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Looking for a Sunday night Par-tay!

Sun, 05 Jun 2005 13:11:00 GMT

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We had a GREAT time partying with Palermo at the Peabody last night. Good drinks and conversation.

Anyone have any leads on a Sunday night party? Email me at if you know where the hotspots will be.




Have badge will travel!

Thu, 02 Jun 2005 20:18:00 GMT

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Work is going to suck for the next 2 days. I can tell. The good news is that my badge arrived in the mail yesterday and everything is all set for my trip to Orlando. Still looking for cool parties to attend. So far I'm registered for the Influencer and Surf Control parties.

I'm planning on building in quality time and getting some sun by the pool at my hotel. We've had a lot of overcast days this month in Connecticut, so I've got to take advantage of the great Orlando weather. I'm sure I'll complain because it's too hot. A nice, cold beverage should help out.

I'm not sure I'm going to bring my IPAQ this time around, although a wireless device was great for all those spontaneous give-aways they did last year. Better to carry a handheld than my laptop. We'll see.

Don't forget your sunscreen. Time to start packing. See you there!



Where's the party? (Getting ready for Orlando!)

Fri, 20 May 2005 15:33:00 GMT

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I've got $49 each way flights from Hartford to Orlando on Southwest and my hotel is booked. The rental car has been reserved and we are just about two weeks away from sunny Orlando!

I'm looking for party info  :) I've already grabbed a spot at the Influencer party

and I'm looking for any more events that I can squeeze in. Jam Sessions will only be two nights this year (anyone know why?), so I'll need some places to get my drink on.

Orlando was FANTASTIC 5 years ago. That was my first Tech Ed. I've been going ever since. I thought last year was going to be my last, but my company surprised me by saying yes even though business has not been great.

More to follow later, but how about some party info?

Thanks, all!



Security sessions, Shamu, cabanas, drunk drummers and everything else

Fri, 28 May 2004 19:04:00 GMT

Originally posted on: think the security sessions alone were worth the price of my trip to Tech Ed this year. Content was MUCH better than years past. Kudos to the four presenters who held the security panel discussion Thursday afternoon. All they did was take questions from the audience for the entire time and answered all the specific concerns that we would never get to ask otherwise. Jesper and Steve always have good info. Steve's Powerpoint-less presentation “Death of the DMZ“ was disjointed and not one of his best. The ideas were good, but the presentation was choppy and the examples he used sometimes didn't fit or make the point. The rest of Steve's breakouts that I caught were top-notch. The cabanas were a fantastic idea. Other than it being hard to hear, the sessions were informal and it was great to be able to ask the experts questions whenever you happened to be in the area. I took in Tom Schinder's ISA discussion Friday and it was very good. I also did a focus group Wedensday at the Hyatt. I had gotten an email invitation via Rio and went to a luncheon meeting with one of the Group Program Managers for US Security from Microsoft. There were about a dozen customers/attendees and about half dozen MS people. They asked great questions and took our feedback. Hopefully, some of our suggestions and comments will find their way into future MS products. We also each received a gift certificate for the Tech Ed store. Nice touch! The attendee party was okay, but not great this year. Food was excellent and there was plenty to drink, but busses were a problem (our driver got lost on the way there). Also, there were no T-shirts or other give-aways! What is up with that???!!! Sea World is a nice place, but if I had paid $75 each for my wife and kids to come, I would have been PISSED! Some rides weren't operating and it was too cold for others. I got bored and left at about 9:15 or so. I heard several people say it was the worst Tech Ed party ever. I don't know if I'd go that far, but it is hard to beat Dallas, New Orleans and the last Orlando conference for quality, entertainment and gifts. Music was great in Atlanta, but the venue was horrible (the giant domed stadium) and we had to get bussed out to the burbs for the private parties. I made my final stop last night at the Jam Sessions at 4th and B. We had a great time, but again, the problem was DRUNK DRUMMERS!!! Guys, when you come to play and you are slurring your words and spilling your beer, you are too freakin drunk to get up on stage and play drums. You think you sound great, but you suck and all the other musicians are pissed with you. If you would look up once in a while, you would see them glaring at you because you are playing too slow or can't hold the beat for crap! Being buzzed does NOT improve your playing. It is hard enough keeping all four limbs moving in time and playing along with 20 other musicians. Save your drinking for afterwards and don't come back up on stage. The guy with the black hair and black glasses was so drunk, he kept dropping the sticks and was even asked to leave the stage, but he thought he sounded great. What an ass. There was another drummer that was really good, but his playing suffered after a few beers and he should have just stayed down on the dancefloor. Next time, ASK somebody who is sober (and therefore a little better to make judgement calls), if you are playing good enough to stay on stage. If the answer is no, quietly get down and go enjoy the rest of the night at the tables. Do NOT throw your sticks in the air and start hooting like someone who just had their first beer. Do not keep coming back up on stage to take a turn. You were embarrassments to yourself and everyone else up there. You don't have to be a pro musician to jam on stage, you just need to not screw everybody else up when you play. Buzzed/drunk drummers suck and everyone[...]