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Hay Josh show


A rainy day in Sofia


Unfortunately today the weather here is very fucked up. It is true that during the last days it was terrible hot, but now it is raining like cats and dogs!
I shot a video but it was in time that the rain was too weak. Now it is raining stronger and there is lightnings even. This don't look like a good weather for a vacation :(

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My summer plans


This is a video about my summer plans. I am waiting in vain to see if anything is gonna happen.

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Welcom to my videoLog


Hello everyone, I would like to welcome you again in my new video log. I will post here mostly videos and pictures made from me, getting more clear picture of my life and etc. :)

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Linux getting in Indy 500. Incredible!!!


I have read that news from /. and was very happy to hear that. From this moment I start to watch the Indy 500 series.
Actually I believe int the Tux car success it that races. Just think about it? Is there some sphere when linux entered and didn't show good positions ?

Well, I'll be waiting passionately for this wonderful moment. :)

Some local news


Guys, Bulgaria took 5th place with its song on Eurovision. I can not tell if that is cool or we could do better, but ... let's say it is ok. I hope that next year we will do better.
By the way ... i have some fun stuff, that i'd like to share with you failures. Just take a look at that video. X-tream sports are soooo awesome!!!

Gadget mania!


Guys check this video out. I like the actor. He is famous, but whatever. The situation is very strange and real in the same time :)
It is a serious danger for all of us being like him in a period of time.

But whatever!!! I got the new Nokia 6085 and I am going to have mobile net and browsing all day and night!!! meet you at the mobile skype there!! :D

Blackberry Intervention
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need help :)


Hello guys, I am willing to tell you:
Please support the Bulgarian entry in the Eurovision. They have such a cool song (i think so) and they need to get some points.
Here is the video I meant:
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Thank you in advance.

'bout the parents


did you ever think about the question what parent will you be, when your time comes? The feeling is very strange, in some ways you can not imagine being a father or mother in a few years. Well that's little aside from the post I want to make :)
Today I was walking in the central parts of Sofia, specially the bridge of the couples beside NDK and I saw a man looking a lil bit strange. He was with a baseball hat, very big pants, long t-shirt, long hair and a bag on his back :)
I tought: "cool, nothin' new."
But after that I noticed that this man was in the company of a woman dressed in almost the same way, but not so far away from normal. The next thing I noticed was the baby she had, and right after that I saw her big width spread tatoo on her left hand up from her elbow.
So ... don't they look to strange for a parents? The first way I thought was:
"well, these are strange parents, they definitely look like a narco couple. Will they be a good parents to their baby, what will they teach him/her? Will they allow him/her to tatoo his body when he/she is already a teenage? What will they tell him/her about smoking, drinking and all that stuff? What person will grow up from baby with parents like those? What is the chance that person to be better then the child of some rich parents?"
Those hudreds and hudreds of questions came through my head and I am still interested.
What do you think about that?
Let me know your oppinion.

P.S. I think that no matter of the way they look, this couple will be good parents and will teach them child of free thinking and not breaking the laws for example.

I am so much...


I am so much disappointed from these Iraqi bitches. I can not believe what these people are doing even in nowadays! You probably know about that story from the Holly Bible that a crowd have captured a whore and wanted to kill her with stones? And then Jesus came and stopped them and so... That is a good story because of the happy ending, but there were no Jesus for that girl stoned a few days ago.
You decide if you would like to watch that footage shot from a mobile.

Is US gone crazy?


Related with Comunist Identity.
I've read the following post from /.
and I started to wonder even stronger... WHAT THE HECK!!
What is happening with these americans. What is wrong with J Bush, where's the democracy ?? All americans almost hate the communism or socialism, but is't it the US going in the same bloody way?!?! US cityzens are slowly losing their rights. Bush putting vero to the law for american troops in Iraq, student is arested for making a video game, mapping his school and that student is suspected for a terror acts because he got hammer in his house?

What the hell is happening? Where is the american freedom thinking. Is Bush going a dictator, and how long it will cost us to see US in the same situation like Iraq and Iran?
I had a dream to live at least a few monts in US, but ... I started to be more and more confused, and as I feel it... I am starting to lose this wish.

