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JetBrains News

Latest news about JetBrains products

Copyright: JetBrains s.r.o.

DataGrip 2017.3 is Here!

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 17:30:00 +0300

DataGrip, our IDE for SQL and databases, has reached a new version. New features and improvements:

Database tree view
— Ability to group data sources
— More convenient managing schemas
— Users and roles are now displayed in PostgreSQL and AWS Redshift
— Foreign data wrappers are now displayed in PostgreSQL
— Drag-and-drop multiple objects to the editor

SQL coding
— SQL generator
— Better JOIN statement completion
— PostgreSQL 10 grammar support

Executing queries
— Ability to choose a schema when running an SQL file
— The list of data sources/consoles is available when attaching the console to a file
— Three independent Execute actions
Foreign data wrappers are now displayed in PostgreSQL
Set Current Schema action

— OpenSSH config files are supported (~/.ssh/config и /etc/ssh/ssh_config)
— Dialog added for One Time Password
— Ability to use SSH-agent and Pageant for authentication
Exasol support

Data editor
— Paste data in a DSV format (i.e. from Excel)
— Numerical data are now right-aligned by default
— Tabs are restored after re-opening DataGrip
— Cells can be compared

Navigate references to DDL editor options
Jump to Console in the context menu of the data source
— Replace the selected occurrences in the Replace In Path dialog
Scratches and Consoles are now placed in Files

Your DataGrip Team

The Drive to Develop

CLion 2017.3 released with C++ support improvements, Valgrind Memcheck, Boost.Test and much more

Thu, 30 Nov 2017 16:00:00 +0300

This year's third release of CLion managed to accomplish both missions - bring dozens of C++ language support fixes, and overhaul and integrate new tools like Boost.Test and Valgrind Memcheck. Besides, v2017.3 updates a number of bundled tools, provides a simpler and more flexible way to configure toolchains, and improves the UI for running/debugging your applications. Read on for more details and get a free 30-day trial to evaluate all the new features and enhancements: C++ language support improvements Integration with Valgrind Memcheck Support for Boost.Test Multiple toolchains and easier compiler configuration Run icons for main and tests Color schemes changes GDB 8.0 and LLDB 5.0 And more C++ language support Keeping our sights on making our C++ language support more correct than ever, as promised, we've started overhauling the key areas, implementing fixes from the bottom way up to the top. The two big areas affected in v2017.3 are list initialization and name lookup. List initialization List initialization is a standard way to initialize an object from braced-init-list since C++11. In v2017.3, we've reworked the way CLion handles it to avoid many false warnings and errors in code analysis (like "too many arguments", "too few arguments", "no matching constructor", etc.). Among others, this has fixed the resolve for members of auto variables with uniform initialization, incorrect "parameter type mismatch" for boost weak pointer initialization, and invalid warnings for C99 union initializers. Name lookup Name lookup is a C++ standard procedure to associate a name with a declaration. In this regard we have improved code analysis, code navigation, and more. The changes affect the resolve of the symbols brought into scope, for example, via class inheritance or a using construct. The fixes also introduced the correct resolve order in several cases where it failed previously. MSVC extensions Microsoft Visual C++ compiler is still working in experimental mode in CLion. If you have it installed on your machine, enable the Registry option clion.enable.msvcand switch to MSVC in the Toolchains settings in CLion. You will now see significantly less incorrect code highlighting and fewer false errors from code analysis, as CLion 2017.3 provides support for MSVC extensions. Check the list of supported extensions here. JUCE support While these fixes are general, they are mostly noticeable for those who do cross-platform audio development with the JUCE library. The changes affect code analysis and navigation in many situations. Even though JUCE 5.2 removed include directives inside namespaces, we still think this case is worth covering in general, so CLion 2017.3 supports it and resolves the symbols correctly. Talking about JUCE a bit more, its v5.2 release brought CLion/CMake exporter support to Projucer, which means it's now super easy to start developing your audio plugin with CLion. Just check this very short demo where I take a demo Projucer project and debug in CLion this audio plugin running in Ableton Live. And more More changes in C++ language support include: Support for C++11 friend declaration syntax Support for the __COUNTER__ macr Generate Definitions (Ctrl+Shift+D on Linux/Windows, Shift-Command-D on macOS) for function templates New intention action to invert the condition in an if clause and flip its if-else blocks Valgrind Memcheck Dynamic code analyzers are great for catching issues that static code analyzers miss or for finding possible inefficiencies visible only in runtime. The most famous tool sets for dynamic analysis are probably the Valgrind tool family and Google Sanitizers. As a first step towards providing support for profiling tools, we've implemented an integration with Valgrind Memcheck (memory error detector in Valgrind) in CLion 2017.3. The most important benefits thi[...]

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3: Coding Assistance, Debugger, Run Dashboard, Frameworks and More

Thu, 30 Nov 2017 19:00:00 +0300

Exciting news: A new massive update for IntelliJ IDEA is here! Please welcome IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3! It includes loads of new features and dozens of important bugfixes. Try it now and see for yourself. Read this summary about the highlights of this release. Java Smart code completion is now aware of type casts. Many new and improved inspections: inspection for Redundant throws declarations, quick-fix for deprecated code, inspection for possible nullability in Stream API call chains, and more. Improved JUnit5 support. Learn more Configurable command line shortener: a new handy way to specify a method used to shorten the command line for each configuration. Learn more Run Dashboard: Add different run configurations types JVM debugger A new feature called On-demand Data Renderers helps reduce overhead. To enable it for any renderer, choose Mute Renderers from the context menu. Async Stacktraces now causes very low overhead and works out of the box. The Java Stream Debugger plugin is now bundled. Java EE 8 For Asynchronous CDI Events, you can now navigate between where an event was fired and where it was received. Navigate between Injection point and Injected Beans using gutter icons for dynamic beans (CDI extensions). Navigate from disposer methods to their producers. Learn more Spring and Spring Boot The Spring Beans Dependencies diagram has a new Neighborhood Mode. For better readability, you can switch to Borderless View. There’s now an auto-detection facet for Spring Boot MVC web applications and Spring. Learn more Brand new editor-based REST client Kotlin: a bundled Kotlin plugin has been updated to v1.2, and support for the experimental Kotlin multiplatform projects is now available. IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 provides better synchronization of your settings across different installations. Learn more Local variable type inference is supported. Learn more For more detailed information about the shiny new features, check out the What’s New page. You can download the new IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3 right now! Your feedback, as always, is very much appreciated in our issue tracker. JetBrains The Drive to Develop [...]


Wed, 29 Nov 2017 20:00:00 +0300

RubyMine 2017.3 Released!

RubyMine 2017.3, the biggest and final release of this year, is now available!

What's new in RubyMine 2017.3:

  • IDE: improved performance, support for apps with nested projects, and better code resolution and code insight. More
  • Linux subsystem for Windows (WSL) support. More
  • Refactoring: Extract methods directly to private and protected sections. More
  • RuboCop: autocorrect by offense class or cop department. More
  • Code style: the ability to indent private and protected methods, and choose which operators should be wrapped with space. More
  • Puppet: Embedded Puppet (EPP) templates support. More
  • Debugger: the new Trace to_s evaluation option detects costly operations and throws a timeout message. More
  • JavaScript: better code completion, documentation, CSS, and Vue. More
  • VCS: the Interactively Rebase from Here action, workspaces for branches. More
  • Database tools: managing schema, SQL generator, grouping data sources. More

Other improvements include support for Ruby 2.5, Gems.rb, Docker Compose v3, Cucumber Expressions, and more. Check out the What's new page, and update to RubyMine 2017.3!

See the release notes for the full list of improvements, and please report any issues you encounter.

PyCharm 2017.3 Out Now

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 21:00:00 +0300

We're happy to announce that PyCharm 2017.3 is now available! PyCharm 2017.3 is faster, more usable, and better for data science. Upgrade Now

  • It's Faster. Indexing got faster for both Python and JavaScript code. Faster variable loading during debugging. Debugging is now fast by default on Windows and macOS.
  • Scientific Mode. The scientific mode puts all the tools you need for analyzing data at your fingertips.
  • Easier Setup For Virtualenvs. With PyCharm 2017.3 it is easy to set up virtualenvs when creating a project, and when configuring existing projects.
  • New REST Client. If you develop an API, you often need to construct a request to test your software. PyCharm 2017.3 has an all-new REST client.

Learn more about PyCharm 2017.3 on our website

PhpStorm 2017.3 Out Now

Wed, 29 Nov 2017 20:00:00 +0300

Today we are proud to announce the release of PhpStorm 2017.3, the last major update for PhpStorm in 2017.

  • Brand new editor-based REST client. With the new REST client, all the powers of the PhpStorm code editor are now available for your REST requests.
  • Significant performance improvements. Typing latency in very complex PHP files has decreased significantly. We've examined typing latency in the mPDF main file, which is a 38k-line-long mix of PHP, JS, and HTML, and it is down by 75% in PhpStorm 2017.3!
  • New inspections for exception handling. Three new inspection Unhandled exception, Redundant @throws and Redundant catch clause with corresponding Quick Fixes will help you take exceptions under your control!
  • Test generation improvements. Now you can create Codespec and PhpSpec classes and create test methods!
  • Improved Twig support. We've implemented language injections for Twig custom tags and named blocks as well as improved Twig formatting that can now handle complex structures.

Learn more about PhpStorm 2017.3 on our website

Announcing WebStorm 2017.3

Tue, 28 Nov 2017 17:00:00 +0300

Today we’re announcing WebStorm 2017.3!

This big update brings improvements to all parts of the IDE, from support for JavaScript, TypeScript, and the frameworks to debugging and testing.

Explore the new features and download WebStorm 2017.3 on our website.

Here are the key highlights of WebStorm 2017.3 that you can’t miss:

  • Enjoy improved code completion and documentation for standard JavaScript objects and methods.
  • Move class methods up the class hierarchy safely with the new ‘Pull member up’ refactoring.
  • Use the new ‘Extract type’ and ‘Extract interface’ refactorings in TypeScript.
  • Enjoy better code completion and navigation and new code snippets for Vue.
  • Run tests with Jest in watch mode, update failing snapshots in one click, and explore code coverage reports in the IDE.
  • Test REST APIs right from the editor.

YouTrack 2017.4

Mon, 20 Nov 2017 20:00:00 +0300

Please welcome YouTrack 2017.4 featuring Japanese localization, estimation report type, date and time custom fields, and other improvements.

The latest release also brings:

  • Sort by Relevance in Search Results
  • Date and Time Custom Fields
  • npm Package Support for Workflows in JavaScript

Other enhancements:

  • Text Indexing for Issue Fields
  • Extended Text Index Support
  • Import from Jira Option for New Projects
  • Redefined Project Teams
  • Shared Mailbox Support for Microsoft Exchange
  • Markdown Support as an experimental feature

For more details visit the What's new page. Get YouTrack 2017.4 today and enjoy its wide range of issue tracking and project management capabilities. The latest version is available for download or cloud registration.

JetBrains YouTrack Team
The Drive to Develop

Hub 2017.4

Thu, 26 Oct 2017 22:00:00 +0300

Please welcome Hub 2017.4 introducing new useful features and a number of UI and usability improvements.

The latest release brings:

  • Japanese localization
  • Redesigned projects page
  • Enhanced user tooltips
  • Redefined project teams

Other enhancements:

  • Access management redesign
  • License management page redesign

Check out What's new page for more details or view the Release Notes. Download Hub 2017.4 for free and enjoy all the new features today.

JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop

Rider 2017.2: New .NET IDE supports .NET Core 2.0, MSTest, adds call and value tracking

Thu, 12 Oct 2017 23:00:00 +0300

.NET developers, please welcome Rider 2017.2: this year's second major update to the new cross-platform .NET IDE.

Highlights of Rider 2017.2 include:

  • Support for .NET Core 2.0: you can now run, debug, test, navigate and refactor cutting-edge .NET Core applications.
  • Call and value tracking: inspect where a value originates and where it's passed next, or what call trees a method is part of.
  • MSTest support: Rider can now run unit tests that target both the classic MSTest and the newer cross-platform MSTest V2.
  • Opening individual folders or files, because not all code is in a solution or project. Alternatively, you can attach a folder to an exiting solution.
  • Multiple debugger updates including the Parallel Stacks view, lambda evaluation, and marking variables.
  • New refactorings ported from ReSharper: Transform Parameters and Invert Boolean.
  • Updates from the latest ReSharper, including improved support for C# 7.0, initial support for C# 7.1, and an assortment of code inspections.
  • Evolving F# support, including code folding, XML doc comment tooltips, and evaluating expressions on hover.
  • Unity support improvements, such as new file templates and better ShaderLab code highlighting.
  • Updates from the latest IntelliJ Platform in terms of VCS integration, JavaScript and TypeScript support, and better textual search.

Learn more about the new Rider release. Alternatively, just download Rider 2017.2 for Windows, macOS or Linux, and take it for a 30-day trial.

JetBrains .NET Team
The Drive to Develop

ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2: .NET Core 2.0, C# 7.0 and 7.1, better navigation, and more

Thu, 24 Aug 2017 21:00:00 +0300

Please welcome ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2: this year's second major update to a set of JetBrains .NET tools that includes ReSharper, ReSharper C++, dotCover, dotTrace, dotMemory, and dotPeek.

Highlights of ReSharper 2017.2 include:

  • Support for .NET Core 2.0 in Visual Studio 2017 15.3. Your favorite code inspections, navigation actions and refactorings are now available in .NET Core 2.0 projects, including the new ASP.NET Core Razor Pages projects. Lots of .NET Core unit testing issues have been resolved along the way, and you can now run, NUnit or MSTest in your .NET Core 2.0 projects.
  • Improved support for C# 7.0 including pattern matching and out variables, as well as initial support for C# 7.1: the default literal, tuple projection initializers, async main and pattern matching with generics.
  • New code inspections around IEnumerable usage and XML documentation inheritance.
  • Null checking preferences that let you tell ReSharper how you want it to introduce null checks when it generates code.
  • Multiple navigation improvements, including search in any order, exact search, textual search in Go to Everything, and navigating to nearby files.
  • TypeScript, JavaScript, JSON and Angular support improvements, including code completion performance, TypeScript 2.3 and 2.4 features, new kinds of language injections and new TypeScript refactorings.
  • Interactive tutorials to help you get started with ReSharper's functionality or get up to speed with features in new ReSharper releases.

Other ReSharper Ultimate products have received their share of improvements as well:

  • ReSharper C++ 2017.2 is mostly focused on better language understanding and supporting features from C++11 and C++17. Other changes include enhancements in code formatter and navigation, improved performance, new code inspections and quick-fixes.
  • dotMemory 2017.2 enables importing raw Windows memory dumps and analyzing them using its full range of features.
  • dotCover 2017.2 improves code coverage performance, starts to support MSTest unit tests in .NET Core applications, and introduces a new kind of markers for coverage and test status indication.
  • dotTrace 2017.2 enables profiling child processes in unit tests, introduces Timeline profiling from the command line, and learns to show navigation paths in the Call Tree view.
  • dotPeek 2017.2 supports SourceLink and extends its feature set in terms of navigation and search.

Learn more about the new features and download ReSharper Ultimate 2017.2.

JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate Team
The Drive to Develop

YouTrack 2017.3

Wed, 9 Aug 2017 20:00:00 +0300

Please welcome YouTrack 2017.3 featuring workflows in JavaScript, improved Kanban support, project-based swimlanes and more.

The latest release brings:

  • Personal board templates
  • Authentication throttling
  • Advanced visibility option

Other enhancements:

  • Time report improvements
  • General report improvements
  • Zendesk Integration improvements
  • OAuth 2.0 Presets for GitLab and Bitbucket Cloud

For more details visit the What’s new page. Get YouTrack 2017.3 today and enjoy its wide range of issue tracking and project management capabilities. The latest version is available for download or cloud registration.

