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Aero Vic's Blog

The blog of Victor Tomov - Varna, Bulgaria!

Updated: 2017-07-23T11:47:35.423+03:00


Happy New Year!!!


And be careful when you decorate your home! :P Wish you all the best in 2012! Cheers, dear friends!! :)))

Personal update


Hello there folks!I know, long time not seen, long time not written anything. Here is my update about everything that's going on around me. So...The Love.Yeah, guys, it's with a capital letter and not only because someone stays behind it! But also because it's my ultimate objective I will dedicate my life to. Everything else is a means to the realization of a life full of love, tenderness and

On the road of job search again


Hi there folks,Long time no witting, I know it seems weird. In the past months I had some tough experiences, one of which connected to a newly found job at an advertising agency called G.I.D. Consult. It should be among the first companies of that kind in Varna. Unfortunately, the working conditions were worse than I expected - again like in Slovakia, bad and arrogant behaviour from my boss,

Personal update


Hi there folks,In the last month-and-a-half I have been involved in the following activities:- participation in the Organisational Committee of the biggest exchange project of AIESEC in Bulgaria - "The Battle of The East" as responsible for the Slovak team and the leisure activities of the interns;- looking for my new job (it's been already 4 months);- reading articles and books in my areas of

Daily Nutrition without Chemical Conservators


Is it possible to eat on a daily basis food without any chemical conservators?My answer is YES!Here's my personal diet as an example:1. Breakfast - rice-rolls (substitute the bread, packed, without salt and gluten) + white brine or yellow goat cheese +/- boiled egg + tomatoes or other vegetable.2. Lunch - baked or boiled food (lentils, beans, potatoes, rice, pasta) reach in carbohydrates + goat

Branding vs Sales - The case of the Local Business in Varna (Bulgaria)


As mentioned at the end of my previous post, in this one I will share with you my recent observations and thoughts of the local business environment in Varna, Bulgaria.From employment point of view, it's easy to notice that almost every marketing oriented job is related to or focused solely on sales. What does this mean? The local companies or the Business units of the international corporations

The Global Financial Crisis Influence on the Employment


Hi there guys,These days I look for a job and reflect on the recent employment issues that the Global financial crisis has raised. We all can hear and read a plenty of stories with employers (usually big companies) murmuring about cost cuts and staff optimization.While the economic downturn affects all sectors, the singe most important factor for success and survival are the people within the

Nutrition and Stress - the 2 Major Health Factors


In our intensive daily life there are 2 major health factors - the Stress and the Nutrition. As the former is usually out of our control, the situation is different with the latter. While everybody is exposed to a considerable amount of stress factors, nowadays, it becomes far more important to know and leverage the nutritional aspects of our life. Establishing control over the own diet that

Idealism in the Real World


"Tell me what it takes to let you go...", Aerosmith first sang 20 years ago in one of their all-time favourite hit songs ("What It Takes", Pump Album, 1989). Now the question still remains, although slightly changed in the following way - Tell me what is takes to be an Idealist in today's world of pragmatism and mercantilism.I strongly believe that the ideals are a driving force for the evolution

My recent conclusions about the successful salesperson qualities


Hi there folks,As you know, I'm in a process of finding a new job. Apart from the applications, I have free time to study by reading plenty of interesting articles on online marketing (my current professional passion), branding, customer service and sales management. For everybody interested in the aforementioned topics, I'll strongly recommend subscription for the ClickZ newsletters with White

Public money raising for charity


Hello there dear friends,As most of you have already noticed, now in Bulgaria the TV show VIP Brother is realizing one great initiative of raising money for different charity causes. The mechanism uses the means of sms text messaging and calls to a specified numbers along with individual donations. In this case, several parties are equally involved - the TV, the show' producers, the spectators,

Looking for the perfect... job!


