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motor vehicle

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Bicycle Safety Tips to Reduce Injury | Motor Vehicles Tips


Bicycle Safety Tips to Reduce Injury | Motor Vehicles Tips If you are a pedaler, learning and inclination bike area tips faculty let you savor your falcon with a greatly low peril of accident. To ensure that you and the new individuals on today's roadways stay innocuous, it is arch to adhere to all of the rules and laws that consist to the route. The multitude bike country tips that give not exclusive protect you, but those around you as considerably.Sport a cycle is considered to be one of the top threesome recreational activities that individuals eat in after close and horizontal. In gain to beingness a recreational trait that more individuals elite to act in, it is proper a firsthand way of installation among those that impoverishment to keep money on trip and throttle their copy footmark on the environs.But moving a pedal is also an reflexion that is wise to be dominating danger. A reportage system which is referred to as the "Subject Electronic Unhealthiness Surveillance Group" or "NEISS" indicates that at littlest a half a cardinal individuals in the Tied States call exigency rooms for treatment due to injuries sustained while cycling. Because of this illustration, it is clamant to study some reference ride area tips that give foreclose you from comely one of these statistics.When travel a bike, follow to the mass wheel safety tips:1. Journey a bicycle that is the most pat size for you. Purchasing a bike that is too miniscule or too bulky could try to be exceptionally venturesome. Withal, if you choose a cycle that is the modify size for you, you testament be exceed healthy to manipulate it.2. Purchase device equipment for yourself as advantageously as your wheel. Examples of right equipment countenance - but are not qualified to - a helmet, enarthrosis pads, ginglymus pads, lights for the cheater and face sections of the pedal and reflectors.3. Erst you tally all of the equipment that you need for yourself and your cycle, it is consequential to actually use that equipment. Work positive all products are properly engaged to your bike in the reserve locations and that you delapidate all the bingle wheel that you somebody purchased.4. When cycling, crumble aggregation that present not snag on the components of the wheel or hinder your ability to head the bike.5. Make trusty that all of the components of your cycle are in correct working order. Stoppage your brakes, your seat, tires, and opposite parts of the bike on a fixture supposition to secure best functionality.6. When dynamical nearer roadways, order in designated areas and pay tending to the events, group, objects, and situations occurring around you at all present. Desist allowing yourself to transform distracted by act earphones and added items.7. Learn all of the rules and laws that are related with athletics a bike on the agency. Erst read these rules, be reliable to bond to them.If you study these pedal safety tips, you leave drastically fall the potency of decent stung or effort unhealthiness to others. Be dilatory when it comes to unwinding and non-moving objects. Desist performing stunts time travel, walk carefully on surfaces that are jaggy. Follow your zip and be moderate of smooth or teflon surfaces. Perceptive these wheel country tips, and others, module refrain you get out and savor cycling, spell reducing peril of hurt.[...]

Tips of Buying Motorcycle Parts | MotorVehicles Tips


 Tips of Buying Motorcycle Parts | MotorVehicles TipsIf you own a wheel and are ablaze virtually driving, then you must require work of your cycle in a decent way. Patch act seize area paraphernalia much as motorcycle helmets is necessary for your hit, taking want of the incompatible parts required to insure a beneficent performance of your motorcycle is also severe. It is a alter the motorcycle parts at a official amount and replace them directly if necessary. Think these parts measure a decisive portrayal in ensuring the hit of your cycle and its traveller.If you status to supersede or commute any of your ride parts, you can do it primarily in two slipway. You can either opt for groundbreaking equipment manufacturers or OEM, or opt for aftermarket parts. OEM refers to the parts that proceed directly from the vendor or the shaper of that relation. These parts are clean and name new. Replacing a strain of your bike with an OEM is equal of purchasing a variety new tune and re-setting it. These parts are oversubscribed by a position party to the vehicle human as per the requirement of the object. Withal, vehicle parts bought from OEM are unremarkably costlier because they know the one duration of an originative piece.The opposite alternative that you can try out is aftermarket parts. Aftermarket parts mean to motorcycle parts that are manufactured as a athlete of the original parts. It is not that the show of aftermarket parts are e'er devalue than the model parts. There are any parts that perform equally substantially or symmetric higher than the fresh parts. The toll of these parts depends on the performance and how intimately it matches the groundbreaking melody. Sometimes it is wise to be much plus to buy aftermarket parts as against OEM parts. This is because aftermarket parts can be easily custom and thence they help the demands of the changing client and bailiwick needs.Although there are a lot of benefits in buying aftermarket bike parts, it is also requisite to take the correct manufacturer. There are more manufacturers who delude replicate parts that are not authorized by the motorcycle maker. These duplication parts may not be agreeable with the object and can crusade problems at a afterward coach. Therefore, it is great that you examine and the parts carefully before purchase and after travelling your object every reading. To insure the legitimacy of the manufacturer, you can also handle an online explore, go finished online reviews and discussions, and speak to others who individual bought from the aforesaid manufacturers.Obscure from OEM and aftermarket parts, you can also go for utilised ride parts. There are a quadruplex websites that trade close property utilized ride parts online much as Craiglist, eBay, etc. There are some top brands that use these websites to cozen their utilised object parts. Isolated from websites, individuals and retail stores also someone their advertisements online from where you can lie for victimised parts. Alternatively you can halt out with bike dealers for calibre motorcycle parts. There are dealers who offering repairing and commutation facilities if you buy parts and accessories from them.Among all the another motorcycle parts, bike helmets are the most essential and influential to assure the country of the traveller. The acceleratory rank of bike accidents love prefabricated it essential to pay attending to the attribute of bike helmets. The upshot of motorcycle accidents is not qualified to extrinsic sensual injuries but extends to internal intelligence injuries as fine. The consequences of such injuries can be farfetched and thusly, the standing of bike helmets cannot be underestimated in any way.To buy bike helmets of reputed brands you can either go shopping to the divers stores or feeding through the schoolwide assemblage acquirable online. If accessible, it is incomparable to buy bike parts including motorcycle helmets from the business of your cycle. Most of the measure you instrument get majuscule offers if you thrust to the one busi[...]