JetBrains YouTrack Team
The Drive to Develop

Rider 2017.1: New .NET IDE from JetBrains Hits the Market

Thu, 03 Aug 2017 20:00:00 +0300

Are you into .NET development? If you are, check out our latest offering for .NET developers: JetBrains Rider, a new cross-platform .NET IDE based on ReSharper and IntelliJ IDEA that has just reached its first official release.

Available on Windows, Mac and Linux, Rider helps you develop ASP.NET, .NET Core, .NET Framework, Xamarin and Unity applications. It provides rich editing support and code insight for languages used in .NET development, from C#, VB.NET and F# to ASP.NET Razor syntax, JavaScript, TypeScript, XAML, HTML, CSS, SCSS, JSON, and SQL.

Rider comes with 2,000+ live code inspections across the supported languages, 500+ refactorings, a variety of code base navigation helpers, a unit test runner, debugger, rich coding assistance, and a lot more advanced IDE features. Anyone who has experience using ReSharper in Visual Studio, or is familiar with JetBrains IDEs such as IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, or PyCharm, will feel right at home with Rider.

Rider uses the standard JetBrains licensing model: there are subscriptions available for corporate and individual customers, with monthly and yearly payment options, and an uninterrupted subscription discount to help you save up to 40% on your third year and onwards.

In addition to standalone licensing, Rider is also part of All Products pack along with other JetBrains IDEs and .NET tools. There's also a Rider + ReSharper Ultimate bundle subscription that helps you save on subscription costs while keeping access to other JetBrains .NET tools such as ReSharper and dotTrace.

Rider is available for free to selected groups of customers including Microsoft MVPs, ASP.NET insiders, students, teachers, and non-commercial Open Source projects.

Download Rider for Windows, macOS or Linux, and take it for a 30-day trial.

JetBrains .NET Team
The Drive to Develop

PyCharm Edu 4 is Out, Enhanced for Both Learners and Educators

Thu, 31 Jul 2017 20:00:00 +0300

PyCharm Edu, our easy and professional tool to learn and teach programming with Python, is now updated!

This update brings a better user experience to both learners and educators, making the product’s use as simple as possible, whether it is used for learning, or for teaching.

First of all, we’ve changed the welcoming UI. Now you begin by choosing your role, Learner or Educator. Depending on your choice, you get access to the courses you can join as a learner and can practice with the help of simple and effective “fill in the missing code” exercises. Or, you can create your own code practice tasks and integrated tests as an educator.

With PyCharm Edu 4, learners can now easily choose the course to join and start learning thanks to the new Welcoming UI. Learn more about PyCharm Edu for learners.

Educators can now easily manage and share their learning materials thanks to better integration with Stepik. Learn more about PyCharm Edu for educators.

DataGrip 2017.2 is Here!

Thu, 27 Jul 2017 17:30:00 +0300

DataGrip, our IDE for SQL and databases, has reached a new version. New features and improvements:

Amazon Redshift and Microsoft Azure support
Dedicated drivers, Incremental introspection, support for Redshift functions which are absent in PostgreSQL
and for specific grammar cases.

Several databases in one PostgreSQL data source

Evaluate expression
This will help you see data without writing a query to the console.

Transaction Control
This replaced the Auto-commit option. There are two modes of transaction control now: Auto and Manual.
It can also be defined for each query console along with the isolation level.

Table DDL
We have divided the Data and DDL tabs when viewing a table. Actually, there are no more tabs.
Now, when you open a table with a double-click, you just see the data. DDL can be opened by Edit Source on the toolbar.

Integration with restore tools for PostgreSQL and MySQL

Executing queries
Attach console action, notification when a large query is finished, auto-scroll to result-set and vice versa.

Coding assistance
Completion for table-valued functions, NEW and OLD references are resolved in PostgreSQL triggers,
support for MERGE statements, resolve for sequences.

Your DataGrip Team

The Drive to Develop

PyCharm 2017.2 Out Now: Docker Compose on Windows, SSH Agent, and more

Wed, 26 Jul 2017 16:00:00 +0300

We’re happy to let you know that the next version of PyCharm is now available. PyCharm 2017.2 comes with Docker Compose support on Windows, SSH Agent, Azure Databases, and Amazon Redshift support.

New in 2017.2:

  • Running your project in Docker Compose is now also supported on Windows
  • Support for using SSH Agent (or a compatible tool like Pageant) to manage your SSH keys
  • The database tools now support connecting to Amazon Redshift and Azure Databases
  • Some small improvements for editing Python files: a quick fix to change the signature of a function you’re calling, an inspection to make sure your Python 3.6-style format strings work correctly, and autocompletion for type hints
  • Data View now supports Pandas Series
  • And more, you can find the details on our website.

Learn more about PyCharm 2017.2 or upgrade now

Your PyCharm Team

The Drive to Develop

CLion 2017.2 released: Clang-Tidy, Force Step Into, better C++ support and performance improvements

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 16:00:00 +0300

Please welcome the new release of your favorite cross-platform C/C++ IDE – CLion 2017.2! Focusing on C++ correctness and performance improvements, it also brings Clang-Tidy integration to expand the number of code analysis checks, a better way to get disassembly view, and lots of bug fixes and other improvements. Read on for details and get a free 30-day trial to evaluate all the new features and enhancements: Integration with Clang-Tidy C++ parser and code analysis improvements C++17 in the New Project wizard Force Step Into for disassembly code and debugger fixes Google Test configurations for targets linked with gmock Non-project files Performance improvements Find in Path UI enhancements VCS changes: Git Revert, Reword, updated commit message settings and quick-fixes Better code quality: Clang-Tidy integration CLion has 30+ code built-in code inspections to alert users to unused code, incompatible types, wrong declaration order, uninitialized variables and so forth. It also performs Data Flow Analysis to catch infinite recursion, endless loops, missing returns, and unreachable code. To expand the list of checks and help you ensure better code quality, we've integrated Clang-Tidy into CLion 2017.2. In CLion Clang-Tidy checks are shown the same way as CLion's own built-in code inspections, and quick-fixes are also available via Alt+Enter. Clang-Tidy's list of checks is long and impressive, and CLion got most of them enabled by default. To customize the list of checks and tweak it to your needs, as well as company policies and standards, go to Settings/Preferences | Editor | Inspections | C/C++ | General | Clang-Tidy settings and use the text-formed string in the Clang-Tidy command line format. Enable C++ Core Guidelines or Clang Static Analyzer checks, try Modernize checks and many others. It's even possible to add your own checks to Clang-Tidy and get them automatically in CLion. However, be sure to use JetBrains' branch of Clang-Tidy (until our patches for the output format and response files are accepted into master). To read more about the integration and our plans for expanding it, see this blog post. More accurate and correct C++ parser Looking ahead, we're planning a major overhaul of CLion's C++ parser. Starting from bottom to top, we will ensure it is correct on each level, unmasking hidden problems on the way. Some work has already been done. At the same time, CLion 2017.2 brings dozens of fixes in various parts of the C++ parsing and resolving engine. From the user perspective, it means a reduced number of false-positive code analysis checks, more accurate navigation, refactorings, and other benefits. In addition, CLion 2017.2 comes with a new quick-fix to preserve non-trivial constructor calls on an unused variable. Besides, when the cast is needed in C++ code, CLion now suggests C++ type casts (static_cast, dynamic_cast, reinterpret_cast, const_cast) instead of C-style casts. PCH for MSVC If you use CLion's experimental support for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler, you'll be glad to learn that precompiled headers are now supported for this case (in addition to previously supported GCC and Clang). Note there are some limitations to keep in mind. Easy start with C++17 C++17 will be officially signed later this year, but as we see, many C++ developers have already moved to it or at least plan to do so. That's why we've added C++17 to the list of [...]

PhpStorm 2017.2 is Here

Wed, 19 Jul 2017 13:00:00 +0300

PhpStorm 2017.2, the next major update for PhpStorm, is now available!

Here are some notable highlights of this release:

  • Composer: New Composer actions (update, remove, install, self-update), PhpStorm and composer.json settings synchronization, global installation and easy project creation
  • PHP Runtime: Docker Compose, detection of enabled/disabled extensions from PHP interpreter, preserve state of Start Listening for PHP Debug Connection option
  • PHP Language Support: reworked polymorphic types support, better refactoring for PHP 7/7.1, $this highlighting, new inspections
  • Testing: Automatically run PHPUnit tests, Unified Test Frameworks settings
  • Improved PHP Formatting: new formatting options (spaces around null coalescing operator, new formatter options for blank lines, new parenthesis options for if statements, separate option for brace placement for closures, new Return type on new line option)

For more details please see What's New in PhpStorm 2017.2 and download the IDE for your operating system.

RubyMine 2017.2: Docker Compose, RuboCop Quick-fixes, Better Version Control, and more

Tue, 18 Jul 2017 19:00:00 +0300

RubyMine 2017.2 is released! This is the second major update for RubyMine this year, and we encourage you to check out our What’s new page to learn more about it and get the new version.

Here's what's new in this release:

  • Docker Compose - Now you can add Docker Compose as a remote SDK and work with your apps in containers using all the IDE features from code completion to debugging apps with the RubyMine graphical debugger.
  • RuboCop Quick-fixes - RuboCop support has been enhanced with handy right-in-the-editor autocorrections application for code smells found in the file.
  • Breadcrumbs - Added newly designed breadcrumbs for Ruby structure elements: modules, classes, methods, blocks, and custom names for RSpec groups and examples.
  • JavaScript - New Move symbol refactoring, additional code style options, improved support for SASS and SCSS, and coding assistance for webpack module resolution in JavaScript files.
  • Version Control - the Git log features the new Revert commit action that allows you to remove registered changes, and a new convenient way to Reword local commits. Moreover, you will discover new style options for the Commit dialog, and the updated Shelf.
  • User Interface - The Preview panel in Find in Path now has a Gutter – a left-side pane like in the editor – with line numbers, navigation icons and local change markers.
  • Other features include Database improvements, the debugger for Docker, RuboCop support in scratch-files, creating patches to clipboard, and a number of fixed performance issues.

    For more details please see What's New in RubyMine 2017.2 , and download a free 30-day trial for your operating system. You can also check out the release notes.

    Your RubyMine Team

    The Drive to Develop

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.2: smarter coding assistance, neater UI, faster performance, and more

Tue, 18 Jul 2017 19:00:00 +0300

2017.2, a new massive update for IntelliJ IDEA, is out and it’s packed full of new features and important bugfixes. Get a copy of this new release, and see for yourself, but before you do, it is worth spending a couple of minutes reading this summary for ideas on where to look. Smarter code completion and control flow analysis Smart Completion becomes aware of builder classes and suggests chains of method calls on its first call, and the chain suggestions are sorted according to how frequently symbols are used in the current project. Control flow analysis has become much smarter and detects a wider array of problems, especially when booleans, strings, arrays, lists, and maps are involved; it also checks nullability issues when corresponding annotations are used on type parameters for collections and maps. New inspections and refactorings Inspections and quick-fixes: Replace with Set.of and Add Thread#onSpinWait() (both require Java 9), and Extract set from comparison chain. Refactorings: Extract as Map Operation (for streams), Extract Functional Variable, and Extract Lambda to Method Reference Java 9 module diagrams Debugger: filtering arrays, collections, and maps Spring Boot run dashboard and actuator endpoints Managing multiple applications is now easier, thanks to the new Run Dashboard tool window Both the Run and Run Dashboard tool windows now provide the actuator endpoint information, like Beans, Health, and Mappings. Kotlin 1.1.3 support The editor can now display Parameter Hints (introduced earlier for Java), along with Type Hints, that is inferred type where it’s not explicitly set. Groovy 2.5.0 support VCS: reverting and rewording commits, formatting commit messages User interface Windows 10 native look and feel Better HiDPI support for multiple display setup on Windows Automatic font settings adjustment to match display resolution JavaScript and TypeScript improvements Editor: Parameter Hints and Type Info Formatting: Rearrange Code Refactorings: Move (across ES6 modules) Frameworks: better support for React and AngularJS CSS Modules support Better Webpack support Code coverage for Mocha Performance Arbitrary modules can now temporarily Unloaded to conserve CPU and memory resources when working on large projects. You can suspend indexing and resume it at your convenience, for example, to save battery power. For more details about the new and improved features (only the most notable of which are mentioned here), check out the release What’s New page. Your feedback, as always, is very much appreciated in our issue tracker. JetBrains recommends: to stay up-to-date with the latest releases, and, when needed, be able to safely switch between several IDE versions, install our Toolbox [...]

Announcing WebStorm 2017.2

Mon, 18 Jul 2017 15:00:00 +0300

Today we’re announcing WebStorm 2017.2!

This big summer update adds powerful Move symbol refactoring, supports new code style options for JavaScript and TypeScript, improves testing with Karma and Mocha, and much more!

Explore the new features and download WebStorm 2017.2 on our website.

Here’s what you can do with the top new features in WebStorm 2017.2:

  • Import code style from an ESLint configuration.
  • Run single Karma tests and generate code coverage reports for Mocha.
  • Take advantage of code completion in JavaScript that respects the project configuration stored in your webpack.config file.
  • Order code inside classes with the Rearrange code action.
  • See Parameter hints and inferred type info in TypeScript.
  • Build interfaces with support for Angular Material.
  • Enjoy better code completion and navigation for Sass selectors.
  • Scope styles for single components with support for CSS Modules.

Upsource 2017.2

Thu, 13 Jul 2017 12:00:00 +0300

Good news, everyone — Upsource 2017.2 is here! It comes with a number of highly anticipated features, brings some fun elements into your daily routine and, as usual, enhances the existing functionality. Here's a quick recap.

External Inspection Engines

Running SonarQube/ReSharper/IntelliJ Inspections on TeamCity? Now you can see the results straight in Upsource. This makes a reviewer's job even easier than before, especially if you're working on a .NET project!

Python Support

Code insight functionality is now also available to teams using Python. As for other supported languages this includes code-aware navigation, static code analysis, Find Usages and Usages diff.


When there's no need for an elaborate answer, give your feedback in a fast and compact form using a reaction.

GitLab Support

We've received a number of requests to support GitLab merge requests, so you'll be pleased to know that you can now perform code review for your GitLab merge requests in Upsource.

NPM Support

To improve "Go to declaration" and "Find usages" in JavaScript code, we install dependencies listed in your package.json file using npm or yarn (whichever is available).

Suggested Revisions in Reviews

We have employed advanced statistical analysis to suggest revisions that should be added to a review. Similar to the reviewer suggestions that were implemented several releases ago, this is another powerful tool that helps you review code more efficiently.


To make it easier to discover new features and to add some fun to your interactions with Upsource, we are introducing an achievements/badges system. So far we've added only a few basic achievements but that's just the beginning!

That's not all of it! If you'd like to learn more about the new Upsource 2017.2 features, please check out the What's New page.

Eager to try? Download the build and don't forget to backup your current instance!

