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No Design, Drafting & Council Fees for Trueline’s Outdoor Designs for Limited Time

Fri, 01 Dec 2017 00:13:11 GMT

( Outdoor living company Trueline has a limited offer that allows customers to get their dream designs at a very economical price. They are offering to do the design, drafting and council compliance for free for any new patio, pergola or carport that is built and installed by them. For customers who are adding value to their property for a resale or for their own enjoyment Trueline has a range of outdoor living designs. They will be perfect for summer lounging, dining and entertaining. The strictly limited offer is an outstanding opportunity to renovate or make outdoor extensions to the property. This ..

TigerTurf Provides All-Weather Synthetic Turf Safe and Comfortable for Pets

Fri, 01 Dec 2017 00:04:12 GMT

( Pet owners, especially dog owners, know the many challenges of keeping their lawns looking green and tidy through the year. In order to manage the digging, pooping, peeing and all the cleanliness issues associated with it pet owners have started thinking outside the box and are turning to artificial grass for pets. Synthetic turf manufacturers like TigerTurf make amazing products that can easily handle the demands made by pets. TigerTurf’s landscape turfs that are used to create lush gardens in high-wearing areas are pet-friendly alternatives that will drain well, keep microbes away and maintain their look throughout their year. Bugs are a ..