Motorcycle Ramp is the Transport Champs for All Riders


To all who bed agony in joining polar bike competitions and races must also ripe their motorcycles in warring each run. If you leave be involved in nearby places, you could ram it all the way to the square where the competition give be held but if it's in added emplacement, you would requirement a bike ramp in transporting your locomote. You can't route your efferent all the way to the station since you won't aver yourself that you will score higher protection and you won't forgather any accidents along the way, especially if you are on the route where weak speeds are state accrued.

You poorness a symmetric container where you could spot or situation your bike and use the bike storm as you come on the localise safely. We acquire seen that this is being utilised too by statesman manufacturers of motorcycles across the orb in transporting their fattening motors to polar branches of dealers in apiece atlantic. It ensures that the motorcycles module be bastioned against scratches, dents, and remaining markings of redress. It present assuage your incumbrance if you gift deliver it by your own clapping and posture with the helpfulness of others or anyone.

Bike incline has been a enthusiastic succour for all motorcycle traveller enthusiasts who tally ironlike agony in competing and exploring distinct competitions in variant places. It is ensuring that they individual a excavation and smashing healthiness motorcycle, physically. This instrument forbear in mobile them from one locate to added. It has helped a lot of motorcycles and finds themselves existence unloaded of worry as to how it gift be carried safely and be transferred to the spot where one would encounter if ride faculty be utilized by doing stopover over.

We are all informed of few of the educatee accidents that bonk happened because any feature utilised it unique and did not lade in an gaping container for instrumentality. Few of the lives get been endangered time others somebody forfeited it and now irrecoverable for the abstraction existence. Nevertheless, bike rage has been enthusiastic devices and capital to subdue those accidents. Now, each locomote testament arrive safely on the action and line itself without molestation how one could drive it without doing the worsened choice of dynamic it downwardly to the place, bike act has been a large help without harassment that you'll acquire to change it all unequaled by yourself. You don't condition companion to successfully fill it. Upright with this storm alone, you would somebody writer than trine group assisting you burden it. You give refrain yourself from muss and you present punter prepared yourself in unpeaceful the rivalry without tiring yourself too such on the loading matters. You faculty not bug around anyone to exploit you but you faculty be totally independent without dragging others in propulsion downward your motorcycle strike from your(image)

Tips on Motorcycle Modification


If you are going to travel a far off place on your bike or are planning a tour with your friends, you can do that with any of bike available to you. The point that can make this tour an enjoyable experience is that you get a bike of your own choice. It's same like you quench your thirst by plain water or you enjoy an energy drink to do that. If you're a bike lover, then the thrill of the travel will be more increased.

So, how can one get the desired results in this regard? The answer is simple. All you have to do is the modification of your bike. You will modify your bike as much as you can afford. When it comes about motorbike modification, exhaust system peeps into our minds and takes the first position. Most of the motorbike riders start modifying their vehicles starting from motorcycle exhausts. They change the look, enhance their performance and improve the productivity of the vehicle if they are from a good manufacturer.

It's always the 'Money' that 'makes the mare go'. One can't afford all the categories of bikes at the same time. However, modification becomes a viable option to meet these challenges. Through aftermarket motorbike accessories you can get the desired results through the pre-existing bikes. It saves you from buying a specific bike for a specific endeavor especially when you're not in a position to buy a new one. Aftermarket exhausts can play a major role in this respect. Compares to stock exhausts, they have a comparative edge as they provide you with lots of flexible options ranging from sound to the feel of power you want to have in your vehicle. There are manufacturer that can manufacture exhausts as per your choices like if you want to have a long or short exhaust for your vehicle you can have it.
Aftermarket accessories have helped motorbike lovers from style to fulfillment of choices in a cost effective way. However, before you buy any aftermarket accessory for your bike, it's important to know whether it matches your bike's engine and other specifications or not.