Yours truly,
The JetBrains Team

ReSharper Ultimate 2017.1: support for Visual Studio 2017 RTM, new C# 7 inspections, code styles and more

Mon, 04 Apr 2017 19:00:00 +0300

This year's first major release of ReSharper Ultimate is now available for download! Major highlights of ReSharper 2017.1 include: Visual Studio 2017 support: ReSharper respects the current target framework context; you can work in a Lightweight solution load mode; Open Folder functionality is partially supported and Move to Folder refactoring works in this mode. Context actions and quick-fixes for local functions and throw expressions, and other new inspections to support C# 7 language features. .NET Core unit testing support in Visual Studio 2017. EditorConfig support and the new File Formatting Info window that displays the scopes and properties defined in all active .editorconfig files as well as the source of indentation settings and its value, and the status of indent autodetection. Layered settings for tabs and indents to maintain a consistent code style if most of your team members use ReSharper. ReSharper can automatically detect and apply indentation based on the existing file indents, when you reformat a part of code in this file, or when code is auto-formatted on editing or pasting. Contextual configuration of formatting rules is available in С#, C++, JavaScript and TypeScript. Usability improvements to Code Cleanup: you can create and configure custom task-specific profiles right in the Code Cleanup dialog box. ReSharper applies its formatting rules to any code you paste, and, by default, only the indentation is affected. Code style settings for C# type members bodies allows you to choose between always using a body block, with braces, or using the expression format. New C# formatting options such as comma-first wrapping style, configurable line breaks in a single case statement. Find Results window gets a new option to group and filter results by kind of usage. Go to Everything and Go to Text popups support inline commands for advanced filtering of search results. Full support for TypeScript 2.1 and initial support for TypeScript 2.2. The Rename refactoring in TypeScript works faster for local symbols and gets a new option to disable search for dynamic usage of TypeScript symbols in JavaScript files. The Generate Code menu gets a new option to generate properties or read-only properties for TypeScript classes. The Generate Overriding Members command now calls super whenever possible. TypeScript gets highlights and quick-fixes for unused imports in ES6 style imports. Postfix templates in JavaScript and TypeScript are supported. Navigate to Implementing Members in TypeScript and Navigate to Function Exits in TypeScript and JavaScript. Initial support for Angular 2 templates syntax: template expressions, template statements, NgFor directive and template variables. Context menu on ReSharper's File Status Indicator provides quick access to a number of code inspections and commands. ReSharper C++ 2017.1 comes with these improvements: Support for the Open Folder functionality and CMake-based projects, as well as the Faster Project Load Visual Studio setting. Performance improvements. The Update file header cleanup task and a set of cleanup tasks to fix common code issues. Control flow inspections for class fields. Declaration and assignment can be joined inspection and an accompanying quick-fix. Custom attributes in C++ 11 to mark printf-style functions, functions with side effects, and guard classes for which the Unused variable highlighting should be suppressed. Extended set of C[...]

YouTrack 2017.2

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 16:00:00 +0300

Please welcome YouTrack 2017.2 featuring a redesigned profile page, the ability to change the owner of an agile board, experimental features and more.

The latest release also brings:

  • Current sprint functionality
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Simplified board commands

For more details visit the What’s new page. Get YouTrack 2017.2 today and enjoy its wide range of issue tracking and project management capabilities. The latest version is available for download or cloud registration.

JetBrains YouTrack Team
The Drive to Develop

YouTrack 2017.2

Tue, 18 Apr 2017 16:00:00 +0300

Please welcome YouTrack 2017.2 featuring a redesigned profile page, the ability to change the owner of an agile board, experimental features and more.

The latest release also brings:

  • Current sprint functionality
  • Dashboard improvements
  • Simplified board commands

For more details visit the What’s new page. Get YouTrack 2017.2 today and enjoy its wide range of issue tracking and project management capabilities. The latest version is available for download or cloud registration.

JetBrains YouTrack Team
The Drive to Develop

CLion 2017.1 released: C++14, C++17, PCH, disassembly view, Catch, MSVC and more

Wed, 29 Mar 2017 16:00:00 +0100

Please give a warm welcome to CLion 2017.1! Our first big update this year includes: Extended support for C++14 (in brief, all except constexpr are there!) First step towards C++17 support (nested namespaces!) First step to modernizing your C++ code: make auto intention Support for precompiled headers and headers included via -include compile option Disassembly view in debugger (GDB) Support for the Catch unit test framework Experimental support for Microsoft Visual C++ compiler Find in Path in popup Enhanced Log viewer and branches popup Modern C++ standards As C++17 has already been approved, we've sped up to support the latest C++ standards. The following features of C++14 are recognized in v2017.1: auto return type, generic lambdas, variable templates, and generalized lambda captures. Support for these language features includes correct highlighting and no false-positives in code analysis, as well as correct code completion, navigation and refactorings. This means that only constexpr is actually missing from C++14. As for C++17, we've started with the most upvoted feature, nested namespaces. There are dozens of fixes for incorrect code resolve and thus no more false code analysis and other related issues. Check out the build to see if CLion got better for you! Support for C++11 and C++14 will be polished in 2017.1.x and 2017.2 releases, and hopefully we'll be able to devote more time to C++17. Make auto While working on modern C++ standards, developers see how new language features can help make their code more accurate and readable. What if an IDE could assist you with the task of modernizing your code? Sounds good, doesn't it? The first step we've taken in this direction is to add a 'convert variable type to auto' intention in CLion 2017.1. Just put the caret on the type or variable name, and invoke the available intentions list with Alt+Enter. Be careful – keep the code modern, but self-documented. The best general cases to convert variable type to auto are iterators, type casts, new-expressions. Precompiled headers and more Precompiled headers and the -include compiler option is a way to reduce compilation time and keep large-scale codebases structured and clear. When using this, you simply compile expensive includes once and then guide the compiler to reuse that information. CLion 2017.1 correctly resolves symbols from such headers, suggests code completion, navigate to the declarations and definitions. Check more details. Debugger The debugger in CLion 2017.1 received several important bug fixes and a workaround for the GDB timeout issue (which unfortunately still happens to some CLion users). However, the most important and long-awaited change is the disassembly view in the debugger. When the sources are unavailable, you still can step into and view the disassembly code. Step through it to investigate the issue in your program deeper or to understand what's happening inside a library call. For now this only works for GDB. For more about the limitations and known issues, see this. Besides, if you just open a .s or .asm file in CLion (or other extensions, i[...]

PyCharm 2017.1 is Here!

Fri, 24 Mar 2017 18:00:00 +0300

PyCharm 2017.1, is out! Faster debugger, better unit testing, and more. In PyCharm 2017.1:

  • The Python debugger got forty times faster for Python 3.6 projects, and up to two times faster for older versions of Python
  • We’ve added support for the six compatibility library
  • Unit test runners for Python have been rebuilt from the ground up: you can now run any test configuration with PyCharm
  • Are you a full stack developer? We’ve improved our JavaScript unit testing: gutter icons indicating whether a test passed and support for Jest, Facebook’s JS testing framework (only available in PyCharm Professional edition)
  • Zero-latency typing is now on by default: typing latencies for PyCharm 2017.1 are lower than those for Sublime Text and Emacs
  • Support for native Docker for Mac – no more need to use SOCAT! (only available in PyCharm Professional edition)

Learn more on the PyCharm page

PhpStorm 2017.1 is Here

Thu, 23 Mar 2017 15:30:00 +0300

PhpStorm 2017.1, the next major update for PhpStorm, is now available!

Here are some notable highlights of this release:

  • Tools and Frameworks: Support of the Codeception testing framework, support of PHPUnit 6, support of PHPDoc in Blade injections, Vue support
  • New editing experience: SParameter Hints, improved support of PSR-0 and rename refactoring, recognition of PHP class names in strings, improved PHP formatting, improvements in auto-import functionality
  • PHP language support: Full support of PHP 7 Uniform Variable Syntax, current scope highlighting for alternative syntax, improved support for anonymous classes in PHP 7.1, new code highlights, configurable PHP runtime
  • Code quality analysis: Detect and convert PHP 4 style constructors to PHP 5.3+, new quick-fix for undefined variables
  • PHP debugging: Grouping of user-defined constants in Debugger, allow choosing IP to be sent to Zend Debugger

For more details please see What's New in PhpStorm 2017.1 and download the IDE for your operating system.

DataGrip 2017.1 is Here!

Wed, 22 Mar 2017 18:00:00 +0300

DataGrip, our IDE for SQL and databases, has reached a new version. New features and improvements:

Database tree:

  • New schema management
  • SQL resolution scopes
  • Create database/schema UI
  • Color settings affect editor and grid
  • SQLite introspection

Import/export data:

  • Column mappings
  • DDL preview
  • Drag-n-drop tables
  • Export result-set to a database

Query console:

  • Respecting the default search path in PostgreSQL
  • Trigger generation pattern
  • Hints for column names in INSERT statement
  • Insert string concatenation on Enter option
  • Settings for Qualifying objects
  • Editable Aliases casing
  • Statement separators
  • Jump to colors and fonts action

Database objects:

  • Double-cliсk to open column details in Modify table
  • Warning if an object has been changed in another place
  • Correct source code for views in SQLite


  • Query time and selected column/row numbers in data editor status bar
  • Include/exclude text occurrences in Find Usages
  • Windows authentication for SQL Server in jTDS driver
  • Commit triggers synchronization in PostgreSQL
  • Read-only preview available for large files

RubyMine 2017.1: Docker, RuboCop, Puppet, Test Generation for Rails, and More

Wed, 22 March 2017 19:00:00 +0300

RubyMine 2017.1 has been released! This is the first major update for RubyMine this year, and we encourage you to learn more about it and get the new version from our What’s new page.

Here's the list of all new and updated items:

  • Docker support - RubyMine provides full support for Docker through the usage of the Docker integration plugin available in RubyMine.
  • RVM gemsets - we added the ability to create new RVM gemsets from the New Project wizard, and through Settings | Ruby SDK and Gems.
  • RuboCop support - now the IDE runs cops in the background, and displays RuboCop offenses the same way as it does RubyMine inspections.
  • Test generation for Rails - you can now create tests for Rails controllers, models, helpers, and mailers from the Go to test action.
  • Puppet improvements - new Puppet modules can be generated from the New Project wizard. Also, now RubyMine finds all modules and/or environments in your project and updates the project structure when you Install dependencies from the context menu.
  • JavaScript improvements include Support for Vue, Auto import for React components, Integration with Jest, and more.
  • VCS features new search and display options. Also, searching in Git Log is now a lot faster.

Other improvements include parameter hints for Ruby, updated structure view of markdown files, rollbacks for generated Rails entities, updated New Ruby Class dialog, support for Cucumber 3, support for Emoji, and customizable colors for RegExp syntax highlighting.

For more details please see What's New in 2017.1, and download a free 30-day trial for your operating system. You can also check out the release notes.

Your RubyMine Team

The Drive to Develop

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 is Here: Java 9, Kotlin 1.1, Spring, Gradle, JavaScript and more

Tue, 21 Mar 2017 18:00:00 +0300

IntelliJ IDEA 2017.1 is available for download! In addition to many important bug fixes, this massive update brings lots of improvements to supported languages, frameworks, and built-in tools. Java 9: The latest builds of JDK 9 are fully supported, with assisted project import and coding assistance for editing module declarations. Built-in inspections validate module declarations and provide quick-fixes for adjusting project dependencies. Java 8: Quick-fixes that help migrate for loops to Stream API calls have been improved and now support more sophisticated scenarios. We’ve also added a quick-fix that turns Stream API calls back into for loops, which is handy for debugging or exploring code. Async-aware debugger: Async stacktraces is a new feature that substitutes parts of a stack trace related to asynchronous code execution with data captured from where that code is invoked. This helps you focus on what you’re debugging. An improved Smart Step Into also supports asynchronous code and lambda expressions running on other threads. Better VCS: The Log panel for Git and Mercurial has new display options, the Diff dialog gets an option to Ignore imports and formatting, and File History for Git is now faster. We’ve also added Favorite branches and Speed Search to the Branches popup for Git. Search: The Find in Path dialog, which previously had added a Preview tab, has been reworked from the ground up and now shows instant results in the first place. What is more important, now you can open any selected result in the Editor simply by pressing Enter. Spring: Spring Testing has been updated to support Spring Boot 1.4.3, and the upcoming Spring 5.0. Spring Data tools are updated to version 2.0 (including MongoDB, Redis, Solr, KeyValue, Gemfire, Apache Cassandra, REST, Neo4j, Couchbase, and Elasticsearch). There’s also a new Data tab in the Spring tool window which brings better repository navigation. Gradle: Support for Composite Builds is much improved with the detection of includeBuild in Gradle settings and automatic project configuration. Kotlin 1.1: Among other things, the new version of this JVM language introduces coroutines—the new non-blocking asynchronous API, and fully supports compilation to JavaScript. This means you can use Kotlin strings, collections, sequences, arrays and other core API in your JavaScript apps. JavaScript: We’re bringing first-class support for Vue, lots of new code style options for JavaScript and TypeScript, faster and more reliable integrations with Angular, ESLint and TSLint (including language service support and TSLint-powered quick-fixes). Plus, simpler editing of project dependencies in package.json with package names and versions completion and easier running of Mocha and Jest tests with the new Run gutter icon that also displays test state. Database tools: IntelliJ IDEA now allows you to transfer table schemas and data between any two databases (yes, even from M[...]

Meet WebStorm 2017.1 with Vue and Jest support

Mon, 20 Mar 2017 20:00:00 +0300

WebStorm 2017.1, the first big update this year, is now available!

We’ve added support for such exciting technologies as Vue and Jest, brought more flexibility to code styles, improved React and Angular support, and so much more!

Explore the new features and download WebStorm 2017.1 on our website.

Highlights include:

  • Vue support: coding assistance for Vue template language; completion and automatic import for Vue components
  • Jest integration: run Jest tests and see the results right in the IDE
  • Support for Standard style and lots of new code style options: use of semicolons and trailing commas, quote style, sorting for imports and more
  • Imports for React components are added automatically
  • Completion for modules in package.json; TSLint-powered quick-fixes; support for the Angular language service; new module dependency diagram; test status icons in the editor; emoji support in the editor.

Upsource 2017.1 Is Out

Tue, 21 Feb 2017 18:00:00 +0300

Please welcome Upsource 2017.1 with tons of new features and improvements that make your code review process smoother and more productive.

New features include:

  • Cross-project full-text search
  • Squash/rebase support
  • Review progress
  • Browser notifications
  • Docker support
  • Merge status on Review page
  • Review suggestions in revisions list
  • New code review workflows
  • Initial GitLab support

Other enhancements:

  • Revised Reviews page
  • Redesigned Administration area
  • Updated user profile
  • Android Studio, advanced Gradle settings
  • New query assist options
  • Code review workflow improvements
  • Fira Code

Please visit our What's new page for more details about this release.

Download Upsource 2017.1 and enjoy all the new goodies with its free version for 10 users!

The Upsource JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop!

YouTrack 2017.1

Thu, 2 Feb 2017 22:00:00 +0300

Please welcome YouTrack 2017.1 featuring search based on time tracking, attachments on Agile Board and many other improvements.

The latest release also brings:

  • Credentials management
  • Permanent access token
  • LDAP bind to a fixed account
  • Revised access tab
  • Description for banned users
  • Enhanced Auth Modules

For more details visit the What's new page. Get YouTrack 2017.1 today and enjoy its wide range of issue tracking and project management capabilities. The latest version is available for download or cloud registration.

JetBrains YouTrack Team
The Drive to Develop

Hub 2017.1

Tue, 31 Jan 2017 18:00:00 +0300

Please welcome Hub 2017.1 introducing new useful features and dozens of UI and usability improvements.

The latest release brings:

  • Quick navigation
  • Revised access tab
  • LDAP bind to a fixed account
  • Credentials management
  • Permanent access token

Other enhancements:

  • Description for banned users
  • Scheduled backups
  • Delete an entity from anywhere
  • Enhanced Auth Modules
  • Open service URL

Check out What's new page for more details or view the Release Notes. Download Hub 2017.1 for free and enjoy all the new features today.

JetBrains Hub Team
The Drive to Develop

Welcome PyCharm Edu 3.5

Thu, 26 Jan 2017 20:00:00 +0300

Please welcome PyCharm Edu 3.5, the newest release of our free and easy-to-use IDE for learning and teaching programming with Python.

This release brings advanced course creation options for educators and more courses for students.

