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How can Google do this??

Tue, 01 Feb 2005 01:42:00 GMT

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I thought this was a hoax email, till I tried it.  I don't understand what the powers that be at Google are thinking by offering this type of thing.

Google has implemented a new feature wherein you can
type someone's telephone number into the search bar
and hit enter and then you will be given a map to
their house.   Everyone should be aware of this!
Note that you can have your phone number removed or
blocked.  Before forwarding this, I tested it by
typing my telephone number in My phone
number came up, and when I clicked on the MapQuest
link, it actually mapped out where I live.  Quite
scary.   Please look up your own number.  Read below
for details.   Think about it--if a child, ANYONE
gives out his/her phone number, someone can actually
now look it up to find out where he/she lives.   The
safety issues are obvious, and alarming.  In order to
test whether your phone number is mapped, go to:  Type your phone number in the
search bar (i.e., 555-555-1212)  and hit enter. If you
want to BLOCK Google from divulging your private
information, simply click on the telephone icon or the
"Phone results" link next to your phone number.
Removal takes 48-hours.   If you are unlisted in the
phone book, you might not be in there, but it is a
good idea just to check.  If your number does come up
if you hit map, it will show you a direct map to your
house...   Please forward on to friends and family!!!



The Power Of Information

Sat, 13 Nov 2004 00:49:00 GMT

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Near the end of October I started to look for a new job.  On October 25th Bill Evjen posted to his blog how Microsoft has it's own section on and the focus that was put on him and his job at Reuters.  Naturally I had to check out this section of

As I was looking at the page I saw a job opening for a .Net developer....6 miles away from my house!

Two things have been really bugging me with my current job....1.  I wasn't doing any programming .....2....the commute (total of 64 miles a day).

So I sent in my resume.  November 1st I received an email from the company who I had sent my resume.  November 4th I went on an interview.  November 5th  the person I interviewed with informed that they are sending resume on to the next phase.  November 9th I receive another email, for a second interview.  November 10th I go on the second interview, later on in the day I receive a phone call at home...with a job offer.

I start my new job November 22nd.

Thanks Bill!







Happy Birthday

Thu, 28 Oct 2004 11:45:00 GMT

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Happy Birthday Mr. Gates!


Job Search

Wed, 27 Oct 2004 14:19:00 GMT

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I have applied for a new job.  The job is performing software development using C# and, that said I plan on picking up a book on C# tonight.

Additional requirements of the job include:

'Agile Software Development' processes


UML, Uniformed Modeling Language.

Has anyone used either of the above or are using, and perhaps can offer a little insight on them?






Long time, No Post

Mon, 25 Oct 2004 18:58:00 GMT

Originally posted on:

Yes I haven't posted in quite awhile, I have been pretty busy with the birth of my son as well as deciding on the direction I want go with my career.

I have hit a sort of brick wall with my job.  The problem being I am no longer writing code, a major problem indeed.  I rather not go into the direction my career has been going as I pretty much tired of talking about it.

The reason for this post is that I am toying with the idea of learning C#.  I have been using VB.Net for quite sometime and have noticed that some job requirements are looking for C#, while others are not.  I am curious as to if it would be a benefit to learn C# or stick with VB.Net.

Any thoughts?





Goodbye Dell

Thu, 26 Aug 2004 13:29:00 GMT

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I have had it.  Yesterday morning I wanted to put a few files on CD, sounds simple enough.  Well for some reason the CD/RW drive was being recognized as a regular CD drive.  I rebooted the machine and the drive was now recognized as a CD/RW drive.

Last night I was again putting files on a CD.  All was going well until the end of the process.  When again the drive was no longer being recognized as a CD/RW drive!  That I didn't get as it was in the middle of burning a CD.  Again I had to reboot, problem solved.

I am losing my patience with this laptop.




Mon, 23 Aug 2004 13:45:00 GMT

Originally posted on:

I have been bitten by the photography bug.  Yesterday the weather was just perfect here so I said to my wife "how about we take it easy today and goto the park"  so that is what we did.  I took a lot of photos, here is a link

I also posted new photos of the baby's room.


Digital Camera

Tue, 17 Aug 2004 17:40:00 GMT

Originally posted on:

In my previous post I mentioned that we purchased the Canon Digital Rebel.  I have wanted a Digital SLR for quite sometime now and have been waiting to see if Minolta was going to come out with something that is compatible with the Minolta Film SLR's (we have one).

According to the Minolta web site they are releasing a new camera "in the fall".  I sent Minolta an email last week, no reply as of yet, asking a couple questions..etc.

Here is my new rule.  If I send an email to a company, via the form THEY provide on their web site, and I don't receive a reply then I will not purchase a product they make.  No matter how good the reviews are..etc.  I am becoming so fed up with sending e-mail's to organizations that only go unanswered.  My guess is that some organizations do this because they do not know how to answer.

I say that because, amongst other things, I answer the e-mail's from customers here at work.  I make it a point to respond to every email with an honest answer and to respond in less than 24 hours.  It's how I would like to be treated so I treat our customers the same way.  I even respond on weekends, holidays and while on vacation.