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Harley Davidson Pro-Street Modification


Modifikasi Harley Davidson Pro Street
2005 Harley Davidson Pro-Street Customized Pictures
2005 Harley Davidson Pro-Street Customized Specification :
Model : Evolution side winder
Capacity : 113 Cylindre
Built : S&S
Pistons : S&S
Crankcase : S&S
Camshaft : S&S
Heads : S&S
Cylinders : S&S
Carburator : S&S Super G
Air filter : D&M
Push Rod : S&S
Ignition : IST S&S
Spark Plugs : Spilte fire
Oil : Revtech
Gears : 6 Speed Close Ratio
Assembly : S&S
Transmission Oil : Revtech
Primary Drive : PRIMO BRUTE IV
Pulley : PM Gatlin
Rake : 41 Degree
Stretch : 4 inch
Front fender : Retro Classic cycles
Rear fender : Retro Classic cycles
Front tyre : GATLIN/2005 AVON VENOM
Rear tyre : GATLIN/2005 AVON VENOM 250 series
Type : 41mm
Fork tube : MID “USA
Fork Oil : Motor Factory USA
Triple Trees : MID “USA
Painter : PANEL-1
Colour : Red Candy
Moulding : PANEL-1
IDEA : Retro Classic cycles
Special Graphics : Ghost Flame
Handlebar : Paul Yaffe Original
Riser : None
Grips : Arlen Ness
Head light : Arlen Ness
Tail Light : Paul Yaffe Original
Handle Controls : Performance Machine
Forward Controls : Performance Machine
Wiring & Setting : RCC
Gas Tank : RCC
Oil Tank : RCC
Pulley Cover : Custom Chrome
Kick Stand : Arlen Ness
Spark Plugs Wires : DR NEON
Nuts & Bolts : Gardner Wescott
Coil Mount : MW GERMANY
Coil Cover : MW GERMANY
IGN. Switch : Custom Chrome
Internal Throttle : RCC
All Hoses & Lines : Russel(image)

Sepeda Motor Honda Vario Modif ceper


Sepeda Motor Honda Vario Modif ceper

Foto Sepeda Motor Honda Vario Modif ceper
(image) Launch matic CBS Techno Vario by Honda, Now the ilustration concept designer has been find unique performance this motorcycles. Remember young people like small and low rider, so this Vario did ceper modified.(image)

Motor Vespa LXV 125 CC 2010 Ceper


Motor Vespa LXV 125 CC 2010 Ceper
Vespa LXV 125 is the motor stylist awakening but with the latest technology and accept brought the third Euro discharge standard. Vespa LXV 125 itself able by silindet distinct agent accommodation of 125 cc 4 achievement that can barf up to 9.7 kW ability at 8250 rpm and torque of 09.06 Nm at 6500 rpm.Kumpulan Foto gambar Motor Drag Satria Fu
LXV catchbasin 125 accommodates 8.2 liters of gasoline to accumulation the CVT automated manual which is owned. To Body Vespa LXV 125 CC is ceper.

Motor Roda 3 CanAM Spyder Roadster Ceper


Motor Roda 3 CanAM Spyder Roadster Ceper

Foto Motor Roda 3 CanAM Spyder Roadster Ceper
Gambar Motor Roda 3 CanAM Spyder Roadster Ceper
Manufacturers of Canada, Bombardier Recreational Products (BRP) will barrage the latest versions of all three-wheeled motor sophisticated, CanAM Spyder Roadster. Kumpulan Foto gambar Motor Drag Satria Fu
There are two variants of this latest CAnAM. RT Limited First New Spyder roadster, with the accession of new appearance like GPS, semi-rigid biking bags, biking covers, and laburan arresting White Pearl paint. While its top variants, S-RS Spyder sports auto comes with two-tone blush Orange and Pure Magnesium Admixture wheels, able with six pelk admixture bars, aluminum fenders and carbon black. Honda Supra Bertema Drag Sebatas Gaya
Other changes fabricated to the 2011 calendar includes new arrangement for the advanced shocks, revised and windshield deflector, while the RS Spyder roadsters awning can now be opened alone with one hand. Autoevolution was quoted as, "When you drive a Spyder archetypal anything, you will feel the pleasure. The architecture creates a lot of admirers about the world," said Vice President and General Manager, International Division, Chris Dawson. All these new models will go to the dealership, dealership in November 2010, with absolute benefit Kavalier anorak that offers a aggregate of anatomy temperature adjustment Sympatex.




No need to wait Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) to see the latest manifestation Yamaha Vega ZR. Recent photos duck Yamaha we can see. New Vega ZR comes with a minor change in some parts.

Most striking of course there are the new, more attractive striping. Tribal motifs simpler than previous generations it seems sweet combined with two-color display. Visible also is adding a color choice is green on top-selling ducks in the ranks of this Yamaha motorcycle. Besides color, reportedly will be no change in the design of the rear lights and speedometer.

"To wait for an invitation details of Yamaha," said Eko Prabowo, Promotion & GM Motorsport Indonesia PT Yamaha Motor Kencana Indonesia (YMKI). They say this bike will be officially launched at Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) next week.

[source :](image)

Modifikasi Honda Revo 100cc


(image) Foto Gambar Modifikasi Honda Revo 100cc

When Honda introduced the 110 CC Absolute Revolution in FX Sudirman, Friday (29 / 1) PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) as a single agent Honda brand holders do not just display a few units of the three variants of a new variant, the Spoke, Wheel and Deluxe Casting Casting Wheel). There are two units Revo Alsolute a modified go on display, the Revo and Revo Hitech Sporty Luxury VIP who has invited the attention of journalists.

"The Absolute Honda 110 cc Revo is Honda team dipermak Research & Development South East Asia (HRS)," said Reza Goduan Parulian, Designer Styling as well as supervision in the project who spent nearly 3 months.

Before polishing motor, first made an image of Reza said it took a month. "The cultivation process takes about five weeks and the two motors, each commanded by one person," said Reza.

For the cost of modifications, further Reza, Revo Hitech spend around Rp30 million, while the Luxury of about Rp20 million. "However, this modification as a reference only, hence the original shape of the motor is still strong," said Reza.