Subtask Management for Educators

When teaching your students to program, you often want to give them an opportunity to work with the same code fragment, gradually making tasks more complicated and sophisticated. With PyCharm Edu 3.5 it is now possible to add steps, or subtasks, for any task in your course. Read more about the feature on the blog or find more details in the getting started tutorial.

Please see the What's New page for more details and download PyCharm Edu 3.5.

The JetBrains Team

ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 is Here!

Thu, 15 Dec 2016 22:00:00 +0300

We at JetBrains have just finalized an update to the ReSharper Ultimate family, and we invite you to download ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 RTM!

Major highlights of this release are the following:

  • All ReSharper Ultimate tools can now work with Visual Studio 2017 RC.
  • ReSharper 2016.3 implements initial support for C# 7 and VB.NET 15; adds new code generation actions, context actions and quick-fixes; introduces a Transform Parameters refactoring; supports running .NET Core unit tests that target .NET Core 1.0.x in Visual Studio 2015; brings noticeable improvements in usage search and ReSharper Build; improves support for TypeScript, JavaScript and HTML; extends the language injection mechanism.
  • ReSharper C++ 2016.3 starts to support the Catch unit testing framework; adds refactorings to introduce or inline typedefs; improves Quick Documentation and Quick Info controls; adopts the idea of postfix completion and postfix templates from the mainline ReSharper.
  • dotCover 2016.3 comes with a more compact way to highlight coverage status in Visual Studio code editors, which is very relevant for Continuous Testing. It also receives new filtering options that allow easy selection of code that should be covered.
  • dotPeek 2016.3 introduces a metadata viewer in the Assembly Explorer.
  • dotMemory 2016.3 adds new inspections to check your application on finalized objects and objects queued for finalization.
  • dotTrace 2016.3 provides a wide set of improvements for its Timeline Viewer, including Subsystems, Debug Output filter and Native Memory Allocations event filter.
  • Download the updated ReSharper Ultimate 2016.3 and give it a go!

    The ReSharper Ultimate Team
    The Drive to Develop

RubyMine 2016.3: Attach to Process, MiniTest::Spec, Better UI, and More

Tue, 30 Nov 2016 19:00:00 +0300

We’re in high spirits having this year’s final update released today, and we invite you to share our joy and welcome RubyMine 2016.3! Learn more and get the newest version from our What’s New page. Here’s the list of all new and updated items: Ruby Attach to local process — Now you can attach the RubyMine debugger to locally running processes without reconfiguring your project or manually installing gems. Better Puppet support — RubyMine is configured to understand valid Puppet 4 code, including functions defined in the Puppet language. Go to declaration, Find usages, and the Rename refactoring have also been improved. Remote Ruby interpreters are much easier to set up as gem synchronization is now 80 times faster. User Interface Managing Ruby versions and gems is twice as easy and quick as before. The initial configuration dialog has been reworked so that now you can choose your preferred color and shortcut schemes, as well as enable/disable plugins as needed. Version Control Git & Mercurial log features better search speed and a much clearer UI. Conflict resolution is now more efficient and able to resolve simple conflicts automatically. Branch & commit management improved: delete a related remote branch when deleting the local one, undo your last commit, and sign-off your commit. JavaScript If JavaScript is set to use Flow, the IDE reports problems on the fly. ECMAScript 6 support features the ability to convert var to const/let, and replace require() calls within import statements, as well as better support for destructuring assignments. Default-exported functions and classes are now supported in Find and Show Usages. TypeScript support features better method renaming and provides a new inspection that alerts you when a statement can be shortened. Database tools More convenient data editing — Now you can edit multiple similar cells at once and submit your changes in bulk. Coding assistance has become more intelligent, featuring more accurate code completion, new warnings, and other improvements. RubyMine has been integrated with mysqldump and pg_dump utilities. Also, the IDE now helps you manage the version of the datasource driver and update it if needed. Learn more about new database tools and features. Other improvements include support for MiniTest::Spec as mentioned above; a fix for the lo[...]

DataGrip 2016.3 is Here!

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 17:30:00 +0300

DataGrip, our IDE for SQL and databases, has reached a new version. New features and improvements:

Database objects support:

  • Loading source code of triggers, rules, materialized views
  • Find usages inside views and procedures
  • Tracking databases changes
  • Diff viewer for source code changes
  • 'Open DDL in new console' action
  • Renaming views
  • Saving comments for procedures

Data editor:

  • Bulk submit changes
  • Multiple cells edit
  • Data conversion
  • Select next occurrence
  • Expand selection

Code insight:

  • Default fields excluding in INSERT completion
  • Unused parameters inspection
  • Set operators inspection
  • Find usages by $n references in PostgreSQL
  • USING completion in PostgreSQL
  • Navigation by statements


  • Integration with pg_dump and mysqldump
  • SQL Server 2016 and PostgreSQL 9.6 support
  • Faster scripts executing
  • XML extractor comes back
  • New icons

PhpStorm 2016.3 is Here

Thu, 24 Nov 2016 15:30:00 +0300

PhpStorm 2016.3, this year’s third and final major update of PhpStorm, is now available!

Here are some notable highlights of this release:

  • Tools and Frameworks: Support of Docker in Remote Interpreters, support of PHPSpec test framework, auto-detection and configuration of PHPUnit/Behat/PHPSpec.
  • New editing experience: Semantic highlighting for variables and parameters, completion of overridden methods and fields without function and var keyword, and improved support of PSR-0/PSR-4.
  • Code quality analysis: Project-wide PHP 7 strict types, new naming convention inspections, and improved Runtime Error Prevention.
  • IDE Improvements: Open multiple projects in one frame, Version Control improvements.

For more details please see What's New in PhpStorm 2016.3 and download the IDE for your operating system.

PyCharm 2016.3 is out now! Full Python 3.6 support, better Django support and more

Wed, 23 Nov 2016 17:30:00 +0300

We are happy to announce the availability of PyCharm 2016.3.

We have worked hard on bringing you a better IDE, PyCharm 2016.3 comes with these features:

  • Better Django support
  • Improved Python console
  • Full support for Python 3.6
  • Enhanced version control integration
  • And much more

Find out more here

CLion 2016.3 released: Modern C and C++ support, remote debug on Windows, CMake workflow changes and more

Tue, 22 Nov 2016 18:00:00 +0300

Great news: As of today, CLion 2016.3 is generally available! In its third and final update this year, our cross-platform C/C++ IDE gets a firmer handle on modern language standards, incorporates top-voted changes in working with CMake project model, and brings lots of other enhancements. Take a closer look at these and other capabilities available in CLion 2016.3. C++ language support With C++ evolving quickly, it's crucial for an IDE to support modern standards. While relying on our own parser, we do our best to catch up. Version 2016.3 brings lots of improvements for C++11 and C++14. User-defined literals First, we've introduced support for user-defined literals. This concept of the built-in type that you can define based on integer, float, character, and string literals by adding special suffixes, became especially popular after it was included in std::chrono (as well as some other places in the Standard Library). CLion 2016.3 is not only aware of the syntax, keeping code with user-defined literals away from false-positives in code analysis, but it also understands the type and shows it in the Quick Documentation popup (Ctrl+Q on Lin/Win, F1 on macOS). It also allows you to rename such literals. Overload resolution improvements In order to make CLion's code analysis more accurate, we've improved our overload resolution support, which eliminates lots of false-positives. You can now catch two problems on the fly in the editor, thanks to the new code inspections: Ambiguous call No matching function to call Code analysis accuracy Static analysis in CLion helps you catch problems on the fly and write beautiful and correct code more easily. CLion 2016.3 introduced some important fixes for: Reference may be null checks for one-element initializer list case; Loop variable is not updated inside the loop warnings; Simplify quick-fix for overloaded operators; Unused variable in case of non-trivial destructors (including a fix for for the so called ‘guard' idiom); Platform-dependant sizeof()-related analysis; Local variable is never used check inside the sizeof() expressions; Code analysis check for bitwise shift operators. It also provides support for __attribute__(unused) and __builtin_unreachable. C++14 digit separator The last but not the least, is C++14 digit separator support. Not that much to say here except that it now works, but it does mean that we are open now to C++14 fixes and will look at it more closely soon. So if you have something in mind from C++14 that really annoys you in CLion, let us know. C language [...]

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3 GA: Java 8 and ES6, debugger and UI improvements, and a ton more

Tue, 22 Nov 2016 16:00:00 +0300

Please welcome IntelliJ IDEA 2016.3, the third update of your favorite IDE planned for this year.

The past four months have been a lot of fun! Here’s what kept us busy:

  • Refactoring to Java 8. Since Java 8 was released, IntelliJ IDEA has been providing inspections that help write correct and idiomatic Java 8. With this update, we’ve gone much further and extended our existing inspections to support non-trivial cases.
  • JVM Debugger. The debugger has been extended with Class-level Watches and JVM Memory View, a new plugin that lets you explore objects in the JVM heap during a debug session.
  • User Interface. The editor has been extended with Parameter Hints that show method parameters names for passed values that are literals or nulls. It also introduces Semantic Highlighting, a highlighting mode that uses unique colors for each parameter and local variable. The interface itself has got new flat file icons which we believe are sharper and less noisy.
  • Gradle. A new option, “Delegate IDE build/run actions to Gradle,” allows you to delegate the native IDE Build, Build Artifacts (both WAR and EAR) and Run actions to Gradle. Another new option called “Gradle Composite Builds” lets you substitute any of your Gradle dependencies with another IntelliJ IDEA project.
  • Scala. The Scala plugin adds support for Scala and scala.meta.
  • JavaScript. Flow-based inspections and completion; quick-fixes that convert JavaScript to ECMAScript 6; better TypeScript support; improved built-in debugger for React Native, Protractor, Stylelint, and PostCSS; and many more enhancements await.
  • VCS. The Log viewer has been additionally reworked, this time mainly to improve its ergonomics and speed. The Merge dialog now shows a Resolve icon on the left-hand side of the Editor when the IDE is capable of resolving the conflict automatically. Also, the IDE provides an interface for managing Git remotes for every repo in the project.
  • Android. The Android plugin has been aligned with Android Studio 2.2: Blueprint, Constraint Layout, better Instant Run, and APK Analyzer.
  • Database. The Database plugin now allows editing multiple cells at once, submit changes in bulk, and find usages of objects within the source code of other objects (procedures, functions, triggers, views, etc.).

For more details and screenshots about the new features, check out the What’s New page. Or, if you’ve already read enough, proceed directly to the Download page.

Meet the new and powerful WebStorm 2016.3

Mon, 14 Nov 2016 20:00:00 +0300

Today, we are happy to announce the release of WebStorm 2016.3!

For the past four months we’ve been working hard to improve support for ES6, TypeScript, and Flow and integrate more tools into the IDE, to help you develop more smoothly and productively not only for the web but also for mobile.

WebStorm 2016.3 is jam-packed with new features! Here are the highlights:

  • Support for Flow: type errors are reported right in the editor; Flow-powered code completion
  • Support for React Native: code completion; running and debugging apps in WebStorm
  • Better TypeScript support: more precise code completion and analysis powered by the TypeScript language service; smarter Rename refactoring that understands the inheritance hierarchy
  • Set of inspections and quick-fixes for migrating the code to ES6 and a new Convert to class intention

Among other noticeable updates: integration with Stylelint, support for PostCSS via a plugin, running and debugging tests with Protractor, quick bootstrap to run and debug Node app in Docker, better support for ES6 destructuring, and even more!

Download WebStorm and see a full overview of its new features at What’s new in WebStorm 2016.3.

Upsource 3.5

Tue, 18 Oct 2016 18:00:00 +0300

We have good news to share with you today: Upsource 3.5 is now publicly available! This major release brings a number of new features and improvements for a smoother, more productive experience. The list includes:

Redesigned home page

The new Home page is a lot more flexible and can be equally friendly to those who have a dozen of projects as well as to those who have hundreds of project. Plus it provides more useful information on the activity in the projects.

Public user profiles

Upsource now lets you know a little more about your teammates, and see what they’re working on, what projects they contribute to, and so on. From your own profile page, you can quickly access your own commits, reviews and other information.


Upsource’s search is now capable of finding files across projects, projects themselves and even people, and it has become sensitive to the context you’re in.

Revamped custom workflows

Previously introduced Custom workflows have been reworked as well, and allow a lot more flexibility.

Smarter notifications

If a code review completely slipped your mind, Upsource will now remind you to address pending changes.

Reviewers graph

With this new addition to the Analytics section you can now learn more about interactions in your projects and see what code review relationships have been built.

Annotated changes

When reviewing a branch with contributions from several people, it helps to have an annotated view of the changes, to see who wrote what.

IDE integration improvements

Take a moment and check out the Upsource 3.5 release notes! Eager to try? Download the build and don't forget to backup your current instance!

You can also register to our free webinar "What's New in Upsource 3.5" to see the new features in action.

YouTrack 7.0: You Are Not Alone

Wed, 28 Sep 2016 16:00:00 +0300

Please welcome YouTrack 7.0, code-named Inception, featuring new Agile Board, Real-time updates, Gantt Chart, Multiple and Shareable Dashboards, and many other important enhancements.

The latest release brings:

  • Enhanced Backlog management
  • Agile Boards Templates
  • Issue drafts on Board
  • Enhanced Burndown and Cumulative flow
  • Project templates
  • Adding values to custom fields from anywhere
  • New color palette

Other enhancements:

  • SAML 2.0 support
  • Password strength policy
  • Revised Permission management
  • Delete user profiles
  • Issue link preview in messengers

For more details visit the What's new page. Get YouTrack 7.0 to start enjoying better user experience in addition to the awesome issue tracking your development team is already used to. The latest version is available for download or cloud registration.

JetBrains YouTrack Team
The Drive to Develop

ReSharper Ultimate 2016.2 is Here!

Thu, 18 Aug 2016 21:00:00 +0300

We at JetBrains have just finalized an update to the ReSharper Ultimate family, and we welcome you to download ReSharper Ultimate 2016.2 RTM! Major highlights of ReSharper 2016.2 are the following: Support for ASP.NET Core 1.0 and .NET Core 1.0 projects, which means that ReSharper now correctly resolves project references and provides its core set of features (code inspections, code completion, navigation, search and refactorings) in projects of this type. Structural navigation, a new feature informally referred to as "Make Tab Great Again". You can now use Tab and Shift+Tab keys to quickly move the text selection to the next or previous code element without having to use the cursor keys, letting you quickly navigate to the next important piece of code you need to edit. Go to Text navigation (Ctrl+T,T,T) lets you quickly find and navigate to any text in source and textual files. This new feature uses trigram indexing to make text search blazingly fast. Warnings in solution-wide analysis help you constantly keep track of all warnings in your solution: both actual compiler warnings and ReSharper’s inspections with the Warning severity level. Marking references as used at runtime to exclude them from code cleanup performed by the Optimize References and Remove Unused References features. New C# typing assistant features, such as auto-replacing MethodName(.) with MethodName()., and correcting mistyped @$ prefixes for verbatim string interpolations. Rearrange code improvements. For example, it is now available in interpolated string inserts, and in expressions with 3 and more operands; Greedy brace feature now works for opening brace, braces of types and namespace declarations. Reworked surround templates. If you need to surround a piece of code with a template, just select the code, and type in the name of a template you need: no extra shortcuts required. In other news, a single template can now be used for for creating code (as a live template) and for surrounding existing code (as a surround template). A new refactoring to move members to another part of a class. You can also use the refactoring over a region to move all region members into a new file with a name inferred from the region name. New quick-fixes and context actions that help simplify string interpolation inserts, revert the order of iteration in simple for loops, or fix awaiting of a void method. In other news, you can now check all parameters of a method for null (or empty strings) with a single context action. You can even uncomment or even delete a comment via Alt+Enter. Assembly dependency diagram that visualizes how assemblies are interrelated via references. HTML analysis inside string literals in .cs[...]

