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mati rose

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everything is going to be okay.


I woke up this morning for the first time feeling like everything is going to be okay. It's been 2 months since my husband moved out. I've been waking up every morning with amnesia and have had to remind myself of my new life. This morning I awoke in my room and saw this beautiful burst of sunlight and flower pins and hairclips that I had hanging and remembered what I loved. What inspires me. What makes me get up in the morning. In writing my Painting book I realized that I was writing medicine to myself, my future self. As Helen Keller said:"Life is either a daring adventure or nothing". Furthermore that the adventure and the daring part is just about aligning yourself to what makes you feel alive. My husband and I had a beautiful and complex relationship where we loved each other and were artistic allies. There is so much mystery to people. There is so much that I won’t understand, but what I do know is that we must continue to “show the world our magic” and align ourselves to our own truth and aliveness.Today I decided to paint my own magic for the first time in my studio in months and it felt AWESOME. I realized while writing my book that what you put on your canvas is really a mirror for your life. By being daring on my canvas, my life broke open in a new way and is waiting for me to begin.xoxoox[...]

Get Your Paint On: Beyond The Basics!


Hello friends!

Just a reminder that GET YOUR PAINT ON :: BEYOND THE BASICS starts this Monday, October 24 and it's not too late to register!


This five week course is just $139 and includes:
-Tons of video demonstrations by Lisa and Mati showing you how to paint in their own words and with their own hands!
-Lessons include using inspiration, transferring images, color mixing, layering technique & creating depth and dimension with paint
-Cohesive, supportive online environment with fellow classmates plus Mati & Lisa offering feedback and support

Use this course however you like! It's open to ALL levels!
-Take it at your own pace! (no strict schedule)
-Participate in the course environment to the extent you are comfortable (you don't ever have to post images of your paintings if you don't want to!)
-Take the information that is relevant to you and use it how you like

We'd love to have you! To register, go here or just click the button below. You will have plenty of time to get your supplies and get ready to paint during the first week of class.


See you in class!
Lisa + Mati


The Ladies Independent Design League (LIDL)


photo by Stefanie Renee Every Monday morning I am lucky enough to meet up with my artistic support group aka LIDL aka the group that keeps me sane in the midst of crazy deadlines! We usually meet at the same beautiful coffee shop on the water, but several Mondays ago we met at Miss Amelia's poolside! Not too shabby a way to begin our week, eh? We go around and we each have about 15 minutes to talk through what we're working on and to brainstorm new ideas for one another and offer support and accountability for our deliverables. I love my Monday mornings and this creative group so. IF you work alone as a freelancer and long for a group like this, I highly recommend it! Let me fill you in on what everyone's up to right now: This week Amelia is getting ready for her "Mini Hipster Plushie Workshop" that will be featured at the Inner Sunset Street Fair on Sunday, October 16th from 1-3pm. Join GoGo Craft this weekend if your looking for a good reason to get off your couch, explore a cool neighborhood, and make something cool! Cindy Ann's been busy doing a lot of work creating lil' birdies, even though she has a crazy scary fear of pigeons. She has also been embracing the halloween spirit. Jen is back from Europe (Istanbul, Brussels and London), full of inspiration and ready to start working on some new prints. But first, she has to finish a few paintings for her trip sponsors. Stef is in the middle of giving her website a fresh look while getting ready to head off to Shuttersisters Camp! She can't wait to come back with inspiration, new tools and new friendships! Our other Steph has been training her new intern, Christel, in prep for APE 2011 last weekend! She has never felt so excited to get her business into shape. They're currently working on line-sheets (thanks, Stitch Labs) to help expand her business into the wholesale world for the holiday season! Willo (of has been a busy bee this year! In fact, you can read her Hello, October blog post all about it. In the last month, in particular, she's been rockin' & rollin' with several fun projects: Design & Social Strategy & Coaching for feistyelle, a beautiful eco-friendly jewelry line Marketing & Social Strategy for Stitch Labs, a startup that's revolutionizing inventory management for small businesses Vector illustrations for The Climate Corporation; apparently drawing wheat, corn & soybean growth charts is surprisingly fun! Gearing up to speak at the Summit of Awesome for the 3rd year in a row... this time in Baltimore, October 20-22! With all this going on, she hasn't had a lot of time to put into WilloToons Connect, but she did publish her third episode with Marianne Elliott last month, and if you haven't watched it yet... it's a must see! Marianne is such a beautiful guide and inspiration for helping artists like us find our way back to self-care. Speaking of, in case you missed it, I was featured in Willo's second episode, where we also discuss self-care, the importance of perspective in artistic process, and there's a sneak peek of my new book coming out! And me, what do I have to report? I'm on VACATION for the first time in months and just saw a double rainbow in the Seattle skies!!! xo [...]