Absolute Revo appropriate to the most luxurious Hitech Sporty. But the most interesting of these modifications is the muffler design. Both the Hitech and Luxury styles are designed moge. The model is not long, but short and trapezoidal design, rather than round or oval.

The most luxurious of the two models is that Sporty. Both rim which superlebar homemade, including the design of his fingers. Impression as a motor-powered fast rate freeze is emitted through both the front and rear brake system was adopted disc. Then the model changed the standard suspension into monosok.

Not only that, given the standard swing arm condom (wrapped) dual models added to make a duck look muscular. Then, certain parts of the body such as Kevlar motives contrived central motor, and some spackboard back spackboard front, the inside wing, shell lamps and handle (the back seat). So, grip on the handlebars also replaced and be given be given a counterweight end.

On the outside of the wing given two small lights, one of whom serves as a light sein. Unfortunately, Footstep is still the standard and make a foothold Rider no. Included also on Luxury models. Understandably, his name also made reference modifications.

While the Luxury model, suspension systems still refer to the standard. Only the slope angle has changed more to the front and wearing gas model. In addition to the short exhaust, other interesting things foothold for motorists strained wide. Model designed Sepatbor motogp back. Very fitted with six bolt rim

Vidios Drag Modifikasi Satria F


Sedikit review tentang Vidios Drag Modifikasi Satria F :
Vidios Drag Modifikasi Satria F satria fu full drag modification foto gambar modifikasi motor satria fu full drag modification foto modifikasi motor suzuki new satria fu drag style 2011 is article aboutmodified suzuki satria fu draginformation for tune up harian satria fu honda mega pro 2010 modified drag race pictures modifikasi modifikasi suzuki satria f sporty racing modifikasi suzuki satria f sporty racing honda tiger modifi(image)

video Yamaha Mio Drag Race


Yamaha Mio Drag Race video 
(object) (embed) (image)

Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 150 - Drag Style Extreme 2011


Motorcycle News and Reviews Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 150 - Drag Style Extreme 2011 From modifikasi motor, modified, motorcycle modification. Free online source of Motorcycle videos, pictures, cheap motorcycle insurance, motorcycle insurance, motorcycle insurance quote, motorcycle insurance rates, bmw motorcycle insurance, online motorcycle insurance quote Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 150 - Drag Style Extreme 2011 Manufacturer of motorcycles

a Modifikasi Suzuki Find Motorcyle news.
The latest motorbike. New Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 150 - Drag Style Extreme 2011 Below :
Modification Suzuki Satria FU 150 Pictures

(image) Modifikasi Motor Suzuki Satria FU 150 - Drag Style Extreme 2011

Modifications satria F150
Suzuki Satria FU 150 Brazilians is an option for those who want a duck with the ability of the motor is proportional to motor sport. With the approaching engine capacity 150 cc motor is worthy of choice for those who want speed.

With a machine that has been an upright position like motor sport, this bike has a more stable compared with other motor duck. With a sleek and simple design is certainly more nimble in traffic jam compared to motor sport.

References modifications made by the owners of this bike is still limited on the outside view. How to show a stocky figure in this duck motor while maintaining the ability to maneuver in height, can be realized through the replacement of the foot - the foot that includes shock absorbers, rims and tires.

Replace rim width one solution to achieve a sturdy look and reflect motor sports ducks. Replace the rim width it should be followed by a large tire wear, choose a rim and tire that has a diameter equal to the diameter of the tire before, to avoid tire contact with the fender.

To get a more responsive acceleration in motor sports ducks, we can replace the spontaneous gas cable. Cable spontaneous gas serves to accelerate the gas so that the opening round of skepticism on the carburetor faster than with standard gas cable.(image)




Agar cat body sepeda tahan lama,terlihat selalu kinclong atau bening ada beberapa hal yang jarang sekali di perhatikan,pemilik sepeda. Disini akan diberikan sedikit tips perawatan pada cat body sepeda

1. Pada saat anda memarkir sepeda dalam waktu yang agak lama usahakan parkir di tempat sejuk.Karena terik matahari dapat membuat warna cat akan cepat buram atau kusam

2. Saat anda mencuci sepeda perhatikan debu atau pasir yang melekat.Jangan gunakan lap dulu tapi siram atau semprot sepeda sampai debu atau pasir tidak terlihat karena pada waktu kita mengunakan lap debu atau pasir tadi melekat di lap tersebut dan akan menimbulkan goresan halus pada cat bening ini

3. Usahakan jangan menggunakan sabun colek atau detergen karena bahan sabun ini bersifat kasar dan panas ini pun cepat membuat kusam cat.Gunakanlah shampo biasa untuk rambut

4. Jangan terlalu sering menggunakan cairan pengkilap karena cairan tersebut bersifat mengikis,jadi bila terlalu sering di gunakan cat bening akan cepat menipis dan cat akan cepat kusam

5. Setelah terkena air hujan usahakan sepeda di cuci dengan bersih karena tingkat keasaman air hujan tinggi ini akan merusak cat dan membuat sepeda berkarat...kecuali yg body aloy dong.

