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future interior home

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whole truth future interior home

Tue, 11 Jan 2011 11:15:00 +0000

Have you wondered how it is you can make your home look just like the homes of the many celebrities and affluent people of this world that you seen in the many home magazines? Or is that you just want to make your home look beautiful. These can be done quite simply just through the use of interior design.Many people often use interior designers to help enhance the architectural features or the furniture they already have in their homes.An interior designer should know and also take into consideration the many different parts of design, what the proportions of the room, its function, the concept that the owner of the home is look for and how to balance all these together. By being able to do this an interior designer should be able to create the "look and feel" of a room that the house owner requires.Say for example the owner of the house wishes to enhance the rooms use, thus by using the right combination of colours, layouts and shapes in the design this should be easily accomplished by any interior designer.At all times an interior designer should include the following seven elements in their design to reach the best results for the home owner and these are shape, form, line, texture, colour, pattern and mass. But there are other things that a designer should also take into account those which include the beauty of the finished design in respect of its function and aesthetics. Knowing that they have reached a good balance of these time items will help to ensure that all elements of their design co-ordinate perfectly.Unfortunately there may be times when one design may look beautiful to one person and the others may find it unsightly. It is therefore the function of the designer to ensure that as far as enhancing the total look of a space is concerned it should be liked by all people concerned. For this reason, and this reason alone you may find that the interior designer will look at his own idea of beauty and look at how the home owner will see it. However, the designer will always know the most appropriate use for the many different elements that will be associated with the different kinds of materials that he or she will be using in their designs. Thus, at all times an interior designer must take into consideration the likes and dislikes of their customers as they must not forget that they are being paid to enhance a space in the customers according their tastes and how that space is going to be utilized in the future.By now the persuasive power of an interior designer should be convincing the client on the best design suited to their style. By doing this the designer will find that they will have less trouble in deviating away from the ideas of their clients, or else they may find that this client will no longer request their assistance in the future.In fact being an interior designer does not mean that you have good taste or are able to improve the space in someone's home, rather it is the amalgamation of a number of different elements of design combined with the interests of their clients. [...]

Blue and Brown Living Room Decor

Tue, 28 Sep 2010 14:58:00 +0000

Ideas for Decorating in Blue/Turquoise/Teal and Brown ColorsIncorporating Brown and Teal For a Living Room That is Modern and AppealingBy Leon TubermanToday, modern decor is refreshing and attractive. Two decades ago, most people would never dream of decorating a living room in shades of brown and teal; now, it's one of the most appealing looks you can have if you love a clean, modern decor. In this article, you will find many useful tips for incorporating these two colors for a look that is vibrant and beautiful.Starting point: WallsIn order to prevent your living room from looking closed in or small, you want to use a light, neutral shade for the walls. Consider light sand, a pale, soft aqua or a muted caramel color. To add further interest and appeal, paint baseboards and trim in a contrasting shade such as bold aqua or dark chocolate brown.If you're feeling particularly creative, consider texturing the walls through various techniques such as stamping, ragging or rag-rolling to add a wallpaper-like finish that is original and eye-catching.Choosing the furnitureTo achieve balance in this style of decorating, it's best to choose furnishings that are scaled to a larger size. Tables, entertainment centers, chairs and sofas should all be the same deep brown shade if possible. Leather furnishings work especially well in this decor, and add rich texture.Accessories are where the fun beginsOnce walls are completed and furnishings are chosen, it's time to start adding colorful accents. Choose 3 shades of teal; a pale shade, a medium shade, and one that is dark and bold. The medium shade will be the dominant teal color for the room, while the others help balance things out.When shopping for accents, let anything teal catch your eye and consider if it will work with your decorating theme. Throw pillows, picture frames, vases, window treatments, candles, tapestries - all of these things will add color and visual appeal to the room.Vary patterns for further appealLong gone are the days when everything had to match. In past years, if you chose a floral pattern for your living room, you would not dare use stripes or abstract patterns. Today, it is very common for savvy decorators to mix stripes, plaids, swirls and all types of patterns together, and the look is creative and attention grabbing. Consider a plaid throw, along with striped pillows and abstract paintings for the walls to create a room that is full of life. Mixing patterns adds depth and originality, making each room striking in its own unique way.For those who love modern, contemporary rooms, this look is ultra-chic and absolutely beautiful. Incorporate hues of dark, chocolate brown and shades of teal for a rich look with bright splashes of color that bring the room alive! Decorate with accessories that are unique and capture the attention of the eye. Once you see the finished results, you will want to show your living room off to everyone you know!Leon Tuberman has been in the home furnishings and interior decorating industry for 4 decades. He owns and manages a popular furniture store in California. They have a large inventory of handcrafted American built solid wood furniture for your bedroom, home office and living room. Whether you're looking for a oak tv stand for your media room or a arts & crafts coffee table for your family room then they carry everything you need.Article Source: Blue and Brown Home Decor InspirationsBlue Brown Bedroom Home DecorBlue Brown Living Room Home DecorBlue Brown Bedroom Home DecorBlue Brown Draperies Home DecorBlue Brown Retro SofaPerfect for Nursery Room Home Decor[...]

Bathroom Towel Racks

Mon, 27 Sep 2010 13:31:00 +0000

One of the more essential things in the bathroom, is the towel rack. The place where you can hang up the wet towel to dry after use - yes, and not placed in a heap on the bathroom floor like your loved one does!Below is an expert take on choices available when you lack space for a built-in towel rack; turn to the free standing towel rack.A Free-Standing Towel Rack SolutionBy Jennifer AkreSometimes I've run into a design problem that I knew I could solve with a simple solution. My story explains my quest to find a free standing towel rack, and how it changed my master bath from almost perfect to exactly right.Several years ago I was involved in a challenging home renovation project. We bought a 120-year-old Queen Anne Victorian, a house that had been the victim of several non-sympathetic additions and adaptations. Our goal was to restore the house to something close to its original state, preserving its character but still updating it so it would be comfortable for a modern family to live and work in.I discovered that is more difficult to work within the confines of an existing building than to build a new one. It wasn't impossible, mind you, and a surprising number of details fell into place quite easily.Free Standing Towel RackI was particularly happy when we were able to create a traditional master bath with contemporary features. We found reproduction tile and re-used solid wood doors original to the home. Our new master bath was as perfect as I could imagine.Perfect, that was, until it was time to install a towel bar. We had no place to screw anything into the wall within reach of the shower. Pocket doors, plumbing, lack of a reasonable expanse of wall-I had no place to hang a towel. But I knew there had to be a solution. I was on a quest to find a free standing towel rack.Although I hadn't seen them anywhere at the time, I knew the free standing towel rack couldn't be a far-fetched idea. I was thinking of a quilt rack, but none were narrow enough for the space I was trying to fill. Eventually, I found a free standing towel rack in an in-flight catalog. It was a rare and lucky find.The idea must have had merit, because today, you can find a free standing towel rack in a wide variety of sizes, finishes, and features. If you have limited floor space and need a place to hang the terrycloth, you can find a simple free standing towel rack on post and a weighted base. The post is topped with an S-shaped hanging rod, or a set of free-swinging bars on the top of the post, or an open oval rack. With this free standing towel rack, there's plenty of room to hang a few towels while taking up less than a square foot of floor space. And if you want to hang hand towels and don't have the nearby wall space for a conventional towel bar, you can get a countertop version of the free standing towel rack, too.An elegant solution follows my instincts about using a quilt rack. Today you can find a free standing towel rack in all the popular hardware finishes. They are now readily available, and they provide two or three hanging rods--enough space to hang towels for a whole family. A base shelf on a free standing towel rack can store folded towels and spare bathroom essentials.Another innovative design for the free standing towel rack is a towel ladder. Even if you have limited passage in your bathroom, the floor space that the ladder takes up is minimal, and you can hang four towels is less than two feet of wall space.If you have space in your bathroom, another free standing towel rack takes its design from the étagère. Rather than having open shelves, this rack uses side bars for hanging towels. It gives you hanging space on four sides, and might give you hanging space for outside for pool towels.Author Jennifer Akre is an owner of a wide variety of online specialty shops including that offer both items and information on how you can easily furnish and decorate your space. Whether it is bath accessories for your bathroom or chairs for your kitchen there are many tips you can use to [...]