My little lucky ellie is HUGE in NYC!


photo by Stefanie ReneeA few friends tweeted me photos* recently of my lucky elephant art displayed in NYC on Pier 1's windows! I never thought that when I started making art that I would have my art sprawled across several windows in Manhattan! Wow! photo by Stefanie ReneeThan the other day my husband Hugh was shopping for a basket at Pier 1 and said, "Wait, that's my wife's art all over the gift cards!". Yay! He brought one home for me to see! I love how it folds open and the actual gift cards have my ellies on them as well. *If anyone out there lives in NYC or is visiting and can take a higher quality photo, please, please, please do! I'll send you some love in the form of art. Thank you![...]

it's been so long.



i have so much to talk about from this summer i don't even know where to begin! it's been an amazing and hectic summer. thank goodness for the calmness of fall. bring it!

i miss you and this space. in short, i'm revamping my website... to be launched soon, writing a painting book, illustrating 2 kid's books, teaching online and running a studio! phew!

for starters i'm posting over at our teahouse blog weekly. check it out.

don't you love our calendar?

photo by stef, our resident THS photog :)

be well,
mati rose

willo + me


ok bare with me, i'm a little shy on camera... but i love my friend willo and we always have the best conversations while hiking, biking and at LIDL our design league, that i gave a taped interview a whirl. willo and her team did a great job putting it together!

here's the trailer:
src="" allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="314" width="500">

go here for the whole one with SNEAK PEEKS of my book cover in progress!!!

much love,
mati rose

love notes + a sunny yellow picnic


it's a beautiful day here at teahouse.

Get Your Paint On! Summer Session


(image) (image)

Tomorrow, June 7th, is the last day to register for our summer session of Get Your Paint On!

Get Your Paint On: A Five Week Painting Class

with Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough

June 12 - July 17 2011



Lisa + I had so much fun teaching this online class this past winter! It was incredible to witness the incredible paintings that students shared from around the world. The support, growth and enthusiasm within the class was awesome! I truly can't wait until June 12th to begin again and feel inspired :)



"Thank you so much for offering this class, it has been wonderful and inspirational, just as the community that has grown around it. I appreciate you both sharing yourselves so openly and helping us all no matter our level of skill or expertise."

"Thank you so much for this wonderful class. I've been wanting to start painting for a LONG time and this class finally gave me the kick in the pants to DO IT. I am so glad I signed up. I learned so much. Mati and Lisa, you were so encouraging and made this a really fun experience (even when painting was frustrating)."

"Yay! As a newbie I was so worried that I was going to be out of my depth, but the two of you & everyone else made this space so relaxed and easy to take risks and the support and encouragement made me want to paint more and more and more. I have loved every moment and will be looking out for the next class. Thank you!"

"I am really going to miss this class. The dialogue and inspiration,and assignments have really reignited my love of creating."

"I really appreciate the way this painting class is set up. It's so good to learn to work with assignments. There is definitely a good thing going on here with all the creative community being built as we're able to bounce ideas back and forth."