It could be that I am expecting too much but at least respond within 48 hours, is that a lot to ask?



New Toy

Tue, 17 Aug 2004 17:14:00 GMT

Originally posted on:

Saturday I convinced the wife that we needed a  new digital camera.  We bought one a month or so ago and I just don't like it.  Sooooo she gave in and let me get the Canon Digital word AWESOME!

Check out my photo gallery by using the link on the left.  I didn't take all the photos with the Canon, but most of them. 



Fri, 13 Aug 2004 18:31:00 GMT

Originally posted on: is the point of having a customer service / sales / whatever email account for your company if you (the company) don't even respond! On Tuesday I sent an email to Comp-USA.  They had two products listed on their site at different prices.  I am talking about the exact model number and everything.  So I fired off an email asking them what is the difference between the two and why a price difference..etc....No reply as of yet! I am getting rather annoyed with my Dell laptop.  It's only a couple years old.  Before it was even a year old the HD went.  I wasn't overly shocked by this as it does happen.  A few months ago the display went on it.  If I hooked the laptop up to the port replicator or external monitor it was fine.  I called Dell.  They said I had to send the laptop in (my only machine at the time) and it would take AT LEAST seven days to fix.  I couldn't go seven days without my laptop that just wasn't an option.  I tried to explain that to Dell and asked if I could change my service contract so that I could have on-site service, the answer was no.  Then I asked if they could send me a loaner laptop or simply just replace my laptop so I wouldn't be without one.  The one Dell representative said yes they can do that.  I thought GREAT! problem my call got moved up the support ladder it turned out that this wasn't an option.  Dell did try to sell me a NEW laptop so I would always have a backup...I said NO THANKS and that very day I went to my local Gateway Country Store (before they closed down) and picked me up a Gateway laptop. Yes I know Gateway..but I will tell you this.  I have a Gateway laptop that is now about 6 or 7 years old and it still functions without a problem and I have never had a problem with it.  So far the Gateway laptop is very cool.  It has the wide display and the screen is very crisp...and keyboard is super comfortable. Back to Dell... I was also having this other problem with my Dell.  It doesn't like to power up.  I hit the power button, don't matter if it's in the port replicator or not, and the lights come on HD light is lit and the display is I hit the power button to turn it off..then back on again...this is an everyday thing...and the process is repeated at least 4 times before the Dell decides it wants to boot up. Oh the "at least 7 days" to fix the display..get this..I shipped the Dell out on a Thursday afternoon...Monday morning it was back!  nice turnaround time at least...but we had a new problem...the cover that had to be removed to get at the display is now buckled..I sent an email to Dell ...yep you guessed reply. What is happening to Dell?  A friend of mine purchased a Dell laptop and the display went..after only a month!  Another friend has Dell laptop..2 years old...and now has just bought an IBM laptop because the Dell keeps giving him problems. Again I have had a Gateway laptop for 6 or 7 years and it is still going strong.  Now I got another Gateway laptop, it mostly stays at home, and I enjoy programming on it and doing graphics why do I keep using the Dell...I don't know..feel guilty not using it for some reason....I use the Dell for email, the web, drafting documents, keep things in OneNote..etc...I could easily do all of this on the Gateway too....but why do I keep using the Dell. Last night I was about to move everything off of the Dell and just leave it in the port replicator at home and use the Gateway as my primary machine..that hasn't happened yet.  When I first got this Dell I really liked it a lot but now this power button thing is driving me nu[...]

Outlook 2003 Problem

Fri, 13 Aug 2004 13:28:00 GMT

Originally posted on:

I posted this on Channel 9 as well....

This is a strange problem and is becoming frustrating.

Upgraded to Outlook 2003.  After the upgrade when you open a message up and do the following:


Let's say the Importance is NORMAL, using the dropdown box change to HIGH...Outlook crashes.

Same process Importance is NORMAL, using the dropdown box hover over each option (LOW, NORMAL, HIGH) select NORMAL ...Outlook crashes.

I am running XP Pro.  This was happening prior to SP2.  Installed SP2 still a problem.  I really didn't expect SP2 to clear it up.

Installed Office 2003 SP1...still a problem

Repaired Outlook..still a problem

Reinstalled Outlook...still a problem

Any ideas?


Lightning jolts teen working on computer

Fri, 06 Aug 2004 18:59:00 GMT

Originally posted on:


Friday, August 6, 2004 · Last updated 7:30 a.m. PT

Lightning jolts teen working on computer


COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa -- A teenager working on his computer was jolted by a lightning strike that hit his family's home.

Mike Bergeron, 15, of Council Bluffs was in the basement of the home about 9:30 p.m. on Tuesday when lightning struck the roof of the house, traveled through the electrical lines to the computer and shocked him.

Linda Bergeron said the impact of the jolt sent her son flying about 5 feet backward. His sister was heading downstairs at the time and heard him fall.

"He was unconscious when she found him," Linda Bergeron said.

