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Bali is one of the most popular tourism destination in Indonesia, South east Asia.  You can enjoy beautiful beaches and awesome tradition of Balinese.  Most of the tourist in Bali come from Australia, Japanese and European.  The warm weather and beautiful places  make you love to stay and enjoy your vacation.  Even though far away from your home you still feel like in your own home because of the warm heart and friendly local people who welcome you.
Uluwatu scenery
Beside call Paradise Island,  Bali also call the God’s island, because there are a thousand  Hinduism’s temples.  In this day the Balinese temples not just for the local people to pray but also a nice place to visit by the tourist.  Usually the temples build in the very nice and exotic place.
One of the Beach scenery
There are a couple places that I love to visit every time I have a chance to visit Bali,  such as Uluwatu temple, Kuta beach,  Kintamani, lake Batur, and Ubud.  A lot of nice places to diving, and my husband’s favourite place is US Liberty wreck in Tulamben.  He found the most interesting kind of fish compare to the places that he dove before.
Most of the water sports cost cheaper than water sports in USA,  the difference of the currency exchange give you a lot of advantages.  Average currency exchange from US $ to Rupiah, Indonesian currency is US $ 1 = Rp. 8,000.  Bali also has a lot of exotic places with the unique Hinduism culture which is interesting to visit.  Thank you

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Bali has named with many ideas. Bali is island of paradise, Bali is island of God, Bali is morning of the world. Many things you can find in Bali, a lush tropical nature, calm society, unique culture, history, and many else.
This site will explain you more about Bali and beyond, which is provided in several categories. The general information about Bali, regencies in Bali, temples, places of interest, park, beaches, diving sites, and dances. Finally, you can arrange your tour planning in tour packages page. I want you to enjoy your holiday and would suggest you, start by reading carefully all the information contained within this page which should then enable you to select the holiday most suitable for you. Whether you’re looking for a wild Adventure, culture, a romantic break, a relaxing vacation or a sightseeing tour. Or even you already know Bali and would like to discover this immense and magical part of the world, we’ll give you all the help and guidance you need to ensure your vacation exceeds your every expectation.
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