RubyMine 2016.2 is out

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 21:00:00 +0300

RubyMine 2016.2, the second update in the 2016 series of releases, is out!

The following features are on board:

  • Frozen objects inspection – a new code inspection highlights immutable strings as well as any other frozen objects when modified.
  • Rbenv gemsets support improvements – a new inspection with a quick-fix option is available for .rbenv-gemset and .ruby-gemset files; any nonexistent gemset is highlighted and can be created on the fly.
  • YAML language injection – a new and long-awaited language injection option in YAML files makes possible language-specific code highlighting, completion, formatting, and more.
  • New refactoring for RSpec tests – you can now extract a code fragment into a new let statement and then replace all duplicated code fragments.
  • Better JavaScript and TypeScript – improvements include TypeScript 2.0 support; improvements in React support; new intentions for upgrading to ECMAScript 6; integration with Angular CLI and a collection of Angular 2 code snippets.
  • VCS improvements – improvements in working with VCS patches; better log viewer for Git and Mercurial; unversioned files in Commit dialog; case-only rename in Git for Windows and OS X.
  • Database tools new features – auto-scroll from Editor in the Database tool window; more context-aware SQL code completion; completion for column values in Table Editor; and more.

Please learn more about 2016.2 features on our website

JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop

TeamCity 10.0

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 20:00:00 +0300

TeamCity 10.0, the jubilee version of our continuous integration and deployment server, is now available!

Here is what’s new:

In addition to the regular way of creating projects and build configurations, you can now set up TeamCity programmatically. Create projects and build configurations in code, using TeamCity DSL based on the Kotlin programming language. Keep this code in a VCS, and TeamCity will apply all the changes to your projects and build configurations automatically, without you interacting with the web UI.

In this release another take on scalability has been made - now you can set up a two-node TeamCity, distributing the workload between two servers.

Issue trackers integration has been improved: TFS, GitHub, and Bitbucket are supported out of the box.

We've made significant progress making VCS-related improvements: cross-platform support for TFS is finally here; TeamCity works with Perforce streams now and more!

This is just a teaser - for the full list of features see our What's New and Release Notes, and download TeamCity 10.0! Remember to check the Upgrade Notes before you install the new version!

JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop

PyCharm 2016.2 is available

Thu, 21 Jul 2016 17:00:00 +0300

Today we bring you PyCharm 2016.2, now available for download. This is the second update in the series of releases planned for 2016. Its outstanding new features for professional Python, Web and scientific development work together smoothly to offer you a unique coding experience.

As usual, PyCharm 2016.2 is available as a full-featured Professional Edition for Python and Web development, or as a free and open-source Community Edition for pure Python and scientific development.

Here are some notable highlights of this release.

Python-related improvements:

  • vmprof Profiler Support
  • Pandas dataframes viewer
  • Thread suspend option
  • Function return values in the debugger
  • Package installation from requirements.txt
  • Configuration for optimize imports
  • Postfix code completion
  • Lettuce scenario outlines

Platform enhancements:

  • Support for ligatures
  • Improved inspection tool
  • Custom background image for the editor
  • Regex support improvement
  • Handling of unversioned files
  • Improvements in working with patches
  • Enhanced VCS Log Viewer
  • Database tool improvements
  • And even more

Read more about what’s new in PyCharm 2016.2 on the product website and download the IDE for your platform.

JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop

DataGrip 2016.3 is Here!

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 19:00:00 +0300

DataGrip, our IDE for SQL and databases, has reached a new version. New features and improvements:

Database objects support:
- Loading source code of triggers, rules, materialized views
- Find usages inside views and procedures
- Tracking databases changes
- Diff viewer for source code changes
- 'Open DDL in new console' action
- Renaming views
- Saving comments for procedures

Data editor:
- Bulk submit changes
- Multiple cells edit
- Data conversion
- Select next occurrence
- Expand selection

Code insight:
- Default fields excluding in INSERT completion
- Unused parameters inspection
- Set operators inspection
- Find usages by $n references in PostgreSQL
- USING completion in PostgreSQL
- Navigation by statements

- Integration with pg_dump and mysqldump
- SQL Server 2016 and PostgreSQL 9.6 support
- Faster scripts executing
- XML extractor comes back
- New icons

AppCode 2016.2 released: Swift inspections and intentions, Introduce Variable, Live Templates, parameter placeholders and more!

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 16:00:00 +0300

AppCode 2016.2 is here, so download and try it right now! And if you've already installed the AppCode 2016.2 RC build, then simply keep it, since it's the same as the released one. SWIFT Introduce Variable One of the most important features from our roadmap, an initial implementation of Introduce Variable refactoring for Swift, is here! Extract Swift expressions from complex ones simply by pressing ⌘⌥V. Replace multiple occurrences of selected expression in one click, and select if you want to specify variable type or make the variable mutable. Read more about this refactoring in this blog post. Inspections and intentions See all errors and warnings immediately in the editor when writing Swift code with SourceKit inspections integrated into AppCode and use the same fix-its as in Xcode for Swift – simply press ⌥Enter on a highlighted region to apply them. If you happen to mistype something in your comments or code constructs, use the same approach to fix any mistake with new Spelling inspection for Swift. Read the tutorial to learn more about inspections in AppCode Live templates Use Live Templates in Swift to insert frequently-used or custom code constructs into source code quickly and learn more about it in our in-depth Live Templates tutorial. Parameter placeholders Have parameter names and value placeholders autofilled simply by invoking completion on a Swift method or function and navigate between them forward and back using Tab/Shift+Tab. OBJECTIVE-C Complete Statement Use Complete Statement (⇧⌘Enter) in Objective-C code to insert parentheses, braces, semicolons and quotes for such code constructs as if, switch or else. Quickly jump to the place where you can start typing the next statement automatically. Learn how to use this and other types of completion Documentation Generate documentation comments for Objective-C/C++ methods in no time, simply by pressing /**,/*! or /// and have parameter names inserted into the comment stub automatically. Use completion inside documentation comment to quickly insert documentation tag or method parameter name. Benefit from the significantly improved formatting in Quick Documentation (F1) and save your time when updating your documentation – use Renam[...]

CLion 2016.2 released: Remote debug, Doxygen support, operator generation, and smart CMake features

Wed, 20 Jul 2016 16:00:00 +0300

As of today, CLion 2016.2 is generally available. This is our second release of 2016, building on the idea of releasing more often and bringing you the latest features faster. With many new fantastic tools, CLion can help you become a true C++ rockstar: Inspect code more efficiently thanks to improved performance of debugger drivers and the remote debug possibility. Keep your code well-documented with Doxygen support (and thus reduce maintainability costs). Save time on typing, with lots of new code generation options. Work with CMake project model more easily thanks to smart CMake support. Let's take a closer look at these and other capabilities available in CLion 2016.2. Debugger performance GDB and LLDB debugger drivers have been overhauled to improve both correctness and performance. We thank all our users for your collaboration - all your logs, sample projects and use case details finally made this possible! If you've ever run into 'command timeout' in CLion, we encourage you to get this build as the problem should be fixed now. Lots of other issues have been fixed as well: 'Variables' windows that wasn't updated on variable setting, problems with showing frames, incorrect debugger exit, and more. As an important result, debugger performance has seen a huge boost – up to 800x in some cases. The supported GDB version was updated to 7.11 and LLDB updated to 3.8. Besides, Linux users can now benefit from using LLDB (as it was previously available on macOS only). Remote GDB debug It's finally here! One of the most awaited features has finally made its way into CLion. Run an executable on a target host under gdbserver, connect remotely using CLion remote GDB configuration, and inspect code more powerfully from the IDE's debugger. Set breakpoints to stop at, evaluate expressions, inspect variables views, change variable values on the fly, and more. For more details about the supported platforms and configuration, see this earlier blog post. Doxygen support Documenting code is a best practice that greatly aids code maintenance and support. Now CLion helps you with this by supporting the well-known Doxygen format. See the Doxygen documentation preview in the [...]

PhpStorm 2016.2 is Here

Wed, 13 Jul 2016 12:00:00 +0300

PhpStorm 2016.2, the second update for PhpStorm this year, is now available!

Here are some notable highlights of this release:

  • Better PHP language support: Improved type inference, strict type inspection for PHP 7, better parsing of PHP 7 and PHP 7.1, and improved getter and setter generation for PHP 7 (and higher).
  • New editing experience: Dynamic live template for smart completion of function parameters; values of class constants shown in completion lists; possibility to filter out static methods from completion list; smart type code completion; and various @throws improvements.
  • Code quality analysis: Reworked 'Unused imports' inspection for unused namespaces, functions, and constants; 'Return type' inspection; and 'Dynamic call to static method' inspection.
  • Frameworks, tools, and more: Template projects, better Joomla! support, and Xdebug On Demand for CLI PHP Scripts.

For more details please see What's New in PhpStorm 2016.2 and download the IDE for your operating system.

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2 is Here

Tue, 12 Jul 2016 16:00:00 +0300

Exciting news: IntelliJ IDEA 2016.2, our second update in this year's series of releases, is out and ready for you to try. We've stayed busy the last four months to bring you these improvements and new features: Debugger Variables merged with Watches Multiline expressions in breakpoint Condition and Evaluate and log, and Data Type Renderers Try and return statements in Evaluate Expression Version control Log for Git and Mercurial now loads data in the background, gets a handy loading progress indicator and a shortcut to navigate to the filter field Unversioned files in Commit dialog Case-only rename in Git for Windows and OS X Patches can now be applied from the clipboard or by dragging a file into the IDE; and IntelliJ offers help when applying patches with conflicts User interface Font ligatures Breadcrumb for Java Notification popups got compact and moved to the right-bottom corner Background Image in Editor and IDE Frame The Inspection tool window now displays editable code for each problem and provides controls to apply a quick-fix or suppress the inspection Java JUnit 5 support A warning when you instantiate new objects inside equals, hashCode, compareTo or methods Spring Frameworks Spring 4.3 core features, new inspections, and better performance Improvements for Spring Security 4.x Code completion and navigation in FreeMarker and Velocity templates for variables Coding assistance for Spring Caching JavaScript A quick-fix to convert JavaScript functions to ES6 arrow functions More postfix templates such as .let and .const Smarter code completion for enum types Better coding assistance for React; support for AngularJS 2 Grunt, gulp and npm tasks as Before launch tasks in a Run/Debug configuration Code style preference over single quotes, double quotes or none at all Database Tools Code completion for database names in Data Sources and Drivers Auto-scroll from Editor in the Database tool window Surround With a function More context-aware SQL code completion Completion for column values [...]

Announcing WebStorm 2016.2!

Mon, 11 Jul 2016 16:00:00 +0300

Please welcome the official release of WebStorm 2016.2 , the second update for our JavaScript IDE this year. This update brings even better experience while editing and refactoring JavaScript and TypeScript code and steps up the IDE's debugging capabilities.

Here are the highlights of this update:

  • Support for the upcoming TypeScript 2.0 features.
  • Improvements in React support: coding assistance for component properties defined using PropTypes , support for non-DOM attributes and lifecycle methods.
  • Integration with Angular CLI for creating new projects and the collection of Angular 2 code snippets.
  • New intentions for upgrading to ECMAScript 6: Convert to arrow function and Convert to const or let.

In other updates, you can now take advantage of support for jspm imports, support for fonts with ligatures in the editor, improvements in working with VCS patches, and more.

For more details, read the What's new page.

Security update released for IntelliJ-based IDEs v2016.1 and older versions

Wed, 11 May 2016 16:00:00 +0300

We have just released a bug fix update for the latest version of all IntelliJ-based IDEs (2016.1.x). In addition to the usual functionality fixes, this update contains important fixes for two security issues inside IntelliJ Platform. The vulnerabilities, in various forms, are also present in older versions of the IDEs; therefore, patches for those are also available.

While we have had no reports of any active attacks against these vulnerabilities, we strongly recommend all users to install the update as soon as possible.

Please read more on the issues and ways to update in this special blog post.

JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop

DataGrip 2016.2 is released

Wed, 20 June 2016 18:00:00 +0300

DataGrip, our IDE for SQL and databases, has reached a new version.

DataGrip 2016.2 brings UI for importing CSV files, JSON and XML support in literals, regular expressions checking, dynamic SQL support, completion in tables, keyboard layout aware completion and more.

Specific DB features: Recompile packages in Oracle, search path support and enhancements in fields editing for PostgreSQL.

JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop

Hub 2.0: One Hub to Rule Them All

Wed, 20 Apr 2016 17:00:00 +0300

Get Hub 2.0 for an easier way to connect your YouTrack, Upsource and TeamCity. This update also provides a single sign-on for all your applications, and lets you comfortably manage users and permissions in one place.

Enjoy the fresh Hub 2.0 with:

  • SAML support
  • Multiple & shareable dashboards
  • Keyboard-centric dashboard
  • Backup your database
  • Per-user service licenses
  • Password strength policy
  • Read-only mode

And that's not all, as dozens of enhancements are also here for you:

  • Revised permissions management
  • Remove user profile
  • 'Undo' command on dashboard
  • UI & usability improvements
  • And much more

Want more details? Check out our What's New page, watch a short demo, or review the release notes.

Download Hub 2.0 and use it absolutely free.

Your JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop

ReSharper Ultimate 2016.1 is Released!

Thu, 14 Apr 2016 23:59:00 +0300

We've just finalized an update to ReSharper Ultimate and welcome you to download Resharper Ultimate 2016.1 RTM! Major highlights of ReSharper 2016.1 are the following: A variety of new context actions: ReSharper 2016.1 brings a set of new Alt+Enter actions to check method input parameters, manipulate strings, convert strings to objects, comment and uncomment code selections, and many more! A new Invert Boolean Member refactoring. The refactoring can be invoked on a method, property, local variable or a parameter to invert the boolean value it returns and update other members that receive values from it. Smart Paste feature that ensures the right escaping in string literals that you copy/paste around your code. It works in C#, VB.NET, JavaScript, XML, XAML and HTML files. Asynchronous Find Code Issues. Starting with version 2016.1, Find Code Issues works in the background both in ReSharper and ReSharper C++. This lets you keep editing or navigating your code while ReSharper runs its analysis. New WCF-specific code inspections, quick-fixes and context actions. Initial support for Node. All ReSharper goodies you are well familiar with, like completion, code inspections, quick-fixes, and navigation features are now available for Node. ReSharper 2016.1 is way better at understanding VB.NET 14, introducing support for string interpolation, multi-line strings, null-conditional operators, partial modules and interfaces, year-first date literals and XML documentation comments. Out-of-the-box support. ReSharper 2016.1 provides built-in support for and doesn't require a separate extension to be installed anymore. Support for JSON files and schemas includes the File Structure view, a "Convert JSON string to a Newtonsoft JSON.NET object" context action, JSON schema-aware code completion, inspections and quick-fixes. JavaScript and TypeScript support enhancements include a reworked Rename refactoring (which can now rename files corresponding to TypeScript types), granular formatter settings, and full support for TypeScript 1.8. In addition, ReSharper starts to properly handle some bits of TypeScript 2.0: readonly properties, implicit indexers, private and protected constructors, abstract properties, and nullable types. JSDoc improvemen[...]

RubyMine 2016.1: Rails 5, Ruby 2.3, better JavaScript and TypeScript, and more

Thu, 06 Apr 2016 15:00:00 +0300

We're excited to announce the public availability of RubyMine 2016.1, the next major update for our Ruby and Rails IDE.

This update brings support for the latest Rails 5 and Ruby 2.3, while also improving your development experience with better JavaScript and TypeScript, enhanced VCS and database tools.

