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Shiny Happy Thoughts

So that our kids and grandkids can inherit an America as good and full of promise as the one we did.

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What have we become?


The image that this conjures up is horrible in its brutality. The fact that this type of horror now appears to be systemic in our military (and indeed, our foreign policy in general) is an almost visceral realization. It shatters any illusion that the US can any longer be considered the beneficent, good-natured nice guy on the block.

Something to Choke On, Again


This begins to sound a little defeatist. I certainly hope that Patrick Fitzgerald does not get "put out to pasture."

The Plame Floodgates Open


This is just simply amazing. I don't want to get my hopes up too much, but it's almost starting to look like Justice in America is still alive!



It would be interesting to see what might happen if there were rules restricting when a script could be used by a public official when speaking before the media. Clearly there are times when reading a prepared statement is necessary and appropriate, but the general rule would be extemporaneous speaking by officals with local and national media. Might it not add even a tad bit of honesty into the political process?

Of course it would. Which is precisely why such restrictions would never be enacted.

The difference between Republicans and Democrats


I'm not sure why this suddenly came to me tonight, but here it is:

Republicans make rules for other people.
Democrats make rules for everyone.

Energy efficiency: If they can do it, why can't we?


The New York Times article Japan Squeezes to Get the Most of Costly Fuel
really highlights how seriously we are lagging in terms of our global leadership on energy consumption. The article shows how much can be accomplished with responsible national leadership. Although research and development is absolutely crucial, much of the technology already exists: hybrid cars and plug-in Hybrid cars, wind turbines, photovoltaic cells, etc.

Problem is, with our president and vice-president representing the oil and oil services industries, there's not much chance that the leadership to reduce oil consumption is going to come from them.

Do they have the guts?


I found the following memorandum pretty darned interesting:

The memo: Boston constitutional lawyer seeks Resolution of Inquiry on Iraq

It seems pretty straighforward and compelling, but the reality is that the party that controls both houses of Congress is not likely to initiate such a process. However, some cracks have appeared in the formerly impregnable unity of the Senate Republicans: happily, there appear to be at least 7 reasonable conservatives in that chamber. But since the whole process has to get started in the House, I'm not sure how far things can go.

Hello World


Here we are in my very first blog entry.