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Pee Something

Thoughts and Tips on PeopleSoft and Web application development.

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Last Pee Something post. Migrating to my chiliblog.

Asynchronous App Engine Process With Parameters


To call an synchronous App Engine process via PeopleCode, use the CallAppEngine() builtin function. Any run parameters for the App Engine can be passed through a record specified in the function parameters. The record field values are loaded to the App Engine program's state record(s) when it runs.If attempting to initiate an App Engine process asynchronously, the only way to do so is through the

Lessons on Life


This one is nice, taken from an email forwarded many times over.The following pics are of the same place but taken under diffrent seasons.There was a man who had four sons. He wanted his sons to learn not to judge things too quickly. So he sent them each on a quest, in turn, to go and look at a pear tree that was a great distance away.The first son went in the winter, the second in the spring,

The Mystical USEEDIT


Of the basic PeopleTools tables, the USEEDIT field of the record field properties (PSRECFIELD) is perhaps the most intruiging. The USEEDIT field is a 32-bit integer field. For some reason (is it for maximizing space? is it forward-thinking? to eliminate the need to add fields on future attributes?), PeopleSoft crammed a bunch of field properties into this single field. PeopleSoft did this by

Bringing the power of Regular Expressions to PeopleCode


Regular expressions (or regex as it is affectionately called) is a powerful tool for searching (and also, replacing) complex text patterns. A quick tutorial can be found at[1] To quote from that site:If you are a programmer, you can save yourself lots of time and effort. You can often accomplish with a single regular expression in one or a few lines of code what

More javascript adventures in PS


I have recently completed prototyping a rather challenging problem that involves printing a document from a PeopleSoft page. The challenge is to find a way to print a separate document directly from the page. The functional SME somehow has an expectation that this functionality should behave like a native application — where by a click a button on the page, he will be presented by the Windows

PeopleSoft Page – StyleSheet Injection Technique


PeopleSoft pages use CSS-based stylesheets for defining the look (style) of each page element. CSS is a web standard for defining the presentation of a webpage. If you're new to this concept and want to know more, there's tons of tutorials and articles here. PeopleSoft StyleSheets are created in Application Designer using a GUI editor which looks somewhat similar to Nvu's CSS Editor:An apparent

PeopleSoft Page – JavaScript Insertion


One way to customize a PeopleSoft page is to execute javascript to manipulate the DOM. Some possible scenarios that may make this necessary:add dynamic elements to your page (set some elements as draggable maybe? or perhaps adding mouseover behavior to PeopleSoft page elements)removal/manipulation of elements not accessible via Application Designer (automatically added elements outside of a page

Sad State of Philippine Education


Constantly hearing about the sad state of Philippine education is really distressing. What is really disturbing is that this author just demonstrated that she is not ready for high school math.The Philippine Star, August 17, 2005

A stitch in time


I love panoramas. Most digital cameras comes bundled with software for creating panorama images by "stitching" together multiple images. Usually some user intervention is required for guiding how the stitches would be performed.AutoStitch is a special software program for stitching images. As the name suggests, stitching is done automatically without user intervention. Just point to the source

See the Difference


The funny fox

Flickr Tools Collection


Maximize Flickr

Latest Flickr uploads in your Blogger sidebar


You can include a list of your latest Flickr photos in your blog using the Flickr service called the Flickr badge.To create a Flickr badge,log-in to your Flickr accountgo to the wizard to specify your preferencescopy and paste the code to your blogger templateYou may still have to customize the variables a bit to match your page setting. In my case, I've set the

Photoshopish key bindings for GIMP


I found this GIMP goody during the first few days of signing up for the gimp-user mailinglist. Now, I've been wishing for this for about the first time I tried out The GIMP. Keyboard shortcuts makes routine editing operations much more efficient, and I'm just used to PhotoShop's shortcuts. I just couldn't get a hang of GIMP's defaults.

Smarter coding techniques with arrays


Last time I discussed comparing a variable to a list of values using a PeopleCode array. Another nifty use of a PeopleCode array is for joining a list of values with a delimiter.For example, you might want to collect a list email addresses this way, separating each item with a semicolon:While &sqlEmails.Fetch(&email) If none(&mail_list) Then &mail_list = &mail_list | ";" | &email; Else &

Spammers go ASCII


Spammers are annoying. But their constant innovation are sometimes amusing.

XUL tutorial/presentation


Creating Rich Applications with Mozilla, XUL, and AMP Technology is a tutorial slash presentation for integrating Mozilla's XUL with Apache-Mysql-PHP. It makes use of XML-RPC as web service.

Rich Internet Applications with Laszlo


Just what I've been looking for: creating visually rich internet applications without Flash's IDE. SVG has promise. However, aside from browser support being premature, AFAIK, no one yet has come up with a workable IDE (preferable free). XUL is also another alternative that I am studying now. However, XUL is confined to Gecko browsers. Alas, the recently open-sourced project Laszlo looks very

Application Class bummer


I recently decided to implement a moderately sized application using 2 subclasses and a base class. The experience allowed me to discover a few shortcomings of Application Classes.One thing that I found odd with Application Class' new syntax is the introduction of the instance keyword. The instance keyword acts like a variable scope modifier: instance string &my_instance;Actually, all instance

PeopleCode: Comparing a variable to a list of values


I sometimes come across a chunk of PeopleCode that requires a variable be compared to a list of values — like the IN operator in SQL:If &code = "ABCD" Or &code = "HIJK" Or &code = "OPQR" Then ...If the condition needs to be checked multiple times within the code and the list changes, there will be some effort required to update the code.A better coding approach is to use an array and its Find

PeopleCode catching up


The first time I started developing PeopleSoft applications was on version 7.x. Back then, my previous client-side RAD coding experience is with VB6. It was amazing back then to be able to develop an application much more rapidly than VB6. When I learned PeopleCode, it is a bit appalling to see how primitive the language is, even though it borrows quite a lot of syntax from VB. This doesn't

Creating Applications With Mozilla


I've been seeing this book a lot on our local bookstores and I've considered and hesitated more that a few times of purchasing it. It's just too pricey for someone living in a third world country. Though its already on my list. Good thing I came across an online version of the book. Money saved. Update: XUL PLanet also has a good tutorial resource.

Go! Firefox Go!


I hope this catches on: Firefox Preview Hits a Home Run ( The Verdict on Firefox We like it a lot! It's a powerful little browser with tons of great features. We recommend that all users have a copy of it on their systems. We'll go even farther than that and suggest strongly that Windows users ditch Internet Explorer and begin the migration to Firefox. IE should be

Unobstrusive Javascript


This site provides a very informative and instructional JavaScript tutorial. Not only does it demonstrate the benefits of unobstrusive JavaScript, it also serves as a good introduction for W3C DOM. Good stuff.

P S Blog


Why this blog? Blogging is all the rave these days. Since you're reading this, I'm sure you already know this. For some time, I plan to creating a blog of my own to be hosted on my own website. I've had that website for 3 months now, and still I haven't started on it yet. I'm planning on just a simple blog, shouldn't be very difficult to program with any language. With Blogger though, I expect