Kitchen Colors and Accessories

Sun, 01 Aug 2010 14:33:00 +0000

Tired of your old kitchen look? Perhaps it is time to re-vamp your kitchen with a new look. But it is not necessary to spend much money on remodeling a kitchen. By changing the color scheme of your kitchen, and selecting kitchen accessories, you can create a new and updated look for your kitchen.This article focuses on great ideas for changing the look of your kitchen that you can use to create a modern and updated kitchen that also exudes warmth and pleasure that all beautiful kitchen do. Art of Selecting Right Kitchen Colors and AccessoriesBy Savs FosterWhen it comes to colors, you can think of all the shades of light and dark to add to your kitchen. The choice of colors is completely an individual's choice. However a wiser choice always makes a great impact on the look of the complete area. This particular area has multiple things ranging from walls to accessories. The art of combining various colors and patterns of the kitchen commodities will make it a better place to cook.Here are some simple tips of colors that may help your kitchen rejuvenate and give it a class feeling.* In case you are having a fair good kitchen space then you can flaunt with all sorts of shades. The use of bright colors on walls and ceilings like pale, yellow, lemon and green will make it appear big. However, if you want to give an elegant and sleek look then you can even paint the walls red. This is both a bright and a dark shade that will offer a different look.* Some basic colors like orange, violet and indigo are also an excellent option for the walls.* To enhance the appearance, it is not necessary that you need to have one color. You can add different shades to the ceilings and walls. Some pattern fabrics and designs are being included. People having linear and striped patterns love their areas and it also makes the place look bigger.* Coming to your cabinets. You must have installed them to add more space. The shades of your cabinets too make a difference. People having a small kitchen area can install them in neutral shade like white. This gives a bright look. In case you have a big kitchen, then dark colors will give a sophisticated and classy appearance to the area. Cherry red shades, wood color and other similar colors are becoming a part of the latest trend and people are installing them more often.* The shelves and slab colors are often recommended to be light and mostly suggested to be of the material that is easy to clean.* The floor color of your kitchen is another aspect to be looked after. The use of marbles, ceramic tiles, granites, hardwood and other flooring types is becoming popular not only for the durability, but also because of the fact that numerous shades are available.* These days, dark as well as light, shimmery and glossy type granites are being installed to give a modernized and dazzling appearance. So, you can always think of installing the granite floors.In case you want tiles in your kitchen then you better use both light and dark combinations to reflect a unique pattern. Contrasting colors like black and white, red and white are often being used by the homeowners.Apart from the kitchen furniture, choice of some big equipment to be placed in your kitchen must be made judiciously. You can better try matching them with your kitchen theme. It is not necessary that you have to stick to one fabric in this part of home try using multiple building materials this would give more choice. The use of metals in various shades is also picking up trend for simple reason that they give an ethnic and antique look.Do you want to revibe your home interiors? Then look for more kitchen design ideas, drawing room design, living room interior and many more.Article Source: Updated and Modern Kitchen Decor Pictures[...]

English Cottage Home Decor

Thu, 29 Jul 2010 14:19:00 +0000

If you fancy having a quaint English country home, but do not live in the country, much less in England; well, do not fret. It is possible to create a lovely English country home within your existing living space.You can create an innovative English country home decor in your own home by applying a blend of formal English style living room furniture, antique accessories and toile. Also key to the English country home style, especially for the living room interior design, would be to use neutral colors.The simple tips below will help you achieve a regal English country look in your own home!English Cottage Decor - As Soothing As a Cup of TeaBy Fran SloanThe English are nothing if not practical and this is aptly reflected in the English Cottage style of decorating. That's not to say that things aren't pretty, even beautiful, in this style. It's just that practicality comes first.The contemporary English Cottage decorating style offers a casual, eclectic and quite personal home decor. It carries its owner's personal stamp, whether it be old family black and white family photographs, crocheted doilies or a big bunch of garden flowers in a blue ceramic jug.This decor style harks back a century or more ago, when an English cottage would have been a small dwelling occupied by local craftsmen, farmers, herders and the like. These hardworking people wanted little more than comfort in their homes after days filled with physical labor, and so this decor style combines rustic elements with pure comfort.To start, the color palette in English Cottage style is governed by the colors of nature, from a variety of shades of green to earth brown and the tones of autumn, rust, yellow and orange. The pinks and pale reds of English roses ease this earthy color scheme, but be sure to keep these accents to muted, antique-looking shades. Otherwise, plenty of fall colors predominate.Next, pay close attention to finishes in the furnishings you choose. A rustic fireplace and exposed ceiling beams are fine, but highly polished modern-looking surfaces are not. The same goes for furniture. A leather chair can be overstuffed and a bit worn and be perfect for this style of decor. If the upholstery is really too faded or worn for comfort, hide it with colorful floral slipcovers, another element of this style.The kitchen in this decor is not meant to be a marvel of contemporary culinary arts. More than likely it will be on the small side, but it will be airy and open and above all, eminently practical. Store the utensils in a pottery jug next to the stove, and it will be ideal for the decor. Watch for a drop-leaf wooden table, which will be perfect for any type of kitchen duty, but can be opened up when company comes. And go ahead and leave that copper-bottomed kettle on the stove. Once the water boils, though, transfer it to a pretty china teapot covered in a crocheted cozy to keep the water hot for the tea.When it comes to accents, every room in an English Cottage decor should nearly burst with antiques, baskets, dried flowers and herbs, a veritable riot of textures and colors that tells guests all about the homeowners. From the whitewashed ceiling to the tile floors covered in colorful, sturdy woolen rugs or wool braided rugs, this is a style built on family and heritage.Window treatments are functional and simple. Curtains may be cafe style on rings or lacy sheers framing roller shades, but nothing should extend below the window sill.When finishing off the decorating, don't be afraid to blend old and new. Remember, practicality is the watchword. Storage trunks could be end tables or nightstands, while an old metal inverts to make a terrific coffee table. Free-standing glass-front cabinets are perfect for displaying the family heirlooms, even if you bought them at a garage sale or flea market. Add lots of live plants, especially a couple of hanging ferns, and you'll have an English Cottage home straight out of an Agatha Christie novel.Senior wr[...]

Girls Bedding

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 16:00:00 +0000

Girls have special requests when it comes to their sheets, comforters and blankets. We offer a large variety of girls bedding that is top notch! Girls Bedding and Room Decor Large selection of girls bedding for any girls bedroom.. Girls sheets, girls comforters, girls quilts and girls room decor ............