Again, I'm on the road - the highway of the professional realization and career development. Looking for the perfect job!One thing I've found very useful is the self-reflection skill I exercise these days the most. By reading different books, one of them I will recommend to everybody - 'The 80/20 revolution' (by Richard Koch), I crystallize my job seeking approach.Here are some conclusions about

What's new about me these days


Hey friends,Whata unbelievable series of posts today, hah! Yeah, there should be days for updating this blog, right ;))Ya know, guys, after coming back from abroad, I decided to have 2 months of holidays on the sea side ;) For me, Varna is the best place to do it in the summer. But the relax was quite active including - sports, friends, clubbing, self-reflection, books, adaptation and preparation

Photos from my birthday parties


Why "birthday party" is in plural? Well... coz I celebrated the occasion in 3 parts - with my parents, with my best friends, with some of my good AIESEC friends. Here are photos from these events:With my parentsMy best friend Mitko, Mimi and meMe, Melek, Vladi, Łukasz and Toshko, and ... the 12-old whiskey Chivas RegalPhotos: Victor Tomov

The end of my internship in Slovakia - the reasons


Hello dear friends,As some of you may know, some of you may not, I terminated my internship in Slovakia in the beginning of July 2008. Here are the main reasons for my decision:- total mismatch of the working conditions and the expectations according to the TN form - I was lied to completely during the interview;- high level of exploitation - I was forced to work a lot of hours extra without

Great picture - all good close friends together in our flat


Photo: Victor Tomov

Beautiful sunset in Bratislava :)


View from my flat :)Photo: Victor Tomov

Photos from my BG night


Cool :) Finally some impressions on the BG night which I organized on my third week stay in Bratislava. There weren't many people but everybody enjoyed it so I am happy at all :)A lot more pictures coming soon... ;))See ya,Victor Tomov

Jacob Fleming's interns and room-mates in a Thea House


All of us together (I wish this could have been happening more often) - Me, Erofili (Greece), Said (Turkey), Rafal (Lodz, Poland), Teodora (Romania).Wow - nargile and Said - whata combination :)Teodora - no comment ;)))Getting ready for the cards game :)))Photos: Victor Tomov

Fancy stuff from Bratislava :)


Thea house ghosts ;)) Cool shooting angle ;)Bratislava at night :)Some ghost interns ;)Only the shit is standing still :PAnd of course is forbidden for dogs :))Photos: Victor Tomov

Pictures from Bratislava ;)


Finally, here are some interesting and attractive pictures made by myself in Bratislava:This is the block where I live along with 3 more internsMartenitsa in Slovakia ;)Slovak Architecture styleComenius UniversitySlovak High SchoolPhotos: Victor Tomov

My free time life in Bratislava


Hello guys,This story is related to the ways I spent my free time here in Bratislava.The cool thing in the city is that there are lots of different opportunities to enjoy yourself according to your mood, sub-culture and current desire. So far I experienced the following activities:1. Clubbing - mostly in the discos and clubs within the central old town area, such as:- Sparx - definitely good

My interniship after the first 2 weeks


Hello guys :)))The moment to share my first impressions of my stay and internship in Bratislava, Slovakia, has come. I think 2 weeks are enough time to create the primary opinion about the life and work here. It's just a basis for my next observations and explorations :P Wow, the last sentence sounded scientific :))) Now my moto is - "How big is your Bratislava? Explore it's dimensions!" Hehehe ;

I'm on the road again ;)))


Hi guys! :)))Finally, I'm abroad again! This time in Slovakia - the little big city Bratislava! ;) This is the advertising slogan of the Slovak capital. It's like the Varna size regarding the population - around 450 000 (half during holidays coz everybody goes home! hehehe).Let me tell you more about the trip to this small but really beautiful part of Europe.Well, I had the feeling that these 19

The New Year Eve home party


Here are some photos from my home celebration of the 2008th New Year :))French champaign, Turkish Raki, Red wine, Whiskey - all in a row ready for the party :)Pick up your good luck from the banitsa ;) Me, my mom and my dad Me, mom and dad again at the Chrsitmas tree See ya folks,Victor Tomov