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Honda CBR125R - Sportbike For Beginners


Is Honda CBR125R good for me?, you will find the answer here. Beginners motorcycles rider usually find it difficult when they try to choose a sportbike, so today I want to show you a simple example from Honda CBR125R mini sportbike as a good new bike for beginners. Please note that Honda CBR sportbikes family is not only comes with only all about powerful engine, but it's also about style and (image)

New Suzuki Smash Titan 2012


2012 Suzuki Smash Titan or also just called as Suzuki Titan is entry level under-bone motorcycles from Suzuki, this bike comes with only 113cc of engine capacity, 4 stroke, SOCH and 4 speed transmission. In this year, we can meet with 3 types of Suzuki smash Titan 2012, the first model is Smash Titan 115, Smash Titan 115 R and the last one is Smash Titan 115 SR. I have posted about the Titan (image)

The Good Things from 2013 Yamaha New Vixion


As we have seen before, a few weeks ago, Yamaha Motorcycles Indonesia has introduced the all new Vixion to the market, this is a good new for 150cc street bike lover who planed to buy a 150cc bike. So what is the good things from the 2013 Yamaha New Vixion generation? New Yamaha Vixion : image from A few days ago and also until right now, the topic of new Vixion 150 (image)

New Yamaha Vixion 2012-2013 Edition - New Born !!


Yamaha Motorcycles Indonesia finally released the new Yamaha Vixion 2012/2013 edition at Jakarta Motorcycles Show a few days ago, this 150cc motorcycles now equipped with many new thing as a new features for getting more attention from the fans. After a long long time "be a King of 150cc motorcycles" in Indonesian market place, now Yamaha has changed this bike into the new modern style. Let see(image)

New Honda CB150R Released


Honda Motorcycles Indonesia finally introduced the all new Honda CB150R street fighter motorcycle type at Jakarta Motorcycles Show a few days ago. Honda CB150R is a total new bike from Honda which it has powered by 150cc DOCH engine, it's the same engine as CBR150R full fairing bike version but the CB150R comes without full fairing style. Honda CB150R at JMS - Photo : Honda (image)

Motorcycles - Fuel Injection Era Has Started


To deliver more and better value of motorcycles, motorcycle manufacturers now has started to introducing the injection system to their bikes (to the global market), I know that the injection system was used from several years ago, but for some countries, injection system is a new thing from the bike right now, they also just understand that the injection system is good enough. In addition to (image)

New Honda BeAT Injection Released


(foto : Honda Motorcycles Indonesia has released the all new Honda BeAT 110cc scooter with new Fuel Injection system (PGM-FI), the new BeAT edition also comes with new aggressive design and better style than the carburetor version. Honda BeAT is 110cc scooter bike which it has very popular in the market, the new Fuel Injection (FI) technology series now comes to this bike and (image)

2012 Yamaha X-MAX 250 Scooter


X-MAX 250 is a 250cc motorcycle from Yamaha motorcycles but this is not the sportbike type, X-MAX 250 is scooter motorcycles. We're known that today Kawasaki and Honda are fighting in the 250cc class sportbike, Kawi also has designed the new Ninja 250 with the new one and Honda with CBR250R, Yamaha seems to remain calm and do not look to fight with both of them. Today we will not discuss (image)

250CC Bikes Has Been Widely Produced, Which One is The Best?


Choosing the right bike for our activity or hobby is not easy as buying a book, when we choose a motorcycle, we must to have a lot of information about the motorcycle that we will buy. The sample for this problem is choosing the right 250cc bikes, today many motorcycle manufacturers has offered their 250cc bike products, Kawasaki with Ninja 250, Honda with CBR250R also Suzuki with Inazuma 250, (image)

2012 Suzuki Burgman 125 - Specs and Price


2012 Burgman 125 is one of the Suzuki 125 cc scooter class motorcycle engine which it has beautiful, Burgman 125 actually is very interesting to try, I know that the prices of Burgman 125 has higher price while it compared to other 125 scooters but you will not be disappointed because Burgman 125 was one of the worth bike and offered many advantages for their rider. One of the most striking from (image)

2012 Kawasaki Z750R - Streetbikes


Z750R is one of the middle-class street fighter motorcycles from Kawasaki, and now we can found the new 2012 Kawasaki Z750R edition. The new 2012 Z750R has not seen a lot of changes if it compared to the 2011 or 2010 version, it still with 748cc of engine capacity, DOHC, 16 valves, fuel injection system, liquid-cooled of cooling, 6-speed transmission and 4-stroke In-Line 4 engine type. Key (image)

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 Wallpaper


The all new Kawasaki Ninja 300 has been introduced to the fans, for those of you who want to have a Ninja 300 wallpaper, you can pick it up here, I know this is not the official wallpaper from Kawasaki site, but at least it can decorate your desktop screen (1024 x 768 pixels resolution). Here is the Kawasaki ninja 300 wallpaper, enjoy. click on image for larger image and then save as image, or (image)

