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New Language additions to the library. Thousands of free books, pre-formatted for reading on your PDA - eReader, PDF, Plucker, iSilo, Doc, or zTXT eBooks for your Palm, Pocket PC, Zaurus or Rocketbook!

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Heath's Modern Language Series: The Spanish American Reader


Author: Ernesto Nelson

Language: English

Published: 1916

Philological Proofs of the Original Unity and Recent Origin of the Human Race


Author: Arthur James Johnes

Language: English

Published: 1846

The author sets out to explain the origins of humans by investigating the history of the languages of the world.

The International Auxiliary Language Esperanto


Grammar and Commentary

Author: George Cox

Language: English

Published: 1939

An early compilation of the works so far on Esperanto, with a look at and commentaries to the alphabet and grammar of the language.

De Latino sine Flexione; Principio de Permanentia


Author: Giuseppe Peano

Language: Latin

Published: 1901

Studien und Plaudereien im Vaterland


Second Series

Author: Sigmon Stern

Language: German

Published: 1881

This is the second series of an introduction to German for English–speaking children. It was aimed at well–to–do American children of the late 19th century. Even though nearly the entire book is in German, an English speaker can read the book cover–to–cover without any other reference work. This is a remarkable feat of authorship.

Märchen und Erzählungen für Anfänger. Erster Teil


Author: H.A. Guerber

Language: German

Published: 1897

This is a German text book for beginners with an introduction in english and a full vocabulary at the end.

Dictionary of the Chinook Jargon


or Indian Trade Language of the North Pacific Coast

Author: John Gill

Language: English

Published: 1870

Shakespeare's England


Author: William Winter

Language: English

Published: 1892

The Art of English Poetry (1708)


Author: Edward Bysshe

Language: English

Published: 1953

Woordenboek der Grieksche en Romeinsche oudheid


Author: Dr. Z. C. de Boer

Language: Dutch

Published: 1920

The English Language


Author: Robert Gordon Latham

Language: English

Published: 1850

Anglo-Saxon Primer


With Grammar, Notes, and Glossary; Eighth Edition Revised

Author: Henry Sweet

Language: English

Published: 1905

English As We Speak It in Ireland


Author: P.W. Joyce

Language: English

Published: 1910

This book deals with the Dialect of the English Language that is spoken inIreland.As the Life of a people--according to our motto--is pictured in theirspeech, our picture ought to be a good one, for two languages wereconcerned in it--Irish and English.

A Cursory History of Swearing


Author: Julian Sharman

Language: English

Published: 1884

Stories from Tagore



Author: Rabindranath Tagore

Language: English

Published: 1916

Every experienced teacher must have noticed the difficulty of instructing Indian children out of books that are specially intended for use in English schools. It is not merely that the subjects are unfamiliar, but almost every phrase has English associations that are strange to Indian ears. The environment in which they are written is unknown to the Indian school boy and his mind becomes overburdened with its details which he fails to understand. He cannot give his whole attention to the language and thus master it quickly.

The present Indian story-book avoids some at least of these impediments. The surroundings described in it are those of the students' everyday life; the sentiments and characters are familiar. The stories are simply told, and the notes at the end will be sufficient to explain obscure passages. It should be possible for the Indian student to follow the pages of the book easily and intelligently. Those students who have read the stories in the original will have the further advantage of knowing beforehand the whole trend of the narrative and thus they will be able to concentrate their thoughts on the English language itself.

The Speech of Monkeys


Author: R.L. Garner

Language: English

Published: 1892

Selections from Viri Romae


Author: Various Authors

Language: Latin

Published: 1896

The results of classical study most valuable to the character are surely not to be found in the ability, usually lost after a few years, to recite paradigms faultlessly, to give the principal parts of verbs, and to enumerate the various kinds of cum-constructions and the subdivisions of the ablative. Of far greater worth are the mental breadth and sympathy, the weakening of prejudice and Philistinism, and the increased power of entering into higher forms of enjoyment which must inevitably flow from the study of the life of a great people as revealed in its literature and art.

Döderlein's Hand-book of Latin Synonymes


Author: Ludwig Döderlein

Language: English

Published: 1867

Os dialectos romanicos ou neo-latinos na África, Ásia e América


Author: F. Adolfo Coelho

Language: Portugues

Published: 1881

A Collection of Gospel Hymns in Ojibway and English


Printed for International and Colportage Mission of Algoma and the North-west

Author: Anonymous

Language: English

Published: 1899

The Roman Pronunciation of Latin


Why we use it and how to use it

Author: Frances E. Lord

Language: English

Published: 1894

Lectures on The Science of Language


Author: Max Müller

Language: English

Published: 1862

American Languages, and Why We Should Study Them


Author: Daniel G. Brinton

Language: English

Published: 1885

Every-Day Errors of Speech


Author: L.P. Meredith

Language: English

Published: 1876

The Esperantist, Vol. 1, No. 6


Author: Various Authors

Language: English

Published: 1904

The Esperantist, Vol. 1, No. 7


Author: Various Authors

Language: English

Published: 1904

Les langues sur le web


Author: Marie Lebert

Language: French

Published: 2010

La version actualisée en 2010 de l'étude "L'internet et les langues", publiée en 2009 et disponible aussi dans

A Record of Study in Aboriginal American Languages


Author: Daniel G. Brinton

Language: English

Published: 1898

The Arawack Language of Guiana in its Linguistic and Ethnological Relations


Author: Daniel G. Brinton

Language: English

Published: 1871