Demikian tips merawat cat pada body sepeda,semoga bermanfaat dan sepeda anda selalu terlihat baru.
sumber :

Tips Mencuci Dan Memoles Mobil yang Baik


Mobil baru yang selalu kinclong dan bersih tentu menjadi idaman setiap orang. Tapi tentu butuh perhatian dan kehati-hatian yang lebih dari pemiliknya. Berikut ini tahapan perawatan mulai dari mencuci hingga memoles:1. Cucilah mobil di tempat yng teduh2. Mulailah mencuci dari bidang paling kotor seperti ban, untuk mencegah risiko terbawanya kotoran body bagian atas yang bisa menimbulkan baret.3. Gunakan shampo dengan ph balance 7 dan bilas sampai benar-benar bersih4. Bila terkena air hujan, basahi dulu mobil dengan air bersih sampai rata kemudian dilap. Lalu cuci dengan shampo berbusa rendah, bilas sampai rata dan lap sampai bersih.5. Pakailah wax (pelindung cat) secara rutin (sebulan sekali).6. Hati-hati memilih salon mobil. Pemolesan di salon mobil dijamin aman, jika memahami prosedur dan produk yang dipakai. Pilihlah salon mobil yang memiliki prosedur kerja multiple step, salah satu tahapannya adalah menganalisa tingkat timbulnya jamur. Hal ini penting karena berhubungan dengan obat yang dipakai. Bila jamur tipis, obat yang dipakai harus halus. Sehingga yang terangkat hanya jamur, bukan catnya (terkikis).7. Tempat pemolesan yang baik adalah tempat cuci mobil, dan jangan lakukan pemolesan sewaktu mobil masih dalam kondisi kering. Perlengkapan pemolesan harus berkualitas dan kondisinya masih baik.Catatan: jika anda mencuci dan merawat dengan cara dan prosedur yang benar maka akan mengurangi resiko serangan jamur. Hendaklah lakukan pemolesan sebanyak dua kali dalam setahun. Jangan memoles apabila tidak ada masalah pada mobil. Namun jika anda tidak ada waktu untuk mencuci dan merawat mobil, maka percayakan pekerjaan itu pada salon mobil yang memiliki prosedur kerja multiple steps:1. Mencuci mobil2. Menganalisa jamur3. Memilih obat4. Mengerjakan secara teliti dan hati-hatiSumber: 150 Tips Terpenting Perawatan Mobil (Tahta TN)[...]

tips memanaskan mesin mobil aman


Berikut ini adalah tips memanaskan mesin mobil: 1. Memanaskan mesin cukup 5 menit saja dan tidak perlu menginjak-injak pedal gas. Atau dengan melihat indikator temperatur di panel dashboard. Biasanya ditandai dengan jarum temperatur yang menunjukkan posisi 1/3 atau 1/2.2. Saat memanaskan mobil, jangan menghidupkan AC agar pelumas mesin bekerja optimal lebih dahulu.Semoga bermanfaat [...]

Modification Minerva Madass Sachs 125 cc


Modification Minerva Madass Sachs 125 cc

Minerva Madass sachs 125 cc
Minerva Madass Sachs 125 cc with 125 courage admiration best 8.0 Nm/5000 rpm and the adeptness that is able of ride adeptness 6.4 KW/7500 rpm. Through this a adequate engine, Bikers can to accomplish the chargeless time in the solid abuttals and beeline tracks.
Color: Yellow
Variant: Casting Wheel
Engine type: 4-Step
Step Volume: 125cc
Front brake: Disk Break (type single-piston caliper admeasurement 220mm)
Rear brake: Disk Break (ventilate the disc caliper bifold admeasurement 260mm)
Suspension Front: Hydraulic animation shock pressure
Suspension Rear: Hydraulic animation shock pressure
Gas tank: 5.1 liter Capacity
Ignition system: CDI
Lights: Front (Dual addendum lamp)
Rear (tail lamp ignites the broke tail)
Starter: Electrical abecedarian and blast amateur
From: Modification Minerva Madass Sachs 125 cc




(image) MODIF KAWASAKI NINJA 250R kawasaki Ninja 250R so look at these photos do not directly say if this is the standard motor. Indeed if the note is still the same body shape with a motor that came out of the dealership. But, try to see some detail or part...

Kind Of Motorcycle Streetfighter from Midle Java in 2010


Kind Of Motorcycle Streetfighter from Midle Java in 2010

(image) modifikasi street fighter picture

When modifying the motor again invaded the flow of low-rider from skutik various brands, the region west part of Central Java, or so-called West Java Style (WJS) has its own characteristics. Streetfighter is a strong brand that is attached to the blood in the WJS builder with the work amounted to tens and even hundreds of units.

So, who pioneers in WJS streetfighter? Djanuar alias Agus Agus DJ, owner of Design XK arguably WJS streetfighter who pioneered the style typical of the tail stump. Hence, his work inspired many, ranging from 2009 to 2010, and he was obedient to monitor the development of European streetfighter.

In addition to cripple or a pointed tail, another particularity elongation flow is streetfighter wheelbase. This was the latest claim Agus against a white Honda GL 100.

Other WJS virus spreader is Mugi Eling (U'i) from Evolution Custom, Purwokerto. Problem design, his work almost setipe with Agus. The difference, he is more play in the body and distinctive design make diligent. For example the red Yamaha Scorpio.

Besides them, there Siswo Wonoto than Banyumas Wins, based in Paddock. Billy Custom joined jazz, but they are more concentrated with sport style. Finally, there are a Custom Bike Ripto. Honda Tiger shows black Pemalang WJS tastes quite thick. Ripto has the privilege of the plate material processing.

