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Welcome to my weblog. I hope you find the things I post here interesting. I will be very glad, if you put your comments.

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Time to start blogging, again...


Wow! It's been so much time since the last time I wrote something in this blog. It's time to start again. The myst that has fallen on my everyday life is gradually disappearing, and an immense university building comes on top of horizon. What I see is a tottaly new way of life - one that requires hard work, as well as the ability to socialize; one that opens so many opportunities that it is hard to list them all. It'll be exciting, but at the same time hard without everything that I'm leaving here in Sevlievo. It seems I'll have a lot of material to put in this blog.


Da Vinci Code Movie: For and Against


One must have slept for the last two yars not to have heard about the Da Vinci Code. The highly successful story which presented a slightly different concept about the life of Jesus Christ, and the role of the Christian Church in forming his divine appearance, is again an object of high interest, as well as fervent criticism. The reason, this time, is the movie based on Dan Brown's book, which debuted last week on the Cannes Film Festival, and began its worldwide tour to the audiences.

Weeks before the movie's premiere Da Vinci Code's strongest opponents, the ones who had classified the book as anti-christian, united again in their efforts to prevent the movie from appearing on the screens. Christian Church representatives all around the world, threatend by the even higher interest of this modern version of the Quest of the Holy Grail, condemned the movie as 'blasphemous' and 'telling false truths', and pleaded for a halting the movie's release . Protests grew in many countries, including India,and Russia. In a few words, these days the world has split in two - for and against the Da vinci Code.

In an answer to critics, Tom Hanks, starring professor Robert Langdon, said that the movie should be seen as a kind of emotional fiction, not as a testimony that aims to show proven facts. This is a logical explanation, since neither the book, nor the movie have ever claimed to be based on truth. In my opinion, the Da Vinci Code is an intriguing story which is so widely popular because it deals with mysteries, secret societies, mythical signs, etc. - key ingredients in making a stroy best-selling. All that Dan Brown made was to saw a few inconsistencies in the Bible that became the ground of Da Vinci Code. The movie is not intended to be the bomb that will split the connection between the church and its followers. It's just a piece of art, and as such deserves to be appreciated by audinces. In fact, it is viewers who will decide if it is good or bad...

Over the Hills and Blood Away ...


Havoc... chaos... destruction... fire... blood... smoke and dust - words were not powerful enough to describe what Mother Earth looked like. The years of bloody battles had made it not a preferable planet to live on. In fact, life had a relative value on a place where nature had almost died - an evil, moonlike landscape. Like an oasis in the middle of the ruins stood a beatiful hill - the only place on Earth still intact by the tentacles of the monster called war. In contrast to the surrounding universe, grass and trees were growing, birds were singing, flowers whispering of love and peace. One could feel the spirit of the hill, the light that came from every living object. Nothing suggested about the celerity with which darkness would soon engulf the hill. It was still and quiet, but the storm was near. The last battle of humankind would soon cover the hill with blood and fire ...

To say that war came as a surprise would be rather unrealistic. In fact, sceptics had many times predicted an iminent crisis, but most people, firmly believing in the utopian ideas which progress had promised to make reality, neglected the warning. Life was happy - a massive delusion which was used to justify the overexploitation of natural resources. People believed that progress would devise a rational way to cope with the crisis, but exploring an alternative energy source required using almost all of Mother Nature's resources - a highly unreasonable move, according to many governors. The conflict became inevitable. The utopian dreams of humankind soon evaporated; what remained was cold reality. One thing was clear: the unstoppable progress was ravenously hungry for more and more resources, and, one lucky morning, people stood on the battlefield, again, desperately trying to protect the illusion in which they had lived...