The following features are on board:

  • Rails 5 ActionCable is now supported with code completion, navigation and refactorings; Rails API can now be chosen when creating a new app; code insight is added for all the new ActiveRecord methods.
  • Stubs for Ruby 2.3 are provided: all newcomers are present in completion, resolving and documentation; safe navigator and squiggly heredocs are also introduced.
  • When creating a new Rails app, you can now choose one of the existing Rails templates.
  • Improvements in ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript support include better refactoring options, new “Unused imports” inspection, and new “Optimize imports” action.
  • Angular 2 support is now enhanced with coding assistance for event and property bindings, completion inside any data bindings, code insight for custom event handlers, and much more.
  • The JavaScript debugger now supports asynchronous client-side code, arrow functions in ES6, and Web and Service workers.
  • Running and debugging Node apps are now available on a remote machine or Vagrant box from the IDE.
  • VCS improvements include support for Git worktrees, and merging and comparing revisions with by-word difference highlighting.
  • Database tools bring better support for PostgreSQL, SQL Server custom types completion, table truncation option.

For more details please read the What's new page, where you can also download a free 30-day trial.

Yours truly,
The JetBrains Team

Upsource 3.0 is released

Thu, 05 Apr 2016 15:00:00 +0300

We are happy to announce the general availability of Upsource 3.0 that has matured and evolved into a one-of-a-kind Polyglot Code Review Tool. Here's what we have for you in this release.

PHP, JavaScript, Kotlin Code Insight
Code-aware navigation and static code analysis in your browser are now available for projects written in PHP, JavaScript and Kotlin.

GitHub Pull Requests
Teams that use GitHub pull requests as their way of reviewing changes can now benefit from all the smart code review features Upsource offers. Simply connect Upsource to GitHub and enjoy code insight for your pull requests. Upsource will keep comments and other activity synchronized.

Even Smarter Code Insight
To help reviewers see the impact of a new change on the overall code quality, we've added “Code Analysis Summary”. It shows what problems have been fixed with the new change, and what new possible issues the change introduced.

Build Status
In Upsource 3.0 we've added a Build status endpoint that lets you post build information from your Continuous Integration server to Upsource, so you can see the status of the build with this particular change.

And More!
We have also significantly improved IDE integration, added webhooks, new Analytics reports, reworked our permission model and simplified upgrade procedure.

Having all these tools at hand makes it a lot easier for a developer to understand, review and suggest improvements for a change.

Take a moment and check out the Upsource 3.0 release notes! Eager to try? Download the build and don't forget to backup your current instance!

You can also register to our free webinar "What's New in Upsource 3.0" to see the new features in action.

Yours truly,
The JetBrains Team

AppCode 2016.1 released: better Swift language support, code folding for Swift declarations and more!

Wed, 30 Mar 2016 17:30:00 +0300

AppCode 2016.1 is here, so download and try it right now! And if you've already installed the AppCode 2016.1 RC2 build, then simply keep using it, since it's the same as the released one. Swift This release delivers a lot of fixes bringing correct parsing and resolve for the following Swift constructions: Types conforming to OptionSetType protocol Self type Variadic parameters in closures and functions Typealias initializers Function array types Swift code folding With the code folding for declarations in Swift it's now easy to focus on the most important part of your code. Use expand/collapse actions for current code block (⌘+/⌘-), all code blocks in particular Swift file (⇧⌘+/⇧⌘-) or collapse recursively complex declarations in your code. Read more about all code folding options in this blog post. CocoaPods support Now you can edit your Podfiles with all the keywords supported in completion, including use_frameworks, inherit!, abstract!, abstract_target and others. See all these changes in action in the short demo. Build messages Parsing of build messages is reworked in the release: now the Messages tool window (⌘0) displays all errors and warnings in a convenient way, skipping all irrelevant information. Build progress messages were updated to show user-friendly descriptions for particular build phases. Source directories management A new context menu called Mark directory as is available for folders in the Files view. It allows you to manage indexing, code completion, code generation or navigation features by manually setting any source directory as: Excluded Library Project sources and headers Read how to use it and tune any of these options in your project. C++ language support You may know that AppCode shares the same codebase for C++ support with CLion, our cross-platform IDE for C and C++. In addition to changes made by the AppCode team, this release delivers a huge number of C++ improvements made by the CLion team including: [...]

Announcing General Availability of PyCharm 2016.1

Wed, 23 Mar 2016 20:00:00 +0300

Today we bring you PyCharm 2016.1, now available for download. This is the first update in the series of releases planned for 2016. Its outstanding new features for professional Python, Web and scientific development work together smoothly to offer you a unique coding experience.

Download PyCharm 2016.1 for your platform today!

The key features in this release include:

Python-related improvements:

  • Python 2 and Python 3 type hinting and compatibility inspection
  • Docker Compose and Docker container settings
  • Tox Support
  • Improved Support for Django Forms
  • Significant debugger improvements
  • Enhanced support for IPython Notebook

Platform enhancements:

  • Git Rebase and Rename
  • Git Worktree Support
  • By-word changes highlighting in Diff Viewer
  • Enhanced Database Tools
  • Local Terminal Improvements

Web development improvements:

  • Improvements in ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript support
  • Major enhancements in Angular 2 support
  • Support for debugging asynchronous client-side code
  • Running and debugging Node apps on remote hosts
  • And even more

For more details on these and other new features and changes in PyCharm 2016.1, please see our What's New page, and download the IDE for your platform.

The JetBrains Team
The Drive to Develop

Announcing WebStorm 2016.1!

Mon, 21 Mar 2016 20:00:00 +0300

We're excited to announce the release of WebStorm 2016.1, the first major update for our IDE this year. This update brings even better experience while editing and refactoring JavaScript and TypeScript code and steps up the IDE's debugging capabilities.

Here are the highlights of this update:

  • Improvements in ECMAScript 6 and TypeScript support: better refactoring options, new Unused imports inspection and Optimize imports action.
  • Major enhancements in Angular 2 support: coding assistance for event and property bindings, completion inside any data bindings, code insight for custom event handlers, and much more.
  • Support for debugging asynchronous client-side code, arrow functions in ES6, and Web and Service workers.
  • Running and debugging Node apps on a remote machine or Vagrant box from the IDE.

Other updates worth mentioning include support for AngularJS ui-router, support for CSS Custom properties, running and debugging Electron apps in the IDE, support for the JSON Schema format for smarter coding assistance, and new Convert string to template string intention.

For more details, read the What's new page.

CLion 2016.1 released: Better language support and new dev tools

Thu, 18 Mar 2016 20:30 21:00 +0300

Spring is almost here and so is our new release, CLion 2016.1. This is the version that was previously tagged 1.5 - we hope our new versioning scheme doesn't confuse you too much. We're nearly done with the announced roadmap, though some CMake items are left for future updates. Many extra features have also found their way into this release. Read on for more details, and then download and try the new version right now! C++ language support This release brings long-awaited support for variadic templates (C++11). With the related fixes in the function overload resolution, this makes it possible to resolve the code correctly and avoid many false positives in code analysis. This also means that Qt C++11 connect calls are resolved correctly in CLion. Auto-import has been improved greatly for symbols from STL, and the quick documentation popup (Ctrl+Q on Linux/Windows, F1 on OS X) now shows lambda expressions, namespace aliases and explicit instantiation, as well as accurately redirecting hyperlinks. Code generation In addition to Override and Implement actions that generates stubs for virtual member functions from any of base classes, we've added Generate definitions (Shift+Ctrl+D on Windows/Linux, shift+cmd+D on OS X) which, as you would expect, generate definitions for existing declarations. All three actions put the code in the place the caret is positioned, in case it's inside the class, or ask for a destination in other cases. 'Generate definitions' can be called up in three different ways: By pressing Shift+Ctrl+D on Windows/Linux, shift+cmd+D on OS X. Under the Generate menu (Alt+Insert in Windows/Linux, cmd+N on OS X). As an intention action (Alt+Enter). CMake and directories control On the CMake side, a new feature called Reset CMake Cache is now available which allows you to clear the CMake Cache without dropping all of IDE indexes and caches. Sometimes your project folders may contain binaries, logs, generated d[...]

IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 is Here!

Wed, 17 Mar 2016 17:00:00 +0300

Today we're announcing the availability of IntelliJ IDEA 2016.1 , the first update in the series of releases planned for 2016. Download the new version today and try all the new features for yourself. The major improvements include: Debugger Groovy expressions in Evaluate Expression and Watches when debugging Java Easier debugging of multiple threads Warns you if the source code doesn't match the running copy VCS Git worktrees support Merging and comparing revisions with by-word difference highlighting New actions for Git Editor Shifting statements right and left Easier way of importing static members RTL languages support (e.g. Arabic and Hebrew) Gradle Custom source sets support (this improvement fixes a great number of issues) Automatic configuring EAR artifacts Java 8 Many new code inspections that help with migrating to Java 8 method references, lambda expressions, and the Optional type Kotlin Kotlin 1.0 support Scala [...]

JetBrains Upsource 2.5 is released!

Wed, 18 Nov 2015 15:00:00 +0300

We have some exciting news for you today as we've just released Upsource 2.5!

Our code review tool is now significantly faster and noticeably smarter. Upsource introduces a redesigned Review page, smart email notifications with a reply-by-email option, discussion labels, a brand new Branches page, and of course a number of improvements in the IDE plugin.

Check out the release notes to learn more.

Eager to try the new version? Download it here!

Develop with pleasure!
JetBrains Upsource Team

Updates for all JetBrains Toolbox products as new licensing model is launched

Mon, 02 Nov 2015 18:00:00 +0300

Today is a big day because we've updated the whole JetBrains Toolbox which includes all our desktop tools, and also launched our new subscription-based licensing model for these products. Here is a short summary and highlights of each update: ReSharper Ultimate 10 — includes ReSharper Build to avoid redundant rebuilds, continuous testing, timeline profiling inside Visual Studio, better code style management, NUnit 3.0 support, better understanding of C, new C++ quick-fixes and refactorings, improved JavaScript and TypeScript support including regular expressions and JSX/TSX syntax, decompiling to IL code. IntelliJ IDEA 15 — adds many new features related to debugger, coding assistance, built-in tools, support of languages and frameworks and more. PhpStorm 10 — brings improvements in PHP language support, editing experience, debugging, code analysis, and many other powerful features. WebStorm 11 — adds support for TypeScript 1.6, Flow and Angular 2, integration with Yeoman, and thorough improvements. PyCharm 5 — brings an outstanding lineup of new features, including full Python 3.5 support, Docker integration, Thread Concurrency Visualization, and more. AppCode 3.3 — adds support for Xcode 7, Objective-C generics and multiple Swift 2 features. CLion 1.2 — introduces Google Test support, productivity features for CMake, C++ debugger performance improvem[...]

PyCharm Edu 2: Simple is better than complex

Wed, 16 Sep 2015 18:00:00 +0300

Please welcome PyCharm Edu 2, the newest release of our free and easy-to-use IDE for learning and teaching programming with Python. Inspired by the motto, "Simple is better than complex" from The Zen of Python, PyCharm Edu 2 introduces an even simpler user interface with brand new features to help novice programmers become professionals more quickly than ever before.

What's New in PyCharm Edu 2?

For novice programmers:

  • Simplified step-by-step debugger
  • Inline debugger
  • Simplified UI
  • Temporary Python Scratch files
  • Quick Python packages installation

For course authors:

  • Various course creation improvements
  • Integration with Stepic, a learning management platform

Please see the what's new page for more details, learn how Pycharm Edu works and don't wait a moment longer — Download PyCharm Edu 2 and start you journey with Python programming today! For more details and learning materials, visit the PyCharm Edu website and check out the Quick Start guide to get rolling.

Develop with pleasure!
The JetBrains Team

Welcome AppCode 3.2 release!

Wed, 26 Aug 2015 18:00:00 +0300

Today we are happy to share with you that AppCode 3.2 is officially available. We've put a lot of effort into this release to bring you better Swift development experience and a host of Swift productivity features. Let's see what's on board! With more accurate code resolve for Swift and mixed Objective-C and Swift code, you can rely on AppCode 3.2's code completion, find usages, navigation and Rename refactoring. You will also be happy to hear that custom Swift frameworks are resolved correctly now, meaning that code completion and other features will work for them as well. Swift string interpolation is now handled correctly, with symbol name properly highlighted and completed. To speed up your Swift development, use the Override/Implement feature and override functions/implement protocols in one step. Quick Documentation for Swift shows not only the standard Apple documentation and your own documentation comments, but also classes, protocols, functions, signatures, and even the inferred type for constants and variables. Take the new debugger for Swift for a spin in AppCode 3.2. Objective-C users can benefit from nonnull/nullable annotations (from Xcode 6.4). A range of C++ parser improvements have made it into this release. The update brings many general improvements as well, including a compact one-side view for comparing revisions, the Distraction-Free mode, and more. There are several other important changes. First, UI Designer has moved into an optional plugin. Second, we offer a separate distribution package targeting OS X Yosemite users with custom bundled JDB, based on JDK 1.8, which includes fixes[...]

Welcome ReSharper 9.2, ReSharper C++ 1.1 and More ReSharper Ultimate Updates

Wed, 19 Aug 2015 23:00:00 +0300

A new update to JetBrains ReSharper Ultimate is now available for download! This update includes ReSharper 9.2, dotTrace 6.2, dotCover 3.2, dotMemory 4.4, dotPeek 1.5, and ReSharper C++ 1.1. ReSharper 9.2 highlights include: Improved support for Visual Studio 2015 RTM. ReSharper 9.2 refines integration with Visual Studio 2015 RTM, addressing issues discovered in versions 9.1.2 and 9.1.3. Support for Windows 10 Developer Tools. ReSharper 9.2 provides code completion for API checks and supports new Windows 10 specific XAML constructs. JavaScript and TypeScript support enhancements including full support for TypeScript 1.5 and ECMAScript 6, as well as support for regular expressions in JavaScript. Going further in supporting new language versions, ReSharper 9.2 is already aware of such TypeScript 1.6 features as local types, abstract classes, type predicates, async functions and methods and the await operator. Moreover, Go to type of symbol navigation option is now available from the Navigate to menu. Run configurations. This is a brand new feature that allows you to create, manage, and execute multiple run configurations in a single solution. A run configuration lets you run, profile or debug a project, a static method or any executable file. For static methods, a run configuration can be quickly created right in the editor. You can create multiple run configurations depending on your needs and preferences. If you have dotTrace installed and integrated in Visual Studio, you can launch profiling from the same Alt+Enter pop-up menu. ReSharper C++ 1.1 comprises the following enhancements: Google Test support. ReSharper C++ 1.1 introduces a unit test runner for Google Test that lets you invoke tests and test cases contextually from the editor. Similar to the mainline ReSharper, it comes with Unit Test Explorer and Unit Test Sessions tool windows to view, group, filter and run unit tests, as well as to create and manage unit test sessions. You can also add individual tests to sessions right from the text editor, via the Alt+Enter contextu[...]

CLion 1.1 released: Improved C++ parser, LLDB on OS X, and code style settings

Tue, 18 Aug 2015 19:00:00 +0300

After the 1.0 release excitement, joy and celebrations, we've spent the summer polishing the current feature set and introducing a couple of useful additions. Today we are happy to roll out CLion 1.1, the new version of our cross-platform IDE for C and C++! Download it and try right now! If you have a CLion license, your subscription is still valid and you can get this version absolutely free. We know you have great expectations of CLion, confirmed by tons of feature requests in our tracker, and we try our best to meet them. With v1.1, we searched for a good balance between stabilization, performance and new features. Here's how it finally looks: Improved C++ parser: After collecting your feedback on v1.0, we performed a massive overhaul of the C++ parser. There are many tricky cases in modern C++ when, despite identical syntax, code constructs differ semantically depending on the context. So now, CLion 1.1 understands your code more accurately. The parser overhaul also brings performance improvements. The default debugger on OS X is now LLDB, bundled into the distribution package. GDB is still an option you can select (either the bundled or custom one). Code style settings: CLion 1.1 introduces many new settings that help you stay compliant with your preferred code style guidelines, from indents for class members and visibility keywords to settings for preprocessor directives. Besides C and C++ specific code style settings, the new version also brings you code style settings for CMake. Popular code style schemes: In case you prefer a well-known code style like Google, Qt, GNU, Stroustrup, or a braces-only style, apply them to your own configuration with CLion 1.1 in Editor | Code Styl[...]