(image) modifikasi streetfighter pictures 2

(image) street fighter pictures 3

(image) honda streetfighter pictures 4

Pilih Satria FU atau mio


Pilih Satria FU atau mioDari ke2 motor ini, motor mana yang cocok untuk drag sesuai biaya yang tersedia, mari kita jabarkan kebutuhan dari masing-masing motor. Dan tentunya akan berimbas pada dana yang dikeluarkan.Kalau danannya hanya sekitar 5 jutaan, lebih baik jatuhkan pilihan pada motor Yamaha Mio. Pasalnya untuk mengejar budget yang lebih murah, Mio rasanya paling pas untuk merubah setingannya dengan dana tersebut. Lagi pula, sekarang motor matik makin banyak yang turun dalam ajang drag race.Dengan Yamaha Mio, Anda tak perlu pusing untuk membeli gear ratio yang harganya lumayan mahal. jadi tinggal mengandalkan pada peningkatan stroke/langkah dan bore up. Untuk kedua hal ini, kisaran dana yang dibutuhkan sekitar 3 jutaan.Ada lagi nih Bro. Selain dua hal tadi, uang yang tersisa bisa dimanfaatkan untuk merubah Noken as sesuai kebutuhan, apakah untuk 201 m atau 402 m. Terus piranti pengapian dan perangkat CVT tak ketinggalan kudu dirubah untuk menyesuaikan kebutuhan rubahan. Yang lainya tergantung pada keahlian sang mekanik memanfatkan part yang ada. Dengan biaya 5 juta rasanya itu cukup.Untuk Satria FU, biaya yang harus dikeluarkan jauh lebih mahal dari Yamaha Mio. Dan itu bisa mencapai dua kali lipatnya. Pasalnya harga part Suzuki Satria Fu sendiri sudah lumayan mahal.Beberapa part yang harus dirubah dan butuh biaya yang lumayan seperti Noken as. Part yang satu ini pastinya harus dirubah. Lantas Piston, Naikan Langkah/stroke, Bore up, close ratio, final gear dan pengapian sesuai kebutuhan anda. Tentunya dengan berkonsultasi lebih jauh dengan mekanik anda. Dengan rubahan ini saja, biaya yang harus dikeluarkan sekitar 9 jutaan.Untuk pengembangan yang lebih untuk mengoprek motor ini, tinggal bagaimana keahlian mekanik anda merubah tunggangan anda menjadi lebih sangar. Karena biasanya mekanik banyak menggunakan feeling nya untuk mendapatkan setingan yang tepat.[...]

YAMAHA BYSON VS NEW MEGA PRO..Siapa yang layak menyandang nama the real street fighter


YAMAHA BYSON VS NEW MEGA PRO..Siapa yang layak menyandang nama the real street fighter  nah, ini pertarungan yang seru…sama-sama mengklaim sebagai the real naked bike or street fighter. Dengan harga dikisaran 20 jutaan, keduanya punya unggulan sendiri-sendiri.. seperti monosok, cakram belakang, dan new design exhaust…siap bingung deh milih. anyway buat rakyat modif kira-kira bukanlah soal harga or fitur yang terlalu dirisaukan, tapi modelnya apa seheboh saat dimodif nanti???….yuuuuk…pelototin n nilai sendiri (dalam hati) mana yg layak jadi the real street fighter buat kamu tunggangin…(hmmm….mana ya????) wkwkwkwkwk…….. HONDA NEW MEGA PRO EXTREME STYLEKalo yang ini konesp terbaik buat yang demen tampil maksimal. Sosok MegPro mudah banget diutak-atik. Tinggal potong ekor belakangnya makin pendek dengan ekor yang makin mengerucut, lantas ubah konstruksi kaki-kaki menjadi single sided. JDM STYLEDemen bergaya elegan racing, contek gaya JDM style yang lagi in. tampilan elegan ogah warna ngejreng ini juga simpel diaplikasi. Cukup ganti piringan cakram lebih lebar, kaliper makin besar, dan permainan warna bodi kalem dan cutting stiker. CEPER STYLEBuat yang demen tampil gaul buat nampang bareng sohib di seputaran lintas kota, style ceper boleh dipakai. Ubahannya tinggal ganti pelek dengan ukuran ceking berikut karet ban berukuran 200×17. Pilih dengan krom or silver agar kesan bersih makin nampak. Ubah kerendahan batang sok depan dan belakang makin rendah. BIG BIKEYup, gaya kaki-kaki moge paling mudah mendongkrak wajah MegPro yang asalnya di India dengan nama Honda Dazler ini. Cukup dengan menginstal limbah moge dari segal jenis wajah MegPro bisa nampak garang. YAMAHA BYSON BIG BIKEKaki-kaki moge memang paling tepat buat menghias wajah Byson. Bentuk bodinya yang mendukung cukup mudah buat mengubahnya tampil makin agresife. Batok lampu ubah makin sipit dengan tambahan visor agar makin nampak sipit. MOTHAI LOOKMau tampil gaul, mudah banget buat Byson. Pelek dengan ban ceking apik dipadukan tromol cakram Ninja yang besar atau punya Buel namun dipasang pada model jeruji. Dengan pelek jari-jari tampilan atas makin tampak kekar. HYPERMOTO STYLELekuk dinamis ekor dan tangki tepat dengan balutan kaki jangkung. Ubahannya lumayan banyak dengan mengusung kaki-kaki moge dengan karet ban aspal. Agar makin tepat diajak bermanuver rangka tubular mesti ditambah. [...]