P.S. Also that new test that govenment is voting for. They will make foreigners to know more for america than 90% of the native americans.

Well, dear fellows (as one of the great american presidents turns everytime to his audience) you began to suck more and more!!!!

The Virtual Life - Second Life


This post is related to my previous post About the virtual life and death.

It seems that there is a lot of people who think just the say way as mine. I'll show you a page, that I didn't hear before. Yesterday I saw very interesting post in my rss, so I decided to go deeper and see what is it about.

It was about Secon Life. This is a very popular online game, that very well imitates the real life. There is million of users that play it, they are trading, building houses, dealing commercials, business places and etc. The game has it's own currency which can be changed for real money.
In a given moment you realize that ... the game is not so imagined when you can earn money there. Already there's a people who have their primary income from this website.
It is very very strange how the real world is mixed with that fake one and I am sure that there is too much people who live in this fake world even better than in the real one.

People get more and more crazy!! But... it's cool :)
I'll give the following example. In TotallyCrap
I saw a post named Whore of WarCraft. It was about a woman whore who slept with a man just to earn enough WarCraft currency to buy for her hero a shield and sword. And the most important she said that she would do it again and will smack all users asses.
It's fucking strange isn't it?? Well no matter that i think to try to register in Second Life ;)

About the virtual life and death.


I was just sitting in front of my PC now, and I was thinking about some interesting sites. In a moment I thought about this similar to site called So I begun to think and think:
"Where are we going at?"

How is developing the IT world, I tried to predict the future of sites and people's life. So I just imagined the following thing:

When a person comes on the wile world, even before he/she can talk or walk, his/her parents have to make a online registration with date of birth, photo of the baby and address. So the new person keeps growing up and his parents make something like an time sheet with all the events, with photos and things like that. After he becomes let's say older than 14, then he is allowed to post all by himself in his site, to contact with friends and maybe some strangers.
The idea is that, during your whole life to have something like an Internet mirror.
So someone has made a site for dead people. It's more like a register, but it is strange of course. I meant that maybe in future after you are dead all your Internet Mirror page will be moved to such a site, where people can read and remember about you, can light a candle, say something good to the others for you and stuff like that?

Well I actually think that we are not very far away from that time. With all this development of the blog media, myspace is getting huger, mydeathspace will get huge too. :)

Something new and hot!! (from youtube)


Hi all ya people. Today I saw something very cool and maybe helpful from a colleague in the office and I decided to share this knowledge with you.

So the all buzz is about a trick to download a movie clip from youtube. Didn't you think so many times:
"Well, this video is awesome? I would like to have it on my hdd drive! But how?!? YouTube has a link to show the video on other site, but nowhere a link for download."

I am glad to tell you that, already there is a way to do it! Now listen to me careful!

1st step: You go in YouTube and open the video I would like to download.

2nd step: You copy the movie URL. (By default I agree that you know how to copy and paste on your PC :) )

3rd step: You go on the following link.

4th step: When you are there you paste the URL in the test bar of the page (given from me like an image).

5th step: Click on "Get Download URL".

6th step: Click on the new shown URL. It pops a window offering to you to download the file. You save it on your hard disk drive, and you are done!

O.K. That's all. I wish you luck.

Please if someone have any questions, leave a comment, and I will replay it asap.

global, local, glocal? What the heck!?!


I've just found some strange named movie trailer in YouTube. When the movie song began I realized that I was watching a movie from India. It was a traditional Indian music, else the actors were so ... European/American looking, with a fit clothes very similar to English ones, with stylish hats. Women were (not including the grand mother i think) with pretty white faces and long straight hairs and ...
I cant describe it so i will post that video here. I just wanted to share with you my expression that even the Indians who are famous with their strange traditions and way of looking had began to act like the western civilization. This global development of the nations will end up with that we will not be able to make a difference on nations. All will want to look the same, same tradition and maybe after time... same language.
It sounds cool to me at first sight but... do you imagine how boring will be the Earth then? Wherever you go .... it will be like your home place. It seems not very cool to me.
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Terrible threat over the human kind!!!