"Thank you to you Lisa and Mati! I have been so happy inside since I started painting. I have always known that I have this creative molten magma inside of me and now it is getting to come to the surface. I'm loving it!!"

teahouse studio life


well hello,it's been a few months now and i'm finally feeling like i'm settling into a routine at our new studio space. this morning we had our first writing class with laurie wagner and i feel like i experienced a little bit of church and returned to myself after weeks of feeling flurried. it dawned on me how this is all really happening. how after so many years of risk-taking, sacrifice and preserving my dreams to live full-time as an artist; that right now all my dreams are coalescing and being realized. and i'm so happy that we have a space to share with other artists, dreamers and explorers.we took a leap of faith with this studio space and it has been awesome to see how people have responded and how organically and right everything feels. it has also been a tremendous amount of hard work getting it together and essentially starting a new business while being full-time artists!we have hosted several parties, a benefit for a sweet kitty, craft nights, a bike mechanic class and several incredible weekend classes. we now have a gallery page with our classes with flora + tracey and regular bits of our studio life taken by my studio-mate stef. we have some really amazing ones coming up! i'm truly excited about all of them and hope they are all a go... we need folks to sign up for them! i really want alena hennessy's to happen because i've been a long time admirer of her work. so sign up folks, if you're on the fence, so we don't have to cancel them due to low enrollment pretty please!here are some shots of our space i took today after a long hiatus with my camera (and blog!). the teaset and omg! pillow were gifts from my sweet hugh from his trip to england last week. and the coffee table i found on the street that i have BIG plans for ;)here is the view from my painting desk. isn't it nice and airy?come stop over for some tea real soon!xom[...]

An Update!


Hi friends!How are you all? I've been busy as usual doing a ton of fun projects, but I realized it's been forever since I've updated this blog!Here are just a few of the things that have been keeping me so busy:Teahouse StudioTiffany, Stef and I are *nearly* all moved into the studio and we're almost ready to have you all over for some tea! In the meantime, be sure to check out our website because we have some uh-maze-ing workshops scheduled including:Shooting from the Heart, Expressive Photography with Shutter Sister Tracey ClarkLayered Lines & Cardboard Wonders with Diana FaytInner Excavation with Liz Lamoreux & Vivienne McMasterThe Joy of Intention: A Painting and Play Workshop with Alena HennesseyI'm excited that I'll be getting to take all of these! Don't you want to join us?Get Your Paint OnLisa and I wrapped up Get Your Paint On at the end of February and we had such a great time teaching everyone! The students were amazing and everyone had such a great time! We'll be offering the course again in May, so be sure to sign up for the course newsletter to stay informed and get all the secret special early-bird registration dates!JOY RetreatI'm heading to Oregon tomorrow to teach at the amazing JOY Retreat in Manzanita. I can't wait to spend some time on the coast with a group of really amazing women!OH! and PS: Did I mention that I'm writing a BOOK?! Nooo? Well, guess what...I'm writing a book! Hooray!!! I am thrilled to finally be able to completely spill the beans about this dream project -- and now you guys know the truth about what's been keeping me so busy!I'm also in the midst of redesigning my website with an online shop, so for the sake of my sanity, I'm going to keep my etsy shoppe closed until the website launches this summer...Stay tuned for lots of news though, and I'll do my best to update the blog periodically to keep you guys in the loop and give you lots of sneak peeks of great things to come!Also, I'm looking for a summer studio intern to help assist me with all these creative projects.Drop me a line if you're interested!xox, mati[...]

GYPO: Get Your Paint On!


We are launching our on-line painting class tonight at midnight!!

I'm excited and nervous that everything goes with out a hitch... sort of like the first day of school for me!!


{Composition by Victoria. Painting on left by me + right by Lisa. Photo by Stef}

Our get your paint on classes start next Monday January 31st and runs through March 4th! Registration will only be open a couple days into the class– through Wednesday, February 2.

