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Discuss and debate ASP.NET application designs.

Last Build Date: Wed, 17 Jan 2018 11:14:55 -0800


Suggestions for architecture migration to new, performant te hnologies


Hi all,

I work for a company that commercializes a software solution since 2008.

This web application was initially built upon, and evolved to make currently use of 4.5 Framework, ajax, and some other components: amcharts, telerik for

The app is currently a behemoth, and performance has become a big issue. I will try to explain the whole scenario:

+ The web app is a BI solution, which allows the users to visualize performance data on the business

+ There is a DAL which takes care of data requests yo DB server (oracle db). Time soent on db operations is almodt negligible (2-3 secs for really big amounts of data, so no issue there)

+UI makes use of Telerik ASP.NET controls, plus jquery and other libraries such as node

+ graphics are being represented qith amcharts, sort of a D3 implementation

+ dashboards are being built in a fashion where each screen reguon representing data with graphs or tables are using an Iframe, that is, lots of iframes in a pge, each for a graph/table

+ The application allows to filter/drilldown, etc, which means that one can view data at any hierarchy level contained in the database, chamge time periods, etc. This invokes calls to DB, and paints results at the browser end.

Niw the problem is, the client side suffers a LOT because there are huge JS amounts downloaded at the browser, and there is no chance to defer js processing os js either, as Telerik controls are simewhat reluctant to this. Thus, a standard, more-less dashboard
takes 8-15 seconds to be fully displayed, when the actual spent time on database is about 2-3 seconds.... The rest of the time is soent not on downloading data to browser, but processing the Css and Js after getting data results.

We are thus in the raising need to change thus architecture to something much more performing, responsive, lightweight. As our team is not familiar with ‘new technologies’ such as angular, react, mvc, so on, I would like you to advice me on what should we chiose
for this architecture reworking, always keeping in mind that the final objective is to get fastest possible performance, scalable architecture.

Where should we start from? What would you recommend us?

Please ask any questions you may need to in order to have the full picture, should I may have ommited any relevant information!

Many thanks to everyone for your kind advice, regards!

PS: Sorry for some misspelling there, this just written on an iphone so bear with me please :-)

Download large amount of data



We are going to develop web page to download large amount of data from 3rd party  api. what are the main limitations/areas we need to think about.

we are going to display data in the web page as well as allow client to download data as file. at the moment api support download 1000 records at a time.

any reason why we can't increase that number.

Thanks for the help 

Sending email async to user request



I have an asp. net web api server which sends an email (using gmail APIs) once an order is received. The email should be sent async to the response.

How do I make in asp .net an sync operation regardless of the response to the user? I don't want the operation to delay the response or affect the response to the user.Please note

that in that future, i will need to use this technology to other async operation but will take longer. Note that the server services ionic web app and it doesn't contain any web pages.

Update: I just came across HostingEnvironment. I am still not convinced that I should use this class because there aren't may post in the internet mentioning this class..


Data location vs code location... help...


I finished my web apps and put it on cloud server.
It has login function and store data database inside
App_Data folder with various functions consuming data of this database

I am thinking to invite customer to pay a fee to subscribe to such services from this web.
But I am facing a serious problem.

They like the function, but are unwilling put the data in a server not owned by them.

Then, I am unwilling to put my work on a server not owned by me.

So if you were me, how would you resolve this situation ?

In real world, which mode is more common, or there is a better way
or something in between to solve this issue ?


do i need use multidimensionnel model in this case?



I have to develop a computer application using ASP.NET MVC technology, for the calculation of the JET A1 fuel product prices for the aviation.

I want to know, the way to go for I can do the design of the system. do do i need use multidimensionnel model in this case? what do you advice me?

it should be known that the calculation is done in several stages according to my information.

For step # 1:

the user must determine:

  • decade (the price is calculated every 10 days).
  • the price of the product put in FOB.
  • the selling price (is the price given by the committee of the company marketing the product).

For step # 2:

On all the data of step 1 the exchange rate is determined.

For step # 3:

The calculation of the weighted margin and deduce the applied margin.

For step # 4:

On all the data of stage 2 and 3, the price calculation of JET A1, is subordinated for certain formulas according to criteria which are:

  • the quantity requested
  • the national and international network
  • storage center and its area.
  • flight type (scheduled flights and spot flights).

see you soon

What would be the best direction to go in creating a brand new web app for dating


I am looking for opinions on the best way of going about creating a dating app with minimal monthly cost, state of art interface, and extremely fast response times.

  1. Singe Page Application vs multiple page?
  3. Angular JS vs ReactJS vs. ???
  4.  data storage (MySQL vs MsSQL)
  5. Windows vs linux OS?
  6. Python vs C#?
  7. In the past, I have traditionally used ASP.Net Web Forms, but 100% of HTML has been hard coded with significant JavaScript Front end.  I have done some Angular 2.0 development, and see angular 5.0 is out.  I have never used React.

Any opinions would be greatly appreciated.