Hello, I am writing an unexpected post to tell you about a news that I've read minutes ago.
Scientists from a Germen university have discovered the reason of the huge loss of bees over the west and east north American costs, in Europe too.

The bees are dieing because of the cell phones waves. The waves make bees to disorient and can not find the path back to their homes. As you probably already know this loss is between 60-70% of the population on these geographic widths. YOU THINK THAT'S SERIOUS!!! So wait to hear the rest of the article. As you can catch my thought without bees it's impossible for plants to multiply! This will be a huge problem for the human kind.

As our grand father calculated it, the humans can survive ONLY 4 years without bees!!

So I suggest to think very careful when and where will you use your call phones!
Hear ya later on my static phone number :)

Shocking news


Today I was shocked by a late news. It's about these 30 killed students in Tech University in Blackberl, Virginia(I am not sure about the writing of that names). This is terrible. In these days a single person can be safe from troubles nowhere. The whole world is full with crazy people. I want to mark that this is happening in US, one of the most developed countries in the world. This a thing that the government have to think about it. A comment that I read about that news is saying that it is like that because of the high percent of people having weapons. Actually it is quite easy to have a gun in US. Maybe this is the problem. I think that guns are very bad and the right to wear it should have only people like policemen, guards and military men of course. Maybe the country will be more safe if not giving guns to anyone. People please stop with all these wars and violence! All you American people are affected by these wars and movies, so you think you are big hero if you have gun and shooting all the time! Please forget what your grant fathers used to do and live like we in Europe :) it is so much better, that if you by mistake say FUCK YOU to someone, he won't pull out a gun and fucking shoot you!

Communists identity.


Chinese govt decided to give chance to the law about kids playing computer games. The kids in China have only 4 hours per day to play games in the Computer Clubs.
Now let's talk a little about this thing. We all know that China is a communist country and when we look at it we can imagine what would it be if Bulgaria still was the same like 20 years ago. That's the point, such a communist government like that feels like the destinies of it's voters are in its hands. I think that is a hell of a non-fairness. Well it really is good for children to play less games, even 2 hours is sometimes quite a lot, but I don't think that such a restriction should be given by someone else instead of each kid's parents. Thats why I am most angry at the communist bitches, they think that they are making your life better, but instead of that they are making you a programmed animal that tells the same bullshits like everybody else, do what THEY want, THINK what day want.
Of course if you live in such a fucked country you fucking thing that your leaders are the best, because if you think else, your head is going away from the body. In another post I read that yearly in China over 2400 people (HUMAN BEINGS) are being executed, and that is on official information, some others tell that number is actually quite a lot.
And at last... can someone tell me why China is such a great economical power, when its people keep living in shits, with not so much food and most important, without relevant information. Excuse me, but I prefer to be hungry from time to time, because of less money, but I rather know what is happening in my own country and in the other part of the world too.
Thank you :)

My new occupation


Hello to all you people. I've been missing from my own blog for too much time so I feel that it is time to correct this mistake. Well it is about 00:38 and at the moment I am in my new job's office. It's like an operator in an internet site for food deliveries called Until now I was active working but at the moment there is not much work so I decided to tell you what is all about.
This is my first shift (at Sunday night) and there is quite a few orders that I had to make. I also did my other work with doing launch menus for tomorrow. Whatever... I will give you more information about that shift later.
Btw I quit my last job as a bar tender in a bistro in St Grad because I had not enough time to deal with all the shits I have to do in the university. Now in a shifts like that I will be able to do some extra job and rest a lil bit more. I gave a link on the image above, so if you are interested you should visit the site of my current job.
Well, that's all about now, I am going go have some other blog post in a minute and after that ... we will see what the situation will be.
Bye guys and take care of that nobody will screw you. :)

The funny side of life! :)


Now c'mon! Let's stop with such a wicked stuff like The Indestructible Man and get some fun. I think that the fun is the most important part of life. As far as you can be fun, laugh at funny things and view even yourself as a funny thing is awesome. This is how I try to live and I will advice you to do the same, now let's see what am I talking about :)
"Yesterday, Willy bought you a few pics of Carmen Electra. Now I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for her. She’s always happy to laugh at her own expense and knows not to take herself too seriously. Sure, she’s pumped full of silicone, but she gets away with it. But one thing she didn’t get away with was a graceful exit from a recent fashion show. You see she was modelling some dress and was just about to walk off stage, when she went arse over tit and landed on her back. Then the girl who tried to help her up, also goes down too. Must have been a bit of spunk thrown on to the runway. And it wasn’t mine, well not this time anyway.
UPDATE: Now in pictures as well."