YouTrack 6.5: Issue Tracker Designed for Development Teams

Wed, 12 Aug 2015 19:30:00 +0300

Today we bring you YouTrack 6.5 featuring a number of integrations and revamped Administration and YouTrack configuration. We've redesigned these areas keeping your user experience as our main priority.

The latest release also introduces:

  • Integration with BitBucket and GitLab
  • Upsource integration
  • One-click Jira import
  • Project Wizard

The following parts of YouTrack have been enhanced as well:

  • GitHub and TeamCity integration
  • Dashboard, mailbox integration and workflow
  • Bug-fix versions included in the license
  • Mention @username notifications

For more details visit the What's new page. Get YouTrack 6.5 to start enjoying better user experience in addition to the awesome issue tracking your development team is already used to. The latest version is available for download or cloud registration.

Keep tracking with pleasure!
The JetBrains Team

Hub 1.0: Single Entry Point for All JetBrains Teamware

Wed, 12 Aug 2015 19:30:00 +0300

Please welcome Hub 1.0, our brand new user management tool that works as a single entry point for all JetBrains teamware, including YouTrack, Upsource and TeamCity. Hub is absolutely free for an unlimited number of users, forever.

Connect YouTrack and Upsource with Hub to get:

  • Single sign-on to YouTrack and Upsource
  • Unified user and permission management
  • Dashboard with widgets from all the tools
  • A project wizard that creates and links appropriate projects in all tools
  • Tools connected out of the box

TeamCity will join the club with a special Hub plugin very soon. Please stay tuned for more news.

Read more about how Hub connects JetBrains teamware into a fully integrated suite of tools and Download Hub free today.

Develop with pleasure!
The JetBrains Team

TeamCity 9.1 released: Improved Versioned Settings, enhanced .NET support, security upgrades, and more.

Wed, 15 Jul 2015 19:30:00 +0300

As of today, TeamCity 9.1, the latest version of your favorite Continuous Integration and Deployment server, is available for download. This minor release comes with a lot of big improvements. Here is what's new: Major improvements in Versioned Settings: Create true historical builds, reproducing any of your builds at any point in time, dated back to as long ago as your VCS allows Different settings in different branches for storing different builds steps and parameters in different branches, and applying them when needed Personal builds with personal settings let you test-drive custom project settings, and apply them if a build is successful Perforce and Subversion are now supported for Versioned Settings, adding to the previously available Git and Mercurial Enhanced support for .NET tools: Support for NUnit 3.0 and guaranteed compatibility between all upcoming features of NUnit and TeamCity VS 2015, MSBuild 2015, MSTest 2015, Powershell 5, TFS 2015 are fully supported, even before their official releases MSTest and VSTest are combined into a single Visual Studio Tests Runner and supported out of the box TeamCity 9.1 comes with pumped up security, introducing unidirectional Agent-Server communication which lets your agents establish a secure HTTPS connection with the server. 20+ important security improvements have also been implemented. UI and usability improvements [...]

PhpStorm 9: Progress. Advance. Develop.

wed, 08 Jul 2015 15:15:00 +0300

PhpStorm 9, the next big release of our IDE for PHP and web development, is already here. Make faster progress with PhpStorm 9's refined editing and debugging experience, deeper code understanding, advanced productivity boosts, and complete support for remote development: PHP Language & Editing Experience: Includes postfix code completion for PHP, partial PHP 7 support, advanced code understanding (Introduce parameter refactoring, advanced PHP type inference, support for persistent language injections, and new inspections and intentions), and other enhancements. New Debugging Experience: Inline debugger for PHP and debugging workflow enhancements (php.ini can be opened from settings, and debugger config validation has been enhanced). Remote Development: Remote edit, PHP Code Sniffer and Mess Detector via remote PHP interpreters. Many improvements related to frameworks and tools. A range of new and updated third-party plugins available in the PhpStorm plugin repository. PhpStorm 9 also delivers completely reworked JavaScript support and brings you these top-notch web technologies: Application dependency diagrams Tracing languages transpiled to JavaScript V8 profiling for Node apps Simultaneous tag editing This release also borrows many features and improvements from IntelliJ Platform, such as Distraction Free Mode, diff viewer with one-side viewer mode, VCS improvements, database tools update, HiDPI support for Windows and Linux, an updated look-and-feel of Editor tabs, and more goodies. For more details please see What's New in PhpStor[...]

Upsource 2.0 Introduces IDE Plugin, Streamlines Code Review

Wed, 20 May 2015 21:00:00 +0300

Meet a major update to repository browser and code review tool from JetBrains: Upsource 2.0 is now available for download. If you have an existing license to Upsource 1.0, then 2.0 would be a free upgrade for you. If you don't have an existing license, note that a 10-user plan is free anyway. The new Upsource release comes with numerous improvements across many areas including code review process, support for version control systems, and managing reviews from within the IDE. Here are some of the highlights of the release: Upsource 2.0 delivers an IDE plug-in for code review that works with IntelliJ IDEA, WebStorm, Android Studio and more IDEs built on the IntelliJ platform. The plug-in helps submit revisions for review and manage the code review cycle, shows review comments and allows creating new comments right from within the text editor. Upsource 2.0 adds support for SVN branches along with Git and Mercurial branches. Other improvements in terms of VCS include support for Git and Mercurial tags, as well as setting up multiple VCS repositories in a single Upsource project. If your team is into Java development, you should know that Upsource 2.0 brings Java code inspections, navigation and search to Gradle-based projects in addition to Maven that was supported earlier. Upsource 2.0 can also compare Java code usages across revisions with a new action called View usages diff. Upsource 2.0 streamlines managing code reviews and taking part in them. For example, reviewer suggestions help authors find and assign appropriate reviewers faster. For reviewers, Upsource provides a new control that helps show or hide revisions in a review: when new revisions are added to the review, a reviewer only sees the diff of those new revisions without having to re-read previously changed code. Collapsing unchanged fragments and openin[...]

PyCharm 4.5: All Python Tools in One Place

Fri, 15 May 2015 15:30:00 +0300

Please welcome PyCharm 4.5, a new important release of our intelligent IDE for Python, Django and Web development that unites even more tools and features together, working smoothly in one place to bring a unique development experience. The key features in this release include: Python Profiler Integration Inline Debugger matplotlib interactive mode Ignore Library Files and Step into My Code debugger options Navigation From Variables View New and re-worked tool for Django projects Improved Django 1.8 code insight Bulk move refactoring New refactorings: Convert to module & Convert to package Significantly improved IPython Notebook integration with the new IPython Notebook console Temporary Python Scratch Files Initial support for Python 3.5 Distraction-free mode And even more For more details on these and other new features and changes in PyCharm 4.5 please see our What's New page, and download the IDE for your platform. Develop with pleasure! The JetBrains Team [...]

RubyMine 7.1: Puppet improvements, better JavaScript and CoffeeScript, and more

Wed, 15 Apr 2015 20:00:00 +0300

We thought you'd be interested to know that RubyMine 7.1, an important update to our intelligent Ruby on Rails IDE, is now available for download. RubyMine 7.1 is focused on better integration with Puppet for managing project infrastructure, while also improving your web development experience. The following features are on board: Better Puppet integration: With all the new features of Puppet 4, resolving externally defined symbols, and Puppet environments. Improved CoffeeScript support: ?= operator, better navigation and formatter, and improved support for destructuring arrays and objects. Faster JavaScript: Completely reworked support for JavaScript large code bases and lots of enhancements in ECMAScript 6 support. TypeScript 1.4 & 1.5 support and built-in compiler: Support for union types, let and const keywords, as well as decorators and ES6 modules; compiling to JS code with all the errors highlighted in the editor on the fly. Move class/module refactoring: This new refactoring moves a Ruby class or module to its own file, creates a hierarchy of directories, and adds a 'require' statement to the source file. Distraction-free mode: A minimalistic UI mode option with no toolbars, tool windows or tabs; ideal when you just need to focus on nothing but code. Simultaneous HTML tag editing: As you edit an opening HTML tag, RubyMine takes care of the closing one. Other notable updates include Ruby 2.2.x debugger, faster Vagrant commands, Phusion Passenger 5 support, and HiDPI support for Windows and Linux. To learn more about RubyMine 7.1, please visit our What's New page. You can buy or renew your RubyMine license on our website. This update is free for you[...]

CLion 1.0 has finally arrived!

Thu, 14 Apr 2015 18:00:00 +0300

We are really excited today to tell you that CLion 1.0, the very first release of our cross-platform C/C++ IDE, is here! Webinar - CLion: A Modern C++ IDE If you'd like to first see CLion 1.0 in action, and learn how you can benefit from using it, consider joining our free webinar on May 6, 2015. Register today to save your seat. CLion 1.0 Features Read on for an overview of what's inside CLion 1.0: C, C++ (including C++11 support, libc++ and Boost), as well as JavaScript, XML, HTML and CSS. Compatible with 64-bit Linux, OS X, and 64-bit Windows. Compilers: GCC/G++ and Clang support on OS X and Linux; MinGW 32/64 3.* or Cygwin 1.7.* on Windows. Bundled toolchains: CMake 3.1.2 and GDB 7.8 (except for Cygwin on Windows). CMake support, including: Propagating CMake settings to the IDE, using CMake as a project model in CLion. Automatic CMake changes handling. Auto-Completion for CMake commands. CMakeCache editor. Powerful editor with autoformatting, multiple cursors, and smart completion. A range of one-click navigation options. Code generation features to save your time while coding. Reliable refactorings, including Rename, Change Signature, Extract Function/Constant/Define/Typedef, Pull Members Up, Push Members Down, and more. Integrated debugger. Integrat[...]

ReSharper C++ is released along with updates to JetBrains .NET tools

Thu, 09 Apr 2015 02:30:00 +0300

We have just finalized a joint update to our .NET tools, added the first ever public version of ReSharper for C++, and the new release of ReSharper Ultimate is now available for download! This update consists of ReSharper 9.1, dotTrace 6.1, dotCover 3.1, dotMemory 4.3, dotPeek 1.4 and ReSharper C++ 1.0, a new product to join our ReSharper Ultimate family. In addition to 700+ fixes, ReSharper 9.1 highlights include: Improved support for Visual Studio 2015 and .NET 4.6. ReSharper 9.1 integrates actions based on Visual Studio Roslyn, so when you want to make changes to your code, you can choose either ReSharper or Visual Studio to do it for you, all from the same Alt+Enter menu. Better C#6.0 support that makes it easier to migrate an existing codebase to C#6.0. In addition to language constructs such as static usings and exception filters, we have added support for string interpolation and the nameof() operator. To simplify migrating your projects to C#6.0, ReSharper now offers quick-fixes to transform your code in the scope of a file, project or the whole solution. JavaScript and TypeScript improvements including JSDoc support, improved TypeScript 1.5 and EcmaScript 6 support, as well as full understanding of TypeScript 1.4. A new Evaluate expression context action that allows previewing the results of code execution right in the editor. For example, you can see how an exception message will look like at runtime, or check whether an expression returns the value it's supposed to return. Improved code completion: we have implemented a new mechanism that lets you order items by relevance so that the best fitting options are suggested higher in the code completion popup list. [...]

WebStorm 10. Because JavaScript

Tue, 31 Mar 2015 16:30:00 +0300

Today is a big day for us, as we roll outWebStorm 10, a major update of your favorite JavaScript IDE. You can download and install it right now! This 10th anniversary release strives to meet your highest expectations, including language and technology support, fast performance and powerful features: Improved JavaScript support: We've completely reworked support for JavaScript and added lots for enhancements in ECMAScript 6 support. TypeScript 1.4 support and built-in compiler: Instantly provides a compiled JavaScript file and highlights any compilation errors in the editor. Application dependency diagrams: This new feature in spy-js allows you to visualize and explore your app structure based on the runtime data. spy-js support for source maps: Enjoy spy-js features for any languages compiled to JavaScript. V8 profiling for Node apps: Capture and analyze V8 CPU profiles and heap snapshots to eliminate performance bottlenecks and fight memory issues. Other noticeable updates include brand new Distraction-free mode, improved Grunt integration, simultaneous HTML tag editing, project-wide Dart code analysis, and HiDPI support for Windows and Linux. For a more detailed overview please visit What's new in WebStorm 10, and download the IDE for your OS. Develop with pleasure!The JetBrains Team [...]

IntelliJ IDEA 14.1 is Here

Mon, 24 Mar 2015 14:00:00 +0300

We've worked hard this year to bring you IntelliJ IDEA 14.1, a fresh update for your favorite Java IDE. Most parts of the IDE have been enhanced in one way or another: We've added debugger capabilities to the built-in decompiler introduced in IntelliJ IDEA 14. Please welcome the brand new Extract Functional Parameter refactoring. Some existing refactorings have been extended as well, including Extract Method, Make Static, Change Signature, and Safe Delete. Try out the brand new Distraction Free Mode for better focus, and take advantage of HiDPI support for Windows or Linux. If you develop for Android, you'll appreciate all the enhancements and new features brought into v14.1 from the latest Android Studio. Groovy compilation now works much faster. We've reworked the Gradle tool window. Git and Mercurial log viewers have been improved. The update brings advanced support for Spring Boot and initial support for Bnd/Bndtools projects. V14.1 introduces initial support for Docker. Database tools offer multiple consoles per data source, now with a schema switcher, local history, and easier access. For improved code generation, you can now customize templates for equals/hashCode and getter/setter methods The HTML editor has been extended with a cool new option for simultaneously editing both opening and closing HTML tags. [...]

TeamCity 9: Your 24/7 Build Engineer

Thu, 11 Dec 2014 21:15:00 +0300

Great news, everyone: TeamCity 9 has just been officially released! The latest version of your favorite Continuous Integration and Deployment server is now available for download. Here is how new features of TeamCity 9 can help you: Projects import lets you easily rearrange projects between servers, saving all project history and user profiles. You can now store project settings in VCS and review and audit them, the same way you do with your source code. Server clean-up now runs in the background, resulting in zero server maintenance downtime and 100% of server time allocated for your builds. Simplified custom chart management lets you edit charts right from TeamCity Web UI, so that no more XML editing is required. Favorite builds help you easily access builds you want to monitor, and keep fewer tabs open in a browser. TeamCity 9 also brings more useful integrations (via non-bundled plugins) with industry-leading tools: Microsoft Azure integration lets you scale out your build farm on an as-needed basis: TeamCity will start as many agents in Azure cloud as necessary, and stop them once the workload drops down. You can now use remote TeamCity agents installed on VMware vSphere virtual machines to process builds more efficiently: TeamCity analyzes the build queue and launches virtual machines with the TeamCity agents matching queued builds. [...]

