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Things one middle-aged economist finds interesting

Published: 2016-10-21T05:43:00-04:00


"All We Ever Knew"


By The Head and the Heart. Via my older daughter.

"The 2017 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame nominees signal a major shift in the music industry"


Not what the article is about, but I see that Steppenwolf is nominated. MC5--kick out the jams! That was music, people.

"The Bourbon So Exclusive That Even Billionaires Can't Buy It"


Who says rich people don't have problems?

"Defining Chutzpah . . ."


Better than the one about a guy who murders his parents, goes to court, and pleads for mercy. Made me laugh out loud. Somewhere, Leo Rosten is smiling. Link courtesy of Michael Greenspan.

"Cosmological mystery solved by map of voids and superclusters"


You know the drill by now: Give the points and bet on Big Al.

"A celebrity with common sense on voting"


Intelligent words from the host of "Dirty Jobs," Mike Rowe.

"Accolades are outgrowth of civic-minded mission at Raleigh Charter High School"


Providing quality high school education is easy, folks: just combine motivated, well-parented kids with enthusiastic, dedicated faculty. (Lest there be any doubt, the first part of the preceding sentence was sarcasm.)

"Are We Teaching Composition All Wrong?"


In my experience this is so, so true: In 10 years of teaching writing, I have experimented with different assignments, activities, readings, approaches to commenting on student work — you name it — all to help students write coherent prose...

Cato Institute's "Fiscal Policy Report Card on America's Governors, 2016"


Pat McCrory of North Carolina ranks second.

"For Disaster Recovery, the Best Knowledge Is Local Knowledge"


Excellent. (And, of course, the same is true of many other situations besides disaster recovery.) Brad Gair, a disaster recovery manager in New York, said during the Frontline episode: “Did we put a bunch of money out? Yes. Is everybody...

"Amazon only needs a minute of human labor to ship your next package"


Amazing. And it seems to me a merger with Amazon could go a long way to fixing this problem: "The Not-So-Wholesome Reality Behind The Making of Your Meal Kit".

"Interview with Deirdre McCloskey"


The interview is six years old, but it's interesting and as almost always when I read McCloskey, I learned something. In this case, I learned about Weber's famous Protestant Work Ethic hypothesis: that Weber "himself gave it up" shortly after...

"Hillary Surrogate Howard Dean Immediately Regrets Brief Lucid Moment"


Even though he believes a lot of crazy things he can occasionally stumble onto the truth.

"The One Budget Reform that Matters"


I recommend a look at the table near the end and the couple paragraphs accompanying it.

"Minnesota's Great Wealth Migration"


I recommend that California politicians take heed. But I don't expect they will. Other states have grappled with net outflow of wealth in recent years, and a few have found ways to reverse the trend—or at least stop the bleeding....

"We Have a Clown Crime—But It's Not That Kind of Clown Crime"


Probably not a surprise, but this piece drops "evil clowns" from 2106th on my list of top worries to 102,106th. See also "Creepy clown 'madness' is classic social panic, say experts". (Whatever happened to all those UFOs, anyway?)

"Economists’ Normative Case for Government Intervention is a Very Poor Positive Theory of that Intervention"


Don Boudreaux beautifully offers truth in 143 words. Related: "Quotation of the Day". To anyone who is even passingly familiar with economic and regulatory history, the notion that the state is the – or even a – safeguard against monopolies...

"Some South LA Residents Fed Up With Piles Of Trash Strewn All Over Their Neighborhood"


Pee on the streets of San Francisco, trash on the streets of L.A. You can have your Liberal paradise; I'll stay in Dixie.

"Teamwork and fun"


Prof. Peter Gordon nicely explains what might be labeled The Tragedy of Conservatism. Small government (small politics) advocates will always have a tough time. What they offer comes up short in the fun department.

"The Largest Predatory Lender in America"


Take a wild guess. Terrific piece in the Weekly Standard. (And yes, "predatory lending" is a very objectionable phrase, but that's part of the point of the piece: what's "predatory" depends on exactly who's doing the lending.)

"Sunk Costs"


Richard Fernandez explains how some Liberals--who else?--are committing one of the most basic economic errors.

"There Is Some Good News"


Kurt Schlichter reminds us. Things are not all bad. They’re just mostly horrible. Via Instapundit.

"The 10 most thrilling NFL plays of the last 10 years, ranked"


This is a tough list to crack: Malcolm Butler's Super Bowl interception is only tied for 4th. (Probably because it wasn't too thrilling unless you were a Patriots fan.) I think #1 is worthy.

Three related to the NE Patriots


"Why You Really Hate Tom Brady". (You have to read until nearly the end to get to the real reason, a reason I fully agree with.) "No More Questions". Call Bill Belichick what you want, but these accounts of his...

"The Chicago Cubs, the Goat Curse and the Psychological Roots of Superstition"


An interesting but flawed attempt to defend believing in the Billy Goat Curse.

"Bills win title of drunkest fans in NFL"


This "hardly followed the scientific method". I can believe it.

"Millennials Are Giving Their Babies Increasingly Strange Names"


"Sadman"? "Legendary"??

"How to Talk Minnesotan: The Power of the Negative"


Funny, at least to this non-Minnesotan.

"RANKED: All 50 states and DC, from least to most average"


#1 sure surprised me.

"The Polls Are Wrong . . .


in college football."

"10 of the Best Saturday Night Live Monologues Ever"


I'd guess there's a good chance you'll find something here you'll like.