Boys Bedding

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:55:00 +0000

umpstart your little boy’s imagination with one of these creative boy baby crib bedding sets! Whether you’re looking for a certain style, color scheme, or theme for your little boy’s nursery, you can find it at Maternity and Baby Shopping Mart. We offer one of the largest selections available, from the top designers in baby bedding






a more traditional or more modern nursery, browse through our collection of baby bedding sets to find one that matches your style, personality, and tastes! Don’t forget to check out the accessories to enhance your boy’s nursery even more!

Toddler Bedding

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:52:00 +0000

A Hayneedle Store! gives you Variety, Sweet Variety as the premier online retailer of Toddler Beds in the US Save on a Toddler Bed every ............







Teen Bedding

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 15:48:00 +0000

Shop the easy way, let them pick it out and guarantee that they will enjoy their new teen girls bedding. Our girls bedding is top of the line from the BEST of the best manufacturers. Start saving today! Totally Girly has teamed up with the top teen bedding manufacturers to bring you high quality teen bedding and decor that will last throughout her teen years and more.






Bed-in-a-bag sets make decorating your teens bedroom a snap. A new comforter set can make all the difference and we're here to help. At Totally Girly, we offer hundreds of bed-in-a-bag, duvet sets, sheet sets, teen decor and comforter sets. We carry high-quality fabrics and the best teen bedding products at excellent prices.

Summer Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Tue, 27 Jul 2010 13:58:00 +0000

Summer is a great time for remodeling projects, especially the bathroom. A complete remodeling of the bathroom can take a minimum of 2 weeks to complete. If this is what you plan on doing, summer is a great time to do it! It also helps that the economy is not as robust - you can bargain for a greater deal with your contractor. Definitely shop around, obtain quotes, and look at references before hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor.Below we have some superb tips on great designs for bathroom remodeling.4 Great Designs For Bathroom Remodeling ProjectsBy Patricia Strasser Some of the great designs named in remodeling bathrooms that will give you an improved and better space are: the tub is the star, the cantilevered double sink, the bathroom wardrobe, and antique and traditional looks.Remodeling your bathroom brings out the best of your bathroom space. This will benefit not just the resale value of your home but also the experience of the people using the space daily. Remodeling according to how you want your bathroom to look, will give you extra credit. Make use of the following bathroom designs to help keep your bathroom remodeling project moving:The tub is the starThe "tub is the star" design focuses more on the surroundings of the bathroom space. The bathroom is used as a utensil for sight seeing. This type of design makes use of the double-ended tub. It is a type of bath tub that enables you to lie on both sides. You can have a warm bath laying against or facing the window. It is mostly used in houses with a contemporary architectural design.The cantilevered double sinkA "cantilevered double sink" design provides you the advantage of bigger bathroom space. It makes use of a deep-basin shaped sink. The double sink is placed on a cantilevered bathroom counter. Having two sinks in the bathroom will provide you and your partner the time to brush your teeth or wash your face together. This will also save you time. A cantilevered double sink is generally used in a modern home.A bathroom wardrobeThe position of the tub in this design is placed in the center of the room with one end of it positioned on the wall. The bath tub will cover the pipe on the wall. However, the person will be facing the wall when he or she uses the bath tub. Place a mirror on the wall adjacent to the bath tub to fix this problem. Wardrobe storage is one of the main components in a bathroom wardrobe as well. This will save space in the other part of the house. It will also allow you to directly change or store clothes after taking a bath.Antique and traditional lookAntique and traditional looks use a claw-foot tub that is placed diagonally in the bathroom for a more relaxing feeling and position. Use a wainscot wall treatment made of solid wood to help keep the wall dry and protected from moisture. An antique and traditional design is a common and practical bathroom design that is generally used in most homes today.Properly choose a fitting wall color that will give your bathroom a refreshing look. Make sure that you arrange the fixtures and furniture in a clear and organized way. This will allow you to enjoy every bath and will make you want to stay in the bath tub longer.Hire bath remodeling contractors to renovate your bathrooms now by visiting Alcoa Construction for recommendations.Article Source: Bathroom Remodeling Ideas[...]

Small Bedroom Interior Design

Sun, 25 Jul 2010 13:32:00 +0000

Small bedrooms can be challenging to decorate. But it is not impossible to have a great small bedroom interior design with a few easy tips to keep in mind. For instance, paint color for the bedroom can have an effect on the overall perception of the room. If you want to create a more spacious feel to your room, then light colored paint would be a good choice. Allow natural light to filter into the room.Home decor expert discusses several tips to keep in mind while designing and decorating your small bedroom.Small Bedroom Design - Make Your Bedroom Look Bigger And More ComfortableBy Albert LeeHaving a small bedroom should not be a problem when you know how to design and decorate it. Through the right approach, you are going to easily forget that it is small and instead will let you feel not only like it is bigger but more comfortable and relaxing to stay at. It may seem impossible for you, but you can achieve this effect and stop getting guilty that you have it small.Start by de-cluttering it with mess, meaning you have to toss off things that are not of much use. Replace them with essentials only. Along with that, consider the following ideas to achieve that bigger look as well as comfortable and cozy feel:1. ColorApply the bedroom with brighter paint colors. It is a way to let natural light getting inside the small room reflected in these colors making your room appear bigger.2. MirrorsPutting mirrors in some key areas is a great way for adding dimension to the small bedroom. They enhance space of the room because of the doubled-look effect. Just make sure you don't place a mirror that reflects the part where you don't want it exposed.3. BedsUse slim-framed furniture and bed to avoid taking up much of the space. Fold-down beds are great for small bedrooms, as well as bedroom closets. The latter is a type that is provided with built-in shelves, typically just underneath it.Platform beds are also great choice for small bed. These are basically the kind with the low height, usually with only a foot high above the floor level of the room. The effect is that it actually makes volume and the bedroom looks bigger.If to use conventional beds, you can have the space underneath by placing storage boxes or shelves. At one side of the bed, you can place a table or chair where you can put your reading lamp. Make sure it matches your bed for more stylish effect.4. ShelvesFloor-to-ceiling book shelves are also great to store your small items and mementos, and of course, your books. This kind of shelve will not necessitate any more kinds of furniture because you can put virtually all the things in there. The result is saved spaces.5. FurnitureSmall furniture will do in small bedrooms, but arranging all pieces is they key to achieving the space-saving intention while keeping them still fashionable. Place these pieces at angles to help distract visual lines off the walls.6. Wall paperThis is one of the most important items that you can focus on to achieve the illusion of bigger space. Wallpapers with horizontal patterns create effects of horizontal expansions.When chosen and applied well, these ideas should work well with your small bedroom to turn it into comfortable and relaxing place to stay at. Bedrooms are designed to be somewhere where one would be staying to rest at nights and one that would be his/her private sanctuary; therefore, small bedroom design should be something that meets personal requirement in the most comfortable atmosphere.For bedroom design ideas, visit http://www.bedroomdecoratingideas101.comArticle Source: Small Bedroom Decorating PicturesCreating storage space for a small bedroom[...]