Welcome AppCode 3.1 with Swift support

Wed, 10 Dec 2014 17:30:00 +0300

Hello everyone, Great news for all of us: AppCode 3.1 is officially available! You will especially like it if you've already started developing with Swift. AppCode will help you with many basic tasks in the smartest way possible. Start a Swift project or open a Swift file in your current Objective-C project and benefit from: Swift code auto-formatting (configure it in Preferences as needed, using a handy preview that reflects any changes). Swift code highlighting and color scheme editor. Autocompletion for types, methods and variables. Wide choice of navigation options (go to declarations/definitions, navigate to class/file/symbol, or use current file structure view). The ability to highlight all usages of the symbol at caret within a file, or find all of its usages across your project. Rename refactoring. Support for unit tests in Swift. Other helpful features in AppCode 3.1 include: Inline Variable View while debugging. Symbolic breakpoints. Smart backspace that removes indents and white spaces according to your code style. VCS support improvements. For more details please see the What's New page on the AppCode website. Download the latest AppCode and try it for free. We are always happy to hear from you. Follow our blog and twitter for product updates, tips & tricks[...]

Upsource 1.0: Code Review Tool and Repository Browser Hits Release

Tue, 09 Dec 2014 23:40:00 +0300

After two years of heavy development and four months of public early access, we at JetBrains are finally ready to roll out Upsource 1.0: the general release of the new on-premises code review tool and repository browser. You are invited to download Upsource 1.0 and start using it with your team's projects. A free 10-user plan is activated by default, and larger plans are available starting at $1,300. Here's what you and your team can do with Upsource 1.0: Access code in Git, Mercurial, Subversion and Perforce repositories: Explore and monitor all your VCS repositories from a central location, using a common friendly UI. Both internal company's repositories and externally hosted repositories such as those at GitHub can be handled by Upsource. Keep track of code changes: Navigate to specific revisions, inspect diffs inline or side-by-side. Track recent commits, branches and merges, or search the project history to learn who did what and when. Explore any revision of your code base: Enjoy quick read access to the current or any prior state of your project's code, without having to check out locally. Browse project structure, view syntax-highlighted files, search for code, files and text. Discuss and review code: Discuss code and changes with teammates, create code reviews on individual revisions or entire branches, or keep the team up to date with important changes in the code base. Use code insight in Java projects: Take advantage of code inspections when reading or reviewing code in Java projects, search for usages, or navigate to symbol declarations, as if you were using Intelli[...]

ReSharper 9 is released along with other JetBrains .NET tools

Fri, 05 Dec 2014 03:45:00 +0300

Great news from the .NET tools development team here at JetBrains: ReSharper 9.0, dotCover 3.0, dotTrace 6.0, dotMemory 4.2 and dotPeek 1.3 are all released and available for download! As all JetBrains .NET tools are now available from a single installer, you can download ReSharper 9 and choose to install only ReSharper or more of our .NET tools. Highlights of the final ReSharper 9.0 release include: Support for Visual Studio 2015 Preview while preserving compatibility with Visual Studio 2010, 2012 and 2013. A minor ReSharper update will be made available as soon as Visual Studio 2015 reaches the market. Support for C#6.0. Although the final feature set for C#6.0 is not yet public, ReSharper 9.0 already provides support for new language constructs such as static usings and exception filters. We have also added a set of new quick-fixes to replace curly brace delimited constructs with expression bodies, or to update your null checking code using the new .? operator. New navigation features including Go to Action to allow searching for a particular action using the legendary Alt+Enter shortcut and Navigate to Exposing APIs option for finding all the methods that are capable of returning a particular type. Regular Expressions support with code completion for wildcards and regular expression groups, error highlighting, quick-fixes and a separate Regular Expression Validation Utility. Fix in Scope improvements to remove redundant qualifiers, fix naming issues or remove regions in the scope of the whole solution. ReSharper is now able to look through the code in your solution and generate the appropriat[...]

ReSharper 9 hits Beta along with other JetBrains .NET tools

Fri, 28 Nov 2014 03:00:00 +0300

Please welcome Beta releases of ReSharper 9.0, ReSharper C++, dotCover 3.0, dotTrace 6.0, dotMemory 4.2 and dotPeek 1.3. As all of them are now available from a single installer, you can download ReSharper 9 Beta and choose to install only ReSharper or more of our .NET tools. A quick overview of what's new in these releases: ReSharper 9.0 Beta integrates into Visual Studio 2015 Preview, provides initial support for C#6.0, embeds a new Go To Action option into the Alt+Enter shortcut, introduces support for regular expressions, adds type dependency diagrams, brings more bulk quick-fixes and import actions. Client-side languages get a special treatment with 50+ new JavaScript and TypeScript quick-fixes, as well as 270 new code inspections. ReSharper C++ Beta is the first Beta release of the long-expected flavor of ReSharper that supports C++. The current state of ReSharper C++ including its limitations is described here. dotCover 3.0 Beta receives remote code coverage, a restyled coverage configuration dialog, a new coverage controller, as well as support for ReSharper 9 and Visual Studio 2015 Preview. dotTrace 6.0 Beta introduces a completely new Timeline profiling mode for collecting temporal call stack and thread state data, refines the starting point of the profiling process with dotTrace Home view, adds more flexibility to subsystems, and supports Visual Studio 2015 Preview. dotMemory 4.2 Beta learns to live on a shared platform with the other .NET tools, and therefore receives Visual Studio 2015 Pre[...]

PyCharm 4: More of Everything You Love About Python

Wed, 19 Nov 2014 21:40:00 +0300

Please welcome PyCharm 4, the new major release of our intelligent IDE for Python, Django and Web development that brings more of everything you love about Python! Most valuable goodies in this update are: IPython Notebook integration NumPy array Viewer Behavior-Driven Development support Attach to process Referring objects Jinja2 debugger Improved Python/Django console tool window Now you can leave the console open after a project run or a debug session View of call hierarchy trees for method calls in different scopes Better package management Unittest subtests support New project creation wizard A host of improvements inherited from WebStorm 9 and the ever-growing IntelliJ Platform And even more. In case you missed it, PyCharm has recently become much more education-friendly! Recently we launched PyCharm Educational Edition, a free & open source edition of PyCharm IDE for students that learn programming and their teachers. Get your free PyCharm Educational Edition today. For more details on these and other new features and changes in PyCharm 4, please check our What's New page and download the IDE for your platform. Develop with pleasure! The JetBrains T[...]

Hone Your Craft with RubyMine 7

Wed, 12 Nov 2014 14:00:00 +0300

We're pleased to let you know that RubyMine 7, the latest update of our intelligent Ruby on Rails IDE, is available for download. For all of us at JetBrains, being a developer means a lot more than everyday coding. It is also about being on the edge of knowledge, honing your programming skills, and keeping your tools as sharp as they can be. That said, it only makes sense that this major update polishes all of RubyMine's subsystems, adding new features and enhancements to help you write and maintain code: Chef is now supported via special plugin compatible with RubyMine 7 that introduces cookbooks, recipes and resources in the IDE. Puppet language support was improved significantly, with a plugin designed to analyze Puppet manifest files. EditorConfig integration now brings more code styling options. Debugger was improved including the option to run the console in the context of a debugging session, and the ability to view variable values next to their usages in the editor. RVM-managed Ruby interpreters can now be added as a remote SDK; there are also improvements for vagrant- and deployment-based remote SDK. Lots of enhancements for web development, including Emmet preview action; support for the latest CSS3, Stylus and Sass versions; code reformat functionality for Slim and HAML; support for ReactJS and JSX/ES6; and more. You can now experiment and prototype right in the editor, without creating any new pr[...]

IntelliJ IDEA 14: Where your finest code is forged

Wed, 05 Nov 2014 15:30:00 +0300

A month earlier than last year, we're excited to announce IntelliJ IDEA 14, the major new release of your favorite Java IDE. Every part of your favorite working tool has been enhanced: Built-in Java decompiler Improved Java debugger: Show referring objects, Inline variables view and other enhancements Detecting code styles on the fly New editor features: Smarter backspace key and enhanced Multiple selections Better code analysis with automatic @NotNull, @Nullable and @Contract annotations inference Advanced coding assistance for Thymeleaf template engine Improved Gradle and Maven integration Built-in JavaFX scene builder Drools 6 support Better Git and Mercurial integration Scratch files Enhancements and new features introduced in Android Studio Beta, including support for Android Wear and TV Postfix code completion for JavaScript PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic support New database tools And much more... For more details please read What's new in IntelliJ IDEA 14 and download the edition of your choice. Dive deep into the newest IntelliJ IDEA 14 features by joining the November 18th live webinar by Breandan Considine. Registration is already open! Develop wi[...]

JetBrains Debuts PyCharm Educational Edition

Thu, 30 Oct 2014 21:00:00 +0300

Please welcome PyCharm Educational Edition, a new easy-to-use yet powerful Python IDE for learning and teaching Python programming! With special interactive educational functionality, PyCharm Educational Edition combines the easy learning curve of interactive coding platforms with the power of a real-world professional tool to help novice programmers learn the craft and turn professional quicker than ever before! Don't wait — download PyCharm Education Edition for your platform and start learning Python programming today! The core features of this edition are: Special new Educational project type. From a student's point of view, an Educational project is like an interactive course that includes tasks and files for editing, and a Check button that gives instant feedback and scores your assignment. With this type of project, teachers can create courses or assignments with lessons and tasks, create exercise code, define expected results, write tests that will work in the background. In particular, they can employ the "fill in the missing code" educational technique where you ask a student to insert the correct code in an already existing code sample. A greatly simplified interface to make the learning curve as easy as possible. The advanced tools are hidden by default and may be activated as you progress. On Windows, Python is installed together with PyCharm, with no additional installation required. Linux and Mac OS installers au[...]

YouTrack 6: A Bird's Eye View of Your Projects

Tue, 28 Oct 2014 23:50:00 +0300

We've just released YouTrack 6 with dramatically expanded project management capabilities. A new live Dashboard and 17 new reports are here to help your development team and managers visualize project activities, analyze performance and monitor progress. YouTrack is now the perfect place to track and manage everything, from bug reports and customer requests to team tasks and projects. The key features in YouTrack 6 include: 17 new reports broken down into four types: Issues distribution Timeline Time management State transition Personalized live Dashboard Reworked user management Multiple drafts per user New image editor Customizable shortcuts AND logical operator in search queries Get YouTrack 6 today and experience its comprehensive issue tracking and project management capabilities. For more details please see the What's New page or register for our free live webinar on Friday, November 14, 15:00 – 16:00 GMT. Keep tracking with pleasure!JetBrains Team [...]

WebStorm 9: Simply Superior

Wed, 22 Oct 2014 16:30:00 +0400

Today we are announcing the public release of WebStorm 9, a major update of our JavaScript IDE already available for download. To bring you the very best development experience based on today's most powerful and modern webdev technologies and tools, WebStorm 9 introduces: Full support for Meteor. WebStorm now provides coding assistance and debug capabilities for Meteor applications. Support for React including syntax highlighting, code completion and error detection for JSX and JavaScript expressions in JSX, and more. Integration with Gulp that helps you easily browse through the list of project tasks and run or debug any of them. New spy-js features: spy-js can now trace and profile Node apps, enhances code completion with the runtime data collected, and allows you to evaluate any expression without breakpoints. Integration with PhoneGap, Cordova and Ionic so you can create, emulate and deploy mobile apps right from the IDE. Automatic update for Node apps when code is changed, thanks to the updated Live Edit feature. Other updates contributing to WebStorm 9 superiority include ESLint and JSCS code quality tools, EditorConfig support, Scratch files, enhancements in CSS3 support, postfix code completion for JavaScript, support for Polymer, and integration with Dart's pub serve. Please see W[...]

dotMemory 4.1 is Released. Here are 6 Good Reasons to Upgrade

Wed, 01 Oct 2014 17:30:00 +0400

dotMemory 4.1 is here to deliver more rigorous, productive and beautiful .NET memory profiling experience with freshly baked goodies:

  • Disable/Enable collection allocations on the fly to profile a certain app functionality without slowing down all of its other areas.
  • Get more data on GC roots. dotMemory shows you the name of the field through which a static object is referenced.
  • Detect more common issues in a single click: New automatic inspection called String duplicates along with two WPF-related inspections (from v4.0.10).
  • Copy, save and share profiling results, nicely formatted for further analysis or sharing.
  • Explore new restyled UI icons in this update, designed for a clearer and more beautiful profiling experience.
  • Easily order and manage multiple memory investigations by giving custom names to your analysis tabs.

Please download dotMemory 4.1 for a better profiling experience!

PhpStorm 8: Evolving with You

Thu, 16 Sep 2014 16:30:00 +0300

Hello from JetBrains, We're happy to announce the release of PhpStorm 8, the newest version of our IDE for PHP and web development. PhpStorm 8 brings even more emerging technologies to help you enjoy web development, with deepest-ever code understanding and advanced support for remote environments: PHP Language Support: completely re-worked language injections into PHP literals; PHP 5.6 full support; source & test directories for PHP; new intentions and inspections, formatting, type inference, and other major improvements. Frameworks: Blade template engine support; WordPress support; Drupal 8 support Behat support Remote PHP interpreters support Debugging & testing improvements, with support for Zend Server Z-Ray PhpStorm 8 also brings support for some of the most trending web technologies: Advanced AngularJS support Spy-js, a JavaScript and Node tracing tool Integration with Grunt, a JavaScript task runner PhoneGap/Cordova integration Integration with Bower, gulp, CucumberJS test framework, Postfix templates for JavaScript, and more. This release also inherits many features and improvements recently made to IntelliJ Platform, including multiple carets and sele[...]

Meet JetBrains Upsource, a New Repository Browser and Code Review Tool

Thu, 07 Aug 2014 20:00:00 +0300

Today we are starting an Early Access Program for JetBrains Upsource: a new on-premises team tool to browse your source code repositories, share, discuss and review code. With JetBrains Upsource, you can: Keep track of revisions in source code repositories based on Git, Perforce, Subversion and/or Perforce. Visualize the history of commits, branches and merges. Examine changes in new revisions in detail. Explore any revision of your code base, file by file. Enjoy automatic code inspections in Java projects, as if you were working in IntelliJ IDEA. Discuss code and code changes, or set up formal code reviews. Interested? Here's what you can do: Read more about Upsource and learn what it's capable of as a repository browser and as a code review tool. Subscribe to receive e-mails about further Upsource releases, including Betas and the final Upsource 1.0 release. Download a pre-release Upsource build by becoming a part of the Upsource Early Access Program (EAP). Being a part of EAP gives you an extra opportunity to get in touch with the team and influence how Upsource develops in the long run. Get on board, and let's make Upsource a top-notch tool together! [...]

dotPeek 1.2 Is Released

Wed, 16 Jul 2014 15:00:00 +0300

Long awaited update for the free .NET decompiler from JetBrains is finally available: you can download dotPeek 1.2.

Highlights of this update include:

  • dotPeek can be used as a symbol server and provide Visual Studio debugger with the information required to debug assembly code. Not only can dotPeek generate source files on debugger's request, with dotPeek you can generate PDB files manually and see the progress in a dedicated tool window.
  • Process Explorer window that provides you with the list of all currently running processes and allows exploring their modules and decompiling those of them that are .NET assemblies.
  • Quick search and node filtering in Assembly Explorer with lowerCamelHumps supported.

Please download dotPeek 1.2 for a better decompilation and debugging experience!

PyCharm 3.4 is Now Available

Thu, 29 May 2014 17:30:00 +0400

Please welcome PyCharm 3.4, the latest and greatest version of the most intelligent IDE for Python and Web development. This update is now available for download to bring you improved functionality, better performance, and many handy new must-have features that we hope will make you even more productive! Notable highlights in this release include: New Python interpreters management with a new UI New refined support for remote interpreters Django 1.7 support New live templates for Python Multiple carets and selections Vagrant support improvements New automatic quick-fixes Full debug support in the interactive Python console Debugging for Stackless Python Advanced built-in AngularJS support IdeaVIM plugin updated with new enhancements New 'Github' color scheme for the PyCharm editor And many other valuable improvements across the IDE For more details on these and other new features and changes in PyCharm 3.4, please check our What's New page and download the IDE for your platform. Develop with pleasure! J[...]