You can sign up right here and find your inner artist!

Get Your Paint On: A Five Week Painting Class

with Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough

January 31 to March 4, 2011




Fearless Women


Isn't that the best subject line ever?!This post is twofold: One to announce our new art studio and business-- Teahouse Studio!!! {deliriously happy here}Stefanie, Tiffany and I officially signed the lease and popped open a bottle of champagne to our new endeavor that has been in our dreams for a long time! We are over the moon excited to build a community for artists, women and tea + champagne drinkers alike. hee.Here's a link to our beautiful new studio space-- there's a bakery, yoga and lush green grass for picnicking. I can't believe my new studiomates made a website, facebook page and twitter site all in an afternoon!The second part of this post, is to spread the word about this amazing organization and dreaming big retreat NEXT weekend! Tiffany emailed me earlier this week to let me know about an upcoming retreat put on by the Fearless Women Network (I so wanna join!) that is all about creating space and energy behind your dreams.As an artist and small business owner, people often say to me, "You're so lucky! I wish I could work for myself and live my dream!" To which I say, you can!But it's hard. It's hard to take that first step. So many people out there, women especially, don't always allow themselves the space and the courage to find out what they really want to do.Having a plan is the first step in finding your way.And that's where this Ideation Retreat comes in. You get to join 15 women on a 2-day discovery session in the beautiful Marin Headlands that includes full creative freedom, yoga, hiking, laughing, talking and a really safe space to let your dreams emerge.Can I say that again: a really safe space to let your dreams emerge.The retreat is being held January 29-30 and you can go here for more information and here to register. Be sure to enter the code ReadyToCreate (because you are after all!) to get 25% off the registration fee!! It's a super deal already, but getting the whole two days (meals & lodging included) for only $318 is really a steal. It's a steal and investment. In your future.Are you ready to make that leap ladies?xoxoxMati[...]

part 2


a few more friends sent me photos of my work after yesterday's blog post! thank you!

baby ben's room with my old school monkeys, giraffe and elephant trio (love the striped wall):

tracy's after with my violet feather power block...
super inspired by her before and de-cluttering process!


ohh ahhh


I love, love, love when people send me photos of where my art ends up! It's the best feeling in the world to see it! Please feel free to keep sending them: matimcd(at)hotmail(dot)com

Here are some recent snaps:
Stylin' Justina's corner with my feather power print in ochre.....

Foxy Susannah's corner with my original Fox & Hen painting....

Gazing Viggo's room with the "Before You Go" print....
(image) (image)
Cutie Will's room with a triptych of a lion, sun and kitty as custom mounted art to wood gallery blocks....(image) (image) (image)
(image) (image)

Yay for art! Thank you so much to everyone who bought art during my newsletter sale!


it's true


a corner of my studio captured by my friend stef, who having just peeked, i saw she has some wildly beautiful photos and poems happening on her blog right now.

Dream Lab with Mondo Beyondo & Brene Brown


(image) I'm writing this quickly all fuzzy with an ear ache... because I truly believe this class is going to be incredible and potentially life changing, actually most likely it will change your life for the better.

Both Mondo Beyondo and Brene have absolutely changed mine. I took the first class of MB over a year ago and so many of my big fat scary dreams have come true with doing the dream work.

Brene's book "The Gifts of Imperfection" is a must read.

Listen to her Ted talk too, so good....