She said her son spent time in cardiac care at the hospital. He was released Wednesday morning but is going through outpatient care.

"I never would have expected something like this to happen," Linda Bergeron said. "It's a very weird thing."


Information from: The Daily Nonpareil,



Mon, 02 Aug 2004 18:55:00 GMT

Originally posted on:

This weekend was pretty busy!   My wife wants to spell out the name of our soon to be son (34 days to go!) on the wall in his room.  The only challenge was that the letters she wants to use are at Pottery Barn Kids, the closest one is an hour and half away.  Soooo Saturday morning we drove to Princeton, NJ and picked them up.  She had a gift certificate that the store said could only be used in the store and not on the Internet or over the phone.

We got back home and had some lunch and then we started to sort through all the stuff from the baby shower.  Man what a lot of stuff!  Sunday the wife went out for the day with her parents and I stayed home.  I finished putting together the rest of the stuff from the know..strollers...basinet...swing...etc all that is left now are the toys!  We also have to start to wash the clothes he will be wearing.  Oh and I put the letters up too!

I cannot believe how fast this is going.  It seems like it was just yesterday that we found out we are having our first child.  I simply cannot wait for my “sidekick” to arrive.  Last night I was talking to him and saying “pretty soon..pretty soon”

I am into NASCAR in a big way.  While watching the race yesterday I had visions of my son sitting next to me on the couch in his Tony Stewart #20 Home Depot racing gear.  Again..I cannot wait.

You think I would be busy with this stuff that I wouldn't have the time / desire to code.  But, I must code.  It's an addiction.  I am planning out a program to be used as an extension to IE.  Nothing fancy just an excuse to code.  Once I get the details the way I want  I will share.  I know that the program probably already exists someplace...but I don't care...I need to code.   With all my different responsibilities here at the office I don't have many coding projects these days and I am going through withdrawal...again...I need to code.





Thu, 29 Jul 2004 19:07:00 GMT

Originally posted on:

I purchased and installed Linspire the other day.  I have two laptops both running XP.  My thought was why not setup Linspire (aka Lindows) on one of the laptops.

So my Dell laptop, being the older of the two, was nominated for this task. I figured the HD could use a good formatting anyway.  The install was a no problem at all.  I was able to attach to our network without a problem as well.  I was also able to retrieve files from the storage server (a windows server) without any sort of challenges.  I was impressed that all this worked without me having to configure anything.

I toyed around with Linspire pretty much all day and some of the night.  I couldn't actually come up with what I would use this OS for.  I develop using .Net and have a "play server" running Mandrake Linux.  So I did what any geek would do.  I reinstalled XP.

Since I purchased Linspire I didn't want to be out the money for something I wasn't going to use.  I wrote Linspire an email stating that I used the OS for a day and really didn't see how it would be of benefit to me and then I asked for a refund.  I expected that this was going to be one those situations of sending e-mail's back and forth.  I was wrong.  Linspire replied with "your card has been credited".  Again I was impressed.

While I don't see myself using Linspire I will say they do have a nice and easy install and based on my short experience they have pretty good customer service too.

Now since I do have a port replicator for the Dell laptop I am doing the "multiple monitor" thing using the display on the laptop and a View Sonic View Panel far I like it.  I plan on hooking my second laptop up to it as well.  I have a KVM switch.  What I don't get why don't laptops have ports for hooking up a keyboard AND a mouse.  I guess you could if you have a USB mouse and USB keyboard..but the KVM doesn't work with USB.  Don't worry...I have an idea.

Why am I doing all this?  Well I was bringing two laptops back and forth everyday...another geek thing

We will talk about my Dell laptop experiences another time.


Fire Drills and Faulty Elevators

Thu, 29 Jul 2004 18:43:00 GMT

Originally posted on:

We had a fire drill today.  Our building consists of 10 floors.  We are on the 8th floor.  Of course during a fire drill (or a real fire for that matter) you cannot use the elevators so we had to walk down.  Walking down isn't that bad.  For a fire drill they evacuate all 10 floors.

We stood outside for about 30 minutes, of course I am thinking of all things I could be doing instead of standing outside.  At the time of the fire drill I was working on our email server and had a reboot to do.  Time to go back in.  Somehow we are amongst the first back into the lobby.  I thought I was lucky no waiting for an elevator.  Well we get into the elevator, the elevator is packed, the doors close and we realize that the elevator is not letting us pick floors.  Then the elevator slowly drops (thank god) half-way between the first floor and the basement.  We are stuck.  Luckily the building staff is on the first floor and can hear us.  They open the doors and turn off the elevator.  Now we all have to climb out.  I felt bad for the females with skirts as this was a BIG step out....they maintenance folks had to help each of us out.

Now of course the lobby is full would be forever to wait for an elevator and I have a server that needs to rebooted..soooooo..we take the stairs.   You never realize how out of shape you are when you have to take the stairs to the 8th floor.  My legs still hurt!

The thing that is annoying they are constantly having problems with the elevators in this building.  People are always getting stuck.  Think they would do something about it!