Living Room Decorating Ideas

Sat, 10 Jul 2010 05:47:00 +0000

Living Room Decorating IdeasOne of the more important rooms in the home, I believe, is the living room. This is the area where your guests will spend most of their time when visiting you at your home. So it is important to spend some time, effort and money to spruce up your living room! But do not worry, it is possible to give your living room a sparkling make-over and not have to spend a fortune doing so. A makeover does not have to consist of completely ripping down your room and starting over, a lot of great renovations can be cheap and quick, such as purchasing new lighting for a room, or adding new handles and knobs to old furniture and simply polishing old wood. Sometimes all a living room room needs is a beautiful rug, a few throw pillows, or a coat of paint to give it a refreshed look. Here are some brilliant living room decorating tips for you to get inspired.Painting the Living RoomChanging the color of the living room is one simple way to change its look. However, painting can be time-consuming, if you plan on doing it yourself. You will have to add a primer coat, and several coats of the new paint color. But the effort would be well worth it. Color changes can have a dramatic difference to the overall look of your living room. Color will change the mood, disguise flaws and create illusions. Depending on the color you choose, dark to light color ratios, will give the illusion of a bigger or smaller room. Lighter colors reflect light and will make the room appear larger than it actually is.Vibrant Green Pain Color for the Living RoomNeutral Paint Color for Living RoomDe-cluttering the Living RoomIt is easy for clutter to build up in the living room - house keys, magazines, newspapers, bills - have a way of accumulating on the coffee table. Children's toys as well have a way of finding themselves strewn all over the living room. The main issue is that we tend to spend a lot of time near our television sets, and whatever was occupying our attention before it was caught by the television, gets left right there. But you do not have to ban all such items from the living room. You can easily create a place for these items. For instance, buy an inexpensive magazine rack to store your magazines and newspapers after you are done with them. This can be placed by your favorite reading chair. Once the rack starts getting crowded, either bring the magazines and newspaper to your recycling collection site, or store them out of sight in the garage or storeroom. A wicker basket with a lid is also a great way to hide away knick-knacks or the children's toys. Making use of attractive storage choices for smaller items such as house keys and bills is also a great way to create a clean look in your living room.De-cluttered Living RoomCreate Storage to Achieve ADe-cluttered Look for Living RoomLiving Room Furniture PlacementChanging the placement of your living room furniture can also change the overall feel of the living room. First, decide whether you want a formal, semi-formal or casual style arrangement in your living room. For the formal loom, symmetry is the most important element when laying out furniture in a formal room. Matched pairs and straight, vertical lines suggest a clean, conversational and orderly living space. For the semi-formal look, this would be very similar to the formal style yet more casual. Positioning a one sofa perpendicular to the fireplace and arranging a pair of chairs opposite, works especially well if chairs are placed between the living and dining room entrance. For the casual look, comfort is the main priority in the casual style room. Furniture and accessories should be cozy and inviting. It's visually appealing as well as easy to maintain. Furniture should be placed in a more informal arrangement. Ho[...]

Moroccan Tile Kitchen Backsplash

Mon, 21 Jun 2010 14:38:00 +0000

Ceramic mosaic tile can be very beautiful, but it can look very busy if you install it over a whole floor or wall. One use for this type of thing is the ceramic tile backsplash. There are two main areas where a decorative backsplash is common - the kitchen and the bathroom.Kitchen backsplashes are commonly placed behind the stove, as well as sometimes over the sink. They are meant to protect the wall behind the stove from getting damaged from the typical splatters that might occur while cooking over the stove. Those that are placed over the sink are meant to protect that wall from water. As kitchen sinks tend to be further away from the wall than bathroom sinks, this is not as necessary.A bathroom backsplash, however, is very important unless you happen to have a pedestal sink. You need to have something over the plaster wall so that the wall won't get damaged should water splash over the sink and go to the wall. Paint is not enough. Using a ceramic tile backsplash is a nice way to achieve this with a bit of style. You can always use a simple backsplash made of the same material as the sink, but using tile gives you a bit more freedom with the design.Regardless of whether you are creating a ceramic tile backsplash for the kitchen or the bathroom, you need to carefully consider the size, shape, and color of the tiles that you are using. You can create a design using a single shape of tiles and just varying the colors, or you can use a number of different shapes. Just make sure that you don't make it too busy looking with too many patterns going on.If you are creating a ceramic tile backsplash for the bathroom, you can make it something small and simple, going just two inches up past the level of the sink. But a larger backsplash is possible if you desire. In the kitchen, you want the backsplash to fill in the entire space left behind the stove up to the cabinet above, in most cases. Normally these backsplashes are about the width of the stove. People are more likely to go with kitchen backsplash tile designs, though such designs are sometimes used in the bathroom as well.Consider looking through design magazines and websites in order to get an idea of just what is possible. Once you see something that you like you will be able to recreate it - or something like it. For more ideas about using backsplashes, see the author's website, as shown in the paragraph below.Ezra is the owner and webmaster of For more on using a ceramic tile backsplash, visit ceramic-tile-backsplash.php.Article Source: Check out the video below to view authentic moroccan tiles (made in morocco) that would be suitable for a kitchen backsplash.Moroccan Tile Kitchen Backsplash IdeasWarm Colors - Moroccan Tile Kitchen BacksplashNeutral Gray for a Sleek KitchenGray Moroccan Tile Kitchen BacksplashBrilliant Blues - Moroccan Tile Kitchen BacksplashWarm Reds - Moroccan Tile Kitchen Backsplash[...]

Summer Room Make-Over Ideas

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Summer Room Make-Over IdeasSummer is fast upon us! It is time to freshen up the rooms in the home - summer room make-overs entails bringing in some light to invoke a sense of airy, fresh and vacation-feel to your home. This article provides you with some tips on just how to do that, without the need to spend a fortune!In general, a summer home makeover is mostly about switching heavy, dark fabrics and colors in your rooms for lighter fabrics and colors. A few inexpensive changes in each room of the home will lighten up the interior home decor and give your home an entirely different atmosphere.Summer Bathroom Make-over IdeasRemove heavy bath mats and replace them with teak wood deck squares to give the bathroom the spa feel. Add a couple of baskets with rolled hand towels. Add a small bowl with fresh petals floating in water. Also have a change of towels, shower curtains or window curtains, from dark to light colored, which instantly lightens up a bathroom.Summer Bedroom Make-over IdeasAdd freshly cut flowers on the side table next to the bedroom. Remove heavy window treatments or dark colored area rugs. Use lightly colored fabric curtains, or area rugs instead. Change the dark bed linens for lighter colors. Add bright throw pillows to the bed instead of dark, textured fabric pillows.To add a summer feel to the room in the evening, make use of a room fragrance diffuser with fresh floral or citrus scents.Summer Living Room Make-over IdeasPack your winter throws that have been lying on your couch. If you have dak colored couches, then you can lighten the look by using brightly colored pillows. The idea is to have contrasting colors. You can also place a lightly colored throw on the back of your dark couch.Another way to lighten the look of your living room is to replace dark colored lamp shades with pastel colored lamp shades. This is an inexpensive way to change the look of your room!Remove your winter window treatments - if you had used heavy curtains, then replace them with sheer curtains.Place fresh-cut flowers in clear vases that allows light to shine through; this invokes a summery feeling. You can also add green potted plants on a side table.Summer Dining Room Make-over IdeasChange the tablecloth and place mats to ones that are lightly colored - bright colors that offset the dark brown of the dining set would be good. If you have natural hard wood floors, then show them off. Let the natural light bounce off the hard wood floors instead of covering them up with carpets. For the centerpiece on the dining table, make use of fresh flowers, or fruit in glassware.Summer Interior Home Design MakeoversLight Colors Are KeyGlass Reflects LightPerfect Way to Lighten a RoomFresh Flowers in Glass VaseAnother Way to Lighten Living Room for a Summer MakeoverPaint One Living Room WallA Cheery Color, Such as Pastel YellowAnd Add Accents to Get a Summer Living Room Makeover[...]