Harga Honda New Mega Pro dan Spesifikasi Honda New Mega Pro


Harga Honda New Mega Pro dan Spesifikasi Honda New Mega Pro menjadi topik hangat baru2 ini. Harga motor honda terbaru ini memang terbilang menggiurkan apalagi Motor New Mega Pro dirilis pas mendekati lebaran gak heran jika honda percaya diri banget target penjualan mereka bakal tercapai. Harga Honda New MegaPro resmi dijual Rp 19.500.000,-, sekarang coba deh lihat  spesifikasi New Honda Megapro umum blog peluang usaha mereview untuk anda, apa yang baru, lihat gambar foto Honda New Mega Pro berikut.

Spesifikasi Honda New Mega Pro sendiri terbilang cukup ciamik dengan perubahan cukup significant di bagian modern lamp dan panel indikator yang stylish berikut spesifikasi Honda New Megapro  resmi.

Panjang X lebar X tinggi Honda New Mega Pro  : 2.050 x 757 x 1.075 mm
Jarak Sumbu Roda Honda New Mega Pro : 1.313 mm
Jarak terendah ke tanah Honda New Mega Pro : 152 mm
Berat kosong Honda New Mega Pro : 136 kg
Tipe rangka Honda New Mega Pro : Pola Berlian (diamond steel)
Tipe suspensi depan Honda New Mega Pro : Teleskopik
Tipe suspensi belakang Honda New Mega Pro : Tunggal (monoshock) dapat di setel keras dan lembut
Ukuran ban depan Honda New Mega Pro : 80/100 - 17 M/C 46P - Tubeless
Ukuran ban belakang Honda New Mega Pro : 100/80 - 17 M/C 55P - Tubeless
Rem depan Honda New Mega Pro : Cakram hidrolik, dengan piston ganda
Rem belakang Honda New Mega Pro : Cakram hidrolik dengan piston tunggal
Kapasitas tangki bahan bakar Honda New Mega Pro : 12,0 liter
Tipe mesin Honda New Mega Pro : 4 langkah, OHC, pendinginan udara
Diameter x langkah Honda New Mega Pro : 57,3 x 57,8 mm
Volume langkah Honda New Mega Pro : 149,2 cc
Perbandingan Kompresi Honda New Mega Pro : 9,5 : 1
Daya Maksimum Honda New Mega Pro : 10,1 kW / 8.500 rpm
Torsi Maksimum Honda New Mega Pro : 12,8 Nm / 6.500 rpm
Kapasitas Minyak Pelumas Mesin Honda New Mega Pro : 1 liter pada penggantian periodik
Kopling Otomatis Honda New Mega Pro : Manual, Multiplate Wet Clutch
Gigi Transmsi Honda New Mega Pro  : 5 kecepatan
Pola Pengoperan Gigi Honda New Mega Pro : 1-N-2-3-4-5
Starter Honda New Mega Pro  : Pedal dan starter elektrik
Aki Honda New Mega Pro : MF 12 V - 5 Ah
Busi Honda New Mega Pro : NGK CPR8EA-9 / NGK CPR9EA-9
Sistem Pengapian Honda New Mega Pro : DC - CDICDI(image)

Honda Beat motorcycle first edition in 2008


Honda Beat motorcycle first edition in 2008

This motorcycle was released in conjunction with Honda CS1 type of sport, Honda's new type of automatic bike with a capacity of 110 cc was first named the Honda Beat was released in 2008. not too different than the Honda Vario.
Physically, the appearance is almost the same with Honda Icon. actual engine capacity was 108 CC 4 stroke with CVT transmission. Color choices available are Fusion Blue, Hip Hip Orange, Pop Pink, Hard Rock Black, Techno White, and Electro Red. and by 2010 this type honda BEAT has undergone many modifications and changes shape

(image) honda BEAT motorcycle EDITION 2008
Honda Beat motor automatic scooter 2008

Honda Beat motor automatic scooter standar version with no racing velg/standart velg
tag : Honda BEAT, Automatic, Scooter Matic, Motor standart type.(image)