Is it a Superhero?


People I decided to show you things that I am not sure all of you want to see. So I wont post some pictures about that person and just will tell you that on his site there is a video too. I hope it will be interesting for you to see suck a thing and if you want you can call him a superhero or just another freak, sick or something like that. I am still not sure how I will call'im for me but I was under the influence for the superhero about that post written right here:
"Superman, Spiderman, Magnificent 4,5,6, Batman and countless superheroes have passed before our eyes either in comic form or on the big screen. Some are great, others just gay. I am not sure in what category I would classify The Indestructible Man, but it seems to me he won’t be saving any lives soon, just shaving a few years of his. graphic content."

The truth about girls and assholes


Now lets look at the following problem, well it is problem for someone, for others not.I consider that it will be interesting for you to know some other viewpoint maybe not so diferent from yours, but better explained :) I found this post in a page whitch is very strange but interesting. It's URL.So here's the content:"The age-old myth that girls like assholes is bogus. Girls don’t “like” assholes. Girls love assholes, in the same way that guys love guns and fast cars. It’s a power/control thing. Girls use assholes as target practice for their skills of manipulation and seduction. Defeating assholes is a hobby for girls. It’s a game to them. They find an asshole and do whatever slutty behavior is necessary to break down his defenses and cause him to surrender to her bidding in the name of lust.Sometimes you hear about a girl falling for an asshole. That’s because the girl fails to tear down his asshole shield. So, like the stubborn person she is, she refuses to surrender in a fleeting attempt to change him. Eventually she gets bored of his prick facade and falls in love with him because she has nothing better to do. Around that time, he loses the mystery, she no longer gets turned on by him, he’s no longer attracted to her because she keeps trying to fucking change him, and her little game ends in a stale mate. As in, the mating gets stale. Then hopefully they both die in a car wreck.My friend told me about a New Years Eve get together last Sunday. When I arrived, I entered the house, scanned the room for the hottest girl. I approached her and blurted out, “Excuse me, what do you want?” She said, “What?” I replied, “You look like a bug.” Then I went to the refrigerator and got a beer.She came to me a few seconds later and asked, “What did you say to me?” I said, “What’s your name?” She said, “Cecelia.” I replied, “Ceceilia? God I hate that name. It reminds me of cilia. That’s fucking disgusting. You’re fucking disgusting.” I grabbed another beer and walked into the living room.I don’t want to come off like a badass. I’m a geeky guy, and by no means suave or intimidating in any way. It’s worse than you’d expect. Put it this way - you could put sunglasses on a sickly bullemic dwarfed out carwash attendant and he’d be more badass looking than me.Anyway, that was the first phase of the party. I remember it very clearly . But the next part is hazy in my memory. It was something like - I drank two liters of table wine and then something about a giant dog and people serving exotic cheese to trusafarians.I was in the living room dancing to strange sounds. I think it was country music or something. I haven’t heard country in so long, I forgot what it sounds like, but I’m sure it was country if I was drunk enough to dance to it.I had won. I was an Old-Navy-head-tilt receiving studly winner. We started dancing together and it was awesome. Partially because she had good rhythm, but also because I was drunk enough to imagine her naked without getting turned on and dealing with the whole ‘dancing with an erection’ conundrum. While we danced, we made stupid idle drunk chit chat. Then she leaned into me and spoke in a sexy whimper, “I want you to stop being mean.” Unfortunately, between the overload of wine in my belly mixed with the excitement about the ball licking agenda, I had completely forgotten to be an asshole.I smiled and mumbled something along the lines of, “Sorry it’s [drunken blabber] pre[...]

A new campaign!