Bedroom Wallpaper Ideas

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Decorating Bedroom with WallpaperA friend wanted to re-decorate her bedroom, but did not want to actually spend the money to change the existing furniture. The question she had was how exactly to achieve a make-over and not have to spend a bomb. Well, I had some ideas for her, which I am now sharing with you here! :)Change the Bedroom Wall ColorsOne of the easiest way to change the look of a bedroom is to change the wall colors. Painting the walls is often the easy way to do this. People often shy away from wallpapering because it can be a messy job, particularly if you are doing it for the first time. But I think that is a mistake. The look of the bedroom can be changed dramatically by wallpapering only one wall, or certain areas. Doing it this way is manageable for beginners, and it is not as time-consuming or tedious as trying to wallpaper an entire bedroom.Wallpapering Ideas for BedroomsLess is better. Follow the adage less is better, and you will not go wrong with wallpapering. The trouble with some wallpapered rooms is that they go overboard, plastering repetitive or unattractive patterns across a room, almost enveloping it. If opting for a pattern, limit it. Don't go floor to ceiling on all four walls with a busy pattern. Limit the pattern paper to halfway up the wall, and contrast with a solid, or, apply the patterned print to only one wall, creating an accent wall.Small patterned wallpaper. Small patterned wallpaper can be a good choice in bedrooms. Linear prints, small floral's, small stripes or geometrics all work well. If you want something a little different, use a modern abstract paper, or a traditional French toile paper (generally a single or two-tone eighteenth century country scene). Break up walls with wallpaper. You can also use wallpaper borders as a way of breaking up the walls, especially if you have high ceilings. These can be used about a third of the way up the wall, as well as at the top.Wallpaper accents. Find a fun wallpaper sample or remnant that really accents your room, and frame it. That's right, no photo, painting or poster needed; simply frame the printed wallpaper to add interest to a room. Maybe choose three complementary patterns and frame them to hang side by side. You can also create a headboard and frame it in a wallpaper border. Simply apply the wallpaper to the wall around the edges where the actual headboard touches the wall. Use a solid, contrasting colored border, or even a print pattern.Wallpaper murals. Apply a wallpaper mural to just one wall. Great for kids' rooms, family and game rooms, and other rooms needing a fun touch. Murals feature colorful, interesting designs, and are easy to apply.Here are some additional tips to keep in mind when picking out wallpaper for the bedroom:1) Dark papers will usually make a room look smaller 2) Vertical stripes will make a room look taller 3) Horizontal strips will make a room look wider Wallpaper Ideas for BedroomsElegant Headboard Styled Wallpaper for BedroomPurple Funk Wallpaper for BedroomGreen Wallpaper (Leafy Motif) for BedroomModern Deep Blue Motif Wallpaper for bedroom[...]

Baby Nursery Wallpaper Ideas

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Baby Nursery Wallpaper IdeasUsing wallpaper in your nursery or play room is a great way to introduce some fun colors and patterns into the decor. Before you pick out the perfect baby nursery wallpaper, you should keep in mind several factors: color, pattern and quality.Here are some tips to help you get started.Color. For many years now, mothers have tended to pick blue for baby boys and pink for baby girls. However, this has been changing - mother are opting for gender-neutral colors like yellow or green for baby nursery rooms. Be adventurous, but do not opt for colors that will clash with the furniture in the room. Typically, colors for baby nursery rooms are bright and simple. The idea is to have a sense of airy, fresh and clean feel to the room. Keep in mind that infants focus on light colors and simple shapes, so having fancy designs will not necessarily stimulate your baby's mind.Patterned Wallpaper. The wallpaper you pick for the room should be complementary to the wall colors. For the longest time, nursery rooms were decorated with simple wallpaper borders that had the alphabets or numbers as patterns. Today, there are a wide variety of choices. First, decide on what sort of theme you want for the room, if you want themes in the first place. If you want a nautical theme, then you should be able to find a wallpaper that is suitable for it. Quality of wallpaper. Keep in mind that your child will grow up, so whatever wallpaper you decide on, you should pick one that can be easily removed. An easy way to avoid future problems with wallpaper is to use wallpaper minimally - you can use wallpaper as borders around the room, or only on one wall. Another important thing is to select a wallpaper that is easily cleaned - look for washable ones. Children as they grow older will write on walls!Wallpaper mural. You can turn one wall into a play area for your child as he/she grows up. How do you do this? Well, you can place wallpaper murals on one wall - for instance, the wall can have a garden mural, or a seaside. The idea is to provide your child an area where they can let their imagination flow.Wallpaper Ideas for Baby Nursery RoomWallpaper Used as Accent in Small Areas of WallGender Neutral Wallpaper for Baby Nursery RoomWallpaper Ceiling Border for Baby Nursery RoomWallpaper Mural for Nursery Room[...]

Window Blinds or Curtains

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How To Make The Decision Between Blinds And Curtains For Your Windows Author: Gregg Hall When it comes to choosing a window covering that will meet the various needs of your rooms, there is no one formula to use or refer to. Both selections possess their own set of advantages, as well as disadvantages. Final decisions should be based upon your personal preference. After all, you are the one who is going to look at them every day.Throughout the years, curtains have been a popular choice. You probably grew up as a child with curtains shielding your living room activities from the sun, as well as delivering a certain level of privacy. Curtains have always been known to provide a satisfying addition to room decor through the many available colors and designs. The setback with choosing to use curtains throughout your entire home is that there is no way of acquiring one pair to match up every window throughout your household.Sometimes, curtains deliver the best option for the particular look you wish to accomplish throughout your home.Choosing the right curtains is a must or you will be left with undesirable results. For instance, if you are dead set on putting up sheer curtains, you should know that your privacy levels have gone down a considerable amount of notches. If privacy is important to you, shades that allow you to shield yourself from outsiders may be an option for when you don't want others to be able to see into your house.For extra privacy, select curtains that are thick. Also, when it is dark outside and you have the lights on in the house, curtains will allow others from the outside to see what is going on inside. You will also have to remove your curtains from their position, so that they may be cleaned. This helps to retain their appearance, but is often a bothersome task.As for choosing blinds for your home, you should know that you will most likely receive a versatility look that offers a nice level of privacy. With blinds, you will also be able to enjoy the luxury of added control. For example, you can determine how much light you wish to let into your home by adjusting the length of your blinds. If it is a variety or style that you seek in your blinds, you will be disappointed. The farthest you will get in terms of style are a wide range of colors.Maintenance of your blinds is rather easy. All that is needed is soapy water and a cloth. In minutes, a simple rubdown has them looking like new. For added style, pair blinds with attractive fabric draping or valances. This allows you to tie in the style or color scheme of a room. Often, you will find that blinds by themselves are quite unappealing. This tends to reflect a look of not being completed or poor design taste.Sometimes, the two worlds are blended and both curtains and blinds are used for each and every window in a home. This means that you can have your privacy, as well as be able to experiment with a variety of design concepts. You will also be able to enjoy the freedom of adjusting the light within a room while matching the fabrics of your home decor. Alone, each selection has its ups and downs. Together, you may be dealing with a match made in heaven.Article Source: http://www.content4reprint.comRoman Blinds in Living RoomGreen Curtains in Living RoomPairing Blinds with CurtainsYou May Also Find UsefulBamboo Window BlindsFaux Wood Window Blinds[...]

