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Experiences in the life of an Digital Leader, navigating through ups and downs of technology landscape. These are my personal thoughts and do not reflect the views of my employer.

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Transition and Transformation or Transformation and Transition


Not having blogged for a long time, I managed to get a few spare moments on the bus ride home and tried to use it for sharing my thoughts; so here we go….please note these represent my personal views and not of my organization.For the past couple of years I have been involved in number of Business Transformations (that has involved some form of Shared Services) and Technology outsourcing through

Changing the way IT works and provides service


I recently came across couple of articles in the economist which made me think that use of technology is becoming so pervasive in our day to day lives that people are forgetting the boundaries. One article talks about how 3D printing is changing the world of manufacturing and challenging the existing norms on factory placement (BTW this is not new technology as I had played with this technology

Mike Walker's Blog: Gartner 2010 Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture


  Gartner 2010 Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture Recently Gartner released the 2010 Hype Cycle for Enterprise Architecture (EA).  It's an interesting report. I'm not sure if there are really any surprises here but it worth looking at the macro themes of the report. You can find additional resources here: Full Article:

48 best free software downloads from Microsoft | News | TechRadar UK


  48 best free software downloads from Microsoft | News | TechRadar UK

An Introduction to User-Centric Enterprise Architecture


An Introduction to User-Centric Enterprise ArchitectureInteresting Article I came accross when looking for what others are doing in this space.

Magic Quadrant for Application Infrastructure for Back-End Application Integration Projects


Looks like Microsoft BizTalk has finally made it into the leader quadrant; and leads by a hefty margin as well. What is interesting the Gartner commentary on the  vendors who were dropped as it certaily reflects consolidation in the market as smaller players were acquired by bigger ones. BEA Systems: The company was acquired on 1 July 2008 by Oracle (see "Oracle's Post-BEA Middleware Road Map:

The Rise of the Machines -


Op-Ed Contributor - The Rise of the Machines - "Somehow the genius quants — the best and brightest geeks Wall Street firms could buy — fed $1 trillion in subprime mortgage debt into their supercomputers, added some derivatives, massaged the arrangements with computer algorithms and — poof! — created $62 trillion in imaginary wealth. It’s not much of a stretch to imagine that all of

Business Process Modelling Tool Selection


Ever struggled to come up with requirements when doing process modelling tool selection? Sometime back I put together a mind map showing all the criterions I would consider when doing so. You can access the map at this URL:

Who is interested in What..


Recently I was looking at the stats for this blog from 23rd January to 22nd February and looks like most people are interested in SOA and a post where I was venting my frustration on WSE & MTOM has hit a sweet spot (must be a common problem).

Scenario Planning


Interestingly the very day I blogged about lack of skills when it comes to Financial Modelling, Chris Potts over at blogged about the importance of Scenario Planning; for those who are interested following are the links to that post.

What language does your business speak?


In my work often I am asked to go in and setup Enterprise Architecture within organisation or help existing Architecture function. The sponsors of these projects tend to be CIO or Managers of Strategy and Architecture. In most of these engagements over past few years I have seen a consistent message being repeated over and over again.  "We need Enterprise Architecture and there is no need for you

Being Inspired


Sometime back one of my ex-colleagues Arjan Dewan recommended a book titled "Inspiration" by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer. I not a great fan of self help books, hence approached the book with some trepidation.  Reading the book I came across following passage from an ancient Vedantic text by Patanjali penned around 2000 years back; it describes is almost the same as what most programmers experience as being

SOA Security


The National Institute of Standards and Technology has released a 128-page guide to help organizations understand the security challenges of Web services in service-oriented architecture. Download link addressed in the publication include:Confidentiality and integrity of data transmitted via Web services protocols. Functional

Unifying Process Framework


The UPF is a business framework that is generic to businesses and applies across all sectors commercial and public. It is naturally used by IT where it is part of a business, or by IT if it operates in a market where it is servicing a number of businesses on a commercial basis. 1 - 'The IT Management Status Quo and 5 Year Challenge'Article 2 - 'Concepts of a

Business Model or Operating Model


Recently on one of EA online discussions the concept of Business Model vs Operating Model was explored. I just wanted to use this post as a way to summaries the thinking for my own use. Chris Potts view on components of operating model  Key operational performance ratio(s) - usually only one or two primary ones from which everything else cascades Core financial structure - P&L, new investments

Web Services Security and Federated Identity Authentication


Sometime back [circa 2004] I had written a paper on the above topic the link is attached. It is more for my benefit than anyone else, such that I can find the file quickly :-). Any comments welcome. Web service security

Business Architecture Kick Start


Ever wanted to get a quick overview of business functions in an organisation SAP have done a great job with their Business Maps; worth checking out

Service Oriented Network Architecture (SONA)


Not that we did not have enough acronyms to confuse us CISCO goes ahead and creates another one. I was doing some background research on an article published by the CIO magazine "The Rise of Service-Oriented IT and the Birth of Infrastructure as a Service", when I came across SONA. Quick search on CISCO website showed standard marketing hype and nothing more CISCO SONA Stuff . What I was looking

Business Process Architecture and SOA


Recently I had the pleasure of presenting at the BTELL Conference on Business Process Management on the topic of Business Process Architecture and SOA. Fortunately the talk was well received and did raise interesting point. Subsequently the organizers have asked me to come back and give a similar talk with more architectural focus at their upcoming Enterprise Architecture Conference. For those of

Changing of the guard


For the past couple of years everyone from Gartner to Harvard Business Review has been talking about corporate agility, where lack of the same can kill organisations. Following In the IT press SOA has been promised at the panacea for all the ills and somehow delivering the ultimate agility to the organisations. All this hype got me thinking about why there is so much demand for agile



Not having blogged for sometime it feels a bit strange to do so again. Last few months has been hectic between the birth of our second son, and a few projects coming off the boil simultaneously (one of sensitive nature restricting what I can blog about). Someone recently asked me what do I look for if I am hiring architect, the question caught me off guard as I had never given it much thought. In

VS2005 and SOAPExtensions


For the last couple of days I have been concentrating on creating some SOAP extensions that will allow me to Log messages, validate messages and monitor performance counters in my web services. I got stumped the other day when I was trying to debug the extension by adding them to a dummy web service. It turns out in VS 2005 when using the default documentation page to send soap to the web service

Companies get the systems they deserve


Over the past couple of years working with various clients in Australia, Eurpoe and US I often came accross organisations whose applications were siloed and in total mess. During these times I did often wonder how did they get there, understanding that is partly the way to help them get out of it. Recently I came accross following quote and I think in few lines it aptly sums up the issue.

Just when you thought VB6 was dead


I recently came across this while reading Australian IT and could not resist the urge to blog about it. Sun and Microsoft have teamed together and released Semplice. You might be wondering what is Semplice. Project Semplice - Visual Basic for the Java Platform, yes indeed. It will allow you to compile your program to Java platform and run it on any platform that JVM supports. You never thought

Business architecture


When doing Enterprise Architecture for any organisation, most people tend to start from bottom up. They would map out the infrastructure architecture (more or less what assets they have), application architecture and may be their information architecture. What often gets left behind is the business architecture, fundamentally what is the organisation trying to achieve and does all its assets