Hello all! :) I am glad to see ya again. Thanks for the comments in the previous posts. I am not very glad because of that they are from anonymous people and I can not check your blogs back as a return of the favour. :)
Well, whatever!
So I want to entroduce you to a current problem available for such a huge group of people. The group that I am talking about is the skype users!
Yea that's right, I can tell you that skype is an awful IM messanger. During the last few days I am reding about all kind of bugs but the most important ones:
1) Taking too much of your system memory.
2) Almost never send your messages at time. It always shows a pop-up that tells you that your message is still not delivered. They are expecting you to pay them for a skype credit and after that you stop having that shit.
3) It is proved that skype is reading your BIOS, that is definitely not good for a program like that. That's why all the time you get warns from your friends that their skype's being virused.

There is a few more reasons but I won't tell'em because they are as not important as the firs ones and you will say that I am not right and am giving fake examples :)
So I propose you a fair and MONEY FREE solution of your (ours too) problem. Just visit the GizmoProject. This is a nice IM messanger that is userfriendly and has much more options than skype which are FREE.
1) in gizmo you can call friends online too.
2) in gizmo you can chat with your friends (and your messages get on time NOT LIKE SKYPE) :)
3) in gizmo you can leave a voicemail who you call FOR FREE (instead of paying for that in skype)!
4) in gizmo you can record a greeting message on your voice mail (ABSOfuckingLUTELY FREE)!
5) in gizmo everyone who is registered hase $0.25 free calls that are more than 5-6 minutes, it depends on that in what part of THE WORLD do you call
6) better design and more fast engine.


An not very well know fact.


Hi all I am finally back at my blog's place. I am sorry for being away for so long but u know... all those exams, that I had to study for ... even now i have one left but i decidet to post a thing just to not forget me :)
Well now about the question ... during the last days i am a lot in to reggae music.. jamaica rythms rastamans and all that kind of freaky in first sight things :) I guess that all of us at least once in a lifetime had saw a rastaman. A lot of people think that people with rasta ar just an other weed adicted man who smokes all day and nothing else. I can surely say that is not the whole truth.
It is about that the rasta tradition of haircut and the ritualy smoking cannabis. It is all a part of a famouse during las decades religion called Rastafarism or Rastafari. About 10% of the Jamaican population follows that traditions and are part of those rituals. Actually rastamen are peacefull people with good thoughts, always happy with the little they have and believing in the good future... so... dear fellows :) i am going to become a rastaman too :) it is not because of the weed smoking as the ideals. for more information click the Rastafari! link.

if you want to get familiarize with that wanderfull and relaxing music, you can simply fisit the sky dot fm radio station.
I consider that video as interesting too :) :
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Metacafe Selling news (videos and all that kind of stuff)


Metacafe's website. One of largest video-sharing sites on Web
Metacafe was founded in July 2003 by entrepreneurs Eyal Herzog, Arik Czerniak, and Ofer Adler. Since its founding, the company has earned about USD 20 million, mainly from venture capital funds Benchmark Capital and Accel Partners.

Metacafe's site uses unique ranking system (VideoRank) that allows users to rank each video, prevents videos from being put up more than once, and blocks low quality videos.

Metacafe's headquarters are in Tel Aviv and Palo Alto, California. The company employs 40 people.
Metacafe is one of the largest video-sharing sites on the Web. Every month about 17 million users enter the site and watch more the 450 million video clips uploaded by the users themselves. The Tel Aviv-based company is considered a direct competitor of YouTube, which was sold to Google for USD 1.65 billion.

My viewpoint

This deal is so fucking funny, they try to compete the site and it almost does, but the difference in the sell prices shows how much are ahead in the race with metacafe. Maybe this is because the deal was with Google who are full with money or maybe because youtube's just better. I also prefer youtube it's the better site for me ...

These days I've checked on the most searched key word in google. I was suprised that the first few places in top10 were headed by the few world's famest video exchange sites. In future I will make a post for every one of them trying to view they +s and -s. I'll also exect your opinion about that question. I'll put a video as usually so u can see somethin' i really like from the metacafe's colleciton.

Pub @ Taiwan - video powered by Metacafe