Moroccan Interior Design Ideas

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If you are looking to decorate your home in bold and vibrant colors, consider Moroccan Interior Design ideas. We have been turned to Spanish, Mediterranean, Tuscan inspirations for unique home interior design ideas. But the Moroccan interior design is fast gaining popularity in interior design. Please scroll down to view Moroccan Interior Design ideas and see why this is so.Moroccan interior design makes use of vibrant oranges and reds paired with refreshing cool colors such as deep blues and sparkling greens of the sea. It is not uncommon to see deep blue painted walls in Morocco.A Typical House in MoroccoBrilliant Blue WallsMoroccan Home Decorating IdeasTired of looking at the same bedroom, same dining room and same living room again and again? Then it’s time for a change. This time to not just change the furniture or the color of your home, rather go for a completely different look. Decorating your home in Moroccan style is the latest trend these days. Morocco is like a melting pot of different cultures and styles and so the Moroccan style décor will have some of the features of every culture and style. One can even see hints of Arabic style in it.Moroccan home décor can be classified into two types – urban Moroccan decor and rural Moroccan decor. The urban décor involves the use of ceramics, metal, wood and leather. On the other hand, the rural décor has more of the Middle Eastern influence, with an emphasis on the use of rugs, fabrics and embroideries. The best feature of having a Moroccan style decoration is that the objects used in it are usually those that have use in practical life too. Given below are some tips that will help you in decorating your home in the Moroccan style.Moroccan Style Decorating IdeasUse of Bright ColorsWhen decorating your home Moroccan style, make sure to use bright natural colors. The colors like green and blue, found in the sea of the area, and the ones like gold and yellow, found in the surrounding desert, should be used as much as possible. You can combine other colors like vibrant red, orange or purple with blue or gold to create an effervescent ambience. Feel free to use of vibrant colors such as pink fuchsia, lavender, and orange while keeping the aesthetics in mind.Bring Nature HomeFor creating the tropical atmosphere seen in Morocco, you can make extensive use of plants. The more exotic the plants, the better look they will bring to your house. At the same time, they will also provide you with some greenery in the ‘concrete-jungle’ world of today. If it is feasible, you can also get textured walls.LightingLighting plays a very important role in adding that perfect Moroccan flavor look to your home décor. Moroccan light fixtures are totally different from those used in the other parts of the world. Moroccan light fixtures include Moroccan sconces, Moroccan chandeliers, Moroccan lanterns, Moroccan hanging pendants, and Moroccan lamps. A great source for quality handmade Moroccan light fixtures as well as Moorish lighting is a California company called Saint Tropez Boutique that design and handcrafts Moroccan light fixtures in Casablanca, Morocco and exclusively distributes them in the U.S.A. The reason why I like Saint Tropez Boutique because they are unique Moroccan light fixtures designs, plus they handcrafted from top quality Moroccan solid brass that has been carved into refined and intricate patterns. Addition to that Saint Tropez Boutique is the exclusive dealer in the U.S.A that has Moroccan light fixtures pre-wired for the UL-Standard (pre-wired for the U.S Standard wiring). To learn more about Moroccan [...]

Tuscan Bathroom Design Ideas

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A great interior design idea for the master bathroom is the Tuscan Bathroom Design. Tuscan interior design uses warm color schemes with luxurious styled accessories such as wrought iron decorative pieces, and marble tiles. Adding potted green plants also creates a very Tuscan feel in your master bathroom interior design.Tuscan Bathroom DesignBy Patrice D. Walker Tuscan bathroom design is said to be a perfect combination of sheer indulgence and timeless beauty. When designing a bathroom, it is important to keep the style consistent with the rest of your house. It is a fabulous idea to decorate your bathroom in a luxurious Tuscan design with scrolled ironwork, ceramic tiles and marble if you have Mediterranean or Tuscan elements as your home decor. A Tuscan master bath would be beautiful, to accent your Tuscan style bedroom.For a Tuscan bathroom design, choosing the right wall color will set the feel for your Tuscan bath. Just as with standard Tuscan decor , warm colors are ideal. Selecting colors with a yellow base will give you a solid platform to work with. Terracotta and gold colors are common in Tuscan design. A useful tip to remember is choose the light color as the base, and think of adding a darker shade on top with sponge or stucco texture. Consider color washing and applying faux wall techniques. This adds a rustic, Old World charm to your space.An easy way to put together a color palette that makes sense with your Tuscan bathroom design is by looking for an Italian piece that catches your eye. Often a beautiful painting or piece of Italian tile will have a great combination of color. Pull out the colors to accent around your space. Integrating darker colors such as burgundy, olive green or deep blue are perfect choice for creating a Tuscany spa.Again, look for these types of colors in your tile piece when selecting your palette. More than likely, they will be there. A beautiful picture from your trip to Tuscany is a wonderful addition of Tuscan Art to your bath. Have a couple blown up in a copy shop to canvas. This can also assist you greatly in choosing your color palette.The key to a beautiful Tuscan bath is how you accessorize. Keep in mind the Old World style when choosing your Tuscan decor accessories and you will achieve the look and feel you are after. Your bathroom vanity, sink and accessories will set the tone of your Tuscan space.Choose items like Metal urns, lots of greenery, Terracotta pots, wrought iron sconces and candle holders, and glass apothecary jars. You can just imagine how much you will be able to find. Consider hanging a wrought iron shelf as well. Open bathroom shelving is consistent with Tuscan design. Carefully select your Tuscany faucet. There's so much that can work in this type of bathroom. You want the style you prefer, and the price you can afford. Keep that in mind.You can get creative by placing a baroque towel stand next to your bathtub, or a wrought iron vanity if you have space. There are stores that you can shop online that carry Tuscan decor, where you can find terrific things like a beautiful Tuscan fabric shower curtain. Products like these are great if you have only a shower in your bathroom.If you have a budget to work with, choose some marble or tile for flooring. A beautiful rich color on the floor with take your Tuscany spa to a much higher level! If marble or stone flooring is too pricey, you definitely can bring out stone by adding stone details like a travertine soap dish and dispensers. Even marble candlesticks will introduce rustic materials appropriately.Patrice D. Walker is an A[...]