It starts tomorrow! Sign up for the class with me! Click on Dream Lab 2011!!!!



photo creditafter much thought, i finally decided on my "word of the year"= nourishment! last year (well mid-year really) i chose abundance and i feel it really happened in every aspect of my life, including dress size unfortunately;)i feel sick for the 3rd time with a cold this winter, which makes me stop and think about what lesson am i learning? well first to slow down and take measures to boost my health... which led me to nourishment of my mind, body and soul.v nourish [ˈnariʃ, (American ) ˈnə:-]to cause or help to grow, become healthy etc.adj nourishinggiving the body what is necessary for health and growthan alphabetized (bc i'm funny like that) list of what nourishes me that i want to bring into 2011...*acceptance*accountability*art*clean*cozy*ease*friendships*gardening *gratitude*greenphoto credit*health*letter writing*love*order*quality*reading*restPaola Navone's summer refuge on the Greek island of Serifos (a feature in Elle Decoration, August 2010 via Poppytalk*running*self-care*smoothies*soakingphoto credit*soup*sun*support*yogaxxoxo mati roseps- what are your words of the year if you have one?pps- all these photos are from my pinterest! love![...]

Get Your Paint On!


I'm thrilled to announce my painting ecourse with my pal Lisa Congdon! We've been cooking this class up for a long time and it's exciting to finally put it out in the world! Read more and sign up below or here too! Get Your Paint On: A Five Week Painting Class with Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough {lisa and mati at their joint art show in 2009} and www.matirose.comABOUT THE COURSEWant to start painting but don’t know where or how to begin? Feeling stuck in your existing art practice and need a little kick in the pants? Wondering how others approach their painting process? Seeking a community of like-minded folks with whom to share your painting experience? Want to be inspired by weekly artist interviews, painting prompts and chock full painting lessons?Get Your Paint On may be for you!Artists, illustrators + close friends Lisa Congdon and Mati McDonough have joined together to bring youGet Your Paint On, a five-week online course in painting. Lisa and Mati will share what they have learned painting professionally. They’ll share their unique and colorful approach to painting in a warm and welcoming environment. This class is designed to support both beginning painters and more experienced artists.WHAT THE COURSE WILL COVERThe course will be conducted in a safe, private, password protected online environment. Each of the five weeks, we’ll focus on a different topic:Week One: Selecting and using materialsWeek Two: Choosing subject matter and styleWeek Three: Using colorWeek Four: Creating beautiful compositionWeek Five: Virtual show and celebration {one of lisa and mati's collaborative paintings.}The course will have lots of information to get you going each week, including:1) A detailed post by Lisa or Mati about the topic for the week. It will include information, tips and important ideas. We’ll post videos, images and photos that help to elaborate on the topic for the week.2) A painting assignment that is connected to the topic for the week. Participants will have one week to complete the painting assignment and post it to the private group for viewing.3) An interview with an established painter or illustrator about their work and process.4) Inspiration for the topic area.{painting by lisa}HOW PARTICIPANTS INTERACT IN THE COURSEParticipants will have the opportunity to make comments and ask questions each week on the topic area. Participants are also encouraged to post images of their weekly paintings in our safe, private flickr group and are encouraged to leave questions and positive/ encouraging feedback for their classmates. Mati and Lisa will comment and answer questions posed by participants as the weeks unfold.{painting by lisa}WHO ARE MATI AND LISA?Mati McDonough and Lisa Congdon are artists who also happen to be close friends. They live about 9 blocks from each other in the Mission District of San Francisco. They are passionate about painting, creating community, COLOR (especially hot pink) and are extremely excited to teach Get Your Paint On! Frequently, they are asked to share their art-making knowledge and technique and so they’ve joined together to present this five week course.More about Mati:Mati McDonough went back to art school when she was just shy of 30 years old to study painting and illustration at the California College of the Arts. She made art from the time she was very little growing up in Maine, but never considered herself an artist until recently. Now at 34, Mati has had over a dozen art shows, taught painting classes in Italy, Santa Cruz and Utah, had her art and illustrations used for Patagonia, University G[...]

Renegade Craft Fair!



Come by local Bay area folks to Renegade! I'll be at booth #203 pretty close to the entrance (note the event is changed and at the concourse this year, NOT fort mason!). I'll have many gifties and stocking stuffers for you!

I'll be sharing with the talented Lisa Solomon and her biz partner Candy of Modif/y who have a new endeavor of upcycled cashmere cuteness... hello elephants :) and other lovelies like fingerless gloves. i want it all!

