .pdf but don't have the necessary Adobe software, you can do it online here. Quick, easy and abolutely free.

Top 10 and more


These are the movies, which I saw in the last couple of months. My opinion on each movie is expressed with stars and varies from *(waste of time) to ****(fantastic).Лачените обувки на незнайния воин * * * *Last Tango in Paris * *Pulp Fiction *Hollywood Ending * * * *Match Point * * * * *Gia * * * * *Dogville * * * * *Manderlay * * * *Simone *Failure to Launch *Lara Croft: Tomb Raider *Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life *Transporter 2 * *Bridget Jones: The Edge of Reason * *Garfield *Interstella 5555 * * *Mirror Mask * * * * *Natural Born Killers *11:14 * * *Dancer in the Dark * * * * *The Break Up * * *Angel-A *Conspirators of Pleasure * * * *If anyone would like to be sent my detailed opinion on any of the movies, please email me.[...]

Moscow Does Not Believe in Tears*


A cool site about street fashion in Moscow, the Russian "colleague" of the New-York Sartorialist. Not that I care about fashion, but I really like the Russian translation of the word "vintage".

* Title: Russian movie from 1979.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory


I've always thought Willie Wonka was fiction, but no! Today I had real Wonka candy, brought by my friends from HICC.

Dutch Celebrations


Here you can see the Dutch tv spot for the Celebrations chocolates. I'm posting the spot because it shows one of the most characteristic features of the Dutch.
Ali B, one of the most famous rappers here in Holland, is actually from Arabic origin. He shows up at his mother's birthday party bringing a box of Celebrations. While he's greeting his mom, the box is passed from hand to hand. Ali follows the chiocolates but when he finally gets hold of the box, there's only a single tiny Mars chocolate left. An old lady takes it right under his nose. Ali's mother sees him holdind the empty box and harshly tells him a dutchman.

If someone is still wondering what's the bottomline: the Dutch are unbelievably greedy & stingy. Good that they can at least make fun of themselves.

Fat Boy Slim


Fatboy Slim never stops bringing joy to my life. Again - an unbelievable video telling about those old jeans of Norman's . Now with an option to shoot you own jigglers video for "That old pair of jeans", which Mr. Cook would watch himself and possibly announce as a winner. Just remember, you only have time till 19th this month.
More info about the contest here.

Wipe it!


The official toilet paper of WC '06. Printed in orange, of course.

WC stands for World Cup, silly!

Specialized help


Job ad reads:
Seeking a housekeeper. Requirements: high-school education, experience in cleaning and ironing, confidentiality and loyalty. Send a CV, picture and a copy of your high-school diploma at the following email...

I've always believed that the info how much litter one produces, what kind of socks they wear and how many pairs a week, what kind of cleansing materials they use, etc. should be strictly confidential. This add only confirms my belief.
Another very important requirement are the Maths and Literature grades from high school. For some households the Geography grade is also quite important.
Let's not forget the way a housekeeper should look - no one wants an ugly person to take care of their home, right?!

Otherwise a payment of 2 euro per hour is not a bad at all for Bulgaria, especially for a non-qualified labor.