Expensive Luxury Italian Bedrooms

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Expensive Luxury Italian Bedroom Furniture Luxury Black Bedroom Italy PROVASI furniture has been hailed as the Rolls-Royce, in the past 100 years, it conquered numerous European monarchs from the harsh and critical eye. PROVASI each bed, tables, chairs, cabinets, and accessories have condensed the non-replicating “Days of Glory”.Italian Color in the HomeItalian Bedroom Design - Italian Life style Gold Luxury bedroom furniture An Italian Bedroom - Life style Bedroom Interior Design Basics For The Beginner Interior Design Course Expensive Interiors In the current executive head of Italy and Rome, the Pope’s office, where yachts and seven-star restaurants, PROVASI are everywhere.bedroom interior designs - bedroom furnitureTeen Girl Bedroom furniture - decor ideas Gold bedroom Furniture About “PROVASI”, Cabiate near the city of Milan is the center of the Italian furniture industry. Eighteenth century to the early nineteenth century, the first generation of grandparents PROVASI, when operating hand-made furniture shop to create bedsidecabinets, chest of drawers-based. Second-generation parent Generation name, are engaged in antique furniture restoration and reproduction.Bedroom home decoration - bedroom furnitureLiving room furniture remodelLiving room furniture trends for 2010Up to now, “PROVASI” Classical Italian bedroom furniture industry has developed into the leading brand. Classic Furniture extravagant bed designs It is manufactured according to a specified part of the specification chosen by hand to produce still use the natural beeswax color, hand on the wax after 14 steps, to present the perfect noble luster.Bedroom wall color ideas - bedroom colorsIvory Kitchens - Ivory Wood Luxury And Elegant bedroom design ideas Each piece of bedroom furniture craftsmen are required to have completed 12-25 bits, producing a piece of furniture by the time period to 60-120 days. Therefore, each PROVASI known as the “modern classical art, the future of the antique collectibles.BedSheet - Bedroom designsBathroom remodeling ideas - Modern Bathroom ideasLaminate and tile Flooring design your own bedroom White bedroom bondage Classic bedroom designs Living Room Designs - Living spaces Luxury Lifestyle - Luxury interiors Small Kitchen Design Ideas Great Interior designs - Living rooms, bedrooms bedroom decorating ideas bedroom furnitureSource:[...]

Contemporary Kitchen Islands

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Contemporary islands in new kitchens add storage, style and space. At it you can choose to prepare food, wash-up, eat, talk or just write out your shopping list. White kitchen islandMake sure the design is suitable for your flow of traffic and leave room for chairs or stools, if you use it as a breakfast bar.A cantilevered island will give the illusion of more space as you can see through a benchtop the other side.Consider molded corner posts and trim down to add more coverage of your project.Make your island sleek and minimalist with all appliances, hidden behind cupboards in the integrated designKitchen Cabinets Design - AID kitchen islands Aesthetics are extremely careful, because it's working space. Use the highest quality end materials, such as granite for durability and to add to his pleasure in the kitchen. Modern minimalistic kitchen islandDesign of curved island of stunning contrast and appearance! You can use the solid surface countertop. Look for more advanced materials for solid surface benchtops.Place taste pendant lighting and other fixtures over the island for a task and ambient lighting. This allows you to have an eyecatching feature during the day and a glorious, glossy, light at night.Traditional kitchen island - classic island classic kitchen islandMake ergonomics (ease of movement and use) one of the main elements of your project.Use all of your current island to showcase special ornaments, cookbooks or a house or a wine rack. They all will add a decorative element.Finish island off the decorative edge that will give a sense of luxury to your project.Kitchen Island DesignsAdd a beautiful and functional stools or chairs that complement your cabinets and fixtures. There are many projects without back or half-and high-backed forms.Add mirror as your toekicks person to add a touch of extra sparkle. Or wrap material used in your island cabinets to the floor long seamless look.Your current island can be made of contrasting color to that of other cabinets, but if you do this, preferably the same material.White kitchen cabinetsKitchen islands are among the most popular products in the kitchen remodeling project. They are so versatile and you can suit any decor. Would like additional space for work area that will give the island and if you think all points of the design will have a great contemporary addition to your kitchen.Picture Source: http://freshome.comKitchen Islands and Kitchen cabinets - Color themesThree Ideas For Kitchen Island[...]

Kitchen Backsplash Tiles Ideas

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There are areas of the kitchen that are more frequently used than other areas. This would be the kitchen sink area and the stove area. Water, heat and moisture are things that causes stains and grease-build ups. One way to solce the problem would be to install a kitchen tile backsplash. Kitchen backsplah tiles make clean-ups easier; they are also long-lasting, and come in many decorative options. One cool idea in kitchen interior design, is to use kitchen tile backsplah as a decorative and stand-out piece in the kitchen, by showcasing special accent tiles. You can use hand-painted tiles, textured tiles for the kitchen backsplah tiles. An expert provides 8 great kitchen backsplash ideas. Scroll down to view the kitchen tile backsplash ideas picture (image) inspiration.Simple Contemporary Spanish Tile MotifFor Kitchen Backsplash Tiles8 Kitchen Backsplash IdeasBy Mike Boysen A kitchen backsplash is a wall cover that you install to keep the wall dry, make it easy to clean, and add a touch of decor to your kitchen. Putting in one of these is the easiest and quickest way to update your kitchen with a new look and breathe new life into a dull and boring kitchen. With a new backsplash, your kitchen will look like new. All you need are some kitchen backsplash ideas. You have many types to spark your imagination like ceramic tiles, stamped metal, plastic laminate and engineered stone. Tile is the most versatile and most often used.Kitchen backsplash ideas are only limited by your creativity. You can use several different materials to help you create the look you are striving to achieve.Here are some kitchen backsplash ideas for you to consider:1. Tiles. Many homes have tiles on the wall in the kitchen. They make for the perfect backsplash because they are so easy to clean. You can come up with some great kitchen backsplash ideas using tile because you can arrange them in patterns and use various colors. You can create mosaic designs or something totally whimsical. Light colored tiles can brighten your kitchen and make your stove area look larger. Tiled kitchen backsplashes are definitely a good choice for any type of kitchen.Tiles must be installed properly since they will be exposed to frequent heat and moisture from your stove. Before attempting to install the tiles, make careful measurements so your design will not get out of alignment. When you apply them, use tile adhesive that is also called thinset. This will give your tiles a professional look even when you do it yourself.2. Laminate. When you use a laminate backsplash, your kitchen backsplash ideas are limitless because you can print any digital design you want onto the laminate in vibrant living colors.3. Stamped Metal. Stainless steel is expensive and too hard to cut for a backsplash. The next best thing is to use tin ceiling tiles. This will give your kitchen a sleek industrial look. You will need to nail the tiles into place and then remove the protective film. This kitchen backsplash will require regular cleaning with polyurethane to keep it looking new.4. Blackboard Paint. This is among the more unique kitchen backsplash ideas and more popular among young homeowners and those with children. This turns your backsplash into a blackboard that you can use to scribble notes on or use colored chalk to draw elaborate designs. The good thing about this idea is that it is so easy to install. All you have to do is smooth the wall, apply the blackboard paint and let it dry.5. Magnetic Backsplash. To use this backs[...]