Official Kawasaki 300 Ninja Specifications


Here we go the official specifications of the new Kawasaki ninja 300 sport-bike. New Kawasaki 300 motorcycles has been introduced by Kawasaki Europe a few weeks ago and this is the new gen of entry level bike from Kawasaki, Ninja 300 design looks almost the same with the little one, Ninja 250, so if you're the new ninja riders you may can't find where is Ninja 250 or Ninja 300. As one of newbie (image)

New Yamaha 125ZR 2012 Edition


Yamaha Bikes has introduced the all new Yamaha 125ZR 2012 edition via their official site at and it's looks a good news for everyone who want to try a powerful 125cc bike with a small of dimensions. Do you know about this bike? well the 2012 Yamaha 125ZR is not a 4 stroke engine bike, it's 2-stroke bike and produces better engine performance than another 125cc bike from (image)

2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 - Extra Power Here


After successfully delivering the latest 2013 Kawasaki 250 series, now Kawasaki has displayed the new 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 300 series which it has offering extra power for new beginner rider. Actually, I have heard the news about the presence of the Ninja 300, but I just wrote about this bike after I found the bike at Kawasaki Canada official site. Well, Kawasaki does not seem want to stop giving (image)

Pulsar 200 NS - The Best Pulsar That I've Ever Seen


No need to debate about this new Pulsar series, I believe that many Pulsar riders agree that Bajaj Pulsar 200 NS is the best Pulsar ever (so far). Pulsar 200 NS is one of the Bajaj motorcycles which it has awaited by Pulsar Mania, after a long long time using the same design and engine, now this bike finally has been born with a completely new beautiful street-bike concept. As I have written (image)

2012 TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS - Features and Colours Variant


Low prices but has fully greats of motorcycles features, that is the all new 2012 TVS Apache RTR 180 ABS Edition. On April 2012, I have written about this bike, and today we will see more about the key features and the colours variant from the Apache 180 ABS product. The all New 2012 TVS Apache series now looks so awesome, if you interested about sport modern street bike looks, the new Apache (image)

2012 Suzuki DR-Z125 - New Entry Level Off-Road Bikes


For some motorcycle enthusiasts, Suzuki DR-Z125 is one of the off-road bikes which it has attractive, you have to know that the DR-Z125 off-road has a fairly cheap of prices but reliable enough for riding in the dusty field. As one of motorcycle for beginners class, this motorcycle has an engine that is not "too big", well this bike only has 125cc of engine capacity and when it compared with (image)

Analog VS Digital - Motorcycles Speedometer


Some motorcycle riders often care about the speed on their speedometer display part when they ride a motorcycle, why they do that? well this is very important for some riders because we as motorists have to pay more attention to the speed of the motorcycle for safety. There are interesting things that I want to tell at this post, but the first thing and important to know is the motorcycle (image)

Pedrosa Has Returned !! - Brno, MotoGP 2012


Brno, MotoGP 2012 is one of the most great race in this year and I love the last lap battle between Pedrosa (Honda) and Lorenzo (Yamaha). Guys, almost defeated in the last lap of the race, Dani Pedrosa finally confirm themselves as winners in Brno after fierce fighting against Lorenzo on the last lap, the great thing from this race is both of riders have fought hard, but luck seems to be in the (image)

7 Things That You Should To Know About New 2013 Ninja 250R


This year Kawasaki motorcycles has changed the Ninja 250r appearance and this is a good news for prospective buyers of Kawasaki motorcycles because they will get a lot of new things from the new 2013 Ninja 250R edition. After several years of sticking with the old model (2008-2012), now the Ninja 250R has transformed into a classy motorcycles style and now it has more high-value when it compared (image)

New 2013 Kawasaki Ninja 250 - Presented with Ninja Strategy !


When many motorcycle manufacturers provided many info about their latest motorcycles, Kawasaki behave differently way, look at the 2013 Kawasaki ninja 250 streetbike series, the new baby Ninja actually comes quietly and the 2013 Ninja 250 version actually hitting its competitors now. By presenting many new advantages such as modern shape and design, now the Ninja quite different from the previous(image)

Motorcycles for Women - Honda Elite Scooter


Honda Elite, the small beautiful scooter from Honda Motorcycles, the bike looks simple and clear designed, love it. Today I want to share one of the best motorcycles for women and I want to start it from Honda Elite, why from this mini scooter? well everything starting from the small things, so if you thing that Elite is to small for you, you can jump to the large engine capacity bike like (image)

Suzuki 250cc - Will it Be Successful?


As one of the new challenger, the all new Suzuki 250cc bike or called as Suzuki Inazuma 250 in UK and GW250 in other country, it looks quite nice and not less than its competitors such as the Ninja 250 or CBR250. Some times ago, I had written that the all new 2012 Suzuki Inazuma 250 is rumored to be released in 2012, and this was true, Suzuki motorcycles (Indonesia) reported that the all new (image)

Updated - Here We Go !! - Give Me the Reason Why I Have to Still Sharing in This Blog


For all Ninja lovers and motorcycles fans who always visiting this blog, I have to say so sorry if in the future I can't share any new information again to all of you. I got many problems today and I want to know from you "Give Me the Reason Why I Have to Still Sharing in This Blog".. that is the question for all of you guys who cares about this simple blog. I still remembered about my (image)