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Curious Perversions in Information Technology

Last Build Date: Thu, 22 Mar 2018 16:17:44 GMT


CodeSOD: Randomly Functional

Thu, 22 Mar 2018 10:30:00 GMT

Jonathan T. had recently been afforded the opportunity to go back and tweak the very first Python-based CMS he'd ever built. Years earlier, he and another junior developer had been forced to cobble this site together with no code reviews, oversight, or help of any kind. Terrible choices had been made in the name of getting their work done. Jonathan rebuilt every page in the CMS and made sure the forms and plugins cooperated with the new structural elements he introduced. In the process, he got stuck trying to figure out how a "col-sm-6" was showing up on a particular form. He found nothing in the CSS, LESS files, or page-specific JS controlling the form. In desperation, he ran a project-wide search for the randomClass. This was the result Jonathan found in project/scripts, authored by the other junior dev. It explained why, for the past several years, new images on the site had randomly not worked for any discernible reason. $(document).ready(function() {     $(".randomClass").addClass("col-sm-6");     $(".otherRandomClass").addClass("col-sm-12");     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='']").addClass('make-short');     $("img[src='https://generic.s3.amazonaws.c[...]

Error'd: I Don't Always Test my Code, but When I do...

Fri, 02 Mar 2018 11:30:00 GMT

"Does this mean my package is here or is it also in development?" writes Nariim.



Stuart L. wrote, "Who needs a development environment when you can just test in production on the 'Just In' feed?"



"It was so nice of Three to unexpectedly include me - a real user - in their User Acceptance Testing. Yeah, it's still not fixed," wrote Paul P.



"I found this great nearby hotel option that transcended into the complex plane," Rosenfield writes.



Stuart L. also wrote in, "I can't think of a better place for BoM to test out cyclone warnings than in production."



"The Ball Don't Lie blog at Yahoo! Sports seems to have run out of content during the NBA Finals so they started testing instead," writes Carlos S.



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