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Graffiti art and style writing around the world. The first and largest online aerosol art archive, est. 1994. Links to most of the other sites devoted to modern graffiti.

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Various Types of Media to Create a Graffiti Alphabets


Jimmie Martin LtdVerona and Romeo and Juliet have been inspired by Anna James's visits to Juliet's house in Verona, Italy. She is totally captivated by the graffiti covering the walls at the archway entrance, all of it being declarations of love by visiting lovers, of all ages, from all over the world. The colours, and the messages create completely unique images.Anna devised a process to

Art Symbol Graffiti Alphabets


Graffiti Art || Art Symbol Graffiti AlphabetsNot only letters and numbers that can be made in graffiti art, but also a symbol for the bus creation we graffiti art with the various models, you may also want to create graffiti alphabets with the symbol of the other. Please do not hesitate to try it out.Via

Blue Generation Graffiti Alphabets


Graffiti Art || Blue Generation Graffiti AlphabetsI call this generation of blue color main display as blue, so impressive as the color of the sky so beautiful, bright and captivating.

Abstract Graffiti Alphabets


Graffiti Art || Abstract Graffiti AlphabetsGraffiti alphabets is the abstract, so the letters shown in the graffiti is not clear, but with green display with a combination of color support, this graffiti appears quite so alive and interesting.Via

Abstract to Wall Graffiti Alphabets


Graffiti Art || Abstract to Wall Graffiti AlphabetsAbstract art are very difficult to understand and for the layman to understand, because what the purpose and goals of graffiti drawn on was very difficult to understand, but it will certainly remain abstract art in both the treasury graffiti alphabets.Via

Abstract of Graffiti Alphabets


Graffiti Art || Abstract of Graffiti AlphabetsWhen in the evening we take a stroll in the garden wall of graffiti alphabets, we will certainly feel different to the no. Perhaps the person who will be happy to happy and vice versa for people who are not happy will hate to see it, especially as the graffiti on the abstract for the common people is very difficult to understand.Via

Graffiti Alphabets in The Field of Linear


Graffiti Art || Graffiti Alphabets in The Field of LinearIn the field of linear graffiti alphabets abstract model, the causeway will be more abstract and more difficult to sense again the author's intent. But we as people do not feel small heart first, because it is abstract art that can also be learned by everyone.Via

"Stop Deportation Now!"


"Stop Deportation Now!", originally uploaded by Inspire Collective.


It's been a busy wee while here at OutdoorKnit. Knitsch yarns had a wonderful soft launch at Craft2.0 on Thursday to the gorgeous sounds of Spartacus R. Thanks a million to the wonderful Sue who does an amazing organising job every time.Same night I got my dirty little paws on the latest issue of World Sweet World.It's been a week of great magazines - new Peppermint, new WSW, and the launch of

Tel Aviv Bus Stop Subversions


Bus Stop Subversions, originally uploaded by Inspire Collective.Click photograph for more subversion on INSPIRE Collective's flickr.

Eeeeek - 2 days!


Late notice, I know! My apologies, I've had a distinct lack of internet over these last few weeks. Get knitting for climate change!Knitters Unite for Climate Change - Monday, November 30, 2009 at 4:53pm Calling all knitters, we need you - experienced or not! It’s really simple, you just need to cast 10 centimeters of yarn onto your needles and start knitting. Then send in what you have knitted

Graffiti Art Fierce Alphabets


Graffiti Art || Graffiti Art Fierce AlphabetsArt by using letters of the alphabet is truly remarkable, because the alphabet can be made into a form that can be substantial and interesting, one example of the current developments happening in graffiti art, graffiti and the art has many branches, such as graffiti alphabets , Graffiti art, graffiti tags alphabet and so on.

Beautiful Light Street Graffiti Alphabets


Graffiti Art || Beautiful Light Street Graffiti AlphabetsWall street will feel beautiful and look amazing, if the wall is a creation of great art, like graffiti art that was known at this time.Graffiti art also has the kinds and forms such as, graffiti alphabets, graffiti art, graffiti murals, 3D graffiti alphabet, and many others.Create your environment is also an interesting creations with

Graffiti Alphabets Art Collection


Graffiti Art || Graffiti Alphabets Art CollectionCollection graffiti alphabets of how to make it, writing or letters used, the symbol as a complement in graffiti, and also form an interesting design view to be enjoyed by the fans, give comments on the image above for the progress of this blog, thank you ...

kindred times...


, originally uploaded by YaN-Ka.

Inspiring the next generation...


Inspiring the next generation..., originally uploaded by Inspire Collective.

Tom & Jerry & Graffiti Alphabets


Best Graffiti || Graffiti Art || Tom & Jerry & Graffiti AlphabetsCartoon characters tom and jerry could also be an inspiration for the making of graffiti art, graffiti art by combining alphabets in it to explain the story in the making graffiti art graffiti with characters tom and jerry is more fun to be enjoyed.

5 Pointz Graffiti Art


Best Graffiti || Graffiti Art || 5 Pointz Graffiti ArtIn a lot of graffiti art makers to give the title according to their respective tastes, there is a direct or with the thought that requires a long time. But basically the title issue is not so important, because any title that is used in the manufacture art works of graffiti when the spectacular display of the work automatically so much

Graffiti Alphabet From Africa


GRAFFITI ALPHABETGraffiti Alphabet From AfricaAfrican continent that also displays works of graffiti alphabet so good and slick, please enjoy.

Graffiti Alphabet from Saudi Arabia





Dear Next magazine, There are knit taggers south of the Bombay hills. Next time, if you're going to use one of our photos, at least mention us.Love, OutdoorKnit.PS we did heaps more before the heart fence too, aye. Also got my grubby mitts on a copy of Yarnbombing. Freaking cool book. Once there is a little spare time on my hands, the convertible cardi is so going on the needles.Unfortunately

Smiling Bag Productions


02_MG_7036, originally uploaded by Smiling-Bag Productions.

Graffiti Alphabet From China


GRAFFITI ALPHABETGraffiti Alphabet From ChinaGraffiti Alphabet offering children from the Asian continent that came from china that have distinctive characteristics.

Brasilian graffiti of twins Os gemeos


Some video of art by twins Os Gemeos

Graffiti Alphabet From Australia


GRAFFITI ALPHABETGraffiti Alphabet From AustraliaContinental Australia is only one country appeared to be inhabited also have graffiti art alphabet is so interesting to see.