Use Microsoft Live ID authentication on our site


Hi, I wanted to use Microsoft Live ID authentication on our site. I have visited several blogs but they all are providing SDK which is obsolete. Can you please guide me further?

When to use observable design pattern


please tell me when to use observable design pattern in mvc and webform. i am looking for a good article on observable design pattern with mvc and webform.

please some one discuss it with a nice example. thanks

Commenting out code in your application


Is it BAD to leave commented out code in your code base when you check files into source control?  Is this a STIG?  I know Unused code is a STIG, but how about commented out code - say to leave for a future developer IF they need that functionality eventually?

Services layer and SuppressFinalize


Can someone explain why the below class should have GC.SuppressFinalize in its dispose method. The class has dependency on Repository object that holds reference to unmanaged resource (DB connection). The dependency is injected via Autofac in my scenario:

How to setup - Email Approval for a business process application


Hello All,

I am preparing an application which is a request - approval system. Currently the application is on Internet. My task is to move the application to Company's Local VPN Network. Situation is when any approver receives email in Mobile Phone, he/she click on a link in the mail-body, it opens in Mobile's browser with the supplied URL path, and the approver clicks on Approve/Reject button to take his desired action instantly.

After moving the application to Company's VPN network, it will not be possible to open the Webpage in Mobile devices due to VPN restrictions, hence there is another technology required - Email Reply with desired action (Approve/Reject).

What I can do is - can make 2 links with mailto:  (to set the predefined To, Subject, Body) for Approve or Reject in mail body.

Please Note: We have Lotus Notes as mail platform, and using its SMTP service to relay emails to users.

I could not find the satisfactory solution to setup incoming email in IIS or lotus server and next step would be trigger function when any new mail is there.

If above is possible with Lotus Notes or can I setup any new custom email on local server of IIS, Please support me...

Integarte map application with active directory login



I am looking to insert active directory (LDAP) authentication within existing application. It is a responsive esri map application built in JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3.

I am wondering how to achieve following with my company active directory.

1. There must be a logging or tracking system of users.

2. There should be a way to save queries or filters for users in future use.

I had written .net application that authenticate LDAP.  What are the best practise to integrate .Net with JavaScript.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

How can learn about design pattern?


Dear all,

    I have some question about design pattern.  

   Q1. How can i learn about design pattern ?

   Q2. How can it help me for design a software architecture in  

   Q3. How can i choose which design pattern is efficient for developed a software?    


Where i can learn it with certified courses. 

How to develop service bus architecture


i have few question about service bus architectute.

1) what is service bus architecture
2) tell me few scenario when people go for service bus architecture?

3) how many options are there in dotnet to develop service bus architecture

4) When my site is running in private network then how to implement service bus architecture.

5) Looking for small sample code to implement and use service bus architecture.


VS Extension - "error ASPREMOTE: Object '/xxxx.rem' has been disconnected or does not exist at the server."


Hello! Copying the thread from MSDN forum as adviced. We're working on VS extension that which uses aspnet_compiler.exe to pre-compile  web projects. For some of our larger test projects we're getting below error intermittently.   "error ASPREMOTE: Object '/ceaebcaa_rbae_417f_a6ce_110268039c32/jx6st@pvpdy8od2wrctdmhi_9.rem' has been disconnected or does not exist at the server." Following the articles with regards to this error, we've made the lease time to infinity of the precompiler object by overriding the InitializeLifetimeServices() method like below: public override object InitializeLifetimeService() { return null; } Source: However, we're still getting the error time to time. Appreciate if you could help on this. We're experiencing this issue with VS Publish Utility as well. However, not so frequently. Original thread: Thank you. Thusitha. [...]

Can a mobile app synch to multiple Azure Mobile Apps?


Is it possible for the same mobile app to synch tables to azure that are hosted and exposed through different Azure App Services?

In order to scale and keep things separated we are looking to expose each indipendant service from its own Azure App Service so that means we need our mobile app to synch different tables to different Azure mobile Apps,

Can this be done?

Solution and technology for between clients and servers


I'm starting to build a web application and need to handle a large amount of work with databases between clients and servers.
So what is the solution to this problem and what technology to use to get the best performance.
Please advice me, thank you.

Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {XXXX} failed due to the following error: 80040154


Retrieving the COM class factory for component with CLSID {BEDCB92D-5926-4D3A-8E73-B301DB169B50} failed due to the following error: 80040154

writing to disk in background


My app needs to write data to disk on a regular basis (say every 5 minutes). I currently try to do this with a System.timers.timer that is started in the Application_Start event of the Global.asax, but it doesn't seem to work all the time. Is there a better way using a long-running background worker process that does [thread sleep/do the write] in a loop? If so, is the .net BackgroundWorker class OK or should I use a different class?




I would like to ask about possibilities I have in ASP.NET to create a web app, that could show (and of course - control) remote computer's desktop using VNC.

I have read a little bit and I believe that Websockets (?) is something I'm looking for? I'm even looking at SignalR, which should be even easier.

Am I going the right direction here?