Feng Shui for Happy Living

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Interior Design Psychology for Happy LivingDesign psychology can turn your spaces into happy places, contributing towards your emotional well-being. It requires an understanding of the response of human senses to specific design details.Sounds like feng shui? Except that it's better because Design Psychology incorporates the proven techniques used in feng shui with the beneficial methods based on physical science.The elements of space, line, shape, form, texture and color all play an important part in the success of a design, be it a home exterior, a specific room, or a piece of furniture.Feeling LightLetting in more light be it natural light or artificial illumination can bring about an instant uplift to any room. Increased lighting does much for us too: improves our visibility, prevents fatigue and makes us happy and calm. It is the easiest and most economical way to bring about a change to any room, aligning it to the rhythms of our daily lives.Balanced ProportionsProportions or scale is just as important. A balanced room is an attractive room - a large sofa in one area balanced by a large picture on the opposite wall; or a tall piece of furniture balanced by a standing lamp.Rooms with low ceilings can give an oppressive feeling, whereas those with a high ceiling provide a spacious and light airy feel. Add expanse to a small room by simply painting a couple of horizontal lines in a bold color across the middle of the wall that you want to lengthen.Touchy IssuesTextures are of two types: tactile or visual texture, and texture which you can detect with your five senses.Textures like grass sheets on a wall, or white pebbles embedded in a concrete wall, offer an additional dimension to any surface. Meanwhile, natural materials like stone and wood characterize country decor, along with handmade crafts.Enhance our sense of touch through textures that are soft and smooth to caress. In fact, we don't have to touch velvet or silk to sense its softness, and textures like satins and chenille are visually luxurious, conveying wealth and comfort.Keeping the Noise OutUndesirable noise affects us significantly. The constant drone of the air-conditioner or other gadgets around us, the traffic outside, the construction works nearby and so on, all do little to evoke feelings of well-being.Simple measures like double glazing the windows, additional sound insulation material built into the walls and soft furnishings like carpet, curtains and fabric panels can help reduce the intrusion of noise.Fun with FurnitureFurnishing a small space can be challenging. Crowded rooms are more likely to have an adverse effect on our moods, increasing our stress level and general discomfort.Be sure to choose the right furniture and colors, and take care not to overuse accessories. Remember, less is more for that open feeling. Mirrors and shiny reflective accessories also help create the illusion of more space. Larger patterns should be confined to designs of pillow covers and smaller accessories, rather than a large sofa or love seat.Once we understand the science of Design Psychology, happy living can be achieved through the correct use of space, light, shape, form and texture. We spend more than half our entire lives at home so it is important that our happiness begins at home.[...]

Brown and Turquoise Bathroom Interior Design Ideas

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One popular contemporary interior design color combination idea for bathrooms is brown and turquoise. Here are some great ideas on creating a brown and turquoise look in your bathroom.4 Decorating Solutions For Your Bathroom's Brown and Turquoise Tile FloorBy Aja KlennaWhile colors can date a room, they can also make it look very contemporary. One color combination that has gained tremendously popularity is brown and turquoise. While the color palette may sound modern and bold, it can also be muted and organic depending on how you accent the space. So, consider a bathroom with brown and turquoise floor tile and all of the possibilities that it offers.There is Brown and then There is BrownA wonderfully neutral and organic color, brown can be a perfect wall color to showcase this beautiful color combination in the tile. For a larger bathroom you can go with a rich, chocolate brown and accessorize in a lighter brown. Chrome fixtures will repeat the silver in the mirror, or porcelain fixtures could be used to echo the color of the tub. If your bathroom is smaller you may opt for a lighter tone in your brown wall color with a single accent wall in chocolate brown. To pull the turquoise into the room you have the option of picking up the color in your towels and shower curtain, or you can add a fun cabinet or stool to the room and paint it turquoise.Contrast and RepetitionIf you do not necessarily want to showcase the floor, then you can pull these two contrasting colors throughout the room. For example, you may choose to paint a focal wall brown on the upper half and a shiny turquoise on the bottom. Then paint the remaining walls a pale blue with brown stenciling for border designs. You can pull both colors in through towels, shower curtains and accessories. Since these colors are also organic think about using brown branches in a large turquoise vase, brown pebbles in a turquoise bowl or brown and turquoise beads in a glass bowl.Retro is InTurquoise is a perfect example of how everything old is new again. While turquoise can offer a very modern aesthetic, it can also illicit a retro vibe when combined with colors like burnt orange, mustard yellow and avocado green. You can tie all of the colors together by selecting a shower curtain or area rug that contains them all. If you have enough counter space you can embellish with retro accessories like a lava lamp. Fun, geometric shapes throughout your accessories including lighting fixtures and wall art will finish off the look.Accentuate the WarmthIf you are worried about your bathroom not having a warm feel to it, instead of accentuating the cool turquoise tones, you can play off of the earthier brown colors. By pairing a warm red or orange with the brown, you can actually make the turquoise recede into the background. By having natural wood in your window and door frames, you add an organic and warm feel to the room. With soft warm lighting and luxurious warm tones in your towels and rug the room will feel inviting and cozy. Then you can balance the turquoise in the floor tile by adding a small turquoise vase or candle, and your bathroom will be warm, cozy and balanced.Home decor specialist Aja Klenna is the top writer for, a wall decorating store offering unique contemporary wall sculptures and metal wall plaque.Article Source: May Also Find UsefulBamboo Window BlindsFaux Wood Window Blinds[...]

Interior Design for the Modern Master Bedroom

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The master bedroom is an important room in the home. For that reason, the interior design of the master bedroom should be thoroughly researched. The master bedroom is the one place that should be the home-owner's private sanctuary, a place to unwind and relax after a hard day at work, away from the noisy kids.The master bedroom should have a relaxing ambiance to it. One of the more important tips in creating a perfect interior design for the master bedroom is to pick soothing paint colors for the walls - naturals and neutrals would be the best. Dark colors such as navy blue, bright colors like scarlet red or vibrant yellows might be your favorite colors, but might not be suitable for a master bedroom.Here are some excellent tips on creating the perfect modern master bedroom. Below the article we feature ideas on unique modern master bedroom styles.Design the Perfect Modern Master BedroomBy Christopher W SmithWould you like to design the perfect modern master bedroom? Do you find that you have plenty of space to work with, but not enough creativity to do anything with it? Are you the type that has plenty of creative ideas to work with, but the bedroom space that you have is just too limited to work them all in? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, you are sure to welcome helpful hints to let you discover tricks and techniques used to design the perfect master bedroom - in a modern tone!Today's "modern" master bedrooms consist of many unique color schemes and unique geometric patterns and shapes. The modern look veers away from the traditional woods and brown color codes that are often integrated into the standard suite. Many individuals enjoy the style and flare that is associated with the new, upbeat look of the furniture that can be worked in to the modern bedroom. These furniture pieces offer more room for creativity and personal expression than standard bedroom furniture does.If you are looking to design the perfect modern master bedroom, it is important to have a basic appreciation for exquisite architecture and artistic expressions. If you are all for adding a current, artistic flare to the traditional bedroom, you are ready to bring in the modern tone of luxury to the area where you relax and unwind. This new style allows an individual to create a spectacular museum of comfort that can allow them to achieve the rest and relaxation that they need and desire.The first method to creating the modern bedroom is to carefully select the paint that you will use on the walls. It is important to go with natural and neutral tones. Many may elect to use special painting techniques, like those that make the wall seem as if it is "cracked" in an artistic fashion. This may actually seem unappealing, but once it is completed, it gives a unique and futuristic appeal to the walls in the master bedroom. It provides a form of texture and depth that is not likely to be found in the traditional bedroom.When selecting bedroom furniture, it is important to select types that have contrasting colors, such as blacks and whites. You should also consider furniture pieces that have unique shapes and contours. Examples would be triangle shaped dressers and mirrors. Naturally, you can choose from many shapes and patterns when it comes to the modern bedroom. If you really want to set off the appearance of the modern room for sleeping, you should purchase a headboard that reflects the shape of[...]