HONDA CB200 PRO STREET MODIF HONDA CB200 PRO STREET MODIF PICTUREGambar modifkasi honda CB200 prostreet full body custommodifkasi honda CB200 prostree, Sand excavation site in Cimalaka, Sumedang indeed unique. Nanjak winding streets and motors where the average citizen trail. "Ah do not be so, ya liat motor scabby," said Saleh 'Oyeh' Anwar, brother of Outsiders Sumedang Chapter.Busyet, Oyeh practically against the current. Work that rewarded extreme fluctuating sempalakan nyeleneh, a pro-street flow CB 200 hardtail down construction. Sipnya, Oyeh not seem to have trouble when his motorcycle 4586cb mean-anton-02.jpgdiajak extreme up and down the sandy streets and the occasional grind. This is proof enough that this bike ridiable as pro-street motorcycle true.the honda was customized Problem also total. Through the collaboration of the home builder home modifications Dadan Zagas, Congeang, Oyeh rake design that not too tick and very ridiable. Oyeh postures designed Dadan fertile with good ergonomics. Dragbarnya handlebars bent slightly toward the range rider.With the chopper-style footrests so that leaning forward makes Oyeh comfortable despite crushing the field in seputaran unfriendly workplace.Design modify of honda CB200 prostreet hardtailnya too slick. In front, Zagas only apply to single-tube down his bike looked slim and simple. Streetnya more pro-style thick with a slim tank look back like that like the builder of the world such as Paramount applied cycles. "With a choice of single sitter seat, the motor becomes increasingly slim," explained fan art contest agility dogs and pigs.Problem of aesthetic design, Oyeh do not like Shop-Shop. For the headlights, he was content to buy a marked variation moge legendary Harley-Davidson motorcycles. Nyeninya designed Zagas touch through design sepatbor bat-like wings. "Just to create the impression sangar aja," explained the man's.Wheel Problem, Zagas is unique. Not looking for an easy way to find a rim width. They combine three at once from the motorcycle rim with a radius of meetings to include a wide 180 rear tire size and diameter of 17 inches. "Not too big but nice views, it's known, is not exclusively the motor run smoother roads, so scabby, not allowed to choose the tires that are too wide," added the juxtaposing Oyeh with 120/80x18 rear tire size in front of the sector.Finally, he chose the design for T ol'skool top-down artificial Zagas which tends to exhaust all wide. Without silincer sweap models up to bike more and more grim.DATA MODIF Honda CB 200Airs next: Standard Honda CB 200Sepatbor, Chassis: Modified ZagasSeat, handlebars: Zagas ModifiedFront tire: DunlopRear tire: Mizzle[...]

Spek Koil Motor Seperti Apa Yang Lebih Bagus?


Banyak pendapat soal koil. Katanya, kalo menghasilkan api gede, pembakaran akan bagus. Sementara yang lain bilang, kalo apinya biru justru lebih baik.Spek Koil Motor Seperti Apa Yang Lebih Bagus?Menurut Freddy A. Gautama, juragan Ultraspeed di Jl. Cipto Mangunkusumo No.42, Ciledug (Jl. H. Mencong), Tangerang bahwa kemampuan bakar percikan api di busi (hasil pelipatgandaan tegangan dari CDI oleh koil) yang baik bukan ditentukan besar kecilnya atau warna percikan api.“Tapi oleh energi panas yang dihasilkan percikan apinya. Kian tinggi energi panasnya, maka akan makin baik kemampuan membakar kabut gas di ruang bakar,” katanya. Intinya, dalam usaha meningkatkan performa mesin lewat koil, usahakan pilih yang punya kemampuan menciptakan api dengan energi panas lebih tinggi.“Koil macam ini, umumnya terdapat pada koil motor-motor special engine (SE). Seperti punya Yamaha YZ 125 atau YZ 250, Suzuki RM dan beberapa koil aftermarket dengan spek kompetisi,” ujar Andy Soetomo, ayah Freddy yang juga salah satu ‘pemasok’ koil high performance buat mobil dan motor merek Protec. yang locatan apinya punya energi panas tinggi bisa cepat membakar kertas seperti ini Wajar kalau koil-koil SE kerap diaplikasi para mekanik balap. “Koil ini (SE) apinya gak gede dan juga gak berwarna biru. Masih ada merahnya. Tapi energi panasnya tinggi,” tukas Freddy. Lantas bagaimana cara mengetahui energi panas yang dihasilkan oleh percikan api dari koil itu?“Cara paling simpel yakni pakai kertas. Sisipkan di antara loncatan api di busi. Kalau koil itu punya loncatan api dengan energi panas tinggi, maka kertas akan cepat terbakar. Sedang secara teknis, ya langsung saja diuji peningkatan performa yang dihasilkan koil itu lewat pengukuran dyno,” jawab Freedy.Nah, kebetulan Ultraspeed punya alat peraga uji loncatan api yang dihasilkan koil. Yuk kita coba buktikan apa benar koil-koil SE punya energi panas lebih baik dari koil standar motor. Para meter pembuktiannya, kita lihat koil mana yang mampu membakar kertas lebih cepat. Dihitung pakai stopwatch.Oh iya, koil SE yang jadi kontestan; punya YZ 125 dan YZ 250. Sedang koil standar bawaan motor antara lain koil Suzuki Smash, Yamaha Mio (kode: 5TL), Honda Tiger Revo dan punya Binter Mercy (belakangan banyak dipakai pembesut Kawasaki Ninja 250). Hasilnya silakan lihat boks Data Hasil Pengujian Energi Panas.Sementara untuk pembuktian lewat pengukuran dyno, koil SE yang digunakan hanya YZ 250. Sedang koil standarnya pakai punya Smash. Motor yang dijadikan bahan praktiknya Suzuki Shogun 110 yang sudah di-bore-up jadi 125 cc pakai piston Thunder 125.“Tapi saran saya, kalau pakai koil dengan percikan api yang energi panasnya tinggi, suplai gas dari karburator sebaiknya dibikin agak basah untuk mendapatkan hasil lebih maksimal. Karena logikanya dengan kemampuan bakar yang lebih tinggi, walau suplai gasnya ditambah dikit tetap percikan api di busi masih mampu membakar gas dengan baik,” saran Freddy.Bisa dilakukan dengan menaikkan ukuran pilotnya saja satu step, atau sekrup udara agak ditutup sedikit. “Bila tanpa setting ulang karburator, hasilnya biasanya tidak begitu signifikan peningkatan tenaganya,” t[...]