... The two armies, appeared on both sides of the hill. Smoke filled the air; the sky blackened. One could feel the tension in the atmosphere. The battle of the survivors would soon begin. To be honest, most of them did not know why they still fought. People were exhausted, they barely moved; the knives in their hands trembled. Standing there, looking at each other, members of both armies saw not their enemies but brothers and sisters. Emotions filled the empty souls.. In a a single moment, a common idea passed through everyone in the crowd - to stop that absurd war; to unite again and give birth to a new civilization where peace will reign forever....

... The idea vanished a second later. Hatred and desperation returned. Everything was lost, and they knew it. The hill filled with thousands of men and women running up and down chaotically. The cold blades clashed. Weapons met naked flesh. Blood permeated the green grass. ... The end was near.

A Visit To A Special Place ...


This time I am posting some photos that I took during a visit to a special place for me - a small nearby town called Dryanovo. It is one of those places where negative emotions lose their power, time decreases its celerity, and all that surrounds you is calmness. A visit there is much more than a change in one's daily routine; it is a therapy.

I know Dryanovo very well. As a child, I used to go there every summer. It was my visit last week, however, which made me see Dryanovo in a completely different light. I spent the whole Friday afternoon passing every single street in the town, and taking photos whenever I felt the need to share my excitement with others. I was fascinated by the architecture. Most buildings in Dryanovo are quite authentic, compared to those in other towns. They still keep the spirit of the old times. Old houses, designed by talented masters more than a hundred years ago, and narrow, paved streets are what creates the feeling that time has stopped moving.

Believe me or not, but I wanted to stay there forever. It was a brillint spring day, and the streets were so calm that all I could hear were the songs of flying birds. Nothing could break my composure. At the end of my tour, I sat on a bench, and started thinking about how simple life could be with no problems to worry about. What I missed then, was my guitar, and a beautiful girl to share the moment. Romantic, huh? Believe me, it truly is.

My advice to everyone who is going to visit Bulgaria someday is to take a walk, even a short one, around the streets of Dryanovo. Bring your soulmates there. I hope they will find the place romantic ... or they will stop talking to you. (Just kidding)






Walking Through The Land Of Ghosts...


Imagine that you are watching one of those psycho-thriller movies in which the main character wanders through the streets of a deserted town. The atmosphere is hostile to the visitor; there is not a single trace of life. Everything is so deadly quiet. Only the main character's steps echo along the empty streets ...

Imagine now that the stranger is YOU, and what is more terrifying, you are not a part of a fictional world created by the evil genius of a paranoid story writer. YOU, MY FRIEND, LIVE IN REALITY...



I have never been in Pripyat. I don't even dare think I might someday go there. True stories and credible photos are scaring enough.

Listening to or reading the stories of people who once lived in the town, one might conclude that before the accident the streets of Pripyat had been noisy and full of life. Built in the beginning of the 1970s, the town of Pripyat was one of the few places in the foremr Soviet Union where the quality of life was relatively high. People were young, enthusiastic, and dedicated to the Communist ideals. In kindergartens and schools grew up the nuclear engineers of the bright future. These photos evidence how dynamic life had been before the catastrophe.

The tragic April 26,1986 marked the beginning of the darkest period of Pripyat's history. In a matter of days, all of the town's population was evacuated hundreds of miles away. People saw their homes for the last time; a number of them didn't live enough to see their new ones. The spirit of Pripyat was lost forever. Only the devastating smoke which came from Chernobyl's fourth reactor remained as if an evil ghost imbued the soul of the town.

Today Pripyat is cold and empty. Access there is strictly controlled because of the high level of radiation. A look at these photos is enough to feel the dark forces which have occupied the town. Very few people visit pripyat today. Some of them are challenged by its ghostly nature, like Elena Filatova; others find it an appropriate place to express their protestant opinions (there are many graffity sketches in Pripyat portraying playing children, or their crying parents).

On April 26,2006 the town of Pripyat will "celebrate" the 20th anniversary of its "tacit" life. It is still standing there, waiting for people,who once filled its streets with joy, to come back. Who knows? Maybe, one day people will live in Pripyat again ... but not in the next 600 years.

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