Also I'll be hanging with my dear generous artist friends who are gonna help me out Tiffany Moore, Stefanie Renee Lindeen and Jennifer Hewett! Plus next to me will be the super crafty & talented duo Jenifer Lake and Katrina Rodabaugh.

Come say hello to us all!!

Also, my last day of shipping is Friday, December 17th!

For 20% off use the Coupon Code: BIRTHDAYFUN

I'll be offering in person discounted prices at Renegade too :)


mini cupcakes and a birthday month sale!




i've been remiss in writing here. there are big exciting things brewing and dream lists to write for 2011 and a birthday month to celebrate. and holiday parties. and children to babysit for. and paintings to be made. and hikes to be had. and movies to be enjoyed. and music to download. and letters to be written. and life to be lived. dishes to be washed. baths to be had. fights to be fought, kindly. and through out it all, you are here.

thank you.

in gratitude i'm offering 20% off in my shop for the ENTIRE month of December off of EVERYTHING, including this print below. Just enter in the code: BIRTHDAYFUN



Happy Mati Day & a sale!!


Hi friends!

It's Mati's assistant, Tiffany here with some news!

Today is Mati's birthday!!!

While Mati's out celebrating her awesomeness, I wanted to do a quick post to wish her a happy birthday, but also to let you all know that we're celebrating Mati Day (ooh, did I just invent a new holiday?) with a 20% sale on everything -- even originals -- in her shop! Just enter the coupon code BIRTHDAYFUN upon checkout and the discount is yours!

Since I am a little bit late in posting this today, I be we could convince Mati to keep the sale running through tomorrow...she's going to be too busy celebrating anyway to worry with details such as these ;)

And, I'd like to add this little note to Mati too on her day:

Mati, thanks for being such a huge inspiration to me. I've learned so much working from you and look forward to many more years of good talks, friendship, and laughs. You are such a true person and your sweet spirit comes through in everything you do. Thank you for being who you are! It truly is a blessing to be your friend.
{end Tiffany's sappiness now!}

ps. BUT if y'all want to be a little sappy in the comments to wish miss Mati a happy b-day, that's totally allowed! Promise she won't mind!

pop up shop



humbly seeking imagery


me in ttv by andrea

did i tell you about taking pictures like elephants in the rain at the laundry mat? we looked at the images upside and backwards and tiny like herds of humble elephants bowed down with long trunks as the rain pitter pattered on our hands. hula taught us a ttv class after her show recently and it was AMAZING. i took a bunch of photos, but have only processed two thus far.

one of katrina (love her beret, scarf, ring and rarely captured pensive stare):

and another of ms jen and her mister bob (mustaches at the curiosity shoppe!):

all of it makes me so, so, so very excited for our upcoming joy retreat with polaroids, painting and cooking! there may still be some spots left...

i wrote about kindness over here. and hula wrote about my new painting series on one of my fave design blogs~ poppytalk. there are still some treasure seekers originals in the shop too.

be well,

you are beautiful!


yes, you!! my darling assistant fanny gifted me this on tuesday. i love that i awake to it on my dresser under my mirror every morning. i believe there are more in her awesome etsy shop. i also adore my original mindy painting (i think her name is carissa, the painting's name!)... more in her sweet shop. both of these girls i met as students at the artful journey retreat and they are making art like gangbusters!
and check out the furtherest ring on the right... the hot pink + green number... andrea's sweet girl ava made it for me:) feeling loved.

i also wanted to say a big THANK YOU for buying any art and mention i have new prints in my shop too!

i'm writing this in advance as i'm actually away at hot springs right now with no wifi or cell service. hope i don't go bananas! i'm clearly addicted ;)


photos by the fantastic bob lake



My newest sea series is now available in the shop! Limited edition prints are available from the last series too. Thank you! xxxx